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  • robotron3k3

    Happy Childhood Things

    HR Puffinstuff, made by Brit hippies for US audience!

    Fat Albert, the show was so stereotype, Bill Cosby bought the episodes to bury it

    Land of the Lost, also by the Puffinstuff guys...

    • Mmmm.... Hollylemmy_k
    • Land of the Lost – Rules!utopian
    • My favorite Syd and Marty Kroft was Lidsville with Charles Nelson Reilly and Eddie Munster.CyBrainX
    • Oh shit Lidsville just before my time!robotron3k
  • NBQ001

    Paris, France

    Apple will help fund the rebuilding of Notre-Dame de Paris, says Tim Cook:…

    So many rich individuals and corporations donating huge sums. I must agree it's rather weird that they come forward now and not as much when it's about other issues.

    • yep. didn't see apple offering to rebuild glrenfell towershapesalad
    • despite people losing their homes and some slowing being cooked to death.shapesalad
    • * grenfell towershapesalad
    • I guess it looks good to donate Money to rebuild a church, when most people in Europe are not religious...shapesalad
    • I'd like to see them pay their billions in taxes. Spending a few million is a nice, cheap, pr bumpformed
    • set was so right yesterdayBennn
    • Apple has been considered a philanthropic leader for a couple of years now. Mostly toward education, though.monospaced
    • Masons, unite.pablo28
    • good for Apple pr. if Notre Dame is to be rebuilt, let Japan do it. It will be perfect.imbecile
    • I wonder if Apple negotiated a way to get an Apple Store inside.monospaced
    • all PR -umbee54
    • Pay it forward.umbee54
    • You think they will sell more products and services because they will help rebuild and restore Notre Dame?monospaced
    • only you said that.imbecile
    • People are without clean water in Flint Michigan, Hundreds are living in horrible conditions in Puerto Rico. Fuck'em, let's rebuild a church.jmckinno
    • +1000 jmckinno, couldn't agree more_niko
    • but let's take it further and raze every fucking church, mosque and synagogue on the planet and replace them with schools, tech hubs, art studios, music studios_niko
    • even just green space and maybe this planet will be better. but no, let's build temples to our idiocy. My imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend_niko
    • ...and I'll fucking murder you if you don't agree._niko
    • @imbecile, I was asking because umbee54 said it was "all PR," which made me wonder: to what end? sales?monospaced
    • Notre-Dame de Paris = 1
      Flint, Michigan = 0
    • all press is good press. they're just keeping their name in people's mouths. coat-tailing tragedy with a drop in the bucket donationimbecile
    • There has been a lot of bad news around Apple lately, so yeah, good timing for some super cheap, super valuable PR. It'll go down in history books.formed
    • Housing the homeless in SF won't.formed
    • If there was bad news about Apple recently, it didn't seem to affect their sales or their stock price at all. Not sure they needed any good PR, but okay.monospaced

    official sober thread

    472 days without a relapse.

  • pockets16


    just got a 140k/yr full benefits job offer in Culver City...

    is this real?


    • sounds promising.capn_ron
    • doing what?Krassy
    • Shopify Full Stack Devpockets
    • "You certainly fit the bill for a permanent / fulltime position."pockets
    • I'd totally apply. Kinda up my alley :)Krassy
    • Yeeeeerobotron3k
    • finally.utopian
    • Nice! Congrats! (hook me up!)ArmandoEstrada
    • damn, just joining shopify? sounds good!BabySnakes
    • Selling what?freedom
    • @freedom blowKrassy
    • Legal in CA now?freedom
    • Seems too much money. What's the job title?NBQ00
    • Jim?drgs
    • Working FOR Shopify? Went to a talk by 3 Shopify folk within the UX dept. Was interesting. Sounds like a cool company to work for.microkorg
    • Hi Jimyuekit
    • Money is nicerobthelad
    • congrats! shopify on the up & up.umbee54
    • Gonna need some bigger pockets for all that loot, son!stoplying
    • Jim lolutopian
    • Fucking Jim, you’ll love Cali, much better than Detroit_niko
    • took me 2 days to figure out the jim referencespockets
  • shapesalad-3


    Yeah, disrupt public transport, make people use cars or take detours, causing more pollution...

    Offer up some Butterkist in it's plastic packaging:

    Spray some graffiti from an aerosol can:

    Why don't they instead use their brains, become super educated, stand for election and using their brains, convince the public to vote for them to help implement policy change to help climate issues?

