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  • Krassy-1
    • Does that sweater have slats?Gnash
    • he was awesome in 'The Wrestler' BTW!Krassy
    • OK, boomer.utopian
    • Jenifart annistonSalarrue
    • Obviously 12.45helloeatbreathedrive
    • I. Wanna rocknroll all night, and party everyday. I ..BustySaintClaire
    • what's wrong with his legs?OBBTKN
    • A rare sighting in a place that's not the spearmint rhino.toemaas
    • Warwick Capper?sab
    • Does he really think that is hot? Looks like a fucking cheap crackwhore slut hooker or somethingNBQ00
    • If I dressed like that I would get sectioned. So fair play to the man, respect those brothel creeping shoes!mrAtor
    • He looks good for a 65 yo (in this pic)drgs
    • Actual Natural Leather Daddygarbage
    • Iggy Poppednbq
    • it's not nice to make fun of the homeless. this guy is probably mentally illsarahfailin
    • Keanu's gfraf
  • imbecile3
    • is it my age or did charts go to shit after 2000?hotroddy
    • ^same hererenderedred
    • Now look at the shit that is played today.…
    • who the fuck is luis fonsi?renderedred
    • I would like to see an overall sales chart too.Hayzilla
    • x2 who the fuck is luis fonsi?drgs
    • ah Despacitodrgs
    • Crazy to see the difference between the kind and quality of music in the 70s compared to the 2000'sBennn
    • That Drake guy has been absolutely smashing it for nearly 10 years now. Fuck me. I couldn't name a single song of his. (Because I'm old).Hayzilla
    • The people who are 20 y-o right now will say that the music from the 2010's were so much better and original than the music of 2040Bennn
    • Generic Youtuber background music are gonna be the classicsBennn
    • or the shitty music in Tik Tok, this is the music teens are listeningBennn
    • white people, amiright or amiright?!plash
    • what are the numbers here? cos itimplies drakes sales completely outstrip michael jackson and the beatles... and yeah hayzilla , - i cant name a single song eitwoowahesque
    • Garth Brooks? wowwoowahesque
    • Quick feat by PSY at some point lollajj
    • @woow The chart seems to reset every year to only show the top seller that year which is why I noted that It'd be good to see an overall sales one.Hayzilla
  • i_monk8

    Package Design of The Day

    Burt Ward (Robin himself) has a dog food company.

    • LOL this is ace!renderedred
    • WowGnash
    • Imagine trying to do this on purpose. This would be a difficult gigGnash
    • This design gave me a seizure.aslip
    • horrendousutopian
    • Is it, though? I don’t know anything about this market but if it’s a top seller perha0s it’s greatGnash
    • Holy seizures Batman!_niko
    • I have to assume he did it himself. In PowerPoint.i_monk
    • Isn't the website similar too? I think I've seen that before.PhanLo
    • ^ http://www.gentlegia…renderedred
    • Imagine the printer getting this file. 'You sure 'bout this?'misterhow
    • ^ LOL @ misterhowmg33
    • So many questions... is this intentional irony / chaos? Is this some kind of mistake?mg33
    • i think it's intended, and if it works - it stays. my questine is how did it come to this?renderedred
    • https://www.lingscar… rip?whatthefunk
    • They were looking for print specialist, no experience neededfuturefood
    • @misterhow lol the printer probably had Dr. Bronner's flashbacks.garbage
    • It looks like they are distributing via Walmart. I wonder how long until Disney sues them for their font?garbage
    • full "story" https://www.undercon…grafician
    • "Burt Ward, who played Robin in the TV series Batman (1966-1968)" created a dog-food brand and this is the packaging...grafician
    • Is it intentionally bad?drgs
    • thread:…
  • Nairn11


    Currently: Cutting some pieces for an artist who will be doing an installation in the world's first Vagina Museum, in Camden LDN.

    Perfect work for a cunt like me, eh?

