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  • Gnash0

    just get on with it and declare civilized society dead.

    Paris is experimenting with completely exposed, eco-friendly urinals…

    • Bizarre. Why not just update the pissoir? These are just a boon for the compulsive alfresco masturbator.Fax_Benson
    • Until we see women peeing in public this is simply gender inequality and we need a safe space to discuss this as a non-binary gender person may get upset.shapesalad
    • I'm all in. I can't think of a more scenic setting.hotroddy
    • empêche-pipi
  • chukkaphob0

    Sex toys cause closure of German airport terminal…

    "Various sex toys, including a vibrator, were mistaken for a bomb, causing a partial closure of the airport's D terminal while police investigated the suspicious items.

    The owner of the bag ...saying instead that his luggage contained "technical stuff."

    • The D terminal, of all terminals. LOLchukkaphob
    • Jesus. That looks like some kind of steampunk torture device.HijoDMaite
    • is that sandpaper?hotroddy
  • Gardener1

    • Thin Yorke?fooler
    • hopefully karma police will be there? person seems pretty lameSquiddy
  • Gnash-3

    "Yes, abortion can be funny."

    Who knew? Thanks, Teen Vogue…

  • qoob5

    Alex Jones' Infowars channel has been banned from Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and other major tech sites.…

    • He'll be ripping his shirt off and BBQ-ing like mad right now. Surely it'll only make his fan base believe his pish even more though?PhanLo
    • good ... queue the retards who think this has something to do with freedom of speech ... it doesn'tmonospaced
    • Bitchute is the new channel I believerobotron3k
    • Bitchute looks like some grim viewing. It sounds like another word for fartpipe.PhanLo
    • private companies should be able to ban whomever they damn well please... that IS a part of freedom of speech btw (for the private co... not Alex) :)PonyBoy
    • Who?sab
    • So the left fights fascism then impliment fascism? OK.Hayoth
    • by left fascism you mean triggering assholes to doubt people's dead children, then yea. fuck this wannabe bobby heenan.BonSeff
    • Hayoth are you a crisis actor for Alex Jones?utopian
    • Damnit. That’s not what fascism even is! Why are we still having this conversation. This is a company saying they don’t like a crazy asshole in their business.monospaced
    • And just because the heads of most major social media networks happen to be liberal doesn’t mean it’s the government. Just means they’re better people.monospaced
    • GoodBennn
    • Lol liberals are better people mono, I mean who on earth would even want to normalize pedophilia? Or is that something you would defend??robotron3k
    • https://ageofshitlor…robotron3k
    • i respect their right to ban him as much as a baker to not bake a cake for gays. I wonder if ppl see the hypocrisy in how this stuff is defendeddeathboy
    • or even willingly will admit there choice of hypocrisydeathboy
    • on a side note i'd like to point out hes an entertainer in the same vain as john oliver. News as entertainment with a spindeathboy
    • i think it says plenty about the platforms decisions in which way they lean. not all inclusive, but our views only. like a religious baker. line has been drawndeathboy
    • i actually applaud them for their honesty and standing by what they believe vs trying to lie and say they're all inclusive and shit for sales.deathboy
    • Unlike John Oliver, he doesn't always have facts and he promotes products he profits off of.omahadesigns
    • haha well id say they both operate off facts. interuptations different. and where as aj promotes products network does the same in the form of advertisementsdeathboy
    • slightly different mediums for advertisements. but thats what pays them both at the end of the day. personally i prefered oliver in communitydeathboy
    • and jones in waking life. the news personas do lil for me. think they are the bottom of the barrel acting, albeit profitabledeathboy
    • but to the main point the hypocrisy. will anyone willingly admit it? or will they try to skate around it?deathboy
    • and for fun thought experiment think of the Interpretations of what is news. most is all based on same facts and spun differently for audiencedeathboy
    • how is that also applied to todays big media and google analytics. the data and the people trying to determine what it means. there real intents and spinsdeathboy
    • Maybe he'll just get more into making music ....… Expect him in the Making Beats thread soon ....microkorg
    • Maybe uncle Donnie will save him.PhanLo
    • mono, you must be a troll? you can't be that fucking stupid. BANNING someone from SPEAKING just because you disagree with them is an attack on FREE SPEECH.Milan
    • "Censoring certain views based on politics means that Facebook is a publisher not a platform and therefore they should have their liability waiver on illegal...Milan
    • user posted content revoked."Milan
    • is calling the victims of a shooting 'crisis actors/hoax' political?..really? or is it hate speech?exador1
    • When people say free speech in the U.S., they're usually talking about the First Amendment which protects you from being censored by the government.yuekit
    • Whereas a corporation censoring someone is seen as an example of THEIR freedom of speech. Having said that I do agree it's a problem when you have one site likeyuekit
    • YouTube that is basically the only video site. Technically it's a private decision and no one would deny you the right to ban someone from your personalyuekit
    • site if they are being a piece of shit. But effectively it is silencing someone when so much power is in the hands of a handful of companies. Everyone wants toyuekit
