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  • shapesalad-4

    I have left qbn. Just posting here to officiate it. Occasionally look at while logged out. And swiftly reminded to as while I no longer spend time here.

    • *why. Typo. Yep. Hence why it’s best I leave. Can’t type or proof read...shapesalad
    • A toast to you!nb
    • QBN would be a lot better if we all left, forever.nb
    • With the recent Brexit shiftiest, I was wondering where you'd been.PhanLo
    • Filmed in Toronto?utopian
    • Well there’s too many random gross things on here. A couple weeks ago I scrolled down the home page and there’s a gif...shapesalad
    • ...of a woman in a dress dropping a poo. This was originally the go to website for the design Industry. Now it’s just gross.shapesalad
    • somebody wrote here about complain culture. come and change something @shape.renderedred
    • Well I guess vacations in San Francisco are not going to be happening for you anytime soon...robotron3k
  • mg331

    Geez, I feel so bad for a freelancer I have working with me for a few days. Only met him over the phone, looked him up on the web to check out his portfolio (I didn't choose or hire him), and his name is the same as some guy who raped someone in a nursing home, who has articles literally all of the first page of Google results about that rape and his arrest.

    • Does he know?garbage
    • The first page of hits for my name is a murder-suicide.i_monk
  • utopian0

    Hey guise,

    What software or tool do you use to create multiple "responsive breakpoints" when designing a website. I have been using Photoshop for my design layouts for years now...and I'm getting tired of creating multiple designs for: 2560px, 1440px, 1024px, 375px etc... Does anyone have any good advice? I'm referring to the "design and layout" aspect of website design and not prototyping.

    • Are you only doing template pages or all pages?Hayoth
    • 1. Sketch
      2. Responsive symbols
      3. Sketch just released smart layout too
    • 4. Usually site is coded so that design gives 320, 768, and 1024 only b/c site is coded to be responsive in between. That's too many breakpoints imo.whatthefunk
    • I'm creating a variety of pages, Gawd there has to be an easier way.utopian
    • What "whatthefunk" said, but, use Fireworks
      , XD, or Sketch otherwise PS, do a favor to yf
    • Sketch all the way for me. Using symbols everything can be responsive. As things start to break down, you can define breakpoints manually. Invision Studio mightmandomafioso
    • be even better but I haven't played with it as much yet. Looks promising though.mandomafioso
    • damn, its painful to hear people are still using PS for this kind of work.Al_dizzle
    • I work with Sketch because of the dev workflow, buuuut in secret i do everything in a big ass psd :D I use smart objects, sometimes exported psbs :)sted
    • What- are your devs accessing sketch for execution? I used but our devs don't.Hayoth
    • web front-end and:…
  • bliznutty-1

    i'm just not into the complainer culture one bit.

    to be the change you want to see in this world is of way higher virtue then complaining about what is wrong with the world and/or demanding change of others. i wonder how many people drove gas fueled cars to the protests today in which they protested carbon emissions (climate change). how many of them ate meat today? used single-use plastics? i mean if you're part of the problem then why not just protest against yourself? if you want to enlighten us, why not fix the world through your own actions and show us rather than tell us? some kids out there are actually creating solutions to our plastics problems, our water problems, our carbon issues, etc.. yet many kids out there are just complaining and demanding action of others and it appears society puts these kids in the spotlight as if they're actually changing things..

    • 100% We are living in the golden age of emergent technology. I want our future to be flying in space, not marching for UBI.IRNlun6
    • Bit complainyFax_Benson
    • Not many people are in positions to pause on life and pursue these things. Not many at all.monospaced
    • Many people are doing just a little to try to not be as much of the problem, but there’s no escaping it. Kinda rough to criticize them for it no?monospaced
    • I mean, shit. Even using a cell phone is contributing to the carbon problem. So when someone fights for a cause, maybe don’t be so hard on them k?monospaced
    • Bliz isn't saying that they're not doing enough, only that their level of whining is incongruous to their behaviourGnash
    • I see. I suppose the complaining is toward those people in the world that DO have the ability to change things. The 1% and top corps for example.monospaced
    • If people didn’t complain, there would likely be little progress toward progress and change. Can’t really be mad at them for at least speaking up.monospaced
    • It is, after all, quite impossible to detach from being the issue completely. Anyway. Carry on, this was a fun complaint to read from a hypocrite.monospaced
    • thanks IRN. mono responded 6 times but didn’t make 1 valid pointbliznutty
    • Whole Lotta adults complaint and whine as well. Just look at Qbn.pango
    • I most definitely made a point. And you’re complaining.monospaced
    • i honestly don't see anything wrong w/ the strike in and of itself.. it's the attitude that mono expresses how change is in the 1%, corporations, or adults.bliznutty
    • the message that would create the most change should be one of individual sacrifice for the greater good and the affect consumers have on what producers producebliznutty
    • Sure. But that isn’t a possibility for most people. Including you.monospaced
    • My POINT is that. So it doesn’t make sense to criticize them for what they cannot do. Or what you cannot do.monospaced
    • mono.. you’re arguing for the sake of arguing. a good example of individual sacrifice is to go vegan, limit your use of plastics, etc.. is this hard for you?bliznutty
  • robotron3k2

    I was just walking down the sidewalk deep in thought, a guy walking towards me just smiles, waves and says "good luck!" as he passes by!

