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  • shellie1

    Cold remedies?

    My sinuses are going haywire and I'm just an insane snot factory, so much so that it's upsetting my stomach and in the middle of the night I throw up mucus uncnontrolably. It is disgusting. I can't eat. I forced myself to eat some fruit and half of a papoosa. This only happens to me once a year if that, so because I don't get sick often I don't know what to do.

    I bought some Tylenol sinus (got yesterday), Theraflu tea (just purchased), and Zicam swabs (just purchased). I need to kill this sickness now!

    • gin and tonic
      i'm not kidding. work for me for whatever reason...
    • Hot Toddies and pseudoephedrine.thumb_screws
    • +1 hot toddies. I’ll have one when I’m not sick!MrT
    • Gargle with hot salt water 2x daily.i_monk
    • Theraflu tea (daytime) in the morning + any strong expectorant. Theraflu syrup (sleep aid stuff) before bed. Cured myself in days after week and half of hell.futurefood
    • Saline solution in a nasal spray, its in the baby aisle. Trust me, as a dad of snot gobblins. I use it as well. Just stay on it and clear up.BonSeff
    • Really hot big bowls of soup.monospaced
    • Very spicy. Makes it all run out.monospaced
    • Take two of these and call me in the morning.ArmandoEstrada
    • Omg I am so going to get my soup on in the morning.shellie
    • Don't hesitate, NyQuil will save you.robotron3k
    • And see about these home remedies... https://earthclinic.…robotron3k
    • I'm about to nyquil and pass out after I eat this spicy thai coconut soup.shellie
    • Chicken broth soup, steam shower, Vicks vaporub and humidifier for your bedroom.utopian
  • omahadesigns0

    What even is a "hipster types" these days?

  • alexmarshal886-3

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  • PonyBoy2

    Anyone here able to identify a font by it's ampersand(s)?

    ... didn't want to waste a thread on something probably unidentifiable... but then again some of you just might surprise me. :)

  • Bennn1

    I wonder what's the percentage of total World things that are made in China

  • i_monk1

    BF has been throwing up almost nightly for over a week and was sent home this morning after hurling at work. That finally convinced him to go see our doctor.

    • eek!monospaced
    • Ummmm good idea.robotron3k
    • Jesus :(Nairn
    • Yeah, it's ben a fun week.i_monk
    • Damn! 3 days of barfing is more than enough. Hopefully it's nothing serious :(Maaku
    • He's back, the doctor told him it looks like dehydration.i_monk
    • He drinks water nonstop, but sure, somehow it's dehydration.i_monk
    • I once had salmonella that caused this.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Has he been eating/drinking something in particular every day? Maybe he became allergic to something and doesn't knowMaaku
    • We can't figure out a pattern to it.i_monk
    • for almost a week? and he's only now going to see a doctor? O_Opango
    • *Over* a week. And yeah.i_monk
    • Don't settle for one doctors advice, get another asap.robotron3k
    • dehydration would be a result of the vomiting, not the cause.Gnash
    • pregnant perhaps?Gnash
    • Unlikely to be pregnant you idiot! Because Monk uses protection always.Hayzilla
    • He's supposed to go back next week for a followup.i_monk
    • There's a lot of weird shit going around now.stoplying
  • omahadesigns0

    People love cats.

    • If we treated people like we treat cats, we'd have a dyson sphere by now and rule the universe.DRIFTMONKEY
    • funny because cats certainly don't love peopleinteliboy
    • fuck catsCALLES
    • I hate fucking catsutopian
    • https://data.whicdn.…pango
    • once infected, you'll love them....shapesalad
    • Toxoplasma gondii - is one hell of a drugshapesalad
    • you should try fucking people, utopianimbecile
    • is it the scratching, utopian?monospaced
    • People who dont like cats or say that cats dont love us never had a cat or never try to love one. My cats loves me.Bennn
    • people treats cats on the base that they are independant and dont need us. Big mistake. Treat them like a dog and you will be surprise how they can be.Bennn
    • My cat welcomes me at the door everytime I come home and follows me everywhere in the house. I talk to her like i'd talk to a dog and play with her.Bennn
    • nahhhh it's Stockholm syndrome.
      she's your captive. she needs to keep you happy to keep the food coming. lol
    • yes cat's dander...itching, runny nose, skin rashes, and asthma.utopian
    • I have two cats. There's hair all over, the pee and shit like savages, and they scratched and ruined my leather sofa and my furniture.maquito
  • Fax_Benson0

    I wonder what's the percentage of total World things that are made of china

  • alexmarshal886-2

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  • drgs0

  • drgs0

    A song I listen to every morning, sung by 12 year olds

    Remember one year ago
    I told you I love you
    Your eyes filled with joy
    We locked the door behind us
    But now, you're with someone else
    The light in your windows is turned off
    But soon he will be heading home
    He and I will have a talk

