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  • Fabricio25

    Playing with Octane and Cinema4D during the weekend.

    • Wow that second one is how they say thefire.Hayzilla
    • superbfadein11
    • how fast did octane render?
      they are super cool!
    • O.Oscruffics
    • very cool!dopepope
    • Oh man. This is my favorite stuff on this thread.CyBrainX
    • I don't know which I love more, his beta fish or his remote control (or is that just a phone?)CyBrainX
    • CyBrainX HOW did you know it was a betta fish!!?!?! <3 <3 <3Fabricio
    • Its my real life fish, he is a very cute betta blue fish, named Bigode (moustache in Portuguese) and the other thing is a mobile phone on google maps :)Fabricio
    • Thank you so much for the kind words my friends :) Uan, both Octane and Redshift are amazingly faster than other renders, if you have nice gpu's to render from.Fabricio
    • I've had quite a few beta fish. My favorite was a red one named Eugene. I named him after this song.…CyBrainX
    • I'm also impressed by the power of the overhead flappages to propel man and fish.CyBrainX
    • This needs music.CyBrainX
    • This is my second betta fish, I got it for my birthday, and I am loving it!! He is almost like a dog, I arrive at my bedroom, and he starts to happily twirl!Fabricio
    • Hehe, loved the Eugene song CybrainX :)Fabricio
    • Fantastic!Chimp
    • These are fab.MrT
    • Love it matede4k
    • 2nd render is so aceimbecile
    • The Futuredbloc
    • dopeness!fyoucher1
    • We call them Siamese fighting fish in the UK.Hayzilla
    • ^ We call them that too.CyBrainX
  • set12

    Work in progress.... has this 'EB' been done before? Seems like a fairly obvious solution but I like it....

    • Probably been done before. Nice though.Hayzilla
    • you have have a nice balance in your marksGnash
    • me likes. maybe slightly dangerous when mark used alone - E3, phaps not though.
      But really like it, not being a cunt!
    • Thanks Gnash. I played for way too long trying to get the balance right on this one.set
    • love colour combofadein11
    • Definitely could be mistaken for E3 fade, obviously hadn't escaped my attention, but ultimately... fuck that shit. I like it :)set
    • My girlfriend who is the harshest critic in the world said it read EB to her, so that's good enough for me hahaset
    • reminds me of Ettore Bugatti, but that's just me. nicely done bruv.helloeatbreathedrive
    • Thought this was for the E3 gaming event.CygnusZero4
    • yep it read EB to me 1st time so prob not an issue... sort of thing clients raise though (as I am sure you know).fadein11
    • Well you're another one of my harshest critics fade so I'll take that :)set
    • yup, EB. no doubtGnash
    • never work-wise :)
      and not sure that is fair either, but let's not go there.
    • EB - Bugattisection_014
    • For what it’s worth I read it as EB on first sightscruffics
    • Nice. it's pretty close to the EdgeBoard identity but not too close - especially when you add the colourFax_Benson
    • vrrrry nicemonospaced
    • Just me or is the letter spacing a wee bit squiffy? 'En' feels tight, particularly. Also, am I just being a twat if I note the difference in middle arms in Es?detritus
    • Clean though, and I don't read it 'E3'.detritus
    • Funny I knew it was your work before seeing your name :) Great work set!Bennn
    • great job set .. loving the color choiceRamanisky2
    • Glad it's gone down well. Thanks chaps.
      Det, not clear on what you mean about the E arms... the difference between the E on the mark and the E on the logotype?
    • I did try the E and variations of the B from the mark on the logotype but it just felt odd.set
    • yeah, I don't imagine the equalised E arm length would look good on the type, it was just an idle observation.detritus
    • https://www.fertilef…fyoucher1
    • Similar but not the same. I think you'd be safe.fyoucher1
    • ^ that's horribleset
    • for me look like EB first too. and second look it seems like a B is melting descending some stairsoey
    • the checkerboard counterspaces effect really catches the eye, and forces you to investigate the formmonospaced
    • really nice set. great work as alwayskona
    • E3chukkaphob
    • Emchukkaphob
    • the E wants to slide and fit inside the 3, but the crvaqqture inside the 3 won't allow it tochukkaphob
    • err, *curverturechukkaphob
    • If there's one creepy little herman that I won't take design advice from on here, it's you, chukkophob, but thanks anyway.set
    • 'Em' lolset
    • I immediately read EB, but then wondered is it E3 or BBsarahfailin
    • Yea its definitely not 100% clear. Nevermind. It stays :)set
    • Very nice!davey_g
    • are you gonna adjust the kerning or leave it like that?oey
    • Really strong. My first though was I've seen it before but I don't know where. Sorry to be a useless cunt.Chimp
    • No not at all, I kinda have the same feeling. That familiar feeling could potentially be a very good thing for the brand, though..set
    • Oey it says it's a work in progress at the bottom, I haven't finalised anything yet including the kerning...set
    • read EB immediately, but now I also see a 3. regardless, it's very pleasing.dopepope
    • I can see how you could produce a chequered pattern based on cross bars and negative space.Chimp
    • Or slicing things down the centre.Chimp
    • = =

