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    Anyone else here still holding onto childhood?

    I have a few hundred Yu-Gi-Oh! cards consisting of a couple pretty aggressive / defensive decks. I never play them anymore, I was in my late 30s when I got into it for about 6-9 months. My card protectors are even My Little Pony, everyone thought I didn’t know how to play and people hated losing to me... like I wasn’t taking the game seriously. :D

    I’ve also amassed a collection of 27 LEGO sets. Consists of all the police sets from the first Lego movie with other larger sets from the movie as well. None of them are opened, I just own them. I have a couple from the Lego Batman movie, one is open / built, the rest still sealed. The only ones I would build out were the Star Wars sets, there’s 6 of those assembled or partially assembled.

    I have no idea why I own this stuff anymore. It just seems to take up space. Lately I’ve thought I should sell this dust collecting plastic to free up some closet space.

    Currently the pile of Lego sets is sitting obnoxiously in the corner of my living room taunting me to sell them.

    Prepare for a similar post in the Making Beats thread regarding my collection of controllers that also collect dust.

    • Boxes of Lego and Construx and comics in bag and board, even a rubbermaid tub of He-Man junk. I'M TAKING IT WITH ME.i_monk
    • I'll have anyones old records lolGardener
    • I'll buy the lego if you are selling.dasohr
    • "lego investing"
    • my son's old yugioh collection has a bunch of $300 cards in it now.Gnash
    • Still have my Mk1 Raleigh Burner and my wee brothers Mk2 Team Raleigh BUrner from the early 80s.microkorg
    • In my 20s I decided to collect star brites from rainbowbrite.. hunting them in op shops mainly. Amassed about 30.. wife wants to get rid of them as daughterautoflavour
    • Doesn’t play with them.. but I struggle to let them goautoflavour
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    Releasing music...

    My new EP, Black Ice, Is out now. Have a listen:

    Whole EP is here:…
    Enjoy ;)

  • autoflavour8

    What are you drinking?

    The blood of my enemies

  • utopian3

    News of the day...

    #MAGA Alert!

    • but he's supporting marginalized groups, isn't that a good thingGnash
    • sex perverts are sex perverts - nothing to do with race, political persuasion, class, religion etc. no point point scoring because the teams are equal ability.Fax_Benson
    • although they are all short, apparently.Fax_Benson
    • I'm sure his wife shrivelled and dried up decades ago, what's an old coot to do if he's still got ink in the ol' pen? lol_niko
    • oops sorry his wife died in '11 bad joke :(
      but if he's single and lonely and can still get it up at his age, have at 'em I say
    • @Fax, I think the issue is that Republicans spew holier-than-thou religious rhetoric and then get busted for gay/sex/etc. So yeah, 100% political persuasion.ArmandoEstrada
    • his church will completely forgive him, you know, tithe and all.capn_ron
    • Kraft is / always has been a Democrat. He's pals w/Trump as are many other Dem business owners—nice attempt at the political crap though, dipshits!PonyBoy
    • This isn't even a scandal anymore.omahadesigns
    • propositioning someone for sex is how we proliferate. this appears to be consensual. #notnewsimbecile
    • Usually the people who stick up for people who get hookers, get hookers themselves.severian
    • Not true_niko
    • ^^ Tha is a dumb statement
      So ppl against capital punishments are usually criminals em self?
      Ppl against gov invasion of privacy usually has something to hide?
    • To be honest if prostitution is legalized in the states, mass shooting rate might just go down. some people in the state seriously needs to get laid.pango
    • Scumbag Cheating Patriots Helmetutopian
    • If it's available and the price is right... I'm buying this for you, utopian:…PonyBoy
    • PB - Where are these 'many other Dem business owners' ... are friends with Trump? Do show us. I'll wait.formed
    • 1) Spygate 2007
      2) Deflategate 2015
      3) Trafficgate 2019
    • formed... do you need to go back in time when the orange dork had that tv show and everyone loved him? (and still does secretly)...PonyBoy
    • ... I'm not going to give you a list... you can use your head and sort out that simple math. :)PonyBoy
    • For topes:
      1) no!!... a camera watching another time practice like many teams did.
    • For topes:
      1) no!!... a camera watching another time practice like many teams did.
    • 2) Deflategate... went nowhere cuz it was unprovable AND had ZERO effect on the game. (The balls were replaced at the top of the 1st quarter and weren't used)PonyBoy
    • 3) How about we call it 'Tuggate'? You have a set of balls calling this guy a human trafficker... makes you a bit of a prick to be honest.PonyBoy
    • Once again I'll be accused of supporting this dork of a human simply for pointing out how emotional you clowns get (and jump the gun on bad info)PonyBoy
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    We hired a new part time nanny recently, and she has been amazing for the last two weeks, taking care of our son and teaching him so many new things. A great relationship in the making and I couldn't be happier! A couple of days ago she sent me a text asking if she could make us dinner, which we have never asked her to do and never even considered asking. I called her, and after a quick discussion we agreed she could make something that she specializes in as long as it didn't interfere with taking care of our son.