    • well that's my new fact for the day, the vagina museum.hans_glib
    • Is SimonFFM going to get inducted there?robotron3k
    • I somewhat doubt it - it's a pretty feminist-looking place.Nairn
    • how are the personalities there?renderedred
    • Wow the things you never thought you would be doing, eh?eryx
    • Pretty sure every vagina is a vagina museum.scruffics
    • Get them to pay up-front. The museum won’t make it to opening day. Surely to get protestedGnash
    • I am a feminist, too.SimonFFM
    • Perhaps. Different sort though.Nairn
    • "i have an internet friend, simon is the name, one of your flock. very feminist. can he send in a few of his works?" DO IT!renderedred
  • Ianbolton3

    What are you listening to?

    I found this really inspiring. Hope you do to :-)

  • Nairn2
    • hahahkingsteven
    • I can't even begin to parse this properlyNairn
    • Lol! I like the way they made Yoda BW. Imagine his green skin would be too much.
      Was painting a mural with some kids who were Rangers daft. They wanted to...
    • ...paint the area where the grass was blue. Was such a strange conversation saying it was grass and needed to be green.PhanLo
    • remember remember the (6)th of novemberjaylarson
    • There's so few people wearing poppies these days unfortunately.Eighty
    • haha, zombies.mrAtor
    • i know it shouldn't be but in NI, Scotland it's a sectarian badge. While they lay wreaths at the UVF mural near my house you can stick yer poppies up your hole.kingsteven
    • Zest we forget.garbage
  • i_monk8


    That went well.

  • renderedred3
  • SimonFFM11


    According to Tablet/Forbes, the hotel where my photographs are hanging is one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world:…

    That's pretty nice.

    • Which hotel (I didn't read the article)?ben_
    • Lindley Lindenberg in Frankfurt, GermanySimonFFM
    • Love their promo vidsGnash
    • I shot pretty fun stuff for them yesterday, too.SimonFFM
    • cool hotel!Krassy
    • I remember those photos and project, what a win for you - traveling and shooting.canoe
  • Gnash0

    Global Warming

    So twitter’s new ban on political ads has had the unfortunate side-effect of also banning ads from groups that are fighting climate change.

    So exhausting. It’s science not politics. As long as this issue is conflated this way nothing will change (aside from the climate)

    • Completely agreed. It's just one big UGH at this point.garbage
    • "It’s science not politics" - you my friend have no clue.pr2
    • The fact that it is seen as a political issue is a triumph of modern marketing sadly. Oil companies spent a huge amount of money to make it seem that way.yuekit
    • Lol, pr2, you certainly have the lock on cluesGnash
    • Can we just get rid of twitter?i_monk
    • @i_monk +1

      ..and FB while we're at it
    • climate forecasting is modelling; not science, which is hypothesis-theory-me... (replicate)-test-val...BustySaintClaire
    • @BustySaintClaire is speed science when predicting the outcome of a vehicle going fast? and modeling an outcome unless breaks are installed?Krassy
    • It's really more like predicting how fast that vehicle will be going next Tuesday.monNom
    • You realize science is 100%, entirely, all about predicting outcomes of phenomena, yes?i_monk
    • ^ thisGnash
    • forecasting models represent the actual scientific method at workmonospaced
    • The only reason to deny this science is if you've been brainwashed to do so by anti-science religious conservatives. That seems to be the group behind it all.monospaced
    • I wouldn’t go as far as including a religious element, profits are enough of an incentive to deny the scienceGnash
    • True. But those people not profiting who still deny it ...monospaced
  • i_monk2
  • Nairn0

    Pic of the Day

    If you stand back and subtract yourself from what you're already familiar with, the idea of masses of medals on uniforms is a weird-looking and peculiar concept.

    It's kind of like flair for serious people.

