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  • BaskerviIle71

    Not really work, more of a lockdown project to get me away from my screen. I've been working on this oil painting for about 6 weeks. I've always loved the work of Pieter Claesz, particularly his 'ontbijtjes' still lifes. So I decided to do a still life with objects I had laying around in that style. When life gives you lemons...…

    • !!!!!!!nb
    • Magnificent.deadsperm
    • Amazing work. I had to do such things in art school, too, but never was as good as you. Absolutely great! The glass looks just wow. Lemon peel. WOW.SimonFFM
    • Just showed my wife from a distance and she thought it was a photo. Congratulations!SimonFFM
    • The light is amazing. Love the glass especially.PhanLo
    • that's incredible. Can't imagine how difficult it is to do that glass on a jet black bg. The whole thing is beyond my comprehension tb honestFax_Benson
    • Amazing! Wish I had the free time to pursue stuff like this right now :)yuekit
    • beautiful!scruffics
    • Superb!OBBTKN
    • Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. Feels good to do something aside from UX work occasionallyBaskerviIle
    • So beautiful!fisheye
    • sickmilfhunter
    • Fuck this is incrediblepedromendez
    • getouttahere
      from photo or actual still life?
    • Nice glazing :)Gnash
    • @drgs, actual still life, set it up on my mantelpiece. Worked from reference photos too since fruit shrivels and rots etcBaskerviIle
    • Amazing!dmay
    • dude!!!Calderone2000
    • At first I thought this is so well executed. Why did he use a glass that would come from a greasy spoon rest stop but then I realized that would be a great ideaCyBrainX
    • do a scene in this immaculate refined style but it's lousy diner food - french fries, hot dogs, ketchup blobs on the table, dirty napkins, etc.CyBrainX
    • @CyBrainX nice idea. The glass is literally just the Ikea tumblers I use at home.BaskerviIle
    • Wow, your skills are severe! As the judges on Portrait/Landscape Artist of the Year say, ‘there are some incredible passages of paint’Wolfboy
    • As has been mentioned, the rendering of glass with liquid on black is awesome.Wolfboy
    • Incredible! UX is cool and all but man, this is your calling.dyspl
    • Superb work :)mrAtor
    • Fucking nice!bezoar
    • I've long had a preference for genre painting. the nobility of just great painting. Nice value control, as seen in the reflection on the marble top.MrAbominable
    • Thanks for putting up the second and third photos! I thought it was a photo! Awesome work!!mapleT
    • Excellentsinjun
    • My Grandad used to paint in this style.
      Bless his socks though, he wasn't very good. And I'm being generous. RIP x
      SO GOOD, Baskerville.
    • I had NEVER 'til now considered just how fucking hard this shit must have been in the old days, prior to photography. Spot who didn't go to Art School...Nairn
    • Exceptionally good. Fantastic talent!zarb0z
    • Everything said in the notes, your painting skills are awesome. +10000grotesk_neue
    • stellar workdopepope
    • Wow, this has really cheered me up, got a kick from seeing it on the front page. Thanks for such positive comments.BaskerviIle
    • you obviously have an eye for texturemeowcat
    • Teach medrgs
    • ^why was meowcat banned?drgs
    • because docpozutopian
    • drgz was too slow to certify himutopian
    • wonderful work Baskervilleutopian
    • skillz!! wow nicemicrokorg
    • Absolutely amazing! WOW!Krassy
    • God dammit, that's perfection!Melanie
    • Oh please... this is one of those 'send your photo in and we'll print it on a canvas so it looks like a painting' things!! You can't fool me.PonyBoy
    • in all honesty tho... O... M... G. SO good. :)PonyBoy
    • Absolutely stunning. I can't even pour a Gin-Tonic that looks as real as this.Longcopylover
    • wow indeed!oey_oey
    • Wow! It is unbelievable. What a detailed work and amazing sense of color.Mezzanine
  • face_melter50

    Right. Born to die, 3D is a fuck.

