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    Ganja Thread 3.0

    I call this plant “cuties” ‘cause it’s way too young to be doing that

    • how many weeks in? looks healthy for sure (slutty lil buds just can't wait grow up!)PonyBoy
    • http://media.giphy.c…imbecile
    • I dunno; it was a clone i bought from a dispensary. Should’ve kept it on18:6 but put her outside and she flowered immediately ‘cause it’s flowering seasonscarabin
    • If you look closely you can see my cat’s buttholescarabin
    • I've just planted seeds that I had forgotten about from some bush grown Bubblegum from a few years ago. All 3 seeds have all taken off. :)thumb_screws
    • Nice butthole!!i_was
    • Right on, thumb_screws!scarabin
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    • Confirmed. My city is covered in moths... And smoke...pango
    • saw video of the moths, wtf is going on!?!?whatthefunk
    • where was this in March?imbecile
    • @whatthefunk 2020 babypango
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    America is Fucked

    Lol trump said he maybe should sign an executive order preventing Biden from being president.

    Some thought that Trump would rise to the office of president, but instead he’s just dragging down the presidency to his level. He’s a joke, and presidents will not for a long time get the respect they once deserved.

    Hard to believe that one man could be so inept, so absolutely incompetent that he would tarnish the presidency itself. But there it is.

    • no, he is what he is, what's worse is America letting him get away with it and even worse, enabling him._niko
    • He's the American Dream.PhanLo
    • What are we supposed to do?scarabin
    • It’s true, this is the fault every American.nb
    • He didn’t even win the majority vote. We never wanted him.scarabin
    • Imagine Obama acted this way, this tyrannical, this demagogic, this insane, the right would have assassinated him already, I'm not saying go to that extreme but_niko
    • the good, intelligent, honest hard working people on the left are letting the loud, moronic, backwards, superstitious, conspiracy theorist idiots on the right_niko
    • take over. Outsmart them, it can't be that hard. You've already let a complete dud run against trump greatly increasing the chance of 4 more nightmarish years_niko
    • organize, mobilize, drive voters to polling stations, get everyone out, the republicans will do everything in their power and beyond to prevent left votes_niko
    • they're cheating, they're breaking every rule, every dirty trick in the book, meet the challenge, fight fire with fire, be better than them, win at all costs._niko
    • Definitely, 100% if Obama acted and said the things Trump says, he would have been assassinated. For sure.nb
    • Read the room statement was In jestdeathboy
    • He doesn't have the power a great thing. Do u not remember under Obama growing executive power to defeat the right?deathboy
    • Remember all obama's executive overreach very reach's when u dislike trump. It won't always be what u wantdeathboy
    • And best to have very little executive overreachdeathboy
    • Would Milton Friedman approve of Donald Trump?utopian
    • No idea. My guess he'd point out the same spending bs pitis need to do to try and drive economiesdeathboy
    • Geo politically makes sense. I don't think he'd mention typical character drivel outside real policydeathboy
    • Why do u think m. friedman would approve of a man? That he is so superficialdeathboy
    • Another example u display of such non understanding of his materialdeathboy
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    Pic of the Day