    • Oh hey, I followed up a Mike Judge post with another sort of Mike Judge post.
      +1 me!
    • Should've posted in blog thread, sorry.Nairn
    • Fun fact: the service ribbons on his chest are referred to in the military as a salad bar. [star wipe]zarkonite
    • Mainly variations on 'I'm good a following orders' and 'I'm good at shooting people defending themselves from our ambitions'.i_monk
    • what are the medals in the middle for?srhadden
    • boy scouts on steroidsBustySaintClaire
    • Don't you want to express yourself?misterhow
  • ideaist2


    Thought this was well thought out; people (especially older folks) are concerned with this:

    • Nicely designedGnash
    • Fantastic.mg33
    • Apple are widley regarded even by Snowden as the least cunty of all the awful tech companies out there.Hayzilla
    • And by law enforcement agencies the most secure as well by a long shot.monospaced
  • PonyBoy14
    • shouldn't this be in news of the day?Hayoth
    • Can anybody summarize the video?OBBTKN
    • it's in the news...maybe not the us news,…
      summary: ABC allegedly stopped Epstein expose over three years ago
    • thanks uanOBBTKN
    • Always wonder how the Epstein story disappeared years ago. Wonder what changed to make him fair game.PhanLo
    • Its so obvious he didnt killed himself. Too many powerful people to protect. All this story is disgusting.Bennn
    • this needs its own threadmoldero
    • in that power position...he probably isn't even dead.uan
    • What's just as bizarre is how fast the story disappeared. Between this and Russia's influence, it really does feel like we are living in an alternate world.formed
    • They also buried the Harvey Weinstein story at first. It could be something as simple as not wanting to go against a rich and well-connected person.yuekit
    • Probably someone at ABC loved fucking children.PhanLo
    • Doesn't make Alex Jones, Joe Rogan or David Icke sound that crazy, huh? Imagine how deep we can get if we fall down that rabbit hole.Maaku
    • This in no way validates anything Alex Jones or David Icke says. And Joe Rogan is kind of just a dumb, gullible guy that gives airtime to anybody.garbage
    • 1. Jones is a fearmonger that tried to use chili as an alibi in his custody case. He's dangerously stupid and manipulative, not woke.garbage
    • 2. David Icke is Crazy with a capitol C. If you really believe that the lizard people are running the earth, you're beyond the pale white horse.garbage
    • It would seem NBC, CBS & ABC are all more interested in outing / firing their leakers than being caught for covering up for a Pedofile. Disgusting.PonyBoy
    • Instead of speaking up about their cover-up ABC spent all efforts hunting down who they thought leaked this tape... right to their new job @ CBS.PonyBoy
    • CBS instantly fired the poor girl... and it turns out she wasn't even the leaker (according to Proj. Veritas and a Megyn Kelly interview today)PonyBoy
    • It doesn't validate any of their claims but they've all brought up the pedophile rings one way or the other.Maaku
    • They are capable of these atrocities, I'm not surprised if there's more to it.Maaku
    • Some of the higher-ups in these companies were directly involved with / hung out w/Epstein... it makes sense they'd try and hide the entire ordeal.PonyBoy
  • PonyBoy2


    anyone here using services like or

    Curious how happy you are w/the price / service / quality / freshness / difficulty to cook etc...