    Since moving over to 3ds Max / Corona Render at work about a year ago and with it all the madness and death Autodesk products bring, there was absolutely no choice but to stab Cinema 4D in the neck and end any type of recreational 3D at home. It couldn't be done.

    Instead, I poured my depressed ape brain into 2D work and digital painting - trying my hand at concept art and futuristic fuckery. All ending in pure misery. But through an unlikely combination of banal Swedish residential architecture, John Berkey, and Robert McGinnis' paintings of tits and ass I stumbled, like some drunken Irishman, into a process and technique that has resulted in a prolonged thrust of inspiration and a satisfying flow of work that has proved to be my most rewarding and enjoyable since fuck knows when.

    Like, I can't even recall the last time I was genuinely content and pleased with my creative endevours. Maybe the first time I managed to do decent eyeliner. I dunno.

    There is no deep, cosmic, exploration. No profound flannel about the human condition and A-R-T. The gig is simple.

    The nuts and bolts of it is me taking pictures of buildings then recreating parts of them in Photoshop using a couple of brushes, some weird colours, and my extended SUNN O))) playlist built from Scandinavian live bootlegs and album releases.

    I will now push the BROADCAST! button and hope that the links show correctly.

    • doooodscruffics
    • really good work. nice paletteDoris_McSquirter
    • these are greatFax_Benson
    • These are ace!thumb_screws
    • Thanks. I am genuinely pleased with them and from these I can see opportunities to move forward - different subjects and themes. Portraits perhaps.face_melter
    • Composition and color are out of this world. A pleasure to view. Thanksmonospaced
    • yep, love these, keep em coming.fadein11
    • Love em! Really good Face!PhanLo
    • Fuck. These are awesomeGnash
    • switch do blender its anti-madness there...neverscared
    • I love them all, great stuff man! +helloeatbreathedrive
    • Fantastic @face_melter.ideaist
    • great work!utopian
    • great work man! Love itBennn
    • Great stuff. And interesting you mention Robert McGinnis. You both do great work!SimonFFM
    • Really digging these!fattymcgrizzle
    • Very good. Not sure I've ever seen anything quite like it.Nairn
    • 1 and 3. Nice work.garbage
    • really fucking nice
    • I'm into theseDaithi
    • Nice! Great style and colors.bezoar
    • Do a video, would love to see the process of making them!dee-dubs
    • They're great by the way!dee-dubs
    • niiice workprophetone
    • where's the thumbs up button ? :) love emurbanturban
    • these are great i love them! Would buy prints of these, lovely!pedromendez
    • good to see some Berkey&McGinnis tits n ass fans here :D
      nice stuff, keep it going :)
    • Love em. Start selling some prints!instrmntl
    • this is amazing man! what are you using tool wise? ipad and pen? wacom? mouse?_niko
    • very nice, thanks for sharing some of your process as well! Keep at it!brandonp
    • SweetNBQ00
    • Aww. Thanks all! The kind words are appreciated. Prints are def. in the future, I have a few more completed but want to round off this set of photos first.face_melter
    • As for process, it's Ps and a Wacom with some stylised, acrylic-like, brushes. I stripped everything back so now only work with four or five brushes in total.face_melter
    • very nice compositions. the color is yours!api
    • i could see some nice simple type on these as a series of dj mixes_me_
    • This is great, I'd wear all of them on a tshirt.zarkonite
    • I'm as much impressed by the beatnick intro to this work as the work itself but both are a jolt to the senses. This is the best thing in this thread in a while.CyBrainX
    • i liek it it reminds me a bit of ian francis and joshua keyes.only thing id change up is even mroe brush blend digitally for more analog detailed style.deathboy
    • also be great to mix in some actual throwups. the colors and brushes allude to it but be a nice layer and mix in the actual lettering. always also allowsdeathboy
    • another layer fo depth in meaning.deathboy
    • fantastic workdopepope
    • Again, thanks everyone for the compliments. Just the motivation I need. 9-5 sucks the fucking life out of me, so these are my escape. More soon, for sure.face_melter
    • That is some really great work! Keep 'em coming please!pseud
    • Awesome work. Great sense of composition and colours.Mezzanine
  • BaskerviIle53

