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  • Krassy7

    McDonald’s Employee Fired For Putting His Mixtapes In Happy Meals…

  • Ramanisky23

    IU Bridge Collapse. Several Dead, Cars Trapped Underneath…

    • Trumps suggests that the bridge should of have been armed with guns.utopian
    • stupid comment on a number of levelsFax_Benson
    • Horrible.

      Good thing all the $ to fix our bridges and roadways will be going to concrete and rebar to build a wall.
    • Thing is, this is a new bridge/walkway which opened just a few days ago.Ramanisky2
    • well said faxbliznutty
    • I just looked at a picture of the bridge when it was up. Looked so flimsy. The bottom was paper thin. There was no center support. Tragic.mandomafioso
    • yeah and how many tests did they do prior to opening it up to the public?Ramanisky2
    • IU or XU?cannonball1978
    • That's fucking mental.PhanLo
    • It was designed to support itself and nothing more.imbecile
    • :/ fucknotype
    • Both companies involved in the building of the bridge have had issues in the past with collapses_niko
  • imbecile0

    Thank You For Asking…

    Personally, I don't see this as a good thing...

    “When Alyssa Navarrette, a third-year student who is studying anthropology and art, came home for her first visit after starting college, she was taken by surprise when her mother hugged her.

    “If you don’t want to be touched and your mom wants to hug you, you should be allowed to say no,” Ms. Navarrette said. “It’s about having autonomy over your own body.””

