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  • wordssssss7

    We have been working on an an Instagram page that follows the US Presidential Election. Started at 500 days out, we have 85 days to go (we hope).…

    We made some non-partisan yard signs. One side you can write on with dry erase, other side you can leave as is:

    Still have some left if anyone would like one.

    • Really dig the project. Great workPhanLo
    • Thanks PhanLo, love your work as well.wordssssss
    • I like your other work on Instagram too. The editorial work is great.CyBrainX
    • really great work!oey_oey
    • Thank you CyBrainX and oey_oey.wordssssss
    • Very nice, I've been following your project on insta for a while now! looks good!!zarkonite
    • oh wow nice project u got here.
      choosing yellow as primary color was a good idea in many aspects.
    • I'd like oneshellie
  • Nairn3

    Stupid wee thing, almost literally - a ~35mm diameter sticker for prints.

    Disregard alignment, I've had a couple.

    Otherwise, any thoughts? Other than, "you want a crit on a throwaway 2p sticker? What the fuck has become of QBN?!"

    • I'll tell you one thing. For now on, I won't bend.CyBrainX
    • Maybe have the BEND text reflect the bent line above? It bothers my eye that it doesn't progress the same way the other elements do!

      ; )
    • A biit late - had 10k of these printed last week :)Nairn
    • Yes, bend the BEND!grafician
    • Ended up going with two - English and an international one, which just has the one bent line, with anime-style exasperation lines at the kinks.Nairn
    • How about re-writing the copy to something like, 'Please, No benders'?Chimp
    • it worksmonospaced
  • oey_oey2

    • Map of online event to be used as event's website background. Unfortunately had to change the turquoise to light blue in the last moment.oey_oey
    • Takes a bit the drive but everybody's happy. Working on the flyer now and can't wait for the book cover.oey_oey
    • I remember this game on SNES.Doris_McSquirter
    • ^ LOL!oey_oey
    • nice swatches tho'Doris_McSquirter
    • I'm going crazy, when I click the image the colors!oey_oey
  • SimonFFM18

    Finally, today, I finished my quarantine project. I began with this in May 2020.

    I had photographed a cheesy photo last year and had the idea to turn it into a so-called diamond painting, then frame it and photograph it hanging on a wall.

    A diamond painting basically is a sticky paper where you glue thousands of small plastic diamonds on. The paper says where to glue which color, so it is all about patience, only.

    But it requires a lot of patience. I glued more or less 32,000 pieces to finish this 40x50cm artwork. This took me around 100 hours in total.

    Was it worth it? Certainly not. But I remembered the QBN quote 'Never don't give up' and so I finished this off.

    I would like to point out that the woman originally had nothing between her legs. Nothing red, I mean. The diamond painting has 33 colors (why 33, I wondered) and either they have no skin tones in their plastic palette or they produced this as 'safe for work' (= censored my uploaded photo). I still finished it and will see if I can tweak the colors when photographing the framed version.

    Very satisfied this is finally away from our dining table.

    • I can smell that art from overseas.utopian
    • NEVER DON'T GIVE UP ®Ianbolton
    • Looks meditative. Good work SimonIanbolton
    • Aspergersomahadesigns
    • Insane effort. How many days did you split that 100 hours over?BaskerviIle
    • fleißarbeitd_gitale
    • About 1-2 hrs per day. The pieces are tiny and it is hard to see after a while.SimonFFM
    • @omahadesigns loli_was
    • We make out kids do these diamond pictures to keep them quiet and busy for an hour or so... but it's Marvel characters! Not chick of the day images.fooler
    • Cool, there's a studio in the Vatican (not far from Pope's pad), which does work like this, in micro. Smalti Filati.BustySaintClaire
    • Interesting!SimonFFM
    • That's neatHayoth
    • Don’t never not do give up.calculator
    • I'm curious to know how my partner would react if I spent 100 hours + peripheral time doing this on our dining room table.
      I suspect not well.
    • ..unless, I suppose, if this is your wife?

