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  • DB300025

    I have racently did few prints, available here:… (shipping worldwide)

  • Fabricio25

    If you are in Montreal, check it out this week the mapping festival MAPP.
    I've made this piece for the exhibition. Hope you guys like it.

  • bjladams31

    • lovely_niko
    • great!Krassy
    • classy & sexy12xu
    • Love this.
      Do you pencil first, then colour and ink, or do you go straight to colour?
    • GreatSimonFFM
    • Still no joy with the feet, bj?

      Lovely work.
    • hey, cheer.
      Continuity- w/traditional stuff, i usually start with a sketch then paint on top; this one, however, is all digital.
    • Touch notch, Ben!noRGB
    • I can’t get used to drawing on my iPad. I miss the tooth of the paper. How do you find it?Gnash
    • gnash - there are some great wacom nibs, but ultimately, it's just a medium like any other & takes time to figure outbjladams
  • pinkfloyd28

  • detritus28

    Stupid wee drunken plaything, as a test for something else...

    MDF, Perspex, Felt...

    • :D wowsted
    • Selling for only $30.99 through Benfal's shop!detritus
    • ace!Bennn
    • i love thisfeel
    • Sweet...and this looks good on the front page lolyuekit
    • Wantsureshot
    • what is it?utopian
    • It's a cookie.Hayoth
    • perfect cor ChristmasFax_Benson
    • Quick©ApeRobot
    • When is it gonna take off?sureshot
    • Nice. Thought it was a cake at first...set
    • how big is this? scale is hard to determineGnash
    • I measured my screen, its 7cmset
    • I've butthurt fadein again. My qbn work here is done for the day.set
    • Cut me a sliceomg
    • lol - set you are talking american again dude ;)fadein11
    • lol at using dude at the end of that commentset
    • woah! I'm afraid it's only about 120mm wide, gnash, although scale feels nice at this size. would look much better in matte white perspex too...detritus
    • @set - yeah it was intentional - I was copying your use of dude to the stranger on the train ;)
      move along now.
    • You continually engage me and then tell me to move along. In other completely non-related posts, too... and then call me a troll.

    • Continually engage you? I think not.
      Troll? not me sir.
    • lol ok. You've done it in at least 5 posts just today. Go on... see how long you can go without engaging me.

    • when did you guys get engaged? I must have missed something.Gnash
    • congrats, btwGnash
    • Ha. Awful obnoxious little weaselfadein11
    • It's embarrassing isn't it. I apologise for biting and clogging up recent work posts with petty drivelset
    • biting? at me posting a laughing gif at your joke ffs. you are very odd pal, but like you you said - zero interaction - I agree. knob.fadein11
    • I'm glad to have hosted an argument between two people, one of whom isn't for once, me.detritus
    • sorry we ruined your post.fadein11
    • really nice work by the way.fadein11
  • baseline_shift26

    Did a whole series of typography and plant illustrations i'm calling Typography Garden.

    A bunch more here:

  • bjladams21

    focusing more lately on figure drawing, and trying to loosen my style up a bit more. I'm not sure if anyone here is near Knoxville, but I've usually got live model sessions every couple of days.

    here are a few from the last couple weeks

    • great stuffFax_Benson
    • super ...
      love the batgirl one
    • I love the one with the pie chart on her schnozz. Also, you really hate mobile users, don't you?detritus
    • love the first 3! all are great btw...renderedred
    • feet and hands are a pain, you nailed itterry_cloth
    • This is AWESOME - nice work!nylon
    • awesome!Krassy
    • always great to see your workdopepope
    • Lovely workNutter
    • Very nice. I also really like the first 3.MrT
    • fuck yes dude - nice work!bulletfactory
    • fantastic.BuddhaHat
    • bewbs. ;)sea_sea
    • nicesephil
    • Nice workwheelBoy
    • cheers - i don't hate anyone, det. maybe 2 or 3 people. maybe 4.

