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  • Ramanisky29

    2nd attempt ... from GMUNK ... beautiful tones.

    • yep... gmunk always deliversfadein11
    • must get these prints & framed.Ramanisky2
    • im assuming color adjustments and not EIR filmdeathboy
    • This is awesome thankssublocked
    • What's the big deal? Sub-par shots with an infrared filter applied. Wow.MarleyMarl
    • ok i get this guy is the shit but what makes these images so great? does he have secret presets that we can never unlock?HijoDMaite
    • serious question not talking shit.HijoDMaite
    • I am with HDM, we've all seen a billion images like this. I love his work, going back ages, but this doesn't look like what I'd expect.formed
    • http://www.fubiz.net…formed
    • Looks like selective desaturation.
    • Not a fan of this kinda stuff.sureshot
    • agree, the beauty in these shots is all in the filter. the landscape is impressive but the composition is nothing special at all.microkorg
    • Fucking stunning.nthkl
    • Japan?nthkl
    • What makes me appreciate this is, the more you look at the image, the more it changes, you notice something different. Not just in the details, but the whole.robthelad
    • Full spectrum photos remind me of old sci-fi illustrations. I dig it.OP31
    • i like the first onesince1979
    • Ummmm...
    • Fullspectrumjaylarson
    • http://www.gmunk.com…jaylarson
    • ok so infrared photography. got it.HijoDMaite
    • nice. ive thought about turning my old t2i into an IR camera http://petapixel.com…deathboy
  • BusterBoy-9

    Racist...yea or nay?

    I'm nay.

    • Let's just say that the racist comments about the caricature of Serena are over the top....go read them. I'm sure that Rupert Murdoch really gives two fucks.utopian
    • could have made his point without making the lips so big I'd say._niko
    • but overall it's fine_niko
    • The comments have nothing to do with the image...they are just idiotic. I'm talking about this in isolation.BusterBoy
    • Meanwhile the light skin blonde with big tits player in the background actual looks like this. https://i.imgur.com/…

