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    America is Fucked

    CNN reporter arrested live on air while covering Minneapolis protests

    • Dude has some balls.nb
    • This is like something out of a movie. Unbelievable.nb
    • arrested for working while black?imbecile
    • Looks like it, eh?
      It's fucking mind-bending.
    • This is insane. What's next? Trump's fucking gestapo.elahon
    • Either gas all white people or gas all black people, and get over with itdrgs
    • They've been released now and the governor apologized. No explanation of why though.yuekit
    • ^ Those cops need to answer to this. Either they were instructed to arrest or they acted on their own, and that makes a difference.nb
    • @yuekit: I think here is our explanation:…
    • Those cops definitely broke a law, and a big one at that.nb
    • They are now claiming they didn't know the guy was a reporter...which seems a bit hard to believe.yuekit
    • Laterally, could the cops know journo is from CNN and have drank a bit too heartilfy from Drumpf's FAKE NEWS KoolAid?Nairn
    • Arresting people without charging them is illegal whether they work for CNN or not! What kind of lame excuse is that?nb
    • This is what a dictatorship looks like.Chimp
    • This is what a dictatorship looks like.Chimp
    • Entirely possible, Nairn. Also, Black AND from CNN? Too good an opportunity to pass up for Trump's Gestapo.Continuity
    • The revolution will be televisedChimp
    • This is what fear looks like.Morning_star
    • @nb - No shit it'd be illegal? I'm not sure I was 'lamely excusing' them as you see fit to interpret, I'm trying to understand their reasoning, such as it is.Nairn
    • ie. if that is their mentality, shit's even more fucked up than I imagined.Nairn
    • Oh, @Nairn. I meant that THEIR excuse is lame. I did not think you were defending them or making excuses.nb
    • Oh, gotcha, sorry - haha, I took that a bit personally...Nairn
    • The greatest free country on the planet is slowly imploding from its own ego. This is just mad. Keep up the good work Trump.Ianbolton
    • I'm more upset, you dumbasses cant tell the difference between a black person and a Latino. SMDH.robotron3k
    • And the crew was told to move but they didn't.robotron3k
    • No they weren't Robo. I watched it live and one set of Police gave instructions that it would be safe to be where they were. Another set thought differently.Morning_star
    • hollllllly shit can you imagine if this was a Fox News reporter???? the internet would be blowing up with alt right mouth breathers.inteliboy
    • What a messPhanLo
    • they didn't read him his rightsmonospaced
    • In the video he also says that they will be happy to move if they are in the way of the police.Nutter
    • Keep up the riots, fuck the power, fuck the policei_was
    • Also, you pussies make the biggest deal out of being arrested. I fucking swear, you pearl clutchers...!robotron3k
    • Robo is here to make a case against freedom!nb
    • This breaks my heart.ideaist
    • #acabjaylarson
    • so robo. the law only matters if it supports your ideology/opinion. got it. fuck you.d_gitale
    • "just following orders"R_Kercz
    • bias news anywaySocialJusticeWarrior
    • robotrump3k has entered the chatyuekit
    • Bobo with zero facts again. Just get a job with the Trump team. You are one dumb fuckstick troll.utopian
    • this has nothing to do with trump, its not that he ever said something like- the press is the enemy - or any of that hate mongering looney stuff....neverscared
    • just kiddin... america is fucked from the top.neverscared
    • https://www.motherjo…neverscared
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    America is Fucked

    Well done Russia & China, your magic finally worked.

    Now what?