    Oh no wait...

    Easier to wear Nike trainers, ugly polyester mixed socks and get yourself arrested for protesting in a way that pisses off the public:

    • The virtue signalling elite.Morning_star
    • Its actually a massive viral PR stunt by Sony to promote the reboot of Rockstar's classic PS2 game ....…
    • yeah but their instagram feeds will look great.hans_glib
    • as the sun grows and swallows the earth, what's the point in 'saving the earth', and worrying about climate change, it's just delaying the inevitable.shapesalad
    • might as we enjoy gas guzzling cars and long haul flights, imported goods and petrol powered lawn mowers.shapesalad
    • *wellshapesalad
    • I used to worry about eco stuff, but now, whatever, the plant is going to be dead in a few million years, whatever... enjoy today, worry less about 1000 yearsshapesalad
    • *planetshapesalad
    • eh, does that mean your life of apathy is worth 2,999,000 years of humanity?PeterPancake
    • i hate arguments like this. there is NO ethical consumption under capitalism, so anyone who fights against it is automatically easy to label as hypocriticalcolin_s
    • good on these ER folks.colin_s
    • I think you could shorten that to "there is no ethical consumption" and thereafter "humanity is inherently unethical" and be done with it.Nairn
    • Not sure where that leaves anyone usefully though.Nairn
    • Mother earth is doing fine for millions of years, humanity "need" to be saved, or not. We are such arrogant cunts.ApeRobot
    • One of the women protesting has been an environmental lawyer for 25yrs.…
  • drgs5
  • autoflavour7
  • freedom7
    • lolKrassy
    • <by allowing you to 'pay' before they fuck you over it makes it look like a voluntary act because most dbags run around smiling saying 'i pay taxes' w/o consentbliznutty
    • THis is funny because its true. Why is our world so dumbBennn
    • Because idiots think this is funny, not offensive.imbecile
    • omfg I think about this every goddamn year. what actually CAN anyone do?monospaced
    • Claim too much? Thanks! Claim too little? Jail.inteliboy
    • it's so offensive, it's funnydopepope
    • More like "you need to tell us how much you earned"?mekk
  • Bluejam4
  • _me_4
  • freedom7


    You'd think after like 15 years and $66,000,000,000 Mark would delete FB and start a new project that would save the world from something or educate people.

    • nope. he's not into the money; he's into power and control and playing GodKrassy
    • "not so boring company"renderedred
    • In his head, he has saved the world.PhanLo
    • I love to see how people reacted globally if he just deleted Facebook. Like, fuck it, I've had enough!Ianbolton
  • deathboy1

    Global Warming

    Climate Science seems like a misnomer

    Do people who practice Climate Science really engage in science or data analytics? Do they recreate our diverse environment and test hypothesis through experimentation. Or do they just pull data and make projections like any wallstreet analyst trying to trace trends in organic markets. Scientific methods usually don't allow for error with independent testing. You don't see the measurement of gravity changing...

    Of course that is more empirical science and hypothesis amongst scholars and academics is a bit different, but it's disconcerting for such discussion to take mainstream popularity amongst people who have no ability to judge or think about what they are told. Do they question satellite or ocean data, does that data capitulate for solar, orbital rotations, is solar or orbital even quantifiable? Do they realize that 98% of fed data is biased and paid for? Can they judge my bullshit 98% measure without citing from valid source and judge the source?

    Climate scientists I think really need to have a more accurate name. Analysts. And they should be compared similarly to all the wallstreet analysts that on a daily basis swing from melt up to melt down, bull to bear, because truly our econ market is vastly smaller than global climate in scale and scope and we hardly can predict that. Maybe help give the majority better perspective to what kool aid they are drinking.

    Also as living legends stated "only thing to plan for life is change." the idea we could even control climate change... its like 1000x more stupid than trump thinking he can control economy. From vostok records there seems to be about a 100K year climate cycle uneffected by us. Not sure how it measures up with our rotational eccentricity or polar variations, or if our human contribution may adjust it by 100-200 years. It's stupid to think one day our coastal cities won't be flooded and as stupid to think we can change it.

    I'd love for some common sense on climate change, but think its more our days populace flat earth hypothesis. Gone mainstream where everyone has an idea about it and flat makes more sense that earth is flat because if round we'd fall off. Enough knowledge to know how gravity works in a room, but not enough broad knowledge to fully understand it all.