    September 20, 1979

    • Robert SmithKrassy
    • Kurt Cobaini_was
    • As a kid I always thought this was stupid. Just give the damn guitar to the fans!formed
    • It's funny, apparently it was really out of character for him to do that, but the the photo became iconic.
      Clash city rockers!
    • graf, is this a good photo? Tell me, so that I can decide if I like it or not accordingly!Continuity
    • Yeah, he was getting pissed with the bouncers at the front of the stage and lashed out.face_melter
    • Yes Continuity, this is an amazing moment captured beautifully.grafician
    • Oh, that's wonderful. For a second, there, I was afraid I was liking something you didn't approve of ...Continuity
    • Rod Stewart?pablo28
    • I see everybody was actually offended more by my tone and not by my views, as many of you actually agreed with my pointsgrafician
    • Elvis Presleyfooler
    • http://www.feelnumb.…Gardener
    • Adelle really let herself goNoggin
    • Paul Simonon, the most photogenic person in rock history.CyBrainX
    • ^ pretty much, he's an exceptionally good looking guy. My favourite PS story is when he signed up on a Greenpeace ship and no-one recognised him...face_melter
    • ...he used an assumed name, but c'mon, how could you not clock him after he started talking? Like, you're in fucking Rude Boy!?face_melter
    • classiccanoe
  • Gnash4
    • dead at 78
      dead at 40
      dead at 29
    • ^Krassy
    • take me back to bc. imagine not having christ everywhereimbecile
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    • Helmetutopian
    • "Read the room, statement was in jest."
      ~ Deathboy (with typos corrected because he's a deadshit)
    • Is there broader context?deathboy
    • Because I see a tweet. Without frame of reference at all not correlation to my comment?deathboy
    • I would question wether cops fired rubber bullets on protestors who just did nothing? Was this guy in such a scenario?deathboy
    • I dint know who he is but if u want my opinion I'd need more info.deathboy
    • the personifaction of a saddistic, violence glorfiying racist.neverscared
    • 'I would question wether cops fired rubber bullets on protestors who just did nothing?'
      Holy fucking shit. People from Northern Ireland want a word with you.
    • Sometimes I can't decide whether deathy is an elaborate bit or just genunely supine with a brain like a pool ball.face_melter
    • db's a genuine NRA card carrying, MAGA hat wearing, republican registered, racistimbecile
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    Pic of the Day

    Where this style really shines is as a snapshot in time, I love looking at old pics from the 80's or 70's, maybe as current photos they see disposable and unworthy but they age extremely well.