      it's unacceptable, sea. 100 apologies.
    • woah.jtb26
    • Detritus is just desperately trying to save his last 50mb of data for black ginger gay midget porn dot comset
    • incredible workmugwart
    • ben, never apologize for bewbs. you know i'm a fan. without trying to be creepy, i love everything you do. ;)sea_sea
    • Without trying to be creepy whenever I see your work I rub poo on my cock and then use it to draw a poo heart on my screenset
    • Like not in a creepy way or anythingset
    • don't lie set.sea_sea
  • fisheye28

    After three years of working on these paintings came the solo exhibition. I have a lot of new ideas for further work. I am very happy that I fulfilled one of my biggest dreams. Beside being fulltime agency art director, having a baby, playing in a band, I managed to finish all the stuff for the art show and It was not hard at all, I enjoy every aspect of my life, now at 42.

    • wonderful news. your work, i've always remembered. nice to know i can still live my dream, it's not too late :)notype
    • can you post in color as well? Are these still gold/black?notype
    • Thanks a lot! Here's the color photo. These are all black/gray.…fisheye
    • Sweey words, happy for you and congrats!helloeatbreathedrive
    • So nice. The color photo really brings out the tasteful subtlety of the gold.CyBrainX
    • congrats! amazing work and I loved the description :Dfeel
    • good shit man_me_
    • art is a lot of work. congrats! your attitude sounds great!SimonFFM
    • Thanks a lot, guys! Appriciate it!fisheye
    • Btw 28 works out of 35-ish on display.fisheye
    • lovely stuff, loved them when you first shared. congrats on it all.fadein11
    • Love themset
    • shoot me an email fisheye.notype
    • You are inspiration for a lot of us! Great stuff!adrok
    • @notype your email in profile is not working, so here's mine: deyan.miletic@gmail...fisheye
    • Congrats!canoe
  • dopepope24
    • 21 inch statue of Cthulhu for Pop Culture Shock Collectables.dopepope
    • uhh, 'Collectibles' that is. : )dopepope
    • nicezarkonite
    • OH YEAH !!!!!!!!!!i_was
    • Good God.detritus
    • awesomeneverscared
    • Epic...amazing work!
      What a dream project.
    • omg, yes!!!pinkfloyd
    • this is amazingpinkfloyd
    • is there a lot of work for 3d artists? maybe i should try to learn zbrushpinkfloyd
    • niiiiice!!!!fyoucher1
    • Thanks everyone. @pinkfloyd, Yeah, if you're good and okay with quick turnarounds.dopepope
    • Love that sculpty detail. Awesome as always. Thanks for sharing.CyBrainX
    • dopeprophetone
    • yassernexbcn
    • fucking hell.....mugwart
    • fucking hell thats expensive!!!mugwart
    • ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagnDRIFTMONKEY
    • you have napoleon dynamite level skills brahjuanluisgarcia
    • loldopepope
    • Expensive, perhaps — why the fuck is it cheaper than some of the other stuff on there though? DP's blow them out if the water! Ooh, punnydetritus
    • DP's skills are second to none. He did something for me once and I'm still thrilled (might even get it tattooed). Just disappointed I can't buy one for myself!mugwart
    • absolutely fantastic.fadein11
    • I hope that came out well, Mugdopepope
    • insanewhere_am_i
  • set17

    • For a charity :)set
    • fun! nice work set.capn_ron
    • so you give me slack when I trace, but you know how to use the star tool in illustrator and circles?pinkfloyd
    • twatpinkfloyd
    • "love is all you need" lolpinkfloyd
    • how do you pronounce 'L I A Y N' ?PonyBoy
    • hmmm... 'Lion'? thus the lion?
      ... took me a minute... it was a struggle