    After work, I get home, and I can smell something amazing when I stop off the elevator. Sure enough, it's my apartment, and she's there with my son, and dinner is made, and the kitchen is spotless, and I'm beyond excited and happy. Nobody has ever done this before for us (except mom). So we have a wonderful evening, eat this spectacular Dominican rice dish, and are able to spend more time interacting with our son instead of cooking and cleaning. We feel rich.

    Then, a few minutes later, a headache slams me like I've never experienced before. This intense throbbing at the back of my head, and it hurts bad. I tell my wife this, and she says she feels the same, so we take the rare Tylenol, drink a lot of water, and we feel better by bedtime.

    The next morning, the nanny returns and I tell her how amazing it was to have dinner prepared and that I couldn't be more grateful. I said that the dinner tasted incredibly good, and asked if she was able to find all the seasonings in my cabinet (I keep this thing stocked), and she said she had to get a few things, which she proceeds to show me. All three seasonings she added were basically pure MSG. She didn't know it, she was just doing what her mom always did.

    I didn't say that we all got insane headaches, but I'm pretty sure it was the MSG. Until this happened, I was of the concrete belief that anyone who reported MSG caused headaches was just making shit up, part of the placebo effect, but now I'm a solid believer that it does indeed cause dehydration and headaches. Yikes!

    • Presumbly the times you've used your three MSG-containing seasonings, you've not suffered headaches? Implies quantity used, more than anything.Nairn
    • if she used shit-tons, you'd have a high sodium load, but because it's not chloride, you'd not notice 'til it was (very quickly) absorbed.Nairn
    • i thought this was going somewhere else entirely. (that's what you get when you re-read all of miller's books)Gnash
    • MSG is found naturally, especially in Kelp seaweed, I'm not convinced it's the cause. More like the preservatives / colourings / 'Natural' flavourings...shapesalad
    • Not quite - glutamate is indeed found in seaweed (and cheese, tomatoes, etc), whereas the manufactured stuff is bound to sodium to make it chemically stableNairn
    • The unhealthy side of MSG is, as I suggested above, probably just because people double-dose sodium in MSG and then table salt.Nairn
    • Nairn, I didn’t have msg in my cabinet. She bought it. Shapesalad, that was my thinking before this.monospaced
    • We limit our table salt intake becuase the chloride has a very strong taste - MSG doesn't have that, so it's easy to OD.Nairn
    • Like I said. I still think it was quick dehydration from the addition of too much msg. Not something I believed until this truly blind test.monospaced
    • Ah yes, quite right - I misread that part, mono.Nairn
    • She added Goya Sazón (pure msg and preservatives) and an msg based bullion, plus Goya Adobo seasoning, which is pure salt basically. Probably sodium overload.monospaced
    • Jesus :\ The sad thing is, a lot of those short-cut products completely mislead in their presentation - implying natural stock ingredients, but are barelyNairn
    • Lol.. I was half expecting this story ending up with you sleeping with the baby sitter..autoflavour
    • I didn’t read who wrote it until the end.. not a personal dig.. just felt like that was the direction it was takingautoflavour
    • I think it's the iodine that gives table salt it's strong flavour. Try seasalt/kosher salt. It's way smoother.monNom
    • Thanks monNom but I always use kosher salt and that’s all I’ve got in the house.monospaced
    • MSG hands down the worst thing... if doesn’t affect you now, it will later and it is debilitating, head explodes w/ blinding migraine fun!prophetone
    • Stay away from sketchy soups as well like wonton soup base as it’s like mainlining it right to your brain, on like a light switchprophetone
    • I had a bowl of pho today. Pretty sure that has msg in it. We will see.monospaced
    • Man.. please make sure she doesn’t ever put any on your kid’s food.maquito
    • Dude. Kid ate some of the rice. But he slept like a dream so...monospaced
    • It could eventually catch up... first 30 yrs of my life was 100% no prob w/ wonton soup etc - if I consume any MSG now it's pulling the pin on grenadeprophetone
    • I think I repeated myself, only because for me it's like the one thing that will take me down hard, it's in A LOT of food products, always reading those labels!prophetone
    • Why not do an A/B test here and mention the MSG headache and ask her to use your spices that would me a similar match.BonSeff
    • It would be an interesting experiment
      ****Only if you are willing to go through the headache again haha
    • first world probscannonball1978
    • i read on with anticipation and finished disappointed.dasohr
    • Shit dude first world problem. I say lets tax mono more for those without nannies. Too much wealth heredeathboy
    • I'm sorry you're poor deathboy but it's hardly mono's fault is itset
    • I’m not remotely wealthy.monospaced
    • And I pay a shit load of taxes. More than you, for sure, deathboy.monospaced
    • so mono... can I borrow a few bux? take care of us lowly onez, brother!!PonyBoy
    • She went above and beyond in the course of 2 wks, and is not live-in?notype
    • Better than fiction.
      The Babysitter (needs a remake for 2019)
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    I get like 6 spam phone calls a day now.