    • love these! thanksfuturefood
    • Love these. Have you watched the documentary 'Everybody Street' ?
      It captures the era well. Multiple eras in NY actually.
    • Brooklyn museum has an exhibition "Studio 54" . Plenty of pictures like that. I just returned from therezaq
    • thanks Phan, that looks amazing, watching now_niko
    • #3 may be the same corner as Beastie Boy's Paul's Boutique album cover.CyBrainX
    • This is not photography this is snapshotsi_was
  • sted8
    • came here to post both. the making of is better, imoimbecile
    • So good.NBQ00
    • Oh so this is actually the making of? I thought this was done on purpose. They should’ve just used this. Much better.NBQ00
    • +1 for the making ofgarbage
    • My designer years anxiety dreams...jagara
  • i_was0
    • I got a skull in very good condition hidden in the catacombs of Paris, 15 years ago, hope one day I can go there and found it.i_was
    • Trump Towers?utopian
    • no, much more quieti_was
    • I did mushrooms in therescarabin
    • all dogs go to heavenimbecile
    • Scarabin, damn...Gnash
    • I have a skull fragment i need to return. I think it cursed mescarabin
    • Oh for sure. Good luck with that!Gnash
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  • imbecile8
    • 'Proof of sterilisation to obtain/retain emplyment'
      What ... ? O_O
      Was that actually a thing?!
    • I mean, the rest of this list is just fucking disgusting and shameful. But, this sterilisation thing really is next-level savage.Continuity
    • https://www.washingt…imbecile
    • not to make light of it but I was almost expecting to see •reduced the width of beating stick from 4" to no wider than a thumb aka the"rule of thumb"_niko
    • and her replacement has a chance to reverse all of that.CyBrainX
  • Gardener4
    • ...with that awfully HOT McDonalds coffeegrafician
    • If the pic was of a McDonald’s apple pie. That filling scalded the fuck out of so many times.thumb_screws
  • freakpelican5
    • https://stillasever.…freakpelican
    • http://www.martincar…freakpelican
    • The real street photography works shines in B&W, his color photos are trash, you need b&w to have real contrast and less color distraction from the main ideagrafician
    • not to mention these are just snapshots, I have hundreds if not thousands of these kind of photos unpublished cuz they're not editorial worthygrafician
    • also just because you shoot on film doesn't make you a photographer, you're just a hipster with a film cameragrafician
    • this is something tho' http://www.martincar…grafician
    • real (street) photographers also work in themes and series, if you want to be published, think always in seriesgrafician
    • Shoot 10k frames for 10 good frames for an editorial. Shoot 100 frames good frames out of 100k for a book or an exhibitiongrafician
    • Evil disney princess?AQUTE
    • Also if you can't control the lighting, only shoot B&W, color photos with good lighting are for pros onlygrafician
    • You need to destroy at least 2-3 DSLR cameras before going pro and into fine art or at least $5-10k of film worthgrafician
    • When you are comfortable shooting, you'll think 90% and take the shot 10% so you'll end up with 10-20 frames max for a shootgrafician
    • @AQUTE you're not cute, I had a photo studio until recently, I know my shit bro' chillgrafician
    • Grafician his photos are great. Though thanks laying down your apparent rules for what does and doesn't make for a good picture.inteliboy
    • Every single one of his photographs has a sense of meaning or metaphor or real life peculiarity to it that is far more than just a "snapshot".inteliboy
    • inteliboy most fine art is b&w only, most fashion is color because you need to keep the clothes featured bestgrafician
    • but who am I to judge, let Henri Cartier-Bresson teach you, look him upgrafician
    • yeah I know who Henri is. appreciate the condescending comments tho. keep em coming.inteliboy
    • "most fine art is x only" sounds like the shitest way to make or view art.inteliboy
    • I don't give a fuck my dude, you need to practice safe photography, use a con...cept!grafician
    • rules in art is dull. particularly in photography.inteliboy
    • Going around town snapping shots of anything "cool" is not street photography, just like design you need to have a message with your imagesgrafician
    • But that's not what his work is. You are projecting a viewpoint, that I often agree with, on the wrong photographer.inteliboy
    • Shooting a clown with a mask in the subway is just observing. You need to put that clown in a setting to tell a story about him! That's photographygrafician
    • You guys are too easily impressed by quick snapshots, what is good photography for you is nothing for me, condescending as it might sound lolgrafician
    • oh well. guess that's just the way it goes. the critic and the audience. art has always been this way - eye of the beholder and all that...inteliboy
    • Holy shit! I'm surprised to read such a vehement criticism of his work. There are a lot of his images i really dig.freakpelican
    • He's a good photographer no doubt, but still way to go to be feature in anything like Time magazine or elsewhere, he's still doing snapshotsgrafician
    • Why take this approach to a street photographer? Sure there are a countless number of people "doing it" now...freakpelican
    • But his work is really solid and some of the moments he has captured are brilliantly composed bits of 'real life'. No concept needed and wtf time magazine??freakpelican
    • For you, maybe, for us other photographers, these are junior level maybegrafician
    • Like I said I have thousands of these shots in my archives, if you want to see true Romanian life, I could at best publish them with Vice Magazine...grafician
    • Shooting everything i can get my hands on since i was first handed my grandfathers NikonFM2 in 1991. Staff photog for magazines/galleries... papers...freakpelican
    • but thankfully i have an account on QBN so i can learn about photography from you! Thank you for teaching me about Henry Cartier-Bresson!freakpelican
    • "For you, maybe, for us other photographers, these are junior level maybe"
      Who the fuck you think you are ?
    • @freakpelican well can you share some insights from your photography journey? I did and you're thinking I'm a smart-assgrafician
    • Hey pelican, thanks for the share. I dig itfuturefood
    • @i_was well are you a photographer or just offended of my condescending tone?grafician
    • Btw I would never critique anything I couldn't or haven't done myself already, so...grafician
    • Also if you think you're real photographers, put together a folio and apply just for the sake of it to an Art school for a Photo/Video degree...grafician
    • ...that will humble you real quick, not to mention needing to learn all art and photo history, that would be great for you in the processgrafician
    • Thankfully Graf you're not in need of any humbling yourself. You must have a degree with all of the humility you are showing.freakpelican
    • @freakpelican my dude I'm in Europe, we don't give a crap about politically correctness or being nice, if something needs to be said we say itgrafician
    • also being humble here means knowing somebody always knows more than you and respecting that, not patting ourselves on the shoulder acting nicegrafician
    • if I tell somebody his work is crap I do that because I care and I want that person to grow, then I tell him how to fix his shitgrafician
    • You in America just tell everybody their work is great and amazing knowing perfectly well even when that is not the casegrafician
    • So don't fight me for being condescending or anything, just refine your taste in good photography if this is the case here...grafician
    • wow, I'm going to bed, just leaving a note to hop in on this mania tomorrow.garbage
    • "my dude I'm in Europe, we don't give a crap about politically correctness or being nice, if something needs to be said we say it"
      So this is how Romanian think
    • ? does not surprise me, do you have a website where we can see your photography ? street photography ?i_was
    • You're so fucked up, get some fresh air, instead of talking shite.i_was
    • Uff. That escalated quickly.Continuity
    • @i_was Balkan.sted
    • https://media1.tenor…pablo28
    • Ruth Vader GingsengPhrenological
    • Again, I tell it like it is, it was my opinion, Idc if you agree or not, that's your thing.grafician
    • But you guys in the US really need to get it out of your heads that only your opinions matter and everybody needs to agree with you on everything.grafician
    • do you think the same of cinema verite style? I love that aesthetic, films by John Cassaventes and even Kids, not everything has to be Malick and Angelopoulos._niko
    • 50 notes?? Get a room, you psychos!maquito
    • also just because you shoot on film doesn't make you a photographer (...)

