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  • Ohkamp29

    Stop motion animation using pumpkins carved in sequence. I never want to see another pumpkin as long as I live.

    • fuuuuuukn dope!futurefood
    • Also, you will do this til the living endfuturefood
    • amazing ...
      I certainly don't have the patience
    • bloody hell. how long did that take?hans_glib
    • how many people helped?imbecile
    • The sound is great to go with the theme.cotton
    • Fuck me, this is just too cool!Continuity
    • Now what? What a waste of time.severian
    • the first 9 seconds were the best (and enough) once you get what it is, it's like, meh. LOLchukkaphob
    • i didn't have the patience to watch through the entire thing, let alone sit down and work on a project like this. LOLchukkaphob
    • oh, shoot! just realized this is someone showing their own work. I apologoze, Ohkamp. This is dope! congrats.chukkaphob
    • imbecile: Just me and one other for the carving and photography plus an awesome team of people at Grayson Matthews to do the music!Ohkamp
    • I thought it was cool...see_thru
    • dope!Miguex
    • I want to know how many pumpkins were harmed in the making of this videoGnash
    • *take an up vote*Gnash
    • Awesome!GM278
    • omgosh this is RAD... amazing patience and work!!PonyBoy
    • respect! beautifully executedimbecile
    • bravoDaithi
    • Astounding. Aside from the amazing stop motion artwork, I love how the pumpkins silhouette changes thru out, like it’s dancing.dopepope
    • lol @chukkaphobBennn
    • Ohkamp, you created something, +1 its super coolBennn
    • yeah man, still pulling my foot outta my mouth :-( C'mon. I was being real at 1st. Real at 2nd too -- supporting a fellow QBNr once I found out it was his work.chukkaphob
    • Amazing!eryx
    • Thanks for the kind words! The music was created entirely out of pumpkins and pumpkin carving instruments as well.Ohkamp
    • Insane. I'm assuming this was a self promo piece and not a paid gig?_niko
    • amazing work!dyspl
    • Reddit front page
    • chukkaphob LOL.
      Great work!
    • Gizmodo front page, congrats! https://sploid.gizmo…Bennn
    • Soooo nice! Liked it a lot, good work manOBBTKN
    • Would you min dposting a video of the carving process?chukkaphob
    • The more I look at this, the more it looks like the only stop motion was the different pumpkins or rotation of. The rest edited, not carved.chukkaphob

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