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  • Bindegal6
    • "Sarmalute"grafician
    • aka Sarma in Serbia. Good stuff.Continuity
    • think traditionally these are from Turkey, but after Ottoman Empire occupation of the entire region, we now wrongly call these "traditional goods" here...grafician
    • have no idea how they got to Poland tho'...grafician
    • they are delicious indeed, we make them here around holidays, they can be made without meat too, and also with vine leaves instead of cabbage leavesgrafician
    • My excellent slavic neighbours make these, so bloody good.MrT
    • Looks disgustingi_was
    • Kohlrouladen, I love them!SimonFFM
    • Ah yeah, they’re here in DE, too, I forgot!Continuity
    • Зелеви Сърми... I love them !Krassy
    • sarma da best!!!!renderedred
    • even better with sour cabbage
    • of course it's with homemade sour cabbage, no other way ;)renderedred
  • NBQ003
  • nb1

    RIP of the day…

    The list, separated by month so it might be handled.

    Does anyone know why there are so few people from China on these lists?

    • I guess it depends on who the list-makers find are ‘noteable’ PeopleGnash
    • I guess it depends on who their PR firm or mothers is, who feels that they deserve a Wikipedia page in the first place.utopian
    • Because it's Wikipedia and entirely at the whim of whoever edits the page.face_melter
    • Yes I know how Wikipedia works. Wondering if Chinese don’t care about Wikipedia? Or are there fewer notable people outside their own borders?nb
  • utopian0



    #MAGA Red Alert

    • Nearly 100,000 new case is one day. More than doubling the amount of new cases from April when things were really really bad.utopian
    • Dr. Anthony Fauci, painted a grim future in a bombshell interview on COVID-19. “We’re in for a whole lot of hurt. It’s not a good situation!"utopian
    • Trump should be charged with negligent homicide when he's voted out.BusterBoy
    • Those Canadian dots can’t be accurate can they?nb
    • They must be totals for each province combined to one dot per province.nb
    • Ugh, this is getting so oldtoemaas
    • Must be provincial, nb. Our big centers are closer to the borderGnash
    • Wouldn’t deaths Be the more significant number ?Gnash
    • pushing a 2%AQUTE
    • But Trump said the Rona’s over, no?NBQ00
    • The dots make it look like a zombie horde at the gates of Canadayuekit
    • history books will read the pres. said - from 15 to zero - moronic overburn on the top political circlesneverscared
  • NBQ000
  • Nairn0


    Boo. I've just done the Covid Antibody test and .. it's come up negative. Oh well.

    • I took the test apart after to see what's inside. Quite impressively simple, for what it does - essentially, just a thin chromotographic (?) strip.Nairn
    • pics?garbage
    • Here's a pic of the thing after i took it apart (it had blood all over it too), along with some of the things…
    • Yellow thing is stabby blood-letting thing, bottle is a dilutant of some kind. main thing did have a clever strip inside, with bars (like pregnancy tests)Nairn
    • So Nairn are you pregnant or what?!grafician
    • Doesnt this just detect antibodies though? If you had it back at start of year the you wouldnt have antibodies but you'd still have T-Cells.microkorg
    • It's a T-Cell test that you need to get, but these are hard to get.microkorg
    • Boo ? you want to die man ?i_was
    • Lateral Flow Assay…PeterPancake
    • nairn not prego only fat :Prenderedred
  • ApeRobot1
    • the future is a strange place.Nairn
    • weird thing to admit ApeRobot. Not to kink shame, but you sucking on your man's cum via vape seems like an oral fixation you could see someone about.imbecile
    • Sigh.
      I really hate humans.
    • @imbecile i can't, due to the lock down.ApeRobot
    • i'm so sorry i didn't initially see your social distancing respect in this post. i commend your admiration and devotion to your mate.imbecile
  • imbecile10
    • LOL so true.utopian
    • This is great. I also just heard that the Walton family makes $24,000 a minute, the same their average employee makes in a yeardkoblesky
    • ^ it’s not THAT bad. don’t forget, they have to split that between all of the Walton’s.Gnash
    • John Boy’s coke habit will rinse that plus what they owe Ike at the General Mercantile is outrageous.Morning_star
    • So what's the joke?doggydoggdog
    • ^^^
      but 99% of you will never get it.
    • lol morning star, how did you remember Ike hahafadein11
    • @fadein11, i have an autistic recolection for 80s twee family friendly US TV. Ask me a question about Little House on the Prairie :)Morning_star
    • fairplay, it brought it all back to me when I read it, big fave in our house when I was a nipper.fadein11
  • scarabin2


    FIVE trick or treaters last night instead of the usual hundred or so.

