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  • Gnash8


    highlights the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire

    1 million seconds = 12 days
    1 billion seconds = 32 years

    • ya'll can't visualize the difference between a 1 and a 1,000?Milan
    • Time...things we take for granted most daysutopian
    • what does this mean? millionaire worked for 12days and billionaire for 32 years to get there?uan
    • I got a serious question here. In South America I was taught 1 billion is equal to 1 million million: How is this in european countries / usa?maquito
    • Correction: it’s 12 zeros. 1 billion:
    • I believe in the usa, 1 billion equals 1 thousand million. It’s quite confusing imo.maquito
    • 1700 Millionaires are made everyday in the U.S.teh
    • 2136 Americans file for bankruptcy everyday in the U.S.utopian
    • we all start as multi-billionaires sad that we can't resist to exchange these seconds for money :(sted
    • Crazy. Maquito wiki says we all used to refer to a billion as one million millions but that it changed.HijoDMaite
  • _niko2


    "Non fui, fui, non sum, non curo"

    -I was not; I was; I am not; I do not care


    • yup. i quote this often.renderedred
    • I developed this philosophy throughout my life and just now found the Epicureans. A lot of what Sam Harris believes is based on their philosophy too._niko
    • Humanists and Athiets in general can trace their beliefs back to this rationalist philosophy_niko
    • Yupmonospaced
    • I have not thunk, therefor I cannot amGnash
    • @_niko Sam Harris is accidentally right on occasion, but isn't this an obvious point to begin with?garbage
    • rumors are that the translation of non curo into I do not care is not accurateuan
  • hans_glib13
    • ewww :Dsted
    • HeheheheApeRobot
    • lolmoldero
    • +100monospaced
    • LOLzarkonite
    • italian food before french is how it goes.neverscared
    • @neverscared: https://mk0brilliant…zarkonite
    • @zarkonite That's great, but I just want to throw a wrench in the gears. IIRC tomatoes were introduced to Europe via conquistadors returning from the Americas.garbage
    • Then it took Italians a couple hundred years to start to use them correctly.garbage
    • @zarkonite LOLKrassy
    • Italians weren't the conquistadors. they were the cooks. They did the same with potatoes and gnocchi.hotroddy
    • Everything related to culinary arts originated in France.

      It stays.
    • @garbage most staples actually originated from south america, I have no idea how people ate in europe before they found america! No wonder they had wars overzarkonite
    • salt... no tomatoes, potatoes, spices, cacao, corn, beans, peppers, etc.zarkonite
    • @hotroddy I know, I was saying the Spanish introduced them to Europe from the Americas, and the Italians were slow to incorporate them into their cooking.garbage
    • @zark, and I believe every single pepper, hot or otherwise, came from S. America. Meaning all spicy food didn't exist anywhere on the planet without them.monospaced
    • While I would hop on any opportunity to eat great French food, I usually have no problem passing on Italian in general. It's just not that inpsiring.monospaced
    • I mean, finding unique names for each of the five billions shapes of pasta they insist on differentiating might be impressive to some people ... meh,monospaced
    • Beyond their staples, everything else just seems to be done better by others.monospaced
    • @mono Some noodles you can toss, some you gotta have. Cacio e pepe bucatini, *muah*.garbage
    • Oh yes. That one. Butter and a crack of pepper. Let’s charge $15monospaced
    • French Food = https://media1.giphy…utopian
    • i´am in the- safe to eat zone-. puhh made it , i guess.neverscared
    • @mono $15 cacio e pepe? Butter and a crack of pepper? You're at the wrong place, and that's not cacio e pepe.garbage
    • The right place is your kitchen. Grated Pecorino, a wall of pepper, olive oil, a tiny dab of butter and pasta water for the sauce.garbage
    • Trust me. I know what it is. Believe it or not I’m a pretty big foodie living in nyc for over a decade after San Francisco for a decade. I’ve had the best of itmonospaced
    • It tastes good sure. But it’s not fine cuisine and that’s what We are talking about here.monospaced
    • Ha, I wasn't saying you didn't know. Just had to defend a fave. Like ratatouille, if you do it right it is fine cuisine.garbage
    • Ratatouille is a peasant dish, originally made from leftovers. A fine cuisine take on it is certainly nice butdyspl
    • The best is still some overdue veggies slow cooked and eaten with a « œuf au plat » along with some bread :)dyspl
    • LolGnash
    • @dyspl Duh, that's kind of my point. There's something ineffable about taking something simple and making it great.garbage
    • I think there was a movie about it, but the name escapes me atm.garbage
  • Ramanisky22

    News of the day...

