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  • Nairn6

    Star Wars: The Mandalorian

    I'm surprised none of you nerds have posted this yet

    • fuc* that is awesome.dibec
    • So damn cool, they do things in a single episode that would have cost 100x more and taken 100x longer even 10 years ago_niko
    • in a few years can be done w iphone app, kids: ‘, I guess’prophetone
    • Lol prophet_niko
    • so good.fadein11
    • Quite exciting tech.PhanLo
  • Gardener5


    It was at this gig that I first met Andrew Weatherall, I was standing near the back as the band played and got chatting to the guy standing next to me. I never recognised him and we got on well so when we introduced each other I then realised who he was. Of course I had a CD mix on me (Jazz Mag Numb 3 I seem to remember) and he was enthusiastic about the tracklist! We agreed to meet up at the aftershow party (I used to get invited to these things haha) and later that evening saw Meg White (of White Stripes) standing on her own at the bar but was way too scared/stoned to talk to her, but Andrew was such a lovely chap that night.

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  • Ramanisky26
    • Chevy finally managed to suck himself off?Nairn
    • I like it.hellrod
    • saw that in the theatre as a kid...
      can't possibly explain how fucked up it was.
    • What Chevy Chase movie is this?fooler
    • ^Modern Problems

      He touch that, he die
  • misterhow23


    Today I had to say goodbye to man's best friend. Hershey Dog was a beautiful chocolate lab/shepherd mix. I got him the year after I was divorced back in 2012. He was my pal in the empty quiet house when the ex had the kids. He was just amazing. He's been my constant companion and friend to the whole family ever since. My ten-year-old Son shared 'I don't remember life without Hershey.' I miss you Dersh!

    • Sorry man. Sounds like you took good care of him and provided a loving life for him too.spl33nidoru
    • :(BusterBoy
    • T_Tpango
    • sorry!utopian
    • dude, they never leave you. I lost my dog three weeks ago and I just look into my heart. Stay strong brother /Solid Fist Bumpdibec
    • People who really love animals know the pain, my condolences misterhowBennn
    • sorry man, what Dibec said. They never leave you. I have a little framed pic of mine on my desk.mattwrightgd
    • My sympathies. My first dog was a lab / shepherd mix, and they're just special hounds all around. Smart, loyal and beautiful. RIP.garbage
    • Sorry man, that sucks. They are special creatures for sure. rip.ben_
    • Gutted, what a good mix.…
    • Sorry man, our sweet lil beast passing a bit over year ago completely wrecked me to the core and i still get emotional aftershocks even today. <3 huge hugs.mantrakid
  • Gardener1

    Vid of the Day

    A mother meets her deceased daughter through VR technology

    • this is so hard to watch, but still cool, I can't imaging where this tech will be 20, 50 or 100 years from now._niko
    • This makes me want to go home and hug my kid so bad.Longcopylover
    • I don't know how I feel about this.Hayzilla
    • it's like thayt last scene in A.I were David meets his mom one last time ...Bluejam
    • scary tech of the day thread?inteliboy
    • meeting my kids for lunch today... they're definitely getting huge hugs..(well, they always do anyhow, but this really upset me)exador1
    • this is so fucked up but i guess it's hererenderedred
    • yeah, renderered, I read about this the other day and thought "there's no way I'm fucking watching that". It seems way too private a thing to gawp atNairn
    • In the coming decades, NEVER lose your ability to dream, imagine & fantasize. It's far more 'real' and meaningful when something comes from the insideBustySaintClaire
    • this is a bit fucked up. But its a glimpse of the future. We will deepfake VR our decease family members. Humans > Robots > VR will all mix together.Bennn
    • at one point its gonna be impossible to determine what real life, if someone is a human-bot or a bot-human.Bennn
    • genie's well and truly out of the bottle. We really are leaving a fucked up mess behind us.Fax_Benson
    • No...pango
    • Sadness pornfuturefood
  • Salarrue5

    The Useful Thread

    Free assets for your next video project
    Stock Video Clips, Stock Music & Premiere Pro Templates All completely free!

    • ¡Badass! ¡Long time no see Salarue!ayport
    • Hey man! Nice seeing you aroundSalarrue
  • Nairn4

    Pic of the Day

    Sorry for the DailyMail link, but this is fucking hilarious…

  • fooler0
  • NBQ007

    Punches For:


    Dumbest fucking shit I’ve seen.

    Fuck you, stupid bitch ass teens.



