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  • moldero18


    I was surfing with whales just now, that was cool.

  • stewart21

    Show some recent work

    This is fun to do! Designed the paper models of five new busses for a client. 14,000 copies are printed.

    • Cool! And you come up with the cuts folds and template too? Sounds so fun. Are these multiple pieces each? Would love to see flat art.monospaced
    • Too cool! Die cuts abound! How many mock-ups until you had final folds and cuts?misterhow
    • They used to give similar (but not as nice) out for the TTC in Toronto, as a kid they were always fun to get and assemble. Very cool!ben_
    • i member collecting and assembling models like this as a kid. super fun.renderedred
    • holy fuck that brings back memories...
      i had to do a shit ton of 3d paper stuff like this when I first started out...
      nice work man!!!
    • super clean :)Maaku
    • Neat - sweet curves! Did you cheat and use something like Pepakura?Nairn
    • C Y B E R B U S ®utopian
    • Haha... Assen.BK
    • Oh, I love these! :)
      I used to have some of this when I was a kid too. The characters standing just near is a nice touch!
    • Thanks! The busses are made of simple box shapes, so no Pepakura. Just a mac and Adobe Illustrator.stewart
  • NBQ002

    Punches For:

    This guy is so fucking psycho. YouTube needs to ban him.

    • Over 1.5M subscribers.NBQ00
    • Oh, that annoying goth guy? Yeah, I'd punch him.garbage
    • wtfernexbcn
    • Patreon banned him already. I guess he‘ll be working at McDonald‘s soon.NBQ00
    • Never heard of this fucktard before and I’m better off for it.Ramanisky2
    • ^ thisernexbcn
    • can't imagine why anyone would want to watch this. Very difficult to see.sarahfailin
    • What sort of psychopaths subscribe to this sort of nonsense??? 1.59 million of em?!? JFC.Ramanisky2
    • WTF is going on here? Like, what was his original schtick?mg33
    • ^^ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Ramanisky2
    • ^1.59 million people waiting for him to live stream hanging himselfmaquito
    • I don't know who this is/was but those thumbnails scream "leave Britney alone". Didn't click, not interested :)Maaku
    • @ideaist 100%.

      He's an old school YT shitbird that recently got defunded by Patreon so, you know, hard knocks.
    • Don't click the links unless you want to throw him a dislike and ctrl+w. Dude has been making bank as a dipshit for years, and the floor finally fell out.garbage
  • BusterBoy20


    All students finishing school this year in the state I live received their final school results today. Statewide exams and external marking etc etc.

    My daughter was very nervous - she didn't really know what to expect. She's pretty bright but didn't have super high expectations. Results were released online at 7am. I was up early - didn't hear any commotion from her room. By 7:15 I was getting a little concerned.

    7:20am comes around and she opens her door...pops her head out. Zero expression on her face so I was expecting average results.

    Then she breaks out in the biggest grin you've ever seen. Her results were super the point where she's guaranteed her first choice at University. And also guaranteed virtually every course she could wish to do, including for science related courses which she has no interest in.

    Happy days!

    • Cheers!garbage
    • Congrats! Good girl... Must be proudOBBTKN
    • Super proud!BusterBoy
    • Awesome! Just no Sun Devils lolHijoDMaite
    • My daughter had the same options and she chose a private school near Disneyland. Don’t overlook the expensive private schools..HijoDMaite
    • Most of them offered her a huge academic scholarship that made the cost the same as public ones.HijoDMaite
    • show off! :Ppango
    • ^ Lol, beat me to itdee-dubs
    • excellent!SimonFFM
    • Doesnt school end in springdrgs
    • awesome!ben_
    • duuuuuude :)
      super happy for both of you :)
      crazy isn't it?... not so long ago,we were sharing photos of our kids being born...
    • Now we're posting about what Uni they want to go to etc...
      pretty awesome :)
    • Sweet :) well doneGnash
    • Congrats! I look forward to moments like this with my kids as they grow up.mg33
    • WORD!BonSeff
    • Yep...bit of a brag. But because I don't know any of you bastards in real life, I thought why not!BusterBoy
    • So many surprises lately have all been of the not so good kind. When brilliant ones like this crop up, it's immensely satisfying.BusterBoy
    • Especially when it involves your kids!
      Thanks for the nice words peoples.
  • Ianbolton7


    Science: If we can't work out what light really is, then we most certainly have zero understanding of dark. Especially in the realms of matter. And if we have no true understanding of space and time, then technically our reality isn't really what we think it is. So I'm having a bit of a 'what is real' existential meltdown this morning!

