Signs your getting old?

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  • YakuZoku23

    just turned 49 today, damn

    • Are all QBN'ers turning 50 next year?drgs
    • We spend so much time together we've ended up synching our ages.palimpsest
    • I'm turning 50 this year... I'm feeling less that happy about itdee-dubs
    • Yes dee-dubs, me too past year, I still don't believe it... But I'm glad to be alive ;)OBBTKN
    • happy b-day, moldy!
      And yeah, I'm turning 50 in October.
      Not the least bit thrilled about it.
    • lol crazy to think about. 1974 as well but Oct. birthday so I have a few months to go ;)_niko
    • Enjoy it while you can, kid!Continuity
    • HBD MOLDYgarbage
    • Yawoza.shapesalad
    • pah, a mere striplinghans_glib
    • Given the current economic projection, my pension plan is to turn to hard drink, smoking and bacon sandwiches, in order to reach death more rapidly.shapesalad
    • QBN is agingdbloc
    • I'll be 52 this summer... No get off my lawn you youngins!fooler
    • Shut it, grandpa!Continuity
    • A farmer actually told me to get off his land recently.shapesalad
    • 49 in April! 1974 FTWhydro74
    • HBD! I was 47 a week ago. This is so unreal for me. In my head I am still 25 year-old shmuckfisheye
    • I'm only 47 in July... lol.. you guys are old!!
      (love you, moldy!! welcome to 49)
    • As much as I tell my daughter that a couple of years difference is more unimportant as you age, I'm so glad to realise you're all a few years older than I..!Nairn
    • (going to be 46 this year and am hating every pico-second of realisation)Nairn
    • Gongtats!milfhunter
    • fucking oldbezoar
    • Slow down, fucker! I still need to go frog hunting with you!scarabin
    • Already past that... halfway to 52formed
    • 48 on Sunday5timuli
    • 45 on Wedwhatthefunk
    • 51 in May.Ramanisky2
    • &still feel like a cunt. arewe? :D:D
      HBD old cooker :D
    • You should have written as much as your soul reflects and that's 35 at best :) but make it 39 because half way 40 is still in devise, and you already know why:)sted
    • Happy Birthday!sausages
    • Oldy Moldywasywas
    • Fuck! You're old!
      Happy belated birthday man!
    • QBN average is very tightly clustered around 50drgs
    • thanks guys :)YakuZoku
  • Morning_star32

    I turned 50 this weekend. Officially, i'm delaying a monumental party for 12months due to The Covid. (BTW, you're all invited).

    However, all was not lost, my wife and kids delivered birthday excellence despite the lockdown. Favourite breakfast, in bed...a treasure hunt... international birthday video calls...cider...cider...cider... (The finest burgers on earth)...and a cinema evening with all the snackage. A great day.

    Oh and some goddamn genius bought me Lego. So, whilst i suppose i am actually old, i don't feel it. Never have.

    Young at heart is where it's at.

  • theonlyengineerhere29

    My mom died yesterday.
    She was 100 years, 2 months and 8 days
    I'll be 60 next month (assuming.....)
    This post is not for sympathy or condolences -
    it is simply life....

    • Sorry to hear that :-/
      But yes, signs we're getting old is definitely seeing our parents getting very old and its not easy
    • Still, sorry for your loss. I hope she had a blessed life.NBQ00
    • Sorry Engineer, for your loss :(Wordsworth
    • RIP, hopefully she had a good run and that you're doing well.garbage
    • At least she had a long life to live.milfhunter
    • Sorry for your loss. May you have her longevity_niko
    • Sorry man :( It's simply life, yes, but not easy, hugs.OBBTKN
    • That's rough. I know that a long life ending doesn't mean it's less sad. I lost both my aunts last year, 97 and almost 99.CyBrainX
    • Sorry for you loss.Salarrue
    • Sorry for your loss brother. I hope you and your family are doing well during this time. What a great age your mother lived to!HijoDMaite
    • Sorry for you loss.Krassy
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  • maquito35

    I hate almost everything.

