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  • autoflavour1

    would be interesting to know how many users are still considered active on QBN..

    Roll Call !!

  • Continuity44

    What a difference 24 hours makes.

    Just when you think it's all irreparably falling apart, awesomeness comes out of nowhere. Since yesterday afternoon's chat with my landlady:

    • A headhunter I connected with put my CV forward to one of the big network agencies, who are looking for a CD and she feels I'll get an interview with them;
    • I just had a phone interview with a small agency in Stuttgart who are also looking for a CD, and they want to meet me next Friday;
    • An HR person from one of the large German content marketing agencies found me on LinkedIn, and sent me a message asking if I would like to be considered for a CD job they have in Munich, and wants to schedule a call.

    Now, it's up to me to keep this momentum going, and to bring it to fruition.

    Needless to say, I'm incredibly grateful for this fantastic turn of events, and to all of you for putting up with me this week.

    Happy Thursday!

    • Good luck!dmay
    • brilliant! good luck with all of it.fadein11
    • Hope it goes well.PhanLo
    • Awesome. Good luck pal.set
    • Yes!! Good luck man, best wishesOBBTKN
    • Excellent... are those bullet points? fuck me you are a CD!kingsteven
    • +mekk
    • perfect time for a haircut!SlashPeckham
    • 👍hans_glib
    • 👍hans_glib
    • You got this ;)sea_sea
    • oh well - thumbs up anwayhans_glib
    • viel Erfolg!!!oey
    • good to hear :)dyspl
    • This is amazing. I seriously feel better knowing this.monospaced
    • Nice one!WhiteFace
    • Awesome! just dont get shitfaced then start sexting with the female headhunter or anything silly like that :Pmicrokorg
    • @mono, funny funny man.CyBrainX
    • You got this bud! Stay positive! Envision a great outcome. We are praying for you!Hayoth
    • I'm not being funny, CyBrainX; I'm genuinely relieved to hear this.monospaced
    • I heard Dennys is hiringdocpoz
    • Great to hear. Keep up the confidence, take your chances. Stay positive & motivated.M01XXX
    • Fantastic - like the timing of all of this. Good luck and as micro says - stay sober!mugwart
    • WHOOHOOOO couldn't be happier for you dude... stay focused, and get prepared for the interviews...exador1
    • Thank goodness something positive is happening here. Tits!robotron3k
    • Congrats. Once you're working again, spend less, save more, because for all of us in design, who knows if we can get jobs when aged 55+shapesalad
    • I'll let you know in just a couple more years...robotron3k
    • it's always darkest before the dawnMaaku
    • Good vibes mankona
    • when it rain it pours!inteliboy
    • the upvotes worked!?imbecile
    • *busts through door* DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN we need a CD stat. Where are the CDs?!?!!!111cannonball1978
    • Nice - can't know the sweet if you don't know the sour...whatthefunk
    • Thanks all! Yeah, one really never knows when it will all turn around.Continuity
    • Make us proud!!pango
    • QBN Prideutopian
    • Good Luck. Stuttgart ist nett.Longcopylover
    • Awesome news!slappy
    • Sending good vibes your way. Godspeed & good luck man!skwiotsmith
    • Keep lookin up. Your upswing is just beginning. Crush it!shellie
    • do jaja! samo napred! :)Boz
    • I Will Create Facebook Business Page
  • stoplying55

    Heavy Post Alert -

    "Your wife has colon cancer"
    These were the words I heard on September 23 when I picked my sweet wife up from a colonoscopy. She had a few worrying symptoms recently, she's 45. I stood in the waiting room with our two sons (4 and 5) and when my wife walked out, we looked at each other and cried. We were terrified.
    The doctor was certain about it being cancer, because the tumor was so big that he couldn't even perform the colonoscopy. We knew we needed to act quickly. So my wife got all of the necessary catscans, blood tests and other prep stuff done and we found a recommended a surgeon.
    October 10 the surgery was performed successfully removing the affected area - a colon resection. Then we had to wait for the pathologist results to test what stage the cancer was, and if it had spread to other parts of the body. My tough-as-shit wife was out of the hospital in 2 days, walking around with 13 staples in her stomach.
    Last Wednesday we got great news that a 5 cm tumor, stage 2 cancer was removed and did not spread to other parts of the body. The sense of relief we both felt, I can't do it justice.
    We'll have lots of regular blood tests, and frequent colonoscopys (FUN!) and the oncologist may suggest chemotherapy if they want to take a very aggressive treatment route. But we're just so happy with how things have worked out.
    Not really sure why I feel the need to post this, I think it feels good to get it off my chest - but it feels like life starts now.
    Peace y'all

    • :)monospaced
    • +. get to itdocpoz
    • damn
    • Krassy
    • <3chukkaphob
    • You are a strong team. Sounds like you're lucky to have each other. Hang in there! Hope the kids are doing ok. I can only imagine.nocomply
    • robotron3k
    • +1Gnash
    • My grandfather died from it in the 1980's. Glad modern medicine has advanced enough to catch it.shapesalad
    • PSA: every single polyp (colon) will eventually become cancerous. get checked regularlyGnash
    • no words, all the best mate!OBBTKN
    • colon check is not fun. But do it for safety.pango
    • Congrats man.Salarrue
    • Thats what got my grandfather too. Glad yous got it in time. F*CK CANCER!microkorg
    • ok_not_ok
    • That's a win right there, glad she's in the clear!elahon
    • Happy for you both. Xosea_sea
    • stay strong!utopian
    • Holy crap. Glad it wasn't worse. Good luck!mandomafioso
    • How old should you be to get it checked? My Father had a polyp and was worried but it was nothing. But he said 'go talk to your doctor, get a colonoscopy'...mantrakid
    • I'm so happy for all of you that you caught it in time. My dad died of it at 69. So sad because for years he kept saying he was going to book a colonoscopy. :(Melanie
    • When i spoke to my doc about it she said "naw you're too young (i was 37 at the time, now 38)... you just risk causing damage / causing issues.. wait till 40+."mantrakid
    • How do you know you might have a polyp? Can you feel something odd in your digestive tract as food passes through?shapesalad
    • ^ no way to tell other than a colonoscopy. they are small and don't usually interfere with digestion. this is why colon cancer is rarely detected until it's tooGnash
    • (there is a simple test that looks for blood in stool -- a symptom of concern -- but polyps can't be indirectly detected)Gnash
    • In the UK theres a postal test you can apply for. You poop in a tube and send it away for analysis.microkorg
    • ^ same in canada. looks for blood. they're not very reliable but better than nothingGnash
    • Thanks everyone for the support!stoplying
    • not only did she punch cancer in the dick, but we all learnt that there are 50 active users on qbn! win win.inteliboy
    • oh man, i hope my good friends cat doesnt have this. it would crush herdocpoz
    • I Will Create Facebook Business Page
  • maquito47

    Just married!