      ... maybe I'm just an idiot? :)
    • The lion wasn't a bit of a hint?Nairn
    • Good stuff, set, both the work and getting under pInkfloyd's skin.Nairn
    • Nope... I didn’t see a lion at first... took a moment. At first look it’s a sunny face with a weird acronym.PonyBoy
    • ^^lolpinkfloyd
    • I like thismaquito
    • lol pinkfloyd hahaha, have a lovely day my friend, I'm so past arguing on here. Thanks guys, was a fun one xset
    • :Ppinkfloyd
    • really nice set!oey
    • Cute. I saw lion. Needs animating.shapesalad
    • ^yes! the sun spins around and the face keeps on place!oey
    • it's so nice that I couldn't write: "really nice cunt!"oey
    • someone needs to replace that lion face with set's face! quick!feel
    • CUNT IS ALL YOU NEED ❤utopian
    • nice work set!utopian
    • fun. niceGnash
    • Nice playful concept...although if you squint it sort of looks like boobs and pussy surrounded by an explosion :)yuekit
    • I really like those colours too. Nice one set.MrT
    • lol @ yuekitfeel
    • looks animated when you scroll, a bit like that sonos ad a few years ago. maybe you can make something more out of it :-)mekk
    • Very nice, strong, warm and bolddmay
    • Love it, reminds me of the Pink Panther cartoon, when the Panther used to sometimes look to camera, he knows what your up to for sure :)mrAtor
    • I really like it, nice workBennn
    • My only comment would be that the lion looks anxious, I would put a bigger smile on his faceBennn
    • The liayn is a mirror of your soul,
      bennnnn, it shows you what you feel
    • nairn see's a flaming anuspinkfloyd
    • and gorilla ballspinkfloyd
    • You can do betteri_was
    • I mean I guess I agree that it's not the best possible thing I'm physically capable of as a human being, sure.set
    • So good to see work with a strong personality. Great stuff!Chimp
    • Strong. Like Liayn. That purple-ish blue is a good choice.Fax_Benson
    • I suppose AYNIL was a close second choice? Nice work man.stoplying
    • "nairn see's a flaming anus"
      As a ginger, i could only see my own beautiful anus here. As I said, we see what we want to see - what do you see, pinklefidcz?
    • hey set, this is really nice. inspired me yesterday. thanks.notype
    • where are my stickers?oey
  • RumperChunk21

    made a table, 'cause I'm bored..

    • Love it.fadein11
    • niceGnash
    • woodsted
    • wood and colour combo is superbfadein11
    • https://media.giphy.…utopian
    • iWoodRamanisky2
    • looks renderedimbecile
    • Ha.. def real. Solid oak top, and I made the legs from beech rolling pins. Dipped in orange chalk paint for that mat vibe.RumperChunk
    • ^ by name, by natureset
    • Sick. You do any more work like this?garbage
    • mini bench? stuff looks miniature.umbee54
    • i knowimbecile
    • point was the lighting is perfectimbecile
    • Thought it was rendered, too. Good job!Maaku
    • Yea.. always making stuff. I do have a photographic studio as well, so easy to shoot the shit outta stuff. I’ll make you one if you like ;)RumperChunk
    • Looks like a 3D render. (nice work btw)Bennn
    • Really nice. Good job!nbq
    • Lovely stuffMrT
    • my first thought was wood then rendered. point is I think it's awesome. the real one and the render ;)oey
    • Thanks guys... much appreciated.. ;)RumperChunk
    • a table for ants?!?SteveJobs
    • clean workdbloc
    • Totally assumed it was renderedset
    • Props. Photos are good too.Hayzilla
  • maquito23

    Logo I did recently for a Dog Hotel a friend has on a farm 20km away from Montevideo. His clients were 95% people who traveled and left their pets in a beautiful, natural, and loving place ... The problem is that 2 months ago people quit traveling, and my friend is really in trouble. He might close the hotel next month :(

    He called me and asked if I could give him a hand "refreshing" the hotel's identity... Say no more... did it voluntarily, in exchange only for a jar full of homemade buds (wiiii!) he was kind enough to bring me the other day.

