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  • yuekit2

    Digital passport

    I don't see how you would ever implement this technically.

    Also, people on Facebook use their real names and when you see a Facebook comments section it's still a cesspool more often than not.

    The real problem is the media, culture and just basic human nature. It goes way beyond whether you login with your real name or not.

    • It's already underway in Scotland. I think the EU are on it too.monoboy
    • The purpose of the eID is to verify the user rather than directly identify them. Making it very difficult to sing up to things like facebook.monoboy
    • Facebooks last public estimate in 2018 indicated that there are 118m fake accounts.monoboy
    • Govs need to do something as physical passports, driving licenses, tax, National insurance are all going digital anyway.monoboy
    • The downside is, everything you sign up to will be recorded against your name by your Gov.monoboy
    • Yeah, there was a point a few years back I was worried that Google/FB IDs would become de facto identity passports on 3rd party sites.Nairn
    • But are Scotland and EU using this to stop trolling? Or just as a way to verify your identity when for instance you access a government site?yuekit
    • Thankfully that's not, yet at least, come to pass. Not sure I'd be any more comfortable with a government issued equivalent. more likely, much less so.Nairn
    • Both. Two birds scenario.monoboy
    • The EU could make it law for companies that store user data like FB and Twitter to enable eID for signups and logins.monoboy
    • Sturgeon is worried her little secret gets out,.SwordDesign
  • monoboy1

    Digital passport

    Another possible issue is how attitudes change and develop with age and experience.

    If you don't look back on what you said a decade ago and cringe, you haven't grown as a person.

    So judgment can be very harsh. But we're here already with that.

    • Fuck, I look back on what I said five minutes ago and cringe.

      This response is making me cringe.
    • If any of the nippy shit said on here was done face-to-face we'd be taking chunks out of each other.monoboy
    • tbf, i'm also a twat irl.Nairn
    • Here's a thought, what if some future technology is about to retroactively go back and figure out all of your past online accounts and tie them to you?yuekit
    • It's quite possible haha. So yeah, be carefulyuekit
    • Interesting, I always thought about the eID much less of a repository of your online actions that anyone can access, and more of just an accountability checkben_
    • if one starts on with hate speech, or spreading false information. Not a moral credit bureau.ben_
    • Yes. A lot of people will 'get cancelled' in that scenario.monoboy
    • Very black mirror.monoboy
  • utopian3


    Tucker Carlson keeps repeating his own dumb history. The Fox News host again is losing advertisers after saying racist stuff.…

    • Disney pulled ads!! 21st Century Fox refuses to run ads on Fox. Love it.nb
    • Tucker is rich frat boytank02
    • Which face is this he's doing?BusterBoy
  • akiersky4


    The Police Report for the Killing of Breonna Taylor Is Almost Entirely Blank

    Injuries: none
    Forced Entry: no…

    Can you imagine filling out a form like this for an incident in your job? I've put more detail into explaining why I was late to work.

  • mort_4
  • Bluejam7
    • @3:45 "That's a lack of growth"Bluejam
    • Cool perspectivenb
  • Gardener3
  • mort_2
    • cool but not technoKrassy
    • Kinda borderline techno/house I reckon.mort_
    • Right, because Kenny Larkin isn't proper techno?canoe
    • Labels are silly.mort_
  • mort_1
    • Hmmm, I wonder why they chose to omit data from East Asians, and Chinese AmericansGnash
    • doesn't fit with the narrative of oppressive white man._niko
    • curious to see where arabs, Persians and of course Jewish people fit on this chart, probably around or above the asian level i'd imagine._niko
    • Maybe they just decided to represent the 3 races with the highest population (2 in the lower chart)…
    • you want to see racial wealth inequality rampant in the US, have a look at the NBA lol_niko
    • Nope. They are clearly positing that race is a determining factor of income potential.Gnash
    • they are not positing that income potential is distributed by percentage of population by race.Gnash
    • That’s not to say race isn’t factor, but include them all if that is what they are trying to showGnash
    • lol, you know exactly what the people who made the graph intended?yuekit
    • mort is probably right, these are simply the three biggest demographic groups.yuekit
    • Also in terms of comparing groups, you have to look at the history. Asians are mostly recent immigrants where the highly educated came over.yuekit
    • Indians for instance do very well in the USA, but not exactly in India.yuekit
    • Fair enough. However I don't think any of these points negate the obvious takeaway here - that Black Americans get the shit end of the stick.mort_
    • Black people meanwhile were second class citizens on a legal basis within our parents lifetimes.yuekit
    • (was replying to Gnash there)mort_
    • yes, i know what they intended. Really, dude, you don't? lolGnash
    • I mean, basically graph and chart in USA media includes those three groups, it's not a conspiracy.yuekit
    • *basically everyyuekit
    • Asians aren’t that new to America, railways didn’t build themselves and Japanese internment camps weren’t filled with Mexicans lol._niko
    • San Francisco's Chinatown was established in 1848._niko
    • True there were some Asian immigrants going back a long time, but the vast majority arrived within the past few decades.yuekit
    • https://www.pewsocia…yuekit
  • drgs1