    • Mono has blue apron I think.pango
    • On principle alone I would never use one of those services. It almost disgusts me how wasteful they are and the pathetic laziness they represent.monospaced
    • Just a quick glance will tell you that the price to quality and freshness ratios are a disappointment at best. An insult to anyone who can cook.monospaced
    • Wait... Someone here uses it.... I'm pretty sure. Just forgot who... Lolpango
    • For those on a budget... and not a smug twat (lol... calm the fuck down, mono)... feel free to still chime in and not let Chef Smugnuts keep you from sharingPonyBoy
    • Tried it on a promo once. Cancelled the next day. Flavours ranged from 'meh' to 'yuck', and regular pricing wasn't a compelling value.monNom
    • Very happy with GUSTOsinjun
    • We use hellofresh for 3 meals a week and it's alright. I love to cook, but travel a lot for work so sometimes it's just nice to have a no-brainer in the fridge.ben_
    • I question the packaging waste as well but can't complain about the freshness of the food - we buy most of our groceries from a local co-op so it pales inben_
    • comparison to that. All the meals are easy to cook, but I guess that depends on your experience cooking. They have tons of promos all the time, if you wantben_
    • a referral code I'll gladly send you one, but not sure if it works across the border.ben_
    • I've been interested in this sort of thing for a while. Pricing looks good just can't make that leap for some reason.Hayzilla
    • Learn to cook and buy your own ingredients. It's really easy.i_monk
    • @i_monk, be careful, you're coming off as smug ;)monospaced
    • We've used Hello Fresh and have gone back to it a few times because its cheaper than eating out, and easier than planning / buying ingredients for a meal.mantrakid
    • Almost everything we've had has been a delicious meal and has given us ideas for future meals that we do end up just picking up at the grocery store next time.mantrakid
    • On busy weeks with lots of kid activities after school, etc its super convenient—right there in the fridge, ready to make. Hello Fresh: It's a load off.™mantrakid
    • @i_monk Have done for 20yrs mate. Thanks for the tip though. Genius. Looking to try an alternative as even Gordon Ramsay must get bored of his own repertoire.Hayzilla
    • This site seems to be boiling down to just the conceited hipsters who dont watch TV, are Michelin chefs and knit their own wellies. Stifling real peoples chats.Hayzilla
    • Im normal. Im here.mantrakid
    • If you go to Blue Apron's site, you can access all their recipes for free. So, you can cook anything you want without orders.monospaced
    • What do you need these services for if you're even a half decent home cook? Try new recipes if you're bored. Blue Apron isn't sending you anything you haven'ti_monk
    • already cooked yourself or couldn't find in a shop if you knew to look for it, so what's the advantage? Paying more? "Genius" indeed.i_monk
    • I used it on a promo. The meals were decent, but the ease of use is nil. Just get a recipe and go to the store. Plus, it's insanely wasteful.section_014
    • +1 i_monk / section_014 / mono / etc