      Can I wank to this?
    • Just give me the Nuh-Uh, Dontchoo Dare and I'll stop.Nairn
    • "Was it worth it? Certainly not"
      Couldn't agree more.
    • nairn, better to ask forgiveness than permissionimbecile
    • I can tell you don't have kids?drgs
    • lol... my wife would help if she saw me doing this... she'd sit down and probably loudly / happily exclaim "I'm doing the vagina!!!"PonyBoy
    • My cat would lay on it immediatelyscarabin
    • ^ lol !i_was
    • Some things you have to try out to see how they go. Picture shows Daria: https://www.simonbol…SimonFFM
    • Wow major effort!Chimp
    • A Mr Goatse one would be rad.Doris_McSquirter
    • @PonyBoy, lol, your wife loves vagina (?)i_was
    • Careful - all that squinting will make you go blind.SlashPeckham
    • Awesome work Simon! Where can you get a kit like that?Smurf
  • colin_s17

    • 22x28 posterscolin_s
    • Gorgeous!MondoMorphic
    • why are the white letters highlighted on the poster?utopian
    • Beautifulmonospaced
    • say
    • well done.dbloc
    • really good workpedromendez
    • thanks!colin_s
    • nice one Colin.MrT
    • SAY THEIR NAMES... I got the secondary read.jonny_quest_lives
    • For fuck sake design is coming backfattymcgrizzle
    • Nice job manyuekit
    • rantings of a addict before his lifestyle killed him. but great capitalization on the moment.deathboy
    • the head bleeding loving guy again, can he never shut up.neverscared
    • nice design.neverscared
    • yep, great workfadein11
    • Don't click on deathboy's profile.monospaced
    • Don’t click on deathboy’s portfolio.ben_
    • don't ignore the silly internet bulliesdeathboy
    • Great stuff, Colin. If there was any way to purchase one/donate on behalf let me/us know.ben_
    • Come on Colin let him know! Get those funds. Doubt any real money. Maybe a fi we if this shames Ben enoughdeathboy
    • Let's get u paid brodeathboy
    • if you doubt it's real money, why are you saying he's capitalizing? You really are a stupid cunt.monospaced
    • The fact I have to point out he's not even selling them makes you look like the most idiotic person imaginable.monospaced
    • Nice work Colin. And Deathboy, post some of your stuff mate. Maybe even something positive for a change?Ianbolton
  • Gabriel29
  • stewart8

    Working on some updates to the Skrova layered font, such as adding more stylistic alternates. Any further suggestions?…

    • Great!SimonFFM
    • fucking hell, that's awesome!oey_oey
    • Really lovely. Was it hard lining all the parts up in the font program?
      Maybe you could have shapes outside the letters as another layer? Looks great!
  • maquito3

    Some trucker caps for my friends at RockDog Hotel.

    • its a bit glyphy/wingding on style and not big on the roman dating with the symmetry.deathboy
    • sorry not trying to be a dick.... also not sure why dog has goggles/glasses or tongue to side... spade guessing for gambling but the leaves?deathboy
    • if you use it for a case study might be good to just point out those types of things.deathboy
    • gold reads hard on the gray, i prefer gray vs black though where gold reads better.deathboy
    • That’s some great feedback! I agree with you. It was a volunteer work, but I should’ve taken more insight. Tksmaquito
    • wait arent u suppose to call me racist or fear flack from the community?deathboy
    • never ever agree with me. ppl will be dicksdeathboy
    • ^ LOL!oey_oey
  • stewart37

