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    • no way! ha! awesomeKrassy
    • hafadein11
    • can't tell if this a deep fake. they definitely have enough images of the guy lol_niko
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    • whoa! nice!Krassy
    • i am not sure about the type choice for tokyo but that mark is absolutely wonderfulcolin_s
    • Nice but once you see the 22, that's all you see.dbloc
    • Nice but once you see the Olympic rings, that's all you see.

      Oh, sorry, were we being serious?
    • 20200, they're booking this shit way in advance now.zarkonite
    • why not this type choice for Tokyo? Not a massive fan of this design but not because of that!MrT
    • Dinmaquito
    • Interesting concept, but looks dated...
      Maybe because of the colors.
      And DIN for Tokyo? idk
    • TOKYO too small. Otherwise, boring, too obvious.SoulFly
    • My inner art director cries for an “oriental handwritten, even better if those svg fonts” for “TOKIO”, and make it 200% bigger. Can you have it like in 5 min?”maquito
    • Now, seriously: I REALLY like the contact between the yellow circle and the black circle created by the O shape of the black “2”. THAT precise spot makes it.maquito
    • And also seriously, why isn’t that happening between the first two? Ahhhmaquito
    • fugly!!pablo28
    • I like it. Like the small type too. Anyone who's been to Tokyo (or Japan) will know they love their little utilitarian details on the most random ephemera.de4k
    • @de4k with you there. Some may not be a fan but it's a very Japanese approach... so fitting without hitting up the clichésShaneHolley
    • i really like it. thinking of how watered down these marks usually get, this is impressive.sothere
    • it's a definite like from merenderedred
    • ooooo<<Tokyoshapesalad
    • nice idea, sadly it doesn't work and should have been cannedhans_glib
    • nice idea ... works perfectly and great final selectionmonospaced
    • I like the simplicity of it, but it does seem to sedate for what I think of with Japanese design. Can't wait to see how it works with the other design elementsMelanie
  • Ianbolton1

    Climate Change

    Why do you think capitalism needs changing to save the environment when we've only realised that we're a destructive force on this planet within the last 50 years we've developed more sustainable technologies than ever. We're more likely to destroy ourselves through nuclear war than anything, but who knows?

    Capitalism (we as a collective) are rethinking our ways every single second and it'll still be too late if we don't sort out a global narrative to get along with each other.

    • because capitalism is contributing just as much to the denial of necessary changes to ensure profitability for a select few above survival for the manycolin_s
    • not to mention the multitude of ways greed and individualism harm society as a whole from a humanist viewpointcolin_s
    • not to mention capitalism has never thrived without enslavement and oppression so to believe it is a-OK is abhorrently self-centeredcolin_s
    • Okay, here we go! So what's your solution mate?Ianbolton
    • Capitalism is too nearsighted, and it's inclined to short term solutions and cutting corners. You can't save the planet and profit off all its resources.sarahfailin
    • I'm with you there, market based initiatives are the most likely to succeed. Air is free, so is polluting (mostly) so of course it's not taken into account butzarkonite
    • we're setting up costs and changing the system. No one's proposed any alternatives that I'm aware of anyways...zarkonite
    • In a socialist system where is the incentive to innovate, to invent, to push the boundaries. Profit is a very good motivator.Morning_star
    • The majority of people don't want to change the market system of capitalism, they just want regulation and a welfare safety net.T-Dawg
    • Socialism would be if the government (and then the workers) seized amazon, google, etc.T-Dawg
    • And there would be no private industry.T-Dawg
    • I'd say capitalism isn't what most people have a problem with. It's short term irresponsibility in the name of profit, like sarahf mentioned.T-Dawg
    • When people want more control over an aspect of their well being, healthcare for example. Some want the governement to run it (this is not socialism)T-Dawg
    • Because then they can at least have a say in how things are done with their votes and their tax dollars.T-Dawg
    • On the opposite side of that argument, Some will say that the government should stay out of it, and that consumers already have control in buying/not buying.T-Dawg
    • But in this case, the people without the means to buy/not buy don't get a say in anything.T-Dawg
    • And it cuts off access to a service or good to a large number of people.T-Dawg
    • In the case of the environment, which is a public good, people want more say. It's not so much about capitalism, but about regulation.T-Dawg
    • At least that's my understanding of it.T-Dawg
    • The sad thing is that even Adam Smith, supposed Patron Saint of the free market, never envisaged an entirely unconstrained and unmoderated market.Nairn
    • Capitalism's a best-fit system for the human psychology, but it needs to be bridled. It needs to guide, it needs to act with constraint in critical domains.Nairn
    • Welfare, healthcare and transportation at least should all be 'socialised', with base services bid to the best private contractor. Externalities should be taxedNairn
    • Industries should be compelled by law or tax to evolve into forms that don't abuse position. But underneath all this, capitalism needn't be noxious.Nairn
    • Humans are greedy and ambitious. The system we have needs to accept this and allow for it.Nairn
    • Add to the above industries - warfare and the envionment. We've just this century left a boundless and infinite world, we need time to transition to the next.Nairn
    • /deathboyNairn
  • bogue10

    Proud dads...