    • And yet. Here we are. Light and dark and everything in between, living the full reality our lives day to day as time passes.monospaced
    • And only through the scientific process will we find the answers we seek as there is no alternative to reaching any meaningful conclusionsmonospaced
    • haha. thanks man. Everything is alright again nowIanbolton
    • Job 26:7-14deadsperm
    • LOL those moments. thoughts like this made me research and study quantum mechanics a lot for the last 20 yrs. ;) recommended.renderedred
    • This is what acid was made forGnash
    • ^yup, acid is a good startrenderedred
    • The Science is Settled! Stop studying and start screaming!BustySaintClaire
    • Get back to work you hippies!eryx
    • Thing thing is, BusySaintIgnorant, the science is never settled, it just refines our understanding.monospaced
    • Science is all great and what not, but these kind of things strengthen my belief in a creator. I was thinking about rainbows the other day, apart from theBeeswax
    • scientific explanation, the universal beauty created by these phenoms is unexplainable.And they are not there through a gradual learning process as in evolutionBeeswax
    • they just happen to exist with all their simple yet complex beauty.Beeswax
    • Science tells us that the beauty we see in plants and animals are a byproduct of the survival instincts of species.Beeswax
    • Yet a fucking rainbow doesn't need to invent a 7 color spectrum to save its existence.Beeswax
    • The whole “we can’t explain it so it must be god” argument is not rational or acceptable. This can’t possibly support a creator.monospaced
    • And rainbows aren’t complex. Just light wave frequencies scattered by the prisms of water in the atmosphere. We only perceive the rainbow although there’s more.monospaced
    • Beauty itself is nothing more than a human concept. It isn’t inherent or meaningful beyond what you attribute to it. It’s just the light spectrum.monospaced
  • BonSeff2

    Pic of the Day…
    every company should have one person whose whole job is to ask "will we be owned online for this?" that's my take

    • hey nowsection_014
    • *unzips pantsAkagiyama
    • Definitely thought it was a vagsarahfailin
    • im in it to win itutopian
    • Funny, a decade ago it was 'every company should have someone who's job it is to make things go viral and get any publicity"BustySaintClaire
    • Well, I'm just a modern guy
      Of course, I've had it in the ear before
    • The preferred method in eastern europe™BonSeff
  • Raybandana3


    So get this. I spent 5 years in Dubai working for a well-known ad agency. 8 years before that in Toronto. Our team produced so much award-winning work, we won agency of the year and network of the year in 2018. I saved a good amount of coin too. Then I decided to move back to Toronto and I got a transfer back into the same company. 2 months into the job the CCO fired me because of chemistry, which everyone was super surprised and confused. Now I have daycare + rent cost which is soul-crushing expensive. If I don't have work for a few months... all my savings are gone. Insane. Try so hard, do so much, to be left with nothing. Advertisting fucking blows.

    • fuckernexbcn
    • I sense you are gifted, likable and of course you threatened the CCO. This is just mental shift to get over, use your talent, it will be okrobotron3k
    • Would love to see your work ray so I feel inadequateHayoth
  • drgs1
    • This is the awful state of kerning today!boobs
    • Lorem ipsum something somethingKrassy
    • That looks like rhe soup I am eating.lemmy_k
    • Life, liberty and the pursuit of happinessdrgs
  • Ramanisky23

    Pic of the Day

    Give that man a medal.

