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  • Fabricio41

    Hello guys and girls :)
    Wanted to share with you this last project I worked on, for Cirque du Soleil, and their new show -Axel (that is currently touring around North America)

    The briefing was to design and animate a 3D scenario inspired by some old 8bit games and battle scenarios, and bring in some vintage elements. They were super easy going to work with, and gave me a lot of freedom :) One o the best experiences I've had in a long time :)

    (hopefully the images will show up properly...)

    • I just found this footage of one of the parts I worked on, filmed by someone on twitter:…
    • nice!Gnash
    • EPIC!monospaced
    • congrats!utopian
    • I wonder what the view was like from the performers' perspectives!jaylarson
    • Filmed vertically, of course. Great work by the way.CyBrainX
    • Thank you so much guys :)
      @jaylarson I dont think the view is really good, the projection of non-aliased graphics, looked quite bad on the ice :(
    • @CybrainX hahah! it drives me crazy those vertical videos... WHY WHY!!! :PFabricio
    • awesome!moldero
    • This is so cool :)Maaku
    • Excellent!SimonFFM
    • Love it!inv
    • nice!!milfhunter
    • that's fantasticFax_Benson
    • Wonderfulrobthelad
    • superb!fadein11
    • Crazy good! Congrats man!antimotion
    • makes me think of the original Tron movie from 1983... amazing work Fabricio :)exador1
    • dope! They are great to work with.ben_
    • well done!ayport
    • Talent. Design. On QBN. Can you believe it?ideaist
    • Excellent stuffMrT

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