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  • Continuity3

    My week so far: three job hunting rejections, one dating rejection.

    Which, if I'm honest, is really no different than any other week's been this year.

    At this point, I'm having enormous and persistent difficulty remaining convinced of anything even remotely resembling value I might have as a human being.

    • hang in there, you're a good guy. Something will happen soon I'm sure.
      Can you freelance at all rather than actual job per se?
    • Sadly no, because of the particularities of my residence permit, and I don't have a possibility to change that because I haven't got enough pension payments inContinuity
    • ... through regular employment. Otherwise, I'd have given the doigt d'honneur to the whole idea of working as a member of staff, and freelanced.Continuity
    • Ah, I see, sorry didn't know that was the issue. Was going to try to help a little.fadein11
    • I know, I appreciate that.Continuity
    • Didn't mean to come across as lashing out at you.Continuity
    • no you didn't at all! didn't think that.fadein11
    • I’m sure your situation will get better. But probably better you focus on your work situation first, then dating.NBQ00
    • Form is temporary, class is permanent, or something. Things will change if you keep at it.Fax_Benson
    • Watch this and be inspired, failure happens to the best, persistence marks out the greatest:shapesalad
  • NBQ00-6

    @Continuity: It could be worse.

    Johnny Depp left broke after losing $650m movie fortune and wracking up $100m debt:…

    • Who loses $650,000,000? He can always do a billboard or something and pay his rent.doggydoggdog
    • Billboard? Nobody wants to hire him now and he’s like $100M in debt. Don’t think he’ll be homeless anytime soon tho.NBQ00
    • fuck cares about johnny depp.
      Continuity keep hustling, team up with a friend do something while u don't get what u want.
    • *until
      hehh :D
  • doggydoggdog1

    My job is 80% production work these days. It's boring and I'm not learning anything.

    • I would love just some dumb robotic shit for a few weeks. mine is 80% administration in the last 3-5 months, and its melting my brain. worse that it has no endsted

    Started sharing with friends in Whatsapp photos of places I'm not visiting, by bike, beautiful cities, landscapes, what I'm doing, eating, drinking... Spain is this week' episode.

    Berlin next week, I'll start from an airport and land in the new BER airport, expos, museums, techno clubs...

    Ha! It's fun, and calms down my frustration of not being able to travel.

    Crazy? Yes, a bit

    • Working from home all week, until weekend I don't meet anybody... Surely someone believes it, lolOBBTKN
    • I sometimes walk NYC on street view, miss that place. Pathetic I know.fadein11
    • Me too, but in Tokyo, pathetic? NyetOBBTKN
    • :)fadein11
  • scarabin20

    Work from home whenever i feel like it
    Never have to deal with people or idiot coworkers
    Food, weed, and whiskey delivered on-demand
    Home theater with high-speed internet

    How the fuck are people complaining about quarantine? I can’t remember life being this easy