  • Projectile9
  • hans_glib7
    • CORDUROY FIELDSIanbolton
    • is this from Infra?ben_
    • I've got the book kicking around here somewhere.ben_
    • https://www.collater…ben_
    • @ben Oh man, I've been wanting that book ever since I saw The Enclave in PDX. Heavy stuff.garbage
    • Garbage the show was so good. I’m glad I got it for retail price, it’s gone crazy.ben_
    • I regret not getting it. I tell myself I've got too many books, but then again I could always have more..garbage
    • I’ve collected art and photo books for years, it comes and goes in waves. Missed some big ones over the years that I regret. In nyc for a few days...ben_
    • So gonna go to Dashwood books and see what they have. And yeah infra is a great book. Aperture always puts out amazing stuff.ben_
  • Ramanisky221
    • She deserves itnbq
    • for f sakedrgs
    • Get triggeredi_monk
    • Bindegal is going to have aneurysmutopian
    • Well deserved yes, she made the news everywhere and bring climate on the table, you like it or not.Bennn
    • Hitler youth, how ironic.Hayoth
    • my vote was for the youtube toy review kid. think he did a far better job than this kiddeathboy
    • Love this chick. She's a total inspiration for my nieces and nephews. We need more people like her!Khurram
    • Inspiring and also sad how many snowflakes she's made whine and weep.formed
    • Good stuff, this kid is tough as nails.ben_
    • Hilarious how a 16 year old girl can trigger so many Incel's all over the planet.utopian
    • She's a representation of a societal truth. Re-enforcing existing beliefs will receive praise and adulations. Rejecting the belief brings ridicule and scorn.IRNlun6
    • So people support things they think are true and good and marginalize those that aren't? Wow, that's deep lol.yuekit
    • she among the list of those as trump, hitler, stalin, obama, mlk, nixon, david ho, guilani, the computer and american women to name a few...deathboy
    • i just wonder if people think such a title is worth a damn, and wether they put the person on a simular pedestal as previous ppldeathboy
    • That's not meant to be deep. It's as shallow as it comes.IRNlun6
    • IRN responding to me? i was just thinking outloud in general. People and accolades and values placed without objective measures.deathboy
    • oh nvm IRN saw the yuekit post inbetween... haha yea not deep at all just capt wow obviousdeathboy
    • i think the same about local addys or the under 30-40 year accolades or all the pay to play awards systems.deathboy
    • do ppl really but value on it and do ppl ignore all the mechanisms of determining the value. sales and attendence, submittal fees, etc. im a cynicdeathboy
    • Yes people value that stuff as they perceive it brings them value. In some cases ego, in some cases monetary and in some cases something else.ben_
    • fuck off and die deathboyKhurram
    • If i ever had a daughter who grows up to be like her. I would be so proud.Khurram
    • they ignore the things you're cynical about because that's just how people are. Does it matter? Maybe, maybe not. What does it really matter?ben_
    • so ben is she equal to hitler? Is the value equal? Or like IRN stated they value it only as it fits there world view?deathboy
    • and in truth, some don't ignore but in fact exploit the same things you're cynical about.ben_
    • khurram dont be an asshole becuase someone disagrees or see teh world differently than youdeathboy
    • Your position or opinion on it isn't unique or all that thought provoking either. It's all been contemplated and talked about to death.ben_
    • puts you on the cover of a times magazine praising white supreme dudes for hate. in that there is only one right view and can be clearly uncivil to othersdeathboy
    • grow up mandeathboy
    • don't enter awards, don't bother with accolades, don't buy Time Magazine, live in obscurity and anonymity.ben_
    • you're a consistently opinionated fucktard deathboy, mouthing off on things you know fuck all about. You don't even write in coherent English, like wtfKhurram
    • and yet you are the one who acts like my opinion is the only right opinion or you are an asshole khurram... hmmdeathboy
    • DB, you clearly don't get the point of Time's POTY. There's nothing inherently good or bad about getting the cover. It's about who's been in the news.ben_
    • and ben i dont think im the first to suggest it. its so obvious i expect its been talked about. but it always seemed to be forgetten on the sale.deathboy
    • you can put your own value onto it. It's inherently meant to draw criticism and acclaim. You're letting yourself get trolled by a magazine.ben_
    • and just playing servatn of reminders of the obvious so we don;t forget past context. think how many peopel think its an accolade but dont recall hitler wasdeathboy
    • also a times person or stalin or so many other douchebags... trump... so is the value the pulse of culture or the pulse to sell paper? a difference?deathboy
    • but than there is people like khurram who defiantly think it is a justification of his beliefs and he instantly lashes out against anything that challenges themdeathboy
    • "pulse to sell the paper" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??!! Can someone create a "block deathboy" extensionKhurram
