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  • utopian82

    • upvoted, looking forward to this.shapesalad
    • It didnt worklemmy_k
    • give it 48 hours, always worked for meBennn
    • Thank you, Fat Money Cat, I look forward to receiving my many monies in the next 48 hours.Continuity
    • Seems legit this timeantonyjwhite
    • the snake didnt work, the cat work. its been documented many timeBennn
    • SEE! SEE! Just received an email from someone who wants to send me 1 million dollars!!! IT WORS! GUYS! Just sent all my bank info, the money should arrive soon!Bennn
    • I may buy an Adobe CC account now! Thanks Fat Money Cat! :DBennn
    • I'm good; still loaded from the last time we did this.Krassy
    • Sorry, Bennn, I was at work. It just FELT like 48hrs.lemmy_k
    • pockets is posting a new tip?drgs
    • I downvoted this last night when you posted it (I always downvotes these - they're as lame as tipping your poker dealer)... got 2 new jobs this morningPonyBoy
    • ^What a rebel!pango
    • *still waiting for news from the mysterious man who wants to give me 1millionsBennn
    • omg some dude from the International Commercial Bank of Lagos Nigeria needs my assistance in a funds transfer deal involving US$ 3.5Mpockets
    • thank you Fat Money Catpockets
    • holy shit there are 70 users on qbn???inteliboy
    • ^all the lurkers like the cash cat :)renderedred
    • aaaand, officially bypassed the money snake to become the most popular Pic of the Day:
    • Soaking up QBN karma like a boss.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Got 6k!!!Salarrue
    • Why am I not surprised PB downvoted this...formed
    • There isn't even 60 QBN member left on here, 79 upvotes? I do NOT believe it, how many burner accounts do all of you have?utopian
    • Seriously found a hidden stash of cash that I totally forgot about! MONEY CAT RULES!

      ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)
    • Any lucky gifs to upvote to have your shit neighbor move on?notype
    • 81!sea_sea
    • 82jaylarson
    • 83pockets
  • isleptwithsirenstonight78

    This is Money Snake. She only appears every 312 years.

    If you upvote her picture within the next twenty-five seconds you will have good luck and fortune for the rest of your life.

    • yes!!!!CALLES
    • I can verify this is 100% true. I downvoted it and have not received any good luck and fortune.nb
    • done. I'm waiting for my good luck.randommail
    • Only Yurimon would vote this downutopian
    • ... and the rest of us are suckers for voting it up.Continuity
    • I could use some moneyernexbcn
    • that snake is kinda prettybklyndroobeki
    • I did and 5 min later a client whom i've requested money for hosting his site a while ago called and told me he sent 900 bucks. ThanksBeeswax
    • Strange, after I pressed Downvote I got an urge to pay outstanding for hosting my site. Just sent $900...zaq
    • There are 56 people here??qoob
    • 70!set
  • sarahfailin70

    • yes plz +scarabin
    • whew, just made itdoesnotexist
    • upvotedApeRobot
    • hello!since1979
    • damn, i upvoted at 7.9 sec... my week will sucksBennn
    • Did not vote. Life of an arch-viz artist is always intense.face_melter
    • Will I get psychedelic monkeys now?CyBrainX
    • Dammit. On mobile and clicked scarabins name instead of upvote. 7.9 secs was lost. Pls, Peace of Mind Capybara make my week chill AF.rabbit
    • is it the most upvoted post yet?feel
    • 10 votes behind money snakedrgs
    • wow, there are 67 people voting here?! I didn't realize there were 67 people here at all.formed
    • some few may have downvoted, some think of it as dumb, so we are probably around 100drgs
  • garbage60

    Came across this while salvaging some old hard drives.

    My money dog is about to turn 14. You know what to do.

  • pango59

    Up vote money cat. And she will bring you money everyday.

  • WhiteFace47

    I'm back bitches!

  • juanluisgarcia38

    my photo is on the front page of reddit today! it has close to 40k upvotes right now. it also has a lot of people crying that i edited the colors to look how i wanted lol

    • congrats!Gnash
    • how did you take itdrgs
    • he's superman shut up about it!

      great photo man.
    • he's really tall, or the island is actually quite small.sarahfailin
    • It also made it on the front page of QBNutopian
    • Top position bumputopian
    • great shot, congrats!utopian
    • toputopian
    • top i saidutopian
    • let us make Juan's day!utopian
    • my day has been made cheers utopesjuanluisgarcia
    • bumpy bumputopian
    • started at the bottom!utopian
    • vue 3d is pretty amazing these days ;)sted
    • only 4 upvotes here, QBNer's such critics!fruitsalad
    • lol my daughter likes to sing a song that goes, ♫fruit salad, yummy yummy♫juanluisgarcia
    • i like the colors lol nice shot manHijoDMaite
    • nicewhatthefunk
    • @fruitsalad people live in different time zone! give it time!pango
    • Enough with the pleasantries people, ask what matters: where the fuck is this?_niko
    • _niko you haven't seen the movie don't you?sted
    • Na Pali Coast Kauai, Hawaiijuanluisgarcia
    • Fuck you all...it is snowing here!utopian
    • Previous on Lost