    Fuck covid

    • When I walked to work this morning, instead of all the usual actual carved pumpkins out front of houses, there were drawings of them, stuck inside windows. Odd.Nairn
    • give the leftover candy to the homelessimbecile
    • I heard a thud around 3 or so, apparently somebody stole one of my pumpkins. But yeah, fuck COVID.garbage
    • haven't unleashed those strippers...grafician
  • Gardener2
  • NBQ001


    I believe the Mac Mini with Apple’s new AX Silicon and their own GPU will be a powerful dream machine. It could rival the current (best spec) iMac Pro.

    • no matter how much I admire Apple hardware and software I always know I can build a PC for half the cost that is at least as powerfuldkoblesky
    • That’s a myth.

      Besides it’s not just about hardware. It’s about which OS you prefer to work with and overall feel, workflow and user experience.
    • Also Macs will get a bit cheaper now anyway with Apple doing their own CPU. And these ARM CPU’s will be very powerful and quiet.NBQ00
    • You can build and ugly tower that is about 5x less efficient and loud that is far cheaper and more powerful. Of course.monospaced
    • It’s easy to buy a $30 case, some $3 fans and a shit motherboard. Apple isn’t in that business. Why would you want them to be? Weird.monospaced
    • It’s like anything remotely designed and integrated. There’s a cost involved. You actually get a bit of custom engineering with Apple computers.monospaced
    • Wind him up and watch him go, kids!Nairn
    • I've got a latest gen i7 Mini, and I'm quite happy with it. It's strictly for music and some interneting.section_014
    • no matter how much I admire Aston Martin I always know I can build a Ford Focus for half the cost that is at least as powerful.Hayzilla
  • yuekit4
    • I listened to the rest of this album yesterday. Very good stuff.CyBrainX
  • Morning_star19

    RIP of the day


    • JUST IN: James Bond actor Sean Connery has died at the age of 90grafician
    • :(helloeatbreathedrive
    • Wow you guys are fast...just saw this news. RIPyuekit
    • RIPrenderedred
    • "Gentlemen: Welcome to the Rock"dkoblesky
    • :(fadein11
    • 90. He had a great life. Nothing to be sad about. CheersNBQ00
    • rip, never forget watching goldfinger as an 8 yearneverscared
    • Resht in Piesh, Mishter Bond.Continuity
    • Lived a long full life. RIPYearzOne
    • I'll take letits for 400 Alextank02
    • R.I.P.moldero
    • damnmoldero
    • His graveside monument should be a statue of this photo. RIP.garbage
    • An absolute legend with a wonderful, long life. RIP.babydick
    • "You're the man now dog!" ~ William Forresterideaist
    • I was shaken and stirred by this news. Are there any better Scottish actors?Ianbolton
    • Wtf. On halloween?scarabin
    • Robbie Coltrane, Robert Carlyle, Limmy.calculator
    • Thank you for so many great movies ... you absolute LEGEND!!! RIPRamanisky2
    • The big bad Gorgie milk delivering sex god.
      Think Outland is one of my favourite films he did. RIP
    • Outland is one of my faves as well.
      Gonna have to que it up this weekend
    • Outland: absolute pleasure.
      Zardoz: guilty pleasure.
    • Overratedoey_oey
    • RIPoey_oey
    • A little known fact is that Connery's own favorite role was Zardozyuekit
    • Just was "The Man Who Would Be King"yuekit
    • True legend.BusterBoy
    • I hear his first marriage ended after he asked his wife to sit on his faceGardener
    • "I'm here all week! Try the shquid"Nairn
    • https://www.theguard…neverscared
    • I totally agree....Overrated is an understatement.utopian
  • NBQ007
    • So it is or not?Maaku
    • ok Candace, lead the charge!_niko
    • Did this bitch miss the part where China was welding people's doors shut?mathinc
    • Candace should look at a map, China is hardly the only country that has low number of cases by nowyuekit
    • Imagine you’re the mayor of a region in China and you have tell the Chairman your area has a covid case.... no. They’re not telling anyone and it’s all hidden.shapesalad
    • Fight who?pango
    • S Korea 100 cases yesterday, Australia 13, Thailand 12, Singapore 9, New Zealand 1, Taiwan 1. Is all of that made up too?yuekit
    • Japan isn't too bad either at only 700 cases nationwide. USA only has 2.5 times Japan's population and on the same day they report 100,000 cases.yuekit
    • Communism fascist qbn activated ™ must defend evil at all cost (says utopian)Hayoth
    • no i dont believe china stopped it. the virus is not just in the west. its everywhere.
      so... who we fighting?
    • Australia had ZERO cases yesterday. 25 million people...with a massive 2nd wave 4 months ago. We fixed it because we’re not all selfish cunts. Only some.BusterBoy
    • Fight back what ? the Chinese for giving us the fucking virus ?i_was
    • @shapesalad Yes all stats are hidden in China, it's a totalitarian country.i_was
    • racists fucks. your ability to lay blame without taking responsibility is astoundingimbecile
    • You mean 2.5 times dumber?Maaku
    • this post made me delete tik-tok.
      but I'm not gonna throw out anything hardware with a china sticker on it yet.
    • Cant believe China stopped the virus.api
    • lol tiktokpango
    • 2 weeks? I was in Lockdown for at least 6 weeks and have been wearing a mask in public since January as have 99% of everyone else, that's how you beat it.Alum31
  • utopian2