    Painted a portrait of my old man for his 70th birthday.
    Oil on linen

    • +1Gnash
    • That is absolutely amazing!! <3
    • that's a badass gift, man. and from his son– he'll be proudscarabin
    • Beautiful!Melanie
    • amazing work, he's gonna love it.sofakingback
    • amazingMiguex
    • Awesome job! And a touching tribute.dopepope
    • Excellent.sea_sea
    • amazing!Krassy
    • I am a waste of human skill. I applaud you for being a higher species.wagshaft
    • a+sted
    • love this..great work dudesureshot
    • Very nice, maestro!OBBTKN
    • awesome personal birthday present!microkorg
    • fantastic - well donefadein11
    • Just lovely.MrT
    • sickeningly good, thanks for making me feel like a waste of space!dee-dubs
    • Really like that,wheelBoy
    • Better than most things in UK's National Portrait gallery.fruitsalad
    • ... Jesus Christ! This better be your day job. Too much of a waste if not. Your dad will be so proudmugwart
    • Stunning. Really...set
    • the lips are distressing me...sorry. does your father really has lips like that? like the mouth is closer to the observer. you know like turned.oey
    • I mean it's an amazing picture and you have incredible skills but I feel somehow intrigues by the lip. impressive colors.oey
    • Needs some lens flare, but showing progress. Good to see you've been keeping an oar in on this wee hobby, Baskerville.detritus
    • ...which is to say, I'm in awe. So, so good!
    • god oey - can't stop looking at the lips now.fadein11
    • Beautiful workGlitterati_Duane
    • mad skillsernexbcn
    • If I was your dad, my comment would be "son, please paint in my hair, I miss my hair son."fruitsalad
    • wow! your dad must be very proud man, dope skillsmaquito
    • The pic here is very small so it makes it look better tha what it is in real lifei_was
    • damn bro.. owning itautoflavour
    • i_was has to be the single-most poisonous and embittered user on here. Have you ever said anything positive, ever? Anywhere?detritus
    • i suspect you're a pseud account for someone here who hasn't the balls to be their true cunt self under their normal username.detritus
    • Sentimental value: A+
      Artistic Value: C-
      Pat on the back from social network: priceless
      Artistic feedback from that network: D-
    • I'd wager that it's easier to get 'good' results from a large-format painting, so his weak attempt at negativity is gutted before it's out the door anyway.detritus
    • i_was simply reeks of jealousy and bitterness, the poor little wet queef.set
    • lovelyutopian
    • Thanks everyone, didn't expect to return to QBN to find such nice comments. I'm an interaction/innovati... designer by day.BaskerviIle
    • Drawing/painting is just a hobby, I don't profess to be an artist, I mainly just enjoy the process/craft. Illustration not artBaskerviIle
    • Excellent work. Really.stoplying
    • you just became his favorite son.
      great job dude.
    • woah... what a wonderful gift... beautiful work, baskerville :)PonyBoy
    • The artistic value of this painting is clearly mediocre, if you can see that, that's normal : you're a graphic designer.i_was
    • This painting has a superior artistic value…i_was
    • it's a painting of his father, you pathetic bilious upchuck. I'm sure you think you're coming across as smart and haughty, but you're just a cretinous nonent.detritus
    • Nasty, nasty, nasty. I'm sorry you feel the need to compensate in this manner.detritus
    • hehe... don't waste your time, det. All the info (gift for dad, not a 'fine' artist by day etc) should halt any critique... except from petty douchebags. :)PonyBoy
    • *grumbles*detritus
    • I have an utterly respect for your skillsoey
    • Me too, oey. Muchly.set
    • It's just okay...
      Jk, it's fuking awesome!
    • yep - great piece of work. ignore the haters.fadein11
    • Very impressive mate.HAYZ1LLLA
    • damn dude!GuyFawkes
  • dopepope52

    Sculpted a StarWars Wampa for a private commission. It was turned into a limited run of large scale kits.

