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    • to be fair stick if you had stuck this in Emigre magazine or Raygun everyone would have been omgBluejam
    • ^ +1kOBBTKN
    • it hurts, but its readable. but you need about 3 to 6 minutes to figure it out. i thought i got it, then figured out i didnt, then i did.Bennn
    • i dont get the Closed Sunday 3 - 9:30 thoBennn
    • Closed for lunch on Sunday. Open for dinner Sunday 3-9:30toemaas
    • wowBennn
    • they won't be getting Bennn's business on SundaysKrassy
    • Lol @Emigre, so truemaquito
  • ideaist0

    The Outsiders (HBO)

    My wife won't let us watch this due to the dead kid thing; perhaps a solo effort?!

    : )

    • Every show seems to have a dead kid plot OR dead kid episode(s) (looking at you BLACK MIRROR)... Mothers can't handle it.*sigh*ideaist
    • haha ideaist, I have the same dilemma! I started watching the trailer to make sure it was ok, then nope, 2 seconds in, dead kid.
    • Yep, no dead or kidnapped kids for my wife either.HijoDMaite
    • Women; can't live with them and can't be alive without them.

    • My wife got super sensitive to violence after having kids.. I'm soloing on this one as well.mathinc
    • Every shows have: vomiting, dead animals, boobs. At least 1 time per season.Bennn
    • it wasn't just a dead kid... But it was a FUCKED UP dead kid, you do not see that level of violence on kids TV, that was graphic man...necromation
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  • mantrakid6

    Video Games...

    re: ^

    I have a related story of the first time i played Journey on PS3. I was just sorta exploring and stuff then all of a sudden i saw this character that kinda looked like me. I thought it was like a bot or something meant to have some significance to the story so i more or less ignored it for a bit then realized it was following me around. I started trying to interact with it by jumping on it, using the 'action' button to talk and stuff and it would start talking back at me (little symbols appearing over its head basically, no actual words).

    I thought it was pretty novel and then all of a sudden it ran off. I thought maybe its trying to tell me something so I followed it but it didnt seem to be doing anything important, it was just sort of... playing.. Jumping up on to stuff, then back down, running in cool patterns. If I stopped following it, it would come back and check on me to see if I was still around, 'signalling' to me, etc. If i ran off the other way, it would follow me. After a short bit it started to feel less and less like some AI programmed NPC thing...

    A short bit later I fell down into this area and didnt know how to get out, then all of a sudden the character jumped into the hold with me then started beeping to show me the way out. It finally snapped that it had to be a real person, the way it acted / reacted to everything I was doing was too surreal to be AI. And so I followed it. It got me out of the stuck area and then we basically... journeyed... together.. for many levels. There were times where we were sneaking around monsters trying not to get seen, times where we were solving puzzles together, and times where we would just stand and beep at eachother because that was the only actual way we could communicate.

    Near the end, we were climbing this mountain together and the snow was blowing in our faces and we were taking refuge in these little nooks and crannies together and eventually trying to brave up this snow covered summit together, trying to stick together to stay warm, but the weather overtaking us. They dropped into the snow and remained still, and shortly after I did as well.... We both died, then the screen did a dissolve to white and we reappeared in this incredible sky area, able to fly.

    We finally reached the end of the game and youre supposed to go through this big archway into this 'heaven' like brightly lit area, but I couldn't do it.. I didn't want to end the story, or even more, i stood at the archway completely mystified about what was going to be through it. I was basically deciding if I wanted to even know... The whole experience to that point was so surreal and so magical that I felt like walking through that archway would ruin it somehow.

    So I just stood there... watching my partner walk further and further into the light... a complete stranger that I had just spent the last 2 hours somehow connecting with on an almost spiritual level yet without ever even a single spoken or written word... swallowed by light and gone forever...

