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  • Gardener2

    I went to the first car boot (in the country?) of the year which had huge gaps between sellers, a one way system around the field, hardly any vinyl but... I did find a football for my dog Ruby so she'll be very happy to destroy it when I see her.

  • Continuity5

    Job hunting really is a soul-sucking thing.

    I have 700+ connections on LinkedIn, and I finally decided I'm going to post a status update promoting my portfolio.

    Now I'm stuck on fucking schoolboy insecurity questions: Should I? Will I look too desperate? Isn't this something a junior AD would do, and not someone looking for a CD job? OK, if I do it, should I use hashtags? What should I actually say in this post?

    Don't fool yourselves: being long-term unemployed (6 mths for me) really hits your mental health hard, and makes you second-guess absolutely everything about yourself.

    • think less. just do it.Nairn
    • Over-thinking is actually what I do best.Continuity
    • Just post the link to portfolio with a simple "See how I can help you:" and be done with it.shapesalad
    • People love to help people they like.omahadesigns
    • Thanks, chaps. This whole thing is something makes me super anxious.Continuity
    • doit with stylested
    • are you in contact with any pro creative industry headhunter?sted
    • Gotta think a lil less about what the others think and just give it a go. Worst thing is you might get a job you're not too happy with. Still a job.pseud
    • Gotta think a lil less about what the others think and just give it a go. Worst thing is you might get a job you're not too happy with. Still a job.pseud
    • Sorry for the double post. Best thing you might get an awesome job.pseud
    • You don't need hashtags on LI. Share the link with a quick story. Make it hopeful, something about what you've learned recently, maybe? Be positive.nb
    • Do you have LI premium? It helpsnb
    • @sted: yeah, but they've got nothing right now
      @nb: I do that a couple of times a week. Very few reactions, and only a handful of views.
    • I feel you on the mental health part. Job hunting is soul crushing. So hard. Makes you think you never had talent, etc etc. Try to stay positive.nb
    • @pseud (welcome to QBN?): you're not wrongContinuity
    • Remember: you only need one job, and people only interview 1 to 3 people per opening. Make your goal to get that first interview. That's everything.nb
    • Btw @Continuity I know some people at IXDS Munich. Keep an eye on their job openings, they're often hiring there. That's if you're interested in Interactive Despseud
    • ign for car manufacturers :)pseud
    • Cheers for the tip! I do classic/integrated advertising, though, so it might not be a good fit. ;)Continuity
    • You don't have anything to lose. And make sure, to include a photo of yourself (muscles = strength).SimonFFM
    • I think you need to stop being „too proud“ for certain things. Just go and hussle, ask for work, send your stuff to people and agencies. Have no shame.NBQ00
    • We die anyway in the end and won‘t remember all our struggles so what does it matter, just go out there and try whatever you can.NBQ00
    • Nah, it's the opposite of pride. I'm always embarrassed to show my stuff, cos I always feel like a hack.Continuity
    • Who cares, everything is a hack. Fake it til you make it and hack your way out of the mess.NBQ00
    • Think fast, punch hardi_was
    • Do it! Don't give a fuck what others think. If people are interested they'll click on it. If not they'll not think negatively of you for posting it.microkorg
    • .. certainly not worse than someone just re-posting some article someone else has written. Some folk just post constant shite on Linkedin like it's Facebook.microkorg
    • Well, I did it. If we're connected on LI, pls show it some love with a Like. :DContinuity
    • What's the worst that can happen? Be less worried about what other people might think. Just be honest. If you get criticised for that, they are assholesCalderone2000
    • Also, apply for as many jobs as you can. Don't take too long on each one, I aimed for 16 applications per day. Keep a notepad and mark each application.nb
    • If you apply 6 days a week, in two weeks you'll have applied for almost 200 jobs. Casting a wide net is a good idea. Don't worry AT ALL about rejections.nb
    • There are a million reasons you get rejected, has nothing to do with you! E.g. many job listings are made for a specific person & aren't even really avail.nb
    • I've been on hiring teams that have ultra-specific wants that aren't even in the job listing for legal reasons.nb
    • Or some boss is like "let's just hold off hiring for three weeks until this client signs". Or "don't hire anyone without a Masters."nb
    • If you think that's tough, consider that in the financial sector, there are some managers that ONLY hire people from Harvard. It's nuts.nb
    • My point is: rejections feel bad, but you must ignore all of them because you can't know the reasons. REJECTIONS ARE NOT AN INDICATOR OF YOUR TALENT OR VALUE.nb
    • I believe this deeply, and yet I still have to remind myself every single time I get a "sorry, we're going with other candidates" email. Just a fact of life.nb
    • Yup, I know. Thanks for the kind words, though, I really appreciate that!
      Just going to keep cracking on. German agency scene is so small, though
    • ... I'm running out of places to send my CV. :DContinuity
    • Yeah I hear that, it's tough. I live in NYC so it's easier. I can hardly imagine what my pals in Canada are going through.nb
    • You may want to look into companies that have extended WFH policies indefinitely. Maybe apply in other countries?nb
    • I was thinking the same, I've been making the point that I'm totally open to working remotelyContinuity
    • I've been in similar situation, 3 redundancies in 20 years. You always come back stronger, never give up...not ever :)mrAtor
    • got a link to share?bulletfactory
    • Do it. Believe in yourself. I see senior people post a lot. Keep going something will come up.pedromendez
    • @bulletfactory: yeah, here's my LI post…