    The last one told me my Windows server crashed and I should call a number for money.

    • Same here. Phone company won’t do shit about it. It’s their network ffs!!!monospaced
    • Hello, we have detected an intrusion on your pc computer. do you have internet?dasohr
    • Which network? I never get these calls on virgin mobile (sprint)notype
    • I’m on ATTmonospaced
    • Mine are always Chinese language robocalls with soothing background music. At least one a day.monNom
    • I sometimes wonder if it's a network thing. I've never gotten spam dials maybe 3-4 times a year I get a number with the first 3 digits of mine calling menotype
  • dopepope1

    Jussie Smollett

    How does any of this relate to his paycheck for his TV job?
    If he was trying to create a racial angle, why did he hire black people to beat him up?
    If he really was attacked, why wouldn't he have taken the noose off his neck immediately?

    • When things don't make sense, add drugs.shellie
    • oh, nuff said.dopepope
    • it is really odd.Fax_Benson
    • Cocaine?PhanLo
    • idiocy?Krassy
    • obviously he wasn't intending on anyone finding out he hired anybody for this, regardless of colour.Gnash
    • lol, y'just can't stay away, can you docpoz?Nairn
    • So you're a different Star Wars-obsessing Luke from NY than the one docpoz implied in his YouTube channel? What a strange and curious coincidence!Nairn
    • More of a sulphurous guff than a mark, and if a mark at all, a smeared brown one on a skirting board in a corner somewhere.Nairn
    • oh he’s robo?monospaced
    • Then why hire anyone @Gnash? If they were never to be seen anyway, and they say he inflicted his own wounds.dopepope
  • stoplying3


    Coached my sons kindergarten indoor soccer team last night. Nathan (our goalkeeper) would NOT STOP picking his nose. Even with an attack mounting down the middle, he stood firm, unaffected and apathetic as hell.
    Fucking Nathan.

    • Ardent nose picking != apatheticNairn
    • my only question is that he is eating the stuff what he finds there or throws it to the others like a good kid? :Dsted
    • Nathan is just a kid who can't withstand the junk in his nose. teach him to deal with it.sted
    • maybe he's a fan of the of the coach of Germany's national soccer team:…Krassy
    • LolHayoth
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  • _niko3
  • pockets12
  • shellie1


    Cold remedies?

    My sinuses are going haywire and I'm just an insane snot factory, so much so that it's upsetting my stomach and in the middle of the night I throw up mucus uncnontrolably. It is disgusting. I can't eat. I forced myself to eat some fruit and half of a papoosa. This only happens to me once a year if that, so because I don't get sick often I don't know what to do.

    I bought some Tylenol sinus (got yesterday), Theraflu tea (just purchased), and Zicam swabs (just purchased). I need to kill this sickness now!

