For a better tomorrow.

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    started making each cup of coffee individually, grinding beans and using an aeropress and it's so much nicer. it tastes better than coffee from the pot, and the diligence and attention required to carefully make each cup makes the experience more variable and rewarding.

    • nice, get better beans!fourth
    • very zenGnash
    • you're in your early to mid 30's/.... aren't you sarahfailin?notype
    • yep, around there!sarahfailin
    • I remember doing this in my mid 30s as well. Now I don't have patience to brew my own shit. I have a literal mr. coffee, starts at 6a,just shoot me up already!notype
    • Using standard pre-ground coffee prior to Aeropress? Is it fresh coffee (grinded) or the process?I just got a vietnam drip kit to try somethign different.Squiddy
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    The Healthy Thread

    I used to snack on sugary based foods during the day. A biscuit for example. But Energy levels tended to spike and hunger feelings amplified.

    Recently been trying to cut out all processed sugars from my diet. Sweet food items are only fruits or dried fruits.

    Instead I've been eating lard - using it as filling for omelettes, adding it to cooked lentils/rice etc.

    Also switched to water biscuits or oat thins sandwiched with lard for work day snack. Result, even energy levels throughout the day, no hungry feelings.

    My grandmother's neighbour lived to be 97 and was in perfect health, used to eat a lard sandwiches everyday. I used to think lard was gross... maybe it's Portuguese lard, which has a slight BBQ smokey flavour, getting quite addicted to it. Everything tastes better with a good chunk of lard in it.

    • *Changes username to lardsalad ;)microkorg
    • Enjoy it whilst you can - decent lard's hard to come by back in Blighty. I really miss manteca colora - it's one of the few things I still bring back from Spaindetritus
    • something with how the word sounds -- "lard" -- which throws me offdrgs
    • I threw up a little when I read "lard sandwich".section_014
    • When I was a kid I found the idea absolutely disgusting - esp. watching old Spanish men in bars wolf that shit down.
      As an adult? nomnom nose2tail4eva
    • It's quite seasoned in Iberia - not just plain rendered fat. Think of it like 'essence of the most delicious thing ever cooked'.detritus
    • Lardo!
    • groog. i had some seasoned lard in köln once, utterly vile.hans_glib
    • manteca colora? bleargh, like a pure fat version of sobresadahans_glib
    • Yep, deeelish! My folks are in Mallorca now - I've asked them to bring back some sobrasada for me to collect from their place in a month or so. Can't wait.detritus
    • Mind you - I had some Polish lard a couple of years back and it made me feel sick as a dog all evening. Not so deeelish.detritus
    • Beef drippings and lard, chicken fat too. Best fats/oils for you. For 1000's of year humans have got fat in their diet from animals and fish.shapesalad
    • Then it was olive oil, good fresh, not so good heated up. Only in modern times are we having crap like margarine and veg oil. No thanks to that.shapesalad
    • I've started using rapeseed oil for high temp cooking this year. Watched a 'how it's made' on Canola Oil last night and... yeah. Really not sure about that shitdetritus
    • Lard best for high temp, really high smoke point.shapesalad
    • yeah. but it stinks the kitchen out. I'm banned from using dripping and lard for frying in my house.. flol.detritus
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    so the PSB thread has been deleted ? without a comment ? really ?

    • you totally won it, btw. iPad should be yoursGnash
    • Was going to bump the Qbn stickers thread, but after this... Better be quiet amigoOBBTKN
    • where did it go?utopian
    • Does someone want to explain to Utopian what deleting something means?set
    • It means the thread went to a farm upstate.pango
    • classichans_glib
    • Who won?microkorg
    • QBN won by photoshopping the whole thread out.
      #someta #stalindidnothingwro...
    • Why didn't just tell us that they were cancelling or postponing it?
      "For a better tomorrow" now back up again.
    • the people of qbn demand an explanation !d_gitale
    • all suggested pics suckeddrgs
    • hahaha, pango :)Gnash
    • Finally. Someone got my joke!pango
    • Pango's wrong, the thread returned to its home planet.garbage
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    • I'm like 1:15:00 in, this version of Night In Tunisia is fucking wild!! Gonna have to leave the office soon, not even half way through! christ.kingsteven
    • no shit, and This Here @ 2:02:58 is crazy. Considering it's 2 hours in - wowwhatthefunk
    • heh, will resume tomorrow morning. great post, cheers.kingsteven
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    • lol @ removing his knighthood, it will be forgotten by tomorrow. He's a billionaire, he gets a free pass.fadein11
    • So wokerobthelad
    • and every other kingdom on the planet was formed my baking cookies and sharing stories.Gnash
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    Just ordered "the" ring. Planning out a romantic trip next. Suddenly got very light headed!