  • Morning_star26

    The postman knocked on my door this morning with a package. I opened the door and we exchanged some typically British pleasantries regarding the 'lovely weather'. I then answered what i thought was a request for my name. Ed I said, 'cause that's my name. He bent down and stroked our cat "What a lovely cat you are Ed, I bet you're gonna have fun warming your belly in the sun today.", it took a few seconds for me to process what had occurred.

    Before I could correct him, he handed me the package and walked to the end of the garden path with the cat in tow. As he walked through the gate he introduced cat 'Ed' to a very enthusiastic bunch of primary school kids who fawned, like they do, with lots of ahhhs and ohhhhs and cautious stroking. The cat loves this kinda fuss and the general kurfuffle attracted even more kids and mums. There must have been 15 people gathered around our Postman and the cat as he introduced 'Ed' to the street.

    Fast forward to 3:30 and the kids are walking home from the school full of sunshine and youthful spirit and through the open windows i hear 'can we go meet Ed and stroke his belly...he does'nt bite.'

    I'm getting my hearing tested and i'm going to have to change my name :)

    • Lolscarabin
    • What’s the cats name?monospaced
    • Alandee-dubs
    • lol this is aceMrT
    • 'Lovely weather' is such an easy and polite greeting. they look at you weird if you say it where I live.hotroddy
    • lol, Ed's the talk of the block now.garbage
    • 'Ed crapped on the front lawn again !'
      'Look at Ed licking his anus'
      'Ed is choking up hairballs on the carpet'
    • ed's licking his own balls!pango
    • Lovely storySimonFFM
    • Top cat, Ed is!
      This story is awesome. :D
    • putting Ed in Pedo.rootlock
  • autoflavour16

    remembering that the internet looked like this

    • I practically lived on there. And here.fadein11
    • needs a comeback... https://www.webdesig…jonny_quest_lives
    • https://www.webdesig…jonny_quest_lives
    • oh DiK..autoflavour
    • wasn't deviantart also sort of like this?oey_oey
    • Wulffmorgenthaler... I was adicted to this strip, oh my...OBBTKN
    • k10k was the bizhans_glib
    • miss itinteliboy
    • 10pt Pixel fonts all the way!dee-dubs
    • this checked all my boxes in those days. huge motivationCalderone2000
    • Similar to the Newstoday layout. Iframes were a cutting edge technology back thenyuekit
    • “Hardware provided by Adobe” What hardware did they have?Gnash
    • (mt) shoutout; they JUST got bought by GoDaddy.

      Resistance is futile, eh?
    • They got bought out by GoDaddy years back, I think they just shuttered the MT brand though, finally.Nairn
    • I memba getting excited seeing Toke in Spitalfields market, not long after i first came down to London. I knew then that I'd Arrived, lolNairn
    • oey oey – got a email notification from deviant a week ago, got curious, somehow logged in, last login 17y ago + all my shitty drawings gone (thank god)ArchitectofFate
    • Remember getting a bump on there and my site meter counter things exploded.. well, got 3000 more hits than normal.hydro74
    • was SUCH a huge fan of those guys... every day i used to check that, Newstoday, Zeldman etc etc...exador1
    • QBN Downloads? Any goodies?bezoar
    • Is anyone on this list still active here today?…
    • Was H73 any relation to Hydro?CyBrainX
    • No - it was Holodeck 73, I thinkNairn
    • It would fun to see a modern take on this style of web design :) It seems like there was so much creativity back then.yuekit
    • i switched to threeoh and back forth to holodeck or was it surfstation? anyway, tiny silkscreen was king these days.api
  • drgs14

    I think I will never accept wireless earbuds

    You carry a small pill organizer box together with your phone, you are in constant fear of losing one of them, you have to charge them. Why adding this level of micro managing into your life?