    • +++PhanLo
    • Great work. That looks like colored pencils on watercolor paper. Is that correct?CyBrainX
    • SuperNBQ00
    • +1 Title "Snailbang"?garbage
    • Caran d'Ache colored pencils. The size of the paper is A5.
      Did you know that Caran d'Ache is the Frenchized word for pencil in Russian: карандаш.
    • Nice! +1OBBTKN
    • Awesome work! (and thanks for the Caran d'Ache trivia)BaskerviIle
    • noice :)sted
    • love it!jimzy
    • Nice!Gnash
    • snailed itnbq
    • Really lovelyRamanisky2
    • nbq ftw! HA! Nice work, stewartbezoar
    • wonderfulSimonFFM
    • fucking snailsmilfhunter
    • oh my!Nairn
  • tap3

    Just made some lava

    More views:…

    • How? I don't understand it. Looks cool.SimonFFM
    • He's lying - he lives in Hawaii - he just went up a mountain and stole it from the Gods!
      Nice - I'm guessing bicarb soda somehow?
  • deathboy0

    For sted (thanks for really pushing me to show some work and give inspiration) for mono's constant ignorant hate. My latest piece called STED + MONO, LOVE CHANGES ALL.

    Disclaimer: for sake of identities i'm not going to say which one is sted and which one is mono. leave that for the imagination

    • 2020 MacArthur Fellowsutopian
    • A homoerotic sketch? Says a lot about how your idiotic mind works. You’re not only an idiot, you’re a bigoted asshole too.monospaced
    • And your drawing skills are almost as bad as your writing. How embarrassingmonospaced
    • wow mono you are such a bigot. use such terms as homoerotic when its all just love.deathboy
    • #homoeroticlovematte... #sted+mono-foreverdeathboy
    • and mono you should feel for sted. he is clearly more talented but now lumped in with you. or maybe you like thatdeathboy
    • greatness rising through being a tick on the back of another who disagrees that isnt a waste of space.deathboy
    • @monospaced I can't recognize you, or myself on this, and who is that Sтіо? I'm still wondering why it took more than 4 hours to produce this juvenile scrawlsted
    • im sorry sted love may not be a paintbrush you are familiar with but it takes time as it needsdeathboy
    • you might not like my art but its already sold. Got a nice black kid yearly salary for it.deathboy
    • gotta love blm and gay shit movements. sell muy properdeathboy
    • bwhahahaha... that mono cunt is a thin skinner.Doris_McSquirter
    • Grade A mookDoris_McSquirter
    • You can make up any shit you want and be wrong. But I’m not the incel homophobic troll that would do this. And that’s why I’m better.monospaced
    • I admit I have a temper. But I’m not deranged and fragile enough of a stupid cunt like deathboy to do something like this. It’s beyond pathetic bmonospaced
    • And even worse is your stupid, bigoted lowlife ass that probably thinks it’s funny. You two are made for each other.monospaced
    • Mono go back to being the lowest ring on the ladder of your frat. If you could achieve that heightdeathboy
    • Have you ever noticed your insult never describe me. Be hard to imagine some one agreeing the insults you assert apply. They appear to be more projectionsdeathboy
    • Clearly you have issues with self esteem. The stereotypical jock trying to project authority as his father does over himdeathboy
    • But my guess not a jock. Never been anything really. No talents to hang a hat on. Hence the money aspects. Authority and projecting an idea I'm poor for authorideathboy
    • Be more like Stef he's far more interesting most of the timedeathboy
    • You think your insult describes me? Fucking idiot. That describes you perfectly. You won't find anyone here that disagrees. Prove me wrong, fucktard moron.doublespaced
    • Oh, and I'm not a jock. I'm a total dad bod nice guy who would never pick a fight with anyone, and thinks that's idiotic. Frat? Look who's insecure. Little bitcdoublespaced
    • At least I'm not a bigoted homophobe who uses homoerotic scribbles to try to troll and insult. That IS the lowest rung. I'll never be down there. Ever.doublespaced
    • LOL the fuck.!!!deathboy
    • wrong long in or soemone has you nailed perfectly! That's fuckin greatdeathboy
  • hans_glib11

    found this on my barber's ig - the design is mine, and it's a great pic, better than anything i could do.