    • I hope that child isn't yours and so born out of wedlock - SINNER!

      Congratulations, man
    • congrats man!renderedred
    • Woot Woot! Congrats!capn_ron
    • congrats, lovely.fadein11
    • pleasingly casual. congratulations!Fax_Benson
    • Congrats! Look at these bright smiles! Awesome!Krassy
    • married at a freemasion lodge?

      Congrats, kid looks a character
    • DON'T DO IT!

      Kid'n; super great AND I hear marriage is "cool" again.

      : )
    • Way to go! Congrats!nocomply
    • En hora buena! felicidades!Salarrue
    • Congrats!dibec
    • CONGRATS!umbee54
    • maquito! i'm not pro marriage but if someone I know believes and wants it and is happy then...CONGRATS!oey
    • PS: was the baby necessary? what do you get in return? man you gotta older look at that hair. nice to see you again!oey
    • Congrats!chukkaphob
    • Does your kid have any tats yet?utopian
    • amazing. congtats !lowimpakt
    • Felicidades maquito y sra.!! Best wishes!OBBTKN
    • Where is this, central America ?i_was
    • uruguay probably:)
    • huge congrats dude. don't listen to the nay-sayers, lol...marriage is sooooo awesome :)exador1
    • celebrating my 20th anniversary this summer :)exador1
    • GRATS! MOFO!pango
    • Nice!! Congrats!bezoar
    • Looks like the kid is working on his headers. I predict the next Diego Forlánhotroddy
    • Remember us exador, congrats in advOBBTKN
    • Kid has no tattous, lol.i_was
    • Lolz and thanks everyone!!! We’re very happy indeed. Kid has no tats.. YET! Hehemaquito
    • Why so many tattoos?freedom
    • Why not ? isn't your name freedom ? lolzi_was
    • congrats!SimonFFM
    • Felicidades maqui!sea_sea
  • Beeswax46

    I recently had the most surreal experience of my life.
    I was in a room with 5 people.
    4 of us are fully clothed surrounding the one that is completely naked, screaming and squatting in the middle of the room.
    And suddenly a little head popped out of her bottom.
    They told me I'd become a father.

    • congrats on the mini beeswax!capn_ron
    • A dream, no?OBBTKN
    • was it born with a moustache?oey
    • Ah, and congrats ;)OBBTKN
    • big congrats.fadein11
    • Congrats!!!HijoDMaite
    • and congrats!!!oey
    • With out the last sentence. It sounded like a bad trip.pango
    • Congrats mofo! :)pango
    • Congrats!Salarrue
    • Congrats!Krassy
    • congrats!renderedred
    • meth?utopian
    • Congrats! Welcome to the club! Check back in in a week :)monospaced
    • Congrats! Mad baby times ahead.PhanLo
    • Congrats! Is this in someway related to COTD?shapesalad
    • Congrats!mandomafioso
    • did you mark the child in a distinct way that only you could recognize? if you didn't then it may not be your baby. congrats!dorf
    • this story didn't end up how I was expecting.. congrats thoautoflavour
    • Congrats brah!robotron3k
    • haha way to go!_niko
    • Congrats, beehotroddy
    • Art?freedom
    • Congrats!!fisheye
    • yeee thanks! Baby is fine except a little breathing problem due to pneumonia that mother had couple months ago. He's under special care in the hospitalBeeswax
    • His functions are all good but they want to be sure of the test results and he's on antibiotics. We'll get him hopefully next week.Beeswax
    • Little tip... that wasn't her bottomset
    • So "Up the bum, no babies" was a lie?
      Congrats, bumwax!
    • pics?drgs
    • YEAHHH BOIII!!!ideaist
    • Happy for you bro. What’s his or her name? I love Turkish names.HijoDMaite
    • It's not fair that only she's naked. Everyone in that room should be nakedsince1979
    • Özgür / Özgün?oey
    • name not decided yet. We're close thoBeeswax
    • I Will Create Facebook Business Page
  • Bennn24

    Dont want to be over dramatic here, but we've put our cat to sleep this evening, she was 17 y-o.

    I know that kind of stuff looks unimportant for people that dont have animals or that dont love and respect animals. But for people who have a pet that they love, they understand and they understand even more if they have ever put a furry friend to sleep. It's very tough.

    Just wanted to share this with you guys, if you have a pet, love him as much as he love you, their lifes are very short.

    This is the last picture of her before the vet arrive. I'll never take picture of her again :(