    • Shove a rake up her fannyset
    • I'm not sure how anyone could think this sort of thing is good, outwith inhuman snowflake robots.detritus
    • I'm now wondering about old QBNer mx_ond...detritus
    • yeah but she had no issues with the love and affection her mother gave her as a baby, never mind all the all shit she was covered in. The sleepless nights._niko
    • maybe she should also sue her for sexual assault for making her breast feed ffs._niko
    • Oh my...OBBTKN
    • Seriously, I still feel the trauma of being forced to kiss all my aunts as a kid. I remember not wanting it and being forced to.oey
    • Forced to like in having to do it against my will. I'ts my body and if I don't want to hug or be hugged that's my decision.oey
    • Now I'm gonna read that article. Maybe it's just something stupid maybe not.oey
    • Hm...interesting. I mostly agree. but in case of my Mum, she can hug me as much as she wants.oey
    • people need to find their spot on the pyramid of victimhood. without victimhood you have no social value. this is the world they live in.Gnash
    • imagine a couple of generations ago, in the cold wet trenches of europe, watchng your friends scattered into tiny bloody pieces, not knowing when your last_niko
    • breath would be, scared shitless...what would those men give to see and hug their mothers again._niko
    • _niko - as I've said many times before "we need a war". Like an old-style dirty war. Perhaps our gen. needed one too, but now, certainly. So f'ing precious.detritus
    • We're too smart an ape for our own good. Our imaginations are too big, we're too capable of abstraction. Without distraction all we do is disappear up our ass.detritus
    • I don't think that's true. These are teething problems of a species that is growing up. Becoming more ethical.set
    • The over the top pathetic-ness of a lot of PC shit kind of has to happen in order to bring everything to light. We'll settle down eventually...set
    • ... to a far better, happier, kinder, more connected society having outed all of the wrong that's been intrinsic to our civilisation for so long.set
    • We're toddlers having a tantrum at the moment.set
    • To say we need a war is one of the most fucked up things I think I've ever heard. I know where you're coming from, but still. That's ridiculous.set
    • No, I literally think we should have a war, set. I was being actually absolutely literally literal. Not in any way hyperbolic or exaggerative for effect.detritus
    • Actually, I might be literal if I could guarantee I wouldn't be involved. It's other people that need to learn The Lesson.
      Not me.
    • idiots on either end of the political spectrum are calling the shots, scary days. war is incoming although I would never say we need one. Ugh. The centre groundfadein11
    • has never felt so appealing in my 40+ years.fadein11
    • but that may be an age thing and having kids, having children automatically makes you (or did me) crave some kind of stability. Not looking for a row, justfadein11
    • being honest.fadein11
    • I do actually believe a major conflict is on the horizon, not proxy wars, full on war. I hope I am wrong.fadein11
    • Well the US will go to war with North Korea to install their next centralised bank.set
    • We had two absolutely colossal global wars, one of which ended a hundred years ago. Those two wars didn't improve anything.Continuity
    • If nothing else, it made our societies worse, certainly from the point of view of the whopping sense of entitlement baby boomers had, which was passed down ...Continuity
    • ... from them to Gen X, Gen Y and now millennials.Continuity
    • Part of the problem is that the internet makes it easy to blow things out of proportion. This is one person's opinion, at a fringe college w/ about 300 studentsyuekit
    • LOLpango
    • I don’t think enrollment is even half that, yuekit... prob with your argument though is it’s not the internet reporting it... it’s the NYT...PonyBoy
    • ... that ‘should’ give you pause... yes?PonyBoy
    • @yuekit +1fadein11
    • Oh dearnotype
    • Almost threw my computer out the windownotype
    • maybe if some of you guys would get raped you can imagine a fictional war in your heads to make it okay and don't victimize yourselves.oey
    • people don't have to do what they don't want to do. whatever kind of arguments you use.oey
    • saying that we need a war because there's someone who doesn't want to have physical contact with someone else...???oey
    • besides this is one person, what the fuck do we know what's going on with her life what she has been gone through?oey
    • oey we are all learning about what it’s like to be human. You have some ogood points.notype
    • this is what's wrong with the world today. The ignorance and decadence of these effin bratsArchitectofFate
    • A QBN a touchy feely bunch? Ewww. Get off my stuff!!kingsteven
    • seems totally reasonable. i think if you're appalled by this you're probably known in some circles as "that guy that's always touching people" tbh.kingsteven
    • And here I thought physical contact was a natural way of bonding among humans.Continuity
    • "he wasn't breast fed and now he just hugs all the time"... or "he would rather consider sending an entire generation to war than ask for a hug."kingsteven
    • fucking loopers.kingsteven
    • I don't think it's anti-touch Continuity, babies of course require it but physical touch is social currency in animals... children cry for contact, apes ask tokingsteven
    • be groomed. and a punch in the face is a natural physical response if its unwelcome... if that was acceptable in human society my NYE would have turned real badkingsteven
    • in my experience people need to give physical contact more than people need to receive it... but a it's powerful thing when they do.kingsteven
    • it's generally the people screaming endlessly about this stuff that have the problem, as yuekit said, fringe stuff, move along, bigger fish to fry.fadein11
  • SunSunSun_2
  • utopian9

    White Christians are now a minority of US population…

    • You're a racist low life, ain't ya..set
    • do they count prison populations?Gnash
    • Worth remembering that white people raped, murdered and pillaged in order to call that country a 'white' countryset
    • as a new minority, i wonder is can whites xians can utilize affirmative action programsGnash
    • (lol, that made sense)Gnash
    • guess we'll need to form a NAAUP... should probably get started on a 'forgotten white child' scholarship too... ♫ Ohh the Timezz... they are-uh-chaaangin'!! ♪♫PonyBoy
    • I going to hell? :/PonyBoy
    • Now the majority is white atheiststoemaas
  • Gnash3

    Miss America Scraps Swimsuit Competition

    they "will no longer judge contestants based on physical appearance"…

    • at least they can port the show to radio now.Gnash
    • and the winner responds "the peace in the world"OBBTKN
    • not the swimsuit show! How many more blows can we take?Fax_Benson
    • https://media.giphy.…Bluejam
    • good, they should scrap the whole thingGuyFawkes
    • ^ thisGnash
    • Have them wear suits and compete in scrabble. Big ratings.docpoz
    • For the sake of parity at least they should follow the example of Mr. America, keep the swimsuits and get rid of the stupid questions.soundofreason
    • It's not exposing their bodies that objectifies them but rather exposing their intellectual shortcomings.soundofreason
    • Reminds me of the year when Playboy USA only printed dressed girls.SimonFFM
    • people still watch that?pango
    • In the iraq and such asset
  • Bluejam5

