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  • PioneerDJ3033


    ‘Mukbang’ videos are now illegal as China bans food waste

  • zaq0


    Apparently, the biggest Apple news yesterday was not announced during the event. Apple quietly made this available online inthe store:

    and only for $20

    Go get it while the supply lasts…

  • autoflavour4


    Wifey just went into the office for the first time since getting her new job 2 months ago.. came home with the department camera so she can learn it..

    Canon C200 with a bunch of L lenses..

    Boss lady fucking wearing the pants all over me at the moment .. earns more, uses way better hardware ..
    it’s bit of a turn on actually

  • Ramanisky23


    Cancun Cruz gets KO’d with an Aussie haymaker.

    Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s response.

    • Daaaaaamn.Akagiyama
    • hahaha, spewing "vaccination works" with the mountain of data that it mostly doesn't is stupid to an extreme.pr2
    • just wait when the new variant of this endemic virus will ravage your population taking with it 0.03 of the infected.pr2
    • fucking population of outlaws now worries about staying "safe"pr2
    • hey pr2...stop sucking your own cock.BusterBoy
    • besides doing his own research, he does his all makes sense now, well kinda sorta.utopian
    • pr2, the vaccines do work wtf?monospaced
    • It’s not a population of outlaws either. How stupid are you?monospaced
    • Australia doesn't need a wall. Not unless jungle asians begin to traffic more heroinhotroddy
    • fucking mono again is too lazy to even read wikipedia. the level of his stupidity AND laziness is unbelievable.pr2
    • one day you will find out there is this thing called "knowledge" and "history" and even "science" - get ready to have your head blown.pr2
    • You’re wrong though. It’s not a nation of outlaws. Not even Wikipedia backs up that bullshit.monospaced
    • If you think Ted Cruz cares about the response he gets... lol. Punchable asshole.nb
    • a nation of outlaws...LOL!
      Like the Aboriginal you know outlaws...LOL!
    • well son, if your great-grand parent was an outlaw that makes an outlaw of you too. the logic here is staggering. history they call it. facts they call it.oey_oey
    • Really, don't engage the moron. He's too sensitive.garbage
    • i bet when you guys read the Bible you think everything you read for a literal fact. 20in kiddie pool is too deep for you.pr2
    • Thinking that QBN is composed of people that would be insulted by that insult just shows how Daffy you are. Yawn.garbage
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  • Bluejam1
  • PhanLo5

    Comic Books ...

    Bernie Wrightson
    From Epic Illustrated 34

  • NBQ005


    I just don’t get it. Dell was able to put a webcam in their thin top bezel but Apple has a bezel like this plus a notch!

    What went wrong, Apple?

    • Perhaps they put it in so they can take it out in a couple of years and charge more $$$Chimp
    • Also, why is it so wide?Chimp
    • 2022: We've made the notch 14% smaller in our greatest MacBook Pro evernb
    • 2024: We've made the notch 8% smaller in our greatest Macbook Pro evernb
    • 2025: We've made the notch 23% smaller in our greatest Macbook Pro evernb
    • I think it’s because everyone else already copied the physical form exactly down to the small details. It’s how they differentiate the design.monospaced
    • who gives a fuckinteliboy
    • Big Notch got to themzarkonite
    • shut up everyone! apple know what's best for you!pango
    • How good is the Dell or other camera compared to this one? Supposedly this one is much nicer than before.evilpeacock
    • Looks like the notch fits in the bar that's above most apps. Maybe they are getting people used to it, so in the next version they can add in face ID / AR shizslappy
    • Yeah, that makes senseChimp
    • My Dell XPS 17" has face ID and no notch. Just sayin'formed
    • "It’s how they differentiate the design."

