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  • BaskerviIle53

    Painted a portrait of my old man for his 70th birthday.
    Oil on linen

    • +1Gnash
    • That is absolutely amazing!! <3
    • that's a badass gift, man. and from his son– he'll be proudscarabin
    • Beautiful!Melanie
    • amazing work, he's gonna love it.sofakingback
    • amazingMiguex
    • Awesome job! And a touching tribute.dopepope
    • Excellent.sea_sea
    • amazing!Krassy
    • I am a waste of human skill. I applaud you for being a higher species.wagshaft
    • a+sted
    • love this..great work dudesureshot
    • Very nice, maestro!OBBTKN
    • awesome personal birthday present!microkorg
    • fantastic - well donefadein11
    • Just lovely.MrT
    • sickeningly good, thanks for making me feel like a waste of space!dee-dubs
    • Really like that,wheelBoy
    • Better than most things in UK's National Portrait gallery.fruitsalad
    • ... Jesus Christ! This better be your day job. Too much of a waste if not. Your dad will be so proudmugwart
    • Stunning. Really...set
    • the lips are distressing me...sorry. does your father really has lips like that? like the mouth is closer to the observer. you know like turned.oey
    • I mean it's an amazing picture and you have incredible skills but I feel somehow intrigues by the lip. impressive colors.oey
    • Needs some lens flare, but showing progress. Good to see you've been keeping an oar in on this wee hobby, Baskerville.detritus
    • ...which is to say, I'm in awe. So, so good!
    • god oey - can't stop looking at the lips now.fadein11
    • Beautiful workGlitterati_Duane
    • mad skillsernexbcn
    • If I was your dad, my comment would be "son, please paint in my hair, I miss my hair son."fruitsalad
    • wow! your dad must be very proud man, dope skillsmaquito
    • The pic here is very small so it makes it look better tha what it is in real lifei_was
    • damn bro.. owning itautoflavour
    • i_was has to be the single-most poisonous and embittered user on here. Have you ever said anything positive, ever? Anywhere?detritus
    • i suspect you're a pseud account for someone here who hasn't the balls to be their true cunt self under their normal username.detritus
    • Sentimental value: A+
      Artistic Value: C-
      Pat on the back from social network: priceless
      Artistic feedback from that network: D-
    • I'd wager that it's easier to get 'good' results from a large-format painting, so his weak attempt at negativity is gutted before it's out the door anyway.detritus
    • i_was simply reeks of jealousy and bitterness, the poor little wet queef.set
    • lovelyutopian
    • Thanks everyone, didn't expect to return to QBN to find such nice comments. I'm an interaction/innovati... designer by day.BaskerviIle
    • Drawing/painting is just a hobby, I don't profess to be an artist, I mainly just enjoy the process/craft. Illustration not artBaskerviIle
    • Excellent work. Really.stoplying
    • you just became his favorite son.
      great job dude.
    • woah... what a wonderful gift... beautiful work, baskerville :)PonyBoy
    • The artistic value of this painting is clearly mediocre, if you can see that, that's normal : you're a graphic designer.i_was
    • This painting has a superior artistic value…i_was
    • it's a painting of his father, you pathetic bilious upchuck. I'm sure you think you're coming across as smart and haughty, but you're just a cretinous nonent.detritus
    • Nasty, nasty, nasty. I'm sorry you feel the need to compensate in this manner.detritus
    • hehe... don't waste your time, det. All the info (gift for dad, not a 'fine' artist by day etc) should halt any critique... except from petty douchebags. :)PonyBoy
    • *grumbles*detritus
    • I have an utterly respect for your skillsoey
    • Me too, oey. Muchly.set
    • It's just okay...
      Jk, it's fuking awesome!
    • yep - great piece of work. ignore the haters.fadein11
    • Very impressive mate.HAYZ1LLLA
    • damn dude!GuyFawkes

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