    • This is an amazing story, this game is indeed fantastic! It took me a while to figure out I was playing with another real person. Clever mechanic!Fabricio
    • Thanks for that :)Gnash
    • Didn't know that game had that mechanic. I only watched a playthrough, gorgeous, memorable, & important gamejaylarson
    • What a story! Thank you for sharing_niko
    • yeah when you finish the game it tells you the usernames of the players you came acrossernexbcn
    • Lovelycannonball1978
    • ernexbcn i had no idea... i wish i had known at the time, the fact that it was just me and that stranger for pretty much the whole game, felt pretty cool.mantrakid
    • thx for reading buds!mantrakid
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    As anyone in history ever used any of the links down the left on Wikipedia pages. Why are they always there. Still needs an update that site.

  • kingsteven5


    i read a book on the evolution of the eye maybe 20 years ago and the only fact i've retained is that butterflies have light detecting cells on their genitals. well, i just found out that us humans have taste receptors on our balls and buttholes so, beat that butterflies!

    • inside your brain is a cluster of cells making up a map of the body, it's folded, and the feet cells are very close to genital cells, hence foot fetishes.shapesalad
    • in some people. depending on how well separated those clusters of cells are.shapesalad
    • Sigmund Freud claimed that people sexualize feet because they resemble penises... makes you wonder what was goin on there...…kingsteven
    • Or, y'know, babies spend much of their existence at knee level and below and form the substance of their first emotional connections whilst doing so.Nairn
    • lets start a new charity Nairn, call it "stilts for waens" we can get Bill Gates and the Clintons to donate billions off that factoid.kingsteven
    • I'd go with mini dirigibles over stilts, but otherwise I'm on board.Nairn
    • It better be locally sourced wicker balloons powered by excess self-esteam.kingsteven
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  • ShenanigansTV18
  • Ramanisky21

    florida is whack

    The Ultimate Florida Man tale.

    FloridaMan has been arrested after he allegedly climbed a traffic light on a busy intersection and began shitting on cars passing underneath.

    • Smells like MAGA Spiritutopian
    • The Rare Florida Meth PigeonBH26
    • Dude has a tough life for sure, geezBennn
    • Not all heroes wear capes.PhanLo
    • Sean PennNBQ00
    • I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time.lemmy_k
    • Gordon Ramsayfadein11
    • maybe he believes he's a bird?Krassy
    • that guy is 21 years old. Meth, not even once.Bennn
    • @BH - rare? It’s the state bird.ben_
    • Dave Matthews Bus manBonSeff
  • BusterBoy2

    Punches For:

    These cunts...running a gigantic ponzi scheme and ra ra cult with people paying thousands to attend his fucking BS "university" and using their kids as props to promote this massive scam.

    • Link to a story? Never heard of them.NBQ00
    • Grant Cardone. He popped up in one of gary Vaynerchuk's vids so I followed him for a bit. What a crock!BusterBoy
    • Mr. Humble Brag Vaynerchukutopian
    • I put in a search of Grant Cardone but there were no articles about his scam practices.NBQ00
    • He sells real estate seminars teaching people how to invest. I wouldn't call it a Ponzi scheme but maybe predatory?Hayoth
    • it's all bullshit, he made his money by telling people how to make money. nothing new, rehashed common sense advice available everywhere for free._niko
    • but he packages it in books and seminars and people buy it so good for him I guess._niko
    • So why is he different than any other guru and marketer? You could say the same of Tony Robbins and Gary V. I hate them all.NBQ00
    • He's different because he also runs a giant real estate fund that guarantees "investors" a cheque every month. Bernie Madoff says "hi".BusterBoy
    • Slight exaggeration...but the whole thing just screams "nope"...but so many fall for it.BusterBoy
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    all the threads are now secret threads

    • yes! lolKrassy
    • The left menu is gone...
      Is it the QBN-calypse?
    • testBennn
    • I hope it fills in w/a 160x600 banner for Adobe Creative Cloud... perhaps even go w/a 300x600 as there is space for itPonyBoy
    • I blame Stephen Kingfadein11
    • testPonyBoy
    • kingstephen? sounds like a loooserkingsteven
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  • Gnash4