    • regardless of any reason. just challenges his world view and has issue. what of populism like that gains traction in respects to jews?deathboy
    • Today it is the pulse of culture. The long reach of history will decide whether it was for good or bad. Of course it's to sell, they run a business.ben_
    • I love this little girl who cares about the environment and so does my niece (also autistic) and i think that's just awesome :DKhurram
    • you might not like me but people need to call out the bullshit regardless of being liked or populism lest we find lose true free speechdeathboy
    • thing is tho, deathchild, this girl has a made a bigger impact on this world than you will ever make in your sad pathetic life. FACTKhurram
    • You are the epitome of mediocrity, and that is why you resent her. Double sad.Khurram
    • well ben you do admit its about selling paper and first most its about choosing someone that moves paper.deathboy
    • ding ding. everything else is well whateverdeathboy
    • Thanks captain obvious. We really needed your semi-coherent explanation as to why the Times cover is subjective.Khurram
    • khurram to me she is equal to the yt kid that reviews toys. shes a popular sell. no question about that. real value and change for "better" well that is subjecdeathboy
    • "admit" - was I suggesting otherwise? I also believe that in the long run Greta's cover will be looked at as an accolade. The two truths can exist.ben_
    • sucked in to the madness. fucking hell.ben_
    • Except she's not selling fucking toys you dumb fuck, she's fighting for a CAUSE she believes in. OMG, i don't even know why 'im bothering... you really are retaKhurram
    • wait, let me see how deathchild squares this in his little universe he's created for himself...Khurram
    • tive. Shes whines of the future that cliamte will change and effect humans and force adaptations... not sure she will get a noah statusdeathboy
    • more disappear like tiger blood or whatever charlie sheen talked about. until something new media latches on.deathboy
    • "Right, but it's s sell, right? A sell? A toy is a sell, the environment is a sell. She's just part of the BIGGER SELL. Its my fuckiing intuition, damn right!"Khurram
    • what she is saying is 100 absolutely obvious from any view. However the conclusion her anger can make us STOP it ... haha well that is comedicdeathboy
    • but peopel don;t liek to hear the obvious. like the old bags with money chasing every anti age secret to keep youth trying hard to ignore their own demisedeathboy
    • Only thing comedic here, is you.Khurram
    • All kinds of comedies khurram. Some tragic.And many nothing you can do a thing about no matter the effortdeathboy
    • a big difference is i dont think you are an asshole for your views. im not emotional. I think you are emotionally tied to them hence your reactionsdeathboy
    • you need to figure out for yourself why my view triggers such emotions from you. psychology is fun.deathboy
    • deathboy block extension, please, or i'm leaving.Khurram
    • haha fuck dude khurram grow the fuck up. are you such a pussy you can't live in a world where people disagree with you or challenge you and point out soem wrongdeathboy
    • "this girl, trying to sell the environment, that's great. But YouTube girl, also selling toys. Also great!"Khurram
    • Everything look the same if you just squint your eyes!Khurram
    • views of shit. (this case as ben concurred with Greta is a paper seller and that is what matter first and fore most)deathboy
    • and dont let utopian gifs get to you... hes just trollin..deathboy
    • I find your posts generally entertaining Deathboy, But it seems like you'd rather live in a world devoid of feelings.Ianbolton
    • it sounds to me like human benevolence and the altruistic nature of our species is something you have no belief in.Ianbolton
    • holy fuck why does qbn ALWAYS have a dickhead in our midst. Is it some kind of statistical inevitability?inteliboy
    • I agree with her cause, but not with most of the things she says and how she expresses herself. For example when she says her future was stolen...ernexbcn
    • ...I'm from a 3rd world country, to me it's hilarious that a rich kid that travels around the world the way she sees fit goes around saying something like that...ernexbcn
    • ...but I'm glad some of you enjoy thisernexbcn
    • i just hope she comes out ok "on the other side" of this. lots of people hate her guts...renderedred
    • Climate change means nothing until we stop the kidnapping, abuse and murder of millions of children every year.robthelad
    • how about children's quality of life drastically lowered on top of the kidnapping, abuse and murder of millions of children every year?pango
    • these can happen at the same time. one problem less is one problem less.pango
    • We can solve multiple problems at once you know? It's not an admin issueIanbolton
    • no, db. I said that the Times sells paper and that anyone they put on the cover is chosen based on their newsworthiness, which in turn YES, sells paper.ben_
    • people can decide for themselves if that is good or bad, and you can be there to tell them either way, they are wrong.ben_
    • funniest thing is that deathboy is deluded into thinking he's actually challenging people's beliefs .. .what an idiot.monospaced
    • a lot of weird folks posting about this.