      (kidding) :)
    • ah! okay, sorry, I was so excited that i didn't read that part. i like it, i also have the feeling I saw it already but maybe it's just familiar per seoey
    • they should have hired you set

    • http://edgebrewing.c…dboleas
    • @set oh don't be such a sensitive Clint! I know you love me and you know I provided honest and useful feedback. I know you agree, too.chukkaphob
    • @set honest criticque is always hard to accept but the best help. This work is pleasing and, as millennials would say, 'tite' & 'on fleek' & 'dope AF'chukkaphob
    • @set But any seasoned creative knows that THE only helpful feedback is when someone challenges the result, instead of praising it.chukkaphob
    • @set ...because that's what the public, who will be interacting with it, will do: challenge and question it, UNLESS they can't. THEN you have a winning piece!:)chukkaphob
    • @set having said all that, I also want to say: Great work, set! Keep it up!chukkaphob
    • are you serious, chukka?monospaced
    • He is. I love him. Thank you chukka have a lovely day pal.set
    • @set ;-*chukkaphob
    • the more i see it more i like it and have to think a microshit to see a 3 in there. curious to see color uses.oey
    • That's funny cos the more I see it the less I like it..set
    • Needs workset
    • Maybe the bottom lobe of the B could be slightly wider like it is in the wordmark. That could stop the 3 chat?Hayzilla
    • Oh and I personally dislike the positioning of the ®. Too progressive for me ;-)Hayzilla
    • Yes I tried that last night Hayzilla. It makes the original B feel a little awkward in comparison -…set
    • Not sure yet. Off to Germany today, will revisit next week. Thanks everyone.set
    • Endbell!detritus
    • lol proper end bellset
    • love itCalderone2000
    • this says E3. just slide the two together more and it'll say EBscarabin
    • have you tried scarabin's suggestion or still in Deutschland?oey
    • To be honest, it read to me first E3 not EB.ElephantMark
  • juanluisgarcia26

    Designed and wrote the tagline for Ryuhei Kitamura's new film

    • Niice job.Hayoth
    • Nice. Downvotes should totally be renamed downragesset
    • Ah, oops I read 'downrage' initially haha. Nice work anyway :)set
    • Like it.

      Just saw the trailer... gore :)
    • LovelyMrT
    • awesome !really sweet dude..I almost got hernia! just kidding of course.sureshot
    • love it.dbloc
    • Image>Image Rotation>90 clockwise. Good Work!severian
    • thanks guys! lol @severian i'm glad i make it look that easy compositing a dozen images together loljuanluisgarcia
    • Don't mind severian, he literally never adds anything positive on this site — it's either a coward pseud for someone here or just a talentless bitter nonentity.detritus
    • I mean, christ - if even set and I think he's a dick, he's got to be the absolute worst.detritus
    • good poster. the converging vanishing point and landscape angles, with scattered points of focus...Gnash
    • and the colour grading ... all conspire to give an intense feeling of unease. well done.Gnash
    • detritus, your mom never added anything meaningful to humanity.severian
    • haha, getting insulted by you is like knowing a gnat farted in Australia.detritus
    • Movie looks intense. Reminds me of Desierto except not about killing people crossing the border.mg33
    • looks good, man!scarabin_net
  • bjladams27