    • I'm not an audiophile, so for me a €10 pair of cable sony earbuds is enoughdmay
    • yep. plus nothing like creating an aura of bluetooth radio waves around your brain.shapesalad
    • No audiophile uses airpods anyway. They sound like junk.monospaced
    • What does Bennn the audiophile use?drgs
    • I was kinda forced to use them after buying an iPhone 12. They broke 3 weeks ago and are now being fixed :/Chimp
    • Got a decent pair then ended up returning them after starting to read about allowing bluetooth waves such close access to your brain.microkorg
    • Fully with you and not because I'm too old.SimonFFM
    • I'm still cables / headphones, and cheap ones too.Wordsworth
    • they're great to use at the gym.PioneerDJ303
    • Bluetooth, yes. Earbuds, no. I have "bluetooth wired-earbuds" and I love them. I can hang them around my neck w/o fear of accidentally dropping outbezoar
    • I can get close to 8 hours on a full chargebezoar
    • Open Ear Headphones. Fuck Everyone Up.dibec
    • I have open ear earbuds.
      Don't like noise cancelling unless I'm at home
    • wait..... no.... they're called open back headphones.pango
    • I converted. I would catch the cord on the kitchen cabinets/work tables and the like. Headphone ripped out of ear...sometimes phone ripped out of pocket.misterhow
    • Great for the gym and running/hiking. That's really it.FNP14
    • I don't even bother with expensive corded in-ear headphones any more - they seem to last me about a year, no matter how good or bad they are. $$$$Nairn
    • They make phone calls so much more bearable for me. I can focus more on the call and plus hands free to pick my nose.stoplying
    • I'm very tempted because of phone yanking reasons mentioned aboveFax_Benson
    • I just have a pair for home. Nice being able top walk around, clean up, cook etc while the phone/laptop can stay put.inteliboy
    • Wired... I've got a ton of earbuds they gave away from all the phones we've bought. Jvc earbuds or a pair of good headphones if I get exquisite at some point...OBBTKN
    • headphones (in public) are bad for situational awareness.Brabo_Brabo
    • pango. thank you. I must’ve had a stroke. Open back is definitely correct.dibec
    • I'm old as fkc but i love wireless ear buds. Have wished these existed since day 1.desmo
    • Bobo. That's why you get open back headphone.pango
    • Even then, it's daft wearing them out and about (where I live)Brabo_Brabo
    • You worry about appearance or safety?pango
  • Morning_star25

    I was delayed at security attempting to catch a flight back to the UK from Lagos, Nigeria. I’m forced to run to the plane in sauna-like heat with approximately 30 tonnes of camera equipment. As I reach the plane the door is closing and I’m drenched in sweat - not the greatest start to a 9hr flight. I barely make it to my seat. As if to add insult to injury, the inflight entertainment system is fucked.

    Pieters, the KLM Steward, has taken pity on me and i'm already two whiskey and cokes down. We discuss beard care and I enquire as to his ability to get fat Thor on my aeroplane tele. "I'll reset it sir, it may take a few minutes".

    Fifteen minutes goes by and i'm pressing the screen, trying to choose English as my preferred language, the guy sat next to me is having the same problem. Pieters is on trolley duty, I wait until he delivers our meals and enquire again about my sky tele. "Still not working sir? give me a few minutes and i'll reset the system again. Sorry, this sometimes happens."

    Pieters delivers another whiskey and coke and explains that the system has reset and I should have no more problems. He hangs around whilst I try to select the right language, firmly and purposefully pressing the screen but ultimately unsuccessful. I look up towards what i now believe to be an incompetent Peiters, he leans over and whispers "Sir... it's not touch screen, the remote control is in the arm of your seat"