    But to sum it up every climate scientist is no different than a wallstreet analyist predicting doom and gloom for who knows paid benefit.and always look historically, you'll see how wrong all are.

    • isn't it that thousand year trends can and are taking place alongside relatively short-term human-influenced spikes?Fax_Benson
    • that it's preferable that our coastal cities are drowned at the end of the 100k year cycle rather than in 30 years because of something we might haveFax_Benson
    • There is predictive climate science (modelling future climate) & there is empirical climate science that examines evidence of exiting effects of climate changelowimpakt
    • I'd say this screed will age very poorly, but it won't age at all once there's no one left to keep the lights on.e-wo
    • its hard to accurately measure effects of human impact. so far all I have seen is analyst data point changing and saying humans. Similar to up and downs indeathboy
    • markets and saying china woes or fed minutes. Speculation which hardly depicts any idea of whats going on but sells and keeps grants flowingdeathboy
    • And as far as a 100K yr cycle vs 30 years, it should be considered our place in the cycle and wether costs of measures are worth the delay. Like botox, or a hipdeathboy
    • replacement on someone knockin on deaths door.... Maybe that is really what its all about. The fear. And the soothsayers selling magical cream to alleviate usdeathboy
    • of that fear. Climate change done in christian fashion.Salvation for sacrifice todaydeathboy
    • And to your point Low there is indeed some actual science in climate, but it isn't what is driving people knee jerk reactions under the guise of "scientist"deathboy
    • is expert bullshit attempt to feed opinions to public as science by job title. knowing most people will bow to rank of the title. the same shit agencies do todeathboy
    • brand themselves as "experts" or specialized. why i suspect we are so focused on inventing new words to repeat trendsdeathboy
    • Cant help but think instead of military contracts about fear of other countries and missile crisis fear is now sold as climate change. Mostly as policiticaldeathboy
    • ploy and bait, with private companies saying fuck it there money there lets get involved and make a buckdeathboy
  • monospaced7

    Quit Smoking

    3 1/2 years now without a cigarette. Feels good.

  • NBQ003
    • new joy division cover?hans_glib
    • bunsetFax_Benson
    • Simon has a manbun?
    • Simon?robotron3k
    • also, his camera is pointed at taking a photo of a sailboat? what's going on, Simon?!Krassy
    • Assistants, assistance, and asses in distance.whatthefunk
    • Of course Simon is the only guy in the world photographing naked chicks ;)NBQ00
    • dunespablo28
    • Guys, you make me smile. It’s flattering that you think of me, but it cpbe Petter Hegre (cannot really tell).SimonFFM
    • No, Petter shoots with P1, so it’s probably a Russian guy...SimonFFM
    • as the sun goes down here comes an other:…
      Simon lots of book lifting or you go to the gym latterly?
    • Why does he have to have the worst haircut. Why do I even notice that part?freedom
    • Why do you guys care about his hair so much?pango
    • whores hate himutopian
    • all that butts and y'all look at dude's hair.pango
    • We're designers, we look at the whole composition and all the elements. Then stare at the butts.robthelad
    • looks staged!neverscared
  • freedom0


    My friend made a post on Insta about a workshop that sounded like fun so I asked her who was leading it and then she said she was.

    I want to do it but I'm not paying my friend to teach me.

    • You take advantage of your friend?pango
    • Just feels awkward to pay her?freedom
    • if any thing you pay your friend more to support her. Unless she insist otherwise.
      Don't low ball your friend. ಠ_ಠ
    • What a great friend you are freedom.microkorg
    • no it's fine, she'll get lots of recommendations from freedom. and we all know you can live off recommendationshans_glib
    • It would be like paying her to hang out.freedom
    • It's called supporting what she does...
      You wanna hang out? Hang out when she is not working.
    • If your friend has a restaurant, you don't just go there and eat. Then say you don't feel like paying to hang out where she works.pango
    • Just don't go.
      If you're seriously having a hard time deciding if you want to pay your friend.
    • tell her you don't want to pay her - that way she'll probably stop being your friend, at which point you can pay her without feeling weirdFax_Benson
    • I thought I was bad instagramFax_Benson
    • atFax_Benson
    • freedom has no respect for his friend or his friend's time. he wouldn't build his friend's anything for free. #hypocriteimbecile
    • ಠ_ಠpango
  • NBQ009

    Paris, France

    @ set, it's not so much about religion or the catholic priests pedo crimes... to me it's about history, culture, architecture, art, human creativity and achievement.