    #BLM is a message where the sending side is white, the receiving side is white, the offended side is also white, and the outcome will be more hate for black people


    • got anything to back it up or is that what you feel?pango
    • lol @ pangoeddieScissors
    • Where’d you pull that pearler from? Jesus wept...BusterBoy
    • Vast majority of racists are latent, people who express racism in a non-verbose way, they are watching on the periphery right nowdrgs
    • The bloodiest war in the history of America was the civil war, and we all know what it was aboutdrgs
    • Been reading The Guardian, drgs?Nairn
    • The narrative is becoming white racism is bad, but black racism is good. Although many claim there is no such thing as black racism, doesn't exist.BustySaintClaire
    • whats white racism, white racism?pango
    • black racism?pango
  • Bennn23


    Last year I bought a vintage digital camera on eBay, the Kodak C300. It's like brand new and got it for a few dollars only.

    It's a 15 years old digital camera with a 3 mpx CCD sensor with a 37mm equivalent lens at f/4.5

    It works with normal AA batteries, so no problem to get batteries for it, because it's often the problem with old digital cameras, battery pack are sometimes hard to find.

    I'Ve read an article a long time ago about a photographer who was using only old digital cameras because she liked the look of the small cheap sensor back then, it somehow gives some kind of analog look to the pictures because of all the imperfections, the soft lens and the noise from the sensor.

    CCD sensors is the key here for the look, so you have to look for cameras from the early 2000's

    This is the article if you're interested:…

    Here's a few pictures I took this morning, I edited them in Adobe Camera RAW editor to make them feel more analog. No presets, i never use presets.