    He says the logo plus some social media magic her wife did, brought the hotel back to life, and there's plenty of people calling and sending messages since then. Boom!…

      Prev logo^
    • adorable.neverscared
    • amazing well done man! Really nice workpedromendez
    • Nice work!
      The oooooooonly little niggle I've got is the 'EST MMXVIII' ... it's messing up the symmetry. :\
    • Otherwise I really think this is hot shit, don't get me wrong!Continuity
    • Old logo suggests that they bbq dogsGnash
    • i always enjoy the sweet touch of the asymmetric.:)neverscared
    • Great I want a Tshirt with that on it.robotron3k
    • Thumbs up Maquito! That's great.PhanLo
    • Great job man, good karma. Sad that many b'nss is hit hard, including mine. But I hope his will replenishhelloeatbreathedrive
    • Fur all the goodbois and girlsjaylarson
    • Great stuff! Love the texture on the type.Chimp
    • Woof!stoplying
    • +1 Continuity - would revise to arabic numerals... you have 4 characters in ESTD. Balance. Plus no one knows Roman numerals. nice though!ben_
    • Either that, or kill the ESTD, and just centre the MMXVIII along the bottom edge of the spade.Continuity
    • With textured type, even if the texture is part of the font., switch it up on same letters, or it just looks like a font. The Os are exactly the same.dbloc
    • Also try ESTD XX18 (A combo of Roman Numerals and Standard Numbers, Now that's Rock N Rolldbloc
    • The wayfarer sunglasses are a nice touchTurboslacker
    • Thank's everyone for the comments QBN. I really appreciate it!maquito
  • de4k25

  • dopepope23

  • Fabricio25

    Playing with Octane and Cinema4D during the weekend.

    • Wow that second one is how they say thefire.Hayzilla
    • superbfadein11
    • how fast did octane render?
      they are super cool!
    • O.Oscruffics
    • very cool!dopepope
    • Oh man. This is my favorite stuff on this thread.CyBrainX
    • I don't know which I love more, his beta fish or his remote control (or is that just a phone?)CyBrainX
    • CyBrainX HOW did you know it was a betta fish!!?!?! <3 <3 <3Fabricio
    • Its my real life fish, he is a very cute betta blue fish, named Bigode (moustache in Portuguese) and the other thing is a mobile phone on google maps :)Fabricio
    • Thank you so much for the kind words my friends :) Uan, both Octane and Redshift are amazingly faster than other renders, if you have nice gpu's to render from.Fabricio
    • I've had quite a few beta fish. My favorite was a red one named Eugene. I named him after this song.…CyBrainX
    • I'm also impressed by the power of the overhead flappages to propel man and fish.CyBrainX
    • This needs music.CyBrainX
    • This is my second betta fish, I got it for my birthday, and I am loving it!! He is almost like a dog, I arrive at my bedroom, and he starts to happily twirl!Fabricio
    • Hehe, loved the Eugene song CybrainX :)Fabricio
    • Fantastic!Chimp
    • These are fab.MrT
    • Love it matede4k
    • 2nd render is so aceimbecile
    • The Futuredbloc
    • dopeness!fyoucher1
    • We call them Siamese fighting fish in the UK.Hayzilla
    • ^ We call them that too.CyBrainX
  • set12

    Work in progress.... has this 'EB' been done before? Seems like a fairly obvious solution but I like it....