    • be 100% on one side or the other but I don't think it's such a black and white issue.yuekit
    • The interesting thing is that for all the criticism they get, we are living in an age of extreme free speech right now largely thanks to these platforms.yuekit
    • Even 5-10 years ago you didn't have nearly as many channels to watch and extreme content as we have now...the genie has been let out of the bottle so to speak.yuekit
    • Banning them from social media is not a free speech infringement, no matter how much you stomp your feet and whine like a baby about it.monospaced
    • And last I checked, liberals aren't out to "normalize pedophilia." That's the stupidest shit I've ever heard.monospaced
    • Look up free speech, Milan, and educate yourself. You sound like an idiot talking about it when you CLEARLY have no fucking idea what it encompasses.monospaced
    • If an asshole walks into a restaurant, and starts making a scene, talking shit to guests and turning the place into a shithole, the owner has a RIGHT to evict.monospaced
    • This is the same thing. The moment a government SUPPRESSES speech, that's when it's an issue. Right now Alex is FREE to speak his mind where he's accepted.monospaced
    • Any private company that wants to allow him to speak is allowed to, and nobody will be punished LEGALLY for it. THAT IS FREE SPEECH. Not infringed. Grow up!monospaced
    • That's the great thing about this country. Free to speak like an asshole, and free to kick out assholes you don't like. Government isn't even involved.monospaced
    • 'liberals normalise pedophilia' - robo 2018.
      oh robo!
    • Alex Jones will find new ways of making bereaved parents lives even more hellish somehow, it's what he do... We interrupt this comment to bring youfadein11
    • SurvivalPowder™ - when the EMF attack happens, rest assured your family will be safe, only $999 for 1 weeks worth of non GM, homeland hillbilly farmed goodnessfadein11
    • for all the family however many fingers your kids have. DO NOT FORGET TO READ THE SMALL PRINT.fadein11
    • Surely Jones has made a decent amount of cash by now, he should just retire and BBQ full time before he explodes.PhanLo
    • Until Alex Jones is imprisoned or charged with a legal infraction for speaking, anyone saying there's a freedom of speech issue is full of bullshit.monospaced
    • it's less about speech and more that it is simple discrimination of a private company in providing a service. unfortunately they will be sued for it as thedeathboy
    • baker was. Maybe this time they will win and reverse a the precedence that a private company has to serve everyone equally. Brings rights back to busines ownrsdeathboy
    • private companies can delete whatever the fuck they like and deleting someone who claimed Sandy Hook didn't happen and the parents were actors is +1 from me.fadein11
    • Alex still has Instagram for posting memes.PhanLo
    • The question is if you can discriminate based on political beliefs, which are broad and derived upon many things like religion/racial/econ... etc..deathboy
    • you open the door to roll back all anti-discrimination laws. i also wonder the legal hiccups of state vs federal law for a business that crosses state lines.deathboy
    • The whole discrimination argument may work if infowars was a not for profit org... Have you watched it recently deathboy? Its all about the $$$ dude not freedomfadein11
    • of speechfadein11
    • Those sites kick people off all the time for violating their terms of service, you just don't hear about it since they aren't as famous as Alex Jones.yuekit
    • There are also people with similar and more extreme views still on those platforms. Richard Spencer has a YouTube channel. So not much of an argument in termsyuekit
    • of it being political discrimination. And no it's not going to result in all anti-discrimination laws being rolled back lol.yuekit
    • it has potential yuekit. they're already being sued for shadow banning conservative views. if they were to win it would set a legal precedent. but would it bedeathboy
    • fed vs state level. it has a lot of interesting legal angles. but gov probably seize it all anyways under russia prevention narrative.deathboy
    • but still how can some people support infowars ban vs a religious business owner not wanting to bake a cake for a gay couple. or even refusing to serve politicdeathboy
    • al candidates they dont support. religious business owner BK over deal while others get applauded. the hypocrisy on this stuff is ridiculousdeathboy
    • There's a difference between banning someone for who they are vs. their behavior. i.e. banning someone foryuekit
    • being black vs. kicking someone out for breaking the merchandise and taking a shit on the floor. The first one canyuekit
    • be debated, but it would be silly to suggest that someone has an absolute right to stay in your store when they are breaking the rules.yuekit
    • google+sted
    • lol he is a lair, his apps are upp and running.sted
    • honestly, if your[e still claiming freedom of speech issues, you're seriously confused. Alex is FREE to spout his nonsense on his own site, or on the sidewalk.monospaced
    • or ANYWHERE where people are so morally fucked they will allow him ... maybe even FOX News. Point is, he's FREE to do that without punishment.monospaced
    • Stupid thing is both Apple and Google decided his videos should be banned from their platforms, yet decided his top-downloaded app was worthy of keeping. SMHridlerontheroof
    • Dinosaurs were on Earth for between 165 and 77 million years.shapesalad
    • I wouldn't worry about twitter nonsense, it's only been around for 12 years, frees speech a 100 or so. whatever guys - dinosaurs laster more than 12m years!!!!!shapesalad
  • Gnash-2