    Just bought a Thai bbq, see below. Will share the recipes, be sure ;)

    • This looks like it will help make beautiful things!Continuity
    • I hope, mate. Going to bring a basque touch to this thing, we'll see how far it goes ;)OBBTKN
  • grafician3

    seeing many folks here locally using on social media the #alllivesmatter hashtag unknowingly, thinking they stand for the black community in the States

    We have A LOT of explaining to do, worldwide...

  • Nairn0

    this just came up for sale on my FB feed.

    i wish i were an anarchist.

    with wealthy parents.

    • FB knows you want that shit, just buy themmoldero
    • peripheral costs.

      i'd need lawyers = wealthy parents
  • shellie13

    Continuity reached out to me to see how I'm doing. I appreciate that. But he also inspired this post. I can't have the same conversation with people that I've had with him. It's TLDR and what I'm going through is too much for a format like QBN to have a really healthy discussion.

    A lot of you have your own opinions on what's going on, whether you think this is all overblown and rediculous or if you are disgusted with what's going on in America right now. Have you ever stopped to talk to an actual African American person that is your actual peer about their view on the subject?

    I'm thinking about just scheduling an open chat so everyone can participate and ask an actual person, what they're feeling and their experiences might be. Would that be helpful to any of you to get a grasp on this?

    • I just wanted to say that I'm really grateful you took the time with me. I'll bet you're so sick and tired of having to repeat youself, and re-hash everything,Continuity
    • ... and fight for basic respect. I learned a lot of valuable insights from you, and that can only make me a better person for it.Continuity
    • Yes shellie. I’ve had this discussion with many black people I’m close to, and sadly, not the first time. The frustration over this same convo goes back decadesmonospaced
    • I'm not sure what this all has done to your actual peers lives on a daily basis, though. Like, the problem follows me to work, everyone. Every day of my life.shellie
    • I think most of you would be shocked what my industry experience has been because I am a woman and black. I know I shared my sexual harassment story here withshellie
    • a major industry executive here in LA. But it doesn't just stop with sexist discrimination or harassment.shellie
    • Some of us are worldwide, but mad af about all this, so whatever you needgrafician
    • I've never asked for help from anyone. I don't need anything I've been going it alone this long. I want to help you guys understand what it's like so realshellie
    • change can happen, specially for MY experience, in this industry that you are ALL in.shellie
    • And that doesn't stop at the American borders.shellie
    • I think a lot of allies and sympathizers don't know how to actually help or support. And I have some TLDR tips for that, if you care to engage.shellie
    • As it shouldn't stop at the borders! I'm really sorry for all this and listeninggrafician
    • History will just keep repeating itself...over and over again. Things will never change. Humanity will never learn from its mistakes, we are the virus.utopian
    • ^ not if you think like that. as discuraging as recent events are. numbers of police shooting has dropped. accountability is being raised. there are progresse.pango
    • people are pissed off because its still happening. so obviously more has to be done. i for one will admit i dont fucking know what works.pango
    • all i can think of is to get involved with your local representatives.pango
    • Lol shellie your the only black person I know. I would love to get insight for sure I just feel so disconnected from everything in the states.eryx
    • I’ve been listening to friends and family about their experiences. I’d be open to hearing yours too shellie. Name the format, I’ll be there.ben_
    • I would love to hear your view of this too. I wouldn't ask a person of color because they might feel uncomfortable talking to a white person.CyBrainX
    • My GF asked her black coworker about it and he didn't want to talk about it at all.CyBrainX
    • My wife's dad is biracial (black/white) and is adopted, his entire family is from Barbados and they're all over the map with wanting to share, as people are.ben_
    • respect is key. One of her relatives told me, "Man I don't even know what to think, I'm in no position to talk right now."ben_
  • nb21