    • just watch the downfallBennn
    • should take a few more yearsBennn
    • Do you think they deserve that much credit?yuekit
    • I always thought the Russia thing...although definitely real to some extent...represented a refusal of politicians and journalists to admit that their fellowyuekit
    • Americans were perfectly capable of voting for terrible leaders like Trump all on their own.yuekit
    • I think we have no idea of the damage Russia and China have managed to make with their online fakenews and disinformation programBennn
    • They're slowly inducing chaos in AmericaBennn
    • USA is eating itself from the inside and RU&CHNA is slowly pushing the US on the edge of the holeBennn
    • I have definitely run into Russian trolls online. I feel like it's hard to judge exactly how much impact they have though.yuekit
    • Chinese propaganda seems more geared towards "protecting" China and any perceived insult against it.yuekit
    • Sure, blame it on Russia or China. Nothing to do with the racist culture that's been thriving in this country since the beginning.Maaku
    • But who knows, maybe I'm underestimating them.yuekit
    • ^ "slowly inducing chaos", that is.Maaku
    • Maaku, i was talking about the USA on a large scale, not this particular event or topicBennn
    • Racist police violence, and violent riots against them, are pretty much a time honored tradition in America unfortunately. Rodney King, Baltimore, etc.yuekit
    • https://en.wikipedia…


    • https://en.wikipedia…


    • ^ Exactly, it doesn't take Putin to make something like this happen.yuekit
    • Russia?! Jesus fucking Christ. I bet you actually considered when the riots started against what time it was in Russia.face_melter
    • hahahaha, wonderful.Nairn
  • mg332

    America is Fucked

    There is something truly maddeningly ironic about watching people I know who voted for Trump post their support / grief for George Floyd, oblivious to the fact they support a president who has actually endorsed police brutality, endorsed racist tactics against black Americans, and generally seems to enjoy watching white police offers use oppressive, unnecessary force against them.

    I'm trying to find a list of Trump's comments about police force, the "roughing them up" comments and such, and found this which I remember being a huge deal, which police spoke out against.…

    • covering their basesR_Kercz
    • Holy FUK... Floyd and the cop may have known each other. Woah, they both worked security at the same club.robotron3k
    • Nobody is on the cops side if that is what you're thinking. President Trump, CNN, Fox News, NY, etc are 100% in agreement.robotron3k
    • Be honest, if Trump fed you a narrative against the black guy you'd be repeating that too :)yuekit
    • mg33, one big one is that Trump took out a full page ad calling for the Central Park 5 to be executed...all of which turned out to be innocent.yuekit
    • "Civil liberties end when an attack on our safety begins"yuekit
    • "Unshackle the police from the constant chants of police brutality"yuekit
    • This was long before he ran for office so you can only assume this is what he really believes.yuekit
    • It boggles the mind seeing the same people talk shit about Kapernick taking a knee a while back now post support/grief for George Floyd & Ahmaud Arbery.brandonp
  • drgs4
    • client requested "make the 100% bigger" and it went downhill from there ...Bluejam
    • No brgrnb
    • From now on I’m referring to fast food burgers as “pressed nonsense”nb
    • "I'd like a double pressed nonsense with 100% hand please. To go."Akagiyama
    • "Oh man I could go for some pressed nonsense right now"nb
    • Please wash your 100% beef handsfuturefood
    • All employees are required to wash their 100% beef hands after using the restroom.nb
    • what is a "BEEF HAND?"Krassy
    • what's a "pressed nonsense?"Krassy
  • neverscared1


    Coronavirus: Monkeys 'escape with COVID-19 samples' after attacking lab assistant…

    • LOL
      Is this kind of like, 'My dog ate my homework'?
    • Ah, so we're in Planet of Apes and not The Walking Dead. Got it!MondoMorphic
    • Pretty sure this was the opening sequence of 28 Days Lateryuekit
    • Yes and that movie ended happy so stop worrying.nb
  • Gardener2

    the gif animation thread

    dunno wtf happened there, this was the gif I meant to post!

    • jew lika tiger mangmoldero
    • Excuse me Bennn!!!
      Do you have a moment to talk about
      posting on QBN?
    • Next stop: Wild Cat NightclubBindegal
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    The More You Know ★

    Here’s Why Men Are Pointing Loaded Guns at Their Dicks…

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  • Bennn14


    I'am slightly starting to think we do way too much against the covid19 for some specific things. I know this is a very contagious virus, but sometimes it seems the logic is thrown out the window.