    • Everything's racist, sexist and whateverist nowadays.NBQ00
    • The depiction of her facial features and her body posture seem racist to me. General theme does not.sarahfailin
    • ya a bit racist.pango
    • Nay. But only just. A bunch of yea just because it's a Murdoch rag. His justification for the opponent was 'that's how I remember her'. FLOL.MrT
    • I see a temper tantrum portrayed in an unflattering caricature. If you see something 'racist' here then we're fucked... it's sad how 'trained' the PC world is.PonyBoy
    • nailed ithotroddy
    • Actually everything these days is people complaining about how everything is racist.yuekit
    • It's not the worst thing I've seen, but you have to wonder about the thought process of someone who draws this and clicks send, without the thought everyuekit
    • crossing their mind that it might be offensive to black people. More likely the thought did cross his mind and he didn't care.yuekit
    • the underlying message is not about race. so it's not racist. And sometimes an illustration is just an illustrationhotroddy
    • I don't see it as racist. One of the key principles of a caricature is to exaggerate a feature of the subject.Continuity
    • And, I'm very sorry to say, she's got a massive mouth to start with. So, if anything, it's just the artist having picked the obvious, low-hanging fruit.Continuity
    • Caricature always treads a fine line. And it can be both at the same time - not intentionally racist but genuinely offence-causing to some. Nowt wrong with thatFax_Benson
    • Highlighting a feature specific to a certain person is slightly different to highlighting a feature specific to an entire race / ethnicity etc. JustFax_Benson
    • have a think before you publish it if you don't want to cause a fuss. unless of course you do.Fax_Benson
    • Black guy here... It's fucking racist. Black people have been portrayed like this for years and we get the underlying tone implied - And we dont like it.necromation
    • ...Also she lost to another black woman, so why do we have a blonde haired woman on the other side? it's the thing you dont see... We do.necromation
    • She has big lips, and caricature like this are over exaggerated representations.set
    • Anyone who thinks this is racist is an insecure prick that needs to feel offended in order to give themselves some kind of sense of worth and superiority. GFY..set
    • I understand the uproar. Caricatures legacy as a tool to oppress is huge. I don’t think the intent was racist though.thumb_screws
    • This was a better way to satire the incident https://m.betootaadv…thumb_screws
    • It's not either or. Insisting that it is when it isn't is where all the outrage comes from.Fax_Benson
    • Set, you funny. I know some insecure pricks that would love you tell them that. White guys tellin us black folks what we should and shouldn't find offensive lolnecromation
    • Free speech, motherfucker. I'm not telling black folks, I'm telling everyone. This is only racist if you decide it's racist.set
    • That's your freedom to be offended and upset for no real reason though, I guess. Caricatures have ALWAYS accentuated features. How the fuck is that racist...?set
    • Also, are you saying having big lips is a bad thing? I don't get it.set
    • It's just not lips, set. It's also the kinky hair but you just can't see it from your position of privilege.soundofreason
    • what's wrong with kinky hair!?set
    • Also, necromation, were you suggesting that your friends would become violent with me because I hold a different view point?set
    • But thats, exactly it... You don't know.
      There is many a paper, an article, a fucking video covering this topic. JIM CROW... do some reading.
    • That's not something I'd be proud of admitting.set
    • Exactly!
      You disappoint me, set.
      You disappoint me.
    • The fact is also in an Aussie paper... My girlfriend is Greek aussie and they refer to her as a WOG (greeks, italians)... Wtf. it all fucking stinks of racismnecromation
    • I wasn't sure about the lips, thinking them a bit Tintin in Congo, so I and Googled and learnt a bit about the likes of Ollie Harrington and Morrie Turner.Nairn
    • Wog or wop?Nairn
    • The lips in Tintin and blackface/ Jim Crow are ovals with no definition. The lips in this caricature have lip shape.
      Do yous work in the visual medium?
    • Was there a point there, sor?Nairn
    • Yes. Get hooked on phonics.soundofreason
    • You're right that I cannot fully understand the oppression that many have been throughset
    • but the fact is, being oppressed is not an excuse for being offended by anything and everything. All you're doing is creating more division and separation by...set
    • ... by suggesting that this is any way racist, and this woman, because she is black, should be treated differently. No caricatures are ever flattering. Ever.set
    • wog - Australia has a huge problem with racism. I've been several times - Seen indian's refered to as P word, Lebanese called "lebbos"necromation
    • She has big lips and curly black hair. So those features are accentuated. How the utter shiny fuck is that racist?set
    • at first I didn't found it racist but looking into details for me it's definitely racist.oey
    • ... My girlfriend herself says racisms is pretty bad as whole and with that as the undertone of the nation its pretty easy for this stuff to get through...necromation
    • cause this doesn't even look like her or what a caricature of her would actually look like. it's just a stereotyped general portrait of black people.oey
    • The only way it can be is if you're looking to be offended, and choosing for it to be racist, and somehow even suggesting that those features are a bad thing...set
    • @oey
      Please tell us more about those details.
    • I would bet money... No artist here or in the US would have released that cartoon!necromation
    • we know it's about her cause of the entire context and clothing. except that nothing here tells me it's Serena.oey
    • Last time I checked big lips and curly black hair are awesome. Caricatures are never fucking flattering. EVVVVEEEERRRRRset
    • I can understand people who don't find it racist to some point.oey
    • but if this character was dressed differently and in another environment nobody would guess who it is. so...oey
    • besides, it's also easy for someone on the privileged side of history/society not to see it as racist as we don't have any clue what is being victim of racism.oey
    • The P word is a completely different thing in AU. It doesn't have the british racist weight behind it until recently.thumb_screws
    • @set
      The only way to solve this is to photoshop your face onto it.
    • it's not about big lips being beautiful or not. you are totally missing the point set.oey
    • Australians are pretty naive when it comes to racism. A lot of the time they just dont understand the weight of the terms or where they originated from.thumb_screws
    • But black people do generally have big lips. Is that racist to point out a fact? One that isn't even derogatory?set
    • Caricatures accentuate features. That's the point you seem to be missing. You're choosing for it to be racist when it doesn't need to be anything of the sort.set
    • @oey
      I would like to see the details you mentioned exposed and this image dissected in a separate post.
      Who's up for it?
    • First time I've been dragged into a qbn 'debate' in a while. It's fruitless. Carry on being offended if you like, you're only hurting yourself, ultimately.set
    • What you're saying is that a caricature artist can only take the piss out of someone's features if they're not a minority. That's ludicrous.set
    • hey set, i don't feel offended, i just disagree with you still i totally understand what you mean about caricatures. and how am I hurting myself?oey
    • If anything, the ones saying this is racist are the ones being racist, as you're suggesting she should be treated differently because of her race. Av summathatset
    • and why has he whitewashed Naomi? to emphasize the stereotype of black people being too emotional? just asking...oey
    • the "coon" cartoon ya know?oey
    • Caricatures accentuate features, but surely at some point it crosses the line into racism right?yuekit
    • So many caricatures of white mean make their noses really big - as a white man, I don't give a fuck, I know we have big noses.shapesalad
    • so I expect a black person to equally see that yeah, on average they have big lips and in a caricature that might be accented. Try not to give a fuck and deal.shapesalad
    • *white menshapesalad
    • The hypocrisy of this whole thing is humorous to me. Here's an example, our darling KJ Rowling... The cartoon is entirely left open to interpretation...set
    • i.e. old Tintin comics like Nairn mentioned above. So it comes down to the depiction, and this is definitely borderline.yuekit
    • ... so the only one reducing Serena to racist and sexist tropes is JK herself. https://twitter.com/…set
    • it's not racist to caricature a black woman AND it's legitimate to question why this pic was drawn as it is. Nobody is going to 'win' this argumentFax_Benson
    • I do understand the racism thing, if you absoloutely must fish for it, but where is she finding sexism in this? That's quite impressive.set
    • I was about to ask about sexism too, now that it has been established that the cartoon is racist.soundofreason
    • I agree, Fax.set
    • @set
      As a recent convert into seeing the cartoon as racist could you make a post explaining it in detail for those still on the fence?
    • Would you guys agree that this is racist?
    • I too am now convinced it's utterly racist.
      And sexist.
    • Come to think of it, it's also incredibly offensive to babies.set
    • But but...it just accents features that Jews have anyway...cmon :)yuekit
    • @yuekit
      Not racist
    • https://miro.medium.…soundofreason
    • sexist cause it depicts women as not mature, look what laying in the floor next to her.oey
    • another detail for the racism is that the caricature of Naomi is as a white person and so it accentuates the contrast of behavior according to races.oey
    • Sexist also because the umpire is sitting in a tall chair (phallic & position of power) talking down to Naomi.soundofreason
    • I'm with set. What we are arguing about is what we have been educated to project onto the image. Caricatures are import in our world and we need more IMAOmugwart
    • Caricatures should NEVER be faltering, Having this illustrations in away forcing a fear of immortality in the elites. its a visual remembrance of their actionsmugwart
    • This girl is a spoilt brat. She was forced into this at a young age and is the only thing about her life, she cant take loosing and this image is a messagemugwart
    • to all of us not to become like that. Its rude. its crude but that how it is. She should be ashamed of herself. This pokes fun at that and hopeful reflects thatmugwart
    • I love Caricatures, it is bullying but then again I grew up with Spiting image and Gerald Scarfe. Look at his works and say they don't depict legacy of peoplemugwart
    • https://s14-eu5.star…mugwart
    • https://s14-eu5.star…mugwart
    • I saw a documentary of Mr Scarfe and he did call it bullying as you had to boil down all their characteristics and poke fun of them.mugwart
    • Illustrations are vital to society, event these. The boil an scene/event down to one image that everyone has to decipher in a spit second.mugwart
    • So the problem is that we are now educated to be so triggered & that is used to control large groups of people. We have projected this onto this image.mugwart
    • In regards to making osaka look lighter, he did the same for serena, she’s much darker in real life._niko
    • https://i2-prod.scot…ShenanigansTV
    • Again... Saddest fact is we have have a bunch of white guys deciding what classes as racist.. FYI pretty much all my black mates think it crosses a line...necromation
    • https://encrypted-tb…ShenanigansTV
    • http://www.newscrash…mugwart
    • ^ thisoey
    • https://pbs.twimg.co…ShenanigansTV
    • I asked my mum at lunchtime... her exact words "Are people still doing this, i thought this rass rubbish dead in the pass" my mum is 76necromation
    • Most of you just 'see' a caricature... Me (and many like me) see the same old tired shit we have had to fight at some level pretty much from the day dotnecromation
    • it's fucking racist. Jesus fucking christ. it amazes me that there's even a question of it.exador1
    • Meh, Serena fucked up and she got beat by someone 16 years younger than her. She's also NOT one of the greatest athletes in the world.robotron3k
    • Is this racist? http://www.blackcomm…shapesalad
    • https://www.bbc.co.u…