    • Dumber than Mukbang?Continuity
    • mukbang on tik tok_niko
    • Watching my son play basketball. 3 teens in the corner doing fucken Tik Tok. FMD.BusterBoy
    • Better than doing ketamine I suppose.BusterBoy
    • Why are you on TikTok in the first place though? Are you not allowed within 2000 feet from schools?
      #realquestions #realtalk
    • TikTok is a never ending scroll line of 15 years old buttocks and boobs.Bennn
    • I did a project about 1 year ago and one of the reference apps was tiktok. It had engaging content with some crazy construction workers and craftsmanshipdpi
    • bennn & nbq00, what exactly were you expecting?ben_
    • **rant on this thread, proceeds to post images of tik tok girls on cotd**ben_
    • Some models I know are using it. I have never seen it and never understood snapchat either...SimonFFM
    • Stay off my lawn!GuyFawkes
  • BusterBoy0

    Vid of the Day

    Jesus Christ...the poor little guy.

    • I don't think of people as little people. I think of everyone the same. Some of us are normal and some of us are short with weird big heads.deadsperm
    • We're all human beings.deadsperm
    • "bulling in school or in public" wow, I would like to think Australians can have a heart, but I've had enough encounters to know a good percentage are callous.robotron3k
    • robo now has empathy, lolutopian
    • i balled my eyes out at this.hotroddy
    • Oh wow and comments on the video pure Australian. Even if it's just talk, they want to go to the school and beat up the bullies. Those people I tell ya...robotron3k
    • god robo really drags this entire website down. shit humour. shit posts. shit trolling.inteliboy
    • Intel if you listen to the global hit single Monkey Dance by teen busker and singing sensation Tones and I, it will surely brightened your day...robotron3k
    • Deadsperm, are you normal? The standard in which we all have to abide by?Ianbolton
    • In my 'normal' world a parent doesn't make a video of his child when he's feeling his worst.
      Call me old fashioned.
    • When I've had enough it's not the internet I instantly turn to.deadsperm
    • is trump mocking him already?neverscared
    • I don't, and will never have kids. I get that this is an issue that needs to be addressed and seen.garbage
    • But come the fuck on. Put your phone down and hug your kid. Hugs > views.garbage
    • people are fucking garbage. "garbage" excluded from this comment.ben_
    • Some people online doesnt believe the situation and are calling this a whole scheme to get attention$Bennn
    • No fucking way... He's a little baller, model and child actor…robotron3k
    • He's taking the piss out of everyone... He's a fucking Aussie for sure. Gucci, timberland, D&G, Prada... Lolzrobotron3k
    • robo, you think this was made to cash out?…
    • robo = disingenuousnessutopian
    • No cash out but cash inrobotron3k
  • pedromendez38


    I posted here a few months ago looking for some advice, opinion & abuse on what steps I should take on my career. Got some sage advice as always. Thanks Internet Friends™. My decision was torn between whether to stay in a really comfortable agency role where I've been for 10+ years or move on to somewhere new which would involve more travel. A tricky decision with kids in your life.

    I sent out some cv's had a few skype interviews for different roles and got a final round call back for one role that seemed like a good fit. I didn't expect much as I hadn't done an interview in 10+ years - I thought I'd go through the process to gain some experience and see how it went. The final round interview involved a small project and presentation.... and I got offered the job!

    A little more travel needed now, but starting on almost double my current salary and will have the option to work remote 1-2 days per week so it should balance out nicely.

    After months of agonising over so many options and decisions, it all seems to have fallen into place nicely. Signing contracts for the new role tomorrow!

    Thanks as ever for the advice you beautiful people. xxx

    • Congrats! Would love to see the project you did any tips on how you presented past work in the interview?Hayoth
    • Very good news Pedro! Congrats!! :)Fabricio
    • Amazing, congrats and good on you for taking the leap.ben_
    • Congrats!Melanie
    • Great news! I can only imagine if I was in your shoes and wanted to do this. It takes balls and you got'em. Kick ass at your new position, keep us posted.eryx
    • Congrats man!mantrakid
    • Congratulations!SimonFFM
    • Cool Pedro, good luck!!OBBTKN
    • Well done!spl33nidoru
    • yeaaaaah buddy!ArchitectofFate
    • yeah boi!…mekk
    • Thanks all - bit of a massive life chapter change to be honest, its caused me some tears! :) But feels like a good move.pedromendez
    • Hayoth, it was a project review to show my thought process and approach . I was just very logical and clear, seemed to work! Drop me a mail if I can help more.pedromendez
    • congratsrenderedred
    • Drinks are on pedro!
      *sharp elbows way to front of bar
    • A Socialism Success Story®utopian
    • Exciting stuff - you can do it!stoplying
    • Well played.aslip
    • You should never listen to us.. LOL.. nice work tho..we except a monthly royalties from now onautoflavour
    • Very cool! Congrats!Krassy
  • err3

    Hot Sauce Thread!