    • I don't get it - it's your design, but it's better than anything you could do?Nairn
    • The pic, I guess.futurefood
    • They decided to use a Dutch tiltfuturefood
    • the pic is better, read Nairn, read! ;PBennn
    • pity it's plastic containers. we really need new solutions for that.shapesalad
    • I like the overall look and feel, I just can't read it. I must be getting old:)utopian
    • nice work, both you and your barberererjimzy
    • Like all other bottles in the shower, I’m just looking for the word “shampoo”HijoDMaite
    • Georges? kidding. Love the type on these!jaylarson
    • Why not "Mr. Shampoo"?ben_
    • By George?pango
    • Looks good but why the Dutch angle? This shampoo is threatening me?garbage
    • They work nicely, by george!
      Good work, man. Futura Black is one of my all-time faves. Is this the thing you wanted testing way back when?
    • Honestly not a fan of the photography. I'm having to awkwardly incline my head to appreciate your work.Nairn
    • Shower soap packaging should have monthly-rotating complex designs. Give you something to take in whilst you're staring into the void at 7.23am.Nairn
  • renderedred8

    my second book of poetry is out today.

  • face_melter11

    Someone asked from my previous post about a video of the painting process. This is a snippet of a session from something I recently finished, sped up a bit. Captured from my Cintiq with OBS.

    • this is great mate, thanks for sharing.fadein11
    • Good tho see the thought process in the drawing. Really good dude.PhanLo
    • Really nice workjimzy
    • That's talented. Much better than anything I can do.zarb0z
    • Thanks. If anyone is interested, the tooI I use to make the perspective lines is Perspective Tools. Very, very, good.…
    • Great work. This looks like a lot of fun too.CyBrainX
  • CyBrainX7

    I decided to make some concept art out of some surreal lyrics I've always liked. Guess the song.

    • Don't Fear The Reaperutopian
    • Old Town Road, by Lil Nas X?face_melter
    • I did horribly with guessing the lyrics, but I love the look of these. Nice!stoplying
    • I thought Strawberry Fields Forever was a dead giveaway. That's why I put it first.CyBrainX
  • Mezzanine40

    Recently finished a branding and interior design project for a wok type restaurant. Take a look -

  • haga16

    So my first QBN collab. Some damn nice tunes from Autoflavour and Deepchild, and Trapcode animation by me.

    • Great job boys ...
      which came first the video or the audio?
    • Ramanisky2, I had the first 5 seconds and and idea what I wanted to do. Then Tom sent over the track.haga
    • Ahh I figured it was something like that. thnx haga.Ramanisky2
    • I've got some great tracks from the Making Beats thread. So more QBN stuff to come.haga
    • +1utopian
    • Really cool! I'd love to share some tracks eventually once I've got some in-progress songs down.mg33
    • super stoked on how this turned out.. boss level workautoflavour
    • mg33 .. none of my stuff is finished, this track is at best a extended loop .. JUST DO ITautoflavour
    • mg33, yeah, just send stuff over. I've got tons of stuff that needs music. It's just for the fun of it anyway!haga
    • And thanks again for the track Autoflavour! Love it.haga
    • love it - are you up for any kind of noise, or just beats?hans_glib
    • hans_glib, I love noise!haga
    • kool stuff.neverscared
    • Dopescarabin
  • face_melter49

    Right. Born to die, 3D is a fuck.

    Since moving over to 3ds Max / Corona Render at work about a year ago and with it all the madness and death Autodesk products bring, there was absolutely no choice but to stab Cinema 4D in the neck and end any type of recreational 3D at home. It couldn't be done.

    Instead, I poured my depressed ape brain into 2D work and digital painting - trying my hand at concept art and futuristic fuckery. All ending in pure misery. But through an unlikely combination of banal Swedish residential architecture, John Berkey, and Robert McGinnis' paintings of tits and ass I stumbled, like some drunken Irishman, into a process and technique that has resulted in a prolonged thrust of inspiration and a satisfying flow of work that has proved to be my most rewarding and enjoyable since fuck knows when.