      not sure why so many folks get fucked up about her.

      some of you are mildly fucking scary...
    • right emexcbn, how dare a girl who doesn't live in absolute abject poverty talk about issues bigger/more important then her. #whiteprivilegeKhurram
    • Khurram I'm not going to argue with you, feel free to disagree.ernexbcn
    • eat shit noteboyRamanisky2
    • Well that was your point. A girl who isn't as poor as the people in your country has no right to fight for the environment. Feel free to elaborate.Khurram
    • "excuse me, i come from a third world country, i have the right to judge everybody" *ahem*Khurram
    • thanks greta, appreciate the effort.neverscared
    • here's another note! who has time to read all this garbage?sarahfailin
    • ya i skipped all the middle portion.pango
    • ^ good on you, skipped the pointless garbage spewed by noteboyRamanisky2
    • i think ernexbcn gets it. something quite pathetic about a whiny kid who says we stole a future which as never stolen. world isnt endingdeathboy
    • no reason. all teenage angst. and i suspect the people most effected by any policy will be the third world poor people. I mean hell fake meat is what $12lbdeathboy
    • vs 4 for the real stuff not loaded with lab grown fake shit. The shit people find in fast food is unhealthy and unnatural.deathboy
    • i get it im in a boys club that i pissed on their corn flakes, and its all bro for one for all. but you boys really think a emotional kid with no rationaledeathboy
    • backing is somrthing to elevate or ... i hope not... think its worth creating policy around. what does she know of econ or even political policy?deathboy
    • totally missing school right now and i wonder what paychecks the parents are accepting for that or wether just riding the 15 minutes of fame for fun.deathboy
    • sum it up. random kid. put on pedestal to whine and make handler written speeches all largely false or emotionally charged to world leaders...deathboy
    • its like sad funny. but nothing new really. just trendsdeathboy
    • but i dont think ppl see the obvious nature of the kid. humans better at following signals. and media signals is a big one. If lots of play must be importantdeathboy
    • following director signals and media is big. but neil postman has covered that shit since the 60sdeathboy
  • Gardener5
  • Krassy3

    Pic of the Day

    Hisashimichi interchange of Hachioji, Tokyo

  • ben_3


    My wife is working from home this week due to an incident with a coworker on Monday who decided she's sexist because he found out that she has a running group that raises money for women's shelters (men come out to the running group often, but most nights it's like 90/10 80/20. Either way, no one's excluded and this guy is a fucking chud.).

    It was followed by a diatribe from him on the state of men today, especially straight white men, and how women younger than him are all out to "put us out of business". My wife told him she didn't know where this conversation started but she didn't want to be a part of it and walked away - to which he started after her saying "I guess I triggered you, huh? yeah I know I have..."

    My wife's no pushover, but was shook because this happened at 8am when they were in the office with only a handful of other women scattered around. It was unprovoked, and the only way this guy would know about the run group is from her chatting about it with a co-worker who comes out to it or potentially lurking her instagram, she doesn't really advertise her personal life at work. Anyhow she filed a report due to him following her around after she told him to stop talking to her. The guy has been with the company 2 weeks, his dismissal is in the works but in the meantime he's created a defence that all the women who work at this company are sexist and my wife is now also a racist - against who or what we're not sure but he's apparently lawyering up.

    The craziest part in all of this is seeing someone have an incel meltdown in public, at work and then experiencing the legal framework which is in place to protect his rights to come and go as he pleases until the company goes through the motions to have him let go. Along the way every accusation he makes against her or others now has to be addressed through "protocol consistent with the labour act".

    Fun times.

