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    there's this guy with a cart he pushes around the neighborhood selling elote, a mexican street corn that's delicious. he honks a horn as he passes, like a lo-fi ice cream truck for fatties.

    i've partaken a couple times, finding myself high and/or drunk often during quarantine. these things are the so-cal vegetarian equivalent of a doner kebab at 4am.

    now the fucker is on to me and sits outside my house every day spamming that horn, knowing full well i'm an indulgent, generally inebriated fuck with a couple dollars in my sofa cushions, and the fact that he's right has made it really annoying. so now i'm in a standoff with the guy, him honking that horn of derision, and me holing up in my house pretending i'm not home.

    i figure once he quits stopping here i'll start buying again

    • Lol, how many do you buy?Fax_Benson
    • Classic Mexican standoff!zarkonite
    • they're 2 for $5, so i get one for myself and one for the chickens. it comes on a stick i push in the ground so it stands up. they go nuts over itscarabin
    • “One for the chickens”nb
    • lol!scarabin
    • There is a similar lady here that sells tamales. She yells "TAMALES" so loud you can hear her coming for blocks. These two should start a mariachi duo.capn_ron
    • they're going to rebel if you take away their daily dose and start making noise while you're trying to hide hahahasted
    • Looks delicious. I once tried “deep-fried lemon pie on a stick” at SD county fairgrounds. It tasted like heart strokes.maquito
    • 2 of these for 5 bucks geezas!% oh maan you got stoner candy addiction, and the guy found a goldmine ahahahsted
    • Also, best $1 fish tacos I ever had: mexican stand inside a Chevron or Valero near Encinitas. SD FTW.maquito
    • omg that's one of them good problemsgarbage
    • YupGuyFawkes
    • Did it come with a roll of toilet paper?utopian
    • I need a good Mexican food truck in my life right now. elote is the shit.monospaced
    • Be polite and tell him: "Ey mamón!! Te compraré de nuevo cuando tenga un cojón!"OBBTKN
    • God damn it why does this have to be on top of the feed, now I'm starving.garbage
    • Pro-tip: If you have a beard, ask for esquites. Afterwards you don't look like you've committed some mouth-related crime.garbage
    • This is the best thread I have ever read on QBNdkoblesky
    • "At least I got chicken"kaiyohtee
    • https://media.giphy.…GuyFawkes
    • "quits stopping here i'll start buying again"
      Say that to him.
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    • Every year I swear I'm gonna make one of these for Halloween.lemmy_k
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    Stock of the Day

    I just signed up to Robinhood.

    • I sold and or moved all my stocks with the stock & financial investor and rolled them into my 401k. I was tired of calling to buy & sell stock and paying for itutopian
    • Their commissions add up quickly and their transactions were too slow for my liking. I'm guessing because I wasn't their tycoon golfing buddy.utopian
    • You had to call for trades and pay? You’re so full of shit utopian. That hasn’t been a thing in years.monospaced
    • Schwab has instant trades. All free. All major brokerages offer that.monospaced
    • Full of shit? I have had relationship with my broker for 15 years. I never used any technology to make my own trades until today. Fuck off know it all.utopian
    • innovation at workmonospaced
    • TO THE MOON!pango
    • that is pretty hilarious utopian. very old school.…sarahfailin
    • ha! Innovation never sleepsstoplying
    • @utopian good to start with the hoodies.
      but i think you're going to move to webull or something what actually give you far more options than robbinwoodies
    • Is this from that 3 stooges fantasy movie?scarabin
    • Yeah were dis dude from?GuyFawkes
    • Brb gotta send a fax to my broker about some bitcoinz, hopefully he'll page me back b4 my beeper battery diesGuyFawkes
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    Started new job and the team are about 25% into a big project, they have settled on a creative route and got the client onboard. It worked in the little 'preview' they did, but as we fill out this big project and try to communicate the nuances of the content with this limited creative route, it's just becoming a dogs dinner.

