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    • Pretty sure most of them are Caucasian.i_monk
    • Only in Leviticus 20:13 is this true.zarb0z
    • Pretty sure most of them are Canadian.utopian
    • WORRRRDDDDsrhadden
    • I thought they were gringosMaaku
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    • I still miss this showlemmy_k
    • what show is it?Krassy
    • My name is Earllemmy_k
    • tnxKrassy
    • This was an entertaining show. They did 100 eps. Should have probably stopped at 50.Hayzilla
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    Tweet of the Day

    It's a shame that we cannot report Tweets with fake news!

    The fake news are spreading like wild fire all around, i dont understand what they're all waiting for. It's corrupting our society.

    • It's called capitalism, look it up!utopian
    • It's called communism, look it up!Hayoth
    • You first hayoth. It’s getting really boring and irritating seeing you use that word without knowing it’s meaning. For years.monospaced
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    Pic of the Day

    talk about a minority

    • I identify as at least 3 of these thingsdrgs
    • i've saw an elderly pregnant children once, but ive never saw a disabled oneBennn
    • #MLM
      Men Lives matter
    • Man that's specific!helloeatbreathedrive
    • #DEPC lives matterChimp
  • ben_28


    Our friend's brother passed away on Sunday from a bunch of complications from having covid. During the past 4 months he's been in a coma twice (induced and natural) as well as had a leg amputated and both of his lungs decimated - those same friends have lost both of their fathers over the last 3 years and it's been a really brutal few years for this family. I know it keeps getting said, but this guy also had no underlying health issues, healthy all around and it just took him out. He was in that 40yo zone that seems so prone to complicated bouts of this thing. It's crazy to see people in the states politicizing this, or comparing it to "normal death rates" - jesus... these deaths are on top of normal deaths for the most part.

    It brings to mind that mindless patriotic statement "Freedom Ain't Free" you see on bumperstickers and fake military badges and how infuriating it must be to see how little work or discomfort some people are willing to do to keep their neighbours safer (however marginally).

    I feel for all my friends and family in the states, but man you guys have a LOT of stupid to overcome. I hope our borders stay closed to these idiots for as long as possible.

    • amen, well said and sorry to hear_niko
    • so sorry to hearmonospaced
    • it is certainly infuriating to see how careless certain people are — and why — especially when I hear accounts like thismonospaced
    • Amen brothernb
    • so sad : (dbloc
    • sorry for your loss, was him Nick Cordero? https://edition.cnn.…ernexbcn
    • Terrible, yeah made me think of that story posted above.yuekit
    • condolences, to compare a few months of rapid covid deaths to annual rates is bonkers town, these are idiots plain and simple...whatthefunk
    • erne, yes.ben_
    • ben_ I was shocked when I read about it, this fucking virus manernexbcn
    • Nothing to say but sorry. Fuck anybody who says "it's just the flu".garbage
    • Word up. Keep the borders closed... even this alaskan loophole needs to be shut down.Al_dizzle
    • that's shit, sorry to hear.Fax_Benson
    • erne, it was just one thing after another. Thanks to his friends he had access to the best healthcare as well. And that’s just one story of too many.ben_
    • All of this is bad. And, I am so sorry. As a person who lost their father from cancer, something you can't catch from going into a room, I can't even imagine.shellie
    • so sad!utopian
    • Sorry for the loss. Hope his family was able to be with him at the endfuturefood
    • This is why I kept posting peak properties youtube videos, but it was always down voted. PP gave best advice in those videos, made me super cautious of covid19shapesalad
    • Unfortunately it's only now people are starting realise covid19 can be devastating, ins't just a mild flu, likely from lab, we all need to wear masks.shapesalad
    • futurefood, yeah over the past couple of months family was able to visit here and there, it's been tough for Canadians to get down there though.ben_
    • yea im calling bullshit.deathboy
    • Why are you calling bullshit, person who is consistently the fullest of bullshit?ben_
    • For the record deathboy, I would (and haven't) have any problem sharing who I am with qbn. You could fact check my life from there, but what if we all knew whoben_
    • you were, would you be such a pile of shit if everyone knew your name and what a talentless sack of shit you are on top of being a consummate troll?ben_
    • Why on earth would anyone make up a story like this?? And anyway it was reported in the media, the guy was a well known Broadway actor.yuekit
    • the story of the reported guy seems fine. i call bullshit on connection and motives. i think using real situation to promote fear follow talkign heads vs lookdeathboy
    • at truths. the existing death rate is not much higher especially considering the mid 40% were elderly in homes.deathboy
    • his appeal to emotion falls on deaf ears here. thinking someone borrowed some public info for self esteem boostersdeathboy
    • amongst other nuances but i trust my BS detector. its a well crafted device and has rarely ever failed. if ever. jsut the times I WANT TO BELEIVE somethingdeathboy
    • Yeah, you’re so clearly in touch with reality, it’s obvious from your day to day posts you’re not suffering from some mental illness.ben_
    • if all you have is your opinion vs public normal mortality rates... well you do you guydeathboy
    • u live in your make up belief fear mongering shit taking public stories becuase to lazy to make shit updeathboy
    • hell the idea you have to create such a story with motive to disuade people from looking at real death trends or facts 43% death are nursing home people.deathboy
    • and that real infected rates by CDC pushes death rate to liek a bad inlfluenza season for seniors... shits all public. and you have no argument but insult?deathboy
    • again why i think you are full of shit and a utopin/whatthefunkyb... accountdeathboy
    • also for your bullshit check your wording. "our" a big giveaway. Assumption of inclusion to community. Its weird for the subject. qbn community friend? alludingdeathboy
    • to someone besides youself qbn knows? Neither true from what i;ve seen. but i guess still successful for the majority. jsut not really gooddeathboy
    • You are incoherent. “Our friend’s” as in my family is close with his family. Get bent you talentless fuck.ben_
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    • It's exactly the same thing actually. Following blindly, like a sheep, a cult.Bennn
    • Killing in the name of. It’s all the same shit.ben_
    • And then the Righty posts a photo with rioters on top and Bolsheviks on the bottom. I really wish people were able to look at situations objectively.MondoMorphic
    • but but, one of the books is better than the other. LOLKrassy
    • No both books equally stupid AF.monospaced
    • I have found more truth in comic books.utopian
    • same arm manufacturer, profit!OBBTKN
    • Mondo: objectively this is an accurate comparison whereas your example is a non sequitur.zarkonite
    • @monospaced i was being sarcastic ;-)Krassy
    • Many righties see the rioter/Bolshevik comparison being every bit as apples-to-apples.MondoMorphic
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    This Envato market place needs to go away. Horrible business practice at every step.