    10 min pose from yesterday - marker, charcoal, water on newsprint

  • GeorgesII14

    photoshoot for my latest toy,
    so happy with it

    • If that's your flat, I'm jelous ;DArchitectofFate
    • That looks greatdopepope
    • You look like you've taken some inspiration from Baseline_Shift on the character ;-)HAYZ1LLLA
    • is it one of these toys which you speak into and it repeats it back?drgs
    • fucking bravo! (jealous of your place!)mugwart
    • nah, this isn't my place :( - but I'm working on it, I can't bitch though I have a lovely appartmentGeorgesII
    • Nice georges. Looks like you really enjoy your job.sureshot
    • are you a product designer?pinkfloyd
    • what is that?Bennn
    • a pumpkindrgs
    • excellent work georgie boyRamanisky2
    • the cat kinda looks like youpinkfloyd
    • What the hell is it?pango
    • hehe pinkfloyd that was my first thought :)sted
    • Details?section_014
    • I have no idea what it is, but where I can buy one? :)yuekit
    • Does it have multiple speeds? :)
      Also, great design!
    • details: it's an Amazon Echo clone, same brain, less functions though, no bluetooth connection yet,GeorgesII
    • purrrrrrrrfectnudes
    • looks good man!scarabin
    • super baseline_shiftscarabin
    • yeah, now that I look at it, it's baselineshifty as fuck eheheh All hail baselineGeorgesII
    • MEOW man.stoplying
    • https://memecrunch.c…pinkfloyd
    • Excellent! Who did you get to make the mold and final output?instrmntl
    • Really cool man, I picked the wrong fieldfyoucher1
    • No you didn't, fyoucher1 — you could do this too, if you want.detritus
    • what does this thing do?utopian
    • it does whatever Amazon Echo does. and lesspango
    • shit. i sound like i'm dissing.
      not dissing.
    • sweet!d_gitale
    • lol pango, you're right though and it's frustrating eheh,
      @intrumental, I did everything, coded, designed, printed, perfboarded, glued, tested, now I'm
    • lol pango, you're right though and it's frustrating eheh,
      @intrumental, I did everything, coded, designed, printed, perfboarded, glued, tested, now I'm
    • @fyoucher1, you could do it too, there's nothing really difficult and the makers community is the most helpful I've ever found, so just do it, buy an arduinoGeorgesII
    • @fyoucher1, you could do it too, there's nothing really difficult and the makers community is the most helpful I've ever found, so just do it, buy an arduinoGeorgesII
    • @fyoucher1, you could do it too, there's nothing really difficult and the makers community is the most helpful I've ever found, so just do it, buy an arduinoGeorgesII
    • wtf is wrong with this notes??? one comments was not saved :(
      anyways, thanks y'all for your comments, makes me really happy
  • scarabin_net20