      Love it btw—congrats. enjoy the crazies!
    • yea congrats! if you edited this, it shows your great taste in colors, it looks like an illustration!feel
    • Lost pff, Jurassic Park!sted
    • 87° F here... lol@snow.PonyBoy
    • 70 in Denver ;-) but we'll get snow soon, surely....lovely picformed
    • Kong took it.Hayoth
    • bumpmoldero
    • Whats with the ugly picture?sureshot
    • Kidding of course dude.. like it. Fuck the h@t3rZsureshot
    • https://cdn.shutters…elahon
    • I've been up in the heli and have seen the same view, it's amazing! Nice shot. Kauai is fucking awesome.davey_g
    • No Man's Sky?detritus
    • breath of the wild?since1979
    • where do I buy a print?bklyndroobeki
    • Taken from a plane, photography is a minor art.i_was
    • Just as computer art is.i_was
    • like being a piddly useless snob online... photography doesn't require much skill... that what you're saying, i_was?PonyBoy
    • hey i saw this! good jorbdigitdaily
    • Reddit credit was not enough you had to come here and SHOW THE FUCK OFF!?robthelad
    • Reddit credit worth nothing. QBN upvotes that's the real recognition!sted
  • utopian50

    Upvote money kitten and all your financial needs will be taken care of!

    • i thought you hated cats...
      ... anything for a buck, huh, topes? :)
    • ahahah the weekly extortion, i hate you :Dsted
    • It's a cute kitten not a nasty ass full grown cat.utopian
    • WORK YOUR MAGIC, KITTY.Continuity
    • do you need my SSN and Bank info to deposit all that cash little kitty?capn_ron
    • This one better work. Last one was shit.formed
    • IT WORK...
    • about bennn leaving:
    • I can has????Akagiyama
    • yeah i'm still here :DBennn
    • Still waiting...nbq
    • Bring it kittysea_sea
    • i haven't upvoted yet. Am I too latw to the money party?Krassy
    • I just won a free coffee!!!!utopian
    • ...and I did not even upvote this!utopian
    • fatty catso. eat itsince1979
  • grafician50

    This is Money Marge

    You know the drill...

  • BonSeff42

  • detritus36

  • chukkaphob1

    • ok
      "We're out of toilet paper"
    • "Sounds like you had a busy day love."RicHu
    • so 80'sdbloc
    • but can we get a cat pleaseHijoDMaite
    • Happy birthday Alison x x xLukeO
    • Thank you sir.wagshaft
    • "OMFG, have you seen that video???"sofakingback
    • ^ it totally works lolsofakingback
    • which video was it sofa?HijoDMaite
    • "Am leaving now. Beautiful Fog" meh
      lol RicHu
    • I don't have my battery pack though.antonyjwhite
    • Chromacryl, glitter - medium and fine grade, and powdered pigment - metallic. Anything else?cotton
    • "Good, the boys are having fun exploring!"elahon
    • "I'll see you later."mg33
    • "you'll have it shortly"PonyBoy
    • It's his job, tell him to quit being such a pussy!BH26
    • "How'd it go today?"Gnash
    • "are you popping down? or somewhere closer?"hans_glib
    • Shall I make you up a dinner?mandomafioso
    • The fibresection_014
    • Grab em by the pussy.dbloc
    • HijoDMaite: I was talking to a client about a promo video made by their agency. It is horrendous. I will share it if it goes live. lolsofakingback
    • i know for a fact if kristin will do for small fee if i can't do itbliznutty
    • I feel stiff todaycannonball1978
    • morning?Knuckleberry
    • Can't talk right now, we are still working on this.BabySnakes
    • ok, take a picture and send it to The Brick, they have to fix it.
    • Worse unfortunatelyMHDC
    • If they ask for a another pic send one, set the reserve at $39.99.evil1
    • It's jumped the sharkWolfboy
    • "I killed your Pomeranian and rubbed its blood all over the walls" omg!!sarahfailin
    • i know i messaged him and he was like ehhh Thanks its friday hahamantrakid
    • ps. she weighs 18kgMrT
    • "LOL"Bennn
    • she couldn't see anything wrong with using the photo. Too funny.Ranger
    • Just leaving work nowSlashPeckham
    • ^ lolsofakingback
    • Can you please upload the presentation to Dropbox?BusterBoy
    • yes, i think that was tentative at leastemphor
    • Vote for Hillary or else...robotron3k
    • The kids will be disappointed.bezoar
    • I will be in the office at 7amsted
    • "I remember. They were terrible."BASHgraphics
    • Hi mum, went ok, I have other things lined up too so it be alrightBullitt
    • Tummy rubs all roundsinjun
    • Great news - your current reward balance is 450. You can get 50 texts valid for 2 days for only 100 points.monoboy
    • Sweetspunji
    • Of course you're welcome to stay here as long as you like.nb
    • Will I be enjoying your company this evening?autoflavour
    • Shit no subs??? That's tough. D.C. is okay, had a nice IPA last night with dinner: Lot 3.stoplying
    • I know. Lovely people. I wonder who will be our new neighbour.Kiko
    • "You told her her that you gave her $25 and now it's in the back of her mind that I took her $5 dollars"voiceof
    • I'll be able to stay home with popples and get this done around the house.umbee54
    • So classic. This is pure comedy!chukkaphob
    • "hahah head in bucket? Good effort!"