      COME ON...
    • the John McEnroe cartoon ^ is 'foreheadist' and upsetting me and others that are hair follicle deficient and suffer a large forehead.shapesalad
    • Its a statement on humanity. White folk should and do get as much shit as everyone else. Caricatures are designed to "penetrate" deep and over simplifier.mugwart
    • If a black woman or man drew the exact same Serena cartoon would it still be racist?shapesalad
    • if it was like this it is racist:
    • Caricatures boil everything down to over simplifications and built from that. Its not flattering but thats how the player is. Austrians hate that sort of playermugwart
    • I agree with set, this isn't racist. IF it is, then ALL caricatures are racist.monospaced
    • It's pretty fuckin' racistjmckinno
    • sexist cause it depicts women as not mature, look what laying in the floor next to her.
    • ^ Ok that's the end of my engagement with oey. He's actually not even joking either, is he.set
    • LOLset
    • LOLset
    • omfg, it's saying she's a crybaby, that's not sexist!monospaced
    • From the BBC:
      Racism in Australian cartoons
      One sociology expert told the BBC that Knight had used "a genre that has a long history of racist impact".
    • He said there had been "a tradition" in many Australian cartoons to exaggerate physical characteristics of minority groups, including indigenous Australians, tonecromation
    • "trigger a reaction" - such as humour.necromation
    • That is FUCKING racist!necromation
    • Caricatures are in a way the modern "fools" to the crown. They were the only one that was allowed to tease the royalty. Rulers were terrified of their legacymugwart
    • tanted by a song/drawing/gossip. Its imperative we have this dialogue. We shouldn't have PC culture inflicted upon this. We need more of these going!mugwart
    • so you can't caricaturize black people?hotroddy
    • I think the hair was exagerated for non-racist reasons. it a mushroom cloud effect which I think is intentional. Indicates she's exploding, steaming... etc.hotroddy
    • You lot are fucking tripping!
      Read this and tell me that it doesn't fit