    Yes there's maybe more important issues than losing some historical symbols & buildings but nevertheless.

    The world would be a sad place if we didn't have such historical pieces and only rubbish in the sea and other environmental disasters.

    • All set wanted to say is the World should act as quickly as some did for Notre-Dame but for the Earth. And he's totally right.Bennn
    • Problem with environment, its not as dramatic as a big fire. People dont really see it. Thats why we're not moving quickly to save the planet.Bennn
    • people will react when problems will touch them directly on a daily basis.Bennn
    • its gonna be too late tho.Bennn
    • if the mona lisa got destroyed in a fire, we could pay someone $100 million to recreate it but it wouldn't be the mona lisa._niko
    • it's the same human urge to renew and rebuild that will be needed to save the planet. Paedo-satanic monuments and the rainforest have that in commonFax_Benson
    • Thank you Bennn :)set
    • Humans are busy renovating the kitchen while unaware that the whole house is burning down.set
    • I remember that time I found my neighbour's stash of Medieval Churches Monthly hidden in the shed, thanks to set's analysis it all makes sense now.deadsperm
    • Dear Catholics, if you can't take care of the one you already had, you don't deserve another one.imbecile
  • Krassy7
  • Bennn2


    Just arrived from dentist. Right now I could stab myself in the chin or cut my tongue with a pair scissors and I wouldn't feel shit

    • drinking from a straw?Krassy
    • prove it with a videoimbecile
    • root canal?monospaced
    • no, cavitiesBennn
    • Do it while you can. You'll regret it tomorrow if you don'tFax_Benson
    • do it for YouTube. Think of the # of views!!!! $$$$££££$$$$microkorg
    • maybe next time :D Too late nowBennn
    • Ok. Do a, before Novocain and after Novocain, chin stab video!futurefood
  • fooler4

    Signs your getting old?

    I thought Vince Staples was a country singer

  • set0

    Paris, France

    This building represents a religion that raped and pillaged pretty much the whole world, and was responsible for genocide and mass murder for centuries. Who gives a fuck if it's destroyed. I mean really. How many miles of rainforest are we destroying every day? How many tonnes of rubbish are we dumping in the sea every day?

    As usual, people crying about meaningless bullshit while totally ignoring real issues.