    So my 6 year old daughter Joni has an iPad. Apparently she has been using it to make videos (completely on her own). Because the iPad is connected to our family iCloud sharing all of the photos and videos are showing up in my photo albums on my phone. My wife and i watched this masterpiece on the weekend and laughed so hard.

    • Man, that is so incredibly adorable. Never lose that. You’re gonna watch that for years and years. Totally made my day.mg33
    • i guess she watches make up guru channels on youtube. lolpango
    • haha that's fantastic :)pedromendez
    • Youtube is the new TVBennn
    • OMGGG This also has made my day. She's adorable!! =)elahon
    • ;)Gnash
    • dude, that was straight up adorable :)
      reminds me of when mine were that age :)
    • LOL here comes my brother... he's not coming.renderedred
    • :-) Lot's of fun facts.PhanLo
    • I honestly have no idea where she's had the opportunity to see a youtube video with this kind of format.. but clearly she has.bogue
    • love how she starts it off by saying "signing off you guys"... almost nailed it :)bogue
    • When she said, "Want me to tell you a secret?" I enthusiastically nodded and said, "Yes" out loud.Melanie
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  • SimonFFM5

    Show some recent work

    I was commissioned to produce art for a new hotel. It took me 9 months to create the photos and finally they have been produced in 28x40", framed in walnut, behind glass.

    110 of those pictures will be hanging in the new hotel in Frankfurt. As those images will hang inside the rooms, you will never happen to see all of my work. This is the downside for me. But at least, I know the work exists.

    It was the first time, I was ever commissioned to do such a big project. I spent a lot of time on concept and creation of the photographs. They are different from what I usually shoot, but some include nudity, too. Others include toilets and flowers and funny stuff like that.

    I will try to get an appointment in the hotel to quickly walk through the rooms to take some snaps (if there are no guests).

    This is the pile of frames when they arrived:

    • nudes?dopepope
    • Always wondered what it took to get that Hotel gig. Was it a long drawn out process? or they came to you and let you do what you wanted?dopepope
    • They asked me about a concept. I presented it. We made a deal: I get 9 months time and they only buy pictures they like. From 0 to 40. Risk was on my side.SimonFFM
    • very cool. That's a great thing.dopepope
    • I know a couple of people who've been approached to 'do' hotels, DP - in both instances it was the hotel/developer that made initial contact.Nairn
    • depending upon the hotel, it seems like great exposure, and lucrative.dopepope
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    • look it up!utopian
    • Some guys in the office need to wear this to contain their raw putrid BO smells....shapesalad
    • maybe too fancy for everyday usedrgs
    • I see this resolving it's selfTurboslacker
    • just one fart and you're nakedsted
    • Ugh, I can smell that from here :|Akagiyama
    • speed dating championprophetone
  • PonyBoy0


    My own fucking apartment complex towed my vehicle from our assigned spot today... as we are now apparently under new management. For over a year we've been allowed to back into our assigned spaces w/out fear of our car being towed (you read that bullshit correctly — no backing into your assigned parking space). However, our apartments were taken over by new management only in the last 2 weeks. Without ANY notice they told the Tow company to go ahead and start towing vehicles backed into their spots. MMoOTHER.. FUCKERSS... ... if any one ever wanted to see Pony-rage... shoulda been near my parking spot around 8pm when I walked down to the spot w/my Pup to go pick up my wife from work... only to find my car... GONE.

    Fuckers won't let you back into your space cuz we only have one license plate on our vehicles here in AZ (on the back of the vehicle). They're TOO FUCKING LAZY to get out of the fucking car (the security company) and check the license plate and verify you're assigned to the spot you're parked in. A tow truck drives through our complex about 12 times a day to find vehicles to steal and hold ransom. If it's backed-in you're fucked. 149 FUCKING DOLLARS to claim it in the morning... GODD... DAMMNIT!!!!