    • hahahaha, wonderfulNairn
    • lol. good old Pieters.Fax_Benson
    • hahahahahahaahahahaa...necromation
    • Ey! How was the Lagos session? Never been there, Is it as chaotic as I could read?OBBTKN
    • Pics?OBBTKN
    • Actually, you're not getting old... Its their system who's old man!Bennn
    • Nigeria is chaotic and brutal. We had armed guards - which cause more issues that they solve. We did shoots in Lagos, Abuja and Benin. I ate snake and dog...Morning_star
    • ...not out of choice. Getting the plan back and travelling through Lagos airport is one of the worst experiences i've had in my life.Morning_star
    • My partner's organised shoots over there and armed guards, thievery and bribery are par for the course. Sounds 'fun'.Nairn
    • it seems bribery and kick backs are a national sport.Morning_star
    • You could turn this into a film. Well played!ideaist
    • Welcome to Upvote City - where you're the Mayor!stoplying
    • Ironically this could also be a sign you're a millenial.zarkonite
    • I hope Peiters snuck a shot or two of said whiskey... sounds like he deserved it as much as you :)PonyBoy
    • I can't sleep on planes so whilst the rest pf the plane slept myself a Pieters shared a few camp fire stories and half a bottle of Jamesons in the back galley..Morning_star
    • ...he is an excellent human being.Morning_star
    • wowtimeless
  • shapesalad15

    You're looking towards the future and you're filled with a sense of doom. You're 40th b'day is coming up, but all your mates left town/country or are busy with wife/kids. Your girlfriend isn't satisfied with your earning ability and continues to run you down, saying your future plans are not good enough for her, and making you feel like you could never support her and a baby. You're still renting and landlord doesn't want to renew your contract. Your parents are getting serious miserable life altering illnesses, but you live too far away to properly care or be there for them. Your career is stagnant. Every year, younger, cheaper, and often more talented designers are entering the employment market, and you feel old and exhausted and like you're swimming constantly against the tide. It feels like yesterday that you were in your late 20's, full of ambition and courage and dedication, the future looked bright. Never could you imagine this situation...

    Chin up.