    • RIP kitty :(

      sorry about your loss B
    • this is the hardest part of caring for our friends :/scarabin
    • Its a cool last pic Ben! Bummed for you man. :(HijoDMaite
    • :(i_monk
    • <3PonyBoy
    • :(Salarrue
    • sorry to here :(fadein11
    • hear*fadein11
    • I'm sorry for your loss Ben. Euthanasia is so hard when it's your pet. I'm sure you gave her many years of happiness and love.cannonball1978
    • (not that it's ever easy)cannonball1978
    • Benn, sorry she is gone. I am sure she brought many loving moments. the photo shows a really loving girl!capn_ron
    • so sorry bennn.dorf
    • :(Melanie
    • I was surprised at my uncontrolled sobbing while I dug a grave for our cat a few years back. There can be a strong connection between a cat and a person!nuggler
    • Sorry for your loss. I have 2 female siblings, I dread the day I'll have to say goodbye to them :(ernexbcn
    • She had a happy life.
      That is the most important.
    • sorry dude. I want to hug you.sureshot
    • :(loool
    • aw your cat looked so damn wise.inteliboy
    • I've lost a few in the past and feel your pain. Sorry to hear, mate. 17 is a ripe old age for a moggy and I'm sure you provided her with a great life.set
    • I have an old cat too. I hope he lives foreverCalderone2000
    • I had a cat called Smudge. He was so friendly, probably due to his wild cat nip addiction. I loved that junkie cat.mrAtor
    • beautiful cat. RIP, little one.Gnash
    • Sorry man. RIP fella.robthelad
    • 17 wow what a grand ole' beauty. I am sure you gave her the best life she could ever have wished for. RIP little kitty. I am sorry for your loss B.rabbit
    • Thanks a lot everyone for your comments, really appreciatedBennn
    • all the feels manmonospaced
    • I had to put my 16 year old to sleep on december 5th. He was very sick. Sucks but it gets a little easier over time.CygnusZero4
    • Remember, its MUCH harder for us than it is for them. They just go to sleep peacefully like they did 1000s of other times in their lives.CygnusZero4
    • Shit, I wish I could die like they get to. Best way to go.CygnusZero4
    • True Cygnus, thanks. And sorry for your lil friend.Bennn
    • The house is so empty right now, its gonna be tough for a few days for sure, she was a big part of our daily activities around the house.Bennn
    • Sorry for your lossformed
    • We feel you. RIP Kitty.Longcopylover
    • grieve then welcome another into your life. :Djaylarson
    • aw . I'm so sorry. It's the worse feeling. I had to do the same a few years ago. It's OK to grieve.lynley
    • So sorry to hear. What was her name? We've had to put down many over the years, and it's horrible every single time. The hardest was our boy Simba, a fluffyelahon
    • orange Maine Coon. He was 7 or so when my son was born, and they were best buds till the day he died a couple of years ago. Zach still misses him. =(elahon
    • her name was a slang french name that means small bear :)Bennn
    • That's tough Bennn.
      Sorry for your loss
    • RIP
      On s'attache à ces petites bêtes là...
    • Really sorry to hear it man, it's heart-breaking. I was absolutely distraught when we had to put our 19 year old cat down, I know how you're feeling right now.BuddhaHat
    • I hope it gets easier for you soon.BuddhaHat
    • Really sorry for your lose.mugwart
    • Sorry about that, I had to put down two of my kitties in the last year. It's tough.zarkonite
    • Sorry ben, you made a merciful choice. 17 years is a good run.sarahfailin
    • Instead of allowing a natural passing, when old cats are too fatigued and tired to feel any pain, you paid cash to have her killed. Then posted it. Sick FuckBustySaintClaire
    • Beautiful kitty. sorry, for the loss.
      Just lost my dog of 17 yrs as well in Feb. I still hear his barking at times.
    • RIP :(Squiddy
    • If nothing else, this place has compassion when it counts. Sorry about your kitty, Benn.stoplying
    • thank you all again!Bennn
    • like no other....RIP kitty!utopian
    • Sorry to hear. We had to do the same to our old fella on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago...was very hard.
      RIP buddy.
    • Sorry Benn. It's a horrible thing to go through but the right thing to do.MrT
    • Glad you did it at home. We took ours to the Vet...which I REALLY regret now. :(BusterBoy
    • T_Tpango
    • <3 so sorry benn. Hugs to you and your family. That look in her eyes breaks my heart. *hugs favorite kitty.sea_sea
    • My condolences Benn. 17 years is a good run, and she lived like no one. RIP.garbage
    • thanks allBennn
    • what was her name ?srhadden
    • post some silly pics of when she was younger also!srhadden
    • :-(
      so sorry.
    • <3bklyndroobeki
  • Ianbolton42

    I'm 42 today.

  • Moderator55

    To friend and foe:

    Be the change you want to see. This is the beauty of a community. If you see a community lacking in positive things, contribute those things. Be the harmony you desire.

    That is all.

  • jagara0

    I wonder what the average age of QBN members is. I've been here since the Newstoday days. Is there a steady stream of new members? There seems to be a steady stream of village idiots (RIP docpoz)...

    A/S/L ?


  • Melanie33

    I've been on QBN for 15 years. I've gone through ups and downs in my participation (I've been almost non-existent on here for the past 7 years since being a mum) but I love this place so much.

    That is all.

    • Participate more!eryx
    • Qbn mugs is a nice start... ;)OBBTKN
    • To the Proud Mums thread!Nairn
    • Nairn? Are you a proud mum? What are you trying to tell us?Continuity
    • :DBennn
    • 15 years? This is the first time I see a post from you.NBQ00
    • I think it's been about 16 years or so for me...and I agree with you Melanie... I still love this place too :)exador1
    • Hello :wave:dorfsman
    • https://img.buzzfeed…Maaku
    • For a moment I don't feel so alone.shellie
    • Same here, I dont post much, lots of lurking. Early 2000'sArmandoEstrada
    • we all come and go, it's hard not to. glad you're back. ;)sea_sea
    • 15 years of just watching over us. Working us out. Weeding out the arseholes. Your reign can now begin as you must be the chosen one, erm right?Ianbolton
    • 15 years.. ugh im here longer than you.. i used to love this place.. but lately [last 10 years] oi hahah wait did OSFA win again?? recount dammit!!e-pill
    • 17 years, just lingering and loitering once in a while. Outlasting them all.nuggler
    • ugh 17 yrs.. im still older than youze!!e-pill
    • i have more usernames than you have posts.. let alone broadcasts.. go back into hiding nuggler.. you hit outlasting anyone.. pfft!! -ee-pill
    • Hello. There is hope for QBNMrT
    • I was back recently after maybe 9 years, welcome back!grafician
    • Hi! Riskunlogic here, member since 2011!riskunlogic
    • Same here, except for the mum part. Welcome back!cherub
    • about 10. I go long stretches without posting, but always love to POTD and gif threads as a 2 minute distractionProjectile
    • it's not about how many postings you do on QBN. it's about the one posting at the right time! thank you melanie for the fulfilledprophecy!api
    • Hi MelanieGlitterati_Duane
    • People love this place. I feel the same. Enough to shared the same thought. It's oddly pleasant, never felt connected to a group like this. 15+ yrscanoe
    • 13 years here. I'm addicted for life.Krassy
    • QBN is a cultKrassy
    • <3ernexbcn
    • Ahhh. The notes - they get you right in the feels. :)Melanie
    • Hi, see you in another 7 years! :)futurefood
    • I've been here 17 years too. Welcome back.CyBrainX
    • Hi Melanie, where are you from? Introduce yourself somehow?! I’m Ian and I’ve been listening to everyone’s valid opinion for about the same timeIanbolton
    • If you can sum your 15 years in a tiny box like this that would be great!!Ianbolton
    • Cool story brocannonball1978
  • utopian11

    I'm going to hospital to say goodbye to mom before we pull plugs on her..this sucks!