    • but I'm no 'sociology expert'. Which is right up their with 'astrologist'.hotroddy
    • The English politicians are treated just as badly in works.
      I'm from that class of English & i have a nose like that.
    • https://www.geraldsc…mugwart
    • Your also right @necro with the past stereotyping. The ruling class of the West wanted to take the lands of the world so educated the solider's to hate andmugwart
    • What does the non racist version of this look?ShenanigansTV
    • put a level of inferiority in the depictions. I dont think that is what is happening in this image though.mugwart
    • is it only the face?ShenanigansTV
    • but we all have been duped by the ruling class on that front.mugwart
    • Try adjusting the image in photoshop for yourself. See if your changes still resemble Serena?ShenanigansTV
    • in a way comedy is the best way of carrying messages. Blackadder (signs your old)
    • (I have welsh in me and I'm used to the racial teasing)mugwart
    • Welsh in you, have you tried asking him to get off you?ShenanigansTV
    • Serenas on steroids again, that's why she lost it...robotron3k
    • I do but he's wearing velcro gloves ;-)mugwart
    • No hotroddy, apparently you cannot caricaturise black people...set
    • Look in photoshop, Osaka is almost the exact same skin shade as Williams. Some of you are desperate for it to be racist so you can feel offended and superiorset
    • jesus, robo ... people here are having a real discussion and you have to come in with your jackass comments and bullshit assumptions which make you look foolishmonospaced
    • steroids? you only say that because of her physique, despite there being absolutely no evidence of that.monospaced
    • She definitely is one of the best female athletes alive, too.monospaced
    • White people telling black people how to feel about this is racist af. I hear you, necro.cotton
    • Saying white people's opinions are not valid is pretty racist. No one is telling black people how to feel, lol, feel however the fuck you like.set
    • I'm telling you how I feel.set
    • https://www.youtube.…mugwart
    • probably shouldn't have posted that!mugwart
    • You're saying it's not OK to caricaturise a black person if you pronounce their features, because it's racist. Listen to how ridiculous that is.set
    • Just as black comedians constantly rip on white people, if a white comedian rips on black people it's racist.set
    • Regardless of the past, that shit is ridiculous and needs to stop if we're ever going to live in real equality. You're holding that shit back with your views.set
    • Unfortunately it's not all in the past, there are still huge numbers of racist white people. Probably more now than there were 10 years ago.yuekit
    • set, your ridiculous tirade here makes it clear you don't understand what racism is. Educate yourself, please.cotton
    • Some of you snowflakes do know that caricatures have exaggerated features, right? smh...Maaku
    • That's basically all I should have posted Maaku.set
    • yeah @maaku
      @cotton you can't really say that.
    • When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Implicit bias is strong with this one.ShenanigansTV
    • @mugwart Clearly people can say whatever shite comes in to their heads regardless of logic or insight or intelligence. Scary.set
    • Serena lost to a younger, better player, now that she's washed up and promoting PC values, she'll be getting her own Nike campaign soon...robotron3k
    • Logic or intelligence? Start with a fundamental definition of the term before you apply it to your own self-serving, privileged views of reality.cotton
    • there's nothing wrong with PC values, so when you bring that up robo, it's almost like you're against them (not surprising).monospaced
    • the ignorance is strong in this threadutopian
    • oh, and cotton ... it's not a privileged view to say that a caricature isn't racist just because it's a black person as the subject ... that's just logicmonospaced
    • ^ agree with mono for a change ;-)
      To deny her of a caricature cause she is of a minority is also racist in my books
    • https://www.qbn.com/…chukkaphob
    • 174!pinkfloyd
    • get a life!pinkfloyd
    • I think the racist part is where he invented the white blonde opponent, setting up a fake conflict between white and black. The lips are just bad art.zarkonite
    • Did a single person in this 170 note comments thread actually say you can't caricature black people?yuekit
    • Just don't do it in a way that large numbers of people (including blacks themselves) find offensive. After all maybe they have a point.yuekit
    • @ yuekit as far as i know nobody wrote that. some people have the Trump Syndrome...inventing facts, distorting words...LOL!oey
    • and yes you can caricature black people, minorities, whatever. the thing is how to do it and not to fall in racial stereotyping.oey
    • in before 200?imbecile
    • Absolutely NOTHING racist about this cartoon. Period. Move on.chukkaphob
    • Anyone who has issues with it is the racist insulting the black community - insinuating their appearance deserves special treatment.hotroddy
    • ^ this.chukkaphob
    • TLDR. Here's another note!sarahfailin
    • Has anyone asked Serena how she feels about this cartoon??Ramanisky2
    • Didn't hear the "racism" calls for this one despite the fact he's ethnic. https://i.imgur.com/…BusterBoy
    • White men have been depicted in cartoons here in Oz with tiny cocks. A caricature exaggerates every physical feature...anyone who takes offence has issues.BusterBoy
    • dude. you asked me if i think it's racist. then you guys get riled up by my opinion. why did you even bother asking.pango
    • ^oey
    • Let’s all ask Serena what she thinks.Ramanisky2
    • First thing I thought of is that it looked like a mad native from a bugs bunny cartoon, even looks like she has a bone or a spike through her nose, so yeah_niko
    • ...Artist could be a total dickhead, or just a shitty caricaturist._niko
    • I'm not riled up by anyone's opinion. Feel free to think whatever the fuck you want! Doesn't preclude me from having an opinion though.BusterBoy
    • I think it's fine.
    • Maybe should have made the blonde girl blacker.docpoz
    • Is it PC? No.
      It's baby shaming.
    • Waiting for the revised version of this drawing that can't be interpreted negatively, yet still communicates the same idea.ShenanigansTV
    • Perhaps if there were no lips, cause lips are a trigger.ShenanigansTV
    • Serena has big lips thodocpoz
  • dbloc4