    Crazy, how did he know??

    • #MAGANATIONutopian
    • I had some random suggest that I was a very lucky person whilst walking through a supermarket car park last year, one of the worst years of my life. The cunt.Nairn
    • Just a fellow #MAGA moment. I hear you guys can tell who each other are because of the red hats.capn_ron
    • He's hoping you survive the Purge.i_monk
    • God.Hayoth
    • God?monospaced
  • i_monk0

    What are people using now for creative briefs with scheduling/assigning roles integration? Have to make some recommendations in the next few weeks to bang this place into shape.

  • Bennn0

    Hey people, what are you using

    • Horse.Nairn
    • @nairn, you on fire today :)renderedred
    • bububut you're supposed to take my posts at face value! ;)Nairn
  • PonyBoy5

    ffs... please don’t remake The Princess Bride

    • oh fuck, really?monospaced
    • I bet they switch it around so the pirate is a woman and she's saving a prince or some stupid crapmonospaced
    • What Cary saidPonyBoy
    • + a millionGnash
    • Inconceivable!!!!pango
    • lol pango beat me to it._niko
    • and andre the giant will be played by that token fat unfunny chick._niko
    • and main character will be played by a 'person of color'. this will make it marketablehotroddy
    • :P someone had too.pango
    • The 70's to 90's were the best time for moviesBennn
    • But only since the 90's have we had the kind of CG SFX to pull off truly unbelievable and other worldly visuals that were impossible to do before.monospaced
    • exactly, thats crazyBennn
    • In some ways, we're in a golden age of movies & tv, with many more quality productions. Still more crap, but this is fun! Sound and visuals are so good.monospaced
    • current reality will never be better then the version in your memory.pango
    • I've been rematching Bladerunner recently and I find the effects better than the new one. Princess Bride should never be remade. Ever.PhanLo
    • I dunno. The original Bladerunner is really showing its age.monospaced
  • deathboy-1

    my dog is probably on the level of a human 3 year old and with all my "advanced" cognitive abilities I cannot see the world through his lower cognitive thinking eyes. Such a weirdo sometimes. Are you sharing with me your chewy toy or want me to hide it, or done with it and want me to hide it from others. do you want me to hold it, throw it... probably a parable for even the best and smartest central planners.

    • your dog wants a tug of war. This is always the preferred option.
      Close second: a chase
    • whats the common intelligent behaviour of a 3 years old human?pango
    • How does it feel to have a dog with the same cognitive abilities as a dog?ben_
    • really blew that one.ben_
    • Your dog isn’t even on the level of a 3 month old it sounds like.monospaced
    • Although I wouldn’t be surprised if you were that slow as a 3 year old. ;)monospaced
    • labradoodles. emo fuckers. cute as hairy nut sacks. ben im glad you got the joke about the level of a dog...deathboy
    • ... didnt watch the clip ... 1:10 in this day and age is like an hour and 10 secondsdeathboy
    • also seems the idea of very smart people that make other look like 3 yr olds still probably cant plan for the 3 yr olds and other ages.deathboy
    • besides caging them and putting them on leashes. a bit of a parabledeathboy
    • What?!monospaced
    • lol.ben_
    • i stated basic intelligence of a dog. my dog is a weirdo and does shit i cant figure out yet im a much smarter human being. and im tasked to provide for him anddeathboy
    • only him and still struggle with truely knowing wether its satisfactory. parable of even a smart leader deciding fates of many dumb shits they dont get anddeathboy
    • decisions not based on a single entity... usually a intelligent person will tell you they cant do the job required, leaving other types. what is intelligencedeathboy
    • also worth in such situations? i think people can learn a lot about themselves, and place in society by life they take care of.deathboy
    • Lolpango
  • pockets1

    • He's always holds back.I think the story was true, the day after O's first election "they" show him a film of the JFK assassination from a diff angle so he knewrobotron3k

    I've found a gold mine, lol:…

  • Gardener6

    With sadness at the passing of Ric Ocasek I remember walking around the London Underground corridors with my mate around 1980 and we'd both have huge ghetto blasters.
    For our own amusement we would walk about 50 yards apart each blasting out music like Shoo-Be-Doo from The Cars Candy O album as it amused us greatly (we were easily pleased teens) to hear it echoing around the labyrinthine tunnels. We also played Floyd's On the Run and other spacey electronic stuff, it's funny (and slightly embarrassing) to me now coz thinking back to when we were doing this as we must have pissed off so many commuters going about their daily trudge - maybe that was one reason we did it, but it really didn't bother us at all at the time.