    • Probably been done before. Nice though.Hayzilla
    • you have have a nice balance in your marksGnash
    • me likes. maybe slightly dangerous when mark used alone - E3, phaps not though.
      But really like it, not being a cunt!
    • Thanks Gnash. I played for way too long trying to get the balance right on this one.set
    • love colour combofadein11
    • Definitely could be mistaken for E3 fade, obviously hadn't escaped my attention, but ultimately... fuck that shit. I like it :)set
    • My girlfriend who is the harshest critic in the world said it read EB to her, so that's good enough for me hahaset
    • reminds me of Ettore Bugatti, but that's just me. nicely done bruv.helloeatbreathedrive
    • Thought this was for the E3 gaming event.CygnusZero4
    • yep it read EB to me 1st time so prob not an issue... sort of thing clients raise though (as I am sure you know).fadein11
    • Well you're another one of my harshest critics fade so I'll take that :)set
    • yup, EB. no doubtGnash
    • never work-wise :)
      and not sure that is fair either, but let's not go there.
    • EB - Bugattisection_014
    • For what it’s worth I read it as EB on first sightscruffics
    • Nice. it's pretty close to the EdgeBoard identity but not too close - especially when you add the colourFax_Benson
    • vrrrry nicemonospaced
    • Just me or is the letter spacing a wee bit squiffy? 'En' feels tight, particularly. Also, am I just being a twat if I note the difference in middle arms in Es?detritus
    • Clean though, and I don't read it 'E3'.detritus
    • Funny I knew it was your work before seeing your name :) Great work set!Bennn
    • great job set .. loving the color choiceRamanisky2
    • Glad it's gone down well. Thanks chaps.
      Det, not clear on what you mean about the E arms... the difference between the E on the mark and the E on the logotype?
    • I did try the E and variations of the B from the mark on the logotype but it just felt odd.set
    • yeah, I don't imagine the equalised E arm length would look good on the type, it was just an idle observation.detritus
    • https://www.fertilef…fyoucher1
    • Similar but not the same. I think you'd be safe.fyoucher1
    • ^ that's horribleset
    • for me look like EB first too. and second look it seems like a B is melting descending some stairsoey
    • the checkerboard counterspaces effect really catches the eye, and forces you to investigate the formmonospaced
    • really nice set. great work as alwayskona
    • E3chukkaphob
    • Emchukkaphob
    • the E wants to slide and fit inside the 3, but the crvaqqture inside the 3 won't allow it tochukkaphob
    • err, *curverturechukkaphob
    • If there's one creepy little herman that I won't take design advice from on here, it's you, chukkophob, but thanks anyway.set
    • 'Em' lolset
    • I immediately read EB, but then wondered is it E3 or BBsarahfailin
    • Yea its definitely not 100% clear. Nevermind. It stays :)set
    • Very nice!davey_g
    • are you gonna adjust the kerning or leave it like that?oey
    • Really strong. My first though was I've seen it before but I don't know where. Sorry to be a useless cunt.Chimp
    • No not at all, I kinda have the same feeling. That familiar feeling could potentially be a very good thing for the brand, though..set
    • Oey it says it's a work in progress at the bottom, I haven't finalised anything yet including the kerning...set
    • read EB immediately, but now I also see a 3. regardless, it's very pleasing.dopepope
    • I can see how you could produce a chequered pattern based on cross bars and negative space.Chimp
    • Or slicing things down the centre.Chimp
    • = =

      (kidding) :)
    • ah! okay, sorry, I was so excited that i didn't read that part. i like it, i also have the feeling I saw it already but maybe it's just familiar per seoey
    • they should have hired you set

