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  • mg334

    New desk project is 95% done! Worked in this over the past four days. Will post more photos another time but so excited to have this together.

    • how much was the desktop and where did you buy it from?utopian
  • BusterBoy4

    I fucking hate cold weather.

    • yesterday was a shocker in Sydney, eh ?_me_
  • omahadesigns0

    I don't understand how some people's instagrams is full of photos of themselves.

    • ask em?pango
    • the poser generationmoldero
    • It isn’t hard to understand.monospaced
    • me neither. still not used to the normalisation of narcissism. even though it's clearly ho-hum and acceptable these days.inteliboy
    • I cannot relate in any way. I don’t take selfies and don’t post anything. I’m not even on Instagram. But I understand perfectly why it happens.monospaced
  • garbage9

    Open letter to any of the “Not gonna wear a mask lol u commis” that hang around here.

    1. Shut the fuck up. Somebody might read what you’re saying and think that you have a valid point. You don’t.

    2. There is science behind all of this. Had everyone in the country gone “OH SHIT, MASK UP” in January (was a thing), we wouldn’t be looking at a potential third wave. Winter 2021 might be horrific.

    3. I have contacts in various medical communities that were warning me to brace for big problems since December ‘19. I’ve been washing all tins, cans, bottles, and any grocery that needs a scrubbing. Been wearing masks since the beginning of the year.

    4. I am low risk and healthy (parenthetical brag BMI 12%), have no vector issues, but because of the fact that I could possibly be a carrier, I have taken pains to be beyond reproach when it comes to everything from shopping to social life. For half a year. I don’t consider that effort to be “bending the knee”. So again, fuck anybody that whines about putting on a mask.

    5. Too much vitriol on my part, and I apologize. It’s 4am so I have to walk the pup. It’s just another Sunday, but everyone stay safe.

    Calming Joe Pera chaser.

    • +1Continuity
    • garbage, indeed.imbecile
    • You make point you violent, psychotic idiot. The stats do not justify your irrational behavior. Get a brain moron!Hayoth
    • The Corona Cult is very popular with the mentally weak.robotron3k
    • And wrong thread pendejo...robotron3k
    • The conspiracy cult is very popular with the extremely mentally weak_niko
    • @imbecile If you're going to go that route, check your name at the door.garbage
    • @hayoth I don't speak the monkey language, try again.garbage
    • @bobo blog is a rant thread, and this has been my life. Sientate y cierra la boca putita.garbage
    • @niko Please define "extremely mentally weak". You're not allowed to use a mirror.garbage
    • garbage, cool your jets ... I think niko was passing commentary about the two village idiots above, and not taking a swipe at you.Continuity
    • Lordy, "Sientate y cierra la boca..." just don't garbage... srsly. We have enough problems with Taco Bell.robotron3k
    • @continuity You're right, I was just on a roll.garbage
    • @bobo What the hell are you talking about?garbage
    • if mask weren't effective, then surgeons wouldn't bother with them. They do. As they work.shapesalad
    • the usual village idiots have chimed in.utopian
    • here I am complaining my government did not enforce masks 2 months earlier and these morons being proud of not using themernexbcn
    • maybe you will kill the virus with your ARsernexbcn
    • May I just ask: if @garbage is 100% wrong, what harm will be done to their opponents?zarb0z
    • @zarb touché and I’m with garbage + 1Green_Pork
    • @robo Still waiting for what you meant with the Taco Bell comment and "just don't". Or did you actually shut your mouth?garbage
    • BMI is a bad measurement of health. That being said A BMI of 12 Is very unhealthy. Agree with everything elsewordssssss
    • @words Yeah I don't really know why I threw in my BMI. I have a high metabolism, ride bikes and work out every day. Calories in, calories out.garbage
    • My goal for dinner is a dozen tacos, but I'll probably tap out around 8.garbage
  • utopian7

    This has been the most productive day that I have had in over two months.

    bills paid
    two loads of laundry done
    trash taken out
    floors mops
    dishes done
    software updated
    closet cleaned out
    first workout in two plus months
    logo project complete
    caught up on all youtube subs

    • How many hours do your days have?Longcopylover
    • Damn. I love days like that. The stars need to align for me to get anything done lately.Melanie
  • Krassy8

    I didn't know where to post this. Fascinating guy. It's incredible how he can speak for 2hrs straight as if reading a book; so eloquent!