    • So cool. Curious: when you do these, how much freedom do you have, and are all the assets provided and dictated?monospaced
    • the first 6 months we created some of the most amazing and creative work i'd ever seen. pure art. near the end the studio and darren got involvedscarabin_net
    • and basically gave us these concepts to build. all the shots are from the film (we couldn't get a special shoot). the house had to be painted overscarabin_net
    • it actually looks really nice and crisp in my files, not sure why it's so blurry here... the wall and all the pieces of the crack are from stock imagesscarabin_net
    • i wish i had more freedom with the type on the bottom two but legalities dictated the size and position of everythingscarabin_net
    • Rad. That is such a cool experience. Happy for you.monospaced
    • thanks. regardless of how the film or campaigns have been received, it's been an honor and a tremendous learning experience working on it :)scarabin
    • I can boast that I know the guy who did these.bklyndroobeki
    • fun fact: i'm told aronofsky did the brushwork pedigree line in the first one and the title treatment himself. he's an auteur who's apparently into that stuffscarabin
    • These are all killer. Great work.dopepope
    • Nice work...did they actually use the quote "some people are going to fucking hate this movie"? hahayuekit
    • lovely stuff - who provided the mother script? Love the nod to Rosemary's Baby as well
    • Love the second one the best!pinkfloyd
    • great work. this movie looks creepy as hell. Is it good?fooler
    • I've heard a lot of bad things about this movie but that handwritten script is so fantastic. I know what you mean about legal restrictions.CyBrainX
    • The order of actor's names, the size proportion of the names, etc. It gets ridiculous.CyBrainX
    • Meh, the movie is shit too.i_was
    • yeah, people either love it or hate itscarabin
    • must be a bitter sweet feeling working with an auteur who takes full control of 'everything'. 1. you are working with a possible genius but 2. the fucker tellsfadein11
    • you what to do. Great treatments but have to say although I like the reference to Rosemary's Baby (one of the greatest films ever made) and he clearly wantsfadein11
    • that association, it's a borderline rip.
      But v.nice treatments. I can sense your frustration in your original comment though - i.e. the creative work you did
    • early on was/is better?fadein11
    • You seen it, scarabin? It's on my listdetritus
    • Rad, congrats.sea_sea
    • not feeling the first one. the amount of text... ugghhh. i'm guessing that's the requirement.pango
    • i dig the second one.pango
    • i haven't seen it but i know the plot is a fucking trip and some of the unit photography is nutsscarabin
    • you're at BLT? gotta get yo' cred on imapawardsArchitectofFate
    • dope man, can't wait to see itjuanluisgarcia
  • imbecile22

  • dopepope23

    Got my work published in the 'Spectrum 25' annual.
    Cthulhu digital sculpt for 'Pop Culture Shock Collectibles'.
    The sculpt is from late 2016, but the annual just came out.

    • 3D turnaround :…
    • OutstandingRamanisky2
    • Nice one! Spectrum is still a book I always have a good thumb through when I see it, so much great work in it.PhanLo
    • Nice! - Wish Del Toro got to do "At the Mountains of Madness" - your sculpts would totally rock if animated!antimotion
    • Spectrum, congrats!pinkfloyd
    • sweet :) well doneGnash
    • Sexyrobotron3k
    • diggity-dope. spectrum is sweet.bezoar
    • congrats bro!HijoDMaite
    • awesome!GM278
    • congrats!dibec
    • Thanks fellas. 10 years ago I got some work published in Spectrum 15. I'll try again for s35.dopepope
    • Try again for Spectrum 26, you lazy talentless fuck! ;)
      Good job, man.
  • dopepope21

    • ++++++++++++++++++++...imbecile
    • do you ever do screen recordings? I'd love to see a time lapse of one of your pieces coming to life.imbecile
    • rock on duder +100Ramanisky2
    • I suppose I can, but what worries me is how long it would be, even if it's sped up. And zBrush crashes every 12 minutes.dopepope
    • i wanna see this thing move and destroy shitdirtydesign
    • What system are you on?antimotion
    • holy cow! this is sick!!!kona
    • one of my faves so far.fadein11
    • I'm on a 5K iMac. 32gb ram. It's a little powerhouse of a machine. It's just that the 64bit version of zBrush is beta, and crashes non stop.dopepope
    • we thank you for your suffering sir pope of dopeimbecile
    • ha. thanks.dopepope
    • 32gb of ram, droolssspinkfloyd
    • but that's not the bike chick, right?mekk
    • lol. no.dopepope
    • Wow!instrmntl
    • damn songarbage
    • this is so sick, it made me wonder.. hoe does a beast like this poops,
      dope please answer me!
    • Mate, your stuff is bananas. Really admire the effort you put in to the modelling and textures.face_melter
    • Yeah, really great. Love seeing the mix of soft and hard surface modeling.baseline_shift
    • Dope, pope.maquito
    • when quadriplegic monsters choose their prosthetics..

      awesome work!
    • thanks everyone!dopepope
  • scarabin7

    a couple ideas for an airsoft squad i want to start.

    which is your fave?