    • I mean, not to massively oversimplify matters, or anything.Nairn
    • 300,000,000 euros already given towards it's renovation. Humanity and it's priorities are utterly fucked. Yes, it's pretty simple.set
    • ...and someone like Nairn would rather try and argue on the internet about it, lol. Would rather try and belittle someone that is talking sense. Sad times.set
    • We're destroying this planet, but Nairn would rather spend some time crying over meaningless bullshit, because WHY CAN'T WE HAVE BOTH? haha. Fuck - me.set
    • There's no time for both. There's no time to waste hundreds of millions of pounds anymore. This place is dying, a little bit more every day, because of us.set
    • Sorry if that's too simple for you.set
    • The historical heritage of these churches is enormous. I find it sad for cultural and historical reasons, not religious.Bennn
    • Same for all the things that have been destroyed by ISIS in the Middle East.Bennn
    • If you want to compare all the money spent by the world that is not put on the environment ... you will be disappointed. But I understand a your point, setBennn
    • finally somebody reasonable lol_niko
    • Lol. Black metal set! I don't give a shit either.maquito
    • I trust that you practice, absolutely, what you preach, set? No long flights to India; Use of plastic or foods that destroy ecosystems (soy)?Nairn
    • I knew that'd be your empty, shallow little desperate attempt at saving face lol. Yes, I do everything I can, within reason.set
    • Mods, please rename set to SetttNairn
    • ... and not that I have to justify myself to the likes of you, but I think my volunteering in india probably offset the carbon footprint of the flight. Cunt.set
    • I suspect it probably didn't, to be fair.Nairn
    • I hold a similar disdain for religion, and care little for preserving its heritage, but also recognize this as a cultural symbol and art well beyond christianitmonospaced
    • so benn, even culturally and historically, you'd rather pump 300Mil euros into it? for what? it serves no purpose._niko
    • put that money into schools, into tech into the environment, into the future of mankind, look forward not backwards to a time of superstition and darkness._niko
    • It's got to be okay to mourn this while also recognizing the world's environment problems at the same time. It's not one or the other, really.monospaced
    • Ok great do you now feel like you've won Nairn? So because I took a flight to india, everything I'm saying is now somehow not valid?set
    • Or is it that you're literally more interested in trying to prove me wrong than you are in saving this planet we live on? hahahahaset
    • Not at all, I'm abroad at the moment after 5 years of not flying and not feeling great about it. I just think your oversimplification was a bit.. oversimplifiedNairn
    • There are plenty of other rich people donating millions to environmental causes - nowhere near enough, but more every year.Nairn
    • Because frankly, even if I spent all day every day in a field spraying aerosol cans skyward, does that in ANY WAY make what I'm saying less valid?set
    • You can view this edifice as either a monument to a toxic belief system, or a high achievement for a millennium of human culture.. or, yknow, bothNairn
    • Of course it fucking doesn't. So please, maybe try and elevate yourself from your petty interpersonal ego games and let's talk about the real issues... yea?set
    • It's ok to recognise this as being a sad event, but doing so doesn't somehow come at the expense of all the other things to feel sorry about. It's not zero sum.Nairn
    • What about if they upgrade it to a LEED certification when they rebuild?zarkonite
    • haha_niko
    • Funny thing is, I'm pretty sure Nairn agrees with my sentiment, how could any sane human not. But he doesn't like me, so his ego can't help but go on the attackset
    • LOLset
    • I suspect it's an ego that sees attack rather than just a couple of bemused asides and responses.Nairn
    • What you've said above Nairn, is like suggesting it makes sense to spend money on a new TV while your house is burning down. BECAUSE WHY NOT HAVE BOTH. lolset
    • haha don't dare for a second to try to convince yourself that your 'way to over simplify things' comment wasn't a way of trying to belittle me...set
    • ...because you didn't agree with what I said. Actually I think you do agree, you just didn't like how I said it. Did you.set
    • In 100 years when our planet is inhospitable, I'm sure we'll all be over the moon that we spent half a billion euros on a church that no one needs.set
    • @niko The 300,000,000$ has been given by private groups. No public money there. This is their choice. I see no problem there.Bennn
    • Should those groups invest the same amount for the environment? Of course yes, that would be great.Bennn
    • and lastly, if anyone thinks I'm just talking about Notre Dam and not making a wider point in general, then, well, you're an idiot, please don't engage me.set
    • Its ok to want to preserve the historical heritage and save the World at the same time. Its not one or the other.Bennn
    • There's much more big issues than our cultural heritage.Bennn
    • I get your point set. You think the World should invest more for the planet and act as quickly as some did for Notre-Dame. You're totally right.Bennn
    • I think some are just trying to tell you, Ok but lets not sweep the rest under the carpetBennn
    • People like the Pyramids, too. I don't think they were very nice people, either. Matter of fact, humans were are never really that nice.formed
    • Economically, one could argue that cathedral has brought much more than 300m $ in pilgrimage & tourism to the surrounding area.T-Dawg
    • I agree with Set's original sentiment, but the argument is fallacious (appeal to worse problems)T-Dawg
    • Ah look the guy with ten accounts has logged in and downvoted it 10 times in less than a few minutes again hahaha.set
    • I'm not saying it's not a beautiful building, and I'm not saying it's not rather sad it's burned down. I'm just saying, ultimately who gives a fuck...set
    • but the real issue that upsets me is how people get up in arms about meaningless shit like this when our planet is literally being killed by us and no one caresset
    • and this whole 'why can't we have both' shit ain't gonna fly when we no longer have a sustainable planet to live on.set
    • when the sun is so hot it burns your hair off and all the trees are gone, you'll glad of the cold, dark stone sanctuary of a cathedralFax_Benson
    • it's easy to agree with set here. No one wants to look at the church for what it is. everyone uses a personal opinion to supersede logic and rationale.imbecile
    • Even when it should be easy to agree with me, it's not for most people here haha. I'm very much aware of my communication style though. Brings out the egos, hahset
    • Gets your fuckin' goat dunnit

    • It's a bit unreasonable to expect people to not get upset simply because something else worse is happening, no? It's not like people don't care about the earth.monospaced
    • it's not like all the groups dedicated to saving the planet have stopped suddenly because of Notre Damemonospaced
    • In 100 years the planet will be inhospitable? What sort of doomsday cult have you subscribed to now, Setothry?shaft
    • I was just giving an arbitrary number, but the way we are polluting, dumping and destroying is not sustainable. 100 years is not even that extreme.set