For a better tomorrow.

  • moldero13


    Headed to the airport Alaska bound, see you guys in 5 weeks.

    • don't forget the bear sprayGnash
    • bye bye - enjoy!mugwart
    • Moldero hope you can stay in contact bro. My buddy Corey Arnold (photographer/fisher... is always up that way for the season.HijoDMaite
    • If you run in to him tell him you know me. He’s a good guy to know. Godspeed brother.HijoDMaite
    • enjoy the salmon and the hallibut!sarahfailin
    • Sayonara!
    • Bring a warm jacket. :)monospaced
    • nice one... enjoy and take lots of picturesd_gitale
    • No internet in Alaska?yuekit
    • good luck moldero. should be a rad trip!capn_ron
    • thanks guys, cabin were fishing from in naknek has no power, water, gas, just fishing 20 hours a day, this will be a trip. much love!!moldero
    • If you see bigfoot, take pics with the blur filter turned off!Gnash
    • that's one long no-fap periodmonospaced
    • bring deet!jaylarson
    • have fun, man :)PonyBoy
    • Fight a bear yo! Sure your grandchildren will love the story...
      No, srly, enjoy this "your time" and come back to tell it us
    • Go catch them all!pango
    • QBN Fish Tacos Mexico in 6 weeks!capn_ron
    • Go Moldy! xosea_sea
    • bon voyage!!pango
    • Stay good. Also lol @ bearspray. I don't think they live on boats, but if they do Moldy is fucked.garbage
    • Don't forget to sign off your accounts. You will be missed.soundofreason
    • garbage first glance I thought you said "stay gold". xDsea_sea
  • oey24


    QBN is sailing into weird waters.

    Posts deleted, users banned for reasons that are not valid for all, threads merged and/or deleted, weird people signing in, users with ten usernames and so on...


    • No one was banned, oey - I don't know why you keep interpreting that episode that way - he ASKED to have his account deleted.detritus
    • I've heard a rant like this before. You sound like the Morning star. You sound like Lucifer, man!soundofreason
    • And if you think anything in your list there is 'weird waters' for QBN, you've clearly gotten senile in your advancing years - it was always thus. More so...detritus
    • QBN has always deleted posts and threads but most of us don't notice it and it gets forgotten quickly.soundofreason
    • I have also talked about QBN allowing people to use multiple accounts for "the good cause" before.soundofreason
    • I don't care if I get banned, I'm supposed to be renderedred or utopian anyway.soundofreason
    • Have you considered writing a letter of complaint?fadein11
    • yeah, did you at least get your money back?monospaced
    • http://www.reactiong…Bluejam
    • #dramawednesdayssoundofreason
    • goodbye oeydrgs
    • follow the yellow brick "certified by"!
      at the end, you will find the answer!…
    • Did Yurimon forget is his password again?utopian
    • ban all certified by sofas!GuyFawkes
    • Think this is the world over. I'm seeing/hearing the same from everywhere. #ridethestormmugwart
    • Which thread has been deleted?Bennn
    • Oh Donnnnny…
    • I second GuyFawkes' motion. I had already proposed a yellow star for those of us certified by sofas, this would be the next logical step.soundofreason
    • For historical accuracy:…soundofreason
    • Anyone remember the Newstoday days? Things would get banned and deleted left and right. It was almost done as a parody of an evil corporation.yuekit
    • "QBN promotes free speech and moderates this board at the exact same time" Something like that hahayuekit
    • #jesuissofasGnash
    • why do we always pick on people? Someone posts a concern and everyone starts to tear the other apart. I read some of sofas comments - agree with some not all.mugwart
    • wtf is all the rating system are we fucking 8 in a playground. Don't like someone's comment do worry about it. Simplez.mugwart
    • Calm down, oey. Calm down.Continuity
    • ^renderedred
    • why is it always the same people who complain?kona
    • https://media.giphy.…docpoz
    • when has qbn ever not been weird?inteliboy
    • ^renderedred
    • 12 employees, gotta keep them busydrgs
  • docpoz0


    ive got a pedo story.
    i was at a friends gig in pompano beach.
    he was trying to shoot a vr film.

    anywhoo, we got wasted on the set. i was drinking straight vodka and chasing w straight tequila.

    I remember trying to help some kids and I was very liberal with them because I have kids and I guess I have a certain comfort level.

    Anywhoo, the next day the parents were all pissed at me and saying I was way out of line and they told my friend that I was staying at that I was totally out of line and then she kicked me out. I was so scared when I heard the story that I farted.

    As the menories started coming back I explicitly remember being affectionate with the kid but not in any kinda sexual way and that was the guys repressed perspective.

    This dude probably told all of Pompano Beach that Im a weirdo and in reality, he's the weirdo.