    • fuck..... sorry man...pango
    • damn mansince1979
    • :( sorry, dude :(
    • fuck dude, that's rough. you know you can vent here if you need it...scarabin
    • man that sucks.. peace to you broautoflavour
    • woke up sad with a couple things right now and first thing i read is your post. this is ultra fucked. fuck. sorry to hear that man. stay strong utopian. hugs <3oey
    • hearts out to you and your family.omg
    • stay strong mateOBBTKN
    • sorry to hear.BusterBoy
    • Sorry to hear.Maaku
    • Man, really sorry to hear :(pinkfloyd
    • That's terrible news man. Stay strong the best you can.HijoDMaite
    • at least you get to say goodbye. good luck man.sarahfailin
    • So sorryMrT
    • no words dude...vent here whenever you feel like it.sureshot
    • So sorry to hear this :(
      Vent away on here.
    • I just watched her die in front of me, the heartache.utopian
    • Life is short...If you are fortunate enough to have a mom give her a hug and kiss for me.utopian
    • :(
      My dad had a massive stroke 6 years ago - UK had massive snow so roads were terrible - I got to hospital just in time so he squeezed my hand when nurse said
    • my name - we then watched him die slowly for 12 hours. Horrible. I feel your pain mate. You sounded like you were a great son though this last year from whatfadein11
    • you have said about it on here. It gets easier. Best wishes to you and your family.fadein11
    • It's good that you were present in the moment.cannonball1978
    • xdetritus
    • I've done this twice (father and brother). the definition of heart breaking and the worst...sending lovebabaganush
    • Shit. Sounds awful man. xIanbolton
    • Sorry to hear that. Its tough. Hope you are okDillinger
    • So sorry to hear. My thoughts are with your family.Gnash
    • Sorry to hear utopian. All the best.emphor
    • sorry for your family's loss utopianIRNlun6
    • really sorry to hear about your loss.mugwart
    • :( Sorry to hear, good luck and stay strong.Bennn
    • Oh man so sorry. I'm calling mom.monospaced
    • :( oh man...oey
    • Very sorry to hear that utopian!yuekit
    • :-(Krassy
    • ; _ ;i_monk
    • oh man, so sorry, Utopian. Stay strong. :-(chukkaphob
    • I'm so sorry to hear, good to see others share their stories. Stay strongmartinadolfsson
    • I don't know you, and I can't even imagine how you feel. But my thoughts are with you and your family.Longcopylover
    • Harsh, man. T_TDRIFTMONKEY
    • Feeling for you, man. Reaching out to my mom right now.aslip
    • fuck man, sorryjaylarson
    • damn....condolences utopianstoplying
    • My Deepest condolences, sorry to hear...Please stay strong.antimotion
    • shit man, condolences. please take care.bezoar
    • So sorry man. Stay strong.maquito
    • Oh wow, I'm so sorry for your loss utop :(
    • Sending my condolences my friend.robotron3k
    • Whoa, that's heavy man. Sorry for your loss.garbage
    • That's some heavy shit you're going through. Stay strong, fella!mort_
    • Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all of the love and support.utopian
    • dude, sorry to hear. keep your head up!dbloc
    • really sorry utopian. sending love. if there's anything i/we can do here in NYC... name it.bklyndroobeki
    • hope you're okay. sorry you're going through this.cbass99
    • damn, sorry to hear brother, i went through the same with my dad for about 15 years till he finally past 2 years agomoldero
    • So sorry to hear that utopian.lowimpakt
    • loosing a parent is tough, hope the support from your loved ones bring you peace during this difficult time. my deepest condolences to you...sted
    • Thoughts to the best QBN'er.meffid
    • Hope your hanging in there. I don't know where you are based but please let me know if you need a hand around London way.mugwart
    • fuck. sorry to hear, man. keep your head up.lvl_13
    • Very sorry to hear that utopian.Jetserf
    • Sorry for the losskgvs72
    • I know we're just a gaggle of shitheads, but we're your gaggle of shitheads. My condolences.garbage
  • fadein1132

    My father in law died 2 hours ago from it.
    He was old with dementia but this stopped us all ever saying goodbye to a lovely man.
    I wasn't prepared to tell my youngest that her grandpa had died. I did the best I could. I hope it was good as it could be.
    She never knew my dad as he passed before.
    Various friends and neighbours have lost loved ones.
    Reality bites.
    Stay safe and well everyone x

    • He tested positive on Mondayfadein11
    • sorry to hear that. stay strong man.renderedred
    • So sorry to hear :(Krassy
    • Condolences.robotron3k
    • sorry, fade <3PonyBoy
    • I'm so sorry to hear fadein.utopian
    • My friend's brother has it (he's in stable condition) and now his wife has it (critical condition) she just went on the ventilator.utopian
    • sorry to hear utop, awful.
      thanks everyone.
    • Condolences. That's really nicely said - I'm sure your youngest couldn't have heard it any better.Fax_Benson
    • Dang, sad to hear. Hang in thereGnash
    • Sorry to hear that fadein11. My condolences to you and your family.Bennn
    • So sorry to hear that. My wife’s grandmother just passed from other causes but only one of 10 siblings was allowed in to be with her. Sad times.ben_
    • So sorry to hear thatinstrmntl
    • Very sorry for your lossformed
    • Sorry to hear. Hope nobody else in your family is infectedNBQ00
    • Sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and your family.MarleyMarl
    • Condolences, fadein. You stay safe too.bezoar
    • So sorry to hear. Condolences to you and your family.mandomafioso
    • so sad, sorry to hear man._niko
    • I'm sorry for your loss.sea_sea
    • Sorry to hear this :(
      This virus is a horrific thing.
    • Sad. Take care of your loved ones fadein :(OBBTKN
    • thanks all for nice messages, appreciatedfadein11
    • Really sorry man, not being able to collectively grieve is a hard one and not being able to be there is painful.PhanLo
    • So sorry, that really sucks.BonSeff
    • Fuck.
    • I'm sorry fadein :(Maaku
    • Damn.. sorry to hear bro..autoflavour
    • Condolences.nb
    • thanks all again.
      fuck me some good has to come out of this somewhere.
    • Sorry to hear mate. Sad news.BusterBoy
    • i downvoted becuase that is sad hope that helps with the feelersdeathboy
  • bjladams39

    I’ve been out camping for the last month and just getting back home. we had a few brief spots with internet and tried to keep up with the few other campers we crossed paths with, but is still a bit of a shock to arrive back and process all the news. The weather is still beautiful, so maybe good to pack up and enjoy the outdoors again for a few more weeks--

    • Do it, now! Do it for us, the rest of jealous confined humans... Have a blast!OBBTKN
    • Were you with Jared Leto?PhanLo
    • Awesome!HijoDMaite
    • Beautiful pics bjRamanisky2
    • lol, PhanLoduckseason
    • lol @ Jared Leto.