    • i'm curious what you think is too much, like some specific things? I agree a bit when it came to closing parks and open spaces which you can social distance safcapn_ron
    • Refer to the Japanese flu from the 50s for a alternative approach. The mortality rate, numbers of dead, etc seem similar to our current pandemic.MondoMorphic
    • some people seems to think that virus is literally jumping from people to people. Lots of paranoia. And its normal i guess with all the news since months now.Bennn
    • How strict is the lockdown where you're at? I feel like I see people on TV protesting, but then I talk to my family back in USA and their lives are basicallyyuekit
    • So much of the problem early on was the lack of understandingMondoMorphic
    • normal with a few minor restrictions.yuekit
    • It's important not to let a non-elected person dictate the health policy of an entire country. Yes Bill Gates I'm talking about you and your hobbies.robotron3k
    • Meanwhile in Spain people were literally trapped inside their homes. I don't think Americans or Canadians ever went through something like that.yuekit
    • But all of this has been politicized. Look at party tits Cuomo, what a turd he is. I'd like him to step up and try Washington, they will eat his lunch.robotron3k
    • Ask yourself if you want the virus. I personally don't want to risk it. Sure could be mild. Could also be permanent damage and weeks in an ICU.shapesalad
    • For sure, the politicization has been awfulMondoMorphic
    • So while tiring to have all these measures. I'd rather have them than the virus. Next you can ask yourself if you want to pass the virus onto your family...shapesalad
    • I was just looking to see if I could have a bonfire on the bay here and there is no stopping, sitting, or laying down. only moving is allowed.capn_ron
    • Once you think through those two questions you start to calm down and think yep, lockdown ok, at least we're in an industry where you can WFH anywhere.shapesalad
    • we're preparing for another spanish flu of 1918, see if we can practice safe measures before the Tsunami hits in the fall, so far they're tracking the same._niko
    • I'm guessing it'll be more like the 50s' Japanese flu, but you could be right, _niko. Who knows how covid will mutate.MondoMorphic
    • Winter is Coming!utopian
    • It's like complaining about seatbelts. Cos fatality rates are way lower than expected.inteliboy
    • Well at least in most countries. Except USA with 100k+ deaths.inteliboy
    • @yuekit Um, Seattle was a vector city and I have been on lockdown for almost 5 months now. It has completely changed virtually every aspect of my daily life.garbage
    • And there is a political aspect because this dumbfuck administration completely bungled this in multifaceted ways.garbage
    • Yeah fair point garbage, I'm sure it depends on your job, daily life, whether you have kids etc. However I do think that for all the protests and even with theyuekit
    • highest number of deaths in the world, people in USA never saw a total lockdown like some countries did.yuekit
    • isn't quebec getting hit pretty hard? maybe not enough is being done?pango
    • 2013 new cases in the UK, even without adequate testing, 412 deaths yesterday and things are opening up next week...webazoot
    • I would not be surprised if we hit 200k before year's end. Things are warming up, people are getting bored. Cases are ramping in CA and southern states..garbage
    • ..and that outpaces older models for a second wave. Fall is going to suck in a big way.garbage
    • 5 months!? woah, didn't know that, even Spain and Italy weren't under extreme lockdown anywhere near that long.fadein11
    • That is hard.fadein11
    • Pretty sure he meant five weeks? Five months ago would be before all this started.yuekit
    • I know obviously...fadein11
  • wagshaft20


    Humble brag alert...

    Hoping to get my first golden pencil. One of my projects from last year is a finalist in the integrated campaign category. I was super honored, then I looked at the list of finalists and there are hundreds.

    The One Show folks are making serious cash with all these entries I expect.