    • Fuck yeahnb
    • I’m thinking about a CCD Leica. But these oldies make beautiful images.nb
    • this is my camera:…Bennn
    • You can go cheaper than a Leica, cheaper means more imperfections = more nostalgia feel :) If this is what you wantBennn
    • I bought that Kodak for 10$Bennn
    • I like the hand portrait look. Lynch was smitten with this look. Shot 'Inland Empire' like it...eddieScissors
    • Check out Fuji SuperCCD toonb
    • I love that fact that we are all downgrading. I bought an adapter to put my hasseblad lenses on my blackmagic pocket 6K.tank02
    • wow this is amazing_niko
    • I think one of my first ever digital camera had a SuperCCD, it was a FujiBennn
    • also, what former Soviet republic is this? ;)_niko
    • @eddie Cool i didnt know about this movieBennn
    • @niko lol its in MTLBennn
    • The outdoor shots are gorgeous. The hand is interesting but I'm not really into the cross-processed looknb
    • Thumbs up, Bennn!SimonFFM
    • https://m.dpreview.c…
      I had a couple of these. Quality was incredible for the time, size and price.
    • But yeah once the batteries went, that was it. May still have these at my mom's, I might dig around next time I'm therenb
    • Early 2000s mobile phone cameras, if you want to take the next stepdrgs
    • Nice. I have far too many cameras, and am currently building a lofi spec digi camera. I think somebody posted something about the new raspberry pi camera..garbage
    • ..module here, which I was independently researching. I wonder how much our youtube searches sway one another.garbage
    • @tank How's the black magic?garbage
    • seems like the raspberry pi module is going to be big for HD surveillance geareddieScissors
    • I'm going to dig out my Sony Erickson mobile photos!Chimp
    • So nice, some of my favourite pics ever were shot on an old fuji finepix I had from 2002ish.ben_
    • I also have this old PowerShot G3 but cant find battery pack :(…Bennn
    • If you'Re interested someone is selling one, like mine, brand new unopened https://www.cafr.eba…Bennn
    • The small sensor gives a pictorial looki_was
    • Nice, ben.
      What are those spherical pod things?
    • The city made a park on an ancient huge trash landfill, it's something to capture the gas escaping from the ground... something like thatBennn
    • they have glow in the dark paint on them, the park is very cool, still under construction. It's the biggest park in MTLBennn
    • This is actually a "Make QBN Great Again"-Post. Thank you.Longcopylover
    • i miss my m8...ok_not_ok
    • just posted many pics in the threadBennn
    • should the words 'vintage' and 'digital' be used together yet? ...especially regarding a camera? Still feels too new a format... or did I just become 'old'? o_oPonyBoy
    • yes, vintage digital cameras is a thing. The first digital cameras from 1999~2005 are the first gen with ancient technology.Bennn
    • Can be considered 'vintage' in the tech world wich move very fast, i thinkBennn
    • Weirdly I still have my old Canon G1, a "prosumer" digital from 2000. It can get some pretty wacky grain if you abuse the light.evilpeacock
    • Damn, I was gifted a super early digital camera in 1999, wasn’t even a megapixel resolutionfuturefood
    • @ok Why the hell would you get rid of an M8?garbage
    • Yes, totally a MQGA post!SimonFFM
    • Nice Bennn, love the top and bottom shot. Anyone remember the Apple Quicktake from 1994? I think I still have it somewhere.fadein11
    • http://content.time.…fadein11
    • Back when i was using Lomo LCA/Holga and other lo-fi film cameras I said that digital cameras should integrate such random film effects that could be selected..microkorg
    • .. or could be randomised as you took the pic. I shouldve approached a camera company with the idea. Cos years later... lomo apps...microkorg
    • effect apps, instagram filters etc. Effects on cameras (before cameras were 'good' on smart phones) would've been massive i bet.microkorg
  • yuekit3

    America is Fucked

    Rise of the zombies: the share of U.S. companies that have debt servicing costs that are higher than profits has continued to increase…

    • A 2nd Great Depression. Only war with China will save us.Doris_McSquirter
    • China would win big timenbq
  • drgs1


    Gordon Klein, lecturer in accounting, was asked (by his white students) to "give black students special treatment, given the tragedy in Minnesota", ie. to let them pass without taking the exam. He said no --> death threats and a petition to fire him…

    • you such a pathetic loser man.tank02
    • Doesn't it feel good to have someone to hate? Just follow the pointing finger. BLM in a nutshelldrgs
    • it's worth reading the counter petition
    • ... just to get BOTH sides of the story although the important missing piece is the initial email asking for 'the special treatment'Bluejam
    • ... without it, it's difficult to judge whether his response correct. Also worth noting that the counter petition has more signaturesBluejam
    • lolpango
    • (((Gordon Klein))) should play his holocaust card.Doris_McSquirter
    • That trumps the BLM card in the hierarchy of oppression surely?Doris_McSquirter
    • wut?pango
  • Hayzilla0


    Is it worth buying anything to do with Macs before they release the ARM versions? I can just picture me buying this new iMac they are releasing and it being worthless in 4 years time when they stop supporting Intel machines.

    Or am I being thick and it won't effect anything?

    I just have memories of what happened when they swapped to Intel chips in the first place. The older models were redundant 3yrs later as you couldn't update the OS and therefore couldn't update the software etc etc.