    • Good profs are like that!nb
    • I used to teach photography, I could talk for hours without a breaknb
    • (not when I started but after years of doing it)nb
    • ^ nice! time to start a podcast and teach us :)Krassy
    • Alan Watts too?grafician
    • playback speed 2... required...shapesalad
    • resident before-drop mindbender on a psytrance party.sted
    • @shapesalad loli_was
    • food of the goods , mindbending bookneverscared
    • godsneverscared
    • I love this guy. Incredible man. But don't forget he was often wrong. E.g. He was so adamant about his timewave zero theory for 2012.nb
    • speed 1.25x is better, even 1.5xBennn
    • His speeches are fascinating. I got into him thanks to The Shamen...microkorg
    • lol, The Shamen, I love that band.i_was
    • Used to be my favourite band. Everything from Drop (indie), Gorbachev (Sampling), Entact (Amazing Electro) to Boss Drum (Chart-topping pop) lol.microkorg
  • spl33nidoru-2

    Thinking more and more about uploading all my hard drives to dropbox. 10To worth, work and research essentially, tons of documentaries and rare films/books gathered over 20 years that I'm glad to have when I need to look into specific topics.

    Pros :
    - no more lugging 6 WD Passports around between 3 cities
    - everything accessible everywhere from every device
    - no fear of HDs dying
    - haven't really had a steady base in the last 4 years so have already cut down on material things a lot and gone as digital as possible despite loving paper.

    Cons :
    - cost is $600/year, not awful but more than buying HDs + would have to be a long term commitment as I probably won't want to have to download all that stuff back into HDs later on
    - might not feel the need to access those files as much when they require downloading
    - I do get overwhelmed by the amount of content I store + amount of content already available out there, often feels pointless.

    Anyone's gone that route yet ?

    • Funny, I've spent the weekend moving old backup HDs onto newer backup HDs.webazoot
    • I prefer having my own back ups rather than cloud/online services but if you are moving around alot I can see the attraction.webazoot
    • Delete everything and start with a clean slatedrgs
    • ^ ha, I do often think that HDs crashing could be a blessingspl33nidoru
    • Spend $600 on a couple new drives instead. Will last many years. Only use Dropbox for temp storage when you travel. You don’t NEED it allmonospaced
    • Been using Dropbox a lot in the lockdown for sharing stuff. Not for work stuff, just books and comics.PhanLo
    • ^ yep - if its archival (data that only needs accessed once or twice a year) cloud services can be as low as $1/pm per TB - Dropbox the opposite.kingsteven
    • This may work for 90% of your data...… - Dropbox for the restkingsteven
    • Consider that Dropbox only recently became profitable. If they ever lose funding, they could shut down overnight, or with very little notice.nb
    • Even 30 days notice, you have a situation where every user tries to download at once and probably the system crashes and no one is around to fix it.nb
    • Why Dropbox? Have you checked backblaze b2?ernexbcn
    • I was with very unstable internet recently and again and again. Offline solution sounds better for me.SimonFFM
    • ALL my files are on Dropbox since a few years now. I LOVE it. No problems at all. 2TB is enough for me yet.Bennn
    • From the 2 evils I‘d prefer Google Drive and not Dropbox.NBQ00
    • I made the switch from DB to a Google One drive recently. DB synching uses up way too much CPU and HD space.monoboy
    • Install Google Backup and sync and you can use it through the finder like a remote drive. Without the file duplication.monoboy
    • Then get yourself a decent external HD to do daily backups.monoboy
    • I'd consider going with a team drive too, but I didn't want to switch over my mailboxes.monoboy
    • Thx guys, I think I'll consolidate all into two 5To Passports for now and take it from there. Almost at 2To on Dropbox for the stuff I do need vs stuff I'd likespl33nidoru
    • (Ideal if you have super fast fibre broadband).monoboy
    • PS. I have an ancient G5 server that I use for complete storage backup. Belt and braces.monoboy
    • My last agency lost everything in an overnight server crash that the tapes then backed up.monoboy
    • A decade of work files totally corrupted or gone completely. Place closed three months later.monoboy
    • Sorry, to clarify. Backup and sync keeps a local copy of specified folders and files. Google file stream (teams), does not.monoboy
    • I used Dropbox Business at my last agency job, always had it completely mirrored locally on a server, which was also backed up to Backblaze.evilpeacock
    • You should always have backups and at least a couple, one of those outside premises (cloud works), local for when your computer brokesernexbcn
    • remote when your house catches fire, disaster or theft! hope this doesn't happen but those are good reasonsernexbcn
    • I'm almost at going full Dropbox, but it feels like giving up. Kind of like one of my arrays that has apparently given up.garbage
    • No. Never trust the cloud with all your data. Keep offline backups at all times.grafician
    • yeah I suggested 2 backups, one offline the other onlineernexbcn
  • maquito1