    • nailed itjuanluisgarcia
    • which one is the real beckham?!?kona
    • Easily needs 200k moreOBBTKN
    • The hair is totally different. Bad job.sureshot
    • $26,000 isn't that much plastic surgery really.sarahfailin
    • hence the way he looks ^sureshot
    • when will the swelling subside??Ramanisky2
    • Joke's on him, Beckham spent 26k to look like that guy.face_melter
    • why do gay guys take so much care of their eyebrows?Milan
    • eyebrows are the curtains to the soul.sted
    • lees surgery, more saladGnash
    • more money, just put in more money and soon beckham2 will come out at the other endsted
    • Sup Pango!utopian
    • Lol @ Ramsarahfailin
    • Haha! QBN-ers' comments deliver yet again! LOLKrassy
    • Milan, they do it for you.bklyndroobeki
    • Kim Jong-un meets Beckhamsince1979
    • ^^^pinkfloyd
    • bklyndroobeki, try staring at those sexy ass eyebrows for a min and tell me you don't get a raging hardonMilan
    • should have used that money to get his eyesight fixedvivid
    • step 1 - lose some fucking weight if you want to look like him! ffsBennn
    • mental illnessBennn
    • ^^^^^^ and what since1979 saidfeel
    • 10k for hair cut
      10k for eyebrows
      where did the other 6k go?
    • pizzamonospaced
    • Lolpango
    • @pizzapango
  • IRNlun617