    Is "son_dey" the same guy as "son"? Similar African occult like imagery in every other thread.

    • Presumably, or a dedicated troll.
      The former, I think.
    • funny how as soon as one troll is banned, another appears. like the Sith, there's always a troll balance on qbn.inteliboy
    • < Yes, It isGnash
    • #sleepercellspalimpsest
    • lol, that's weirdi_was
    • Same profile picscarabin
    • I'm starting to think that Moderator made all of these accounts and we're just dicking around in an experiment.garbage
    • Certified by Drgs...fuck you Drgs!utopian
    • Of coursedrgs
    • fucking stop acting like you own the place. I want to see fresh blood on QBN. If the person is not a spammer, he staysdrgs
    • well do you own QBN? whatever shit son posts it's random at best, no real contribution whatsoever, so chillgrafician
    • I like his take on how the white man is a conspiracy. He's got historical documents that prove vikings were black.palimpsest
    • He also has proof the Greeks were blackGnash
    • Yet another shit show certification by drgsutopian
    • He's a great photographer :…i_was
    • So he just showed up and drgs blue him?

      Or did he contact drgs asking for it? How do we know it’s not just drgs?
    • Oh for fucks sake
      Certification gives nothing, green users are not limited in any way, no one needs to be certified to do anything, you incurable blockheads
    • Certification means that user is a trusted source so everything they post should be taken at face value regardless of our opinions on the matter.palimpsest
    • Thanks, drgs!palimpsest
  • pango3
    • the white face is some funny shit.hotroddy
    • Hahaha yespango
    • Is that Oprah and Steadman?Akagiyama
    • yespango
    • brilliant hahafadein11
    • It would be the same but the black face have small guns here so...i_was
    • haha look at those downvotes lolpango
      jk this is awesome
  • scarabin4

    Punches For:

    Shitty animal training

    • “UK is fucked” threadNBQ00
    • cuntsmoldero
    • Bunch of cousin fuckers.PhanLo
    • Punch those fuckersi_was
    • come on, the first picture is skewed, top one the horse can just turn to corner and problem solved._niko
    • Also, fuck horses.Nairn
    • Horse can't turn to corner Horse attached with a cord.i_was
    • @Nairn Animal hateri_was
    • Why fuck horses ? explain pleasei_was
    • @i_was @Nairn has a weird fetish, better not to talk about itsted
    • humans are fucked uputopian
    • The 1911 Parliament Act did its best to rid the country of these inbred entitled fucks, but just didn’t go far enough...shapesalad
    • ah I see the cord, jeez._niko
    • dressage is an olympic sport they're at this shit everywhere. but aye fuck the brits and horseskingsteven
    • are we outraged at a blurry picture without any context?mekk
    • I wish I could find that I hate horses blog from at least 10 years ago.CyBrainX
    • @mekk, nope its the wrong use of the stretch tool I think :)fadein11
    • Context:…jmckinno
  • Beeswax-1


    There're still people under the rubbles
    some dead, some still alive.
    Imagine someone creates a post after 9/11 and says "well didn't you deserve this America?" and other retards upvote it and say things like "well Bush was like ..."

    If banning heartless, brainless retards is a thing here, as we have seen recently deathboy getting banned for his stupid joke, then ban these racist dimwits too.

    What did those people who lost their homes, lives or their kids, had to do with Erdogan or a Tunisian drug addict?
    If you're trying to teach someone something, who are you trying to teach to asshole?

    We're talking about about racism in the USA all the time but this place is infested with racist pigs from Europe who are a happy to hear about an incident like this deep inside.
    You know who they are, some are German, Austrian, Danish ...