    Got pretty obsessed with those kim jong un photos with 4 or 5 guys taling behind him. I couldn’t stop imagining an everyday situation between them:
    "I want a ball that kills people. No, wait! I want people who die when they see a ball, ha. Hey, skinny one, you taking notes, right? I want to fuck. Nope... no more fuck wanted. HEY! Write down this one: I want a woman made of pizza, but wait, not sure if I want to eat or have sex with; please take note of that doubt".

  • section_0140

    Every year I somewhat jokingly say "I'm not turning on the A/C until June". Almost made it this year. Almost.

    • Ha! Yeah, me too. Had to do it last night.bezoar
  • grafician2

    Oh man, we're so so so lucky having this Internet thingy during this global pandemic...

    Reading up on older pandemics, ppl back then having no clue why people dying around them, no global information to lean on for news, medics/researchers working on themselves to cure the pandemic with barely no contact to exchange info, what WHO, what thoughts of quick medicine or vaccines, ICU, all that...

    No TVs, no netflix to chill, no social media...ffsake!

    Come to think we recently had SARS-1, MERS, etc. Ebola outbreaks in "farther lands", we here in western societies giving no shit...

    Put myself in African shoes, waking up one morning and your entire village dead and you have no clue what happened, just the

    So lucky.

    • *researchers working BY themselvesgrafician
    • sorry ... what outbreak resulted in an entire village in a single night?monospaced
    • *dying in a single night?monospaced
    • @mono few days after the priest of the neighboring village took the cross along the main road and everybody was touching it.sted
    • @mono Ebola outbreaks, very very scary shitgrafician
    • Based on this story: https://www.nytimes.…grafician
    • Not an entire village overnight, but you get the idea :/grafician
    • The biggest one in 2016 travelled as far as the US UK Italy and Spain, 11k dead :/grafician
    • The story above said 13 died in a remote village, but another story back mentions the village had 150 ppl. So about 10% dead overnight after eating a cimp.grafician
    • This time, somebody maybe eat bat soup and got infected, the next pandemic who least we can talk about it online.grafician
    • besides of this over-saturation, i completely agree with you and I think we're doing a good job in this. where i see the improvement is necessary is thested
    • separation of global healthcare related events from the political and economic factors.sted
    • so that no business or politician can act for his own purposes / profit in the occurrence of such an event.sted
    • @sted Yup! Would name UK, US, Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, China, Russia here...grafician
    • Or at the least we need more/full transparency so we can handle this kind of situation faster and better.grafician
    • I think full transparency is a futurists illusion, difficult to reconcile with human nature.sted
    • We need better and accountable systems what make possible for the individual to contribute to the global information transparency.sted
    • So nobody woke up to find everyone dead one morning. It wasn’t a whole village and it wasn’t a virus.monospaced
    • Nobody had no clue what was going on. Nobody died overnight. Disease wasn’t even airborne. Nothing you said makes any sense.monospaced
    • And most importantly. No internet would have helped them. They dined on poisoned chimpanzee blood. There was no contagious outbreak without info. Fuck!monospaced
    • eh grafician u should do a better job researching your sources :D but in general i still agree what ur saying, just fix your shit :D and Release the plagueeee.sted
    • Here we go again...
      @mono it's in the title of the article, no clickbait
    • @mono But you're right, who had Internet back in '96, did you?grafician
    • Yes sorry people aren't dying around you.Hayoth
    • @sted sorry my guy, too many tabs open, can't keep track, need to hire a hot assistant to do the research for megrafician
    • Imagine writing your distant family members to see if they're alive and waiting 3 to 6 weeks for a written response.nb
    • Even with all the technology, I doubt we're far off from human sacrifice.PhanLo
    • You’re insane if you think that article or it’s content in any way remotely resembles your interpretation. You’ve gone full bobo.monospaced
  • Nairn1

