For a better tomorrow.

  • palimpsest3
    • The French are not happy.palimpsest
    • AP: The government of the Snail-eating snobbish dicks moved forward with a fiercely contested pensions reform plan that would raise the retirement age to 64sted
    • You say snail-eating as if it was a bad thing.palimpsest
    • Also: the government is not the people.palimpsest
    • "Also: the government is not people".

      Clearly, they've all been vaxxed.
    • *The government is not the not-people?
    • I'd vote for tomato.Continuity
    • Ha, tweet deletedGnash
    • What about The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?Wordsworth
    • They took it down because people suffering from Frenchness found it offensive.palimpsest
    • Some of my closest friends have frenchinessGnash
    • What's the alternative expression for the French?drgs
    • I have a wife with frenchiness. She's not going to be happy. Is there a vaccine?Morning_star
    • Le french_niko
    • People of French persuasion?_niko
    • People that identify as French?_niko
    • Cheese eating surrendering monkeys?_niko
    • FrogsMorning_star
    • Assigned French at birth. But even that is controversial.palimpsest
  • shapesalad2


    My former local church burned down:…

    Europe is losing a lot of historic churches recently:

    • God works in mysterious ways.palimpsest
    • The houses along that street are worth £20m+ and have those super deep basements etc. I'm sure a local whip around will soon yield a sizeable kitty.shapesalad
    • To rebuild the roof with. Or it becomes a mosque.shapesalad
    • you may as well just say it, shape.Fax_Benson
    • Thoughts and prayers?shapesalad
    • Say the line, shape!palimpsest
    • war on christmaszardoz
    • the danes arrived!!!oey_oey
    • ok.. "the line".shapesalad
    • Built in 1846, survived being bombed in 1941. Grade II listed. The organ sounded awesome, sadly gone.shapesalad
    • Not religious myself, but churches are in a world of houses+shops & offices. We need non commercial local places to gather, not revolving around beer or sports.shapesalad
    • That are welcoming and for the benefit of locals, especially elderly.shapesalad
    • I met some lovely Ukrainians there when we had a fundraiser after the war started.shapesalad
    • Not only do they benefit the elderly but also the young.palimpsest
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  • Akagiyama14
    • + tomatopalimpsest
    • Poor tomato.Continuity
    • Is that tomato contagious?Continuity
    • Anything to divert from acknowdging the fact that the vaccine is killing people. I get it.Rendle
    • Of course it is, dear.Continuity
    • How many people did the vaccine kill today rendle?monospaced
    • Well, I think we can all agree that tomato is poorly. It got the jab, and it looks like it won't last the night.Continuity
    • :)))))sted
    • That's just what big tomato wants you to thinkrobotinc
    • Big Bolopalimpsest
    • When is Rendle going to die from the vaccine? Hurry up and bore off.shapesalad
    • See it's when we start wishing death on people that things start to become a bit weird. Really? For having a different opinion?Rendle
    • Got wooshed there, because the joke is that vaccine wouldn't kill you. Back to plane mode with you.garbage
    • You seem equally gleeful about all of the vaxxers dropping dead from their uninformed decision making.bogue
    • Certainly not full of glee, though I do believe the world would be a better place if everyone that believes everything the TV tells them were gone.Rendle
    • For any kind soul out there, I still don't know how a GM tomato is not a tomato.palimpsest
    • Think of it as tomato+.
      Solanum lycopersicum superius.
    • Finally!
    • I don’t trust the sauce.MrT
    • Will you change your tune when people aren’t actually dying of the vaccine? Like will you disappear?monospaced
    • According to Rendle there are NO HUMANS dying from the vaccine.palimpsest
  • utopian5