    • Romantic, but in 2018 it's about time for man buys ring, woman buys motorbike. I think it's fair. They want gender equality. I'm all for this exchange.shapesalad
    • I know right. I think the diamond will really go with my welsh matted hair!mugwart
    • I've had that on DVD for years and still not watched it. The Japanese original, right?detritus
    • My ex wife was japanese and I probably would have loved to watch her get thrown down a well! ... low blow and spoilers!mugwart
    • http://www.reactiong…Bluejam
    • oh shit, sorry mugwart - I forgot about that connection.. what a terribly inappropriate (and, let's face it, shit) joke, hahaha! Good luck to you both xxdetritus
    • lol, wrong post - ignoreBluejam
    • My gf doesn't approve of my stance on diamonds - either lab-grown or raw and unpolished. OR we go dig the fucker out ourselves... .detritus
    • Diamonds are a scam.pango
    • haha don't worry detritus I laughed!
      I don't agree with them either, made sure they didn't have anything like that. Rings exist and are cheaper!
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    Show some recent work

    Playing with some patterns for a music video I am currently working on.

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    Punches For:

    What. a. fucking. moron.

    • yepfadein11
    • and your wife recognizes them while you were away at the beach in Marbella too._niko
    • Why stop there, he could post a photo of the Japanese team and say he recognise them from Sushi Sakura buffet restaurant.shapesalad
    • Recognise the Mexican team from Tacobell. Recognise the English team from the British bar. The Irish team from just about every Irish bar in every country.shapesalad
    • Anyway. Why they celebs post on twitter when they could join qbn and post anonymously and pic up some PS tips.shapesalad
    • lol, is this guy for real?Gnash
    • ^ I was expecting a stereotypical old posh dude. he sounds like a character out of a guy ritchie filmGnash
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    Russia World Cup 2018

    Japanese picking up garbage after win.…

    • Is this a thing?dbloc
    • yea. it's realnudes
    • maybe in japan. dunno.hotroddy
    • Gathering waste after a sporting event is customary in Japan, the spectators’ actions came as a shock to football fans from other countries.dbloc
    • people of Japanese origin expressed how proud they were of the custom.dbloc
    • Propaganda - Not all Japanese like that. Sure Japan is clean, but they leave trash on beaches and after Hanami. Plus society is suffocating.shapesalad
    • so, this propaganda, and leaving all your shit behind is what?valentim
    • Japan produces 90% of all plastic, they better pick it updrgs
    • Shopping for bread in Tokyo = 3 layers of plastic: wrap sheet, small bag + ribbon, then in larger shop bag + tape to seal bag. for a simple baguette.shapesalad
    • I think it's more a case of, if they didn't pick up trash, boss back in Japan of salaryman football fan degrade him for bringing shame on Japan.shapesalad
    • And now a precedent is set: Japanese fans at international games must now clean up stadiums otherwise they bring shame on Japan. Didn't this start at Olympics?shapesalad
    • Sucks to be Japanese. Better to be English, where reputation at away football game is to get roaring drunk and engage in mindless violence.shapesalad
    • Fucken Japanese. They just gotta up everybody at everything.pango
    • I know Canadians are not far behind.hotroddy
    • @drgs 'Produces' being keyword. Japan is a productive society.hotroddy
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    Joke of the Day

    QBN Photoshop Battle

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    Went for a walk today. Went to check my PO Box...when I came back out onto the street, an exceptionally good looking young lady, probably early 20's, walks past clearly also out for some exercise. Was hard not to notice her sheer yoga pants that were semi see through in the sun that clearly highlighted her g-string. I was behind her for a good 10 minutes...but started to feel slighty uncomfortable, especially after what has just transpired in Melbourne, with a young woman murdered. I could tell this person was glancing back every couple of minutes to see where I was.

    So I decided to just cross the road, take a side street and go on a completely different route. Didn't want to make the woman feel any more uneasy.

    Anyway...I walk another 5 minutes or so and the same person comes up another side street and starts walking the same route as me again...she glanced over and I could tell she was thinking I was some kind of creepy stalker...what made matters worse was when she took out some keys and unlocked a gate - again looking at me as if to say 'fuck off you dirty old man'.