      Lol, It Stays™
    • You laugh, but it is a design queue associated with Apple products, and its basically a brand marker.monospaced
    • I'm not making excuses, or defending it either. Just saying what it is.monospaced
    • It's how they couldn't overcome a problem...pango
    • It's how they chose to deal with it. Not my favorite, but it's their thing.monospaced
    • i dunno man. seem like they're just doubling down on this eyesore. "it's our brand now"pango
    • that's what I said, lolmonospaced
    • and i say that's a certified smh moment.pango
  • zarkonite3


    Let's see if it actually gets delivered in November, I'm not holding my breath.

    • Ha... just bought the same exact setup... mine doesn't get here until mid December tho (here's hoping)
    • Yeah this must be the most popular configuration to get, no doubtgrafician
    • da machina is backa.rootlock
    • i wonder if you still can charge it through a usb-c port...uan
    • ^ yeah they said you can charge it thru magsafe AND usb cgrafician
    • Interesting to see the tests. Just got a 17" XPS with a ton more for less $$....and no notch! (I need a PC to run 3DSMax)formed
    • a ton more what?monospaced
    • It's either this or a t-shirt with "I LOVE COCK" on itbabydick
    • Rad!! Out of boredom I checked my shipping status and it’s been bumped up a month (Nov 17 - Nov 24 instead of mid Dec)PonyBoy
    • I kind of regret not selling my mac pro before all these were released for resale value but I can't wait to pit this laptop v mac pro v threadripper PC.zarkonite
  • Bennn5
  • scarabin17
    • Terrific!OBBTKN
    • Yes.palimpsest
    • Lollemmy_k
    • Paranoid delusional megalomania.Wordsworth
    • Burn the whole continent with napalm, there is no curedrgs
    • ooooh they gonna get TRICKED!!Projectile
    • and Please bombard my trailer with eggs.CyBrainX
    • Just what Jesus would have saidBaskerviIle
    • No room in the inn then?mort_
    • The entire Hayoth Klan is bat shit crazy.utopian
    • Jesus was always giving folk fish and wine all the time for freePhanLo
    • Nobody in this house is going to be splitting the atom...neverscared
    • Jesus gives candy?Krassy
    • That house is in for a good egging and toilet paper rollin. Well deserved too.Ramanisky2
    • Get a job you stupid kids and quit dressing up like something you're not.dbloc
    • What if my job is finding Jesus? Because I found him, I'm holding him for ransom and candy is the only acceptable currency.garbage
    • Polarisation's quite the thing in Anglo-Western politics, eh?Nairn
    • Putopian just got #pwndHayoth
    • No clue how these Christians got so far away from what their Bible says... glad I'm a Satanist... oh well.Knuckleberry
    • PATROTiC ChRI$tiANduckseason
  • Hayoth0


    More of those pesky facts for the communists and Nazis

    Per CDC:
    < 1% of #COVID19 deaths had NO existing conditions
    > 64% of deaths had 6 or more conditions
    > 97% of deaths had 2 or more conditions

    • QBN Elite #pwnd again by truthHayoth
    • Haystack can’t even readnb
    • Failing to see how this is a gotcha. You do know that deaths aren't the only problem we're going to have going forward? Oh wait, you don't.garbage
    • You're both cherry-picking and also misinterpreting the weight the numbers have. It's pretty incredible.garbage
    • Like watching a child scribble in a Rubik's Cube with crayon, not even finishing, and then bragging about it.garbage
    • But I guess I'll take medical advice from a supposedly grown man that uses "#pwnd" unironically.garbage
    • PBS's "mr roger's neighborhood" is an apt entertainment for most of you fear-shitters. in the show everything is safe too.pr2
    • if you account for the underlying conditions, the risk of dying from covid is that of flu, but you morons of course don't understand any of the science.pr2
    • 27% of USA population has pre-existing conditions. so yeah. probably worth worrying about a virus that takes em out.inteliboy
    • Does this put you or anyone you know at risk? Any family members with hypertension or diabetes? Do you know anyone overweight? Should they die?FNP14
    • Don't waste your time on Daffy.garbage
  • inteliboy0


    What's your exit strategy? Riding this to 1mil/1dollar, or have set goals?