    I made the mistake of buying a wordpress plugin that hasn't been updated for 5 years and developer is no where to be found. I haven't paid attention and bought it.
    The refund process took 2 months and they don't refund your money back they give you a store credit.
    Their marketplace is full of broken scripts like that, they take huge commissions(55% - 35%) from designers and developers for such a shitty service.

    • they pay like shit too, I sell on that platformmoldero
    • their cut is insanemoldero
    • And the owners now worth in excess of a billion dollars.BusterBoy
    • I hate their audio jungle watermark!!!stoplying
    • Don't submit your works there. Aren't there other options?Beeswax
  • BusterBoy0

    Wordpress Discussion

    I feel like a real NOOB. Had a super basic Wordpress site built for a client by a dude in India. All was fine. I need to make a really quick change to the site Footer...but can't figure out where the hell I can update it.

    I've gone into the Theme Editor area...trying to customise the Footer Bar...and whatever I change makes no difference.

    Have searched through all the site files to see if he hard coded the info and nothing.

    The footer just says Copyright 2020 and then the company name...which I need to change.

    The little bastard has gone missing, so I stuck and feeling like a dope. Any ideas appreciated.

    Yours sincerely
    Wordpress Nuffie

    • Hard to say without seeing how it is built.
      A) If hardcoded you should probably look footer.php in theme folder.
      B) Sometimes could be also under Widgets
    • C) Site title could be company name in footer.
      If you need more help give us some screenshots of theme folder setup and code inside footer.php
    • if its a genesis framework it can sometimes be dynamically generated in the functions.php file.hotroddy
    • Thanks. I'll do a little more digging and see what I can find.BusterBoy
    • You've checked theres not a customisation setting for it in the admin itself somewhere.webazoot
    • Can't bloody find anything anywhere. The name in the footer isn't exactly the same as in Admin. Can't find any ref anywhere.BusterBoy
    • The site itself is really messy god knows what the hell he's done. I'll have to wait I think.BusterBoy
    • Hidden stuff in the admin caught me out a few times. Can you download all the theme files via ftp and run a search through them?webazoot
    • Oh, see you did that already. Odd then.webazoot
    • As mentioned above, whats the footer code say in the area the text you want to change appears?webazoot
    • Did you inspect the element? Should tell you where the code is in the code?PhanLo
    • This is what sucks about WordPress, a million ways to potentially update something. Customize, theme settings, etc.yuekit
    • Download the whole site, do text search for the string/text. If you don't find it, dump the sql and search the text there, you'll find it.spot13
    • Replace it via CSS?OBBTKN
    • So I eventually found it.
      Templates - Theme Builder - Global Footer and it's in Elementor. Far out!
      Thanks one and all.
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    America is Fucked