    Politically Correct OTD

    Oh oh. He’s stirred the beast

    • probably fair to share the 3 tweets to put this into context.fadein11
    • We walked it back rather expertlyGnash
    • Read the responses, genius.Gnash
    • He walked it back after a couple of hours of woke rage came hurtling at him. Goodness you’re an idiotGnash
    • An idiot for sharing a link. lol. I agree with everything he said. including the follow ups which have little to do with his original point. but yeah I'm anfadein11
    • idiot outrage boy.fadein11
    • Ugh. Not for the link, you moron.Gnash
    • Do you stumble through your whole day like this, or do you have a nanny?Gnash
    • jesus, you posted the end of a tweet, I shared a link to all of them. calm the fuck down you numpty.fadein11
    • Lol. You truly are simple. Back to your porridge with yaGnash
    • jesus haha. you need a shag, or a beer, or both.fadein11
    • Had both last night. Nice burn, thoughGnash
    • Stop misreading me. I'm not always looking for an argument, in fact I actively avoid it nowadays. Was just sharing the rest of the tweets.fadein11
    • why did you call him an idiot if not for the link to context?monospaced
    • Because, frankly, that's all he did. And you've been calling him names as if he voiced some strong opinion on the matter.monospaced
    • @notes
    • hah, nothing on limmys fake snapchats from a few days back.kingsteven
    • Lol. Another one.Gnash
    • Mono stop discouraging them, we love all those cobbled-together Brit insults they hurl at each other. Keep going guys this is a hoot!!!robotron3k
    • Nobody calls for more diversity in Mauritania. Or Brunei. Just saying...shapesalad
    • For fuck sake, the ocean needs more diversity. There simply isn’t enough insects, mammals or birds in the ocean. Fucking racist ocean. Woke up ocean.shapesalad
    • Another one? I didn't present an opinion other than that he was providing context, nothing more. There's no reason to call him an idiot for it.monospaced
    • Good GodBonSeff
    • Good GodBonSeff
    • dfBonSeff
    • I'm going to use "back to your porridge with ya" in a meeting before the end of the week.zarkonite
    • Still not sure why you called him an idiot except that you imagined him saying something stupid and reacted to said imagination.monospaced
    • he thought I was an idiot because I shared all the tweets rather half of one, when I should've been reading the comments on said tweet but no link was provided.fadein11
    • So I obliged. Not that I would waste my time reading yet another N.American Twitter storm over some innocent and correct tweet shared out of context.fadein11
    • Ah, one can hear the clicks and zaps of those synapses firingGnash
    • It can take too much time to look up what one’s supposed to think about stuff.Gnash
    • What's that term you British use?? It's popular, something like, "I'm going to take your urine!" or, "he just took your urine!"robotron3k
    • twitter is the worst. the virtue signalling is obnoxiously bad. and always western people obsessed with race and diversity. guilt and shame runs deep.inteliboy
    • Gnash you need to chill the fuck out dude. Too quick to be aggressive.Hayzilla
    • Just quick enoughGnash
    • ya after reading the complete tweets in its context. nothing stephen said sound offensive at all.pango
    • He backpeddled expertlyGnash
    • Although, try as he might, it doesn’t change the posit of his pre- ‘but-let-me-‘splain’ tweetsGnash
    • And of course there’s nothing offensive about it. That’s the pointGnash
    • Not sure it was backpeddling per se, more a clarification of where he sits politically. More likely scared of becoming an accidental poster boy of the rightfadein11
    • like Gervais did last week. But what do I know? I'm an idiot :)fadein11
    • and still, providing the context isn't an idiotic thing to domonospaced
    • this seems pretty mehh to me. you sharing because?pango
    • Kings whole post is a big backpedal, he starts off pandering, then makes his point as gnash posted above, then he totally tries to cover his ass_niko
    • David Icke just posted about it on Facebook ha, really. He's always right.fadein11
    • Stand for something or don’t. Just don’t try to stand for everything to appease no one._niko
    • @niko yet all his tweets can co-exist with zero conflict?fadein11
    • Of course it’s ‘meh’ pango. But not to the over 10k (so far) woke unicorns that have so replied with anguish to kings tweetGnash
    • lol at following Icke. on facebook, no less. perfect.Gnash
    • and the predictable, "but it's alt-right-adjacent!" pearl-clutching. also perfect.Gnash
    • His posts are v.amusing gnash. Reminds me of Set :(fadein11
    • But great burn dude :)fadein11
    • have you tried not paying attention of over 10k woke unicorns? your days might get better. i mean im the millennial here and i dont even use twitter.pango
    • Sir Hurt of Buttfordshire just won't let it liefadein11
    • things always go anal with you. oddGnash
    • did you actually just say that haha?
    • Let him have the final say, it always fizzles out if he feels he's won.fadein11
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  • i_monk5
  • NBQ000


