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  • Fabricio33

    Still playing with some 8bit-ish stuff :)
    Trying to improve on the texture/shading... but its getting tricky.

    • sorry for the large gif :(Fabricio
    • just cuz its 8 bit doesnt mean you cant antialias dude - i used to do this manually on my amiga back in the earlu 90strooperbill
    • that's really cool, making 8 bit artwork is hard enough. how was it made? 3d and a filter?pinkfloyd
    • @trooperbill hehe!!Fabricio
    • @pinkfloyd Yes, Cinema4D with toon shader, then changing how the shader behaves with lights and shadows. Removing anti-alias from C4D native shader...Fabricio
    • And rendering a tiny image as output, like 150x pixels, etcFabricio
    • Dude! Love your work. Bravo!Krassy
    • Really cool man!Bennn
    • you're killing it! nice stuffGnash
    • Fantastic!SimonFFM
    • Love these!haga
    • Brilliant. Killing it.shapesalad
    • Trooperbill - notwithstanding the contemporary rephrasing of 8-bit nomenclature as a particular aesthetic, the Amiga was 16 bit...Nairn
    • I love the atmospheric light playing off the 8bit art. Really nice touch.monospaced
    • I love this so much!!!!!!!!!FawnDog
    • Very cool.

      How long did this take you to make?
    • oh no, it took me 8 hours until i realized the elevator will never stop! then i went straight out of office. took the stairs.api
    • I love the lighting and the glow. Nice work.zarkonite

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