    • gin and tonic
      i'm not kidding. work for me for whatever reason...
    • Hot Toddies and pseudoephedrine.thumb_screws
    • +1 hot toddies. I’ll have one when I’m not sick!MrT
    • Gargle with hot salt water 2x daily.i_monk
    • Theraflu tea (daytime) in the morning + any strong expectorant. Theraflu syrup (sleep aid stuff) before bed. Cured myself in days after week and half of hell.futurefood
    • Saline solution in a nasal spray, its in the baby aisle. Trust me, as a dad of snot gobblins. I use it as well. Just stay on it and clear up.BonSeff
    • Really hot big bowls of soup.monospaced
    • Very spicy. Makes it all run out.monospaced
    • Take two of these and call me in the morning.ArmandoEstrada
    • Omg I am so going to get my soup on in the morning.shellie
    • Don't hesitate, NyQuil will save you.robotron3k
    • And see about these home remedies... https://earthclinic.…robotron3k
    • I'm about to nyquil and pass out after I eat this spicy thai coconut soup.shellie
    • Chicken broth soup, steam shower, Vicks vaporub and humidifier for your bedroom.utopian
    • +1 mono, utopian - for me, a noodly chicken broth loaded with garlic, ginger and chilli (fresh and dry), with mushrooms and cabbageNairn
    • DON'T take OTC nasal decongestants - a) recent evidence shows the active non pseudoephedrine chem is bollocks. b) it just shunts the problem down the lineNairn
    • Saline nasal sprays are pretty good, mind.Nairn
    • The WORST sinus pain I ever had was after taking sudafed a few years back - sure, it 'worked' for a day, but it just drove the problem deeper thereafter.Nairn
    • re: Pseudoephedrine alternatives:
    • ColdFX works if you drop one or two just before the cold really gets started.exador1
    • A hot Cup-o-soup (chicken noodle) with a spoonful of Pataks LIme pickle https://www.pataks.c…exador1
    • got that one from my wife, and man... that'll clear up the sinuses :) plus it's delicious :)exador1
    • 'course, it helps if you like Indian food to begin with ;)exador1
    • brought some back to my parents house years ago when i had a cold, and my dad thought it was bizzare... (he hates indian food)exador1
    • as i was leaving, he ran to the door waving 'hey! don't forget your bottle of horses-ass!'exador1
    • Lots of raw fresh ginger and garlic. Immuneboosting in general.jagara
    • Wasabi
      Lot of it!
    • Cool, I’ve just learned that tea, whisky and honey is called toddy. As soon as I feel the first symptoms I chug a big cup of that and go to sleep (and sweat).maquito
  • whatthefunk6

    The Useful Thread

    Great collection of Google UX playbooks with a ton of design examples for conversion, best practices, and usability for mobile web.

    Retail & E-Commerce -…

    Lead Gen -…

    Travel -…

    Finance -…

    Real Estate -…

    News & Content -…

    • awesome! tnx for sharing!Krassy
    • very niceBoz
    • wow, amazing, thanks for this!!!_niko
  • trooperbill2
  • Krassy12

    Jussie Smollett

    "Punches For" thread

    • </thread>Krassy
    • At least he can rest easy at night knowing that his attacker has been arrestedpockets
    • @pockets LOL!Krassy
  • canoe6


    I haven't read a single thread yet tonight. But I want to say...

    I'm so grateful this place exists.

  • bliznutty0

    Vid of the Day

    i consider this vital information in the age of the internet

    • agreedautoflavour
    • i second thathotroddy
    • Cultural Appropriation Privilegeutopian
    • she is very culturedhotroddy
    • I love how twerking is culture in your mindscannonball1978
    • watch without soundpablo28
    • copulation copulation copulationpablo28
    • i said it sarcastically but utopia thinks this is culture.hotroddy
    • Am I the only male that finds twerking not sexy at all? It's like some sort gibbon mating call in the jungle - nothing classy or seductive about it: disgusting.shapesalad
    • Why is this not in COTDNBQ00
    • Objectification of woman's body?Bennn
    • a woman can objectify her own body all she wantsbliznutty
    • I have to agree with you shape, I'm at a loss to the appeal of itdee-dubs
    • Couple years ago we wouldn't have such stupid discussions. We'd just say, wow nice ass! Instead we debate about culture & 'isms. Sigh.NBQ00
    • I think its fucking stupid toocannonball1978
    • she has an awesome nice ass.

      and i think twerking is still stupid boring subcultural posturing which was loose few years ago.
    • To find this sexy, just imagine laying on a naked on a bed, and this is happening just above your crotchautoflavour
    • more like sportive gym thing than a gracious dance to me.neverscared
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    Pic of the Day

    Scottsdale Arizona today LOL

    • wtfpockets
    • lol my friend left for AZ yesterday and for the passed 2 weeks she wouldnt stop talking about getting outta NYC winter weathercaterpus
    • it's chilly out here atm... and rainy... loving itPonyBoy
    • That's crazy, then summertime comes, there's planes that can't take off cause it's too hotkgvs72
  • dbloc13