    Like, I can't even recall the last time I was genuinely content and pleased with my creative endevours. Maybe the first time I managed to do decent eyeliner. I dunno.

    There is no deep, cosmic, exploration. No profound flannel about the human condition and A-R-T. The gig is simple.

    The nuts and bolts of it is me taking pictures of buildings then recreating parts of them in Photoshop using a couple of brushes, some weird colours, and my extended SUNN O))) playlist built from Scandinavian live bootlegs and album releases.

    I will now push the BROADCAST! button and hope that the links show correctly.

    • doooodscruffics
    • really good work. nice paletteDoris_McSquirter
    • these are greatFax_Benson
    • These are ace!thumb_screws
    • Thanks. I am genuinely pleased with them and from these I can see opportunities to move forward - different subjects and themes. Portraits perhaps.face_melter
    • Composition and color are out of this world. A pleasure to view. Thanksmonospaced
    • yep, love these, keep em coming.fadein11
    • Love em! Really good Face!PhanLo
    • Fuck. These are awesomeGnash
    • switch do blender its anti-madness there...neverscared
    • I love them all, great stuff man! +helloeatbreathedrive
    • Fantastic @face_melter.ideaist
    • great work!utopian
    • great work man! Love itBennn
    • Great stuff. And interesting you mention Robert McGinnis. You both do great work!SimonFFM
    • Really digging these!fattymcgrizzle
    • Very good. Not sure I've ever seen anything quite like it.Nairn
    • 1 and 3. Nice work.garbage
    • really fucking nice
    • I'm into theseDaithi
    • Nice! Great style and colors.bezoar
    • Do a video, would love to see the process of making them!dee-dubs
    • They're great by the way!dee-dubs
    • niiice workprophetone
    • where's the thumbs up button ? :) love emurbanturban
    • these are great i love them! Would buy prints of these, lovely!pedromendez
    • good to see some Berkey&McGinnis tits n ass fans here :D
      nice stuff, keep it going :)
    • Love em. Start selling some prints!instrmntl
    • this is amazing man! what are you using tool wise? ipad and pen? wacom? mouse?_niko
    • very nice, thanks for sharing some of your process as well! Keep at it!brandonp
    • SweetNBQ00
    • Aww. Thanks all! The kind words are appreciated. Prints are def. in the future, I have a few more completed but want to round off this set of photos first.face_melter
    • As for process, it's Ps and a Wacom with some stylised, acrylic-like, brushes. I stripped everything back so now only work with four or five brushes in total.face_melter
    • very nice compositions. the color is yours!api
    • i could see some nice simple type on these as a series of dj mixes_me_
    • This is great, I'd wear all of them on a tshirt.zarkonite
    • I'm as much impressed by the beatnick intro to this work as the work itself but both are a jolt to the senses. This is the best thing in this thread in a while.CyBrainX
    • i liek it it reminds me a bit of ian francis and joshua keyes.only thing id change up is even mroe brush blend digitally for more analog detailed style.deathboy
    • also be great to mix in some actual throwups. the colors and brushes allude to it but be a nice layer and mix in the actual lettering. always also allowsdeathboy
    • another layer fo depth in meaning.deathboy
    • fantastic workdopepope
    • Again, thanks everyone for the compliments. Just the motivation I need. 9-5 sucks the fucking life out of me, so these are my escape. More soon, for sure.face_melter
    • That is some really great work! Keep 'em coming please!pseud
    • Awesome work. Great sense of composition and colours.Mezzanine
  • BaskerviIle70

    Not really work, more of a lockdown project to get me away from my screen. I've been working on this oil painting for about 6 weeks. I've always loved the work of Pieter Claesz, particularly his 'ontbijtjes' still lifes. So I decided to do a still life with objects I had laying around in that style. When life gives you lemons...…