    I just can't think of design solutions when the end result is a turd.

    But this is what the others in the team are churning out. Staggering eye sores of turds all bashed together mincing up the original clean creative route. Non of it works as an elegant design solution to communicate the content. Instead it's all awkward and ugly in its communication.

    All I want to do is trash everything done so far and start again over with a new creative solution, route, design language and visual approach that is more suitable for the content. I even worked one up, it's so simple to find a route that would work.

    But I can't show this to the team, or derail it... it's too late, they sold their route to the client and they are 25% along with the project.

    I'm barely getting anything done working from home as i just can't bare to look at this turd.

    Man it's hard to think of ugly design solution. Every time the team upload new stuff I'm take aback "oh this is what they are doing with this creative route... no wonder I can't think of any ideas... My god! my eyes, my eyes!"

    Unfortunately... I have to go with the herd here and churn out turds...

    This is the hardest work I've ever had to do....

    • ffs they need to go back to the client and fess up the original route isn't working as they'd hoped. explain it's all part of the creative process, it's normalhans_glib
    • and that the revised version will be much more workable and better for the client in the long run. otherwise the project is destined to crash and burnhans_glib
    • as the client eventually notices the huge pile of turdhans_glib
    • Clients appreciate change of plans when motivated + in their interest.
      If you believe your route is better for all, you must at least mention it to the team.
    • problem is, they, the team, are totally into this creative dogs dinner route. And as I've just started, I don't want to establish and them vs me situation.shapesalad
    • Design being subjective and all - are you wholly sure it's simply that it doesn't suit your taste?Nairn
    • *not sure, ffs.Nairn
    • You're going to deliver a turd because 1/4 of the way into the project you don't have the balls to do the right thing? this is exactly the time to raise a flag.zarkonite
    • If my reports behaved this way I'd consider letting them go.zarkonite
    • or what Nairn said...zarkonite
    • Why taste is beyond question ;-)shapesalad
    • Anyway... my suggested route has been rejected by the client before.. so it's seems this is a silly client problem, though i think agency should have pressed onshapesalad
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    Songs that make you feel down

    ended a 14-year relationship with a girl somewhat recently whose favorite band was the cure. can't listen to old fat bob anymore :/

    • pharmagirl?pango
    • Great album. Definitaly a down vibe.
      'Plainsong' is in my top songs
    • plainsong blows my mind... been listinging to this album a bit recently... Closedown, Last Dance and Same deep water as you are my current favs :)exador1
    • oh man, it's the best cure album! wish i could listen to it again.

