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  • Krassy5

    1/3 of Carl Cox's record collection.

    50,000-60,000 vinyl records!

    • Salsa?HijoDMaite
    • Best of the Bee Gees?utopian
    • organized by label colorprophetone
    • he can literally perform on vinylssince1979
    • too many, that's an illness not a collection!Gardener
    • That's how I imagine yours ;)futurefood
    • They're all K-Tel compilations from 1970s and 1980s.Continuity
    • All Bob Dylanfuturefood
    • I mean, who wouldn't want an original copy of '25 Polka Greats', am I right?Continuity
    • is there some kind of frame or are the records on the bottom literally holding the others up? That's criminal.Fax_Benson
    • I often wonder if there is any structural issues with the house with that much weight..autoflavour
    • Saw a doc about him last year. Seemed a bit sad. No girlfriends, no kids, bit lonely travelling round the world on his own most his life.Hayzilla
    • ^ Not saying there is anything wrong with it and he's obviously had an amazingly interesting life. But he was talking about retiring and how lonely he felt.Hayzilla
    • I am constantly culling, there is only so much space!Gardener
    • I just never got the audio aesthetic he creates, just sounds glossy modern synth and repetitive. Nothing pulls at the emotions.shapesalad
    • Remember when he played @ the Omen in Frankfurt back in 1997 (I guess). Was a wild night...SimonFFM
    • totally agree with GardenerBennn
    • Saw him play fucking years ago, while at university. There was a woman dancing, dressed as Wonder Woman so I have no recollection of how or what Cox played.face_melter
    • @shape: I don't get the hype either. It's all basic bitch house.section_014
    • I saw him in 1998 and was not impressed at all. Saw him in 2016 and thought he was amazing.Hayzilla
    • I remember seeing him play in Sydney at a illegal rave back in 1993 .. chatted with him for a bit. nice chap..autoflavour
    • That must be some kind of...record.

      HEY OH!
    • ^ https://i.ytimg.com/…Maaku
    • Oh Yes! Oh Yes!Krassy
    • https://www.nytimes.…err
    • ^wild!Turboslacker
    • look into Zero Freitas before you too much about Carlimbecile
    • *say tooimbecile
    • https://www.youtube.…inteliboy

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