      My friend ended up vomiting on a big night.
    • #Pizzagate?omg
  • utopian38

    Upvote money dog and you shall receive some economic luck in the next 48 hours.

    • money pigeon did nothing for me, its a scam, guysdrgs
    • the pigeon gave too much drgs take a leap of faith put your trust in the money dog this time!sted
    • money dog FTW!moIdero
    • you're abusing your powers,
      aaaaah fuck,
    • was searching for the pigeon post... is utopian running an upvote pyramide scheme?
    • "economic luck" LOLsureshot
    • i totally just found a penny. it works!!scarabin
    • Hellooooo, money dog. Do your magic, baby.Continuity
    • $5's and $1's?! Fuck you... Bad dog!!!PonyBoy
    • I just found $20 on the sidewalk!!!utopian
    • that was drgs money!%sted
    • Money Snake is the OG. Downvote false prophets.ORAZAL
    • I think this is bullshit but I will upvote this anyway.oey
    • There is only one god, and he is money snake. (still upvotes)sarahfailin
    • i am down voting - its past 48hrs2002
  • PonyBoy23

    • one good thing in 2016 I guess.pango
    • FinallySalarrue
    • why?2002
    • Another personal threat. The third time he got banned for that reason.pango
    • so mono egged him and terry gets banned? mono has threatened people few times including me2002
    • why doesnt he get banned?2002
    • http://www.qbn.com/r…2002
    • much as terry being racist or biggot etc, there are worst in this bunch. why not those?2002
    • cause mono gave weed / cocaine to people he meetspinkfloyd
    • he gave pango crackpinkfloyd
    • ok that makes sense2002
    • 2017 - Let's all try to get alongpinkfloyd
    • they started the war on christmas 20172002
    • Fucking love crack man.pango
    • fuck you asians dont do crack2002
    • I never threatened you, 2002.monospaced
    • ok now back to crack.sted
    • Hi, I heard there was crack in these parts..futurefood
    • Crack for everyonepinkfloyd
    • really?oey
    • so we are officially pc now?oey
    • https://s-media-cach…PonyBoy
    • that comforts me PonyBoyoey
    • https://i.imgflip.co…whatthefunk
    • I have never threatened anyone on QBN.monospaced
    • to the people who know the difference between pure crack and actual cocainested
    • I used to be a great cook. maybe i still am. just stopped cooking.oey
    • https://www.youtube.…utopian
    • I never saw him post racist shit. I mean, he was humourless right wing bro, who had zero fucking chill most of the time. But we all have our issues.Al_dizzle
    • he wasn't banned for being humorless right wing bigot. He was banned for threat. he just happened to be right wing bigot.pango
    • we're not PC bro yet. look at us. openly joke about crack.pango
    • wait PC isn't pure crack?sted
    • whatever there is a huge difference between joking about something and seriously think/saysted
    • forget what i said. PC is pure crack.
      carry on.
    • where the crack at?face_melter
    • PC? please. doxxing someone and vowing to hunt them down in person is seriously crossing the line.scarabin
    • R.I.P. Reddit Redneck Sidebar Trollutopian
    • 0% Contributions...Good Riddanceutopian
    • don't worry though, he's still here. just keep an eye out for green dickbagsscarabin
    • YOU ARE ALL ASSCUNTS!!!!!!sureshot
    • Happy new year! :)sureshot
    • @scarabin, or 'certified by terry_cloth'Continuity
    • you too suppacunt! :Dsted
    • is this the last angry troll?? are we free????inteliboy
    • Nah, there's still Hayoth to deal with.Continuity
    • nahhh hayoth doesn't really have conflict with individual. he just disagree with liberals in general.pango
    • LOL!oey
    • who's next?oey
    • pc = pure crackoey
    • pussy crusher?pango
    • hey, look someone didn't agree with me, he should be banned, the same people on their high horse complaining about people, are the first to label and call youGeorgesII
    • names, it's like always projections, utopian can create 100 alts trump troll acount, it's totally fine, I can get called a racist and uncle tom, it's totallyGeorgesII
    • fine, but disagree with the sacred users and you get banned, I'm kinda irk that mods have been less than impartial while pretending to be.. sighGeorgesII
    • I don't care about terry nor anyone, but can't we make the double standard more apparent or at least stop pretending to be have some..GeorgesII
    • 2016 was a savage year, no prisoners takenernexbcn
    • Georges, you seem to have missed the 'threats to another member' part of this whole story. Get off your high horse.Continuity
    • so, you don't care about me Georges?!oey
    • Meh, not sure about this. I've threatened pinkfloyd's father's anus in here beforehand - should i get banned for that too? Probably.detritus
    • Ah come on, that was just flirting.Continuity
    • mono and mental defect.
    • LOL @ detritusoey
    • LOL @ flirtingoey
    • he wasn't banned for disagreeing with people, georges. nobody's ever been banned for that.scarabin
    • detritus needs to accept that he's not my type. Happy new year?pinkfloyd
    • get off your high horse scarabin
      monospaced has threatened to beat me next time he sees me many times
    • banning someone because he/she happens to disagree makes it easy2002
    • No I have not.monospaced
    • I can't make that threat if I don't know who you are, either.monospaced
    • 2002, if you feel threatened by him, notify the mods. the site rules are very clear on the issue.scarabin
    • seriously, this place is lenient as fuck. half our content is porn and us hassling each other. he crossed one very clear line knowing he'd get banned and he didscarabin
    • i have but nothing happened
      mono, will you ban your self where if i post the threads where you threaten me?
    • or will you just dismiss it as locker room talk?2002
    • it's also not like banning someone means anything. takes two secs to make another accountscarabin
    • if I threatened you, I'm truly sorry, and I want you to know it wasn't serious ... but if you want me banned for it, that's your prerogativemonospaced
    • but I can't ban myself ... I'm not a modmonospaced
    • I think we will all agree, Terry_spermcloth was banned because he didn't have jesus in his heart... happy easter everyonefuturefood
    • maybe if you link to another post of yours where you call me mentally retarded, people will come around and see things your waymonospaced
    • i see quite few instances where you have threaten other people - vowing to kick their ass if you saw them2002
    • you can ban you self by not logging in2002
    • Really? I can't kick anyone's ass, so I'm surprised to hear that I made that vow even once.monospaced
    • Most popular post so far of 2017 ... look at us go!