    • amenArchitectofFate
    • such is life... another coffee shoot and go aheadOBBTKN
    • haha, great.
      *Adds Shapesalad to FriendsList™
    • Shit dude, yeah I get this, similar boat. Amen. Modern day middle class right here. Hang in there. Try and find time to make you .. well you.mugwart
    • "your girlfriend isn't satisfied with your earning ability" GET A NEW GIRLFRIEND, FUCK THATlowimpakt
    • ^ agreed that. Sounds like you have a lot of negativity in your life. Cut anything rotten out.mugwart
    • yup, ameninteliboy
    • ^ Seriously. You weren't put on this Earth to be a sugar daddy. She can find a fucking job, and contribute her fair share to the arrangement.Continuity
    • Young & cheap is no match for experience. Dirty, generic, dribbble, millennial monkies can get tae fuck!mrAtor
    • I can relate to many things you said there man.Bennn
    • Pussy Costs Money, Dick Is For Free…
    • Pussy Costs Money, Dick Is For Free…
    • this is awesome :D
      *orders beer for shapesalad
    • Thanks Qbners, I appreciate the comments. I don't tend to let things get me down, but occasionally you need to take a step down to step up. Let's go! :-)shapesalad
    • Yep, you got enough courage to admit and write this down, don't event think for a second that there is no life for you after 40 :Dsted
    • And my gf... I'm cutting her slack as she's been through some horrific experiences over last few years.shapesalad
    • However I feel she's looking for a man to 'fix' her life. Keep her safe, secure, provided for. That's ok, but it ain't easy for the modern man.shapesalad
    • I thought by the 2000's we'd all be working 3 days a week and having robot assistants. We got Siri and we're doing minimal 8 hour days.shapesalad
    • My old man used to do 9 to 5 back in the 60's/70's/80's. Never worked over time or weekend. What happened to that? Progress....shapesalad
    • I wouldn't say that this is the result of progress. There are lots of areas on this planet where people still work 8 hours, without overtime or weekends.sted
    • it's just cities got more dense and as a result of that you have to be a slave to survive. lose that girl asap, you already got toxic thoughts...sted
    • Dump the girl, leave the citysince1979
    • I wish I worked only 8 hours!
      Would love to move from city but not sure if possible
    • @shape - we have become slaves to the machine! I'm trying to plan a wayout of it but it seems (UK at least) impossiblemugwart
    • @mugwart - EU is still open for brits. Get there asap. Lisbon is good.shapesalad
    • I want to, but single father and GF in londonmugwart
    • really curious about the nordicsmugwart
    • Lisbon = same time zone as london = perfect sunny remote work location. I went myself for 6 months break.shapesalad
    • I escaped London for Madrid. Never looked back :)Chimp
    • my work your unable to work remote from, security is way to tight ... ;-(mugwart
    • Question: Is it better to base your life around you job, or choice a location and base work around that?shapesalad
    • your right BUT I split my son between myself and ex wife. Its not so easy.mugwart
    • Life is indeed hard... thank god it's beer'o'clock.shapesalad
    • lol - enjoy one for me!mugwart
    • Where do u see yourself in 2019? Journal it.notype
    • "the road to success is always under construction." (not by me, therefore the quotation marks; it's a fact though).SimonFFM
    • I'm curious why an ultra-pessimistic post like this gets upvoted so much. Do so many people here relate to it or they just enjoy being depressed?yuekit
    • "great"..."amen... lolyuekit
    • @yuekit right? my first reaction as well. Surpirsed to see the reponses in the notes too.chukkaphob
    • What a dark depressing post! C'mon.chukkaphob
    • C'mon guys! Pick yourselves up. Chin up! Life could be a million times worse than the sentiment shared here. WTF!?chukkaphob
    • Life's grand!!! Cheer the fuck up!chukkaphob
    • ...and for fuck's sake, appreciate what you have!!!chukkaphob
    • Consider new career?bezoar
    • Read books...very relatable comment. Thanks for putting it out there.Hayoth
    • Shapesalad, email me.notype
    • yuekit - because it was a good read, earnest and possibly a little tongue in cheek. You're a smart guy - is everything you consume candyfloss?detritus
    • its key to acknowledge areas of concern in your like and fix it. Cant all be sweet dreams.mugwart
    • aside from the concern aboout parents getting old and sick, the rest of it is all cry-baby entitlement nonsense...chukkaphob
    • .... lace up your shoes and crush today and everyday onward! Make better life choices and appreciate what you got! You're healthy and working an exciting field!chukkaphob
    • stop feeling sorry for yourself! change what;'s bothering you and making you unhappy -- leave the gf, move, change jobs (and even career!) DO IT!chukkaphob
    • Don't you have some basic porn to masturbate to?detritus
    • chukkaphob, your advice is usually how I feel about things, hence the 'chin up'. I know I'm pretty lucky overall and no need for a pity party.shapesalad
    • @shapesalad my intention is to support you and motivate you (and not to judge u or put u down!) .. and I'm sure you figured as much :Dchukkaphob
    • @shapesalad also, I appreciate your courage to open up the way you did and bare it all. That's great!chukkaphob
    • hearing other ppls story is what get's me going. read, read, read, read, read, and listen to another's story on hearbreak and love buddy.notype
    • listen to other ppl's stories about money & love on dave ramsey's show/podcast... that'll move something.notype
  • whatthefunk18

  • Nairn17

    I discussed having my back waxed with my partner last night.

    It was a bit of a watershed moment.

    • pics?drgs
    • haha, no, god no.

      the patterning is so odd.
      so disgustingly odd.
    • did you mention a while ago you're ginger? I don't think I've ever seen ginger back hair, please post a pic.fadein11
    • This is so going on the frontpagedrgs
    • Annnnnd Homepage!! LOLOBBTKN
    • oh no. hahaha
      It's not ^^that bad, nor anywhere near. It's like weird pubic outcroppings, trying desperately to describe angel wings.
    • yeaaaah maybe time to stop digging that holehans_glib
    • from a female perspective waxing is the best hair removal. Its removed from the root, takes way longer to grow back, & when it does its not stubble its softer.shellie
    • :) Aye, that's pretty much what she said - she was aghast when I suggested I was just going to go at it all with a new razor.Nairn
    • @shellie wins these comments. "...from a female perspective" is a phrase that literally exists once on QBN; we need much more of it!!!