    Midjourney AI

    my first attempt

    • Text is dope! I haven't used Midjourney in ages but it does seem to get really good imagesPhanLo
    • I did played around with Dall-e and Stable Diffusion...I ended up preferring the image quality, speed, user groups in the discord better than the others.utopian
    • The interface and usability is horrendous across the board.utopian
    • I spent at least 100+ hour watching YouTube videos on using and writing prompts, parameters, coding, etc... It might of been easier to learn Russian.utopian
    • nice results, utopian!Krassy
    • prompt?pango
  • _niko3


    The aftermath

    • Classic project Veritas entrapment gotcha journalism._niko
    • Lol dude thought he was on a date and was trying to impress his date with bs in hopes of getting laid. I think we’ve all been there_niko
    • As costanza famously said: I once told a girl that I invented the phase ‘pardon my French’_niko
    • Haha. Ya, I totally lied to get laid! Nice tryGnash
    • Nothing at all about vaccines killing people, maybe he was saving that for the second date.yuekit
    • Nothing about this story is really about vaccines killing anyone... read up on the possible gain of function research being made to ‘stay ahead’ of the virus, yuePonyBoy
    • That was the conspiracy up until yesterday wasn't it? :)yuekit
    • I think maybe some caution is needed considering their past actions.…
    • it's weird that he doesn't act like he's responsible for anything at all, he is like a whiny bitch. this just makes harder to believe that he isn't an actor.sted
    • Google has scrubbed all results on him and his LinkedIn is gone. They are panicking because they know we're on to them.palimpsest
    • not too sure why everyone is losing over this covid mutation thing. after all it's simply using virus as a vector for delivery, a technology that;s been aroundhans_glib
    • @hans_glib
      What is "using [a] virus as a vector for delivery"?
    • @palimpsest yeah i see that too, those things can be done by himself... i'm not questioning his existence just that the importance of this is not so huge.sted
    • "i'm surrounded by five white people"zardoz
  • hydro746
    • AHAHAHA :D:Dsted
    • This is why dopepope no longer comes around.palimpsest
  • Continuity9

    Comic Books ...

    Re-read this whole arc last night for the first time since I was 17, when it came out. Easily one of Marvel's best stories, and I'd forgotten just how awesome Barry Windsor-Smith is.