    • ha you are one of those "guys". but i guess I can ask why back in? its a minority, but not sure what its about.deathboy
    • i can generalize and suggest you have a civic with a 3 ft spoiler. but my neighbor does it too with his nissan equivalent of ford rangerdeathboy
    • ha - yes it's a civic - but it's a beat up civic (silver 4 cyl. w/nothing to it)... not a flashy car. I back in because the dumpsters are right behind us...PonyBoy
    • ... there are huge metal doors that are supposed to close the dumpsters in but my shit neighbors never close the doors... much easier to avoid...PonyBoy
    • ... if we can just pull out of the spot. It's tight enough as-is. :/PonyBoy
    • haha. funny if civic is true. not sure i can picture the dumpster but something direct like that works for reason for me.deathboy
    • i just never understood the reason why if its just a normal parking spot. no bonuses to pulling out straight or anythingdeathboy
    • or if its just something to do because its harder. I cant stand these new cars with blind spots when reversing (2014 wrx hatch)deathboy
    • however on your situation that criteria seems pretty slim is that in the CCRs? I can't imagine a lawyer thought of that scenarios and wrote it in. of coursedeathboy
    • tough to challenge shit as a renter without worrying about rent increases.deathboy
    • in note in the windshield with your license number could've solved this...renderedred
    • notifying tenants of a rule change under new management would've also solved thisPonyBoy
    • Driving tow truck around 12 times a day sounds like a good thing for climate change and local pollution levels. GO TEAM USA!shapesalad
    • Get a number plate on the front of your car. Save a bit of hassle.PhanLo
    • residents have no say in how management do things?pango
    • How's your immune system? How's your sleep? Try to intermediate fasting, then work your way up to a 3 day, then 5 day fast to cleanse.Nairn
    • Pony if you live in AZ you should already own a house. What, are they like $100k or something? stop complaining and get out of the ghetto.HijoDMaite
    • Lol j/k :-PHijoDMaite
    • If its not in the ccrs its a court casecannonball1978
  • ok_not_ok0
    • Hey that's cool - if you turn all the lights off, it glows in the dark! How'd they do that?Nairn
    • Backlightingrobotron3k
    • I don't follow?Nairn
    • You trolling Nairn?Hayzilla
    • Eh? I've just never seen a glow in the dark gif beforehand.Nairn
    • fuckin' a, it glows!renderedred
    • Everything glow in the dark if it's on a screen ya numpty.Hayzilla
    • Oh my. This changes everything.Nairn
    • how long do you have to charge it for?_niko
    • Not long, I don't think. And it appears to stay charged for fucking ages.Nairn
  • ernexbcn3

    What are you listening to?

    Plaid - WXAXRXP Mix (Warp 30) - 23rd June 2019…

    • AwesomesIanbolton
    • Is weirdcore a musician now? I thought he just did Aphex effex at his live shows?Ianbolton
    • Ta for this! If I sign-up, can I dl it?Nairn
  • PonyBoy5
    • Every millennial I've worked with has been super awesome, hard working and competent. Way more confidence than I had at their age.Melanie
  • nb8

    Climate Change

    "And yes i expect the ocean will swallow NY one day and i find no need to panic about it. Thats life. And i do feel that way because i have no assets there." - deathboy

    ^ honestly, this one of the dumbest (and funniest) statements I've heard on this topic. The rest of his idiot rant reeks of narcissism, but this is just too hilarious not to call out.

    • narcissism... hmm. well if you knew me you would know how funny of a statement that is. but glad i could entertaindeathboy
    • but tell me this do you not think NY will be swallowed by the ocean outside man made anything?deathboy
    • oh yea and assets there. its a bit of a joke, but a lot of people dont like to face reality when they have skin in the game. like those blinded abusivedeathboy
    • relationships. some mighty rich people might not realize they built an empire on a foundation that might not last their lifetime. deny that shit fiercelydeathboy
  • Nairn6

    Pic of the Day

    "Ahlbach, Germany - A crater in a barley field. Experts assume an unexploded bomb from the second world war detonated at a depth of several metres"…

    • wow, that's amazing.Ianbolton
    • why is the barley grey, tho?hans_glib
    • i don't know, but it made the image really hard for me to interpret when I first saw it. Took me ages to properly resolve it :\Nairn
    • i thought it was something microbial at firstjaylarson
    • :) Me tooNairn
    • thought it was a hat tossed onto a gray rugKrassy
    • I thought it was a splat of something.Continuity
    • yanqui u.x.o.colin_s
    • @colin_s awesome album!Krassy
    • haha krassy was wondering who'd pick up the referencecolin_s
    • (agreed)colin_s
    • I'm a woman and I'm the only to see a nipple? wtf zoom outBustySaintClaire
    • why the instafilter tho?microkorg
    • i cant compute the picture.. i see somthing embossedBennn
    • @BustySaintClaire yep, i saw that too.
      It makes more sense in the bigger photo on the site, doesn't look as filtered.
  • d_gitale4
  • PonyBoy1

    Climate Change

    You guys go first... I promise I'm right behind you. <3

    • lolT-Dawg
    • why not?MrT
    • its funny but serious. if someone truly believes in man made change, wouldn't that be the logical end game.deathboy
    • yes the solution is always the most extreme one. praise those serial killers/terrorist. they are doing earth's good work.pango
    • Mmmm... Dead bodies > methane, not a good short term solution. Another fantastic idea you genius?OBBTKN
    • I'm with you pony, I'll wait for themOBBTKN
  • imbecile3

    Climate Change

    we all buy consumer goods. we use services like amazon, or other means of procuring mass produced goods. smartphones are in each of our pockets. the amount industry required to fulfill that level of consumption creates enormous amounts of pollution. to believe that pollution will have no ill effect is naive. to not believe those gasses are capable of altering the atmosphere we are contained in is closed minded.

    • to believe the repercussions are not exponential is an act of retardationhotroddy
    • and we keep searching for life on other planets, while we don't pass the Great Filter...grafician
    • who thinks such things have no costs?deathboy
    • im still looking for a real solid denier of of any man made climate change effect. i think a large amount of those people are falsely portrayed... IE medeathboy
    • hard not to see the witch hunt tactics being employed around any such discussion of the topicdeathboy
  • Krassy7


    womens world cup is awesome

    • +1Krassy
    • If the US plays the way they played against Spain today, they won't stand a chance against FranceKrassy
  • sted2