    • Guys, it's the new year. Let's all forgive and forget. Let's all move one. Starting today, let's learn from our mistakes and not make them againpinkfloyd
    • Mono pissed me off in the past but he apologized, and i'm hoping everyone gets along moving forward.pinkfloyd
    • QBN is fucken toxic enough as it is and i'm trying to minimize my fucken time here.pinkfloyd
    • Let's make qbn great again.pinkfloyd
    • I forgive you all.pinkfloyd
    • i'm with you pink!scarabin
    • now consider my church instead of your church :)pinkfloyd
    • only if they're down with the crackscarabin
    • no more crack, or less crackpinkfloyd
    • you'll end up like pangopinkfloyd
    • lolscarabin
    • I'm with pink on this one, mostly. But if some cunt comes in here being all toxic again, let's get rid of him pronto.Continuity
    • lol @ georges calling the kettle blackutopian
    • also, fuck coldplaypinkfloyd
    • 2 things I missed on Qbn - mono ever physically threatening someone and Georges getting called a racist/Uncle Tom. Anyone got any links?fadein11
    • ffs who's going to have links from thousands of posts. the qbn search function isn't so greatpinkfloyd
    • also, happy new yearpinkfloyd
    • Also, it'd probably be a nice gesture to not involve anyone's fathers' anuses.Continuity
    • if the side-notes reach 100 for this post we have to resurrect terry.sted
    • So..the guys a dick?since1979
    • Terry gonna assaultsince1979
    • Why punish those who self defend themselves against discrimination and prejudice? I might feel a little angry if someone told me I wasn't welcomed to the party.omg
    • Especially when the mob starts ganging up on one individual for his difference in a non-violent opinion?omg
    • in the end, the mob hangs Terry. Discrimination wins.omg
    • we're not. we're slapping the wrist of a creepy psycho who feels the need to bring violence to a discussion when others disagree with him.scarabin
    • i'm guessing the fact that he does that is probably the reason he's not invited to partiesscarabin
    • Pffff. You lose the right to cry foul and being ganged on when you have gone around insulting everyone.pango
    • http://i.imgur.com/X…whatthefunk
    • lolscarabin
    • OMG! LOLutopian
    • what shellie said.oey
    • @pinkfloyd - because it didn't happenfadein11
    • someone did call georges uncle tom tho... can't remember who. and I dont think that person was ever banned for that reason.pango
    • Ah thanks - missed that. Would like to know who called him a racist. And in all the years I have been coming here have never seen mono threaten anyone. I doubtfadein11
    • that ever happened.fadein11
    • doesnt he have like 5 accounts anyway?autoflavour
    • Oh, probably. I'm guessing he knew his days would be numbered, and made some back-ups.Continuity
    • 112 sidebar comments... FUUUU!maquito
    • yeah that's why terry got his account back :(sted
    • Only in death are we no longer part of Project Mayhem ~Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club, Chapter 28omg
    • @sted: He wha ... ? Really?Continuity
    • Continuity aahah no :) I just don't understand why ppl watch this discussion :) (i'm just here due to the number of comments)sted
    • back in the western days, all the townsfolk would come out to watch a good hanging.omg
    • we just like to stand on his gravescarabin
    • :))) best comments of this entire shit throwing contest ahahsted
    • as long we're not waiting for our turn @ scarabin. besides, what yuri said.oey
    • i got nothin' but love for you, oey. omg as wellscarabin
    • yurimon still having an account is proof you can do anything here as long as you're not looking up people's personal info and threatening them.scarabin
    • actually orazal got banned for something but i forget what. something to do with multiple accounts?scarabin
    • it was very tough following what was going on with Oraz....pango
    • guess so...I thinks he's hooked on that multi thing shit LOL!oey
    • Nearest I can figure out is Orazal was trolling and melting down at the same time.Continuity
    • orazal never melted down, others melted down and O took the heatGnash
  • Ramanisky222