    • I do often wonder what Morris thinks of how things are nowadays.
      Four Lions was his last great statement on the idiocy of modern life.
    • Crikey - I figured you were mistaken about Morris' last outing being Four Lions, but IMDB doesn't have him down for much beyond 2014 :(detritus
    • hopefully his new film will shed some light ... been too long a waitBluejam
    • It's not new Morris material but Oxide Ghosts is still doing the rounds of indie cinemasFax_Benson
    • Just had a look - only a couple in Scotland and that festival in Wales.Fax_Benson
    • What's his QBN username?face_melter
    • he's done bits but Four Lions was his last significant work imho.fadein11
    • I still watch Nathan Barley now and again. what a perfect summary of those times and now to a degree.fadein11
    • Eeeeeeeeeeevicted!!docpoz
    • I was mincily singing "It's bad to have a bad uncle" yesterday and then realised as my partner scrunched up her face at me that she hasn't seen Nathan Barley..detritus
    • hahafadein11
    • the 9/11 rap still kills mefadein11
    • Ha. That intro. So over the top.docpoz
    • just like any fox news broadcast reallyfadein11
    • I bet he's angry he has to pay for his Adobe software tooPonyBoy
    • lol ponyfadein11
    • Shit is getting very weird here... like INFOWARS weirdcanoe

  • uan4

    Uber self-driving vehicle hits, kills pedestrian in Arizona…

    • Robots killrobotron3k
    • still less than humanuan
    • by a lotuan
    • it has begunGuyFawkes
    • "When the woman walking outside of a crosswalk was hit". This happens where I live with deer; they jump out and their is no chance of reaction...ideaist
    • driver was behind the wheel as over-ride?_niko
    • Surely they could have Uber Health'd her to the nearest hospital and then charge her for the privilege. Fucking shithouse company needs to be destroyed.face_melter
    • +1 facefadein11
    • Can this thing drive past 1600 Penn?BusterBoy
    • we're becoming too dependent on technology deez dayzpinkfloyd
    • Lol what?? “The Volvo was in self-driving mode with a human backup driver at the wheel.” The fuking human killed her.robotron3k
    • the robot should kill the human that didn’t stop the robot from killing the humanGuyFawkes
  • Bluejam4

    Four Lions director Chris Morris has shot a secret film with Anna Kendrick…

    • no sexual harassment, gtfo..ApeRobot
    • oh yes!fadein11
    • how long before the 'tards start posting Day Today / Brasseye clips as real news.fadein11
    • It's not in any way important, but fuck me I had no idea he had a birthmark on his face. I just saw the photo on that article and wondered if he'd been drinkingdetritus
    • Bloody hell!mugwart
    • This is great..
      http://www.bubblegun… . Also, RIP Bubblegun, I'd completely forgotten about you :(
    • yep - a v.large one. Anyone read his biography? it's superb, highly recommended if a fan.fadein11
    • who?utopian
    • Chris Morris. Director of Four Lions.
      It's written right <there.
    • yeah, of course... but who the fuck is anna kendrick?kingsteven
    • Hell yes.garbage
    • I'm hoping for more roboplegic wrongcocks.face_melter
    • This the news!Fax_Benson
    • yes face_melter hahafadein11
  • PonyBoy1

    This show's been dead for a couple of years anyway... good riddance I guess. Sucks that Spacey was into kids though... always liked the guy's work. (I don't give a fuck if the kid was 14 and may have even looked 'older'... Spacey should be BEYOND ashamed).