    • http://edgebrewing.c…dboleas
    • @set oh don't be such a sensitive Clint! I know you love me and you know I provided honest and useful feedback. I know you agree, too.chukkaphob
    • @set honest criticque is always hard to accept but the best help. This work is pleasing and, as millennials would say, 'tite' & 'on fleek' & 'dope AF'chukkaphob
    • @set But any seasoned creative knows that THE only helpful feedback is when someone challenges the result, instead of praising it.chukkaphob
    • @set ...because that's what the public, who will be interacting with it, will do: challenge and question it, UNLESS they can't. THEN you have a winning piece!:)chukkaphob
    • @set having said all that, I also want to say: Great work, set! Keep it up!chukkaphob
    • are you serious, chukka?monospaced
    • He is. I love him. Thank you chukka have a lovely day pal.set
    • @set ;-*chukkaphob
    • the more i see it more i like it and have to think a microshit to see a 3 in there. curious to see color uses.oey
    • That's funny cos the more I see it the less I like it..set
    • Needs workset
    • Maybe the bottom lobe of the B could be slightly wider like it is in the wordmark. That could stop the 3 chat?Hayzilla
    • Oh and I personally dislike the positioning of the ®. Too progressive for me ;-)Hayzilla
    • Yes I tried that last night Hayzilla. It makes the original B feel a little awkward in comparison -…set
    • Not sure yet. Off to Germany today, will revisit next week. Thanks everyone.set
    • Endbell!detritus
    • lol proper end bellset
    • love itCalderone2000
    • this says E3. just slide the two together more and it'll say EBscarabin
    • have you tried scarabin's suggestion or still in Deutschland?oey
    • To be honest, it read to me first E3 not EB.ElephantMark
  • juanluisgarcia26

    Designed and wrote the tagline for Ryuhei Kitamura's new film

    • Niice job.Hayoth
    • Nice. Downvotes should totally be renamed downragesset
    • Ah, oops I read 'downrage' initially haha. Nice work anyway :)set
    • Like it.

      Just saw the trailer... gore :)
    • LovelyMrT
    • awesome !really sweet dude..I almost got hernia! just kidding of course.sureshot
    • love it.dbloc
    • Image>Image Rotation>90 clockwise. Good Work!severian
    • thanks guys! lol @severian i'm glad i make it look that easy compositing a dozen images together loljuanluisgarcia
    • Don't mind severian, he literally never adds anything positive on this site — it's either a coward pseud for someone here or just a talentless bitter nonentity.detritus
    • I mean, christ - if even set and I think he's a dick, he's got to be the absolute worst.detritus
    • good poster. the converging vanishing point and landscape angles, with scattered points of focus...Gnash
    • and the colour grading ... all conspire to give an intense feeling of unease. well done.Gnash
    • detritus, your mom never added anything meaningful to humanity.severian
    • haha, getting insulted by you is like knowing a gnat farted in Australia.detritus
    • Movie looks intense. Reminds me of Desierto except not about killing people crossing the border.mg33
    • looks good, man!scarabin_net
  • bjladams27

    10 min pose from yesterday - marker, charcoal, water on newsprint

  • GeorgesII14

    photoshoot for my latest toy,
    so happy with it

    • If that's your flat, I'm jelous ;DArchitectofFate
    • That looks greatdopepope
    • You look like you've taken some inspiration from Baseline_Shift on the character ;-)HAYZ1LLLA
    • is it one of these toys which you speak into and it repeats it back?drgs
    • fucking bravo! (jealous of your place!)mugwart
    • nah, this isn't my place :( - but I'm working on it, I can't bitch though I have a lovely appartmentGeorgesII
    • Nice georges. Looks like you really enjoy your job.sureshot
    • are you a product designer?pinkfloyd
    • what is that?Bennn
    • a pumpkindrgs
    • excellent work georgie boyRamanisky2
    • the cat kinda looks like youpinkfloyd
    • What the hell is it?pango
    • hehe pinkfloyd that was my first thought :)sted
    • Details?section_014
    • I have no idea what it is, but where I can buy one? :)yuekit
    • Does it have multiple speeds? :)
      Also, great design!
    • details: it's an Amazon Echo clone, same brain, less functions though, no bluetooth connection yet,GeorgesII
    • purrrrrrrrfectnudes
    • looks good man!scarabin
    • super baseline_shiftscarabin
    • yeah, now that I look at it, it's baselineshifty as fuck eheheh All hail baselineGeorgesII
    • MEOW man.stoplying
    • https://memecrunch.c…pinkfloyd
    • Excellent! Who did you get to make the mold and final output?instrmntl
    • Really cool man, I picked the wrong fieldfyoucher1
    • No you didn't, fyoucher1 — you could do this too, if you want.detritus
    • what does this thing do?utopian
    • it does whatever Amazon Echo does. and lesspango
    • shit. i sound like i'm dissing.
      not dissing.
    • sweet!d_gitale
    • lol pango, you're right though and it's frustrating eheh,
      @intrumental, I did everything, coded, designed, printed, perfboarded, glued, tested, now I'm
    • lol pango, you're right though and it's frustrating eheh,
      @intrumental, I did everything, coded, designed, printed, perfboarded, glued, tested, now I'm
    • @fyoucher1, you could do it too, there's nothing really difficult and the makers community is the most helpful I've ever found, so just do it, buy an arduinoGeorgesII
    • @fyoucher1, you could do it too, there's nothing really difficult and the makers community is the most helpful I've ever found, so just do it, buy an arduinoGeorgesII
    • @fyoucher1, you could do it too, there's nothing really difficult and the makers community is the most helpful I've ever found, so just do it, buy an arduinoGeorgesII
    • wtf is wrong with this notes??? one comments was not saved :(
      anyways, thanks y'all for your comments, makes me really happy
  • scarabin_net20