    OK, so as a UK bloke - where's good to buy basic shit clothes from online?

    I need a pair of shorts. Longish cargö-style ones, because more pockets = more man.

    Everything I've seen so far has been a bit meh, but then I don't know what I'm doing. I've always just wandered around shops in LDN to buy clothes.

    Thanks ..?

    • Signs you're getting old.
      Signs you're helpless and irrelevant
    • ha! - although i don't do amazon and am far too pretentious a cunt to by from Next.. *however* both have options I can try and find elsewhere. thanks!Nairn
    • I pass by a Next each day on my walk to work and over the last year have gradually eroded my pretentious stance to it. Almost went in, pre-quarantine days, lolNairn
    • Funny what having a kid, hitting mid-40s does to a man.Nairn
    • I'll be using my house Crocs in public soon.Nairn
    • all I did was google uk cargo shorts to be a prick. i kind of want some though, so i can carry a bunch of stuff with me... in caseimbecile
    • nice to hear you have crocs though, I've been contemplating a pairimbecile
    • Crocs are great for around the home and basic garden. If you have sharp shit on the floor - screws and stuff - not so good.Nairn
    • My ever-so-fash Italian partner absolutely loathes my having them.. yet borrows them constantly for the garden :)Nairn
    • i actually wish there's a predictable clothing shop. cuts and measurements are always the same. same line, same colour.pango
    • I find for t-shirts and shorts Gap are pretty okay, delivery is normally in about two days and free delivery/returns over about £25.webazoot
    • Don't pay full price though, they have a 50% off sale about once a week.webazoot
    • GAP was the first I tried - we got some great winter gear for our bairn there, so hoped I could use whatever % off they'd hoyed at our account :(Nairn
    • I just drunken ordered a shitty pair from eBay. I suspect they'll be awful.Nairn
    • ^ amazing service, easy to return, good range of mostly nordic brands, sales+offers often.shapesalad
    • ^ just order a selection, if it doesn't work out, it's a breeze to return to Boozt. UK based distribution.shapesalad
    • I have house crocs too, they look like Vans, but are more like slippers. Yuss! Dad gear.PhanLo
    • Fix up look sharp... thread.commonoboy
    • @monoboy:
      Forbidden (403)
      CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.
    • You're obviously not cool enough.monoboy
    • https://www.uniqlo.c…fadein11
    • Ditto Uniqlode4k
    • ya i like uniqlo. their stuffs doesn't have logo on it.pango
    • I’d add my vote to the Uniqlo shout and I also like & use Thread. Also (although it can be pretty pricey) www.workingclasshero…... is pretty good.Wolfboy
    • UniqloBluejam
    • You lost me at 'cargo'.hellrod
    • Buy a pair of military cargo pants and cut them to your needi_was
    • Uniqlo is shit, it's made for small people.i_was
    • uniqlo in Japan, is where dorks and old people shop... in the west they try to be cool, but in japan... nope.. it's a no...shapesalad
    • mehhh. since when do you guy care about what other people thinks its "cool". You like it you buy it.pango
    • if i want something "cool" i wouldn't buy cargo shorts. doesn't matter which brand.pango
    • Anything cargo sucksi_was
    • loli_was
    • lol, he didn't ask for cool, he asked for basic. I buy basics from there and I'm not small and they are always decent quality.fadein11
    • he may struggle with cargo shorts unless he has a time machine.fadein11
    • I don't know if 'carg0' is the right word, just shorts with pockets. Those of you mocking my need for pockets are likely fans of lip balm and flavoured waters.Nairn
    • ..and frequent although unsuccessful attempts at auto-fellatio.Nairn
    • flavoured waters, LOLi_was
    • auto-fellatio. lolfadein11
    • @nairn, you meant Dad shorts I think.fadein11
    • why stop at shorts?…
    • Oh! Would that they were real.Nairn
    • lol pangofadein11
  • Gardener0

