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  • drgs12

    • holy shit I'm in tears. That's fucking funny.dopepope
    • I never knew I needed this, but someone has to film this!Akagiyama
    • hahahaha this is hilariousBennn
    • Wit? How do you make a bot watch tv? Is this an underpaid immigrant?docpoz
    • The right use of technology ;)Salarrue
    • i'm dead (wet voice)shellie
    • Unlimited stick!Krassy
    • #goldprophetone
    • Friend 4?feel
    • mmm gluten classico... just like grandma used to makeGM278
    • it's perfect b/c friend 4 stays out of it until the disturbing zinger at the endprophetone
    • I've lived 4 blocks from an Olive Garden for 10 years and Ive never been to it.fooler
    • lol, that's amazing. My wife and I had a horrible night with our baby last night and just cracked up at this. I think I need some secret soup!mandomafioso
    • Her mouth is full of secret sauce....multiLOLsee_thru
    • he's written several, they are way out there and hilariousBonSeff
    • Definitely funny, but debatable about it being written by AI. The OP apparently it's a writer for Funny or Die and The Onion.5timuli

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