    Additional images :……

  • stewart44

    I designed this ship paper model, commissioned by the police. It's their tough "P5" patrol vessel, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the seaport police. I really enjoyed designing it!

  • where_am_i41

    I recently went back to freelance so have cut a new show reel.
    Had to make a 1min cutdown for social and cant share the long one yet due to tvc air date. Aaaanyway have a watch, preferably with headphones! Will share the longer version in feb

  • jasonabc45

    Made this for fun and I'm making more for instagram. Because why not... shameless plug:…

  • raphi43


  • vnamy37

    Here are some previews of the last shoot I produced end of last year for a personal project.

  • Fabricio41

    Hello guys and girls :)
    Wanted to share with you this last project I worked on, for Cirque du Soleil, and their new show -Axel (that is currently touring around North America)

    The briefing was to design and animate a 3D scenario inspired by some old 8bit games and battle scenarios, and bring in some vintage elements. They were super easy going to work with, and gave me a lot of freedom :) One o the best experiences I've had in a long time :)

    (hopefully the images will show up properly...)

    • I just found this footage of one of the parts I worked on, filmed by someone on twitter:…
    • nice!Gnash
    • EPIC!monospaced
    • congrats!utopian
    • I wonder what the view was like from the performers' perspectives!jaylarson
    • Filmed vertically, of course. Great work by the way.CyBrainX
    • Thank you so much guys :)
      @jaylarson I dont think the view is really good, the projection of non-aliased graphics, looked quite bad on the ice :(
    • @CybrainX hahah! it drives me crazy those vertical videos... WHY WHY!!! :PFabricio
    • awesome!moldero
    • This is so cool :)Maaku
    • Excellent!SimonFFM
    • Love it!inv
    • nice!!milfhunter
    • that's fantasticFax_Benson
    • Wonderfulrobthelad
    • superb!fadein11
    • Crazy good! Congrats man!antimotion
    • makes me think of the original Tron movie from 1983... amazing work Fabricio :)exador1
    • dope! They are great to work with.ben_
    • well done!ayport
    • Talent. Design. On QBN. Can you believe it?ideaist
    • Excellent stuffMrT
  • Fabricio42

    Made this gif last weekend in between projects.
    30 frames animated frame-by-frame in a 12 fps project.

    • likefadein11
    • really coolBennn
    • lovedBeeswax
    • lovelyJaline
    • this rules.Al_dizzle
    • Love it.HijoDMaite
    • fantasticRamanisky2
    • reminds me of this…
    • yupmoldero
    • so much fucking work, bravo!utopian
    • wowpinkfloyd
    • Very nice, love the styleyuekit
    • Fabricio all my respect. It's beautifulsted
    • cant even imagine the tons of keyframes involved ... a lot of thought and detail here.Ramanisky2
    • This is fantastic.CyBrainX
    • Ramanisky2, 30 frames. He said it in his post ;)Bennn
    • Excellent work!MrT
    • Bennn, not total amount of frames ...
      keyframing each individual piece of imagery within ... assuming he created this in After Effects.
    • Fabricio .. was this done in After Effects or ToonBoom?? or something else.Ramanisky2
    • Wow guys! Haha, what an amazing response, thank you so much :)Fabricio
    • Ramanisky, I animated on Adobe Animate CC, and exported the PNG's to After Effects, and added texture and treated a bit the colour there.Fabricio
    • And you were right, it has 30 frames of duration, but in total there are around 500 individually drawn frames to compose everything, frame by frame.Fabricio
    • But they were simple animations, each one of them, so it didnt take super long.Fabricio
    • never used Adobe Animate CC before, now I see its exactly like Flash which I also haven't used in over 8 yrs now
      Still super nice job Fabricio. I'm jealous.
    • love itMiguex
    • Give it a go Ramanisky! It has gotten much better since Flash. If you want, I can share the source file of this with you, both Animate and After EffectsFabricio
    • Oh dude that would be awesome
      Please please please
      Thnx Fabricio
    • Super cool sir Fab!Chimp
    • so nice!! so all the drawing was done directly in Animate CC, they're all vectors? Would love to see those sourcefiles too...Calderone2000
    • Sesame Street-esque. I love it!jaylarson
    • this is a nice commentbliznutty
    • fuckn awesome, love the styleGeorgesII
    • super coolbezoar
    • Saved!jagara
  • dopepope40