    Netflix Pulls Plug On ‘House Of Cards’ Next Year After Kevin Spacey Sexual Advances Claims…

    • totally agree matefadein11
    • <3PonyBoy
    • damn ... I thought he was one of the good ones ... I wonder if it was just that once or if he really was actively in to thatmonospaced
    • wtf?moldero
    • Lol he was the pederast from se7en all along_niko
    • One incident 36 years ago? No excuse but really?freedom
    • Mates with Jeffrey Epstein. Dodgy.PhanLo
    • Looks like they've taken Spacey down from https://www.mastercl… where he was teaching how to get ahead in acting. :Smicrokorg
    • 36 years ago? He'll spend months defending his name until eventually proven innocent. He's guilty before anything has been to proven already. Fuck!Ianbolton
    • Show was done anyways though. I didn't even finish the last season.section_014
    • what's all this hatred? Show is still going good, far more realistic than real politics that's going on now. plus he's a great actor.Beeswax
    • the first season was the only good one. went straight to shit after that.sarahfailin
  • fruitsalad0


    Car went onto pavement over westminster bridge and ran over people, driver drove into Parliament, had a knife, stab police officer and then was shot.

    • Great idea mateset
    • Leg looks pretty fucked tooset
    • they may have jumped from the bridge and fell on a landing.robotron3k
    • Da na na na inspector robo, da na na na na naaaaaa

    • he didn't drive into parliament.fadein11
    • according to bbc, the suspect is no longer an "a middle-age Asian man with a knife" now he's just a "middle-aged man with a knife"robotron3k
    • Either way, some folks day has been ruined - and it could so easily have been any of us. so it sucks.fruitsalad
    • I wonder if "it" identified as a "white" "man" of "middle" "age" before "they" shot "it"robthelad
    • he's been de-asianedset
    • Does Germany play England tonight?robotron3k
    • If this gives any indication, I *think* the guy in < that photo isn't a guilty cunt.. https://ichef.bbci.c…detritus
    • https://ichef.bbci.c…detritus
    • (in that the water at top of photo implies this is just to the south west of Westminster Bridge, at the corner of The HP)detritus
    • thats not around parliament (graffiti and photo angle). This is the bridge. So this looks like a victim, poor fucker.mugwart
    • Maybe that guy with the banana leg is a tourist who jumped to avoid being run over?HAYZ1LLLA
    • yep that is a victim of the vehicle hence the broken leg.fadein11
    • usual car crash of news 'reporting' as reporters fall over themselves to file some story before they know all (or any) of the facts.

      fuck off.
    • learn a lot off Twitter from actual eye witnesses though.fadein11
    • Just waiting for Trumps statement of "FAKE NEWS!"fruitsalad
    • I imagine he's sat there fingers crossed hoping it's an immigrantset
    • That's easy to imagine.monospaced
    • someone posted the coordinates of the Big Ben in morse code yesterday at 4chan with a gun picture…ernexbcn
    • Does that sort of thing happen regularly at 4Chan though? I mean — could it've been a lucky guess by someone cognizant of the anniversary of the Belgian attack?detritus
    • Amazing...but when the west drop bombs on villages to kill Al-Qaeda...but kills dozens of families front page video or graphics.utopian
    • utop - precisely - but all innocent death is tragic isn't it.fadein11
    • Well, no. Not 'precisely' at all. This is an aggression against an international democratic institution. Of course it's more newsworthy to Westerners.detritus
    • I read his message a little more deeply than that... of course it will make headlinesfadein11
    • More deeperly how exactly?detritus
    • have you ever tought of having a picture of yourself badly injured or even dead everywhere on the web?Bennn
    • @det - it's pretty obvious what he was saying - more value is given to western lives who are victims of the blowback from god awful western foreign policy, thanfadein11
    • the original victims. What don't you understand? This is basic stuff. In regard to the headlines in papers yes of course they will report western victims. Sorryfadein11
    • struggling to see why you don't get the point being made.fadein11
    • And as I said in my original comment - all loss of innocent life is tragic so perhaps not the time to be making that point.fadein11
    • but it's a superfluous point?
      obviously i see the ephemeral, facile consideration being made, but you think that has any bearing?
    • You think abu fuckcuntington there had any personal basis to attribute his actions to bunches of nomads being incidentally obliterated?detritus
    • ie. do you justify whatever point this shallow cunt of a human being might begin to profess to have? idiotic, poisoned and misguided as it is?detritus
    • oh man you've lost me now... he was making a point about the shit media. We all feel the tragedy. Stop looking for a pointless argument pal.fadein11
    • Aye, sorry, that was a bit drunk and off-track. But seriously though — this is obv. going to be of orders of magnitude difference in interest..detritus
    • *hicdetritus
    • Precisely was the wrong use of word on my part... But UK news has reached new levels of shit lately, there was an air of entertainment about it all onlyfadein11
    • usually seen on the likes of CNN and Fox... Was hard to watch. They report like they are hoping its worse than it isfadein11
    • Dude, I was brought up on Sky News, living abroad. 25½ hours news has been the gestalt news experience for decades now.detritus
    • I'm talking BBCfadein11
  • Gnash-1