      Know what you mean though, have done similar when 'important' things have happend.
    • LOL @PhanLoKrassy
    • Keep at it!aslip
    • BTW, stunning photos! beautiful!Krassy
    • Jealousy generator, this one.garbage
    • Wow awesome Overlanders a d amazing pics... so jealous. Yeah definitely go back out for some more weeks!!!robotron3k
    • Now that is what I call social isolationTurboslacker
    • Not too shabbyinstrmntl
    • 'Splendid Isolation'webazoot
    • StunningAlum31
    • RespectGnash
    • niiiiceBennn
    • Looks amazing. Where is this?SimonFFM
    • wow, looks incredibleFax_Benson
    • New Zealand?milfhunter
    • wow, great shots. And seems you're socially distant enough out there to survive this crap. Go enjoy life.dopepope
    • yeah, NZ- excellent time outbjladams
    • updated: I've been out CAR camping [on a road trip]canoe
    • I love you, Ben, but I also hate you so much.Nairn
  • Fabricio25

    Man... dealing with depression absolutely f...g sucks.
    At 38, I expected to be having some future plans issues, thinking about buying a place, moving to a different country, meeting a new boyfriend, etc.
    But instead, I have to keep changing medication and seeing which ones worked and which one didnt, talking constantly with psychologist and realising it is not helping me much either. And I dont even feel like talking to friends about this anymore, as I got tired of hearing myself talking about this (and quite embarassed to be it feels thatI dont have my shit together, which at the moment, it is true)...

    Going outside is also a struggle, a constant battle to continue doing the things I used to do, or enjoy, like playing videogames, etc. I dont even feel like drawing or doing any personal artwork anymore, as it is hard enough to find energy to do the commercial projects.

    I wish I could just go back to my normal self from 2 years, snap my fingers and suddenly, not having to rely on medication to sleep or to stop myself from feeling miserable. Go back to my drawings and 3D experiments, finish my shortfilm, etc...

    Does it really "get better" or was this just some sweet internet cute moment? Hehe..

    Sorry for the long rant.

    • Sucks, hang in there man, them meds are sometimes as bad if not worse than the condition they are treating (have been on many over the years),dee-dubs
    • but hopefully you may find one that works better! Anyway, you ain't alone and I'm sure many QBNer's been though or going through similar that can empathise.dee-dubs
    • as someone that goes through similar shit. let it pass, that's what i learned. meds can be a bummer, it took me several years to get it right. be strong man!renderedred
    • and yes, some meds make it worse, take care.renderedred
    • take care brother.pango
    • This will pass, mate... don't force yourself to be-creating-superb-a... From my experience, this creates a LOT of anxietyOBBTKN
    • Especially when you're on a burnout phase. Take a break, get out, take care of meds and alcohol, and like renderedred said, be strong!!OBBTKN
    • ^ "creating superb art all the days"OBBTKN
    • Focus on self development, everything is gonna be fine, give it some time, it's not gonna happen overnight. Hang on.ApeRobot
    • And talk about it with someone confident with you... therapists are not the best listeners sometimes...OBBTKN
    • Sorry to hear you going through it, but you'll find a way. I find this guy has helped me so much recently:…Ianbolton
    • you can do big things in small steps. focus on getting the easy, tiny things done... you'll start feeling better.robthelad
    • my mum's been trough it and it has been the worst episode in both our lives so far. It does go away some time, it really does!mekk
    • You're already doing the hardest / most productive thing you can do - talking about it with friends and a professional. Lots of people don't get that far.Fax_Benson
    • stick with that. The drugs I guess may or may not work but talking will, long term.Fax_Benson
    • Hey Fabricio, I was there last year (minus the meds), you will turn it around, just keep your spirit up including with others (avoid self-pity at all costs)spl33nidoru
    • make short term plans (less crushing) and reasonable daily goals/lists, be kind with yourself, you'll come out of this strongerspl33nidoru
    • Health is wealth brother; hang in their!

      Keep moving, eat well and take care of #1.

      : )
    • I'm surrounded by it brother. Family, friends, colleagues even my wife suffered post natal depression. It'll get better dude, stay strong. Exercise and water.Hayzilla
    • Fabricio, are you also trying natural alternatives? My combination is CBD, deep breathing techniques, sweat lodge therapy, vitamin D3, massage, among others.sea_sea
    • I guess what I'm saying is you have to find a way to do more self care. Do the work drag yourself to the gym whatever will work for you.sea_sea
    • Something that will help spark up that joy. Produce more serotonin etc. I know how difficult it is, trust me. Here for you.sea_sea
    • What aperobot said, self development is key. Take control. You got this.sea_sea
    • Sea_sea +1
      It goes away but it takes a while. psychologists and medications don't allow it vanish they just sweep it under the rug. Do the natural methods...
    • Your work is dope by the way. Dont plan the future much.none of my dreams become true but I can't be more thankful for the moment that I'm living and breathing.Beeswax
    • Sorry guys and girls, didnt want to sound so alarming :( Yeah, this frigging sucks...and I feel like I am not heading to a proper direction, hence me venting ouFabricio
    • And to see if someone has experienced similar things. It is brilliant so many of your responses and support. I cannot thank you guys enough!Fabricio
    • The thing about this not happening overnight I guess is part of the problem... I really, just want to go back to normal, and it feels like I have no control..Fabricio
    • ...about this. But I am extremely thankful for everything you have written so far, I will take it to my heart, really <3Fabricio
    • vent all the way down man, we're here to listen (:mekk
    • Yeah, I've been trying some natural stuff, specially for sleeping... sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesnt. I also started with meditationFabricio
    • What SeaSea said, are you trying natural remedies. CBD worked wonders for me. wish id known about it years ago!microkorg
    • Keep going... And always remember today will tomorrow soon. Find the small wins, don't overwhelm yourself with trying to do it allnecromation
    • All the best! Never give up. Try not to think about it all the time. Your thoughts are going in circles. Distract yourself as much as you can.SimonFFM
    • Hope you're ok man - I've been up and down a lot lately too. Try keep in touch with friends as much as possible, talk to them. Try exercise as much as you can.pedromendez
    • A new hobby away form work might help too - that shifted my focus and gave me something new to obsess about. Best of luck dude.pedromendez
    • Man, try to sleep, take time for you. cut social media for a while, even screen time. Hang in there!Salarrue
    • Try probiotics + Vitamin B complexdrgs
    • As important as emotions are, remember feelings aren't facts. Ur friends are there for you and care about u, if u feel like a burden, remember u are not = fact!whatthefunk
    • I'm sorry to hear Fabricio...stay strong bro!!!utopian
    • Fabrico, one thing that always cheers me up is posting things on the Trump thread to piss off mono, then he comments to act like he's really smart. Try that!robotron3k
    • https://wjfranklin.c…dbloc
    • seriously @robo there's a time and a place to be a troll.renderedred
    • Dont know what I could say to help.. but keep on fighting. I can tell you moving into a new career helped me a ton. Maybe try labour work, something different.eryx
    • Good luck Fabricio. I have you covered by 15 years and I still have no fucking clue about my future. You're young!BusterBoy
    • You guys are awesome, thank you so much. I will look into all these links and the advices. Thank you :)Fabricio
    • Fabricio, stay strong! You can go through this. As mentioned by @Fax above, the fact you're talking about this & have the courage to share w/ others, is huge!Krassy
    • Remember always that you are capable and strong enough to re-program yourself and change both your feelings and your thoughts. You're powerful!Krassy
    • I hear you man! I'm quite a bit older than you, and I'm on 3 psyche meds every day. But they've helped me a lot, and I'm much better than I was 2 years ago.boobs
    • Take good care of your microbiome! That might require changing your diet and exercising more. Try meditation and the Wim Hof cold showers & breathing exercises.Krassy
    • Try new hobbies. Don't avoid people. Stay away from meds. Go to techno raves. Go hiking. Swim. Run. Play backgammon with strangers in the park....Krassy
    • Do continue to talk to us on here. This QBN community is absolutely incredible and has proven time & again to be supportive and to be beating a big big heart :)Krassy
    • Krassy, this is so heartwarming, thank you so much. I've been trying new hobbies, and they do help, even if it is a tiny bit.Fabricio
    • I've been learning how to play guitar, and also to produce sounds and synths inside ableton... getting a bit into music production, which is completely outFabricio
    • of my comfort zone. Going through different paths, etc.. I feel this does help me a bit, But yeah, I hope I can shake this off eventually...Fabricio
    • I hear you Fabricio, i'm also in a bad period right now, having anxiety crisis and shit. So much things going on in my head for a long time.Bennn
    • It's exactly that fabricio, one step, one good feeling thought at a time. After a while the minutes become hours and days. It's not far, trust your instincts.sea_sea
    • Self care for me is key. We put so much pressure on ourselves. Give yourself a break and find fun stuff to do.sea_sea
    • welcome to the mid-life crisis! and no, nothing works to help it (well having 2 young kids lessens it for me).pr2
    • @Krassy: you rock.
      @Fab: you rock too! keep the process going.
    • Think of things you're grateful for. Get back to creating the awesome stuff you share with us in Recent Work. Watch Adam West Batman.CyBrainX
    • read this https://en.wikipedia…srhadden
    • I would recommend seeing an actual licensed therapist.pango
    • I went through the exact same thing for a few years. Krassy is right re: the gut/mind connection. Pre + probiotics, exercise and time help. Hugs too. xMelanie
  • Ianbolton27