      : )
    • On a side note: finding grey in your pubes is definitely a little frightening. made me feel MUCH older than finding grey head hairhardhat
    • There's literally nothing worse that cuddling up on a guy with sharp stubble coming out of his back. By all means do not use razor.shellie
    • My skin doesn't like waxing, so the alternative is using hair removal creams like Nair. you put it on (without rubbing in) like lotion then wash it off.shellie
    • Nair breaks down the hair with chemicals also down to the root. its supposed to be safe but I worry about chemicals so if you can, waxing is more natural.shellie
    • What's going on here? I'll help you do it if you have any concerns. Like Shellie says, waxing is the best way mate!!Ianbolton
    • I shaved mine (and my pubes) when i was in my early weirdo/experimental twenties and the itch and spots were fucking ridiculous. Never again.Ianbolton
    • lolGuyFawkes
    • Back skin is tough, so hair removal cream sounds ideal. For everything else, if you are a guy: trim, not shavedrgs
    • Will you do the Man-o-lantern too?Wolfboy
    • Man O'lantern gets flambéd each MichaelmasNairn
    • We're going to need a follow up btw.shellie
    • My bf is Persian & I help him achieve a natural separated brow by plucking but he hates it. Guys have more sympathy for womens grooming 1ce its their turn lol.shellie
    • This post, and its corresponding notes, really delivers.Continuity
    • I've had my back waxed. If you do it, go see a pro, don't let the missus have at it. There's a night and day difference.noneck
    • And it's weird. Your shirt feels like it's sticking to you all the time.noneck
  • zaq15

  • Akagiyama22

    Went to the bank to make a withdrawal. As I'm there waiting, I look at my wallet and realize my drivers license is gone. I start to panic. Look in the rest of my wallet, take everything out, pat down all my pockets. Nothing. Try to remember the last time I needed to take it out. Can't remember. Already my head is spinning as I think how the rest of my day is ruined because I'm going to have to go to the DMV. I start mumbling to myself as the cashier says:

    "Here is your withdrawal sir. May I help you with anything else?"

    "Oh, umm, no. I'm good. Thanks."

    She then hands me my money.

    And my balance receipt.

    And my drivers license.


    • lolNairn
    • :Dsted
    • LOL!Krassy
    • hahaha!OBBTKN
    • Card in the little slot is usually good for them I guess. Maybe they have a pic of your DL on screen. Don’t grow a beard.HijoDMaite
    • aw man, glad you've found it thoufeel
    • damn lolernexbcn
    • :) And thanks, yeah was relieved when I found it!Akagiyama
    • I have been doing that shit...
  • scarabin11

    Some of us only have 15-20 years of quality living left. That shit ever freak you out?

    I bought a hammer the other day and thought “this is the last hammer i’m ever going to buy” and it straight killed my mood

    • lol felt the same when i bought a bunch of safety razors online. I'm never going to finish these_niko
    • Jesus man, quit bumming me out!nocomply
    • But come to think of it. I own 2 hammers. I'll probably never buy another one in my lifetime. Fuck!nocomply
    • I'm ok with it, the years so far have been interesting and rewarding, but also challenging. I'll try to prolong those 20 years left to 30-35 though.uan
    • LOL man fuck you for reminding us we're oldrenderedred
    • I don't feel like I've got that much, honestly. I might live 30+ more years, but it won't be the same as the last 30.formed
    • Yeah, it freaks me out. I think more about the 'last place I'll buy for a home", though, or "where will I end up".formed
    • Just buy another hammer tomorrow ;P