    • If BTC goes to 1M then total market cap would be 21T that's the GDP of the US lol

      Do you guys even think when you throw these valuations?
    • ^lighten up. clearly $1million / $1 is in jest.inteliboy
    • Any cryptocurrency is actually worthless, as it's not used for anything other than speculation at this point. 2T marketcap is also a joke lolgrafician
    • But yes I admire your enthusiasm and the market's levels of stupidity, it's actually fascinating to follow it all as a social experimentgrafician
    • it's useful to fuck up a system that is ruled by old unproductive people who don't want the younger generations to build a better world.uan
    • so my point is, don't sell, keep some crypto around and pass it on to next generations.uan
    • @uan pass it on like you did with your collection of CDs or DVDs or Bluerays LOL

      Mates, again, please talk what you know damn
    • The fact you guys discuss an "exit strategy" is proof crypto is just a scam, the last one holding the bag

      it's all rather hilarious!
    • the younger generations, especially the right wingers in silicon valley should be ashamed to unleash such a toxic sheme onto the world in the world of climateneverscared
    • change.... well greed is greeding.neverscared
    • and the backleash will be devastating... highly likely even a financial melt down 2008 style, then u can shove your fiat slogans right up your ass.neverscared
    • While you call it a scam, ANYONE can buy it and sell it for profit, every day, and it’s very realmonospaced
    • what the fuck are you talking about graf? some here have made a shit ton of money, so yeah, an exit strategy I thought could be interesting to discuss.inteliboy
    • guess not.inteliboy
    • Let my kids enjoy their inheritancenb
    • bernie maddoff ... sold and profit everyday. was also a scam .neverscared
    • @neverscared exactly this!grafician
    • the cryptodouche scene comes off like this to me… wonder if it will play out like this a whole with a meltdownneverscared
  • Ramanisky25
    • Fox news is ridiculousnb
    • These are so well-crafted, for evil intent. Starting with "The fact" and moving to "raises new concerns" is clever like a serpent.nb
    • Like a miracle his original tweet was deletedRamanisky2
    • what else my 6 year old has to do to "protect" your vaccinated grandpas?pr2
    • Your child is t doing shit because you are a morally fuckef moron without a shred of dignity or regard for human life and you are passing that on. Fuck you pr2monospaced
    • What else is my 6 yo to do to satisfy your twisted morality where you scare little children against education only so some grandpa could be "protected"?pr2
    • @pr2 most kids will wear masks freely because they understand who they are helping. I assume your kid is a sociopath because she has a dogshit parent.bogue
    • My daughter not only wants to protect her grandparents, she wants to help protect other people's grandparents as well.bogue
    • Twisted morality is teaching a young child that an inconvenience isn't worth a human life. You fuck.bogue
    • how well is that lesson sinking into Powell's grandchildren? you dummy, you see first hand how your silly ritual doesn't do shit and still refuse to accept it.pr2
    • pr2 fucked up logicnb
    • It’s not scary for the kids. They should wear masks to stop the spread you fucking idiot.monospaced
    • My son is 3 and has no issues wearing it at school. You’re the one fear mongering about how masks and vaccines are bad. Not the other way around.monospaced
    • you r masking up your 3 year old? my God, you are an idiot.pr2
    • y'all are arguing with the same guy that thinks surgeons shouldn't were masks as they are ineffective. Its a waste of time.robotinc
    • *wear (I can't spell)robotinc
    • It’s still fun to call all him a fuck thoughbogue
    • fucking grandpa can be locked down on a island surrounded by hazmat-wearing nurses and gets covid and you fools will still scream that masks work.pr2
    • you guys indeed are THAT dumb and that immune to the most basic knowledge.pr2
    • It’s a natural immunitybogue
    • EP 342 of pr2 being an overconfident moron. Eh, the show has jumped the shark. I really hope he's trolling about having a kid, because that kid has no hopegarbage
    • Yes, I mask my 3 year old, because that's policy at his preschool. And your isolated grandpa scenario is nonsense.monospaced
    • There are a couple of fucktard parents who didn't mask their kids, and those kids got covid and so did their entire families.monospaced
    • They lost time at school for weeks, and one family dealt with death. My son just enjoyed school, happy and healthy and doing the right thing. Unlike you, pr2.monospaced
    • so that science paper that said that there is no difference in tractability in anyone under 65yo just flew past your head?pr2
    • *no difference in infectionspr2
    • lol, pr2 does not have a 6 yo kid. Dude has lived on here 24/7 for decades. QBN is his family.mathinc
  • hans_glib17