    For y'all looking for design work, don't give up hope! I was fired due to the economic downturn eights weeks ago. Just a got a job offer, and a good one at that. As long as I don't fuck up the negotiation, I'm good.

  • Bennn0

    Is there any extensions out there for Chrome that would turn a normal Chrome browser window into a simple window without tools and favorites bar at the top ?

    I need to have 2 Gmail account open all the time on sight on one of my screen and i would like to save some screen real estate... Any ideas?

  • BusterBoy2

    There's a very large truck winding its way through parts of Victoria...carrying some kind of huge piece of machinery. It's been dubbed the "superload".

    Interested in it's route, I mistakenly typed "Super Load" into Twitter's search box.

    Needless to say, the results didn't show too many trucks.

    • LolzPhanLo
    • washing machines?Fax_Benson
    • that was a giant fucking transformer or something like that on a white truck.sted
    • saw it in st kilda on monday had no idea what that was. lol that i'm just reading this herested
  • i_monk5

    Arrives next week.

  • omahadesigns-3

    Everyone posting a black square on instagram.

    • it isn't just instagramsted
    • google it!utopian
    • #BlackOutTuesdaygrafician
    • don't worry omaha it's not for youdorf
    • Feel like I missed the memo.i_monk
    • One person I know posted flat black instead of rick black like the hundreds of others. As a Designer it irked me.fooler
  • moldero1

    I downloaded broadcastify police scanner app and tuned into west hollywood, cops are ambushing, rounding up and arresting anyone breaking curfew.

  • NBQ001

    2020 is so fucked up. And we‘re barely half way in.

    What else is coming?

    • StarvationPhanLo
    • At this point I'm half-expecting The Big One in California and monsters from the center of the earth to come pouring out of the crack in the groundnb
    • 2020 a year that will be remembered for surerenderedred
    • Ebola is trending again too.PhanLo
    • aliensGardener
    • Liverpool DON'T win the leagueGardener
    • yeah alienssted
    • at this point the aliens will finally come and we wont even caremoldero
    • an alien could shoot someone on 5th avenue today and it wouldn't make the front page of the paper.capn_ron
    • Unemployment and starving, blacks enslaving whites, Covid-20.i_was
    • omfg, it's hurricane seasonmonospaced
    • Still to come. Solar flares, cephalopods rising from the oceans and some serious volcanic activity.thumb_screws
    • Trump being re-elected?Bennn
    • Fuckin hurricanesmoldero
    • droughtshapesalad
    • Adobe updates.... Osx updates... both causing more crashes and bugs!shapesalad
    • +1 capn_ronNairn
    • American seeking refugee status in Mexico and CanadaSlashPeckham
    • dust bowlakiersky
    • Leper zombies emerge from every Trump orifice. They reopen Broadway to put on musicals.CyBrainX
  • imbecile8

    I am sorry.

