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  • stewart33

    I made this fun font for a client's logo and corporate identity. It is non-exclusive to my client, so everyone can enjoy it now!…

    • I'll show you the corporate identity later, still working on that the next months before it will be released...stewart
    • Nice work!scarabin
    • Good stuff Stewart!PhanLo
    • Very nice indeed!scruffics
    • Great work. I made my first font about a year ago and realize how much work it is. It was a unique choice to italicize the special characters.CyBrainX
    • This is really fun, stewart, nice stuff!Continuity
    • Oooooh, I just noticed the alternates ... cooooool!Continuity
    • Great work, indeed.shellie
    • Great! Congratulations.SimonFFM
    • Veeery nice!!OBBTKN
    • amazing!! How long did it take you to create?Projectile
    • Oh wow, thank y'all!stewart
    • Ooh hot!ben_
    • +++12xu
    • Very nice! Thanks for the shareatomholc
    • Lovely @stewart! Did you built it in Glyphs? Fontographer? I've tried my hand at a few BUT get frustrated with spacing and what not...ideaist
    • @ideaist yeah Glyphs. spacing is not the thing – kerning though...stewart
    • reminds of Aphex Twin Cheetah epcanoe
    • @canoe cool!stewart
    • Beautiful work! Your old style figures are just small versions of regular figures though, not a true old style. Maybe address that?monospaced
    • @monospaced "just small versions" not really, but I know. It's more lower case figures that I thought would fit in best.stewart
    •… in case anyone wants to buck up and have a go; pretty clean, tight piece of software to mess around on a font...

      : )
    • I love it. :)monospaced
    • Out of curiosity, are you going to be pairing this bad boy up with another font for the client's final CI package, or will it stand on its own?Continuity
    • @Continuity Yes the logo contains two words, one is set in 'Energetic script' and the other word is made of a heavy custom type (not a typeface, yet...).stewart

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