    • She deserves itnbq
    • for f sakedrgs
    • Get triggeredi_monk
    • Bindegal is going to have aneurysmutopian
    • Well deserved yes, she made the news everywhere and bring climate on the table, you like it or not.Bennn
    • Hitler youth, how ironic.Hayoth
    • my vote was for the youtube toy review kid. think he did a far better job than this kiddeathboy
    • Love this chick. She's a total inspiration for my nieces and nephews. We need more people like her!Khurram
    • Inspiring and also sad how many snowflakes she's made whine and weep.formed
    • Good stuff, this kid is tough as nails.ben_
    • Hilarious how a 16 year old girl can trigger so many Incel's all over the planet.utopian
    • She's a representation of a societal truth. Re-enforcing existing beliefs will receive praise and adulations. Rejecting the belief brings ridicule and scorn.IRNlun6
    • So people support things they think are true and good and marginalize those that aren't? Wow, that's deep lol.yuekit
    • she among the list of those as trump, hitler, stalin, obama, mlk, nixon, david ho, guilani, the computer and american women to name a few...deathboy
    • i just wonder if people think such a title is worth a damn, and wether they put the person on a simular pedestal as previous ppldeathboy
    • That's not meant to be deep. It's as shallow as it comes.IRNlun6
    • IRN responding to me? i was just thinking outloud in general. People and accolades and values placed without objective measures.deathboy
    • oh nvm IRN saw the yuekit post inbetween... haha yea not deep at all just capt wow obviousdeathboy
    • i think the same about local addys or the under 30-40 year accolades or all the pay to play awards systems.deathboy
    • do ppl really but value on it and do ppl ignore all the mechanisms of determining the value. sales and attendence, submittal fees, etc. im a cynicdeathboy
    • Yes people value that stuff as they perceive it brings them value. In some cases ego, in some cases monetary and in some cases something else.ben_
    • fuck off and die deathboyKhurram
    • If i ever had a daughter who grows up to be like her. I would be so proud.Khurram
    • they ignore the things you're cynical about because that's just how people are. Does it matter? Maybe, maybe not. What does it really matter?ben_
    • so ben is she equal to hitler? Is the value equal? Or like IRN stated they value it only as it fits there world view?deathboy
    • and in truth, some don't ignore but in fact exploit the same things you're cynical about.ben_
    • khurram dont be an asshole becuase someone disagrees or see teh world differently than youdeathboy
    • Your position or opinion on it isn't unique or all that thought provoking either. It's all been contemplated and talked about to death.ben_
    • puts you on the cover of a times magazine praising white supreme dudes for hate. in that there is only one right view and can be clearly uncivil to othersdeathboy
    • grow up mandeathboy
    • don't enter awards, don't bother with accolades, don't buy Time Magazine, live in obscurity and anonymity.ben_
    • you're a consistently opinionated fucktard deathboy, mouthing off on things you know fuck all about. You don't even write in coherent English, like wtfKhurram
    • and yet you are the one who acts like my opinion is the only right opinion or you are an asshole khurram... hmmdeathboy
    • DB, you clearly don't get the point of Time's POTY. There's nothing inherently good or bad about getting the cover. It's about who's been in the news.ben_
    • and ben i dont think im the first to suggest it. its so obvious i expect its been talked about. but it always seemed to be forgetten on the sale.deathboy
    • you can put your own value onto it. It's inherently meant to draw criticism and acclaim. You're letting yourself get trolled by a magazine.ben_
    • and just playing servatn of reminders of the obvious so we don;t forget past context. think how many peopel think its an accolade but dont recall hitler wasdeathboy
    • also a times person or stalin or so many other douchebags... trump... so is the value the pulse of culture or the pulse to sell paper? a difference?deathboy
    • but than there is people like khurram who defiantly think it is a justification of his beliefs and he instantly lashes out against anything that challenges themdeathboy
    • "pulse to sell the paper" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??!! Can someone create a "block deathboy" extensionKhurram
    • regardless of any reason. just challenges his world view and has issue. what of populism like that gains traction in respects to jews?deathboy
    • Today it is the pulse of culture. The long reach of history will decide whether it was for good or bad. Of course it's to sell, they run a business.ben_
    • I love this little girl who cares about the environment and so does my niece (also autistic) and i think that's just awesome :DKhurram