      But I feel ya.. im turning 40 on Saturday. yikes.
    • That's dark, buddy! I get it though.MondoMorphic
    • Had the same thoughts. But a friend of mine said to me: "C'mon, if we die now, we certainly had a good life, didn't we?"SimonFFM
    • fuck this.. I'm going to buy a hammer every week from now on..dee-dubs
    • Shit, I keep making wooden mallets, some I may never even use. I look at that as my son will have some nice stuff when I'm gone.lemmy_k
    • I have a TON of cool shit and one hammer and it’s all going into the bin when i diescarabin
    • I'm in my mid 30s and have already been on the "I've had a good run" train for a while now. I never wanted to live past 30.garbage
    • Life is better without dread. And look on the bright side: you could always lose the hammer and have to get a new one.garbage
    • buy a hammer a week... secret to immortality.jonny_quest_lives
    • https://www.spriters…garbage
    • We've cracked the code.garbage
    • Fuck. I just bought loads of this cocaine. I'm never going finish all of it.wagshaft
    • This is why you have kids. We made a compromise with nature that we can make clones of ourselves, but we have to share them with someone else, so 50% of youdrgs
    • lives on, and you put all effort, all resources and hammers into them, which they will inherit, and its the only thing which cures existential anxietydrgs
    • Until they find some proper life-extending technology sometime in 2050drgs
    • No hammer time jokes here? I'm disappointed, QBNChimp
    • You were how many years old before buying a hammer??emphor
    • I have a hammer from my paternal grandfather who died in 1967 so I don't feel bad about hammer longevity.CyBrainX
  • Morning_star18

    Yesterday I took delivery of an inherited, 1970s well-cared-for cylinder mower.

    Today was sunny, warm and dry. At lunchtime, as I’m currently working from home, I cut my lawn.

    I was so in awe of the fucking stripes that sexy 70s motorised machine made that I opened a bottle of cold cider and sat in the middle of my pristine lawn, deeply inhaled the pungent, fresh-cut fragrance and toasted the glory I beheld and the man who left me that amazing machine.

    • +1PhanLo
    • :)Gnash
    • My dad had one. He was convinced it was the only lawn mower worth a damn in the world.CyBrainX
    • It has been loved and was built to last.Morning_star
    • +1, coolOBBTKN
    • I like to read more like this. Thank you for posting!SimonFFM
    • I lol'dernexbcn
    • I used to love my Dad's. He passed away and now I do my mom's lawn with a chargeable lightweight electric. No stripes :(fadein11
    • Sounds like an amazing afternoon!pseud
    • what did you did with all the clippings? make sure you rake often to ensure your thatch layer stays healthy.imbecile
    • The clippings have gone into my composter and i've very recently raked , fed and re-seeded. Gotta keep that lawn in tip top condition.Morning_star
    • very nice :D recently began caring more about my lawn as well…imbecile
    • I need help with this. Just bought a house and need to keep up with the Joneses.monospaced
    • My dad's had a basket attached to the back that collected the grass. It was easier to see when it was full than regular mowers.CyBrainX
    • @Mono, any time bud. My garden has been a sanctuary over the last few years trying to create an oasis in the heart of the city. Its VERY relaxing and rewarding.Morning_star
    • @CyBrain. A rear grass collector would be great, alas, this one is front mounted.Morning_star
    • My new lawn is starting to get taken over by other things. Different grasses. Some weeds. All mixed in. I have no idea what to do.monospaced
    • Neighbors don’t. What’s the secret?monospaced
  • stoplying16

    I have to take pictures with my phone of really small text, then zoom in on the pictures to read the text.

    • what kind of phone?dopepope
    • +1Krassy
    • +1 Bringing reading glasses everywhere is the next level.mort_
    • Why not zoom the camera without taking the picture?i_monk
    • yeah I use the camera zoom to read shit all the time. I'm old.dbloc
    • Same lol ... SameRamanisky2
    • haha, oh fuck. thanks for the admittance.
      One year or so doing that here :\
    • iPhone->Control Center-> Magnifying Glass. Works better than just the camera, It seems to have some code specifically for that purpose.ArmandoEstrada
    • ^ @ArmandoEstrada great tip! Never knew it was there.koma_
    • ^the useful threadfooler
    • I use the 3 finger tap, to zoom in real close, then back out with another tap. Because old.dopepope
    • I forgot my glasses for work today. Had to drive back home and get them. DohPhanLo
    • ArmandoEstrada - nicestoplying
  • Bennn10

    I built an IKEA bed last Sunday and my legs still hurt. I have muscles pain as if I had made lots of sport. it took me 4 hours to build the damn thing and i was in pain almost the whole time, legs pain, back pain.