    Was really uncomfortable. Last thing I was trying to do was follow or perve on her. My efforts to remove myself from the situation clearly failed and made things worse. Yuk!

    • Go to a church and pray Ave Maria 10 times, sinner... j/k
      Been there, kreepy af, one time the girl started running, how to tell her; Ey! I'm tall but a nice guy
    • lolSimonFFM
    • pics or vids?VectorMasked
    • this. I always feel uncomfortable, even in a busy city street walking behind women in 'sexy' clothing or yoga pants etcshapesalad
    • can so easily be accused of being a pervert, or at least looking creepy. Not that I don't first assess the ass-tits to determine how uncomfortable I feel.shapesalad
    • ^^ let's just say I was VERY VERY uncomfortable...if you get my drift. Even that sounds a bit creepy.BusterBoy
    • Should've just asked her if she has Jesus Christ in her life. That'd knock her off the scent.microkorg
    • Excuse me. Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?pango
    • maybe she was stalking you?hans_glib
    • username checks outmekk
    • Been there. It happened more than once. Talked to her, explained i just live in the same area, and also like running. Now we smile and wave.jagara
    • We shouldn't normalize paranoid feelings of "rape culture". If I was a woman in an actual rape culture, I wouldn't wear yoga pants, but something less revealingsofas
    • and maybe more practical, like pants with a pocket to hide a knife. Not that i'm blaming victims, people should be able to wear what the want and be safesofas
    • I would add, buzz my hair, ditch high heels, start practicing martial arts. I wonder why men behave this way...?sofas
    • I hold up my hands and say I'm innocent and then tell them the location your going in. Smile (non creepy)mugwart
    • its a shitty situation but they also project as much on to you. Its not fair that you feel shitty for walking around your area.mugwart
    • here's a question - Yoga pants women feel ok with pretty much revealing all - but us guys feel super not ok to wear tight trousers that reveal the general.shapesalad
    • Guys wear lycra for cycling, but you don't see guy wearing lycra so casually in public as women wearing yoga pants. Perhaps women need to think about that.shapesalad
    • For men, we don't reveal so much physically, we're modest - is that because we know how we react to seeing a hot girl in yoga pants?shapesalad
    • @shapesalad
      You should read Shteyngart's Super Sad True Love Story
      "He amuses himself ... by inventing godawful rand names for the goods and services
    • of the shameless future: The most popular clothing retailers boast the labels TotalSurrender, AssDoctor, and JuicyPussy.soundofreason
    • Another, somewhat less provocatively titled, company, Onionskin, markets skintight, transparent jeans designed to be worn without underwear.'"
      Terrence Rafferty
    • Me and my brother were out for drinks a while ago. We go past an alley where we see a young woman crying and we instinctively stop.soundofreason
    • We then look at each other for a second and he tells me "I don't want to get metooed", it was exactly what I was thinking. We continued our way.soundofreason
    • ^ we live in sick times.
      Both are right.
    • In Taiwan I saw an old man knocked off his scooter. Bleeding from face. Hot scooter exhaust on his leg. No one helped him. Just wait for ambulance.shapesalad
    • because of previous scams, people hesitant to get involved incase they get accused of something and have to pay hospital fee.shapesalad
    • that sort of nonsense totally sucks in modern life, in regards to your metooed comment. Sucks we can't help without fear of repercussions.shapesalad
    • < always, always, cross the street. never follow closely behind a woman.Gnash
    • happened to me once with my next door neighbour who I didn't know after recently moving in to the building, I "followed" her to her door for about 10 minutes :(sofas
    • I usually address the situation if I'm following someone like that into my apartment, something like:jaylarson
    • Don't mind me, I just happen to be following you into my apartment. Or anything to lighten the alienating weirdness. Meta is relevantjaylarson
    • Don't mind me, I just happen to be following you into your apartment.set
    • loljaylarson
    • ^ A policmen came to our school when I was a teenager and said this. I always thought it was common sense.mugwart
    • Vanity. Always pretend they're not even there, and walk it like she's the one who should be looking.Maaku
    • Yea when she looks over just look at her in horror and run off screamingset
    • everytime I follow a woman on the street, any street, any time of the day, they look nervous...Bennn
    • ^ Must be your face, they smile at me :)Maaku
    • Lol you guys paranoid so much.pango
    • ^ ThisETM
    • I'd have done the same...or speed up, pass and if you feel comfortable, let them know you're just passing by.see_thru
    • Their fear is their fear. Just keep walking and ignore that shit.cannonball1978
    • What Canonball1978 said. Don't forget to wolf whistle though on the way past ;)microkorg
  • Gardener2
    • yes, towards the kill zone!futurefood
    • I want this NOW!!!see_thru
    • Welcome! Welcome! Leave your eggs at the front door and u might you lose your head by paying attention to the Botticelli fresco on the ceiling.sted
    • nothing cooler than shoveling multiple layers of chicken shit from an ufo on trampoline frame.sted
    • - But they didn't know there was a fox inside..Bindegal
  • utopian2