    Hi folks. I've been in bed since Friday with a fever and now showing full symptoms of this exciting new virus! I actually feel like i'm going crazy laid here trapped in my small room. Just looked up the cough online and it then started saying that if it get's into the lungs you basically have pneumonia. It's fucking nasty. Surrounded by all the news (which I'm now avoiding) and people sending me shit saying 5G started it, and how i just don't understand, instead of just being nice! Mindless cunts!!

    Anyway, stay safe gang. Loving all the input as always - but who let Ethered back in?! Hiya mate

    • I hope you've surrounded yourself with energy directing crystals, ian - stay safe!Nairn
    • Haha. I'm just sticking to homeopathy and reiki for now mate, but i'll look into itIanbolton
    • get well!Fax_Benson
    • I’ve had the symptoms for a week now. It’s not fun.Chimp
    • get well Boltonethered
    • i dont have it yet but Ill surely get it soon tooethered
    • 5G caused this whole mess and the Chinese gov’t blamed it on wet markets to destroy that industry. Get well soon!ben_
    • all the best Ianfadein11
    • 60% of us will get it inevitably. You're on the front lines! Get well soon.hotroddy
    • Hey man, sorry to hear. But why the fuck would you go to homeopathy and reiki for this? It's not time for quackery, especially for a serious condition.monospaced
    • Rest, drink lots of HOT liquids, and treat the symptoms with medicines that are designed for them. You'll be a lot better off that way.monospaced
    • Perhaps you were being sarcastic, and in that case, punches for me.monospaced
    • lol at not respecting reiki and homeophaty for it‘s immense healing powers and then proposing hot water as alternative:)uan
    • get well soon Lan!uan
    • Jesus, mono - perhaps slow down a bit before jumping in with a response, hahaNairn
    • Slow down? The guy is laid out with a fever and is talking about "positive energy" healing. I'm only trying to help save his life, ffs.monospaced
    • Wish you well Ian!mort_
    • Always double down, mono.Nairn
    • And as I said, if he's just fucking around, I already offered up punches for me jumping in like this. But this isn't time to fuck around now, is it?monospaced
    • Damn straight I'll double down that reiki isn't real, especially if someone is turning to it with coronavirus. But if it's a joke, then it's on me.monospaced
    • mono is trying to give him sage advice…
    • Haha, cheers Mono, That is a fair response considering - but I was most definitely mucking about. Take it easy man xIanbolton
    • Any clues to where you go it? Hope you get through it ok. I just sent some Reiki positive healing energy - did you get it?shapesalad
    • This post delivers.
      Thoughts and prayers.
    • Get well IanBennn
    • get wellutopian
    • Surely it can't just be me with it. One of you must have it? Or am i the only attention seeking whore on here? (I know I'm not)Ianbolton
    • Soup is getting boring btwIanbolton
    • you still gott taste and smell?uan
    • Get well! Hope you have toilet paper, you gonna need it *jkdmay
    • Get well, and update us about your situation.Beeswax
    • Hang in there, buddy.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Feck! Align your shakras, get a tin foil hat and get well brother!!!Projectile
    • Get well soon, duder!Krassy
    • Get well, good luckNBQ00
    • Fight the good fight!stoplying
    • no bat soup for youutopian
    • Woah... feel better, manPonyBoy
    • get well guys!SimonFFM
    • Tits! Get better!robotron3k
    • GWS!microkorg
    • Have you tried that naked sun bathing with your butthole to the sun thing? Should clear it right up.
    • Seriously though, hope you're ok.PhanLo
    • Take care Ian!!OBBTKN
    • Cheers guys. Feel like shit. If I'm not around for a while I've probably not made it. But i'll be fineIanbolton
    • not acceptable. Promise to recover.zaq
    • Get well Ian.instrmntl
    • RIPBusterBoy
    • Just kidding. Get well cunt.BusterBoy
    • Get well man!mantrakid
    • 5G phwhaha wtf.

      get well soon!
  • pedromendez39

    I posted here a few months ago looking for some advice, opinion & abuse on what steps I should take on my career. Got some sage advice as always. Thanks Internet Friends™. My decision was torn between whether to stay in a really comfortable agency role where I've been for 10+ years or move on to somewhere new which would involve more travel. A tricky decision with kids in your life.