    • "guy has been with the company 2 weeks"
      What a winner. 'Chud' indeed!
    • I wonder how much he raises for mens shelters, since he's so concerned about the state of men. Probably too busy answering suicide/crisis phones.i_monk
    • /\ the funny thing is that if he lurked her instagram harder he'd see that they have donated money to men's causes as well as residential schools, etc.ben_
    • at will employee during probation first weeks? no, they don't have to keep him around legallymonospaced
    • he should be mad at the sexist shelters for segregation ;)monospaced
    • it’s amazing that he articulates this stuff with his outside-voice. He must have a screw loose. At least they won’t have to pay severanceGnash
    • @mono, not serrated, though. men can go to women’s’ shelters as long as they identify as women.Gnash
    • 1. Get upset over a triviality.
      2. When people decide you're not worth their time, project your butthurt onto them.
      3. Not understand why nobody likes you.
    • You also sound like an idiot so you and guy are in the same club on different spectrums.Hayoth
    • If you are going to defend the women card, then you have to defend the man card. And you are a racist. Judging people based off race is racist and sex is sexistHayoth
    • ^…
    • @Gnash, I'm sure. It was a joke :)monospaced
    • @Hayoth, what the hell are you talking about? His wife isn't doing anything sexist, so there is no woman card at play. And race wasn't even mentioned you dick.monospaced
    • On the bright side... he'll have to pay out his ass for the lawyer fees, and will still lose the case.Al_dizzle
    • Americans crave conflict, they draw energy from it. Like neurotic old people, who actively look for reasons to quarrel. I still don't know why this is happeningdrgs
    • Burn the whole continent with napalm, and sow it with 1 meter layer of salt, so that no life ever grows out againdrgs
    • Unfortunately Feminism has been automatically equated to misandry which is what triggers these nutcases._niko
    • Hayoth - If you're going to call someone an idiot, it's 'spectra' not 'spectrums', you ill-educated fool.Nairn
    • I'm also incredibly perplexed how anyone could even begin to consider siding with the antagonist in this tale. But hey, incels gotta incel.Nairn
    • Sorry for your wife, ben... But I'll said too, that I'm delighted of working solo from home-studio, I don't miss the "office wars" thing, srlyOBBTKN
    • Take care of herOBBTKN
    • @hayoth Thanks for instantly proving my point by being an defensive, giant fucking snowflake. Do you accept Venmo?garbage
    • Pay Hayoth no mind...he still doesn't understand the difference between Socialism, Communism, Capitalism no matter how many times its explained to him...utopian
    • Fucking hell! That's insane.Melanie
    • Thanks guys, yeah Hayoth I'm not sure if you're joking or what as a lot of sarcasm isn't really landing these days. I'm fine with whatever you think of me...ben_
    • based off of a message board. In this case the guy is throwing accusations around to prolong the process and race is just one of them. He's a psycho.ben_
    • And @mono, the way the law works here is that as long as he makes these accusations they have to look into them. They could have dismissed him without cause hadben_
    • his boss heard him say it first hand.ben_
    • Lol at Drgs.
      Hopefully the guy will fuck off and it won't go any further.
    • good lord.
      I've seen a few things like this before, but not 'quite' as INCEL as this dude... sounds like he went full-nutso.
    • my wife's a high school teacher, and she had this one alt-right co-worker years ago that used to try and wind her up... would say vaguely racist stuffexador1
    • around her to get a reaction from her... ..obviously never when anyone from admin would possibly hear it as well...fucking asshole.exador1
    • To think that that guy was also likely a teacher. Great.ben_
    • And that's the thing, he's calling her a sexist and racist for no reason, but preaching the woes of the poor white male. It's like a bad movie.ben_
    • that's like whining about how someone is a cat hater if they adopt a dogmonospaced
    • _ben, i've noticed over the years that there seems to be no shortage of assholes in this world.
      fortunately, there seems to be an abundance of cool folks too :)
    • @_ben Hopefully it doesn't drag out. It's never fun when you have a run-in with a YT comment section IRL.garbage
    • the guy announced to her hes an incel?cannonball1978
    • Effectively, yes, by the sound of things.Nairn
    • You don't need people to tell u they're a prick to know they're a prick.pango
    • Guessing your wife is attractive to him and kept things professional, as you do at work. Send him a lobster, fucking nut case.BonSeff
    • Cannonball, no, the incel part is just me frustratingly fitting his actions into an excuse.ben_
    • Bon, maybe. The more that comes out about it the more we think he just has a screw loose and this was what triggered him. He’s making all kinds of accusationsben_
    • Now about how my wife and others at the workplace are calling him and threatening him. They also let him go midday and shut downben_
    • Any access he has to files etc. I doubt we have anything to worry about but we are conveniently leaving to nyc tomorrow morning for a few daysben_
    • Holy crap, that's a meltdown. +1 on sending him a lobster.garbage
    • LOL at "Send him a lobster" haha brilliant movenb
    • Would love to, but you know... compassion for the frail.ben_
    • wait your chic first reported him.... hate to say it but maybe your chic was triggered. a difference of opinion and you need to run to management?deathboy
    • i think your wife may have been better with shrugging an opinion vs going to management to effect there livelihood.deathboy
    • first off, I can’t believe I’m responding to you. Secondly, no not just a difference of opinion, after she asked him to stop he followed her through the officeben_
    • badgering her with “you’re triggered?” “Yep I triggered you” etc. - she was alone in that part of the office and felt unsafe.ben_
    • oh look, it's deathboy, the king of the loser, fucktard conservative MGTOW incels, here to spew his gross ignorance around once again ... carry on assholemonospaced
    • Difference of opinion? Go fuck yourself after crawling back to the loser cave under your mom's room.monospaced
    • So yeah she reported it. Fuck you suggesting it’s her fault, get a grip.ben_
    • Sounds like he would fit right in on qbnautoflavour
    • Or maybe this guy is an unemployable, unfuckable dimwit that was called out on his bullshit? Sometimes it really is that simple.garbage
    • He may already be here, auto.ben_
    • haha well ben if she felt unsafe in her office because someone questioned her... seems like too sensitive people all arounddeathboy