    while we're on the subject of boring women to death, i was on the heath yesterday, and atop parliament hill found a chap flying a kite way higher then he should. so i wandered over to him and asked him what his line length was (ooer missus!). he had a giant reel of line (yikes!) and so i wasn't too surprised when he told me the kite was currently 700m out. i mentioned that i thought there was a height limit on flying kites and an old chap on a mobility scooter next to him cheerily chimed in that oh yes it was 500ft, and that we were already 300ft up. which meant that the kite was near enough 2400ft up. apparently he used to be a pilot and had once tangled with a kite at that altitude. and then the flyer told me he had 1.5km of line in total. fucking a!

    anyhoo we nattered on at length about kites and then i remembered i was with the wife so rejoined her and started to relate the conversation i'd just had. i was probably 2 sentences in when, she just stopped and looked at me and said firmly "BORING!".

    and walked off. women, eh?

  • utopian6

    Sexual Harassment of the DAY

    Bill Gates sent 'inappropriate' emails: Microsoft

    Bill Gates was told more than a decade ago that some of his emails were inappropriate, including one that asked a female employee for a date, a Microsoft spokesman said.
    Was married at the time.…

  • Bennn7
    • "wow"
      "like fuckin really?"
      "was there like really jet fuel?"
      "listen dude I gotta wrap this up"
    • The biggest conspiracy in the room is how Rogan became the highest-paid podcaster in the world. He's a fucking moron with nothing to say.garbage
    • Even MMA fans hate him because he just spams "WOW" and "HE'S HURT" while making bad calls. A soundboard could replace every aspect of his career.garbage
  • garbage5
    • Colin Powell, exemplary general stained by Iraq claims, dies.

      - A fitting headline
    • His record in Viet Nam wasnt very rosy.Brabo_Brabo
    • (Mỹ Lai massacre)Brabo_Brabo
    • Stellar record soured by the fact that he lied to the UN for Dick Cheney's wars. He's not a war criminal, but he sure was useful to them.garbage
    • Who's record in Vietnam was actually rosy?utopian
    • I have his actual signature somewhere in my files, had something to do with my dads military service or passport or sum shit I forgetGuyFawkes
    • Powell's support for the targeting of civilans in Viet Nam makes him a war criminal.Brabo_Brabo
    • In relation to My Lai, this chap is pretty rosy. https://en.wikipedia….Brabo_Brabo
    • one less.oey_oey
    • I have a stack of books he signed here when he was a speaker at an event I designed for and I had a nice conversation with him. Lots of signatures.monospaced
  • Gardener10
    • Always loved that paintingjagara
    • Woman! You are not a table.Nairn
    • I think that cat just smelled a fart.Wordsworth
  • NBQ004


    M1 MAX

    What a monster.

    • "Da PC SSSCCChhhiiip"

      : )
    • 57 billion transistorsnb
    • RIP IntelNBQ00
    • RIP Intel? It’s not like apple is selling these.monospaced
    • Huh? I mean RIP as in Apple Silicon/ ARM is beating the shit out of x86 PC CPU’s. Intel will go way of IBM if they don’t come up with something better.NBQ00
    • I don’t think so. It’s not like you can get an arm chip from apple for your pc. And people won’t flock to macOS either.monospaced
    • They hardly compete in that sense.monospaced
    • Yes apples silicon whoops intels ass and is embarrassing to no end, but they only put them in macs and have a TINY market share.monospaced