    If this isn’t the best news of the day then I don’t know what is.

    —-Nicolas Cage to play Nicolas Cage in movie about Nicolas Cage…

    • He may have maybe possibly perhaps heard of "Being John Malkovich" ? No?Krassy
    • “Being Nicholas Cage“ will be amazingRamanisky2
    • One of the worst actors whoever lived. He's essentially a block of cheese.CyBrainX
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  • i_monk1
    • What ever happened to the Saul bass version?
    • What exactly did they rebrand? Looks almost identical to the previous version.utopian
    • it got fatter, so they've returned it back to it's former svelte selfhans_glib
    • LOL they threw in a Fibonacci spiral sequence to make it look all "Hey, we did something". Pathetic.garbage
    • Wow, that Fibonacci is so freshman year.omahadesigns
    • New typeface is very nice, although the whole thing has a vintage flair I don't understand, doesn't seem made to last.sr_rosa
    • Having one made by Saul Bass, that already has history and has aged spectacularly well, and not using it, totally blows my mind.sr_rosa
    • love the saul bass one, but always tought that was for warner tv_niko
    • this got to be a joke righthelloeatbreathedrive
    • LOL @fibonacci.renderedred
    • also, saul bass version is acerenderedred
    • as overused as the fib series overly is, in it's a great way to define a curveGnash
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    Pic of the Day

    Parallel Worlds.

  • ok_not_ok7
    • pancreatic cancer killed my dad - it's one of the most fatal cancers and she beat it.sarahfailin
    • She is tough as nails. Respect!tank02
    • I think Donald is unintentionally keeping here strong.CyBrainX
  • Gnash6
    • ‘Algorithm Can Remove the Water from Underwater Photos‘Gnash
    • kewl.utopian
    • gtfo. amazing!sarahfailin
    • imagine augmented reality underwater gogglessarahfailin
    • cool. some people makes cool thingBennn
    • But I like the original images so much better!Krassy
    • I would need to watch finding nemo through algorithm to determine what I like better.uan
    • lolKrassy
    • seems just like colour correction to me...inteliboy
    • ^ that's what I thought at first, but apparently it's notGnash
    • robots are comin yo!helloeatbreathedrive
    • agressive sharks still give zero fucks thoBustySaintClaire
    • Her name Derya means Sea in Turkish. She was born for thisBeeswax
    • in that case her parents programmed her to do thisuan
    • But they left the little color checker card in the picture.boobs
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  • nb5


    Why is the MacBook more expensive than Dell?

    I bought a MBP in 2004, used it for design, photography, video. Was both my work and personal computer. Travelled the world with it. It died in 2013. Nine years of use.

    In 2013, I replaced it with a refurbished MBP. Six years of use and I'm thinking it might be nice to get a one, but I'll probably keep this for a couple more years. It has no issues, runs fine.

    Know anyone using a 2013 Dell for graphics work?

    Amortized over the years, the Mac is cheaper. And arguably better for the environment.

    Now, if you need the latest spec each year or two for Pro work, maybe the Mac isn't the best value. You should calculate cost of ownership, including resale value.

    I'm not saying the last few years of Apple laptops has been good. It hasn't. But the 16" is a step in the right direction.

    • And also, yeah, part of it is the luxury tax.nb
    • I'd be very surprised if there weren't oodles of people quietly beavering away on old Dells without much thought about it.Nairn
    • I don't like Dell, but they're solidly-built, unfussy machines and given the cost difference, can come with better specs than Apple meaning they'll last longerNairn
    • I have an old Dell I still use that's probably 2011. My Precision running W2000 works perfectly fine, too.formed
    • That Precision is from something like 2004, fyi.formed
    • I'd take a Dell with Mac OS running smoothly. I hate the Windows environment.i_monk
    • Seconded, my Macs always last a long time and I've been able to fix/upgrade everything I needed to.mathinc
    • I just retired my 2012 iMac. My 2015 laptop is still a beast, just upgraded the SSD and I'll probably keep it another 3 years or so.mathinc
    • I've had little bugs here and there, but I just can't hang with the Microsoft operating system.mathinc
    • I’m still rocking a 2011 mbpGnash
    • Y'all using these Dells to run Adobe CC 2019 apps?!nb
    • I mean your old Dells. It's fine if it still works, but does it still "work" work?nb
    • If you are not willing to invest $$$ in something you'll spend 40+ hours a week working on, than I'd say you're a "windows guy".