    The snow is melting outside
    Winter surrenders to spring
    I'll be waiting for him at the door
    Don't mind that I'm small
    March snow is melting
    He'll get his share, your friend
    The light is still turned off
    Keep playing your games

    • Not creepy at allmonNom
    • not weird at all :D
      a song i sing almost every day:
      "la cocaina no
      es buena
      para su salud"
      in the voice of the capital children's choir
    • are the 12 year olds in your basement?Fax_Benson
    • my basement is not soundproof yetdrgs
  • OBBTKN12


    • No snails mono... but I can guarantee that you have never eaten a better one ;)OBBTKN
    • Scrolling up from the bottom of the page, I KNEW who posted this :) Hope you're feeling a little more chipper, old boy!Nairn
    • Strong af, mate!! Wish you all be here, cheers!OBBTKN
    • holy shit that looks goodFax_Benson
    • That looks great, and cooked over firewood...dmay
    • looks amazing, felix :)PonyBoy
    • Just do it, heheOBBTKN
    • You know you're invited Kevin :))OBBTKN
    • Good. Try some chicken live in there next time.shapesalad
    • I’m impressed. But I have been lucky enough to have the real thing on more than one occasion so I would take that bet in a heartbeat.monospaced
    • Que aproveches!maquito
    • Given this is cooked outdoors over wood in the foothills of the Basque Country, I'd not even think about having the gall to challenge that bet...Nairn
    • recipe?HijoDMaite
    • Will post the recipe soon HijoOBBTKN
    • damn... now i'm hungrypango
    • @nairn, I’ve done it a few times myself and have had it prepared like this for me in Spain twice. So yeah. I’d take it. :)monospaced
    • looks incredible. Cheers!sea_sea
    • yum!Maaku
    • I'm hungryinteliboy
    • killa dilla. looks fun to makesarahfailin
  • notype0

    How awful is it to let a sibling know that a family member you were close to growing up (though so many years were between you) has passed away ...via text message.

    Is this the way it's done today?
    Via text message?
    Not knowing what the recipient is doing,
    HOW they are doing...
    where they are?

    It was my mom's brother who passed, I called her 2 hours after getting the message. She hasn't called me back, this was over 48 hours ago. I left a long voice message and asked if she or our family needed anything.

    • text? no
      voice message? no
      phone call or in person
    • sorry for your loss :(Krassy
    • it sucked for me to find out a friend of mine passed on FB. worse if its family. never text or voice message.pango
    • Text them that you want to talk. Cmon now.monospaced
    • thats how i found out about my uncle. my sister posted it on facebook. The catalyst for my breakup was my ex's sister posting her engagement on fb first....shellie
    • ... everyone was in their feelings about that, including me, who basically introduced her to her fiancé. Their excuse, they didn't want us to spoil it. ( -___-)shellie
    • I’d asked mono, he’d only sent me follow up texts. Shellie I remember you mentioning that story...notype
    • Maybe we work in this sort of communications field because it’s so innate for us. We’re bewildered when others cannot.notype
    • I guess it’s good practice to stay remain empathetic.notype
    • Krassy, you are a balm my friend. Thank you.notype
  • shellie3

    Ugh. My "uncle" who is my 2 sisters and brother's father died from a blood clot after knee surgery. My family is a wreck. And we've been on this yoyo with my brother being confirmed, then cleared, then reconfirmed with kidney cancer. My mom sounds like shes going to break.

    Moving, waiting to hear on approvals on a new place, traveling on Saturday, and my one working exterior handle broke :'( I've had enough. I'm so fucking stressed.

    • *Handle on my carshellie
    • so sorry shellie. breathe deep. one day at a time.sarahfailin
    • :( I'm sorryMaaku
    • Didn't you go from LA to NY, and back to LA in the span of a year, and now you're moving again?!!? Don't you have to pay every time you break a lease?Maaku
    • Sublets. But I'm going to take on a lease. I was going to take on a lease where I was at but the landlord was a drunkshellie
    • And he left a present and a note in my room when I was out of town. That was the straw.shellie
    • this sort of situation is what whisky was invented for. #justsayinghans_glib
    • Sending positive vibes your way shellie ..robotron3k
    • came here to make a post, then i saw yours -- shellie, i'm very sorry to hear about your uncle too...notype
    • Robo will be in NYC for one day on the 6th or 7th. I'm driving from the midwest so I'm not sure how quickly we'll get there. Hoping for a 24 hr drive.shellie
    • We have to walk thru storms in life, you're walking into one. The Sun is shining on the other side, always.Bennn
    • Thats beauuful Bennnshellie
    • Well, my car door is fixed at least. Apps in @ the house i want to rent. i hope i get that so i can put some things to bed & focus on work and family. (- o - )shellie
    • Good luck brave girl, all the best!OBBTKN
    • Sounds really awful. Sorry to hear it. Hope you can stay strong Shellie. We're all here for you, in whatever form you need I guess.Ianbolton
  • maquito3

    Big client (pharma..) having a Leadership Week starting Tuesday in NY. Mostly fine-tuning PPTs (for 12 speakers), coordinating all the venue branding installing, and last-minute collaterals.

