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  • Fabricio42

    Made this gif last weekend in between projects.
    30 frames animated frame-by-frame in a 12 fps project.

    • likefadein11
    • really coolBennn
    • lovedBeeswax
    • lovelyJaline
    • this rules.Al_dizzle
    • Love it.HijoDMaite
    • fantasticRamanisky2
    • reminds me of this…
    • yupmoldero
    • so much fucking work, bravo!utopian
    • wowpinkfloyd
    • Very nice, love the styleyuekit
    • Fabricio all my respect. It's beautifulsted
    • cant even imagine the tons of keyframes involved ... a lot of thought and detail here.Ramanisky2
    • This is fantastic.CyBrainX
    • Ramanisky2, 30 frames. He said it in his post ;)Bennn
    • Excellent work!MrT
    • Bennn, not total amount of frames ...
      keyframing each individual piece of imagery within ... assuming he created this in After Effects.
    • Fabricio .. was this done in After Effects or ToonBoom?? or something else.Ramanisky2
    • Wow guys! Haha, what an amazing response, thank you so much :)Fabricio
    • Ramanisky, I animated on Adobe Animate CC, and exported the PNG's to After Effects, and added texture and treated a bit the colour there.Fabricio
    • And you were right, it has 30 frames of duration, but in total there are around 500 individually drawn frames to compose everything, frame by frame.Fabricio
    • But they were simple animations, each one of them, so it didnt take super long.Fabricio
    • never used Adobe Animate CC before, now I see its exactly like Flash which I also haven't used in over 8 yrs now
      Still super nice job Fabricio. I'm jealous.
    • love itMiguex
    • Give it a go Ramanisky! It has gotten much better since Flash. If you want, I can share the source file of this with you, both Animate and After EffectsFabricio
    • Oh dude that would be awesome
      Please please please
      Thnx Fabricio
    • Super cool sir Fab!Chimp
    • so nice!! so all the drawing was done directly in Animate CC, they're all vectors? Would love to see those sourcefiles too...Calderone2000
    • Sesame Street-esque. I love it!jaylarson
    • this is a nice commentbliznutty
    • fuckn awesome, love the styleGeorgesII
    • super coolbezoar
    • Saved!jagara

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