      : )
    • Most Dell hardware can be had cheaper than Apple, and on paper the specs are generally better. This was always the case.evilpeacock
    • But I've IT'ed a fleet of Dell laptops and had to do multiple part replacements frequently. And drivers aren't updated as much as the component vendors.evilpeacock
    • And Dell support software was stuck in an endless security backdoor scandal which sucked up IT resources.evilpeacock
    • Dell vs Apple cost-of-ownership was kind of a wash, with Dells needing more support and having more downtime for that. YMMV of course, it depends on what you doevilpeacock
    • Ha! Gnash, me too 2011 mbp still going strong running adobe cc flawlessly including after effects work_niko
    • My current MBP is from 2009. Only use it for work the odd time but its still going strong. I will finally replace it with the new release though.desmo
    • Also, Apple has always been significantly more expensive since day 1. If price is a big factor for you, then the choice should be easy.desmo
    • anything can last, that's a false measure, especially if you keep fixing it! My 2018 MBP is broken, lasted 15 months. I own a tshirt I got 10 years ago.craigatkinson
    • Longevity isn't a measure of goodnesscraigatkinson
    • Look at avacado. They only last a day or two, but they're great, and expensive, and a unibody shell.craigatkinson
    • Although, if I bought Apple stock with the money I spent on my first Mac, I’d have retired years agoGnash
    • Have a 2010 Dell that works great for most things still. It a little too slow for video work but for Photoshop and Illustrator and general use its still good.webazoot
    • Had to replace the keyboard about three years ago and strip it apart to clean the fan out a couple of times but other than that...webazoot
    • @desmo Have also a 2009 MBP and running smoothly still with 8GB ram, idk why ppl complain - apple is more expensive but they last 3-4 x of any regular laptopgrafician
    • Waiting for the 16" FULL screen tho' maybe in 2 generations to upgrade for something like $5k and last me past 2025 at leastgrafician
    • I have a few MBPs from 2011 still going, just had RAM, SSD and battery upgrades but they work really well overall.evilpeacock
    • We ran a Power Mac G4 "Smurf" tower "legacy" backup server for 19 years before the power supply gave up. Got our $4K value out of that for sure.evilpeacock
    • Cuz people are buying mb. If people didn't buy then they'd be cheaperHayoth
    • I still use my Dell Precision M6800 laptop for all my work. I bought it 2014 or something like that. It's the size of an old VCR though.haga
    • @craigatkinson You're literally comparing Apples to Avocados!!! :)nb
    • Longevity may not be all that matters, but this is a machine which I use for work so cost-of-ownership is highly relevant.nb
    • Our stories are anecdotal. However, it is possible that a MBP could have lower cost of ownership than a Dell, there is little reason to buy Dell.nb
    • ...unless you really love Dell and want to drop the extra cash on it. ;)nb
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  • Krassy5
    • I could only hope to ever be so smooth.lemmy_k
    • Cat: gtfo Andy
      Andy: mm-k
    • that is fucken intimidatingBeeswax
  • mg330

    Vid of the Day

    Does the process of laying cable deep in the ocean to connect two different continents blow anyone else mind?

    • people who post in the capitalism thread believe this shit fell from the skyhotroddy
    • That‘s one long cable. But also sturdy. I mean how many fishiez are biting on it?NBQ00
    • it just freaks me out to know it's stretched over undersea mountains, cliffs, thousands of miles, hundreds or thousands of feet deep.mg33
    • What's even more astounding to me is that we first did this back in the 1900s - https://en.wikipedia…Nairn
    • Always amazed me too! Its crazyBennn
    • Lol hotroddyHijoDMaite
  • mg332


    Before I press send... is there anything wrong with CC'ing a company's CEO on an email reply for unsolicited marketing crap and completely failed crap, at that?

    The CEO puts his email on the website with the message "If you have a comment or suggestion, send a confidential email directly to our CEO."

    I got a message in August, didn't reply. I got a follow-up in September, didn't reply. Now, I get the following from them today:

    "Yes, absolutely! If you can send over the files, we can get it sent off to our production team to make a quote for you. Do you mind telling me what kind of print collateral, so that I can advise the production team? Also, please let me know if you have any questions – I would be happy to answer them for you. Looking forward to assisting!"

