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    • sted

      "recently worked on a campaign for this."
      deathboy - June 12, 2020 2:55

      • well that is pointless to quotedeathboy
      • still a liested
      • would it matter since its still vague pointless. what truth do you expect in that framing?deathboy
      • still a liested
      • so you dont expect any truth. only the opposite of itdeathboy
    • monospaced

      "Dont think of them as victims. Every black person today has only been a victim of personal choice as everyone else."


      • ACE!deathboy
      • racist cuntmonospaced
      • says the racist homophobic guy!deathboy
      • But I’m neither and you’ll never find a comment showing otherwise. Because none exists.monospaced
      • "Im a racist homophobe" - monospaceddeathboy
      • Are you so stupid you don’t know how quotations work? See. Mine are true because you actually said that. Yours are not because you are making them up.monospaced
      • You seem to not only believe what you wrote here, but revel in it. It’s racist and everyone can see that.monospaced
      • If you had any interest in showing that you are not a racist cunt you would not be talking about me.monospaced
      • Why would I have any interest showing people I'm not racist like you? I don't give a fuck. But crazy your racist thinking would think such a quote to seemdeathboy
      • racist. It actually is a statement of equality. Nothing worse than mentally thinking all black people are victims and cant help themselves.deathboy
      • some racists like you may disagree, but i dont lump victimhood onto any race of people. such thoughts are racist.deathboy
      • You should because you are making racist comments. I am not.monospaced
      • If you’re saying the black experience is based on choices you are either an idiot or racist. I think you’re both.monospaced
      • U marginalize based on color of skin. I don't. You are stupid to realize your racismdeathboy
      • Hell u probably think minimum wage is also greatdeathboy
      • Prove it. Show how I am racist like I’ve done for you. Please.monospaced
      • I just diddeathboy
      • No, you didn't.monospaced
      • naw i did. might be too simp to realize it. cant fix that. its on udeathboy
    • monospaced

      “you might not like my art but its already sold. Got a nice black kid yearly salary for it. gotta love blm and gay shit movements. sell muy proper.”

      deathboy, after posting his homoerotic drawing

      • In regards to a piece of art mono felt was homoerotic instead of a message of love. Response to his not liking it and insulting itdeathboy
      • The drawing was homoerotic, and meant as an insult. This quote by you is racist and ignorant. Just. Like. You.monospaced
      • only becuase you are homophobic would you think that. You hate gays whatever you do you.deathboy
      • You’re wrongmonospaced
      • youre not rightdeathboy
      • I’m 100% correct that you wrote this and received a “black kid yearly salary for it.” You then called it a “shit movement.” This is a direct quote from you.monospaced
      • If you had a quote from me showing how I hate gays or I’m racist please show them. Until then you’re wrong and I’m not.monospaced
      • im a black gay kid you tell to kill myself because im worthless... all the timedeathboy
      • i wrote that than you made racist homophobic statements and i responded with that. Your context "after posting ..." is doesnt make sensedeathboy
      • clearly im responding. duhhhhh racist homophobe dog puncherdeathboy
      • Fucking idiot. I have no idea what race you are but I’m sure you aren’t black
        And because I don’t know I can’t really be targeting you for it. Retard.
      • So you admit you do t know. That very good. The next reasoning exercise is if you don't know how do you judge ones statements?deathboy
      • And value them?deathboy
      • After all u just said u don't know my race so you can't be racist....deathboy
      • And since u a bit slow by your reasoning ho could u claim me racistdeathboy
      • If I don't know you're black, and won't consider you one, then I can't really be racist against you, can I?monospaced
      • well u can and u cant. its a bit shroedingbats cat. Depends on where you come from at the moment in thinkingdeathboy
    • monospaced

      "democrats/ blm using the same play book as religion. why doe sit always succeed? emotion over reason; like space 2001 with monkeys hitting shit."

