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  • Nairn17

    I discussed having my back waxed with my partner last night.

    It was a bit of a watershed moment.

    • pics?drgs
    • haha, no, god no.

      the patterning is so odd.
      so disgustingly odd.
    • did you mention a while ago you're ginger? I don't think I've ever seen ginger back hair, please post a pic.fadein11
    • This is so going on the frontpagedrgs
    • Annnnnd Homepage!! LOLOBBTKN
    • oh no. hahaha
      It's not ^^that bad, nor anywhere near. It's like weird pubic outcroppings, trying desperately to describe angel wings.
    • yeaaaah maybe time to stop digging that holehans_glib
    • from a female perspective waxing is the best hair removal. Its removed from the root, takes way longer to grow back, & when it does its not stubble its softer.shellie
    • :) Aye, that's pretty much what she said - she was aghast when I suggested I was just going to go at it all with a new razor.Nairn
    • @shellie wins these comments. "...from a female perspective" is a phrase that literally exists once on QBN; we need much more of it!!!

      : )
    • On a side note: finding grey in your pubes is definitely a little frightening. made me feel MUCH older than finding grey head hairhardhat
    • There's literally nothing worse that cuddling up on a guy with sharp stubble coming out of his back. By all means do not use razor.shellie
    • My skin doesn't like waxing, so the alternative is using hair removal creams like Nair. you put it on (without rubbing in) like lotion then wash it off.shellie
    • Nair breaks down the hair with chemicals also down to the root. its supposed to be safe but I worry about chemicals so if you can, waxing is more natural.shellie
    • What's going on here? I'll help you do it if you have any concerns. Like Shellie says, waxing is the best way mate!!Ianbolton
    • I shaved mine (and my pubes) when i was in my early weirdo/experimental twenties and the itch and spots were fucking ridiculous. Never again.Ianbolton
    • lolGuyFawkes
    • Back skin is tough, so hair removal cream sounds ideal. For everything else, if you are a guy: trim, not shavedrgs
    • Will you do the Man-o-lantern too?Wolfboy
    • Man O'lantern gets flambéd each MichaelmasNairn
    • We're going to need a follow up btw.shellie
    • My bf is Persian & I help him achieve a natural separated brow by plucking but he hates it. Guys have more sympathy for womens grooming 1ce its their turn lol.shellie
    • This post, and its corresponding notes, really delivers.Continuity
    • I've had my back waxed. If you do it, go see a pro, don't let the missus have at it. There's a night and day difference.noneck
    • And it's weird. Your shirt feels like it's sticking to you all the time.noneck

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