    • agree, it was so mind-blowing at the time, BWS is a true master._niko
    • Some of it didn't age very well, though. Specifically, the whole helpless 'little lady' thing with Hines, but OK. Still.Continuity
    • So many of these to revisit, but the memory of reading them as a teen is still vivid.spl33nidoru
    • Sadly I realise I've completely lost the awe at comic artwork since giving up drawing.
      I still appreciate it but don't feel the fascination I used to :(
  • sea_sea6
    • When you up at 5am while all everyone you know is fast asleep it really puts your life into perspective.palimpsest
    • You're less than a decade away from a retirement home.palimpsest
    • Yep, 5am? I'm usually out the door by then. It's 3:40am rn ughsea_sea
    • In that case you got one foot in the grave. You're older than my mum.palimpsest
    • you're ruthless, palimpsestdrgs
    • Thank you!palimpsest
    • Since I quit smoking, I sleep like a baby...maybe too much, but never it's too much ;)OBBTKN
    • I can’t drink coffee all day anymore. Take a shower before bed nightly. I know girls don’t do that though, because your hair and skin and all..HijoDMaite
    • I've gone from being able to drink coffee 10 minutes before bedtime in my 20s to drinking coffee 6 hours before my bedtime at 46. The window keeps closing.palimpsest
    • If I drink coffee after, say, 13.00, I'm in trouble. I can kiss a good night's sleep good-bye.Continuity
    • My cutoff is 16h it shortens by 15min each year :-(palimpsest
    • Well, you still have time to enjoy a late-ish coffee, kiddo. I've got you beat by 3 years. ;)Continuity
    • Had a grandma for lunch over this week, she told me she couldn't take anything after 12h. Now I know how to roofie her.palimpsest
    • When that leg twitching, blame the coffee.palimpsest
    • See? You're an incurable romantic, I told you!Continuity
    • You know I added that extra comment jus4U!palimpsest
    • I did have a gramma over tho. ;-)palimpsest
    • Rawr!Continuity
    • I mean ... marychain, is that you?!Continuity
    • "De buen vino, buen vinagre"palimpsest
    • Never saw insomnia as an age thing, had it all my life. And sleepwalking, sleeprunning, night terrors, etc. Part of the game for me.garbage
    • But it sucks, and sorry you're having it.garbage
    • Yeah that suxxx.
      *passes the joint to sea
    • Karma's a bitch! I went to bed at 10pm and ended up waking at 2:30 this morning. Took me 1 hour to fall back asleep but didn't proper sleep from then on.palimpsest
  • palimpsest2
      I'd eat you alive. Though I wouldn't want to get infected with that mRNA.
    • :)Rendle
    • It just shows what kind of a man, using the term loosely, that you are though, posting photos hereRendle
    • What that neck do?palimpsest
    • There's mRNA everywhere now, it's like forever chemicalsyuekit
    • You're commenting on the neck wrinkles and not the forehead ones? lolRendle
    • Could catch a frisbee with my foreheadRendle
    • Ribbed for my pleasure.palimpsest
    • You do look like a bit of a gay cunt, to be fair...Rendle
    • Shall we get back to discussing the vaccines or?Rendle
    • If that neck do what you say it do
      You can swallow evidence
      They'll never have a clue
    • I seeRendle
    • For the record, despite my persona here, I'm full of love and I'm sure if we were all in a room together we'd get on fine, despite disagreeing on certain thing.Rendle
    • sRendle
    • The thing is, I never disagreed with you. Go back and read it all.
      It's all you, baby.
    • Let's keep it 1000, it doesn't matter a single bit if anyone agrees with you or not because having a conversation is not what you're about.palimpsest
    • https://www.diggitma…pockets
    • I've fought off at least 7 of those 5G batsRendle
    • idk what happened, you argued much more sensibly in the paststed
  • palimpsest0


    Gas vs Induction

    This has been discussed before. Here's my do your own research take.
    Fire is pretty but I'm looking strictly for heat when cooking. In indoors home cooking induction has a much precise heat control, output and efficiency.
    Gas BTU: 20,000
    Induction BTU: 40,000
    And with induction there's almost no heat loss.
    Induction is able to deliver roughly 80% to 90% of its electromagnetic energy to the food in the pan. Compare that to gas, which converts a mere 38% of its energy, and electric, which can only manage roughly 70%.

    If you wanna build a fire pit, get a top of the line barbecue or an outdoor wok burner that's good. As a far as I can tell, indoors induction is king.