    United States officially pulls out of the World Health Organization…

    • in the middle of an epidemic, lol, what a retard.moldero
    • That'll be good fodder for the "Trump is weak on China" superPac ads.zarkonite
    • and it feeds the QAnonners, they all think WHO is part of the DeepState thingBennn
    • The WHO has been a heaping pile of horseshit through this pandemic. Somebody should question THEIR response to covid.MondoMorphic
    • They really weren't that bad, it's been greatly over exaggerated. Especially when compared with the US response.yuekit
    • But the more important point is that the WHO is the only thing propping up the healthcare of many developing countries.yuekit
    • Simply pulling their funding and US involvement in the middle of a pandemic is insane. It will make it that much more difficult for the world to get past this.yuekit
    • The base voters of Trump all thinks WHO is part of the DeepState. Trump made a gift to its base. #trump2020Bennn
    • Great timing...maquito
    • If anyone thinks this will help the US public they are sorely mistakenmonospaced
    • But what about Benghazi, Benghazi, and Benghazi...But what about her Emails, Emails and Emails...Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!utopian
    • Every time this story is on the news I say ‘whooo?’ Then my daughter says ‘what? Oh. You’re not funny’.misterhow
    • I gave up on The Who when Keith diedGardener
    • Menendez is a swine, but in this case he's absolutely right.stoplying
    • lol gardenerMrT
    • The who and the UN is fucktards. Thes eglobal watchdogs are so fucking filthy and retarded with special interests.deathboy
    • talk about trimming real priviledged and powerful people. Although I dont like trump having power to do so. but this is the same executive powers obama useddeathboy
    • and people supported and even called for obama to use even more against congress. id be mroe upset with this not goign through congress. even covid 19 is showindeathboy
    • the blantant disregard for people rights through executive powers state wide with governors. its fuckin awfuldeathboy
  • utopian2


    Capitalism is a joke!

    Kanye West And The Other Billionaires Who Received PPP Loans

    Start Video @ 1:46

    • Once again...The millionaires and billionaires got their their bailouts. Thank You Trump for Making America Great Again!utopian
    • Once again PPP is socialism. Not capitalism. If you advocate for socialism im pretty sure you wont liek the type u get from your postsdeathboy
    • It's called capitalism....look it up spanky!utopian
    • The Millionaires & Billionaires all got their welfare checks from Trump &'s all good in neighborhood.utopian
    • deathboy did you send back your Trump Socialism Stimulus Welfare check? OK boomer you fucking hypocrite !utopian
    • Great! Which system eliminates corruption? Let’s use that one. Just lemme know what’s it called.nb
    • capitalism is free trade not government welfare. for corporations or poor. you ar% wrong in your association of this pal. and show how little you knowdeathboy
    • and no i did not. did you donate your profits to the IRS as you are free too in supports of your beliefs? i have no illusions about it. i also take advantage ofdeathboy
    • all tax codes. and yet im telling you its wrong. and you wanting more of this shit is stupid and im the bad guy.deathboy
    • but youre a troll who isnt very knwoledgabel on stuff you troll about. every nigerain prince has a mortage thoughdeathboy
  • Ianbolton1

    Epstein / Maxwell

    It's even more crazy because we still give David Icke shit but this is totally his territory, yet it's actually happening.

    • Shut Up. He's a fool. Everyone knows peadophiles exists across the globe, all races & classes. You don't need to hail a psycho for saying it.Hayzilla
    • The people he accused were actually found guilty or at least were implicated, like Prince Andrew.MondoMorphic
    • I'm in no way implicating a world in which David Icke is my hero - which he is - but I can't say anything more than that.Ianbolton
    • When you tout every single conspiracy theory, even to the extreme, one of them is going to stick.inteliboy
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  • dbloc14
    • but thes doctors also say dotn wear masks, than wear masks, than its airborne, than its not, than this med works than it doesnt. it cuases these symptoms plusdeathboy
    • a possibibilty of thes eother 150 things. we think it was bat, than ant eaters, now with every thing we said we are looking about as smart as highschooler.deathboy
    • after all we are jsut highschoolers who never grew up and got grant money to write papers promiting whatever regradless of science.deathboy
    • and titles dont mean much. wouldnt trump be the most qualified person in the us by title and what peopel think of fed power?deathboy