    Got my work featured in the gallery of 3D ARTIST Magazine issue 136. : )

  • Mezzanine40

    Recently finished a branding and interior design project for a wok type restaurant. Take a look -

  • SimonFFM31

    A little brightness from Germany here. Playboy July Issue is out and there's another 12 pages photographed by me inside.

    It's my third publication with them this year and this feels awesome. Cheers to all of you!

    • awesome Simon!!moldero
    • Thank you!SimonFFM
    • Stay busy Simon, cheers man!grafician
    • Nice manNBQ00
    • Voll krass, Alta!Continuity
    • Congrats!Krassy
    • du bist alt gewordend_gitale
    • Meanwhile i'm going back shooting furniture & architecture. Also curves, just .... different :/tank02
    • I'm making a folder on my computer where I will be collecting all photos of Simon posing with his magazinesdrgs
    • Haha, I just make such pics to win new models on social media. Not to show off. And yes, I am 44yo now. The playmate is 18yo.SimonFFM
    • And then I think, I share here, too. Because QBN is the page I visit the most (dunno if this is good).SimonFFM
    • Furniture and architecture sounds great and more stable than my business.SimonFFM
    • StingKrassy
    • Cool Simon!! CongratsOBBTKN
    • boobs on the coverpage!uan
    • Those women must be happy to come to work. :-)boobs
    • titties!utopian
    • G( . Y . )D JOB!!PonyBoy
    • WINNING_me_
    • What a hunky stud!omahadesigns
    • F'n awesome. Great job!bezoar
    • You have such a shit job Simon...not sure how you muster the strength to do it every day.BusterBoy
    • Congrats!formed
    • Congrats man...there's something inherently funny about these pictures since usually people would hide a Playboy.yuekit
    • @yuekit So true, and I absolutely don't understand why.SimonFFM
    • Nice work Simon!
      LMK if you'll need ever need an editorial designer (I'm based in Berlin) ;)
    • We found our new set!deadsperm
    • lockdown has seen a boom for wankmags. ride that wave!Doris_McSquirter
  • Fabricio34

    Ah friday!
    Here a little character I've created yesterday. Still need to work on the walk cycle, speed, etc.

    Have a good weekend y'all.

  • Fabricio39

    I'm creating a series of short animations involving this factory worker character, inspired by my Pocket Operator - factory.
    I plan to collect all this animations and add the song I'm making on the mini synth someday :)

    • I love the happy traffic cone.CyBrainX
    • hehe, thanks sir :) !Fabricio
    • very cool! How do you make these? 3D software?Bennn
    • ^ Blender I believe.Hayzilla
    • excellent stuff! i look forward to seeing more! go go GO!scruffics
    • fantasticdopepope
    • Thanks folks :)
      Actually I returned to C4D for a bit...
      I love Blender.. but I missed C4D's interface.. a lot!
    • Found Set!utopian
    • both are great!SimonFFM
    • lol utopian - that's better than my attempt :)Nairn
    • Hey Fabricio - i think you've explained across a couple of your posts how you do this - have you thought about putting links to those descriptions in your bio?Nairn
    • I was both delighted and in a way a little saddened to read how you 'export as pixels'. It's such a clever method, but I'd assumed there was some "pixel render-Nairn
    • -ing magic going on.