    • Have kids and then report back.monospaced
    • Extroverts requiring self worth validation are the only ones really complaining. Those with kids that used to commute are not complaining.shapesalad
    • After drugs, video games and pets, who has time for kids?scarabin
    • One Big reason I would never work in an office that wasn’t mine would be idiot coworkersChimp
    • This is why you are one of my favorite people!capn_ron
    • What mono said!!mort_
    • Oh man my last office was four trump supporters. Nothin’ but ben shapiro podcasts and impotent lib-owning all goddamn dayscarabin
    • You've described my personal work environment for nearly 15 years (minus a few years of the 'on demand' stuff)—what is this quarantine you speak of? :)PonyBoy
    • agree with mono. I have twin 8 month y/old babies and a 3 year old. This house is hectic all day long. I miss going into work.dbloc
    • Fuck offices, Covid 4EVA!moldero
    • @scarabin, exactly. When you have kids, the time for drugs, video games and pets, weed and whiskey is severely limited. :(monospaced
    • And yet, I'm smoking weed and sipping a whiskey right now getting ready for my one hour of adult time before I pass out :)monospaced
    • I lost most of my clients and they aren't coming back, being locked in with my gf of 5 years has destroyed our relationship, my dog is dying, etc.garbage
    • I've seen my best friend once this year. Once. So yeah, quarantine fucking sucks.garbage
    • And listen to your own music without anyone asking you to turn it down or change it!Sellies
    • Smoking weed, drinking whiskey and playing video games was fun when I was 30, but it's a pretty empty existence. Having kids is great, but not for everyone.CuriousGeorge
    • kids for sure, but also, my office is my studio, and the more I have to "work from home" the less I feel like spending free time there. also I get so distractedautoflavour
    • honestly, smoking weed, drinking whisky and playing video games sounds fucking awesome. sadly I tend to feel like I should be doing something else if I haveautoflavour
    • the time to do that.. I lament not enough free time in the studio to make music.. so committing to a game is like a big fuck you to studio time..autoflavour
    • My internet is better at home, but I actually do like my co-workers. Also, my wife and I are going sort of insane being around twin 6 year olds doing online atbulletfactory
    • a French immersion school. The office and in-person school sounds soooo nice. We all love each other, but I know they’re tired of seeing my dumbass mug.bulletfactory
    • ...and noticeably all our fuses are a bit shorter. Regrettably not a good look on anyone. Less booze, more weed.bulletfactory
    • Bunch of whiners.utopian
    • The only thing missing for me is a social life.ApeRobot
    • nah utopian, it's winers.bulletfactory
    • I'm with you! But I don't have kids so I get the frustration on that end.mapleT
    • 4 of us in a 900 sq foot home gets tough. But we do alright. Food, beer, exercise, stepping on legos, and still having a job. Life is ... good.stoplying
    • that's crazy, stop ... we grew out of our 850sqft unit and it was just 3 of usmonospaced
    • My wife doesn't work, so it's a sensible, affordable home in a great little lake neighborhood. Not house-poor, and wife is happy with it - totally worth it!stoplying
    • I'm speaking purely about available space to move around, man :)monospaced
  • pango8

    so the girl and the cat moved in...
    this is uncharted territory for me...

    • Get a litter tray and don't over-feed. No idea about the cat.Fax_Benson
    • Sorry, that was terrible. Congrats.Fax_Benson
    • Lolpango
    • as far as the cat, check the litter box every time you use the restroom.imbecile
    • just use the litter box when you need the restroomfuturefood
    • LOL @ faxStatic_Line
    • lol@fax
      @pango make sure the cat moves out first good luck :)
    • finally losing your virginity.sted
    • pee on the stuff thats yourscannonball1978
    • Ya the cat is so far an ass hole.pango
    • Put cat nip on everythingmoldero
    • double pussy invasionmonospaced
    • lolpango
    • Just one girl? I guess that's oksarahfailin
    • Doh! It's "Grab her BY the pussy", not "Grab her AND the pussy"! :Pmicrokorg
    • Expect the occurrence of making love to exponentially decrease over time to 0.shapesalad
    • We 'trained' our cats to go outside by moving the litter box outside and gradually further and further away from the house and then no litter box.mort_
    • Cat flap is essential and obviously not living in an apartment.mort_
    • Cat diaries, please.garbage
    • So the cat like people tapping on its butt. What a slut!pango
    • prepares the landscape for the gal.
      its a trap!
  • monospaced1

    First freeze of the season came last night, and we woke up to a clear sunny sky and just above freezing temps. After dropping my son off at preschool, I head over to the mechanic to drop off the car for a quick repair, and begin a 45 minute walk home through town, which I really looked forward to.

    I'm walking along now, quick enough to get the blood flowing and hold back the chill from the air, and start generating that heat that feels great on a day like this. The sun is shining and the streets are covered in yellow and orange leaves, and it's gloriously beautiful.

    And then the next second I'm in the air, falling flat on my back on the sidewalk. Some asshole had his sprinklers on last night, creating an invisible layer of ice on the concrete in front of his house. Now my shoulder hurts.

  • Continuity10

    Yeah, so, top tip: don't sneeze whilst you're standing up peeing.

    It doesn't end well.

  • Nairn5


    I've had a problem with my laser machine which I recently realised might be what's causing another problem, so instead of doing any actual work today, I've had the studio in chaos as I moved everything around and then took the machine apart to try and rectify the root fuckery.