    • So cool. Curious: when you do these, how much freedom do you have, and are all the assets provided and dictated?monospaced
    • the first 6 months we created some of the most amazing and creative work i'd ever seen. pure art. near the end the studio and darren got involvedscarabin_net
    • and basically gave us these concepts to build. all the shots are from the film (we couldn't get a special shoot). the house had to be painted overscarabin_net
    • it actually looks really nice and crisp in my files, not sure why it's so blurry here... the wall and all the pieces of the crack are from stock imagesscarabin_net
    • i wish i had more freedom with the type on the bottom two but legalities dictated the size and position of everythingscarabin_net
    • Rad. That is such a cool experience. Happy for you.monospaced
    • thanks. regardless of how the film or campaigns have been received, it's been an honor and a tremendous learning experience working on it :)scarabin
    • I can boast that I know the guy who did these.bklyndroobeki
    • fun fact: i'm told aronofsky did the brushwork pedigree line in the first one and the title treatment himself. he's an auteur who's apparently into that stuffscarabin
    • These are all killer. Great work.dopepope
    • Nice work...did they actually use the quote "some people are going to fucking hate this movie"? hahayuekit
    • lovely stuff - who provided the mother script? Love the nod to Rosemary's Baby as well
    • Love the second one the best!pinkfloyd
    • great work. this movie looks creepy as hell. Is it good?fooler
    • I've heard a lot of bad things about this movie but that handwritten script is so fantastic. I know what you mean about legal restrictions.CyBrainX
    • The order of actor's names, the size proportion of the names, etc. It gets ridiculous.CyBrainX
    • Meh, the movie is shit too.i_was
    • yeah, people either love it or hate itscarabin
    • must be a bitter sweet feeling working with an auteur who takes full control of 'everything'. 1. you are working with a possible genius but 2. the fucker tellsfadein11
    • you what to do. Great treatments but have to say although I like the reference to Rosemary's Baby (one of the greatest films ever made) and he clearly wantsfadein11
    • that association, it's a borderline rip.
      But v.nice treatments. I can sense your frustration in your original comment though - i.e. the creative work you did
    • early on was/is better?fadein11
    • You seen it, scarabin? It's on my listdetritus
    • Rad, congrats.sea_sea
    • not feeling the first one. the amount of text... ugghhh. i'm guessing that's the requirement.pango
    • i dig the second one.pango
    • i haven't seen it but i know the plot is a fucking trip and some of the unit photography is nutsscarabin
    • you're at BLT? gotta get yo' cred on imapawardsArchitectofFate
    • dope man, can't wait to see itjuanluisgarcia