    Big Banks Are Once Again
    Taking Risks With Complex Financial Trades

    Big banks are skirting the rules on the sale of the complex financial instruments that helped bring about the 2008 financial crisis, by exploiting a loophole in federal banking regulations, a new report says.……

    • #MAGAutopian
    • ***airhorn blast***monospaced
    • Their pensions are also being traded like a commodity. Stupid fucks.monospaced
    • Don't worry, the GOP is going to de-regulate, that should help.formed
  • detritus2


    I wonder how many of you are having 'private' conversations in non-publicised username profile threads.

    • Can they hit front page?
      I need more time on my hands to try this shit.
    • i thought the feed brought up that sort of thinghans_glib
    • Feed brings up things you've involved yourself in - not sure about main links.detritus
    • eg.…detritus
    • I don't recall ever seeing this spamdetritus
    • go back through the topic numbers - there's fuckloads of spammy shit in there.. i wonder if there's anything else too?
      STED, STAT!
    • Crikey, I just came across some from 9 years ago that had html/js in the usernames.. which as I'm sure you can imagine leads to some interesting hackery..detritus
    • ...I presume that loophole's long-since fixed?detritus
    • i remember Orazal once saying that the user profiles were totally under-utilized.Gnash
    • yeah for example it would be great to start private conversations what only the two parties can see...sted
    • Are you worried your secret little ntc profile chat will hit front page?set
    • (lol)set
    • I've no idea what you're on about, and I've not been involved with NTC for about 18 months, set.detritus
    • I just noticed something beforehand and then dug around a bit and wondered a bit more. But hey, whatever floats your boat.detritus
    • OH, you mean the pre-NTC 'SBT' thread which everyone found about 6 years ago? No, I don't give a shit about that.detritus
    • But nice use of your typically condescending diminutives.
      'Aw Bless'.
    • hahaha jesus fucking christ you're sensitive. Look at that response. It's so utterly gloriously petty and defensive hahahahahaha. Ahhhh. I am replete.set
    • You must really value my opinionset
    • To give one single shit about what I say, let alone twenty thousand glorious gold plated shitsset
    • So, I conclude, that my opinion is of divine worthiness, and thus, I thank you for your devotion and give permission to go on about your lowly day.set
    • I wasn't even really trying troll you but it just comes so naturallyset
    • If i'm defensive it's because for some reason you hang off my balls all the time, prodding and jabbing at my posts here.
      I have no idea why.
    • You can just ignore me, you know? Other than an accidental +1 in the pockets thread last week, that's what I've been trying to do with you.detritus
    • I prod cos I know you're so fucking sensitive to it, and you do it to othersset
    • so I guess a small part of me enjoys doing it to you and seeing your ridiculous reactionset
    • Look at that up there it's pure fucking goldset
    • ..and I commend you for apparently trying to ignore me recently, but let's be honest, usually you jump on me at any opportunity you get :)set
    • You and fadein, every time. You're my qbn nemesiseseses didn't you know?set
    • It's just a laff, innit?set
    • Not really, you're boring. Does anyone else reading this see the irony in set's reaction? I'm assuming he doesn't.detritus
    • Oh stop it, now. I'm entertaining myself. You're getting all petty and lameset
    • I love you, mate. You're an interesting, intelligent, humorous part of this place and it would be a lot worse without you. Just relax, will ya?set
    • bitchespinkfloyd
    • note whores, the lot of yaimbecile
    • Just use a throw away email accountpango
    • lolpinkfloyd
    • get a secret thread for fuck sake.lvl_13
    • Now who are the bitches, lolset
    • I've added pinky on WhatsApp for shit and Google before. Kept sending him dick butts till he blocked me... Forgot how I got it.pango
    • for y'all https://slippery.ema…shapesalad
    • but we're showing off, it's no fun in private we just end up kissingset