    The Saudis are mad at us

    (state media deleted the original and replaced it with one without the plane)

    • jesus. I presume that's simply meant to imply "go home" - amazing how clueless they'd be to not see how it'd be interpreted on this side.detritus
    • (i think they knew full well what this implied. especially considering most of the 911 guys were Saudi citizens)Gnash
    • They're so backwards. What was Canada saying about them?PhanLo
    • Our ambassador condemned the arrest and jailing of human rights activist (the activist has ties to canada) and asked for her releaseGnash
    • the saudis had arrested a bunch of activists, one had canadian ties, i thinkGnash
    • Usually in Britain we just overlook look their backwardness because we sell them so much weapons. US is the same I think.PhanLo
    • Saudi don't give a fuck. And we sell them all the decent hi-tech gear, too. Fuckers.Fax_Benson
    • canada sells them heavy attack vehicles, among other things, as wellGnash
    • You guys should not be starting a war, your army only defends your country Monday through Friday, 9am - 6pm.robotron3k
    • How brazen these goathearding inbreds are. We did 9-11 and you’re next. And because of their money and influence nobody can do or say shit. Fuck em_niko
    • 9-6? what are we, animals!? we're done at 4, robo and every other friday we're closedGnash
    • and we don't actually start until 10 because we have an hour of land acknowledgements that we have to listen to firstGnash
  • robotron3k0

    Horrible what is going on in Bangladesh right now... do we have any qbners there?

    ""I don't know where to start, this is horrifying situation. Internet is gone in my country They've slowed it down to 1.28 KBPS that is not a typo.