    Female traffic light signals to go up at pedestrian crossing as Committee for Melbourne tackles 'unconscious bias'…

    • I'd say just use a green foot icon for go but that would probably offend legless people the same way obama offended brainless people.kona
    • lol_niko
    • Kona, that would be totally ableist -- even more than it already is now!Gnash
    • no dudes or LGBT shall pass!moldero
    • Why isn't this gender stereotyping that all females wear dresses?BabySnakes
    • Id suggest 4 foot in a circle as the new walk signal.pango
    • PC culture is an expansive case study in ignorance.

      Though a consolation golf clap for meaning well.
    • but not all women wear skirts. The previous 'stickmen' looked gender neutral to me, it's simply a very condensed and simplified illustration of a person.fruitsalad
    • Where do the MEN cross?robthelad
    • I have been having this argument for years regarding the people icons I developed for the firm. Stick figures that some snowflakes insist are males. SMHmonospaced
    • It's a human walking. Not a man or woman, a person. The head is a circle and there are legs and arms. It's not like there's a penis.monospaced
    • don't use the terms, huMAN and perSON.Gnash
    • cardiff uni has some tips:
    • *Buys kilt.
      All is good.
    • so stupid. The normal one is a human figure, not a male figuredbloc
    • mono mentioned the stick figure has no penis—got me thinking maybe we should take it au naturel... ...AND YES I'M TALKIN' ABOUT SOME BOOBIES!! FREE THE NIPPLE!!PonyBoy
    • #freeTheNipple (forgot the hashtag... gotta keep up with kid's fads and such)PonyBoy
    • that's a unisex figure wearing a capeKrassy
    • or a dude in drag.pango
  • omg3

    No longer a family affair! Mary J Blige's estranged husband demands $130k a month in spousal support to cover his private chef, personal trainer sessions and vacations…

    • now that's a true cuntsted
    • yupmoIdero
    • Well he's obviously a cunt, but I guess at least it's refreshing that for a change it's the man fleecing the woman after a divorce.set
    • that's a huge salarymonospaced
    • well isn't this what every other women gets, what is wrong this?GeorgesII
    • lol stedsureshot
    • why is he a cunt? did he beat her or something?Gnash
    • who the fuck are these people?sarahfailin
    • equalityDillinger
    • smart man, not as smart as me because let's face it, he married a black woman, but still pretty smart for a black guy.RealDonaldTrump
  • moldero2

    House unanimously passes bill to allow 9/11 lawsuits against Saudi Arabia…

    • Allahu Akbarutopian
    • Kerboom!!!!robotron3k
    • Does this mean no more money for Clinton and Bush clansDillinger
    • I like the need to post pic #2. Sue SA but not the US government for not being able to protect us. Ghey!!!teh
    • https://upload.wikim…pablo28
    • Is that Hillary's blog?Maaku
    • given the house is completely filled with fucking nuttersjaylarson
    • great to see our taxpayer dollars hard at work, surely this was something that will benefit us allformed
    • what? was Saudi even involved?pango
    • @pango most of them were Saudimoldero
    • I hope the Saudis ask for some evidence. There isn't much. "we found his passport in the rubble!"nuggler
  • Gardener4