    • Paying to get awards defeats the purpose I guess...grafician
    • But good luck mate!grafician
    • That'll look mighty fine on your CV, even if you don't win.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Haha, same here. After Shortlist comes Finalist. That is still no pencil. What's next? "Congrats, you nearly won a pencil. But you didn't".Longcopylover
    • $450 per entry?! What a ton of backslapping cunt bullshitpedromendez
    • But the best of luck to you wagshaft! :)pedromendez
    • Show us the golden pencil when you win it! Fingers crossed!SimonFFM
    • Worse thing is you still have to pay for a ticket to go to the awards...inteliboy
  • i_was0
    • Haha peaceful protestors at 4AMrobotron3k
    • Saying "haha" at any of this just proves that you have no seat at the table. What is wrong with you?garbage
    • Police are shooting civilians following the orders of the president. America is fucked indeed.sr_rosa
    • Yup robo has lost empathy for humanity. He's living in the writings of sociopaths.nb
    • he just parrots whatever his right wing blogs tell him to say... be it bullshit about Oprah, or alt-facts like arsons. Brainwashed.inteliboy
    • Fake news. To be brainwashed you need to have a brain.sr_rosa
  • utopian4

    America is Fucked

    Hero Cop...but, but, but Antifa!

    • i wonder which "good people" he's going to be ;)renderedred
    • Identified by ex-wife…robotron3k
    • dear bobo, your president's dick was id-ed by a porn starrenderedred
    • all white people look a likerattail
    • ^^ only to none white people. Its a fact!Sellies
    • any proof that it's a fact?pango
    • Here you go Pango,
      Cross-race Effect
    • "people often don't have much practice with individuals of other racial groups and are thus less capable of recognizing distinguishing features."pango
    • "believe the study suggests that recognition deficits can occur without the need for race or different physical characteristics, arguing instead that there is"pango
    • "more than just unfamiliarity with other races at play in the cross-race effect."pango
    • in short. if you don't see white people frequent enough, they're most likely to look the same to you.pango
    • so its not really a fact thing. more like "it depends...". and its not really an excuse in any major cities in US tho...pango
    • can't think of any city in US without white people being the majority.pango
    • ^
    • https://www.shorturl…Sellies
    • ??
      "only to none white people. Its a fact!"
      to none white in US or outside US?
  • BusterBoy6
    • Fucking hypocrite. This after he censored the Lincoln Project's Ad against Trump. Fucken halfwit.BusterBoy
    • Trump is his biggest customeryuekit
    • He'll look just like #MoscowMitch in about 40 years.Gandalf
  • utopian-1

    America is Fucked

    Over 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment during the pandemic—real jobless rate over 23.9%

    US Unemployment Rate

    Sep 2019, 3.5 - Actual
    Oct 2019, 3.6 - Actual
    Nov 2019, 3.5 - Actual
    Dec 2019, 3.5 - Actual
    Jan 2020, 3.6 - Actual
    Feb 2020, 3.5 - Actual
    Mar 2020, 4.4 - Actual
    Apr 2020, 14.7 - Actual
    May 2020, 20.4 - Forecast (Actual 23.9% Released: 05.28.20)
    Jun 2020, 23.1 - Forecast
    Jul 2020, 24.4 - Forecast
    Aug 2020, 24.8 - Forecast
    Sep 2020, 25.0 - Forecast
    Oct 2020, 25.1 - Forecast
    Nov 2020, 25.2 - Forecast
    Dec 2020, 25.2 - Forecast…

    • Meanwhile... American billionaires got $434 billion richer during the pandemicMilan
    • #maga!nbq
    • The unemployment forecast is already 4% over this months forecast. Other reports say that we can expect up to 40% unemployment rate by December.utopian
    • I don't think anyone really knows. I have heard some economists say there is going to be a quick bounce back in the coming months.yuekit
    • I heard economists predicting a v-shaped recovery early in the pandemic but as things worsened, they've become much more pessimistic.MondoMorphic
    • I really do hope that this be a quick bounce back v-shaped recovery.utopian
    • there's an inverse relation between number of new cases and economic activity. i don't see this as being a v shaped recovery.dorf
    • Can u imagine the true number if they don't corporate bailout all the zombies. Artificial growth to surpass beat interest rates on debt. Like chasing rainbowsdeathboy
    • what did you spend your socialist welfare bailout check on, deathboy?monospaced
    • or deathboy, robbing Peter to pay Paul. Not good.MondoMorphic
  • PhanLo6

    draw something

    Coloured up a sketchbook doodle tonight.