    • you might not like me but people need to call out the bullshit regardless of being liked or populism lest we find lose true free speechdeathboy
    • thing is tho, deathchild, this girl has a made a bigger impact on this world than you will ever make in your sad pathetic life. FACTKhurram
    • You are the epitome of mediocrity, and that is why you resent her. Double sad.Khurram
    • well ben you do admit its about selling paper and first most its about choosing someone that moves paper.deathboy
    • ding ding. everything else is well whateverdeathboy
    • Thanks captain obvious. We really needed your semi-coherent explanation as to why the Times cover is subjective.Khurram
    • khurram to me she is equal to the yt kid that reviews toys. shes a popular sell. no question about that. real value and change for "better" well that is subjecdeathboy
    • "admit" - was I suggesting otherwise? I also believe that in the long run Greta's cover will be looked at as an accolade. The two truths can exist.ben_
    • sucked in to the madness. fucking hell.ben_
    • Except she's not selling fucking toys you dumb fuck, she's fighting for a CAUSE she believes in. OMG, i don't even know why 'im bothering... you really are retaKhurram
    • wait, let me see how deathchild squares this in his little universe he's created for himself...Khurram
    • tive. Shes whines of the future that cliamte will change and effect humans and force adaptations... not sure she will get a noah statusdeathboy
    • more disappear like tiger blood or whatever charlie sheen talked about. until something new media latches on.deathboy
    • "Right, but it's s sell, right? A sell? A toy is a sell, the environment is a sell. She's just part of the BIGGER SELL. Its my fuckiing intuition, damn right!"Khurram
    • what she is saying is 100 absolutely obvious from any view. However the conclusion her anger can make us STOP it ... haha well that is comedicdeathboy
    • but peopel don;t liek to hear the obvious. like the old bags with money chasing every anti age secret to keep youth trying hard to ignore their own demisedeathboy
    • Only thing comedic here, is you.Khurram
    • All kinds of comedies khurram. Some tragic.And many nothing you can do a thing about no matter the effortdeathboy
    • a big difference is i dont think you are an asshole for your views. im not emotional. I think you are emotionally tied to them hence your reactionsdeathboy
    • you need to figure out for yourself why my view triggers such emotions from you. psychology is fun.deathboy
    • https://i.imgur.com/…utopian
    • deathboy block extension, please, or i'm leaving.Khurram
    • haha fuck dude khurram grow the fuck up. are you such a pussy you can't live in a world where people disagree with you or challenge you and point out soem wrongdeathboy
    • "this girl, trying to sell the environment, that's great. But YouTube girl, also selling toys. Also great!"Khurram
    • Everything look the same if you just squint your eyes!Khurram
    • views of shit. (this case as ben concurred with Greta is a paper seller and that is what matter first and fore most)deathboy
    • and dont let utopian gifs get to you... hes just trollin..deathboy
    • I find your posts generally entertaining Deathboy, But it seems like you'd rather live in a world devoid of feelings.Ianbolton
    • it sounds to me like human benevolence and the altruistic nature of our species is something you have no belief in.Ianbolton
    • holy fuck why does qbn ALWAYS have a dickhead in our midst. Is it some kind of statistical inevitability?inteliboy
    • I agree with her cause, but not with most of the things she says and how she expresses herself. For example when she says her future was stolen...ernexbcn
    • ...I'm from a 3rd world country, to me it's hilarious that a rich kid that travels around the world the way she sees fit goes around saying something like that...ernexbcn
    • ...but I'm glad some of you enjoy thisernexbcn
    • i just hope she comes out ok "on the other side" of this. lots of people hate her guts...renderedred
    • Climate change means nothing until we stop the kidnapping, abuse and murder of millions of children every year.robthelad
    • how about children's quality of life drastically lowered on top of the kidnapping, abuse and murder of millions of children every year?pango
    • these can happen at the same time. one problem less is one problem less.pango
    • We can solve multiple problems at once you know? It's not an admin issueIanbolton
    • no, db. I said that the Times sells paper and that anyone they put on the cover is chosen based on their newsworthiness, which in turn YES, sells paper.ben_
    • people can decide for themselves if that is good or bad, and you can be there to tell them either way, they are wrong.ben_
    • funniest thing is that deathboy is deluded into thinking he's actually challenging people's beliefs .. .what an idiot.monospaced
    • a lot of weird folks posting about this.