  • instrmntl14

  • RicHu13

  • soundofreason20

  • dbloc12

    • lolRamanisky2
    • HahahahHijoDMaite
    • winnudes
    • Poll: should I share this joke with my English workmates.shellie
    • LOLchukkaphob
    • HahahahaApeRobot
    • Scottish or Irish accent more likeset
    • Scandlish, perhaps.detritus
    • guessing morag is scottish, sounds scandi via yorkshire when i sez it.kingsteven
    • Sounds norn Irish to meset
    • Sounds more South Africanbabaganush
    • So, in sum - anyone actually from the British Isles or Eire knows this is just not right. All the Americans have Dick Van Dyke playing in their headsdetritus
    • Except Morag, but fuck Morag.detritus
    • lolBennn
    • 'fuck off' is like a 'telephone voice' insult in scot/ NI, the off is totally superfluous. we've got 'aye, fuck', 'get tae fuck', 'away fuck' etc.kingsteven
    • does it work for all english words?drgs
    • only natural we hear it in the voice of our oppressors the english and the dutch :-Dkingsteven
  • pango9

    I'm seriously thinking about doing this with creative and artists in vancouver.

    • Do it. It'll fall apart in 18 months and you'll end up hating/murdering each other, but for the first 8½ months it'll be a blast.detritus
    • One of the animators from Adventure Time did something like that http://www.ghostshri…PhanLo
    • good luck buying land in vancouverArsenicPants
    • You could set it up and have a gang fight with Granville Island to see who is the most pretentious.face_melter
    • Arsenic. That's why I need more people to join. Lol. I would really love to manage a space.pango
    • YES!notype
    • Do it, I heard house husband's are all the rage there too...robotron3k
    • the council model is the same in vancuver as in budapest so you should be able to find state owned property what's before the demolition.sted
    • sometimes they don't touch these buildings for years what you can find out, so the utilization is important for them.sted
    • are you speaking of squatting sted?notype
    • noo not at all, i'm speaking about how to get a municipal property cultural purposes. if you do it right you can get it for (almost)free.sted
    • *for cultural purposes :)sted
    • talk to oye, I believe he's part or was part of a commune of sorts._niko
    • Haha, I have a friend doing exactly this now. I'll send him thisset
    • LOL remember when people had the same idea using old factories in Brooklyn? Growing veggies in kiddie pools on the roof next to cement manufacturing plants?caterpus
    • Then the curators of the space just charge the rest of the commune more in rent so the 2 or 3 of them can live for free.caterpus
    • I think there is great potential in this idea to create a retirement commune/community, of sorts.Gnash
    • My exact thoughts when I first moved into a warehouse many years ago, gnash.detritus
    • ^ it's a great concept. better than some old-folks home. pool resources. hire care if needed...Gnash
    • i'd love to buy an old summer camp. turn cabins into sleepers, communal kitchen & common spacesGnash
    • ...and then start murdering people?detritus
    • not all at once ^Gnash
    • Defug is house husband?
      I was thinking live work space. With workshop and studio space available.
    • And time to time we invite artist from out of town to do residency.pango
    • And time to time we invite artist from out of town to do residency.pango
    • Wait... Is that what hipsters do?pango
    • If "creative and artists" are leading a real estate development, it will fail before it starts.

      Just stay in the city and start a cult, it'l be cheaper.
    • call it "Rajneeshpuram"ernexbcn
    • ^ dont get it.
      ya perhaps a cult will do.
      what should i call it?
    • pango watch Wild Wild Country on Netflixernexbcn
    • ^ don’t do it pango!notype
    • Cult or Netflix?pango
    • Cult or Netflix?pango
    • The movie WW countrynotype
    • Repped and onedocpoz
    • That just made me want to watch it even more...pango
    • it's not a movie FFS it's a documentary, it's incredibleernexbcn
  • elahon18

    So true.