    • I say this as I was really thinking about getting a new iMac. My 2012 is getting a bit tired and I would love a Retina screen. Think I'll wait another :-(Hayzilla
    • ARM cpu's will only go in low-end Macs first like Macbook Air. Will take at least 1-3 more years until the transition to other ones. And even longer for Mac ProNBQ00
    • I wonder how long they'll even make Mac Pros considering how little they care about that end of the market.CyBrainX
    • "how little they care"? When they just brought you a brand new Mac Pro and even a XDR Screen.NBQ00
    • Have they released the new iMac?Gnash
    • The timeline might be announced later this month, so maybe worth waiting to hear about that.nb
    • Gnash, if they did you would know about it, sigh. It's coming at WWDC2020 in like 2 weeks :)NBQ00
    • I need I new one badly...Gnash
  • utopian1
  • renderedred5

    News of the day...

    i wonder how's this going to play out

    • All Flags Matterdeadsperm
    • Ban Cup Series!grafician
    • ^Nope, and sigh. Pointless long note rant.garbage
    • I grew up in Alabama, and it was always the racist types that rocked this flag. They didn't even know the history, bc it's not even the original..garbage
    • ..Confederate flag. It's a battle flag that was flown for about 3 years while they got stomped for being traitorous racists.garbage
    • Then flown on gutter-ass lawns and sweaty t-shirts by inbred hicks as a dog-whistle for fellow racists for over 150 years.garbage
    • The racist types tend to ruin everything for everybody man...grafician
    • *spitsmoldero
    • Lolpango
    • They still have a flag that represents the Confederate Flag in the exact same context. They wave it in plain sight at the last lap of the race.Akagiyama
  • Nutter3

    America is Fucked

    A tale in pictures by William O'Hara @frame_of_reference_photography on instagram

  • i_was2
    • The Polish Geiger?MrT
    • Giger.

      Also Beksinski is a master, love his stuff.
    • I have one of his books right next to me. His work and story is amazing.fattymcgrizzle
    • I’d blame autocorrect but I can’t.MrT
  • Akagiyama1


    Get rid of the confederate flag.

    NASCAR says "GIT ER DONE!"…

    • why? To get rid of a piece of history now associated with south pride, is like getting rid of gay flags or nor cal stickersdeathboy
    • u think because its offensive to you that people flying gay pride flags but religion tells them you shouldnt feel that way are any different than you?deathboy
    • the idiots who chase emotionally chase symbols they have issue than try to ban them from others as an idea of equality infuriate medeathboy
    • pot calling the kettle black. its so selfish with no acknowledgment of it. like a petulant child.deathboy
    • pride is a sin is what the bible says. every other pride accept accepted. as soon as religion doctrine starts to decline it rises again in new formsdeathboy
    • Preach!deadsperm
    • thought you be happy this privately owned business is trying to reach a bigger fan base? maybe cuz the racist fan base was stopping them from growth?pango
    • racists are bad for business.pango
    • Last time I checked the Pride flag wasn't a deeply-ingrained symblo associated with rape, murder, slavery, kidnapping, and death. You silly little fucking cunt.face_melter
    • No one got rid of the confederate flag DB, a private business made a decision not to let a symbol of hatred on their property. You're welcome to still waveben_
    • whatever flags you like, obviously.ben_
    • The battle flag of the confederacy is not a symbol of southern pride.cannonball1978
    • say what you will its coercion censorship. this shit with isis destroying national heritage sites is no differemtdeathboy
    • its a pretty slippery slope. if this snitch witchcraft shit engineered to out any disrespectign person to trump... really think through what you are adocatingdeathboy
    • similar to a hk person calling out lebron. this fake virtue signalling fear to keeps a fake idea of socials support cant lastdeathboy
    • ben_ and as much i appreciate free choice on enterprise it feels like falling to terrorism. waiting for a business to act the adults and say shut the fuck updeathboy
    • you insulant children. you are all hypocrites. maybe this time it will teach adults adapting to coial media brings them back into the high school nonsensedeathboy
    • let them realize school sucked or rocked becuase bullshit feedback loops. real life outside school sytems are for adultsdeathboy
    • get off the social tit and go back to normal.deathboy
    • what is normal?pango
    • Nope. You’re completely wrong deathboy.Green_Pork
  • Krassy3