    despite so many shops being shut the car boot sales are back here in Northampton from next week, it will be interesting to see how they keep folks from touching the sellers stuff and letting more than one person at a time stand next to a six foot long pasting table, I will post pictures here at some point.

    • really? that sounds challenging. If you see something you like but want to think about it for a bit, pick it up, start coughing, then casually put it backFax_Benson
    • haha, yeah exactlyGardener
  • imbecile3

    I live in a strange location. It's in a big city, less than a quarter mile from one of the busiest streets. I am less than 2 minutes from a freeway on ramp, traffic everywhere... just over there though. I have about an acre yard to tend to that takes a couple hours and yesterday while mowing, my neighbors from across the street, their goat came over. Just wandered across the street. I led it to my backyard where it ate grass until my neighbors came home. I walked with him as he went to return the goat to his pen and to what to my wondering eyes do appear but a horse, a cow, another goat, chickens. This couple has a mini farm in his larger than my backyard. I've lived here for two years. Stunned. I thought it was just the goat. Baaaaaa

    • goat eyes trip me the fuck outmoldero
    • don't make eye contact unless you want the horns :Dimbecile
    • Goats rock as lawnmowersGnash
  • yuekit0

    Went out for a smoke late at night and just saw a large bat fly by. Should I start panicking?

    • I built a bunch of bats houses near my cabin. They’re great at killing mosquitoesGnash
    • Barstow?Fax_Benson
    • Lovelyi_was
    • Bats are fucking cool.

      You're too suave to be bothered by bats, Y
    • Just funny to think about given everything that is going on in the world.yuekit
    • Giving up smoking just seeing a bat flyby, makes you think.
      Universe giving signs all the time...
    • Yes. Start panicking.monospaced
    • I heard bats have been breeding with murder hornetsmoldero
    • Just don't eat the fucking thingdee-dubs
    • Ward them off with your nudityfuturefood
    • flol ff

      Aye, waft your willy around to scare them off - a bit of glow in the dark paint on the end of your knob should do the trick!
  • eryx0

    Hey I dont work in the industry anymore so can one of you guys pitch this idea.

    Blood donor clinics will screen for COVID. We only need a drop but it costs you a pint.

    The clinics will get enough blood to last a long time, record donations hopefully. At the same time you will have people feel like they could get the satisfaction of knowing they are clear of the virus. You could go back once a week and donate blood again and verify you are clear.

    I think slowly the testing could be focused to donations rather then walk in tests. The coolest thing is that society in general would benefit. If this thing lasts let's say 2 or 3 years and you have a large number of people donating blood every week well then no blood shortage, right?

    Could be a blood trade too and then the country you are giving blood to could verify all results. It would have beauracratic built in redundancies. Also if you had a mistake you will have the original donors information so you could further track down potential outbreaks.

    I dont know but seems like a lot of wins, poke some holes in it.

    • Just poked a hole. China could just mandate mandatory blood donations and flood American markets. Shit...eryx
    • Think blood need is very low during this pandemic and blood doesn't last that long stored. But yeah, cool idea. Vampires will love it.grafician
    • Also hospitals already using plasma from recovered patients to threat the already sick.grafician
    • You would have to allow people to opt out. Forced "trading" of your blood for healthcare is some dystopian shit.nb
    • Why stop at COVID? Why not require everyone to pay for govt services with blood?nb
    • I did not envision a forced thing. Volunteer with benefits of knowing your test resultseryx
  • HijoDMaite6

    Been off the ganj for a while now but still smoke cigs. My wife said if I quit she would let me save all that money to buy myself a Leica M6 TTL.

    That’s $10 a day for a year, $3,650!

    Prob still need more for a good lens though...