    • not a dark alley not threatening. but she progressed it to a management level. now of course what course does another sensitive cunt have to go too? lawyer up?deathboy
    • its kind of funny all around kardashian trainwreck style of two weak as people looking for trigger dramadeathboy
    • if i was the employer i'd be like OMG i need to fire both. Hired to do a fuckin job. No time for this shitdeathboy
    • but hey dont get triggered. i really dont give a shit. just giving you my take from my perspective based on what you said.deathboy
    • like here's the big kid scenario. you shrug it off for the day. if for some reason in a few weeks it is a problem in doing the job you approach person and saydeathboy
    • your grief and what you will do if not taken care of. be surprised how well a little communication can solve shitdeathboy
    • without runnign to management and making mountains of mole hillsdeathboy
    • or maybe you can clarify what following one at work entails? and maybe specify what safety or fear is involved? big office space with lurking around corners?deathboy
    • haha could write a funny sat night live piece on thisdeathboy
    • woke sensitivity vs the politically liberal sensitive counter parts. like hyenas on each other racing to the bottom last bone.deathboy
    • "If I was the employer" - deathboy.
      quote of the fucking year.
    • She felt unsafe in a near-empty office with a guy following her around goading her on after being asked to stop talking about something she simply asked him toben_
    • stop talking to her about. Instead of stopping he followed her through the office as described, egging her on. So yeah, she felt unsafe.ben_
    • You strike me as the type of person who would be on the receiving end of a complaint like this if you had a job. So not really sweating the critique.ben_
    • well don't sweat it. from your statement i'd conclude an over reaction on chic part that cost a kid his job she knew less than 2 weeks.deathboy
    • stupid shit all around. as an employer though id question wether its worth it, and if this is going to be a thing and look for less sensitive employeesdeathboy
    • and yes she should question herself wether she over reacted and costed someone she doesnt know their job. that is the human thing to dodeathboy
    • even more so considering most people live paycheck to paycheck and loss of a job can be quite a set back. however his possible lawyering up jsut displays simildeathboy
    • ar qualities in running away from inconveniences to greater authority figures. again hopefully you can see how comical it all isdeathboy
    • Deathboy accuses others of being triggered, then leaves 40 comments in a rownb
    • I brought that tirade on myself. I should really know better by now.ben_
    • 3 Things: 1)
      "Take care of her
    • 2) Find this dude a plastic lobster
      3) I get very happy when exador chimes in, love that old schoooler.. Pay attention to him, he shares good advice
    • /\ Agreed, love that he's from close by too, gives hope. Goodnight gents.ben_
    • Shit, also: "the guy announced to her hes an incel?" - cannonball1978
      This how you do sarcasm
    • haha nb. only you would quantify number of posts and relate quantity to trigger effect vs look at the substancedeathboy
    • and good for you ben in realizing you brought this on yourself. finally a little real truth to airing dirty laundry you hope you only find support with yourdeathboy
    • side on. That cheerleader effect echo chamber isn't real life and you should never expect it. Best to expect growth through differing viewsdeathboy
    • The comment about bringing it on myself is just a sarcastic acknowledgment that I responded to you, therefore caused your avalanche of sidebar comments.ben_
    • and so you didnt learn a thing and still only see things from your simple view. sigh... well i guess i was optimisticdeathboy
    • You're like this really smart, contrarian philosopher who just happens to have been exiled to QBN, huh?ben_
    • just a random dude calling out obvious shit ben. take it however you want dude. but please dont think much about me much more important selfish shit to considerdeathboy
    • Scroll up for the answer to the question that nobody asked: "Why did deathboy die alone?"garbage
    • holy shit i think deathboy is also not right in the head. Just because she helps women's shelter doesn't means she is against men.pango
    • she didn't push her opinion on him. he pushed his opinions on her. At a work place (unprofessional). Calling her sexist (ridiculous)...pango
    • and wouldn't stop and leave when asked to (harassment). the company has every reason to let him go. Dude is bat shit crazy.pango
    • and you try to defend his action? shit. you're really not far off from him. if you don't understand that i don't think you are capable of understanding anythingpango
    • Stay wokeautoflavour
    • ^ what he saidpango
    • We're all for diversity. Unless it's diversity of opinion.robthelad
    • the problem wasn't diversity of opinion. the problem was he aggressively pumps his own opinion on others when no one asked him.pango
    • and when she tries to walk away, he persisted and followed her. At a professional work place.pango
    • then when he faced the consequence of his own action, he tried the pull the sex card.pango
    • Only idiots or total assholes would even think to say this was a difference of opinion. Yeah he has an opinion but it was wrong and uncalled for.monospaced
    • he's pretty much the "wont she debate me dude"…
    • there are time and place to go about different opinions. pestering is not one of them!pango
    • There really wasn't a difference of opinion. He brought up HIS opinions on her run club out of nowhere. Then he veered into "straight white male plight"...ben_
    • and ranted about other things including how she probably sees him as an oppressor because he has a black wife (revealed to be a lie, btw) and other random...ben_
    • crazy horseshit about how he can't be around kids as a straight white male as people "automatically assume I'm a pedophile"...ben_
    • The only opinion my wife expressed was that she didn't want to talk with him about this stuff. Then he follows her around chirping her like a nutcase...ben_
    • Little did this guy know my wife is from a mixed race family, her run group has helped men, women, other races, kids etc. etc. He wasn't interested in her...ben_
    • opinion or having a discussion, he was trying to provoke and he did.ben_
    • it's all good ben_ all the rational people here know what went down ... you don't need to defend her or yourself to MGTOW deathboy heremonospaced
    • yep, there is a good crew here.ben_
    • My eyes glazed over when deathboy chimed in.i_monk
    • I should have closed mine. Oh well.ben_
    • Side note warriors!utopian
    • ^ rise up!pango
  • i_monk14