    • bottom for sure. needs new type thoughimbecile
    • why not do something less satanic / angry for once? try to represent the joy of this activity, not the darkside. Go on! do it!fadein11
    • because it's an airsoft team. we shoot people. it's simulated murder. get off my back, momscarabin
    • okay its great... looks like a cat on fire. sorry whats airsoft?fadein11
    • it's like paintball but with realistic guns and gearscarabin
    • cool enjoy - perhaps not try to copy generic sporting logs and be original?fadein11
    • logos*fadein11
    • what's your problem, man?scarabin
    • oh god here we go again - he posts something and cannot stand any form of response other than upvote...fadein11
    • i was just saying i prefer your more refined work than this angry cat air sport sillinesss - shoot me (with ya airgun!)fadein11
    • i can stand you just fine. i just don't understand why you're so hostile about this shit.scarabin
    • oh my god - its okay - i just prefrred your worked up stuff in the recent work thread - this looks weak to me sorry... clipartish...fadein11
    • loved ya recent work thread stuff dude - just don't like this at all sorry... and if doing minor sport stuff dnt make it look jock like surely?fadein11
    • i appreciate the feedback, thanks.scarabin
    • perfect answer thank god. i liike your work just not this sorr, weak.. shoot me.fadein11
    • you've said you don't like it three times already, i get it. i was just expecting a little more tactscarabin
    • just an out of character post... whether i like or not, utop, mono, scara generally good... this no. post more poster shitfadein11
    • its okay - you have reached zero opinion on the post - neither up or dwon vote - balance in the force / yang...fadein11
    • I like the bottom one +1mrpt
    • bottom. have you tried reversing it out?dbloc
    • i haven't experimented with color or treatment yet, these are just early marks. i'll def try reversing when i start designing the patchesscarabin
    • 2nd rocksBennn
    • de fuck is going on?pango
    • 2nd.
      less like other sports logo. and i kind of want to add in white eyes. like https://upload.wikim…
    • not much mang, just messing around with some logo ideasscarabin
    • and boobs. more boobs!pango
    • i was referring to the earlier notes..pango
    • I think the first one is executed better, but I like the concept and difference in the second one. Feels the second one needs more black.pinkfloyd
    • add more georges in there!pango
    • i think you may be onto something, pango…scarabin
    • yeah, i'm gonna go in and hand-vary the line width on the second one. right now it's just a cheap strokescarabin
    • 1st one is all right. I'd explore it further with wrapped text, or balance icon/text size by having it enlarged on the right or left side.Peter
    • The simple strokes are good, I'm guessing you took team-patches in account when you designed it.Peter
    • Finally, a personal taste of mine for the nature of it (guns, etcI, is distressing it. Here's mine 10 secs in…Peter
    • that's dope, peter. and yeah they'll be adapted for patches in the end. prob some stickers and a flagscarabin
    • yes boobs! lol i was thinking more like this.…
      but kinda look like a coon now...
    • is it too late to change the name to firecoons?pango
    • well it was originally firetrashpandas but there were too many lettersscarabin
    • cats pupils could work!inteliboy
    • hey scar, what about rounding out the outline of the 2nd match the round of the type/eyes..?cbass99
    • ^ the sharp points..round em out a little? I like the 2nd one though..cbass99
    • ^ yeah, defscarabin
    • cool! I could see that being a really cool sticker/patch etc..cbass99
    • I feel like a couple rounds of hand drawing and lettering of the second one and you're all good. Still feels too close to font. You know.monospaced
    • Needs more fire, and cat pupils would make it look less skull-ish and more predatory type of feel. I also think the letters for a mouth thing is too skateboardyterry_cloth
    • If it had the letters in a curved banner thing fit to the bottom of its face it would look more milspec mallcoppy which is a good thing in this contextterry_cloth
    • Talking about the bottom one of course. As far as color olive drab only obviously, can't be looking like the fairy godmother in a war game I shouldn't thinkterry_cloth
    • i'm gonna revisit that type for sure. i was getting the skateboardy-comic book thing as wellscarabin
    • Personally I prefer it without pupils because skulls are fucken cool. I kinda want to see the second one from a different perspective.pinkfloyd
    • pupils adds soul into it though!pango
    • Unless you're a group of soulless motherfuckers then.... that might work. lolpango
    • now you know, we got no soulpinkfloyd
    • nahhh this is perfect.…
    • lolpinkfloyd
    • ^ done. printscarabin
    • hey here is where everyone is.sureshot
    • Go the XOF route and you'll be sorted:…
    • I prefer the illustration of the top one, its like a hockey/football team illy - Quite refined. Not a fan of the type though.microkorg
    • The bottom one is a lil less refined and looks like a amateur skate sticker you'd get as a freebie from a mate who makes them. A bit more fun n sketchy.microkorg
    • yeah the top one is pro. surprised not many here liked it.inteliboy
    • Couldn't be arsed reading all comments.
      Scarab is my 2nd fav QBN member. He sent me stickers. WHAT THE FUCK IS AN AIRSOFT SQUAD?
    • needs more lasers. :)sea_sea
    • Bottom ones great, scar.