    • Can't say I disagree with any of this.
      There's also the small matter of the release of indoor air pollutants with gas stoves, like NO2.
    • Yes induction, except those hobs beep at you constantly and are fussy about the type of pan you use. Gas = your wonky carbon steel pan is no problem.shapesalad
    • You get a drop of water or misplace a pan on an induction hob and the thing is bloody beeping at you. Worth thinking about.shapesalad
    • I've been forced to change from 10 of my better cooking years with induction to gas since I've moved and I'm eager to go back home.palimpsest
    • LOL, shapesalad.
      Why are you dropping water on your induction stove and why don't you have a wipe cloth at hand when cooking?
    • If I'm dumb enough to put a lid on a pot while cooking pasta the overflow of water will kill the gas flame. I just turn it back on, gas is not at fault.palimpsest
    • the only thing gas is better is the initial heating speed. otherwise induction out performs in every aspectspango
    • wait... carbon steel should be fine with induction. did you get a cheap one mixed in with aluminium?pango
    • Thanks for that info, pango. Carbon steel is compatible with induction, unless you got it from a Happy Meal™.palimpsest
    • compatible with induction = carbon steel, cast-iron, stainless steel, enamel cast-iron, enamel carbon steel.pango
    • not compatible with induction = aluminium,
      aluminium none stick, *ceramic none stick, copper, glass.
    • Not compatible with induction: Aluminium, glass, solid copper, Play-Doh.palimpsest
    • did you just "umm actually" me?pango
    • I did not, how do you reckon that? Was it mean adding Play-Doh to the list?
      I'm here for you, your opinion counts.
    • Did I get your pronouns wrong?palimpsest
    • I'm interested in learning about how this has become about me offending you.palimpsest
    • My input: Induction for indoors, charcoal to cook meat or fish on the grill, and wood for paellasOBBTKN
    • @OBBTKN
      Yep, that's why I made that distinction.
    • lol i was just messing aroundpango
    • Just a prank, bro.palimpsest
    • what was the prank?pango
    • Exactly.palimpsest
    • We have both gas and induction. Gas one is a single burner mostly Wok cooking. Fire does Wok cooking better.microkorg
    • yeepango
    • @pango
      Yep, that's I thought.
    • RE Carbon steel - the pan over time warps, and isn't super flat, no problem for gas. To flatten it out, you need to hammer it = very noisy.shapesalad
    • @shapesalad
      Fair enough.
    • Wood fire makes the tastiest food.pablo28
    • Gas tastes better in the oven. Gas is faster on the stovetop. I have induction now and prefer my old gas stove.imbecile
    • If you can’t taste the difference, you’re not cooking anything that matters.imbecile
    • OK, chief!palimpsest
    • No one here mentioned HOW you cook where induction fails miserably, I am always flipping and slamming heavy pans, they wear out, glass would shatterprophetone
    • Shrek has entered the chat.palimpsest
    • To me induction is great if you would like to calmly bring a Consommé to a boil while sipping a cab sav, listening to Wagnerprophetone
    • I can continue happily using gas or i can spend thousands tearing out my walls, redesigning and replacing my existing electrical system and buying a new stovescarabin
    • It sounds like a pain in the arsescarabin
    • Induction sure looks sexy thoughscarabin
    • so easy to fuck up the Induction cooker and that constant fear of breaking the glass, eh idk, i'm not a fan.sted
    • @sted
      We've seen those guns, understandable.
    • I have a new induction top, and I hate it. If you have one, get some of the mats so your pots don't spin all over the galaxy.garbage
    • Imbecile. I'm not sure how to compare gas oven with induction oven...pango
    • Pablo. Fuck yeah woodfire stove top. Now we're talking.pango
    • I think it's the same logic with car engines. If you have a functional gas engine, don't just throw it out and get a new electric one.pango
    • I'm building at the moment and went for AEG induction. I also plan to get a single 65k BTU gas bottle powered burner for using a wok.BuddhaHat
    • It will live by my pizza oven outside.BuddhaHat
    • ^ gas should always go out sidepango
  • _niko0


    your cherry picked 5 ministers out of a possible 25,000 worldwide (countries, provinces and cities) aside, with 5 seconds of using the internets properly you can see that the following are ACTUALLY the

    Danish Health Minister



    LA (is beingpuerto-rican a health issue?)