    And thats religion thread is nothing but a honeypot for them to blurt our their dirty fantasies. Is there one religious person writing in that thread? It's just a bunch of jerks keep empowering each others' nastiness.

    Its is very ironic that the religion thread is a deep dive exposure to how boneheaded atheists can be.

    What does this thread do in a design forum anyway?

    • Atheists are not an issue ffs. Grow up.monospaced
    • Since when is not believing in supernatural entities boneheaded? It could be argued that believers are the real issue, killing and shit.monospaced
    • well I dont see any religious person preaching hatred here other the atheists. Know your place.Beeswax
    • Atheists don’t preach anything.monospaced
    • I haven’t see any atheists promote hate here. Not a single one.monospaced
    • As someone not muslim, i got his reference. Whether i put much stock in it or not is another matter. He is free to say such things.Nairn
    • Sorry, I don't much like your religion either, particularly its need to censor. Doesn't mean I don't like or respect you as a human.Nairn
    • I dont care what you think about any religion. Justifying a disaster with your fanaticsm is sick.Beeswax
    • justifying the murder of innocents or the terrorisation of a country, because of some shoulder chip about visualisations of your prophet is sick.Nairn
    • Fanaticism???monospaced
    • I agree that was a stupid post. But don't quite get what is has to do with atheism.
      Assuming that atheism is the basis of the opinion expressed in the post
    • is not far from the assumption made in the postd_gitale
    • I sincerely apologise.shapesalad
    • I wished not to dismiss the pain and suffering in Turkey or make light of it. I was merely proposing a thought, but you’re right. Not design related.shapesalad
    • All I'll say about: "What did those people who lost their homes, lives or their kids, had to do with Erdogan"_niko
    • is that he's in charge, he's responsible for not securing the buildings, making sure they were up to code, instead he's focusing on adventurism._niko
    • 20 buildings collapsed in Turkey and not 1 in Greece, why? Smyrna/Izmir is on one of the most active earthquake zones, why are shoddy buildings still being buil_niko
    • built? why are older unsafe buildings allowed to be occupied? if the buck doesn't stop with Erdogan who does it stop with?_niko
    • but yeah not sure what the earthquake had to do with a religion thread._niko
    • I was thinking more about how deeply religious people, at least historically, viewed natural disasters as acts of god.shapesalad
    • And the terrorist attack in Nice was seemingly done in the name of a god, and was pondering if other deeply religious would be terrorists view it as a replyshapesalad
    • from god, the earthquake that is. But as pointed out it could easily be viewed as god saying it wasn’t enough and encourage more terrorism.shapesalad
    • However as noted, what’s that got to do with design. And so I will try my level best to keep my thoughts to myself and stick to design topics on here.shapesalad
    • I am not religious but spot on beeswaxkingsteven
    • Qbn violence activated ™Hayoth
    • What are any of the other threads doing on a design forum? It's all fair game until it touches on a topic you care about.
      Our very own muslim Karen!
    • Nobody is getting banned because you got offended.palimpsest
    • "Is there one religious person writing in that thread?"
      Hopefully not man, you seem to be very touchy regarding religion, muslim ?
    • Lots of racist fuck around here, especially @nairn who also he's an animal hater, many people have left because of that.i_was
    • What did those people who lost their homes, lives or their kids, had to do with Erdogan or a Tunisian drug addict? i guess a lot f them voted for him.neverscared
    • wut? u blame the europeans for racist while u have a total lunatic which u dont find anywhere in europe on that scale, get perspective dude.neverscared
    • so designer are not allowed to discuss politics or whats your point?neverscared
    • also your constant mention of the terrorist being a drug addict seems to come off a little like that would be an excuse, which is not , actually its even worseneverscared
    • if that is the case.neverscared
    • The audacity of this bitch asking for accounts to be terminated because they offend their religion while Samuel Paty's death is still fresh in our minds.palimpsest
    • from now on if i see even a half ass jewish joke i am going to freak out and ask for people to be banned. easy @beezrenderedred
    • i am half jew and schwitzy boys was a funny comment on holocaust survivors showing their tattoos, but maybe i should've asked for a ban?renderedred
    • B, you have as much right to bitch and cry as the rest of the community. But if you think you can ask for a fellow member to be deleted...palimpsest
    • ... because they offend your religion you are in the wrong place.palimpsest
    • He wasn't even offensive, he was making a point about how religions interpret signs to fit their own views.palimpsest
    • Samuel Paty foreveri_was
  • grafician0
  • whatthefunk10