    The same chap and I also took those tape players to gigs and would record them and then blatantly played what had just happened as we were walking out of the venue, haha so daft.

    • Yes to Pink Floyd, No to the Cars.CyBrainX
    • I found myself sitting next to him at a club in NYC back in the early 80s. My band had just played a gig so I was still all full of adrenaline so I came off asGnash
    • ... a crazy person. I talked his ear off asking him questions. I still cringe at that.Gnash
  • Krassy5

  • PonyBoy-4

    Sat w/a personal banker named 'Olive Peters' for about 45 mins today... 'buxom' doesn't begin to define her... and I tried... DEAR GOD I TRIED to not look... but w/a fucking name like OLIVE.. PETERS... WTF WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO??!!

    yeah... probably going to hell...

    ... see you guys there. <3

  • Hayoth0

    Got stuck doing PPT presentation.

    Redesign 50 pg deck in 5 hours.

    Go to save, Microsoft says can't save it's read only and to change name and location, I do, still can't save. Paste everything into a new doc, still can't save. Rebuild the presentation twice. Get to page 27, same error. Start over from 27, get to page 37, same error.

    Search Microsoft forum for solutions, find thread dedicated to the problem that's been ongoing for seven years. Most recent issue, July 2019.

    7 years of the same error, never fixed.

    Had to redo the whole thing.

    Best thing I can determine, corrupt image file.

    • export as html, replace corrupt image file in src folder, import back in ppt (if import possible)?mekk
    • Capitalism!Nairn
    • Toxic masculinity!deadsperm
    • Obligatory 'don't use PPT it's awful' comment!Fax_Benson
    • indd -> pdf -> ppti_monk
    • What was the error? link to solution thread?zarkonite
    • This kills the crab.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Incels Unite!utopian
    • Yeah, what was the error as I'm currently smashing together a PPT presentation for a client and really don't need it fucking up on meIanbolton
  • MrT1

    Spent the last 3 months kicking off at the various parties involved in our sub-NewsToday-era internet, despite being on Australia's NBN. Another tech this week discovered three cable connections to our place that are so old, they are apparently of a higher quality than most of those installed in recent years. Now getting consistent 80-90mbs. My whingeing pom-ness is now on hold for a bit!

    • thanks for the reminder... checked my connection and it's going 7 times slower than normal... calling to tech serviceOBBTKN
  • futurefood5

    qbn on last legs, I wish I posted more in Recipe of the day!!!

  • utopian8

    • are we back boys and girls? what kind of fuckery was this?renderedred
    • Holy fucking shit, we're back!elahon
    • for nowhans_glib
    • Woohoo!! I was lost for a few days there.formed
    • How many times did we all hit reload? Be Honest!teh
    • ^ many manymisterhow
    • yes! i was reloading every hour or so:)renderedred
    • We're back up for now.utopian
    • I was hoping for a site upgrade.CyBrainX
  • Salarrue1

    I am looking to the YouTube channel of music videos mixed with old video tapes, it was posted a few weeks back.... Do you guys remember it?

  • maquito2

    A friend just sent me this:
    "If you ignore it, it becomes normal"
    "Sexual harassment shouldn't be part of our work environment"
    I don't understand it. Please help

    • in the same way one becomes accustomed to a bad smell (the socks) -- called olfactory fatigueGnash
    • (Odor receptors stop sending messages to the brain about a lingering odor after a few minutes. keeps the nervous system from overloading with stimuli)Gnash
    • called 'nose blind' in this commercial:…
    • And how would be the odor of sexual harassment?maquito
    • Smells like teen spiritGnash
    • Who hangs socks in their car?i_monk
    • ^ people who communicate allegoricallyGnash
    • not sure if i_monk is serious or trollrobthelad
    • So, this is seriously about "olfactory fatigue"? A distressed looking couple in a car with yellow socks hanging? And I should feel aware of sexual harassment?maquito
    • "If you ignore it, it becomes normal," Isn't it inviting you to ignore the violent? Like, guy rapes you, you don't resist, becomes normal. No more harrasment.maquito
    • ...cause I'm still having serious trouble decoding the socks and shit.maquito
    • I'm being sarcastic, not trolling at all.maquito
    • You are friends with Danny DeVito?Longcopylover
    • Lol, it’s not memaquito
    • @maquito you gave it your full attention and spread the message. good publicity.uan
    • damnmaquito