    Main problem was - one corner of the 'table' was at least 15mm off height from the rest. This *should* be impossible as the mechanism that moves the table up and down does so from one motor and uses a linking/timing belt to move all corners at the same rate. Somehow, this had slipped on one of them.

    Secondary problem was - because there was so much tension on one of the bearings, the motor was refusing to smoothly move the table up and down - instead, it would pulse, hit resistance and stop. Stupid me would then hit hit hit hit hit hit etc the button to move the table. Presumably this also made the problem worse, I now realise.

    Solution is to decouple the timing belt and then twist one bearing so that it matches the height of the other three. Trouble is, I couldn't work out how to do this without jimmying the timing belt, which is something I figured would be Bad. It's very taut and has no split-off point.

    So instead I try and remove the troublesome corner's coupling to the bearing and having read a similar machine's workaround, I go this route. One thing in that workaround was "Don't fully remove the screws", so obviously I fully removed the screws.

    I realise that the thing I've just fucked can't in any way help, so I've simply made my situation a lot worse.

    I then think 'fuck it' and go dig out some teflon sheet I had, wrap it around one of the timing belt cogs and twist the thing off. That frees up the bearing I need to twist, and like a violin, it's fixed!


    I then spent an hour and a half swearing at myself, trying to get the incredibly fiddly, grease-covered bearing attachment bolts bolts back into place. Two of them, each less than an inch long - an hour and a half of my fucking life, getting those sodding things back into place.

    So.In future. If in doubt, just hack the fucking thing.

    • i know this is dull as hell, but whatever - the space I was doing this is 38cm wide. The thing I fucked had one third twist of access on each allen key twist.Nairn
    • It's not been a fun few hours.Nairn
    • Lol dude, ours is so jerry-rigged to work I wonder how they seized the table in place. I have to turn the mechanism for the table to go up and down by hand.futurefood
    • Since we only cut two types of material anyways, I fixed the table to were I can just swap the business end of the laser nozzle to change the height.futurefood
    • Since then I have managed to fit and cut the underside of a skateboard deckfuturefood
    • When I was just starting to get familiar with the laser I noticed an issue connecting to smartcarve that had plagued my manager for a few monthsfuturefood
    • Jobs would be sent and never arrive at the machine so I replaced the usb cable, but that didn’t do it.futurefood
    • So I popped the machine open to inspect the control board and started testing the wires related to the usb module and found the problem wirefuturefood
    • Spent about two hours troubleshooting the machine to then find the wiring issue. Not fun at all...futurefood
  • kingsteven2

    Girlfriend's bank just paid off her £5k debt, corrected her credit rating and put £3k in her current account because they didn't notify her of fees on a credit card she had 8 years ago /maxed out traveling/ failed to repay. She's ignored every attempt from debt collectors to get it back, throwing the letters straight in the bin for years - did not give a shit :D

    Being responsible with money does not pay!

    • wow, she intentionally destroyed her credit?monospaced
    • well intentioned at the time but couldn't get on top of the fees, got some inheritance and paid off a 5k, had 5k left that they passed to debt collectors...kingsteven
    • turns out she would have paid it off + 3k if it hadn't been for the fees...kingsteven
    • sounds like she paid a lot then?monospaced
  • shellie0

    A friend of mine wants a logo and letterhead. She doesn't know what her budget should be, but she's rebranding her small business that basically does operations, business management, and accounting for small independent companies (like designers that have an LLC and mid-sized clients). If you're interested, I can make an introduction.

    Located in Los Angeles, so preferably someone who can work on or communicate with someone on pacific standard time.

    • Name: Jim
      Job Title: Sr. Web Designer and partner
      Salary/Income: 190k/year and some company benefits
    • It is slightly funny to me that a company who does operations, business management, and accounting for small independent companies like...nb
    • ...designers that have an LLC does not know what their budget should be for hiring a designer. Hehehehenb
    • she is welcome to contact me. I have extra time as of last weekimbecile
    • hey this is what i do and i just moved to LA, i'd be interestedcolin_s
  • Hayzilla4

    Spent some of my bored hours in the house making a musical mix for nobody to listen to. Enjoy fellas...…

  • whatthefunk-1

    Anything going on tonight, where are you guys heading?