      I mean, it's cooler the way you do it - I just had it in mind completely differently.
    • PonyBoy
    • The cape is such a nice touch. Great stuff as always.garbage
    • Thank you so much guys and girls <3Fabricio
    • Hey Nairn!
      you want me to send you an explanation through e-mail? Yeah, it is quite a simple method.. but it is also staying truth to how images and games were
    • ... processed back then. Smaller resolutions due to limitations, expanded into a tv screen.Fabricio
    • great!prophetone
    • I love the actual scene/story concepts in your work (in addition to the implementation)!Krassy
    • amazing work man, you're a genius!pedromendez
    • +1 krassy. @fab: I'm in no position to be doing this sort of thing, sadly - I was just thinking you could save time in future when people ask you! :)Nairn
    • I mean id like to know! :)woowahesque
  • scarabin_net34

    large 3.5" color display (from a car rear-view monitor)
    3D-printed button wells and screen mount
    additional X, Y, R. and L buttons
    plays everything up to PSP, PSX
    rechargeable li-ion battery (via micro USB)
    safe shutdown using original switch
    low battery warning light

    next version will have another two buttons, an analog stick, and HDMI out :)

    • +1fadein11
    • nicebulletfactory
    • Want of the daygonzalle
    • Amazinginteliboy
    • acesince1979
    • wow! not even in my dreams.oey
    • Can you post some more pictures and different angles of this? do you have pictures of the parts right off the 3D printer before assembly (just out of curiosity)SoulFly
    • noiceomg
    • amazeballs. I want one. does it have
      L+R buttons?
    • ah, i should read more. but where are they??sarahfailin
    • You evil genius!!…
    • Neat dude, +1garbage
    • in the second pic, the R button is visible as a small protrusion on the edge. they're small tactile buttons set in unused screw holes for a clean lookscarabin
    • right now i'm working on overclocking it and adding a tiny fan into a modified game cartridge :)scarabin
    • NERD!!!!!sureshot
    • just kidding of course dude..this is super tight.sureshot
    • ya. total nerd! :)pango
    • Damn dude, where can I order one? :)Nutter
    • want.ApeRobot
    • how much to build me one please?fadein11
    • The "retro boy" logo at top of the screen is not centre aligned. So I HATE IT :Drobthelad
    • I smell a KICKSTARTER!microkorg
    • well done!!!kona
    • pre-order!GM278
    • I don't fully know exactly what I'm looking at here, but I want one. looks SICKMiguex
    • dopemoldero
    • Dude, whoa! Looks great and functionally impressive.baseline_shift
    • Fucking excellentset
  • Melanie23

    Working on an identity for a client. I'm pretty happy about where these two options are going.

    • I like the slice line through the top one.PhanLo
    • for me, definitely option arzu-rzu
    • yup no 1 winsrenderedred
    • I like both but think first definitely stronger of the two. Nice workdee-dubs
    • first option, but this was like done a millions times before http://chipchickcom.…grafician
    • Yeah, the first one for sure. I love that slice.CyBrainX
    • Option aSlashPeckham
    • align 1 is perfect.