      So.. whos a real film photographer? An old fart w a cam?
    • Going around town snapping shots of anything "cool" is not street photography (...)

      Ok.. enlighten us, street-pic Morpheus. What should we do?
    • @grafician You doing wrong w yourself. Embrace the momentum. Professional cams and lenses are acquirable for NEW, YOUNGER, people. Chill. You’re good.maquito
    • I’m not that guy who is easily impressed by a cool shot but by a huge rant. Bare w me. Street photography is shat it is. Why so mad??maquito
    • Also, “being humble” does not only have to mean people know more than you, but to be respectful, and to understand that art is art. maquito off.maquito
    • Rgb u are my herodeathboy
    • Love ya graf, but you're doing some serious gatekeeping here. Sure you could romanticize about HCB and the old times. Capa developed his film in toilet water.garbage
    • From the same era Erwitt took photos just like the ones you are griping about lacking a narrative. He's one of the greatest photographers of all time, and his..garbage
    • ..bread and butter was the photographic one-liner.garbage
    • Read Vilem Flusser, Barthes, etc. The immediacy and rampant availability of images has reached the point that photos have changed the way they change us.garbage
    • There's no code, and it really doesn't matter what photo you have because it's getting washed away tomorrow anyway. We're all goldfish.garbage
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    PSA: Don't forget to back up your computer.

    Today I almost lost about 6 months of work on a mobile app I'm developing on a Mac of mine (I'm a PC guy so yes, negligence on my part for not being more proactive about backups on this secondary machine).

    So anyway, early this morning I'm greeted with a prompt: "An update is available for your Mac". Well, due to some dumb luck and a faulty monitor (long story), the update went awry and the hard drive was corrupted and couldn't be salvaged by Disk Utility's First Aid. Two trips to Best Buy, an online Apple store order upgraded to the premium-priced two hour white glove home delivery of over $100 in Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt 3 to USB-A to Giveusallyermoney-C and other assorted cables and converters that would allow me to put the machine into target disk mode so I could copy all the data over to another computer - and I finally get everything backed up and ready to format and reinstall. Ughh..

    Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock..

    About 14 hours later and thousands of files, movies, tv shows copied, I restart, go into recovery mode again > disk utility > first aid and lo and behold.. the data partition checks out... what the actual fuck. It fixed itself after going into target disk mode?? The other partition with OS-specific files is still failing, but maybe the reinstall will fix that I wonder? So, I reinstall through recovery mode and what-do-ya-know, I'm greeted with a once-again working computer. I pause before the log in screen I'm presented with, and ponder the day wasted.. I log in and there before me as the final slap in the face, I'm greeted with the following: An update is available for your Mac. Hahah.. you fucker.. Yeah sure why not.. *click*

    Welp, there's my Saturday.. g'nite

    • Updating is a trap! Better just wait and get a new machine with the latest software just to be suregrafician
    • I’ll do it next week or the week afternb
    • You should be using Git for your software projects. Both Gitlab and Github have generous free tiers.section_014
    • I'm not sure I trust any cloud-based repository with my more important projects. But yeah, ideally that would have saved my hide in a worst case scenario..SteveJobs
    • I treat my devices as disposable trash and organise my stuff so that everything is on external repositoriesmekk
    • Password Manager, Google One for Phone backups, Git and Docker. Office365 Cloud. I only store minimal stuff that I'm working on in that week on my desktop andmekk
    • move it to my backed up HDDs once it's done.mekk
    • Get one of these
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  • sted5
  • grafician1

    Pic of the Day

    Some "snapshots" of Henry Cartier-Bresson, just to put you young photo players in your spot...