    • First when I got hungry I popped on over to the fridge to get something to eat. After that we toured the living room and picnicked in the den.monospaced
    • finding myself a bit hungry, so i may go and get a snacknb
    • I am headed from one room to another. This includes the living room, office, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. In no particular order. The night is young.utopian
    • cleaning cat litter...pango
  • Hayoth-3

    Never seen so many grown ass men freaked out by 98.9% survival rate.

    • You're a dullard, a mutant with a poorly developed and varnished brain, a second fiddle clown, a piss-stained toddler, a panty-sniffer and a chump.face_melter
    • Perhaps we're not freaked out about getting it so much as we are about transmitting to someone we love of whom it may end up killing.PonyBoy
    • "We're rounding the turn!"utopian
    • US has 328.2 million people...
      1% = 3.3 million.
      yes, nothing is freak out about.
    • *topango
    • Never seen so many grown ass men and women be so completely stupiddkoblesky
    • 1 in EVERY 1000 people from the state of North Dakota has already died from Covid. 1% of the entire state. You are a royal cunt Hayoth.monospaced
    • I dare your beta cuck ass to go there and question their manliness you stupid ass bitch.monospaced
    • You guys are ANTI SCIENCE, and a dangerous cult. You would sell out your own families.Hayoth
    • He's really just scream random stuffs now LOLpango
    • You’re a communist!monospaced
    • Its your voter base thats dying HayothGuyFawkes
    • Hayoth, say hi to your white mother from mebabydick
    • Jesus fuck, it should have been "whore mother" fucking cuck autocorrectbabydick
    • Either way eat shit you dumb fuck, suck some HIV positive dicksbabydick
  • whatthefunk3

    lol @ hayoth

    • I didn’t know you could shoot the virus! This changes everythingGnash
    • Ya that 98.9% survival rate is SUPER DUPER SCARY.Hayoth
    • You're SUPER DUPER STUPIDimbecile
    • When you have a hammer in your hand, you walk around looking for nails...stoplying
    • @Hayoth 1 out of a 100 chance you'll die. Are those great odds for risking your life?jagara
  • shellie3

    Line Produced a music video that's shooting in new york this weekend. I have a producer on the ground in my stead. But, this is the first time I'm not going to be on set and I am nervous. Up before sunrise with my crew across the country.

    • You can do it! Adapt and deliver! Fuck yeah!nb
    • Producer on the ground:
    • shellie girl you need to delegate to be all over at all times, you know...grafician
    • so far so good. successfully solved some issues from afar. this could work.shellie
    • One more day to go and I'm in the clear.shellie
    • you running q-take? remote production aint as bad as it seems.inteliboy
    • @intellaboy im flyin blind on this one. Music Videos don't have big budgets. But I have a shoot with remote stream and capture in 2 weeks.shellie
  • NBQ00-3

    Craving for some beans & onions. Going to fart like a cowboy later.

    • Omg, just bought fresh, warm bread too and pickles. Going to eat like a king.NBQ00
    • You need some smoked beef to go with that feast, enjoy!grafician
    • What kind of bread ?i_was
    • You don't know what good bread is hein ? fucking pleb.i_was
  • grafician-2

    who made that video with plants in a forest "enhanced" with all sorts of CGI...this was like 10 years ago

  • robotinc6

    I've been eying this camper, thinking I may go for it

    • do it!ok_not_ok
    • campers like those are usually eyeing you :)_niko
    • ^oey_oey
    • Do it with caution. They can become a huge money pit.Morning_star
    • What year? I have an ‘81 air cooled one very similar. I bought it for 6k and dumped another 10k and it still breaks down. It’s fun when it runs.fooler
    • Nicescarabin
    • Do itGuyFawkes
    • Had an 84 Westie in CA. Love/Hate realtionship.
      Pros- its a freakin' westie!
      Cons- Weak accel, weak brakes, private resale only (few kbb comps), blown motors
  • autoflavour2

    Alex Jones has always been crazy, but listening to him now he has gone totally fruit loop..

    • Why would you listen to that cunt?BusterBoy
    • He went full-retard over a decade ago. Who have you been recently listening to again?utopian
    • For the lulzGuyFawkes
    • I periodically check in to see what the fringe elements are ranting about..
      know your enemy kind of deal..
    • ^ I think is a good approach innit.MrT