      Fadein's being a wet nose schlub
    • 57 comments.. jeez, can someone summarise for me? number 2 definitelyautoflavour
    • the top one looks like a logo for a new SUV or 4WDautoflavour
    • I like the top one more, it's the aggressiveness that I like I think :) Did you draw it or is it Illustrator?mekk
    • Second one reminds me of the nightmare before Christmas. In a good wayset
    • Needs more fire! Bottom kicks ass!necromation
    • number 2, no question.Gnash
    • The bottom one is dope dude. The first was was like "eh, a little predictable" the second one was like "oh yeaaaaaahhhhh" it looks mischievous as fuck.kona
    • just pay dbloc 5 bucks and dont overthink it.deathboy
    • i like the second one—has a more handmade, badass feel. more badlands 2 vs arctic catjaylarson
    • Def. the bottom one. Way more personality and unique - like a team from Rollerball. 2nd looks like an eSports team.face_melter
    • http://www.horriblel…dbloc
    • *1st *ungh* *pulls belm face*face_melter
    • Dig the second's unpredictability. With some tweaks, it's like steamboat willie fucked itchy & scratchy.Gucci
    • To those late to the party. We've decided this is the final.…pango
    • #2 Feels more authentic to me.utopian
    • #2HAYZ1LLLA
  • pinkfloyd21

    4 down, 4 more to go by thursday.

    • whoever downvoted this is a true knobcanoe
    • ever tried disabling the antialias and using a canvas-like bg patter? check out mine:…sted
    • cool effect. the client wanted a disney sketch style.pinkfloyd
    • eww :D ahaah. anyways well done :)sted
    • v nice. love the bottom twoFax_Benson
    • awesome!dopepope
    • thanks!pinkfloyd
    • Love the bottom two. Moody...
      Nice style
    • Moody indeed, it's for an ad about lightpinkfloyd
    • dope!moldero
    • last two are excellento.fruitsalad
    • Great Stuff! I forgive you for not paying attention to me, looks like you've been busy.detritus
    • thanks, there's been a lot pieces I made lately, but haven't posted any of them. more to comepinkfloyd
    • the freelance life is an up and down rollercoaster.pinkfloyd
    • these are pretty cool . i like the last two the best.cbass99
    • thanks, I hope i'm not being a tool but the client loves it…pinkfloyd
    • I think 2 is my fave here.detritus
    • I like the top 4Krassy
    • #4 is my favorite. Great job all around.CyBrainX
    • There's a really good feel for how a graphic novel might flow here. Probably not my cup of tea as comics go, but it's right up my alley as a charcoal essay.zarb0z
    • these are more along the lines with storyboards as far as stylepinkfloyd
    • storyboards?inteliboy
    • conceptual drawings for film, ads, etc…pinkfloyd
    • haha no I know what they are. didn't realise you did this. Very very nice for boards.inteliboy
    • wow talented man. would frame.HijoDMaite
    • thankspinkfloyd
  • bjladams22

  • Fabricio26

    Another one of my 8bit stuff :)
    Happy holiday my friends!