    • I know the owner and no she doesn't want to redesign the label.fooler
    • And nor should she - it's a great label with a strong, distinct brand. Not everything needs to be set in [sans du jour] on a swiss so it stays grid :)Nairn
    • That said, i'd try and get a bit more contrast on the aardvark - black lines describing a dark blue body's a bit indistinct.
    • Her partner made the sauce and the label. They updated it once since he passed but she wants to keep as close to his vision as possible.fooler
    • this is what it used to look like...
    • keeping a shit design in memory of someone isn't really the best commercial decision but what the hey.hans_glib
    • Ironically, though, shit design *can* communicate a kind of authenticity that well-polished art direction sometimes can't.Continuity
    • Which is to say, the polished stuff has a tendency of being associated with mass-produced industrial stuff.Continuity
    • I love this brand and branding. Looking at my kitchen, I have 3 bottles of the habanero, one bottle of the Drunken Jerk, and a bottle of Serrabanero.garbage
    • The old Aardvark with the new "sun" and type work just fine. It's hot sauce, it's supposed to be weird. I wanna pick some up now.ben_
    • @fooler Tell her it's great and that there's a stocking problem with Habaneros in Seattle grocery stores. Always sold out, so when I see them, I buy in buik.garbage
    • I had their jerk sauce before. Tasty AF.DRIFTMONKEY
  • Projectile7
    • Spiderman...Salarrue
    • Nice crack.helloeatbreathedrive
    • looks like Antelope Canyon here in AZ... was damn cool but moronically expensive to visit as you now only have one option of paying $65 to hike in :/PonyBoy
    • Awesome place though, and horseshoe bend is like 10 min away too.mathinc
    • yeah... love it up in Page. My family has had a houseboat on Powell for 25+ years now although I haven't been up there in about 10 myself. :)PonyBoy
    • Pfft they just opened a ‘great Australian trek’ or some such shit in QLD starting from $3200 pp for 5 days. Twats.MrT
  • Continuity2

    Hot Sauce Thread!


    Since you're keen doing homemade sauce, have you given this a go?

    • Brad makes Thai hot sauce in front of Thai women working behind him. Classic.robotron3k
    • Nope - not ventured as far as fermented sauces just yet. I know Set was doing these, which piqued my interest.Nairn
    • Just waiting for baby to outgrow the need for the steam steriliser we have for her, so I can use it to sterilise jars for fermenting and pickling... :)Nairn
    • Nngh. I'm sure I remember Set posting a good fermented pickle how-to, but I'll be damned if I can find it. Not in QBN recipe thread, anyway.Nairn
    • I'm guessing it was either this guy's (Brad) half-sour fermented pickles, or maybe even Chef John's.Continuity
    • I'm, as often, making things up. He posted a wee bit here, but no complete how-to…Nairn
    • I would love to work with Brad. He just keeps the joy in the kitchen, and that's a severely underrated quality. Either the jokes flow, or cooking isn't fun.garbage
    • I spent 16 hours on a dish the other day, and it wasn't fun because I did it solo.garbage
    • Don't get me wrong, Chef John has mad credentials and knows what he's doing, but Brad would be somebody you want to really chop it up with.garbage
    • Agreed, Brad is super-cool. Just too bad they've altered his format a bit, and got away from fermenting since Vinnie left BA.Continuity
    • Everyone should watch Brad just for the entertainment value.deadsperm
    • My sauce:
      Frozen Capsicum pubescens (not sure if that made a difference) onion, garlic, peppercorn, sugar. 20% salt. Fermented for 2 weeks then blended.
    • @continuity Wait WHAT? Vinnie is leaving?!garbage
    • What happened? I'm out of the loop.garbage
    • Vinny went with Babish last year, there's an episode when Brad briefly refers to Vinny's departure.deadsperm
    • Yeah, Vinnie left last year, I saw it on his IG feed. :\Continuity
    • What a strange move creatively, going from BA to BWB. One would think shooting BA content is more creatively fulfilling than BWB's stuff.Continuity
    • Don't get me wrong, I think BWB content is great, just not exactly ... err ... action packed, and really formulaic.Continuity
    • Just took a look at Vinnie's LinkedIn profile ... seems he left BWB last year after 10 months, and went freelance.Continuity
    • I agree completely. BWB obviously knows what he's doing, I would eat everything that he makes, but he's 100% the hand-swatting kitchen snob.garbage
    • I imagine he'd be fun to eat with, less fun to cook with. I think he has a great nose for dish and flavor. But there's no fun in the process.garbage
    • For instance: I made a hangover breakfast of scrambled egg on biscuit with fatback chiffonade and a syrup made from an orange Red Bull.garbage
    • I think my favorite reaction to what I cooked is "OMG how did you do this?"garbage
  • Krassy5
  • Bennn9

    Signs your getting old?