  • scarabin12

  • sarahfailin9

    • there it is. i knew it was coming. classic QBN spontaneous combustion case.capn_ron
    • this whole trolling shit
    • and he logs into another username.fadein11
    • the new game is guess which new username is since1979capn_ron
    • yup, just look out for an unstable drama queen.fadein11
    • the great unlaid collective see's justicepinkfloyd
    • pinkfloyd, he did this himself. no help was given. self imploded on us. oey tried to get him to stay and open up the film discussions to teach us.capn_ron
    • yup, noone wanted him banned, we were all hoping to see a live stream boxing match with mono.fadein11
    • Oh god, what happened now?garbage
    • Please provide link to offending thread. Thank you.wagshaft
    • I remember when he first showed up, felt like this thing would happen, so long weirdo.BabySnakes
    • He's like hydra. You ban one of his usernames, two more come back. He's already back and posting, you can count on that.kona
    • What did I miss now? Racism? Sexism? Yurimonism?Longcopylover
    • There was no offending thread, he just asked to leave.
    • Rather asked to be deleted. He could have left on his own.soundofreason
    • that would not be the point though - how else would we notice?detritus
    • He just texted me.
      Totally not weird.
      It was weird.
    • lol 4reals kona?GuyFawkes
    • he texted you? no freaking way? maybe you should check on his well being for a bit.capn_ron
    • If so, please share his number }:)detritus
    • Yes. For real he sent me a text. His tone and wording seemed to partially blame me for his exit. Odd. He responded to my comment above.kona
    • kona, tell him to come back and introduce us into the film world. also, how could you be to blame for his exit?capn_ron
    • Another text, this time a threat even! "I have a particular set of skills so please stop." Stop what? You're texting me, and, you're obvi still here readingkona
    • along. I'm not sure how I became your enemy 1979. So just uh, stop?kona
    • why is there always some idiot causing drama here.inteliboy
    • And his poetry was awful, yet no one even ragged on him. Dont understand where all the chaos came fromautoflavour
    • His Facebook photos were full of non ironic duckbill mirror selfies tho .. so, swings and round a outs. Tortured artist I guessautoflavour
    • Aboutsautoflavour
    • another misunderstood genius! /sernexbcn
    • @kona he seriously texted you? wtf.garbage
  • chukkaphob2

    • 26deathboy
    • more like 16.uan
    • 14Krassy
    • 10+10+10
    • 10+10+10=30
    • a right:) 2 coconuts there:)uan
    • monkey can't count.uan
    • Can primates count?utopian
    • do androids dream of electric sheep?jaylarson
    • 16bainbridge
    • 15sea_sea
    • @bainbridge & @sea_sea curious to see your solutionschukkaphob
    • Can primate be cunt?adrok
    • 10+10+10=30
      1+10+3? just saw that. :P 14
    • 666!sea_sea
    • 1) 3x=30, x =10
      2) 10+2y=18, y=4
      3) 4-z=2, z=2
      4) 2+10+4 = 16.
    • Pretty sure it's 15 no?SteveJobs
    • http://www.littlemis…omg
    • 15 right?QBN
    • (1 + 10) + (1 +1+1) = 16SocieteAnonyme
    • I thought it was 15 too. But look at the last bananas, the bunch looks like there's 3 not 2 like in the ones above no?sea_sea
    • yep, only 3 bananas and 1 coconut in the last step. Krassy is right, it's 14.
      the rest of us monkeys can't count.
    • @dorf
      4) not z + x + not y
    • didn't even notice the different banana counts. so yes 14 is correct.SteveJobs
    • 5 bucks! that's the highest i'll offer!pango
    • It equals get fucked worth your nonsenseset
    • Withset
    • Sneaky fucking bananas.detritus
    • tasty smoothieGnash
    • A nice smoothiebklyndroobeki
    • Gnash, didn't see your comment!bklyndroobeki
    • 10+10+10=30
    • 14!nb
    • 14nbq
    • That would be a horrible smoothie. I much prefer Banana + Strawberry + Peanut Butter + Greek Yogurt = 26 aka delicious.garbage
    • mmmbklyndroobeki
    • it's 15 dammit!dbloc
    • I guess I didn't count the nanas, it's 14!dbloc
    • Potatoes!pango
  • scarabin16