    I will make this as short as I can, and I've tried to submit this elsewhere but my reddit posts get removed too (though thats probably because of strict mods and not goverment censorship hopefully.)

    It started when a 2 students were killed by Bus who disobeyed traffic laws.

    Soon tens of thousands of protestors came out on the street enforcing traffic laws by thesmelves ensuring no one else has to die, all this incredibly peacefully.

    The government sent out, what I can only describe as their version of "Hitler Youth" Rape, Murder, Assault by the Hitler Youth have been carried out.

    Any posts on Facebook, Youtube, that make light display these crimes against humanity seems to dissapear instantly.

    People are having their livestreams taken down, YOUTUBE videos are taken down from popular youtubers.

    My freinds in Bangladesh are having their facebook posts removed, some are even being blocked and banned. HOW CAN FACBEOOK bend to GOVERNMENTS like this?""

    • brutalGnash
    • It's amazing how it's been kept out of the news so well, censored by many.robotron3k
    • If that's the case, robo - what would be the motivation? More likely it's just apathy .
      Otherwise, it's been reported on quite a lot here in the UK.
    • here in canada, too (well, Toronto, anyway). But we have a sizeable Bangladeshi community.Gnash
  • qoob0

    • "for me a woman"?mugwart
    • then i watched till the end...mugwart
    • ouch.Gnash
    • 'What were you upto last night?'
      'Just hung out online and Davie shat himself again.'
      But obviously, it's women's fault
  • robotron3k-5

    • still acting like old white men are an oppressed class I see ... classic misogynistic robotard.monospaced
    • I blame Chad, once he banged her on campus and didn't call the next day, she became a white man hating kitty licker...robotron3k
    • she's horrid. but the NYT can hire/fire whomever they like.Gnash
    • who. gives. a. fuck. Every single day there is some new rubbish that idiot keyboard warriors are getting outraged over.inteliboy
    • ^ so true. the twitter-mob are retards. all of themGnash
    • holy shit robo is that what they told you? Do you know how wrong and stupid you sound?monospaced
    • (you know he's trolling you, mono)Gnash
    • Yeah. No.monospaced
    • Wait don't some of you literally support Trump? But yeah let's all pretend to be outrage about what some random chick said on Twitter as a joke.yuekit
    • "Kill all men" -sarah jeongrobotron3k
    • Gnash I dunno those just read like jokes to me. But of course it's gonna go over people's heads because they want to be outraged.yuekit
    • should may very well be tongue in cheek, that's quite possible. I think people are too thin-skinned, or are being disingenuous about being offendedGnash
    • should = *sheGnash
    • I think most of the vitriol is just being slung from one outrage-mob to another outrage-mob. both trying to get each other fired for stupid things saidGnash
    • but she still sucksGnash
    • out of context robo, and it was "kill more men"monospaced
  • whatthefunk5

    A contractor in Ohio who followed a black man home and called him the N-word repeatedly on video tried to write it all off as an “awful mistake” — saying the racist rant drove him out of business and ruined his life.

    “I just don’t understand the intensity of the hate,” said Whitman, adding that the incident has led to harassment of his 85-year-old mother and his 25-year-old daughter. I’m out of business, I’m completely out, I’m done, I’ll never work in Columbus again,” the voicemail continued. “This has completely and thoroughly ruined my life.”…

