Signs your getting old?

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    You're looking towards the future and you're filled with a sense of doom. You're 40th b'day is coming up, but all your mates left town/country or are busy with wife/kids. Your girlfriend isn't satisfied with your earning ability and continues to run you down, saying your future plans are not good enough for her, and making you feel like you could never support her and a baby. You're still renting and landlord doesn't want to renew your contract. Your parents are getting serious miserable life altering illnesses, but you live too far away to properly care or be there for them. Your career is stagnant. Every year, younger, cheaper, and often more talented designers are entering the employment market, and you feel old and exhausted and like you're swimming constantly against the tide. It feels like yesterday that you were in your late 20's, full of ambition and courage and dedication, the future looked bright. Never could you imagine this situation...

    Chin up.

    • amenArchitectofFate
    • such is life... another coffee shoot and go aheadOBBTKN
    • haha, great.
      *Adds Shapesalad to FriendsList™
    • Shit dude, yeah I get this, similar boat. Amen. Modern day middle class right here. Hang in there. Try and find time to make you .. well you.mugwart
    • "your girlfriend isn't satisfied with your earning ability" GET A NEW GIRLFRIEND, FUCK THATlowimpakt
    • ^ agreed that. Sounds like you have a lot of negativity in your life. Cut anything rotten out.mugwart
    • yup, ameninteliboy
    • ^ Seriously. You weren't put on this Earth to be a sugar daddy. She can find a fucking job, and contribute her fair share to the arrangement.Continuity
    • Young & cheap is no match for experience. Dirty, generic, dribbble, millennial monkies can get tae fuck!mrAtor
    • I can relate to many things you said there man.Bennn
    • Pussy Costs Money, Dick Is For Free…
    • Pussy Costs Money, Dick Is For Free…
    • this is awesome :D
      *orders beer for shapesalad
    • Thanks Qbners, I appreciate the comments. I don't tend to let things get me down, but occasionally you need to take a step down to step up. Let's go! :-)shapesalad
    • Yep, you got enough courage to admit and write this down, don't event think for a second that there is no life for you after 40 :Dsted
    • And my gf... I'm cutting her slack as she's been through some horrific experiences over last few years.shapesalad
    • However I feel she's looking for a man to 'fix' her life. Keep her safe, secure, provided for. That's ok, but it ain't easy for the modern man.shapesalad
    • I thought by the 2000's we'd all be working 3 days a week and having robot assistants. We got Siri and we're doing minimal 8 hour days.shapesalad
    • My old man used to do 9 to 5 back in the 60's/70's/80's. Never worked over time or weekend. What happened to that? Progress....shapesalad
    • I wouldn't say that this is the result of progress. There are lots of areas on this planet where people still work 8 hours, without overtime or weekends.sted
    • it's just cities got more dense and as a result of that you have to be a slave to survive. lose that girl asap, you already got toxic thoughts...sted
    • Dump the girl, leave the citysince1979
    • I wish I worked only 8 hours!
      Would love to move from city but not sure if possible
    • @shape - we have become slaves to the machine! I'm trying to plan a wayout of it but it seems (UK at least) impossiblemugwart
    • @mugwart - EU is still open for brits. Get there asap. Lisbon is good.shapesalad
    • I want to, but single father and GF in londonmugwart
    • really curious about the nordicsmugwart
    • Lisbon = same time zone as london = perfect sunny remote work location. I went myself for 6 months break.shapesalad
    • I escaped London for Madrid. Never looked back :)Chimp
    • my work your unable to work remote from, security is way to tight ... ;-(mugwart
    • Question: Is it better to base your life around you job, or choice a location and base work around that?shapesalad
    • your right BUT I split my son between myself and ex wife. Its not so easy.mugwart
    • Life is indeed hard... thank god it's beer'o'clock.shapesalad
    • lol - enjoy one for me!mugwart
    • Where do u see yourself in 2019? Journal it.notype
    • "the road to success is always under construction." (not by me, therefore the quotation marks; it's a fact though).SimonFFM
    • I'm curious why an ultra-pessimistic post like this gets upvoted so much. Do so many people here relate to it or they just enjoy being depressed?yuekit
    • "great"..."amen... lolyuekit
    • @yuekit right? my first reaction as well. Surpirsed to see the reponses in the notes too.chukkaphob
    • What a dark depressing post! C'mon.chukkaphob
    • C'mon guys! Pick yourselves up. Chin up! Life could be a million times worse than the sentiment shared here. WTF!?chukkaphob
    • Life's grand!!! Cheer the fuck up!chukkaphob
    • ...and for fuck's sake, appreciate what you have!!!chukkaphob
    • Consider new career?bezoar
    • Read books...very relatable comment. Thanks for putting it out there.Hayoth
    • Shapesalad, email me.notype
    • yuekit - because it was a good read, earnest and possibly a little tongue in cheek. You're a smart guy - is everything you consume candyfloss?detritus
    • its key to acknowledge areas of concern in your like and fix it. Cant all be sweet dreams.mugwart
    • aside from the concern aboout parents getting old and sick, the rest of it is all cry-baby entitlement nonsense...chukkaphob
    • .... lace up your shoes and crush today and everyday onward! Make better life choices and appreciate what you got! You're healthy and working an exciting field!chukkaphob
    • stop feeling sorry for yourself! change what;'s bothering you and making you unhappy -- leave the gf, move, change jobs (and even career!) DO IT!chukkaphob
    • Don't you have some basic porn to masturbate to?detritus
    • chukkaphob, your advice is usually how I feel about things, hence the 'chin up'. I know I'm pretty lucky overall and no need for a pity party.shapesalad
    • @shapesalad my intention is to support you and motivate you (and not to judge u or put u down!) .. and I'm sure you figured as much :Dchukkaphob
    • @shapesalad also, I appreciate your courage to open up the way you did and bare it all. That's great!chukkaphob
    • hearing other ppls story is what get's me going. read, read, read, read, read, and listen to another's story on hearbreak and love buddy.notype
    • listen to other ppl's stories about money & love on dave ramsey's show/podcast... that'll move something.notype

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