    I am truly really sorry that this experience is something we have to endure. Hardship is nothing new to humans. Adversity and our progress go hand in hand. This turn of events, however, is unnecessary. This pain, angst, fear, and anxiety, that have become part of our daily lives, is unwelcome to the growth of our species. The tactics we are witnessing are of the dark ages.

    Dividing us with race is nearing its end, the separation created by economic inequality is creating two sides, one vastly more popular than the other. People have experienced leadership with integrity before. The desire for a just society stays with us always. A brighter future lay ahead of us.

    I am sorry we can not see that today.

    • Stay positive, changes are always for better...OBBTKN
    • You're racist and care about your "white privilege" so shut up thug.i_was
  • utopian13

    I woke up this morning emotional drained. I literally watched fire burn out of control from my loft window all weekend, 24/7 sirens blaring, TV, radio and internet coverage of the mayhem. And now back to reality with Coronavirus and client deadlines.

    • Take a break from the news. None of these problems will be solved this week. Pace yourself, it’s a marathon.nb
    • what city are you in?monospaced
    • Phillyutopian
    • Gotcha. One of my designers is there and called out today. Hang in there man.monospaced
    • pure insanity up theremoldero
    • just know that any time you feel the need you can yell at my on skype :)sted
    • what @nb said!
      take a break from news and listen to music and visit just the fun(n)y QBN threads
  • i_was0

    Nothing like wool socks.

  • WhiteFace0

    Looking for a good time-sheet / project management / invoice tool, any recommendations?

    • I'm a fan of Harvest, combined with Harvest Forecast for capacity planning.Continuity
    • active collabutopian
    • I'm using streamtime. Looks good and they're adding new features. Decent free version too.Fax_Benson
    • Toggl for time Asana for projectsthumb_screws
    • Excel.shapesalad
    • Google sheetsshapesalad
    • Punched tapessted
    • +1 Harvestgrafician
    • Funny...everyone here has a different opinion...he's really going to be lost now.utopian
  • Gardener4

    So my mate Chris who has lived in Milton Keynes all his life has been a longtime collector of vinyl & posters (a bit like me, but much more so) and I am keeping my distance in his back garden this afternoon and then he casually mentions he'd come across a stash of posters in a rolled up tube that he'd forgotten he had (yeah, right) "let's have a look" I said, and he unrolls a load of Punk originals including 999 and Vibrators etc, all very nice, but then a pile of original Stranglers concert posters, jeez not only have I never seen these anywhere online but one in particular (live at the Bletchley Leisure Centre in 1977) is previously undocumented, just amazing!
    So he very kindly let me take some pics of them as I know there is interest among folk who dig these things, he's not selling but happy to share with you.

    He also got his poster of Idles signed when they played a small pub in MK a couple of years ago

    • live at Battersea Park…
    • Oh sweet fuck, nice stashGnash
    • I didn’t even keep all the posters that I designed back then.Gnash
    • the first one would be worth over a grand easyGardener
    • I posted this on the bands official social media pages and have been deluged with PLEASE SELL hahaGardener
    • Of course! So nice :)Gnash
    • shoes?!Nairn
    • ah yeah, but soft soleGardener
  • Continuity2

    Huh. When did new user registrations open back up?

    • Don't know, I noticed the other day.Nairn
    • "grafician since 2007"grafician
    • QBN can you do a "Members" page listing everybody including a "last posted on..." thingygrafician
    • ^ please don't. this is a semi-public forum.
      i don't think making it easier to monitor user activity is a smart idea.
  • Bennn-2

    the mudguard of my bike came off this afternoon while I was taking a curve ... my tire ended up on the plastic mudguard so I slipped like on ice ... my foot got caught in the roadway while falling ... sprained ankle and sprained a finger.

    • ouch :(PonyBoy
    • That suxks man hope it's not a mouse finger.eryx
    • ummm... Ok. But, is your Yaris still ok?OBBTKN
    • j/k... Hope you're well, my last biking crash was a pain for two monthsOBBTKN
    • Not my mouse finger :)) I can continue to InternetBennn