    Can you feel the pain?

    • > Everhour, btw.maquito
    • will there be a rap?PonyBoy
    • #issuesimbecile
    • No nap! The worst part, in Montevideo it's a glorious sunny, 27C / 80F day. Yeeei!maquito
  • HijoDMaite0

    So where should I go to get a proper Apple Watch? Doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest. Just a good deal and nice. We have Verizon.

    • For wife’s Bday.HijoDMaite
    • don't they pretty much cost the same everywhere? I thought apple was pretty strict about thatGnash
    • Did you try to see if Verizon has any deals, first? T-mobile did a while back.Maaku
    • I guess just wondering what model to get.HijoDMaite
    • should get a good deal, I don't see anyone wearing one anymore.fadein11
    • you don’t? It’s the best selling watch in the worldmonospaced
    • I don’t have one but it seems like everyone in nyc does.monospaced
    • Interesting, I did see a few for a while but now not so much, saying that I don't spend my day looking at peoples wrists however lovely they may be :)fadein11
  • inteliboy1

    when a close mate is going through something bad and hard, but treats you like shit, what to do?

    • tell them to call if they need support, and to call someone else if they need a punching ballspl33nidoru
    • kill them with kindnessmonospaced
    • shotsCALLES
    • if it's not his normal interaction with you, then take the punch with kindness.Gnash
    • alcohol (to lose the inhibitions and come clean to you and (re)open up)Krassy
    • Smash him in the face with a big dildo. While he's in shock from that ask him why he's being a dick. Rinse and repeat.PhanLo
    • Smash him in the face with a big dildo. While he's in shock from that ask him why he's being a dick. Rinse and repeat.PhanLo
    • Smash him in the face with a big dildo. While he's in shock from that ask him why he's being a dick. Rinse and repeat.PhanLo
    • lol. tried alcohol, made it worse. dildo technique inbound.inteliboy
  • Krassy-1

    Alexander Wnag zipper jeans


    First sunny and warm days here, after months of cold and rain.

    Stopped working for a bit, made chicken and beef ribs in the garden bbq, delicious with some lettuce and a good red wine, put it on table for dinner with wife and daugthers...

    Happiness is in this little things

    Ok, paella this weekend

    • Sounds amazing. I’ve done two paellas this month already after getting my hands on some choice ingredients. Enjoy!monospaced
    • Ortodox valencian paella, no chorizo. Will post pics!OBBTKN
    • Who said anything about chorizo? Anyway, please post pics of your rabbit and snail paella. If you're not using those, it's not even remotely "orthodox."monospaced
    • I don't put snails, wife hate themOBBTKN
    • Pics on the wayOBBTKN
    • I was totally messing with you. Enjoy!!!monospaced
  • Ianbolton22

    I went down to the pub last night here in Leeds to see some band play. They were called Fatchops and were great. Outside some Sikh guy was being quite contentious about his beliefs and was getting quite aggro. He wanted to buy everyone tequila and kept telling us how much money he'd spent. A proper dick yeah? After chatting to him he admitted his wife died 3 months ago and he was a mess so I chatting a bit about it and gave him a lift home. There's always a reason why people are being angry or frustrated, and sadly for this guy his life was falling apart a day at a time.

    Happy Friday guys. x

    • Definitely something that has sunk in to me lately. The only reason anyone is ever nasty or horrible is because they're in pain and have been hurt themselvesset
    • Certainly helps you empathise with everyone on an equal playing field, I think. Look how rescue dogs behave... They just need a bit of love.set
    • For sure man. It's not so hard to be nice, but it's easy to lose your way to anger and depression.Ianbolton
    • +99
      YES!! it's not that hard to be nice to people and give them the benefit of doubt!!
    • Upvotes and karma points for you sir.dee-dubs
    • When thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men.robthelad
    • +1fadein11
    • this is brilliant. thanks for sharing.lowimpakt
    • Great! You're gonna start giving guys named Ian a good rep!!robotron3k
    • Good post, muchachostoplying
    • good on you my mancannonball1978
    • It’s hard to be nice. Selfless behavior is often quite the opposite. Agree with the rest though.imbecile