  • Krassy11

    • hahahajaylarson
    • I had a bad habit of doing that in my university dorm. I had a little sink in my room and the toilets were a walk down the hall. I couldn't be arsed at 2am.Hayzilla
    • naaaaaaaastypedromendez
    • We (the guys) have all done it.jagara
    • *raises hand
      Dorm pisser
    • Not only have I never pissed in a sink, the thought had never occurred to me until qbn brought it up.Gnash
    • But it does sound rather efficientGnash
    • I remember going to college parties and girls would sit on the kitchen sink and pee while there were hundreds of people crowded in there, and nobody noticed.monospaced
    • Because the frat boy bathrooms were packed and disgusting.monospaced
    • Yeah, never gone in a sink either. Nor have I gone in a trash can, either, like most drunk college kids seem to do.formed
    • #peebottle is the answer to all your problems ;)renderedred
    • I wish QBN had a poll feature like Twitter. That'd find out what % of sink pissers we have here. LOL. Seems 50/50 at the moment.Hayzilla
    • ^ create a post, +1 for sink pissers ;)renderedred
    • https://strawpoll.co…garbage
    • *raises hand
      Dorm pisser
      The toilets were only like 5m from my dorm room too... .
    • I always piss in the sink after brushing my teeth, I even use my toddler's stool to get the dick in the sink. Eco friendly and stealthy as fuck.deadsperm
  • drgs7

  • Ramanisky216

    • haha!PonyBoy
    • Ha. My dad.fooler
    • fuk you dad! why aren't you a doctor!pango
    • lolNBQ00
    • fucking lolApeRobot
    • "How are you still alive Dad even though I didn't become a doctor?" FUCK YOU DAD!!Ianbolton
    • My dad still doesn't know what I do. After 16 years...tank02
  • Ramanisky214

    • Whaaaaaa......!!Akagiyama
    • I am calling nasasureshot
    • If he had worn that I'd start respecting him moremugwart
    • LOLHayzilla
    • Jesus, I thought that was Michael Jacksonkona
    • hahahamoldero
    • Man I loved V...had such a crush on her.see_thru
    • uncannysince1979
    • I remember as a kid in 80s when I saw the first tv promo spot for V and was soooo stokedprophetone
    • I watched the original series just recently - dodgy production aside, it tells a good story with some moments like the old Jewish couple firebombing the lizardsface_melter
  • section_0149

    • who the hell is still using a sponge?futurefood
    • we wash our pots and pans with 9mm americunt steel!futurefood
    • We have a machine for this. Touching dirty water is for poor people.i_monk
    • Me! I use a sponge...to clean..dirty pots. Like the picture.dirtydesign
    • Damn, it does.maquito
    • monk... the dishwasher can not clean a casserole after cooking REAL food, it is a machine for dishes and cutlery, and even that doesn't do wellOBBTKN
    • yea, at times you have to soak that shit for few hoursfuturefood
    • @ dirty
      silicone, if you must
    • Chefs argue that you should never wash a sautee pan, it kills the flavorstoplying
    • hahaha fucking lolsureshot
    • dirty dishes is the worst plague of the Universe. Can't believe we get on the Moon but can't manage to invent something that would erase that task from our lifeBennn
    • only thing worse than washing dirty dishes is living with dirty disheshotroddy
    • I've got a Le Creuset saute pan and it's not seen soap in 15 years and yes, I am a bit of a twat.MrT
    • pffff i buy a new pan everyday.pango
    • @future silicon thing is interesting. may try that.dirtydesign
    • well...ill suggest it to my old lady anyway.dirtydesign
    • @stoplying, they might say that about a cast iron, to preserve seasoning, but never for a sautée panmonospaced
    • a real adult replaces the sponge before it gets that fucking bad :)monospaced
    • i fight with my wife over this. if it's up to me i'd change that sponge every 2 weeks.Beeswax
    • that's castiron you fool! you've ruined the pot!bklyndroobeki
    • No soap with these
  • autoflavour14

    • Lol missed it the first time_niko
    • ugh :Dsted
    • lol, took me a minuteIRNlun6
    • haha, oh god, I totally didn't get it either earlier.Nairn
    • the living perpetual motion obstruction of justice generator.neverscared
    • same, little slow over here. this is goodjaylarson
    • RoboTriggeredutopian
    • It takes a second because it’s dumb. It’s a shame (and hilarious) the dems have to grasp at straws to impeach. I think of all the cryers on election night. Hahairrelevant
    • Cryers on election night, huh? Haven’t been on here in a while. Looks we’ve got a new one of “those” guys. Whomp whomp.FNP14