      @pango: no, my side girl. stilll with pharmagirl, 25 years now
    • i wouldnt let that happen to me. THE CURE IS MINE! Bitch!pango
    • Definitely one of the saddest albums ever made.CyBrainX
    • Great album and great vibes. Watch the documentary to re-like fat Rob.SimonFFM
    • worst song on the album; the only song I skip...the rest is all pure perfection!Krassy
    • @Scarab: What is a side girl? Am I missing something?OBBTKN
    • ^ lol yes. Yes you are.garbage
    • At one point I recorded a vocal layer for 'same deep water..' but I lost it. I recorded another just now but it not as good :(…cherub
    • Cool, Cherub!
      @OBBTKN: i had an intense relationship with this girl while also in a relationship with pharmagirl, who i also love fiercely
    • I’ve had poly relationships before but that was the longest. I still think about her every day :/scarabin
    • Actual footage of me listening to the cure:…scarabin
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    • a drone? why did no one ask if it was a drone? UFO reports are always so half assed.inteliboy
    • I wonder what theyll give up in 4 monthsGuyFawkes
    • A drone flying as fast as a missile at over 37,000 ft. or 7 miles up? Okay, sounds like a drone.utopian
    • you're a drone.inteliboy
    • they said it came straight at them, and would seem incredibly fast even if it was just a drone.monospaced
    • military exercise.Krassy
    • I was thinking military as well....however the military said there wasn't any exercises, nor was the FAA notified by the military of any activity or exercises.utopian
    • yeah like mil is going to admit to a runaway missile/drone/whatev...renderedred
    • ^ exactly.Krassy
    • ^^hah yeafuturefood
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    • His work is incredibaws!PhanLo
    • I'm detecting a theme... model makers talk slowly.shapesalad
    • nice and thoroughbezoar
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    • I never saw any people working there. I thought they were abandoned long ago.lemmy_k
    • what an incredible store that was. capitalism and consumerism at full display. something you'd only find in usahotroddy
    • I used to go there every payday. RIP.GuyFawkes
    • CircuitCity, then RadioShack, and now Fry's? damn.Krassy
    • Where are the nerds going to go to perv out on capacitors???futurefood
    • FYI - Radioshack is now open online!utopian
    • i liked that they sold all kinds of components even though I had no use for or understanding of themsarahfailin
    • this is where people who knew went. everyone else went to best buyscarabin
    • Pc builders heavenGuyFawkes
    • Felectronicsmilfhunter
    • When we'd travel to the west coast and needed a piece of gear for a shoot it was the only place to go. RIPstoplying
    • those wild linesAQUTE
    • Anyone ever go to Incredible Universe? it was like 90's geek disneylandakiersky
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    "it's still very early days"
    It has been 12 years. A person can be conceived, be born, earn part time money delivering newspapers, and lose it all in BTC during this time.

    Imagine you are a car merchant. You sell a car for 1 BTC (which by chance is the "correct" BTC value at the time of purchase). The next day BTC dumps 20%.

    Imagine you want to buy a car. You pay 1 BTC. The next day BTC pumps 20%.

    A currency is only useful if its stable, not at the time of purchase, but just holding it in general.

    The world sees absolutely no urgent need to adopt it, because Bitcoin fixes nothing.

    Bitcoin is for gambling, like internet is for porn. It is its only use

    • Bitcoin is a store of value rather than a currency at this point. Look into stabkecoins such as DAI.zaq
    • lol 12 years on and still going on as if btc is a currency.inteliboy
    • everyone is free to do whatever they want. You do gamble, I do savings.ESKEMA
    • I remember 5 or so years ago there was still a lot of talk of it being a currency, even small local shops tried to accept Bitcoin.yuekit
    • It's not a currency. It's a store of value, and only a fraction of the world has started to get that, hence fluctuations in price.shapesalad
    • You are welcome to keep cash under your mattress, or exchange it for property(with on going maintenance costs), gold/silver(make sure you have it in handshapesalad
    • and stored in a good quality safe), or bitcoin - easy few clicks to buy, a usb stick to store. Easy to liquidate, store and transport.shapesalad
    • Can not be seized by government, can not be manipulated by a central bank or government. If you had a few $m to $b where would you store that value?shapesalad
    • Of course you can buy stocks also, and value investments stocks that pay dividend and have no debts are arguably a good alternative to bitcoin.shapesalad
    • But both serve different purposes, hence it's with putting 5% of your portfolio into BTC, rest in long long value investment companies with moats.shapesalad
    • Fooled by randomnessbabydick
    • if kid keeps the worthless coins, he‘ll be set by 20...if he sells them at low price he‘ll learn also a lesson. no difference.uan
    • Except for your last porn analogy I agree.SimonFFM
    • Correct. It has to be converted to a currency.Hayoth
    • It's a pisspoor way of storing value, it's been incredibly unstable and it looks like that's a built in feature. Central banks were invented for a reason...zarkonite
    • If the ground under your house was as unstable as bitcoin no one would say they have a safe home. You'd fucking move.zarkonite
    • I think you should think in decades / generations not in years. these days regulation makes a currency stable. this is what's nowhere with bitcoinsted
    • I'm having a lot of fun spreading it about a bit more now. I just had it sitting in bitcoin for years (not a lot 1kish). had written it off after the big crashfadein11
    • its now double. (yes I was late to the game)
      and it's kind of fun playing with the volatile coins. made more today than just leaving it in bitcoin
    • imagine if that person held bitcoin for 12 years, it would be a very poor person today right. Those poor people that held for 12 years are now rekt.ESKEMA
    • right?ESKEMA
    • @ESKEMA even the real Michael J. burry is against the BTC bubble, you're basically signalling you have zero morals lolgrafician
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    Politically Correct OTD

    Punches for the Toronto star, their articles are on par with the Toronto sun these days.