    Grrrr!! I love smoking! Fuck you nicotine!!

    • I miss it every fucking day. It’s been almost 4 years now and I still want oneGnash
    • Might as well do it, you should quit at some point especially with the virus out there.yuekit
    • But smoking fucks ACE2 proteins which provides a protective restriction against C19!Nairn
    • I stopped buying cigs a coupla years ago. Now American Spirit tobacco and the occasional small unfiltered rollie, 3 or 4 drags of which, I'm done.Nairn
    • If you don't put the money in a separate account as though you were buying cigarettes, you won't notice the savings.nb
    • A pouch lasts me ages and I don't really smoke smoke, I just fail and have a toot, which is quickly and efficiently fed. Less so, over time.Nairn
    • I'm the opposite, still smoke weed from time to time but haven't smoked cigarettes in about 15 years and don't miss it.yuekit
    • A good used M6+Summicron lens can be got for under $3650. Don't believe the prices on eBay. Be patient, learn the value & when a good deal comes, act fast.nb
    • I paid $1600 for an M6 Classic and $1850 for a 35mm Summicron ASPH.nb
    • chew, chick love it

    • I've Never smoked anything of that crap, prefer to spend money on fine and rare teas.shapesalad
    • fuck cigarettesmonospaced
    • 10$ a day? Gosh, I smoke, 1 or 2 small cigs a day, 1,8€ a 12 cigs/pack, it lasts a week. I'm not anymore a strong smoker now, but I like this two shoots/day.OBBTKN
    • I bought a pack when shit hit the fan in New York and needed to fly back to cali. I only smoked a couple the night i bought em. It's basically a full pack.shellie
    • I left it in my luggage/backpage which I haven't toughed for months. I took a cig out today, then put it back. I still can't bring myself to throw the pack awayshellie
    • I mean, cigarettes from New York are fucking expensive.shellie
    • When you put a number on the cost of cigarettes, thats a lot of money. But, I smoke about $5 a day in weed on the week days, $10-15 a day on weekends. *strug*shellie
    • $10 a pack? So cheap! They are around $40 down here for a pack of 25! Haven’t had a durrie for s few months now.sab
    • Or you could just start smoking weed again and you will forget you want a Leicaautoflavour
    • Seriously. Fuck cigarettes. Make them a thing of the past.monospaced
    • I quit 18 years ago and I still get a hankering if I catch a whiff while I'm out and about. I used to smoke Old Golds, $1.50/pack.elahon
    • Just received my M240 today. I quit cigs too!futurefood
    • Five years no cigs. Tho I think about them often.futurefood
    • fuck the leica. get more glass and get out more.deathboy
    • i don't understand people who can smoke cigarettes (detrimental), but won't smoke marijuana (beneficial). Happy just the same if you're not smoking cigarettes.imbecile
  • Nairn1

    Job in discussion for three weeks now. No movement. Client calls, promises to have files this afternoon, to be cut, then packaged twice and apparently picked up and sent Monday AM to two countries on the continent.

    Excellent, thanks.

    It's a bank holiday monday here in the UK - not that I much care about these things - but as it happens I'm swapping Saturdays working for Mondays off to look after the kid, so that my partner can do some zoom conference for a cool job she's working on, Monday afternoons.

    Three weeks this fucker's been in the background and I'm to get files on a Friday afternoon (I still don't have them), to send Monday AM.

    I'd've added on 40% if I'd known that.


    (I can find a way around, it's not the end of the world - it's just the suspicion of total inconsideration at the other end).

  • Fax_Benson0

    Had a dream that the virus came back worse at Christmas and nobody could travel or shop but I had an (imaginary) basement full of frozen turkeys, in-demand toys etc and made a guilty fortune.

    Also, imagine if the peak of this had been at the beginning of xmas holidays.

    • uh oh, sounds prescient. does witchery run in your line? heed the thought, buy a chest freezer and stock up on turkeys now.
      I will too.
    • its possible.pango
    • maybe it was the hot weather unpreparedness chat. Do they even grow turkeys in early summer?Fax_Benson
    • there's no history of being right about anything muchFax_Benson
  • Bennn1

    Warm weather is back over here, so we can open the windows.