    I installed Tik Tok to see what it is ...

    Teens these days have access to things we only could dream of when we were 15 yo. I mean, 95% of the content on Tik Tok is teen girls being sexy in all ways you can imagine. When i was 15 yo, i had to watch the Sears catalogue to see woman's bras section, that was the most sexy material I could put my eyes on. Today with internet... its just endless material, they can see anything as soon as they have any interest in it.

    That said, I uninstalled Tik Tok. I was not comfortable with all this. And it made me think that the current generation is very different than ours, the Internet man... it just changed everything.

    • i watched scrambled porn from cable boxhotroddy
    • Anything for VIEWSHayoth
    • That's why 16-18 year olds now get erectile dysfunction because of overstimulation of the brain and excess dopamine.NBQ00
    • I'm pretty sure with out tiktok teens are going to be teens.pango
    • Ben I think you should go meet some teens instead of one's on internet. But be careful.pango
    • i wonder how it affects teens in the long terms all this 'show yourself and be sexy' thing.Bennn
    • as far as i can remember when i was in high school, before cellphone. kids were already 'show yourself and be sexy'pango
    • only difference is any perv can download tiktok on their phone now.pango
    • i think its very different now man, its like all the time... you watch 500 videos of sexy girls in the next 15 min if you want.Bennn
    • Tik Tok and Instagram is filled with millions of 'show youself and be sexy' videos and images. Where were kids showing themselve when you were 15 yo pango??Bennn
    • and when you open Tik Tok, its the "For you" content that appears and its 99% 18 years old girls shaking their ass and boobs. You can scroll that for hours.Bennn
    • TikTok userbase is 50% children, 50% pedos.PhanLo
    • i must be old, but i think its not OK for the mental well being of the teens, all this.Bennn
    • if you never tried Tik Tok, just download it and take a lookBennn
    • Bennn, channeling Norm Macdonald with this rant.…
      We don't want your pervert app, Bennn.
    • You've been angrily fapping to teens to the point making you sick and having to uninstall the app and are now asking us to install it?!!!deadsperm
    • What happens when you’re no longer young and sexy and don’t get the views? Unfortunately suicide. Happening at an alarming rate to these Instagram stars_niko
    • teens who dont like themselves or doesnt look "as good" must have a terrible life. When you're 16 its terrible.Bennn
    • I agree with you Bennnmonospaced
    • growing up is much better now than before, you get to see all you want from home and there is series like sex education that teaches you how to think,talk b sexuan
    • The problem is the adults installing apps to check out "sexy teen girls" and compare them to their fap material when they were teens.deadsperm
    • It’s dumbing down society. That’s what it is. This new generation of humans is growing up with social media. And all that matters is being cute, pretty, sexy.NBQ00
    • ...and getting as much attention as possible. It’s no longer desirable to know why the universe exists and what life is all about. No, it’s all about followers.NBQ00
    • old man yelling at backstreet boys concertsted
    • we're slowly getting to that Idiocraty societyBennn
    • It can’t be good for dopamine development. Probably going to be lots of people developing Parkinson’s.shapesalad
    • When I was a lad I had to look through the dictionary for all the naughty words to get any sort of sexual excitement. Along with the Avon catalogue.shapesalad
    • lol, yeah rarity made it even more interesting. Now its endless material of any kind in 1 or 2 clicks. It's weird.Bennn
    • just imagine the kids at school watching the TikTok of the hottest girls at their school. Nerds and rejects paradise.Bennn
    • Just image you standing outside a school complaining about how sexy these teens with their juicy tits look. That's what you are doing with this app.deadsperm
    • Teens will be teens - they're always going to do this sort of thing regardless of the media used to do it. In high school in my day it was the odd photo...ben_
    • or flashing at a party. The stakes are higher now and parents have to be diligent without pushing their kids away for doing things that come naturally...ben_
    • what they also don't need are middle age dudes critiquing it online as if they aren't downloading the app to wank off to.ben_
    • Bennn's obsession with these teens makes me think parents should be more careful with the adults "looking out" for the children than their children's behaviour.deadsperm
    • "oh here's that app that everyone says teen girls are naked on... hmmm... I wonder how they approached the UX" *doubleclicktodownlo...ben_
    • "Tik Tok is teen girls being sexy in all ways you can imagine."
    • "When i was 15 yo, i had to watch the Sears catalogue to see woman's bras section, that was the most sexy material I could put my eyes on. "
      Now we have Tik Tok
    • Hi deadsperm, it seems you didnt get what I said in here. Its ok. I wont add anything else.Bennn
    • Fair enough.deadsperm
  • spunji8

    making beats

    I made a tune. Here it is...