    I never wrote them about anything. Never had a conversation with them. It was all unsolicited to begin with.

    • can we haz email?CALLES
    • if it's a random company that you don't do business with, I don't see why notmonospaced
    • yeah, we don't do business with them at all.mg33
    • I said "If it's helpful that I CC your company's CEO to resolve this issue, please let me know. Otherwise, I don't expect any further messages from you."mg33
    • CC'd their info email address.mg33
    • So apparently they replied to the wrong person (me) when they meant to respond to someone else. On an email from September 13th...mg33
    • I thought that might be the casemonospaced
  • craigatkinson0


    quick price comparison, which is making me consider jumping over...again

    New 16" MBP
    2.4GHz 8-core 9th-generation Intel Core i9 processor, Turbo Boost up to 5.0GHz
    32GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory
    AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6 memory
    2TB SSD storage
    3 yr Apple Care

    TOTAL £4200 / £3900 (student)

    Dell XPS 15 (15.6")
    Same spec except NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5
    plus 3 year next day on site fix

    £2650 / £2400 student

    £1.5k extra for the mac. I get the OS argument, but I've had some shit from Apple this year with things breaking and OS bugs which are unresolved, so can it be much different?

    windows 'ecosystem' arguably better for kids to get into too, for school etc, but apple have imessage /facetime / airdrop / ease of all that. Apple tax though...seems a lot for phone, computers, tablets combined, £1000s

    Looking for answers...not expecting to find any

    • it's entirely down to you. either you want a mac, in which case pony up the extra £££. or you just want a laptop in which case get the dell.hans_glib
    • or do what i did and get a second hand macbook pro from macbank. and it helps save the planet at the same time, apparently.hans_glib
    • I know that, more I'm questioning the benefit of a mac. It can't just be vanity, surely?craigatkinson
    • er, yes it can be.hans_glib
    • Some of it comes down to fit and finish and quality of individual build parts beyond just processors. Milled aluminum and premium stuff.monospaced
    • Dude. The equivalent dell is the same price and not as powerful.monospaced
    • The Mac is so much more expensive in the UK anyway, I guess because of the Brexit crap or something.NBQ00
    • mono, the equiv dell is £1500 less and arguably more powerful - see my post!
      premium stuff? Do you mean a nice box?
    • This is with all the high end specs and add ons...but I'm seeing it come out to something like $1000 cheaper on Apple's main site in the US.yuekit
    • ok, but I'm in the UK, and its the same spec as the dellcraigatkinson
    • Hmmm where can you see the price for the high end XPS? Having trouble finding it on Dell's site.yuekit
    • I have no doubt Apple is more expensive for the same specs, but you might also be seeing an exaggerated version of the price because of where you live.yuekit
    • choose based on the software you use, i'm in the process of switching but it's going to take a few years due to my reliance on FCP and Logickingsteven
    • running a hackintosh and doing all my dev and design work in Win 10 and it wasnt much of a fuss to switchkingsteven
    • yuekit, the price is the price- its not exaggerated. Dells - just make the thing and put in the basket - price goes up along the way. Maybe diff out of uk?craigatkinson
    • Look at Lenovo's X1 too. Some great sales going on right now (like 30-40% off). I got my nephew a killer machine for $1300.formed
    • and it's not even vanity at this point, it's just consumer naivete (just like Volvo still is thought of as being "safer").formed
    • The high end 15" Dell XPS is listed at $2,999. THat's the same as the MBP 16", which has a better display.monospaced
    • Apple charges more because they can. They know their massive marketing campaigns work well. Gotta pay the ad agencies somehow!formed
    • Proof? Click here:…monospaced
    • silly wabbits, macs are for girls and non techie types like boomersmoldero
    • The Dell is $200 more here, at least.monospaced
    • mono, I'll email you my receipt. And they knocked an extra £100 off, £2300 for a better spec than the 16" mbp as shown in my post. I'm talking £ not $ UK pricecraigatkinson
    • I believe you. But over here, the MBP is cheaper, not half price. THat's all.monospaced
    • I don't know how the Dell would be $2,999 dollars and only €2650 euro. I don't think it's the same specs as the one I linked to. Oh well.monospaced
    • You can find great sales on Dell's and Lenovo's, knocking the prices down another 20-40%.formed