    well it was news over 100 years ago

    • tlimbecile
    • I think if countries paid 9 billion in taxes to some western entity every year for 10-15 years we can reverse this #MEGArobotron3k
    • #MAGAFORLIFEutopian
    • why do you “think” that robo?monospaced
    • @mono Because he's here to make us yawn, whether he's speaking in bad faith or actually as stupid as he sounds is irrelevant.garbage
    • getting rid of smog controls and banning electric cars in Cali seem like a stable genius ideahelloeatbreathedrive
    • Al Gore movie was debunked eons ago, CO2 doesn't cause global warming, H2O water vapor does. Geez mono read a book.robotron3k
    • so you think CO2 has no effect on the environment and our planet? and disagree with a majority of scientists that have committed their life to this research?inteliboy
    • Taxing rich countries wont stop this process. And California is still the most polluted state, one again, because ya'll are too good for public transportationrobotron3k
    • Yes intel, I believe the many reports that IPCC manipulated and hid data to convince the public and scientific community that they were right.robotron3k
    • https://business.fin…robotron3k
    • Lawrence Solomon? Yeah ok pal. the anti-vaxer, anti bike riding, far right wing editorialist?inteliboy
    • http://www.thatsmags… is having no environmental impact, but may mess with your taxes!inteliboy
    • the findings in Al Gore's documentary were not truly debunked, and the vast majority of anyone who specializes in that area in fact agrees with its findingsmonospaced
    • robotrolled®utopian
    • @robotron -1k
      go and see the places what this already affects and H2O water vapor rises due to warmer temperatures, in a scale what you can't understand.
  • Ramanisky26
    • Is he going to jail though?PhanLo
    • Not yet, he drove home.Ramanisky2
    • Cosby, who did not testify in the trial and has sat quietly throughout the proceedings, then stood up and yelled in a loud, booming voice: "He doesn't have a plinstrmntl
    • "He doesn't have a plane, you asshole."instrmntl
    • ^ lolGnash
    • Seemed to be walking just fine when leaving courthouse .. but walking in all gimpy and slow .. nice act assholeRamanisky2
    • He would be a god in the prison system.docpoz
  • Ianbolton9

    Sexist Troll Attacks Sarah Silverman On Twitter, And Her Unexpected Response Turns Man’s Life Upside Down…

  • Bluejam2

    • whats the meaning in those jackets?mugwart
    • ..."deep throat"robotron3k
    • Kind of sad for the person whose arm is included lolyuekit
    • that's my arm, i swear.moldero
    • #metoomoldero
    • pretty sure Time lost their 'Person of the Year' credibility after awarding Hitler twicebliznutty
    • I take the arm as representing people that can't or choose not to show their faces.elahon
    • credibility? in 1938, Hitler most definitely was the person with the "greatest impact on the news, for good or ill"monospaced
    • nice take elahonimbecile
    • time's statement on hitler in 1938... “greatest threatening force that the democratic, freedom-loving world faces today.”imbecile
    • Funny how the super big female Hollywood stars are dead silent.robotron3k
    • I find this very offensive to people without arms.rabattski
    • lol rabattski and I agree robotronSunSunSun_
    • dipshit trolls, some of the highest paid women are speaking up and out.imbecile
    • https://www.usatoday…imbecile
    • https://www.vanityfa…imbecile
    • @imbecile - there are loads that had a lot to do with Weinstein that haven't said a word...SunSunSun_
    • Actually some of the ones I was thinking of have now come out... just did a check...SunSunSun_
    • I am seriously in favour of this cover BTWSunSunSun_
    • so what is your complaint again? that a possible victim hasn't come forward to make you feel better?imbecile
    • i see that you took some time to read, finding new information. nice.imbecile
    • dude, why the vehemence? And why would that make me feel better? I'm not complainingSunSunSun_
    • And acknowledging that some high paid actresses would rather not talk about their dealings with himSunSunSun_
    • robo seriously, without doubt, thinks that any successful woman must have pleased a man like a whore ... that's how misogynistic he ismonospaced
    • he can't even imagine that a woman might rise to success on the merits of her own professional effort and talent, and of course can't be leadersmonospaced
  • fadein116

    'Big void' identified in Khufu's Great Pyramid at Giza…