    You need to have a concept behind your photos, not just taking random photos of grannies with their lips out and calling it photography. Sorry to say but street photography got a lot worse these days with the advent of dslrs, smartphones, etc. just because you shoot Fuji or Leica doesn't make you a good street photographer, you gotta have the eye, you gotta have the thinking, and a quick finger on the shutter to take the perfect shot.

    • I like both forms. Shame you're so militant. And yes, I do see your point (I think) that most modern street photography is trash. But Martins above is not that.inteliboy
    • I only get a boner when I see true beautygrafician
    • I have nothing against Martin, his "Other" exhibition shots are fucking great, I have a problem with you guys thinking photography is easy and anything "cool"grafician
    • anything "cool" goesgrafician
    • Recently I mentored a young photographer, she applied to the Academy of Arts here, won second place, she's in, but it took me 2 years to...grafician
    • have her get rid of all the photography cliches so she can get in 2nd in place even.grafician
    • I by no means posted that one image + links thinking he is the END ALL of street photography...freakpelican
    • Just found a lot of his images to be great captures of what i miss about living in a busy city. Sure, there just 'snapshots' i guess?!freakpelican
    • Yes for sure, that's why fine art photos and street photos are not the same in any way. Street photography is observing, but fine art street photography is tellgrafician
    • is telling a story about that moment, that's why street photographers are unknowns and photo journalists take the Pulitzersgrafician
    • again we are talking serious street photography as photo journalism vs. tourist snapshots style photos heregrafician
    • so unless you're thinking it thru A LOT your street snapshot is not going anywhere, just another shot in a sea of street shotsgrafician
    • This is Pic Of The Day thread, Not Best Fine Art Photo Of The Day. I'm not sure why you're taking such a harsh vibe on his work.freakpelican
    • You know, you're right, keep believing any photography is good photography, who am I to judge right lolgrafician
    • Do you also shit on peoples taste in movies as not being true "award winning films"? Maybe publish some of your millions of unused images so we can judge yours?freakpelican
    • That old "who are you to judge" stance is getting old. I made my point, take it as you will.grafician
    • You are literally the one who brought up the "who am i to judge" stance. I'm taking you as someone with a chip on their shoulder as their only point.freakpelican
    • I'm difficult sometimes, but all my tips to get better as a photographer are still very valid.grafician
    • And I'm just tired of ppl thinking they know photography just because they shoot on film or are great designers 'cuz they run Adobe appsgrafician
    • youre just projecting all this shit onto us. no one said his work was fine art, and no one said his work was 'cool'.inteliboy
    • yawntank02
    • Haven’t we all learned by now that art has nothing and everything to do with what you think it is? Pulling up HCB and holding his work as a litmus test for...ben_
    • Younger artists is lazy. “Oh they aren’t THIS good” is the same old cliche art world gatekeeping.ben_
    • You know, graf, here's the thing about all art forms: it's subjective. What you like isn't necessarily what I like, and vice-versa. And guess what?Continuity
    • Both *opinions* (because that's exactly what they are) are perfectly valid. This is where the discussion starts and stops, as far as the appreciation of art ...Continuity
    • ... goes. Yes, for many people, St-Henri is the end-all and be-all of photography. On the other hand, it's absolutely valid for someone to like the photo ...Continuity
    • ... freakpelican posted. Maybe it resonates with them somehow. You won't know, because you aren't them, and it's really pointless to shit on their opinion.Continuity
    • And it's nothing to do with 'telling it like it is'. That's a bullshit argument. You're not the world's leading authority on photography. Cool your jets.Continuity
    • That said, I don't particularly like the photo FP posted, either. But that just, like, my opinion, man. And I'm perfectly happy if others see something in itContinuity
    • ... that I don't.Continuity
    • @continuity When did I shat on anyone opinions around here? I just expressed and shared what I know to be right. Yes, my tone was maybe off, but I that's thatgrafician
    • Imagine if I told you these shots sucked, because I think they were. Why? I’m entitled. Why?... just because, my man.maquito
    • Think about any single photo of the $300 book of lachapelle I gave to my wife as a present a few years back..maquito
    • What’s the fucking concept behind any of those stupid shots? Being cool?, I dont know why I’m even discussing.maquito