  • utopian3
    • who or what?moldero
    • Macaulay Culkin?PhanLo
    • ^ LOLKrassy
    • brittany?renderedred
    • Angry KarenNBQ00
    • lol didn't expect the result, holy shit that's hilarious! that's definitely Macaulay tho!helloeatbreathedrive
    • who is it? really. Not that I care, but curiousKrassy
    • It was a shock to me, when I reverse Google Imaged it.Continuity
    • I still can't believe that it is her.
      What make-up and photoshop does for women absolutely astonishing!
    • So who the fuck is it?NBQ00
    • Right click on image, Search Google for image -> Magic!helloeatbreathedrive
  • evilpeacock6

    Browser game of the day

    Coolest portfolio I've seen online in a long time. Harkens back to the golden age of the web, Flash-based interactive things, etc.

    • The bowling ball never stops. Would not hire.nb
    • I'm kidding, of course. This is super.nb
    • Yeah, it's been a long time since I enjoyed a site this much.evilpeacock
    • That's awesome! Reminiscent of EgoMedia from way back, but cooler.MondoMorphic
    • yupmoldero
    • Meanwhile, that bowling ball is still going and has taken out half the AWS servers and a few small business web sites along the way.evilpeacock
    • FANTASTIC!stoplying
  • webazoot3

    Conspiracy of the day

    £339 anti-5G devices are really just £5 USB drives with a sticker...

    A device costing more than £300 promises to protect your family from the supposed dangers of 5G, using ground-breaking quantum technology - but does it work?

    The 5GBioShield was recommended by a member of Glastonbury Town Council's 5G Advisory Committee.

    One of nine external members, Toby Hall, said: "We use this device and find it helpful," and provided a link to its website, which describes it as a USB key that "provides protection for your home and family, thanks to the wearable holographic nano-layer catalyser, which can be worn or placed near to a smartphone or any other electrical, radiation or EMF [electromagnetic field] emitting device".

    Mr Hall said his remarks in Glastonbury Town Council's 5G Advisory Committee report should not be seen as a recommendation to buy the product.

    But he had no regrets about buying it and since plugging it in had felt beneficial effects, including being able to sleep through the night and having more dreams.…

    • Wasn't sure whether to post that here or in the Scary Cool Tech Thread.webazoot
    • From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for posting it here, rather than there.Nairn
    • Uff! The pong of snake oil is strong, here!Continuity
    • This is brilliant though. Makes you wonder what sort of shit you could get away with selling - USBs with embedded illuminated crystals and mineralsNairn
    • Maybe we should all pitch in and get one for set, with a note attached saying QBN is sorry ... ?
      (I couldn't even type that with a straight face)
    • LOL @cont, we should totally do thatrenderedred
    • Time to sell my earth flattening USB dongle, makes the area around with you until the horizon absolutely flat and protects you from spheres, yours for $499.98shapesalad
    • Haha. This is amazing. Seems a bit pricey for the crusty conspiracy theorists though?Ianbolton
    • There are far worse false claim scams than this, but this is pretty funny.monospaced
    • I'm also selling an anti-5G device made of a revolutionary ultra thin, non conductive and non radiating alloy, only $199.99: https://previews.123…_niko
    • also, for a limited time, for 6 easy payments of 99.99, you get your very own special edition MAGA version:…_niko
    • lol i suck…_niko
    • I'm gonna go out on a limb here: There's a high probability that the cherry on top of this dumb sundae is that these could be hack sticks.garbage
    • oh, now you're talking.Nairn
    • Favorite line on their website;
      "In our civilization is emerging new science based on knowledge, whereas the official (old) science is based on information."
    • America & UK...dummies from another mother.utopian
    • Coming soon to your nearest mall, find it among the booths and kiosksMaaku
    • time to cash in, people are idiots, if you can't educate them, take advantage of them i guess. oh well._niko
    • What the shit, Toby?stoplying
    • I should start selling 5G protection crystalsmoldero
    • shit someones actually selling them:
    • no insertion to vagayna? goop should get in on thishelloeatbreathedrive