    • It's a fucking funny meme you cuntRendle
    • I absolutely love the fact you've just spent time trying to find healthy looking health ministers on Google images. That is fucking hilarious.Rendle
    • Was Quebec seriously in the top 3 you could find? LOLRendle
    • These were the health ministers during the first wave of covid. Who would have guessed that health ministers change from time to time?Rendle
    • lol no man, just showing you the ones you posted but current versions. Not ministers from the 80's in all their mulleted glory._niko
    • yeah and the Quebec dude is a Erdogan clone which is a whole other issue_niko
    • If this is the only thing you can spend time pulling me up on then I assume we're in agreement about the vaccine. LolRendle
    • ok, you win, now go back to the tomato question_niko
    • la lady has been reanimated compared to her previous picturehans_glib
    • Google Maggie de Block. Surely we can all just laugh at the fact that she was genuinely the health minister of DenmarkRendle
    • Google is corrupt MSM. You'll have to go to Denmark and laugh in her face.Fax_Benson
    • to be sure, to be sure.Fax_Benson
    • I'd have to laugh at the left side of her face and then walk for a few minutes to laugh at the right sideRendle
    • Funny_niko
    • FYI, Maggie de Block is the former health minister of Belgium. Last time I check, Belgium isn't Denmark.Continuity
    • At least unlike some of the other conspiracy nuts/ fascists on here and in general you have a sense of humour._niko
    • If you're going to go down that road to try and score some cheap points, at least make an effort, you cretin.Continuity
    • You're right, I got the country wrong.Rendle
    • Niko, you're in support of locking people in their homes, forcing them to close their businesses and firing people unless they take experimental injections...Rendle
    • ... and you think I'M the fascist? Wow.Rendle
    • You think that we shouldn't have open debate or discussion about the dangers of said experimental injections, and I'm the fascist?Rendle
    • I'm championing freedom to choose, and freedom of debate, and somehow you've rationalised that I'm the fascist here?Rendle
    • You’re not having a debate, you’re screaming at everyone much like a certain moustachioed Bavarian gentleman_niko
    • Or Austrian whatever, you’ve been proven wrong so many times with facts, figures and just logic and still you won’t accept that you’re wrong_niko
    • You follow a strict unwavering narrative and hammer square pegs into round holes of logic just to try to make it fit_niko
    • So much so that we’ve all given up and have started throwing tomatoes..._niko
    • Well. GMO tomatoes.Continuity
    • Apparently, there's a difference.Continuity
    • There isn't?Rendle
    • I used to have a certain amount of respect for you continuity, but, what?Rendle
    • maybe it's not him and its you?pango
  • palimpsest1


    Why is a genetically modified tomato no longer a tomato?