    State of the QBN 2019

    Instead of another pointless drama thread like Thunderdome, bump a design thread with a relevant post.

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    • what is that thunderdome supposed to be for anyway?hans_glib
    • ^Stirring the pot.i_monk
    • Who runs Bartertown?misterhow
    • You forgot Chick Of The Day…
    • Is this guy serious?i_monk
    • @hans Thunderdome was my attempt at an idiot quarantine. i_monk is right, that was like trying to herd cats. This is a much better post.garbage
    • THUNDERDOME is about two things: 80s Tina Turner Wasteland Warlords and Hardcore Gabberprophetone
  • Noggin1

    Vid of the Day

    Damn this was fascinating, I would love to know how he reverse hacked the scammer.

  • Gardener7
  • dbloc7
  • Bluejam6
    • many happy memories of being allowed to watch this with my older brother as a nipper.fadein11
    • I remember waiting in the bus queues at school and reciting word for word the episodes. "What you gonna do Neil, PHOTOSYNTHASIZE'Morning_star
    • Also, 1985.Morning_star
    • Euripides these trousers, you mendedes trousersburnt
    • I watched this and 120 minutes every Sunday night on MTV in high school.fooler
    • Watched it in the public basque tv when young... God, loved this serie a lot!!OBBTKN
    • Dear fascist bank manager you bastard. May the seed of your loins be fruitful in the belly of your woman. Love Neil._me_
    • My fave when I was a kid! I loved the Motörhead episode.Melanie
    • “THATCHER!”Wolfboy
    • That might have been the first time I ever heard Motörhead.fooler
    • Boom Shanka...sab
    • No, no in the pit! That's me master!sab
    • University Challenge episode :)…emphor