    I sent out some cv's had a few skype interviews for different roles and got a final round call back for one role that seemed like a good fit. I didn't expect much as I hadn't done an interview in 10+ years - I thought I'd go through the process to gain some experience and see how it went. The final round interview involved a small project and presentation.... and I got offered the job!

    A little more travel needed now, but starting on almost double my current salary and will have the option to work remote 1-2 days per week so it should balance out nicely.

    After months of agonising over so many options and decisions, it all seems to have fallen into place nicely. Signing contracts for the new role tomorrow!

    Thanks as ever for the advice you beautiful people. xxx

    • Congrats! Would love to see the project you did any tips on how you presented past work in the interview?Hayoth
    • Very good news Pedro! Congrats!! :)Fabricio
    • Amazing, congrats and good on you for taking the leap.ben_
    • Congrats!Melanie
    • Great news! I can only imagine if I was in your shoes and wanted to do this. It takes balls and you got'em. Kick ass at your new position, keep us posted.eryx
    • Congrats man!mantrakid
    • Congratulations!SimonFFM
    • Cool Pedro, good luck!!OBBTKN
    • Well done!spl33nidoru
    • yeaaaaah buddy!ArchitectofFate
    • yeah boi!…mekk
    • Thanks all - bit of a massive life chapter change to be honest, its caused me some tears! :) But feels like a good move.pedromendez
    • Hayoth, it was a project review to show my thought process and approach . I was just very logical and clear, seemed to work! Drop me a mail if I can help more.pedromendez
    • congratsrenderedred
    • Drinks are on pedro!
      *sharp elbows way to front of bar
    • A Socialism Success Story®utopian
    • Exciting stuff - you can do it!stoplying
    • Well played.aslip
    • You should never listen to us.. LOL.. nice work tho..we except a monthly royalties from now onautoflavour
    • Very cool! Congrats!Krassy
  • Bennn30


    Hey mono, I just want to say I will try to take it less seriously in the future when you comment my posts. I know you're not the only one mocking me in here, I just had the impression your tone was more serious than some who, i feel, are just kidding with me.

    Sometimes I also struggle to explain me correctly in english and I know I write stuff that can be misunderstood.

    I'am here to have fun and I really love this community who is part of my life since 20+ years... its like, half of my life! It means something to me.

    So yeah, i dont like having the kind of exchange like the one we had this morning, it's not cool. So mono, i virtually shake your hand and I tell you I will try to take it less seriously and be more chill when you comment my posts ... maybe if you use a bit more humour on your side it will help, cuz I often feel you're super serious.. just saying ;-)

    And know i will continue to post 10 post /hours in the Coronavirus thread, so live with it ;-)

    • #JeSuisBennnhotroddy
    • worry not Bennn, you are cool and a nice bloke.fadein11
    • #HugYourBroBabySnakes
    • Don't change Bennn, this place wouldn't be the same without you.zarkonite
    • much love to both of you guys, stay coolrenderedred
    • Maybe this virus is making us all a little nuts, Bennn's one of the chillest dudes on here, takes everything with a grain of salt_niko
    • Awww *wipes tearRamanisky2
    • ^ you touched your face?!
    • @Bennn you are probably my favorite QBNr, dude. Every time I say something about you on here is always in good humor and having a laugh WITH you. Don't change!Krassy
    • allez-y mon champion!Salarrue
    • I love Bennn, he so dopeyutopian
    • @Bennn this place has gotten decidedly 'less fun' in recent years. Keep doing your thing. Please.MrAbominable
    • Bennn we need you.NBQ00
    • What was this about?yuekit
    • BRO LOVE~~~~~pango
    • #bennn_best_yaris_ow...
      Relax a bit guys, you two are precious for this community, hug now each other ;)
    • man I need to pay more attention, I always though Benn and mono were the same person..autoflavour
    • Bennn, you are a unique individual who contributes to the social fabric of his community. Your role is important to QBN.deadsperm
    • What I miss?dee-dubs
    • we needs teh #bennnsplanations...hans_glib
    • Like I have said, I LIKE you man. I don’t dislike you. I like you enough to ask you to chill. Just like you’re doing. So we’re all chill now.monospaced
    • The only thing unpleasant was that you kept insisting I am singling you out. You kept insisting that I don’t like you. Simply isn’t true.monospaced
    • I hear you mono and its all good now :)Bennn
    • “I like you now that you’ve done what I asked”Gnash
    • Lol this place is so silly at timesfuturefood
    • @futurefood at times? nah. It's always silly! LOLKrassy
    • Don't you dare leaving usMaaku
    • Yeah, we've been silly place for a long time. That's why we stick around.garbage
    • mono = misunderstoodutopian
    • Sweet,, I missed yet another dramatic exchange of ideas. #Undefeated #personalBestplash
    • I love everyone! Quarantine is driving me crazy!maquito
    • <3 <3 <3Bennn
  • HijoDMaite28

    sorry for the vague blog post last night. i consider you guys like a family of sorts so I will share. My father got out of prison last night after 31 years!!! (drug trafficking 1985 Mexico). it's the best day of my life! it's beyond words.