    • because it had to get to the other side?hans_glib
    • Finally, a solid answer!
      I've been asking Rendle the same question in 20 different ways.
    • Species can be defined by DNA but also, and more usually Sexual Compatibility, Karyotype, Morphology or Ecological Niche.Morning_star
    • Tomatogate.
      Worth the read:…
    • You genuinely don't understand the difference between a tomato and a genetically modified tomato?Rendle
    • @Morning_star
      So is it no longer a tomato?
    • You genuinely don't understand that the act of genetically modifying something, makes it a different thing to the original? Genuinely?Rendle
    • Why oh why am I wasting time talking to youRendle
    • an apple grafted from another apple tree is genetically modified. Is it still not an apple?_niko
    • What is the genus of this non-tomato?
      What are we to call it?
    • @_niko
      According to Rendle it's not. He'll call it an apple but claim it's not an apple.
    • We were talking about legality. You can't own the rights to an organism created by nature, but if you GM it, you can.Rendle
    • How are you not able to fathom that simple concept?Rendle
    • I think he still hasn't understood my question.palimpsest
    • I have already accepted you can claim ownership to a GM tomato. I just want to know how it's no longer a tomato.palimpsest
    • You're now a genetically modified human being you daft cunt. Deal with it.Rendle
    • I accepted that the very first time you posted it.
      I want to know how this tomato is no longer a tomato!!!!
    • Scratch that, I don't care how it becomes a non-tomato. I only want to know it's taxonomical classification.palimpsest
    • Somebody help me.
      It's a simple question.
    • You have no concept whatsoever as to how much of a fool you sound, do you?Rendle
    • I guess I don't.palimpsest
    • You say tomato I ask tomato?palimpsest
    • If you understand the concept of the GM human being we were discussing, which was the whole point of the tomato analogy...Rendle
    • ... then why the utter living fuck are you still going on about tomatoes? You've literally made about 20 posts about tomatoesRendle
    • ... and you don't even have an inkling into how much of a fool you're coming across?Rendle
    • Yes, that's the point. I've had to ask about tomatoes in 20 different ways because you brought them up and you still haven't answered a simple question.palimpsest
    • We can talk about the taxonomy of GM humans if you prefer.palimpsest
    • I have to confess I'm a bit scared since you seem to place GM tomatoes outside of the genus or kingdom even?palimpsest
    • You really are a fucking half wit, aren't you.Rendle
    • I've seen your qbn mugs. It all made perfect sense when I saw that. You're a low testosterone beta male simp.Rendle
    • Emotional damage dot gifpalimpsest
  • zardoz0
    • preemptively developed vaccines. oh joy.zardoz
    • These cunts need to hang for this.zardoz
    • Let's get this straight. They didn't create the vaccine for covid-19. They created covid-19 for the vaccine.Rendle
    • Wow. How long before the ‘he’s a paid actor’ narrative starts. Pfizer is busy scrubbing the Internet todayGnash
    • guys actually believe this stuff and are now literally calling for executions, SMH.yuekit
    • Lol okGnash
    • Is he real
    • Jean-Baptiste Lamarck has entered the chat.palimpsest
    • Lamarck ftw! Use it or lose it, bitchsGnash
    • Lamarck was more of a fake it til you make it kinda guy.palimpsest
    • Project Veritas. An American far-right activist group. Are you that fucking stupid, cunts?crazyprick
    • Those fuckers have a history of lying and manipulating shit. Jesus fuck, the world is full of retards.crazyprick
    • And Pfizer doesn't? lol
      And lol at far right. You'll believe any propaganda you're fed, won't you?
    • Pfizer holds the largest criminal fine in history for lying and manipulating shit.
    • Some of the 'logic' and hypocrisy here is truly entertaining, I'll give you that.Rendle
    • Yeah, for illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products. And you can check their other fuck ups. And suddenly they're into mass murdering. Fuck offcrazyprick
    • Seems like possibly a short-sighted business strategy to genocide your customers. Who they gonna sell drugs to after we're all dead?yuekit
    • Money is not the end goal.Rendle
    • What percentage of people who take the vaccine will die?yuekit
    • How the utter fuck do you think I know?Rendle
    • The only organisms dying from the vaccine are non-humans. There have been 0 humans deaths from the vaccine.palimpsest
  • milfhunter5


    Yesterday i visited for the first time a live football (soccer) match. Was more fun than i thought.

    • Past night made some baked chickens to watch a game of a local team on TV, it was good!
      And I "hate" football ;)
    • There is'nt nothing that a little roast chicken, cider and cheese can't solve!OBBTKN
    • "I visited..." FLMAO!oey_oey
  • fadein114
  • palimpsest3


    @set @Hench @Rendle
    Let's get this shit straight.
    You claimed that vaxed people were no longer human (Homo sapiens) which I completely accepted.

    As far as I know I'm the only one that's ever accepted one of your stupid claims. You keep coming back crying about how nobody listens to you but still fail to see me raising my hand and nodding in agreement.

    I base all my logic on YOUR claim. You still haven't provided me with a scientific name for these non Homo sapiens so I just refer to them as non-humans. All my logic is based on YOUR claim.

    If vaxed people are dying, it means that NO HUMANS (Homo sapiens) are dying. Because vaxed people are no longer Homo sapiens.

    This is not ridicule, it's logic.
    Do you not agree with your own claim that vaxed people are no longer Homo sapiens? If you don't then why lead us through a wrong path?

    Don't answer in the sidenotes make a proper post.