  • autoflavour24

    Painted this yesterday.. Not amazing, but still fun

  • dopepope24

    Soon to be a figure available for purchase from Khurasan Miniatures. Damn, this was a challenge.

    • looks great - congrats man.fadein11
    • you working on GOT dragons yet??Ramanisky2
    • Ha, no. not yet.dopepope
    • Yo - you ever do tutorials like baseline shift? Love to see some zbrush stuff - that program is insane...antimotion
    • is it you the person behind those gifs of dragons fucking cars?ernexbcn
    • wow thats awesome dude! suberbsureshot
    • Superb dopepope!kona
    • Sweet!moldero
    • Thanks fellas. No, I haven't done the dragons fucking cars. Wish it were me tho. Epic shit. & no tutorials, yet.dopepope
    • fucking lol ernexbcn
      +1 DP, as always you cunt
    • : )dopepope
    • damnpinkfloyd
    • great work :Dernexbcn
    • and awesome that Khurasan Miniatures still have a TRIPOD website!!!microkorg
  • Ramanisky223

    Finally got my shiz together. Hope you guys like.

    • Sorry .. set didn’t make the cut :DRamanisky2
    • Tits!robotron3k
    • Thnx robo.Ramanisky2
    • niceTaschen
    • Impressive man. I see nothing but skillz!!HijoDMaite
    • me likes da musicutopian
    • great work ram!helloeatbreathedrive
    • 2advancedpablo28
    • Awesome! Congrats, Ramanisky2!Krassy
    • Justice music still sounding fresh AF and fits perfectly with your work. Stellar choice.Krassy
    • Kept waiting for one of your Set PSB pieces to make an appearance :-)Krassy
    • Thnx you guys .. yeah Krassy I really wanted to put one version out with some set mixed in.Ramanisky2
    • Good shit. I'd hire you.stoplying
    • That's great work. I enjoyed seeing the ATT work you shared in this thread before. There's a great diversity of style in there but like everyone else said...CyBrainX
    • ...Needs more Set.CyBrainX
    • There must be some subliminal set in this way-too-good shit somewhere. Or that now the bread generating version is done you are working on the actual thing.sted
    • LOL ... That is really tempting stedRamanisky2
  • dopepope20

    Commissioned artwork. This will be 3D printed at around 20 inches high, and then professionally painted. I can't wait to see that!

    More images here:…

  • Ramanisky218

    My Summer Vid.

    • holy shit that's a large file. AND HOLY SHIT IS THAT COOL! awesome work man.lvl_13
    • nice transitions!scarabin_net
    • sorry about the size it's 33 seconds long .. my bad :)Ramanisky2
    • +1Gnash
    • If I may ask, what software did you use to make this?Calderone2000
    • All After Effect .. mostly all built-in plugins with some Element 3D, Rubberhose and Particular.Ramanisky2
    • freakin' fantastic!helloeatbreathedrive
    • After effects? Nice!pinkfloyd
    • Incredible mate. One talented guy. May have some work for you in the not too distant future if you are up for it?fadein11
    • as scara said the transitions are brilliant.fadein11
    • very cool animations! glad to see them alive! it isn't just after effects right? tell us more!feel
    • awesome!Krassy
    • Someday I'd love to sit on your lap and watch you work.PonyBoy
    • Fantastic!stoplying
    • Haha @ PonyBoyRamanisky2
    • Tits!robotron3k
    • Uggghhh can't dog ear cover page.pango
    • Great... now it's on my feed...pango
    • THere goes my data :(pango
    • Again I apologize my very big GIF :)Ramanisky2
    • Great additions from the last version and this is completely awesome. This is some of the best work I've seen here.CyBrainX
    • Thanks buddy that means a lotRamanisky2
    • But 3d is weaki_was
    • which 3D ??
      only 2 items here are Element 3D ..
      the Watermelon and the Lemonade.
      everything else is 2D.