    Yesterday I saw something sad. Maybe I‘m overthinking it but... I was walking in the park and saw a young mother with her toddler. The little girl was maybe 3 years old. She was holding her mom‘s hand with one hand and in the other hand she was holding a big iPhone (her mom‘s) with her little fingers. Her head and neck bent all the way down staring at the screen. They were walking and the whole time the girl was just staring at the screen.

    Really bad parenting to allow small children get used to staring at screens even when out in nature. Her parents should be showing her things outside, talking to her, playing and not let such a young kid be glued to a screen.


    • Before you judge, walk a mile in their shoes.Morning_star
    • Amazed you weren't checking out the mom's tits.fadein11
    • How do you balance screen time with your kids?eryx
    • The phone works as a good babysitter. I see it all the time. My nieces don't even engage in conversation anymore. Just keep scrolling.PhanLo
    • Surprised I get dv for this. You really think it’s healthy for a toddler to be glued on the screen like that?NBQ00
    • As a parent of a toddler, this also makes me sad. +1 NBQ, because this kind of parenting is oftentimes lazy and detrimental to the kids' normal development.monospaced
    • My son is not allowed to use any mobile device, and he knows it. He spends his time taking in the world around, learning manners and being social.monospaced
    • @eryx, it's incredibly easy. You figure out how much they can have, and limit it to that. There's no real good argument FOR screen time that I've ever heard.monospaced
    • I don't think anyone's saying it's healthy. However, in that particular circumstance it is unfair to come to the conclusion you did without context.Morning_star
    • upvoted.hotroddy
    • It is pretty hard to judge the situation as an outsider. who knows what happened the rest of the day for that mom/kid.akiersky
    • We try to limit our toddler's tv time, but sometimes you just need 20 minutes to get some things done.akiersky
    • It doesn't mean the other 10-12 hours of awake time aren't completely focused on the kid and their developmentakiersky
    • It’s one thing to give your kid the phone at home a little bit during the day but during a walk in the park?NBQ00
    • In my opinion, there are a ton of things you can give a kid besides a phone to distract them. Of course you can't judge without context ...monospaced
    • ... but if your kid can't be consoled without an iPhone, then that's due to parenting choices and conditioning, and nothing else.monospaced
    • I use TV time for my son, but it's not a mobile device and we are in control. He can't decide how long, or when, he watches.monospaced
    • The next generation will be 'special'. Screens from day 0Bennn
    • Agreed!
      Not in a park, not with a phone.
      Use a book or a toy when you need a minute alone.
    • Agreed.
      Not in a park, not with your phone.
      Use a book or a toy for a moment alone.
      -Dr. Seus
    • Agreed.
      Not in a park, not with your phone.
      Use a book or a toy for a moment alone.
      -Dr. Seus
    • Agreed.
      Not in a park, not with your phone.
      Use a book or a toy for a moment alone.
      -Dr. Seus
    • Agreed.
      Not in a park, not with your phone.
      Use a book or a toy for a moment alone.
      -Dr. Seus
    • That generation already exists. My friend's daughter just turned 10. Same age as the iPad she started using on day 1.monospaced
    • My friend's daughter just turned 10. She's been using an iPad since day 1. Her mom got her an iPhone 11 for Christmas, because she demanded it. Oh hell no.monospaced
    • It's entirely unhealthy. We let our kids (2 1/2 and 5) use our phones occasionally, sometimes in the car for my 5yo to watch a video.mg33
    • test commentmonospaced
    • Our daughter sees us using ours and wants to try them. She’s 1.5y, so naturally curious... parenting can be hard. I wouldn’t judge too hard.ben_
    • You never know what that mum has to deal with. Careful with the judging. I'm willing to bet once that girl is 5, that phone pacifier won't be required.HopefullyHayzilla
    • Btw, philosophically I agree with you. Kids should be exploring nature, learning social skills and all that. But screens are a part of their future for betterben_
    • Or worse, and like just about anything telling them they “can’t” almost assures that they will.ben_
    • just imagine the girl screaming for the last 3 hours cause her 3yr old molars are coming in, the mom trying to console her to no avail . . .timeless
    • and is heading to a lunch with her single friend w/o kids who just got promoted and now makes twice as much as the mom used to (when she didn't have kids) . . .timeless
    • and could focus on her carreer more than her career and family life. And in that moment of weakness she just needs a break and her family and support . . .timeless
    • circle is 5 hours away cause she decided to move to where her husband lives/works and knows almost nobody. Then decide about our opinion of her choice of . . .timeless
    • parenting techniques. You're getting a glimpse of a moment in time. Not the entire picture. Been there. Next time you see a frustrated mom in the market . . .timeless
    • with a hysterical kid think of this moment. Or like my wife, go up to the mom tell her she's doing it right, and don't pay any attention to the side looks . . .timeless
    • that she's getting and that being a mom is hard, frustrating work and that it gets better. Wow . . . that's it for now, I guess judging someone who can't . . .timeless
    • defend themselves really pushes my buttons.Then to even come here, of all places, to talk about it really says something about a person. </rant>timeless
    • Oh dear.NBQ00
  • omahadesigns-9