    • !!!!!!!nb
    • Magnificent.deadsperm
    • Amazing work. I had to do such things in art school, too, but never was as good as you. Absolutely great! The glass looks just wow. Lemon peel. WOW.SimonFFM
    • Just showed my wife from a distance and she thought it was a photo. Congratulations!SimonFFM
    • The light is amazing. Love the glass especially.PhanLo
    • that's incredible. Can't imagine how difficult it is to do that glass on a jet black bg. The whole thing is beyond my comprehension tb honestFax_Benson
    • Amazing! Wish I had the free time to pursue stuff like this right now :)yuekit
    • beautiful!scruffics
    • Superb!OBBTKN
    • Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. Feels good to do something aside from UX work occasionallyBaskerviIle
    • So beautiful!fisheye
    • sickmilfhunter
    • Fuck this is incrediblepedromendez
    • getouttahere
      from photo or actual still life?
    • Nice glazing :)Gnash
    • @drgs, actual still life, set it up on my mantelpiece. Worked from reference photos too since fruit shrivels and rots etcBaskerviIle
    • Amazing!dmay
    • dude!!!Calderone2000
    • At first I thought this is so well executed. Why did he use a glass that would come from a greasy spoon rest stop but then I realized that would be a great ideaCyBrainX
    • do a scene in this immaculate refined style but it's lousy diner food - french fries, hot dogs, ketchup blobs on the table, dirty napkins, etc.CyBrainX
    • @CyBrainX nice idea. The glass is literally just the Ikea tumblers I use at home.BaskerviIle
    • Wow, your skills are severe! As the judges on Portrait/Landscape Artist of the Year say, ‘there are some incredible passages of paint’Wolfboy
    • As has been mentioned, the rendering of glass with liquid on black is awesome.Wolfboy
    • Incredible! UX is cool and all but man, this is your calling.dyspl
    • Superb work :)mrAtor
    • Fucking nice!bezoar
    • I've long had a preference for genre painting. the nobility of just great painting. Nice value control, as seen in the reflection on the marble top.MrAbominable
    • Thanks for putting up the second and third photos! I thought it was a photo! Awesome work!!mapleT
    • Excellentsinjun
    • My Grandad used to paint in this style.
      Bless his socks though, he wasn't very good. And I'm being generous. RIP x
      SO GOOD, Baskerville.
    • I had NEVER 'til now considered just how fucking hard this shit must have been in the old days, prior to photography. Spot who didn't go to Art School...Nairn
    • Exceptionally good. Fantastic talent!zarb0z
    • Everything said in the notes, your painting skills are awesome. +10000grotesk_neue
    • stellar workdopepope
    • Wow, this has really cheered me up, got a kick from seeing it on the front page. Thanks for such positive comments.BaskerviIle
    • you obviously have an eye for texturemeowcat
    • Teach medrgs
    • ^why was meowcat banned?drgs
    • because docpozutopian
    • drgz was too slow to certify himutopian
    • wonderful work Baskervilleutopian
    • skillz!! wow nicemicrokorg
    • Absolutely amazing! WOW!Krassy
    • God dammit, that's perfection!Melanie
    • Oh please... this is one of those 'send your photo in and we'll print it on a canvas so it looks like a painting' things!! You can't fool me.PonyBoy
    • in all honesty tho... O... M... G. SO good. :)PonyBoy
    • Absolutely stunning. I can't even pour a Gin-Tonic that looks as real as this.Longcopylover
    • wow indeed!oey_oey
    • Wow! It is unbelievable. What a detailed work and amazing sense of color.Mezzanine
  • microkorg7

    Not recent work.
    I'd guess this scraper-board is about 23 years old, did it when I had some art talent. Found it over the weekend in a box full of memories. It's now sitting on one of our shelves in livingroom. I might grab a frame for it.