      they're evil products.
    • If they packed them in returnable, reusable Tiffin Tin like packaging, as some clever mail order/pick up service, I think they'd be ace. But they're redundant.Nairn
    • @hayzilla - if this: "conceited hipsters who dont watch TV" pertains to our exchange the other week, you're hilariously off-target. Like, ridiculously so.Nairn
    • I mean, I may be conceited. But I'm not a hipster who revels in the idea of not watching TV. TV's great. Just not on sunny Sunday summer evenings. For me.Nairn
    • It's a luxury item. However, I cooked a meal with my Mom a few years ago - she had a trial - and it was really cool to just cook with Mom.stoplying
    • ^
      That's how ad campaigns are made.
      "t was really cool to just cook with Mom"
    • If you compare the price you pay to the actual cost of ingredients you get, you'd quickly realize what a ripoff these all are.monospaced
    • The idea is intriguing though. The cheap bastard in me can’t justify it though.monospaced
    • my friend worked at UPS and would take some home if they were open, and it does spoil fast either waycanoe
    • I had a free trial of Hello Fresh about a year ago. I would say avoid them. It's all just door service for people who are too lazy to cook.garbage
    • Which is a quality nobody should have. And I think there was a recent buyout, and they seem desperate to get people back.garbage
    • I think it was because I was an early adopter, but they're spamming me like crazy with offers of $80 of free meals, and it's not even worth it.garbage
    • My wife subscribed for a few months to hello fresh, I ended up doing all the cooking, tons of errors in the recipe printouts. super wasteful packaging.BonSeff
    • cookbooks and youtube videos took its place. Stock up your spice rack and order grub to cook via amazon prime whole foods delivery, just gotta meal plan.BonSeff
    • Go to a market, buy something that looks interesting, google a recipe for it when you get home. Just saved you S&H.i_monk
    • @Bon Yeah the recipes were off on mine as well, and the packaging was a disaster.garbage
    • The only reason I haven't added them to my spam list is that I'm genuinely curious if they will ramp up to $100 of free meals.garbage
    • Whats all the bad packaging chat? What do they do?Hayzilla
    • Blue Apron ships ~10 million pound of plastic packaging a year. Some of these kits ship individually wrapped garlic cloves.i_monk
    • @Hayzilla Hilariously overbagged. In fairness to them they have since made changes, but when I used them it was almost equal parts plastic / food.garbage
    • wow, look at all the fucking smug chefs ;)monospaced
    • Oh, mono... <3
      I got my free box, fuckers... the ingredients look aight... guess I'm making something asian tonight - I'll let you know.
    • Are you appropriating my culture?!
  • Krassy8
    • damn that looks so real_niko
    • or maybe it is I can't tell anymore lol_niko
    • Mouse lemurs, however, will catch and eat the feeding moths. By catching and eating the moths on the flowers and eating the flowers too, the baobab tree is able_niko
    • be pollinated forming a mutually beneficial relationship between the tree and the mouse lemur. This allows the baobab tree to thrive!_niko
    • ^ read of course in Sir David Attenborough's voice lol_niko
    • my favorite part is the eye contact with the camera: "see that?"Krassy
    • needs the 'deal with it' sunglassesBustySaintClaire
    • deal with it :)helloeatbreathedrive
    • animated?milfhunter
    • animated. I don't see how they'd get a camera on a track, in focus and framed perfectly for those last two shots.inteliboy
    • My guess is 100% CGI, not bad.ApeRobot
    • A quick Google says this is from the new Lion King.Hayzilla
    • that motion blur on the second last shot is the only thing that said CGI to me, the rest is excellent. Especially the elastic contraction and pulling_niko
    • That Lion King (Not seen it) looks fucking incredible. Unbelievable that it is financially viable to make an entire photo realistic films now.Hayzilla
    • He helped me find car insurance... (uk rated)necromation
    • i'm guessing they added motion capture to an actual lemur to get all the intricacies of their movement?_niko
  • hans_glib0
    • Do you have a link to this data? looks interesting. We need to start building that extra 0.7237 of an earth soon or we're fucked!Ianbolton
    • spaceX, China National Space Administration, Indian Space Research Organisation...all looking at extraterrestrial possibilitiesuan
    • Considering we talk of the miracle that our planet is so perfect for our own existence, the possibilities of terraforming Mars - for example, sounds a little...Ianbolton
    • ridiculous.Ianbolton
    • first it's about survival...later generations can enjoy a comfortable next 1st world life.uan
    • meanwhile newly developed technology from space will help make 20th cent. consumerism culture on the planet obsolete. in 1-3 generations maybe.uan
    • @ianbolton: https://www.theworld… etc etchans_glib
    • Wait. How are we on 7.7Bn population already? I thought we'd not long-since hit 7Bn?!Nairn
    • Cheers Hans. Positives of that though is if we take all the sea life out the sea would that mean sea levels will fall so we'll all be safe?Ianbolton
    • Nairn... it's pretty obvious the patriarchy is winning!Ianbolton
    • Wolrld population has doubled in my lifetime. If I reach my mom's age, I expect it will have halved by then.nuggler
  • feel0
    • I don't get it. Are they using both? or is this the new primary logo?dbloc
    • Is the new one the new parent company, F A C E B O O K vs facebook?i_monk
    • no idea but it still reads VOX_niko
    • VOXKrassy
    • vox news
      Fair and Balanced®
    • im confused.milfhunter
    • More work went into creating this case-video than the rebrand itself.NBQ00
    • am i the only one that reads fox? loljaylarson
    • No idea what is going on here.Hayzilla
    • This is too long and convoluted for any online attention span, and even if it wasn't created for that medium, it's still too much.evilpeacock
    • (aha - I see this is a video "case study" more than anything else)evilpeacock
    • no idea too, but it's fucking coolfeel
    • It's an American brand; bold, empty and soulless.ideaist
    • troll-back? hmmlvl_13
    • This can't be real. Also the video ends with the old "current" logo.nb
  • Hayoth4
    • i put it in the conspiracy thread knowing it'd probably get more views (& we've been talking about it there) you're correct to call it news vs. a conspiracy thoPonyBoy
    • Deep State
      Deep Fake
      Fake News
  • pango5