      not sure why so many folks get fucked up about her.

      some of you are mildly fucking scary...
    • right emexcbn, how dare a girl who doesn't live in absolute abject poverty talk about issues bigger/more important then her. #whiteprivilegeKhurram
    • Khurram I'm not going to argue with you, feel free to disagree.ernexbcn
    • eat shit noteboyRamanisky2
    • Well that was your point. A girl who isn't as poor as the people in your country has no right to fight for the environment. Feel free to elaborate.Khurram
    • "excuse me, i come from a third world country, i have the right to judge everybody" *ahem*Khurram
    • thanks greta, appreciate the effort.neverscared
    • here's another note! who has time to read all this garbage?sarahfailin
    • ya i skipped all the middle portion.pango
    • ^ good on you, skipped the pointless garbage spewed by noteboyRamanisky2
    • i think ernexbcn gets it. something quite pathetic about a whiny kid who says we stole a future which as never stolen. world isnt endingdeathboy
    • no reason. all teenage angst. and i suspect the people most effected by any policy will be the third world poor people. I mean hell fake meat is what $12lbdeathboy
    • vs 4 for the real stuff not loaded with lab grown fake shit. The shit people find in fast food is unhealthy and unnatural.deathboy
    • i get it im in a boys club that i pissed on their corn flakes, and its all bro for one for all. but you boys really think a emotional kid with no rationaledeathboy
    • backing is somrthing to elevate or ... i hope not... think its worth creating policy around. what does she know of econ or even political policy?deathboy
    • totally missing school right now and i wonder what paychecks the parents are accepting for that or wether just riding the 15 minutes of fame for fun.deathboy
    • sum it up. random kid. put on pedestal to whine and make handler written speeches all largely false or emotionally charged to world leaders...deathboy
    • its like sad funny. but nothing new really. just trendsdeathboy
    • but i dont think ppl see the obvious nature of the kid. humans better at following signals. and media signals is a big one. If lots of play must be importantdeathboy
    • following director signals and media is big. but neil postman has covered that shit since the 60sdeathboy
    • largely false? explain that.pango
    • Sorry, I don't really understand any of what you just said. But I guess you're saying she's just a puppet for neo-liberal politics so fuck her (not literally)?Ianbolton
    • Eat shit noteboyRamanisky2
    • "its like sad funny, but nothing new really, just trends, she's not real, just a simulacra, i'm so meta"Khurram
    • pango the world is gonna end and we stole her future... what isn't false?deathboy
    • shes a great little puppet with handlers runnin the trump styled media game in the entertainment age.deathboy
    • sure there will be follow up in 6 months or netflix documentary on the handlers and how things fell apartdeathboy
    • earths of fire festival, or something better.deathboy
    • not too far from it i say. 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree catastrophic weather event will happen if no drastic change.pango
    • how is that largely false?pango
    • haha well pango ill take your apology in 12 years i guess. Did you prep Y2K as well?deathboy
    • outside 97%of "scientists" can you tell me what they publish. or walk me through the data? Is it all the same model? How did the number even come about?deathboy
    • or are you just band wagoning because it may be easier than studying the info and making own conclusions?deathboy
    • so you're the guy who tells the brain surgeon who's about to operate on your brain that you know more about the operation than him.pango
    • are you also the anti vaxxer? the flat earther? they all did their own "research"pango
    • that argument is very chicken or egg pango. when does a brain surgeon believe he is a brain surgeon?deathboy
    • i can tell you I know what i know and more importantly what I don't know. and one thing titles are adage for high edu.deathboy
    • Who was the first brain surgeon? How did they get there? Was it not based on their own conclusions? Do all todays brain surgeons think the same?deathboy
    • All mechanics, all ad people? Is there any universal truth people follow that specifies a specific descriptiondeathboy
    • can a person not no more or at least better than average in a field without a degree or title... perhaps need to giveup on adage of title and focus on substancedeathboy
    • my research pango is based on the results of reading satellite and more popular buoy data. looking at the metrics of measures of the datadeathboy
    • looking at ice core data, historical data, and all the data i have no idea about. and i've come to the conclusion there is no "result" climate changesdeathboy
    • but there does seem to be a cycle outside human existence. dominate force for cycle could be out ellipitcal path in solar system ordeathboy
    • or something else. regardless change is inevitable. and there is not a single example of human ingenuity that displaces we can stop any changedeathboy
    • but the thing you are glossying over is im making my own informed opinion while you prefer ignorance based on deference to authority figures....deathboy
    • i wonder if you wonder how well societies liek china would love to have you a citizen that follows "experts" views blindly.deathboy
    • you gotta question the role and how willingly we are to accept any "branded expert" these days. like peasants amongst priestsdeathboy
    • but also a problem of capitalism in selling i believe. use to be jack of trades not so very niche. and people think they cant do stuff outside the nichedeathboy
    • and i believe largely in how we are educated and taught to believe these days.deathboy
    • LOL that's the dumbest argument. i couldn't read pass the 2nd sentence.pango
    • are you implying if you believe you are a brain surgeon, you are more qualified than the actual brain surgeon?!?!? LOL XDpango
    • no im sayign before a brain surgeon was ever defined there was people who did stuff. than caem definitions and gatekeepers to defintions regardless of practicedeathboy
    • is a brain surgeon the simply a person who attempts or cuts into a brain. are all rain surgeons equal in regard to that aspect?deathboy
    • a brain surgeon or any person in any profession my claim a stake in title to action, more try to pay to get papers. becuase ppl prefer a middleman overdeathboy
    • their own diligence in regards to picking professionals or experts. but it was pretty clear if you read it. why question when you say I didnt readdeathboy
    • very odd behavior. either read but goading for shits and giggles are really just lazy lookign for even easier cliff notes than qbn side not character limitsdeathboy
    • deathboy did you go to school? Did you study design or coding or advertising? Did you take the time to learn the software?yuekit
    • Gonna guess the answer is yes to at least one if not all three. So why do those things if expertise doesn't matter?yuekit
    • If you need surgery, do you go to a surgeon or spend a few hours googling how to do surgery yourself on fringe websites? lol.yuekit
    • Deathboy once performed brain surgery...ben_
  • moldero38