    • if all the people who have died of knee pain after building a furniture sued IKEA, they would have declared bankruptcyOBBTKN
    • i know your pain, we left our old ikea bed behind last time we moved... the trauma of construction remained 2 years later... and everyones like "i put togetherkingsteven
    • some ikea shelves/ drawers/ bedside cabinet and it was sooo easy you must be an idiot"... before the bed i thought i was billy big balls the flat-pack pro.kingsteven
    • getting oldpango
    • Not good, play Badminton.i_was
    • IKEA is not furniture for adults. It’s college furniture.monospaced
    • 3.5 hours for testing the bed in various situations is now part of the assembly process.sted
    • if it functions like a furniture, how is it not a furniture? status?pango
    • *furniture for adults. what's the difference? they all functions the same.pango
    • You’ve got to be kidding pango. Trolling at best. Sad if you’re serious.monospaced
    • I don't think he's saying that IKEA is not furniture but that if you can't afford anything better than IKEA as an adult you're a fucking loser.deadsperm
    • lol. The bed is great. It cost me 400$ I'm an adult but i wont pay 2000$ for furniture. Each one his priorities in life.Bennn
    • @kingsteven Funny cuz i said to my gf "that thing stays here if we move. No way i will unbuild and rebuild this shit" lolBennn
    • you won't pay $2000 for furniture, but you'll sacrifice your body. lol. You might just be a little out of shape? I am to... not judging.ben_
    • Lol, deadspermGnash
    • just put a mattress on the floor. much more comfortable all round.hans_glib
    • I mean that it’s poor quality furniture. Doesn’t last through moves. About as cheap as you can get.monospaced
    • Its true that they arent build to last multiple decades. But some of their stuff do.Bennn
    • He already carries the stigma of being barren, the mattress on the floor would be a daily reminder of his failure as a human.deadsperm
    • He needs to take a hard look at himself and figure out where it all went wrong.deadsperm
    • @deadsperm: time for your antidepressants maybe?nbq
    • lol no he’s just making fun of me dude :)monospaced
    • I want to see benm at ikea bennsplanning ikea cafeteria foodfuturefood
    • There are professional athletes that are your age, you're not old. You're out of shape! I thought you biked everywhere?zarkonite
    • My wife worked at a company that sold kid toys, peep this angry message from a dude to their customer supportBonSeff
    • http://halftonefacto…BonSeff
    • I wore kneepads and used a power drill with a screwdriver bit when I recently assembled an IKEA dresser. Yep, I've reached that age.nocomply
    • move to the country.grafiske
    • :D ya i guess im a loser. i don't care for status, or follow the same norm as you.pango
    • hail to the peer pressure!pango
    • if i make my own furniture, does it qualify as adult furniture? or does it only qualify if i buy it?pango
    • are you guys the kind of people who care about what brand of cars, shoes and shirts people own? gotta have a well cared lawn?pango
    • watches real housewife?
    • Sounds like you might need to do some exercises. ;)ApeRobot
    • I built my own bed, cost me 90€. It has its problems but I enjoyed the process and would repeat with improvements on the design.ESKEMA
    • i needed more storage space so we bought a bed with 6 drawersBennn
    • Thanks I was in shock for days and asked myself various times how is this possible.
      You can't be that dumb :D
  • moldero19

    I tried to climb a coconut tree this morning to get a coconut,
    after about 10 minutes i was chucking rocks at the coconuts,
    I ended up just buying one.