    Yours truly,

    • ....palimpsest
    • still waiting...palimpsest
    • I've not made one single statement "crying about how nobody listens to me".Rendle
    • What on earth are you even talking about? Do I not agree with my own claim? What?Rendle
    • Thank you for confirming that you're a completely inept half wit not worth even bothering to read let alone respond to furtherRendle
    • Of course I agree with my own claim you idiot.Rendle
    • Thanks, chief!palimpsest
    • I was under the impression we weren't on the same page on account of you claiming ridicule on every post I make on this thread.palimpsest
    • Dry your tears.palimpsest
    • So, can we agree that 0 homo sapiens have died from the Covid vaccine? Or is that still up for discussion?palimpsest
    • If we follow your tomato logic I guess this would even place vaxed humans outside of the Homo genus? What would their taxonomic group be?palimpsest
  • palimpsest0


    Other than carbon steel pans getting bent out of shape what are the other pros of gas?

    • Good for cooking in wook, or doing paellas too... I like it for quick meals, but I don't use it a lotOBBTKN
    • Your lack of experience in the kitchen is showing. Induction is better than gas the way that cds are better than records. They’re not. They’re just newer.imbecile
    • OK, chief!palimpsest
    • I grew up in a restaurant. Fire and charcoal cooking is part of my dna now. I’ve not trying induction but I may be too old a dog to learn anywayGnash
    • You can still make dinner during a blackoutscarabin
    • Now we talking!palimpsest
    • Gnash: There are millions of home cooks making amazing dishes on a gas range right now because they know the craft.palimpsest
    • But from a technical point of view of heat control and efficiency I gotta give it to induction.palimpsest
  • pango4
    • said the cockroaches and lice that were already there..._niko
    • _niko beat meimbecile
    • nice, keep these scumbags in thereNBQ00
    • It's his pay for being a total jerk, enjoy!!OBBTKN
    • Why so much hate over the tate's?ApeRobot
    • you think human trafficking, possible rape and abuse and overall acting like a douche isn't enough to hate them?NBQ00
    • ^
      Innocent until proven guilty?
    • He looks pretty guilty though. What's the alternative explanation for why he had women held prisoner in his house?yuekit
    • This is good news!necromation
    • The are allegations, we need proofs.ApeRobot
    • No one seems to care about epstein list, tate is the new devil.ApeRobot
    • we're not judge or jury here. what do you want us to do ape? go out and protest for tate? mehhh don't feel like it.pango
    • are you implying he's guilty and also implicated many famous people by comparing him with epstein?pango
    • we dont need proof. that's the lawyers and investigator's job. our opinions dont change anything for him.pango
    • sounds like the 100% right place for a self claimed misogynist....may i suggest put in some female tarantulas and rats.. only female ones of course...neverscared
    • coz thats what u deserve if u are evil and dumb .. lady insects gonna fuck u up and crawl up your....neverscared
    • + as a bonus a big monstrous centipede for every shit scar he owned...neverscared
    • @ApeRobot
      Just some jelly beta cucks.
      I'm still waiting on grafician's take.
    • @pango To not simply hate, jumping on the band wagon.ApeRobot
    • @ApeRobot People were obsessed with Epstein though. There's some similarities, like apparently Andrew Tate also used women to enslave other womenyuekit
    • He didn't really hide it either. There's some quote where he's like, "OK I'm going to Romania to evade human trafficking laws" or something like that lolyuekit
    • oh trust me. there's no bang wagon here. just schadenfreude. he's not an everyday joe i would feel bad shit happens to.pango
    • I think Tate would actually be up for a *bang* wagon.palimpsest
    • he was an accomplished mma fighter or something. not sure how that shit fare in prison.pango
    • Clearly Epstein's mistake was that he didn't promote himself as a mens rights advocate/ pick up artist.yuekit
    • *accomplished*palimpsest
    • Grafician, who's the Romania equivalent of the big black naked dude meme?_niko
    • We call this the Thunberg effectstoplying
    • Epstein trafficked children to the elite if this works, politicians, celebs and royalty, and you empty headed retards want to cry about these two nobodiesRendle
    • Because the TV told you to. Humanity is truly done for.Rendle
    • what are you even arguing? only trafficking children is a crime? trafficking adult is not a crime?pango
  • shapesalad3