    • From the video, the old guy seems barely functioning mentally. I'm amazed he could manage to hold down a job.PhanLo
    • what a dipshitbliznutty
    • he deserves itmonospaced
    • I grew up in Columbus and believe me there is a bunch of white entitled racist red neck idiots there.fooler2
    • Yep, and dipshit's yelp is taking a beating:…whatthefunk
    • He says he can't explain why he said and did this. Uhhhh ... everyone else can. It's because he's a racist fuck.monospaced
    • Racism is bad, but does racism mean you don't deserve a livelihood?cannonball1978
    • Racism is bad, but to act on it means you get kicked out of society, like this guy did.jmckinno
    • If a person is borderline unaccountable (retarded), should racism be forgiven?drgs
    • Wake up...utopian
    • When asked about the N-bomb he said “...all I can say is I grew up with it and it’s not a big deal for me.”…whatthefunk
    • @whatthefunk it's a big deal now.PhanLo
    • customer service is key. No one wants to give money to a dickhead. Shame we don't act this way with bankers...mugwart
    • Calmest road rage evadocpoz
    • Also: the wrestler... Part 2docpoz
    • fuck him and his shit truckfadein11
    • Is being openly racist like that not illegal or is it just part of daily life and accepted as normal?PhanLo
    • This guy got exactly what he deserves.section_014
    • It’s not illegal. It’s just called being a total asshole.monospaced
    • It’s not acceptable in civilized society, but it is certainly normal in a lot of communities, especially those that are conservative Republicansmonospaced
  • sted0

    Pregnant goat dies after being allegedly gangraped by 8 men in India/Haryana.

  • utopian0

    The Decline and Fall of the American Empire…

  • Gardener1

  • shapesalad-3
    • reuters image failshapesalad
    • Unemployment rate at 16.1% in Spain.They don't need these illegal, undocumented economic migrants that have just paid $$$$ to get there!shapesalad
    • They won't get too far if they stay in Spain, they will be easy to spot so they will leave to Paris. They'll be real surprised, like they never left Africarobotron3k
    • robo what are you talking about?monospaced
  • shapesalad-3

    Hundreds of migrants break through border at Spanish exclave Ceuta, their mates also waiting to climb the boarder fences celebrate:

    You have to wonder - what is the system here? What information has been given to these young men, and how, to inspire them to leave home, cross their continent, live in a slum outside the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, and then risk life and limb, endure pain, climbing barbed wired fences, in order to reach EU jurisdiction. Could there be someone behind all this - it wouldn't cost Putin or Soros or any disruptor much to spread some misinformation in Africa, some social media posts etc, fake news etc, to spread a false story of hope and riches in the EU.

    Either way, those young men cheering wildly... is it just me or does it not look super aggressive? That's not the way you behave when fleeing a war or persecution, that's the way you act when you get one up on the system.

    • You'll get downvoted here for any post that doesn't support a borderless, pro-migrant, gynocentric, "give me free stuff", democratic ideology.robotron3k
    • Having said that, if this report is true, i predict Spain to win the World Cup in 2022robotron3k
    • interesting that you suggest that Putin or Soros may be spreading disinformation when you share a video from the Kremlin's propaganda channellowimpakt
    • having said that, the migrant crisis is one of the biggest challenges at the moment and has been building for decades.lowimpakt
    • spain needs the spike in GDP that will surely followGnash
    • I think mostly the promise of free (money, housing, white sympathy) is too enticing for someone who lives off rice water and lives in a tent, and worth a shot.robotron3k
  • renderedred-4

    Ancient boulder dislodges from Western Wall, crashes down near woman at prayer.

    Dramatic footage shows large stone coming loose from holy site, shattering on egalitarian prayer platform below; lands near Daniella Goldberg, 79, but she is unharmed.…

    *Today a few more boulders fell
    ** The end is near :)

    • “Hey, even the Mona Lisa is falling apart.”imbecile
  • Gardener7

  • utopian3

    • "wind down", what's that? Another way to say 'fart'?shapesalad
    • Well at least no US manufacturing jobs will be lost.fooler
    • ...just to sell under a different brand name most likelywhatthefunk
    • my God, what will the "Last Chance, Everything Under $1. Must Go!" rack at TJ Maxx do now?!?kona
  • detritus0

    Catholic uni AI bot taught to daub bikinis on naked chicks…

  • instrmntl0

    Elon Musk apologizes to cave rescuer for 'pedo' tweet…