    • Tastyscarabin
    • What does 'Align' do?Morning_star
    • The top one is good, but the angle at the bottom of the 'a' throws it off imhodkoblesky
    • Top one: brilliant.
      Bottom one: my brain automatically processes as saying, 'ailing'.
    • what dkoblesky said. you could correct correct the a in option 1oey_oey
    • A because I would have no idea what's going on if I was only shown B.garbage
    • @continuity - totally! I didn't see that at all.Melanie
    • Bottom one starts to make good on the name “align” but is tough to get - top is a nice piece of design work, but leaves me wondering if it has a concept.ben_
    • do you have variations of the second? First reminds me of salome stencil https://www.atipofou…imbecile
    • The first one is beautiful. But it also looks like other identities I’ve seen. It could be fashion. It could be tech. The second one is more interesting.monospaced
    • I agree, I've seen the top one several places. I love it, though, and see no reason not to pursue it. Maybe play with the a and n?formed
    • Both look great! 1 looks better, but I'm with morning star and would like to know what align does.bezoar
    • I wonder if you could use the concept for no.2 to create single word headlines on ads..SlashPeckham
    • ^ It'd be tough. A headline needs to be read fast, so a concept like this might be a bit to much of a barrier to entry for the reader.Continuity
    • *too muchContinuity
    • Not A, that's slant or cut, not align. Idea of B is a start, what you need is a line that the letters are 'aligning' too. Like the align icons in AI, PS etc.shapesalad
    • In A, the a is not aligning at the bottom, the stroke on the right needs to end flat, creating a horizontal line.shapesalad
    • Yeah as nice as it looks I don't get "align" out of the first one. Depending on what align means of courseyuekit
    • No 2sandpipe
    • Love the first one.Chimp
    • I agree that the first option is move cut/angle rather than align. How about something modular like this for the second:BaskerviIle
    • These notes deliver.ideaist
    • first one is made by the cut blob above the g. love it.hans_glib
    • A is beautiful. Congrats.nbq
    • But I agree, I would fix the a's basenbq
    • I love how @Melanie has abandoned QBN as girl #2. We hardly knew ye!ideaist
    • Thanks for the feedback!Melanie
    • Memetically, the visual details in A instantly describe 'align' rather than imply cut, or whatever. Don't fret it. A, is lovely. Love it and give it.Nairn
  • stewart37

    • +++PhanLo
    • Great work. That looks like colored pencils on watercolor paper. Is that correct?CyBrainX
    • SuperNBQ00
    • +1 Title "Snailbang"?garbage
    • Caran d'Ache colored pencils. The size of the paper is A5.
      Did you know that Caran d'Ache is the Frenchized word for pencil in Russian: карандаш.
    • Nice! +1OBBTKN
    • Awesome work! (and thanks for the Caran d'Ache trivia)BaskerviIle
    • noice :)sted
    • love it!jimzy
    • Nice!Gnash
    • snailed itnbq
    • Really lovelyRamanisky2
    • nbq ftw! HA! Nice work, stewartbezoar
    • wonderfulSimonFFM
    • fucking snailsmilfhunter
    • oh my!Nairn
  • Fabricio39

    Did this little paw animation while waiting for a client's approval :)
    I would love to have a cat to play with during this quarantine :( hehe

    • great work! wow!SimonFFM
    • blimey how long does approval take???hans_glib
    • Thanks Simon :)Fabricio
    • @Hans 6 hours :)
      The paw took 2 hours to model, 30 min to texture, 2 hours and something to rig and animate and then rendering. The rig is not very good...
    • I can share the file here if any of you want,it is a cinema 4d file with Redshift as render.Fabricio
    • Very cat-like behavior hahayuekit
    • Amazing skills, I am really impressed. And somehow I like the paw. It's cute.SimonFFM
    • Very nice :) is that the new iPad Pro cursor?NBQ00
    • looks GREAT! Only critique... I think the moving dot should be red. haha, but that looks GREAT!dopepope
    • love it!helloeatbreathedrive
    • haha thats great! love the texturefuturefood
    • So good, Fabricio.Nairn
    • I love this!FawnDog
    • It has a real stop-frame feel to it. Superb.monoboy
    • thought it was real until I read the info. great work.shapesalad
    • @shapesalad same here at the first look :)api
    • Great stuff and cats are very therapeutic during quarantine.CyBrainX