    Do you know anyone who is trans-gender?

    • Yes. Chances are you may too.monospaced
    • yesrenderedred
    • No.i_monk
    • Yes.PhanLo
    • yeskingsteven
    • YupGnash
    • why the downvotes?Bennn
    • yespango
    • i know a trans (male to female) dating another trans (female to male). going full circle lol. i suppose they understand each other better.pango
    • Downvoted because it’s omaha and another one of his weird posts questioning things that he doesn’t understand.monospaced
    • It's like the dumb "Questions Guy?????" never left the website.utopian
    • How dare anyone ask questions that don’t sound like they will render discussion thats in agreement to your views.cannonball1978
    • Si.garbage
    • @cannonball The "How dare anyone.." comment is seriously snowflake. It's obviously a loaded question given omaha's long history of ignorance and hate.garbage
    • That's a classic "FIRST AMENDMENT! Wait people think I'm wrong? Well.. shut up!" moment.garbage
    • I do, they’re cool.ben_
    • yes.sarahfailin
  • BusterBoy35


    My 15 year old son's band played their first proper gig last weekend...supporting act for a really well known Aussie 80's and 90's band at a great venue here in Melbourne. Was an awesome night. He was REALLY nervous as they only found out a few days earlier and had to learn about 8 songs in a short space of time. But when they got up on stage and started playing...and I could see the big smile on my son's face...was just so good.

    Proud Dad!

    • congrats' :) next time just throw a line here about the event.sted
    • He didn't let us even tell extended family he was that nervous!BusterBoy
    • What a good post. Nice!stoplying
    • ^ Thanks!BusterBoy
    • This is so cool! When I has in highschool I followed a band called Frenzal Rhomb, from South Wales, Sydney. They’re still around. Rock-on, little Buster!maquito
    • Lol, this is them yesterday:…
    • What an awesome dad!robotron3k
    • did ya burn down the haus?utopian
    • :) I'm a bit of a square. Kid is so much more enlightened than I was at his age. I was a sports jock...he hates it. But loves his music.BusterBoy
    • Thats awesome! My 8 year old is learning the drums currently. Can't wait to be at that first show. Where did they play?

      Massive Frenzy Rhomb fan too Maquito.
    • Frenzal Rhomb.. niceautoflavour
  • sted3
  • sted0
    • how many hours did it take to post these?utopian
    • love theseutopian
    • best of 1999 :D I wouldn't have posted this if it takes more than 2 mins.sted
    • Lol at Bill Clinton.PhanLo
    • Def used that lil cowboy shooting the guns on my first Geocities site.duckseason
    • Thanks for the add!jaylarson