      — deathboy

      • still checks outdeathboy
      • racist cuntmonospaced
      • says the racist homophobic peeholedeathboy
      • None of that makes any sense.monospaced
      • none of that makes sense eitherdeathboy
      • You made the analogy comparing BLM protestors to “monkeys hitting shit.” Your response attack is baseless and false to the point of obvious absurdity.monospaced
      • Have you not seen kubrick movie? The part with a bunch apes hitting shit and making noise in regards to something they don't understand. If it makes no sense todeathboy
      • why would you quote it? That doesn't make any sense to me.... unless you never flush BMsdeathboy
      • I’ve seen the movie. And you’re comparing BLM protestors to monkeys. There’s no denying it and that is racist.monospaced
      • Your explanation is even more damning. You’re arguing they don’t even know what they’re doing and are likened to lesser evolved species.monospaced
      • There are all know kinds of idiots. You do know most blm protestors are white privileged kids right?deathboy
      • Are those idiots less evolved. For sure. But they still can be of use like a tacobell worker. It's about how to purpose such idiocy for one's own gaibsdeathboy
      • So it's not racist. As much as it's socialist. I'm smarter. Therefore I should dictate life's of less capable for the economy and benefits I find bestdeathboy
      • Liberal ( hate they redefined that term) political thinking. These ape idiots including yourself have no idea u are manipulated. Not a race thing. A smart thingdeathboy
      • The fact you think it's a race thing shows your ability and exactly where you fall into the cattle carsdeathboy
      • BLM is a race thing you moron.monospaced
      • Why u are a simp. But don't worry the majority are simps. Why they brought me as fuckdeathboy
      • But to the point of the quote why is blind emotion through fear/greed always over rule reason. Think it speaks to base instincts. The animaldeathboy
      • We all have that. But not all have learned to not act like an animaldeathboy
      • You are an animal. You are a species of ape, like all humans. You're just a particularly stupid example of a human, but human animal nonetheless.monospaced
      • Mono Demonstrating his apish tendenciesdeathboy
      • Once again, we're all apes. Your insult makes no sense. By apish do you mean straightforward and logical? Sure.monospaced
      • no i mean beating shit with clubs you dont understanddeathboy
    • doublespaced

      “biggest thing to elevate any person is individual responsibility. if u do less dumb crime shit u get less terrorized. if privileged = basic common sense how not to be terrorized... well yea those who dont get it personal responsibility.”

      deathboy explaining why black people are to blame for being “terrorized” by police for decades

      • or in general...deathboy
      • haha totally didn;t even notice the name, but either mono fucked up and logged in on another account like a troll or you have his/her voice down to a Tdeathboy
      • fuckin bravo either waydeathboy
      • only noticed it on the illustration mono didnt like. pretty funnydeathboy
      • it’s a second account because this one wasn’t working that day, and it’s not for trolling you stupid fuckmonospaced
      • hahaha multiple accounts for what purpose if not trolling? becuase you couldnt get in one day u wanted a back up? a bit suspectdeathboy
      • I have a second account for when the other doesn’t work. I’ve never hidden my identity nor trolled with it. Obviously.monospaced
      • haha sure thats why jazx and all the others had multiple accounts. the idea when one "doesn't work" hmm never experienced such a thing. not even sure how thatdeathboy
      • would be a thing. more just troll soundingdeathboy
      • Last week there was a glitch with accounts and mine didn’t work and I had to have my password reset.monospaced
      • And 10 years ago my account was suspended and that’s why I created it. You’re missing the point: I don’t troll with it. It’s obviously me you retard.monospaced
      • If you can’t tell it’s me by the name alone you’re probably mentally deficient. I surprise there with you.monospaced
      • Say whatever u will. I've never had an issue with my single accountdeathboy
      • But I did. For a half a day. Just ask the mods or QBN if you want confirmation.monospaced
      • I asked . They said no that's just him doing a docpozdeathboy
      • Said thanks. That's what I thought. And to keep it realdeathboy
      • No you didn't.monospaced
      • Yea moderator said u a bit a liar. But nature of social accounts. I respect their honestydeathboy
      • No, he didn't. He reset my password, as a matter of fact.monospaced
      • huh weird he told me different. he said just agree to what ever you lie about. hes a big QBN whale and we need him so ppl dont get bored.deathboy
    • monospaced

      Racist moron.

      • says the guy who marginalizes my sexuality and tempts me to kill myself...deathboy
      • you do know people have gotten manslaughter for cyber bullying. your constant shit is up there with thatdeathboy
      • Go fuck yourself to death. With something painful.monospaced
      • look at this guy constantly bullying me :(deathboy
      • calls me an incel than gets all homphobic on my sexuality! rich white people hate. such pricksdeathboy
      • Nothing you’re saying makes any sense.monospaced
      • you are a homophobic bigotdeathboy
      • Prove it.monospaced
      • you said "my kid will never be gay" for a parent to think that shows some sense of intolerance. perhaps you would grow to accept, but surprised it mattersdeathboy
      • I said that?monospaced
      • Where? When?monospaced
      • Here. Duhdeathboy
      • Is there date stamps in notes? How proud would u be if your kid was trans or gay. Do you hope for it?deathboy
      • Prove it. Also I would be totally fine whatever sexual orientation my son is. Because I’m a good person.monospaced
      • Uh huh. Well look at you change your tune. Looks like you can learn somethingdeathboy
      • Looks like my work here is donedeathboy
      • I never said that, and you can't find it because it doesn't exist. I didn't change my tune.monospaced
      • Oh u clearly said it. I don't need proof because I'm not focused on public audience. Just you pal. Hopefully I get your shit In checkdeathboy
      • prove it or stfumonospaced
      • you can't prove it, because it didn't happen, because you're lyingmonospaced
      • i proved it already duhdeathboy
    • monospaced