    • awesome!moldero
    • bad hombre? ;)monospaced
    • thats awesome.omg
    • Mierda, es un monton de tiempo. Que bueno, espero que lo disfruten :)Maaku
    • 31 years is a fuckload of timemoldero
    • dios miopinkfloyd
    • yea mono bad hombre, but that was a long time ago.HijoDMaite
    • Holy shit, that's awesome. Did you visit him throughout the years and keep a relationship going? How old were you when he went away?elahon
    • Christ! Hope the next few weeks, months and years go really well for you, man!detritus
    • Wow! That's a long time to be away... glad you got your Dad back, man :)PonyBoy
    • Yes have always visited him in mexico city. I was tenHijoDMaite
    • I wish you guys all the best with your transition.eryx
    • mono that wasnt a nice comment.sureshot
    • congrats! happy dayssureshot
    • fuck yeah!scarabin
    • amazing.lowimpakt
    • Take care man that sounds heavy and exciting at the same time. Sounds like you'll have a hellava holidays approaching.shellie
    • Joine me qbn drinks mexico city in a couple weeks and you'll het to meet him! We can raid his art! he is an oil on canvas painter. really good!HijoDMaite
    • @sureshot, I agree. When that asshole said it the other day it was worse. I was just joking.monospaced
    • @HijoDMaite What a story! Enjoy having your dad back in your life. Happy for you, man!Krassy
    • Please invite him to join QBN and have him post his artwork in the "Show some recent work" thread :DKrassy
    • Yes!! KRASSYHijoDMaite
    • How incredible! congrats on your new life with your dad! so awesome!!!!!chukkaphob
    • Super excited for you, man! Hope he transitions back smoothly, must be super weird and overwhelming for him too!!spl33nidoru
    • damn sonernexbcn
    • This is a very good new, I wish the best to you and your father. I'm honestly kind of shaken, have a great weekend mateGeorgesII
    • @monospace no worries dude. I missed your wink. ♥sureshot
    • The world has changed so much in 30 years. Everyone has computers in their back pockets that puts anything he knew to shame.shellie
    • i hope he enjoys the new world he's stepping into. That must be wild!shellie
    • He was telling me that he hadn't seen a dog in 30 years!! He is eating chinese food his favorite!HijoDMaite
    • This is better than a movie. If you have it in you, making a documentary or writing a book would be awesome. ....Unless it's too heavy to handle emotionally.Krassy
    • a doc would be awesomemoldero
    • wow, he has missed a lot of stuff that's been happening, like tech, internet and stuff, congrats! hope you guys have a good time from now on!feel
    • yeah, he's also missed out on all the epic QBN threads the past 15 years! time for him to catch up :)chukkaphob
    • Congrats, I can't even begin to imagine what that's like for him or you. Agree with others - great opportunity to document something monumental.mg33
    • Pretty mental, congrats manWhiteFace
    • Great News! No matter happens from now on, just being together should be a reason to be happy. Did he keep painting in the jail? I'd love to see some of his arBeeswax
    • 31 years? damnnnnsince1979
    • great news, hijo. all the best to your family.Gnash
    • Nice to start off the weekend with this.bezoar
    • Wow. Congrats on a new beginning for all of you bro. Suerte a tu jefe y no hay otra mas que aprovechar el nuevo presente. Consientan a su jefe.VectorMasked
    • amazing!inteliboy
    • Damn, I wish your father and your family well. Better times ahead.IRNlun6
    • 31 years for making peeps happy. incredibly sad. Hope his future is fun and rewarding. All the best.sothere
    • felicitaciones y buena suerte por tu padre y tu familia, ¡es un buen día!BuddhaHat
    • I'm happy for you:)utopian
    • Holy shit! That is one hell of a long time to be stuck. Wishing you and your father the best, man! Lots of new things to enjoy together.lvl_13
  • mg3340

    Had endoscopic sinus surgery a week ago. Septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and balloon sinuplasty on frontal and maxillary sinuses. Surgery was 90 minutes, no problems, and after a pretty annoying week recovering I'm slowly feeling back to normal. I could only handle taking Tramadol for a pain killer for a few days, it absolutely wiped me out along with an antibiotic. Since Friday I've had a constant headache across my forehead, eye sockets hurt, etc. but the worst pain has been walking outdoors in 30 degree weather. That has been brutal on the incision in my nose, and on my now expanded sinus pathways. Basically like snorting razor blades and dry ice. Feeling a lot better today, getting my energy back, taste is coming back, and I've used my Neti pot and sinus rinse very regularly, so most of the congestion is gone.

    The irony of surgery like this (to end chronic sinus issues) is that the recovery includes the worst aspects of the worst sinus cold you can imagine. Anyone else been through similar?

    P.S. If this post gets 25+ upvotes, I'll contribute photos of the behemoth bloodsnot monster I evacuated from my nose yesterday at work, to the NSFL thread. :D

    • upvotedpockets
    • Damn. Feel better, man.desmo
    • 25+ !! We can do this!pango
    • thats gross, upvoted!BabySnakes
    • 14 to go...oey
    • Upvoted, but I'm not going to check this thread mate, sorryOBBTKN
    • I had surgery to repair a deviated septum for chronic sinusitis when I was 16. That week after sucked, even in balmy San Diego weather. I had plastic splints..nocomply
    • in my nose and I was draining/hacking up bloody mucus. After that things were glories for a few months, then kinda back to normal.nocomply
    • I don't get sinus infections like I used to, but I need to do the neti pot thing daily and I still can't breathe through my nose worth shit.nocomply
    • Sinus problems suck. My doc just says I have "poor plumbing." Wishing you a speedy recovery with better results!nocomply
    • I avoid the NSFL thread like the plague. I've no desire to see a 'behemoth bloodsnot monster'. Yet, I'm somehow tempted to upvote this anyway.Continuity
    • Ah, fuck it. Have an upvote.Continuity
    • why the downvote? just upvote the fucking thing. you don't have to check NSFL. I know I won't ;-)oey
    • My mom just had the same procedure done about 2 weeks ago. Quilting until midnight apparently helps.garbage
    • stopped by the nsfl thread for the first time...and last.. thanks qbnpockets
    • Man you guys sure know how to cheer me up! NSFL WARNING…mg33
    • I was sniffing real savage like, and could feel it slither from my right side maxillary sinus into the back of my throat all in one gulp. It felt amazing.mg33
    • damn man, get well soon! that sounds like pure hell :(lvl_13
    • PS. don't want to see pics of that bloodsnot. post in NSFL thread if you decide to post. -signed all of QBNlvl_13
    • well shit. just read the last line of your post. post away my friend hahaha!lvl_13
    • I also survived septoplasty + turbinate reduction. I share your irony man, but worth it in the long run. Those followup appointments tho!brandonp
    • you lil bitchutopian
    • Mmm... Tramadol.. brings back memoriesfisheye
    • Wait until they pull those squid-like splints out of your nostrils in a week or so. I remember saying "THAT was in there?!"misterhow
    • That was nowhere need NSFL. Quite a nice boogie.Gucci
    • argh!!!! why did I click on the link...whyyy??? haha Feel better!GM278
    • I had a septoplasty about 7 years ago. I remember the pain. Not fun.set
    • nocomply, do you have digestive and/or stomach problems by any chance?set
    • @mg33 feel better soon!Krassy
    • Thanks guys! I got the splints out 48 hours later, fortunately.mg33
    • I was buzzing on my tits on the sofa on co-codomol for two weeksset
    • That Tramadol was too much, but thankfully it didn't make me nauseous. I'd just be sitting looking at my phone one second, and then nodding off the next.mg33
  • NBQ0049

    docpoz, you're turning into a spammer. Time for a pause?