    • LOL!oey
    • lolutopian
    • it's!moldero
    • works better with "its".VectorMasked
    • lol.scarabin
    • And then yurimon would say it's because corrupte govnt and corporations conspiracy to silent the one man who tells the truth.pango
    • Why isn't this not trueORAZAL
    • #groupthink much you bunch of sickos?Hayoth
    • < yurimon'a second account!!! Confirmed!!pango
    • Hahahaha. So true. And Hayoth if you think this is sick then you need to fucking move on and shut the fuck up. Yurimon deserves it.monospaced
    • Is there a thread that lists multiple accounts of the same person?CyBrainX
    • I think that's the NSA CyBrainmonospaced
    • he must have made it during the team mono/yuri votescarabin
    • along with the other fake account that certified it http://www.qbn.com/E… fucking lol.scarabin
    • HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA Pretty much the 2 only people who uses #groupthink on qbn EVER!pango
    • Cool thanks for the link. But wrong on the account part. Digital Lynch mobs. More records broken again.yurimon
    • I copied the groupthink cause I thought it was cool. lolyurimon
    • I'm happy at least one person said something even though anonymous.yurimon
    • what is your obsession with "records" on QBN? I thought you had bigger things to attend to. derpmonospaced
    • lynch mob? haha. you're so oppressed here, yuri. such a victim. can't imagine why anyone wouldn't love being around youscarabin
    • lol, I am oppressed, under the dissection microscope and digitally lynched at the same time. I think if I Was around you can judge.yurimon
    • who needs a microscope? you make sure everyone knows you disapprove of everything we say. you butt in and shit all over everything. there's no avoiding you.scarabin
    • well i'll give yurimon credit for pretty much sort of unified qbn. lol cuz nobody likes him. except set. but he's set....pango
    • digitally lynched? are you unable to post? are you somehow limited in your ability to start threads or comment? NO? then shut the fuck upmonospaced
    • yuri's the old man at the playground shouting at the kids about how swingsets are overrated. and then claiming it's unfair when they throw rocks at himscarabin
    • lol. you guys are hilarious.yurimon
    • yeah, it's all just a joke. we're just joking with you, man. keep on fucking that chicken. keep overstaying your welcome.scarabin
    • Lol unlike you. no matter how hard you try, you're just not funny at allpango
    • i like yuri, but I like fucking with him too, its all in fun.moldero
    • i like him when he's not being pompous. i supported unbanning him. he's just out of control latelyscarabin
    • yeah some of his recent comments make him an easy & fun targetmoldero
    • So When is an opinion where you guys go nuts from is being out of control.yurimon
    • Thats some holographic projection right therezyurimon
    • If you do not have a problem with self control then do not post below this line
    • https://s-media-cach…moldero
    • LOLpango
    • Holographic.monospaced
    • If you have problem with self control. Do post above.
    • I have a subscription to issues that I need renewed.ORAZAL
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