      “rantings of a addict before his lifestyle killed him. but great capitalization on the moment.”
      — deathboy, on George Floyd’s final dying words

      • deathboy on some random persons artwork capitalizing on the 15 minute fame of the moment. dont think of it liek some Nguyễn Văn Lém photo ignoring contextdeathboy
      • No, it was not about art it was about his dying words.monospaced
      • Please tell me about how George Floyd enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame. Or how anyone capitalized. Or why you’re triggered to outright racist comments.monospaced
      • it was specifically about a guys show some work thread piece. words just inspiration to capitalize on hype train.deathboy
      • none of you shit links to actual context and you keep trying to add your racist vibe to it. but you are a homophobe racist. we all know that pal.deathboy
      • we still accept you... as annoying cunt.... but no one is perfectdeathboy
      • you were talking about Floyd’s words because you called him an antic. You are talking about his lifestyle.monospaced
      • The context is transparent. Just like your unforgivable and severe racist nature.monospaced
      • Not a single person here would agree with you that I am either homophobic or racist. Those are labels you earned. Not me.monospaced
      • You can’t really be trying to do the “it’s not me it’s you thing” with me without a single shred to back it up. It is beyond pathetic.monospaced
      • I’m a member of this community. You are just a moronic, morally fucked, bigoted troll that won’t go away.monospaced
      • seems my opinion hold as much weight as your own pal. im cool with you being part of a racist, homophobic community (defined by your own associations)deathboy
      • Im being nice. not even going to tell people about your private emails to me about undressing in a dark room and punching puppies in the face for not lovin udeathboy
      • Why do you feel the need to start fabricating a fictional story about me? Is it because nothing exists to back up your nonsense claims? Yup. That’s why.monospaced
      • The day you can find a single example of me being racist or homophobic or associating with them then we can talk.monospaced
      • I'm not fabricating. You refuse your kid to be gay and think all black people are victims and lower than white non victimsdeathboy
      • But to the point you simp. Art capitalizing on words of a dead addict who died of medical conditions to his lifestyledeathboy
      • Fact is fact. Get over itdeathboy
      • Of course you’re fabricating that. Because you have nothing. Guaranteedmonospaced
      • Never fabricate unless building a bikedeathboy
      • I never wrote that, hence, you fabricated it.monospaced
      • Don't liedeathboy
      • I'm not.monospaced
      • yes u do.deathboy
    • monospaced

      “ is this not a good a thing? personally locked up in a home hoping for visits and plottin my escape id think covid is a mercy killing”

      — deathboy, upon hearing that a user’s grandfather is fighting covid right now

      • Haha. glad you agree with me monodeathboy
      • By the way u do know it's said from my perspective of a 98 year old dude staying alive to feed corporate pig health/ pharma with no dignitydeathboy
      • I do think that flew over your head as most things do for a person who's stands about 2.256 feet talldeathboy
      • Agree with you? What the fuck are you talking about?monospaced
      • I’m under 3 ft tall?monospaced
      • To quote such a thing I can say only you imagine for support. But I do think it's message flew over your head. And u have to be short for it to go overdeathboy
      • But thanks racist buddy pal. Glad to see you on team deathboydeathboy
      • I would never agree with you on this. You're a sick fuck.monospaced
      • And I'm not racist.monospaced
      • Glad I agree in action while doing the half step or disagreementdeathboy
    • monospaced

      "if it was a joke its a joke amongst its audience. like when me and your wife make fun of you lil wee wee.. its funny to us. but not if you read the transcript ... now theres the context wether you think your wife is truly a lil wee wee hater and wee wee racist you for it. or just laughing and having a good time not worrie ... d about being recorded. ever wonder how much comedy involves race or "killing" jokes? ever here the one about hitler killing ten clowns?"

      — deathboy, after being called out for defending racist cops

      • Wow.. are u retarded? The shit u post to my profile makes u look sad. And now I feel bad for udeathboy
      • You wrote it, not memonospaced
      • Do you not remember writing it?monospaced
      • haha no i wrote that. i just think how foolish you look posting it. whats your wife think about you involving her in our online fun joking about your lil wee wedeathboy
      • i just think the stuff you try to quote to my profile is so odd and says so much more about you. and your weird lil wee wee hang upsdeathboy