    “Zero Black or Indigenous women are on track for the corner office in a majority of big companies, survey finds”

    Study found 89 per cent of the organizations surveyed have zero Black women “in the pipeline to the leadership level, and 91 per cent have zero Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) women.”

    The Canadian black population is 4% so if half are women then that means 2% but according to the article 11% of corporations have black women in the pipeline so really they are OVER-represented by a factor of 4x same for indigenous women who make up 2.5% of the Canadian population but according to this article make up 9% of these leadership roles.

    Am I missing something? It sounds like they are doing ok but the star spins it to make it sound that there are 0% of these women being represented.…

    • For starters, you’re comparing the percentage of companies with the percentage of people... that doesn’t make any sensenb
    • The star has been a silly paper for a while nowGnash
    • Nb why should the percentage change population vs companies? So if the population is 50% women it makes sense that the workforce is 50% women too._niko
    • So it’s expected that 50% of companies in Canada have a female CEO. Which is great, But the star would say ZERO women CEOs in 50% of companies._niko
    • What you’re missing is that it isn’t 11% of companies are black or indigenous. It’s that 11% might have one. They are still very UNDERrepresented.monospaced
    • They aren’t giving you the % of non white employees in leadership either. That would be too useful for a fair comparison.monospaced
    • Sooo you're not comparing population vs workforce or population vs employees. You're comparing population vs companies.nb
    • Some companies have 50,000 employees, others have 3 employees. So 1/50000 or 1/3 constitutes a mark in that 11% category of companies.nb
    • I'm not making a moral argument here, I'm just explaining why your numbers don't line up. Speaking strictly from a statistic point of viewnb
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    FFFFound is back! (Almost)

    Post your fax # for invites

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    FDA says Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine meets requirements for emergency use authorization.…

    Who the hell wants to receive a vaccine that is only 66.9% effective?

    • Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccine 66.9% effective
    • Pfizer covid-19 vaccine 95% effective
    • Moderna covid-19 vaccine 94.1% effective

    • I trust Johnson.

      NOT so much Johnson.
    • S P U T N I K 5renderedred
    • isn't the point they all prevent serious illness/hospitalisat...fadein11
    • LOL, ideaist.
      I read that in Norm Macdonald's voice.
    • open and shut case johnsonGuyFawkes
    • i heard that J&J was tested against many more covid variants and that's why lower % and if Pf or Mod had tested against the newer variants it wouldnt be in theslinky
    • 90+ %slinky
    • and i also heard they are considering a 2nd J&J shot which would raise effectiveness to similar to Pf & Mod.slinky
    • 66.9% is very high. A typical flu vaccine for comparison might only be 40-50% effective. But that's enough. Pfizer/Modern are amazingly highBaskerviIle
    • https://en.wikipedia…BaskerviIle
    • https://www.courier-…slinky
    • ^I read that in Dave Chappelle's voicegrafician
    • So you guise can get in line for the 66% effective vaccine shot...I'm getting the 95% effective vaccine shot.utopian
    • 28% effectiveness is a big difference.utopian
    • Probability is a dick like that.noRGB
    • as long as everyone shoots up the 5G we will all be fineGuyFawkes
    • --S P U T N I K 5--ApeRobot
    • I'd get it, then get the Pfizer/Moderna later when they are more available. Something is better than nothing at this pointakiersky