    • Yes, this is so fucking annoying, don't talk to me about bikers making noise.i_was
    • lockdown has really brought out all the amateur sawmill owner-operators, shipbuilders, stone cutters etcFax_Benson
  • NBQ000

    How much money do you spend on food per month? I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. So I spend around $700-800 per month. That is groceries and take away/ restaurants.


    • 250-300 without drinks/cigsgrafician
    • Last month: $677 on groceries, but that was also stockpiling for quarantine. That will likely last 8 weeks.nb
    • A bit under 600 euros for a family of threedmay
    • Probably about the same for our family of 3.monospaced
    • Damn. Seems I spend too much. I need to try and save more on groceriesNBQ00
    • I have no ideadrgs
    • Around 500$/monthBennn
    • For two adult... I don't count restaurantsBennn
    • +/- 350 €/month, not counting cigarettes or booze, living aloneContinuity
    • When I lived alone $40 a week, no more than $200 per month. No takeaways as that’s lazy. Baked own bread, biscuits, pizzas. Made own chicken stocks etc.shapesalad
    • A real man knows how to cook from scratch. A real man bakes. A real knows how to preserve foods. To survive. To thrive. A lame man depends on others cooking...shapesalad
    • About £400 a month inc, toiletries and domestic cleaning stuff. Family of four, four pets. Hardly ever eat takeaways.monoboy
    • Probably less now, we quit the booze in Jan.monoboy
    • The amount of money I spaffed up the wall in my 'youth' haunts me.monoboy
    • I’ll ask my cookGnash
    • I'd say about $400, maybe less...$800/month will buy you a Porsche!formed
    • not to mention a retirementformed
    • I agree with you shape. little respect for any adult, male or female, that can’t cook from raw ingredientsmonospaced
    • I'll ask my wifei_was
    • 150-250pango
    • I reworked our budget a couple weeks ago, $640 on average. Family of 4 with a toddler. Baby items are pricey as hell. Can't wait to potty train.BonSeff
    • Around $250 myself / $600 with gffuturefood
    • Conclusion: with the amount of money he spends on food in a month for himself, NBQ00 is a fat fucking pig.Continuity
    • Lol, no I’m actually a skinny fucking puppyNBQ00
    • Around 600 €, couple with two teenager daugthers and 2 cats... This a pair of months ago, now, prob. 1k €OBBTKN
    • And... Who wants to own a stupid Porsche when you're eating shit, mate?

    • lol, but what country he lives in ?i_was
    • In Madrid I spend around 300€ for food I cook but I also eat out a lot. A beer in my local bar is 1.20€Chimp
    • I live in one of the most expensive cities too. I assume you’re NOT cooking most of your meals NBQ?monospaced
    • About AU$600 a month for two. No supermarkets and I cook everything.MrT
    • $3-400/mo pre quarantinebezoar
    • Give or take. Though we’ve cut way back on takeout/delivery and I don’t eat out for lunch anymore.ben_
    • That's a good question... I have no ideadeathboy
    • just ask your mom, deathboymonospaced
    • my mom is a phone call away while yours is right here. be easier to ask her but than id need to remove my dick from her pretty mouth... decisions decisionsdeathboy
    • the kind of person who would make mom jokes like a teenager yet probably close to 50s. check.pango
    • right pango. but i dont think mono is 50. probably early 40sdeathboy
    • hmmmm nope. wasn't talking about him. there. "ask your mom" is actually a good advice. she probablly knows a thing or 2 you dont.pango
    • you're the one acting like a prepubescent teen, talking about sexual intercourse another person's mom. :/ ya.... pretty deplorable.pango
    • Sure ignore who brought up more moms first. Both of u grow up because u can't handle playground cutsdeathboy
    • hmmm no. not really. i took plenty of cuts. i was really rough as a kid.pango
    • also even 10yrs old kids at the playground would show more respect for other's people's mom than you.pango
    • uh huh. try to peddle it back a bit and change the direction. cant change timeline scroll up... some peoples intellect is so sub pardeathboy
    • ... says the individual who can't communicate coherently, or even spell correctly.Continuity