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  • Hayoth-3

    Never seen so many grown ass men freaked out by 98.9% survival rate.

    • You're a dullard, a mutant with a poorly developed and varnished brain, a second fiddle clown, a piss-stained toddler, a panty-sniffer and a chump.face_melter
    • Perhaps we're not freaked out about getting it so much as we are about transmitting to someone we love of whom it may end up killing.PonyBoy
    • "We're rounding the turn!"utopian
    • US has 328.2 million people...
      1% = 3.3 million.
      yes, nothing is freak out about.
    • *topango
    • Never seen so many grown ass men and women be so completely stupiddkoblesky
    • 1 in EVERY 1000 people from the state of North Dakota has already died from Covid. 1% of the entire state. You are a royal cunt Hayoth.monospaced
    • I dare your beta cuck ass to go there and question their manliness you stupid ass bitch.monospaced
    • You guys are ANTI SCIENCE, and a dangerous cult. You would sell out your own families.Hayoth
    • He's really just scream random stuffs now LOLpango
    • You’re a communist!monospaced
    • Its your voter base thats dying HayothGuyFawkes
    • Hayoth, say hi to your white mother from mebabydick
    • Jesus fuck, it should have been "whore mother" fucking cuck autocorrectbabydick
    • Either way eat shit you dumb fuck, suck some HIV positive dicksbabydick

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