    • what did you do to the kids?pango
    • i avoid kids in general.
      i don't like em
    • Boy or girl?freedom
    • so like the parents were there?sarahfailin
    • yes they were the parents. i gave the kid like a pat on the back or something. we all drank too much.. i understand if they have a no contact policy but im....docpoz
    • normally defaulting to a more liberal policy, wtvrdocpoz
    • Pango is right.garbage
  • notype1


    I don't understand how my neighbors can let their door slam constantly. 10 units on the floor, 6-7 let their door slam shut.

    For almost 12 months I've been dealing with jumping out of my chair when I'm home, about 3-5 times a night. $$$$$/mo and I can barely relax in my living area or take a 20 min nap on my couch on the weekends. This part is the most frustrating- that I can't be comfortable at home.

    Left messages - a number of times.

    Try not to vent about stuff like this; what we focus on tends to grow... but christ, can no longer blame it on what I think might be misophonia. It doesn't seem to be bugging anyone else but me, that I know of.

    Can't wait to leave this place. Soon.

    Ugh, thanks for letting me leave this here.

    • ^ noooooooooooooo,
      I am living with a bunch of millen's on my floor. I think you're right!
    • Slam your door even harder at random times, make them complain.robotron3k
    • in other notes, i just realized there's a papa john's near by! https://www.tasteaho…notype
    • Buy lots of this:… Then call on all neighbours and offer to install door seal, only take 2 mins, so that doors don't cause slam noise.shapesalad
    • ^ you put it on door frame, where door meets frame, to cushion door impacting frame.shapesalad
    • Time to buy some drums.microkorg
    • Just get some long wood screws and drill them through the doors into the door frame. Problem solved.monNom
    • We have an online community where I live. Among the things you can do, like request services and stuff, people use it to communicate their concerns.Maaku
    • ^ Don't y'all have one?Maaku
    • nextdoor.comimbecile
    • I hate my neighbors too. Yelling at each other to communicate, it was 2am until they shut up yesterday. I can't anymore.sea_sea
    • ND. com is pretty cool Maaku, I think this could have helped when I moved in last year, although I'm not sure; these younger folks are VERY arrogant, sadly.notype
    • Management, I know would have have helped monNom. I'm out in about 30 days,... will try to get through.notype
    • imbeciles first comment may have hit the nail on the head for me. I may need to live in an older community (LOL... I heard myself) -- brought it home.notype
    • sea, i hope they calm down, sounds so stupid. how old are they?notype
  • nocomply4

    Signs your getting old?

    I'm going to share a short story here:

    I went to a show last night (Tuesday) alone. Summoning the strength to leave the house required significant effort, but I already had a ticket and really wanted to go.

    I drove myself to the venue and drank a La Croix on the way there.

    I arrived 20 minutes before the headliner started and thought, "Yes! Perfect timing."

    I didn't order any drinks at the bar. I'm getting over a cold and wasn't in the mood.

    The show ended just before midnight and I was thankful for an "early" ending at a venue where shows regularly end closer to 1am, or later.

    I thought about stopping at 7-11 to get a Coke on the way home for a minute, then remembered that Coke has been gross to me after the first 2 sips for around 10 years.

    Passed an In-n-Out near my house and thought about going through the drive-thru to get a milkshake, but then remembered that having a milkshake this late at night would destroy me.

    Came home, had another La Croix, and went to bed.

    • thought this was going to be about bladder control issues ;)monospaced
    • I had OMD tickets and almost didn't go because it takes too long to recover after being out so late. I left before they were done to beat the crowd getting out.lemmy_k
    • La Croix looks classyshapesalad
    • ^^^ it's gross. I'd rather just drink plain water.section_014
    • Had to Google La Croix.…
    • I like this.notype
    • Get Up Kids?studderine
    • Haha mono, same.garbage
    • The missus always has La Croix in the fridge, and sometimes I'll have a sip. Tastes like Shang Tsung has performed a fatality on a 7up.garbage
    • Where's the punch line?pango
  • MrT3

    Signs your getting old?

    3 beers at the pub trivia and I'm hungover. Got all the 70s and 80s music questions right, but the one from 2005 may as well have been broadcast by aliens.

  • renderedred-8


    I will say this only once as usual when it comes to being serious.

    1. Yes, I HAD multiple accounts like everybody here.
    2. Yes, I fucked (and still do) with people and they fucked with me too just like on any other forum. (Welcome to the Internet!)
    3. @sofas is a great friend of mine that I introduced to this forum, and calling him out as a pedo was not cool! Not cool at all!
    4. @soundofreason - you're cool in my book!
    5. Everybody else, calm down...

    • you think everyone has multiple accounts?monospaced
    • also, that joke about him being a pedo was a JOKE, ffs, it wasn't serious in any waymonospaced
    • most did and some still do, so what?renderedred
    • 1. ok
      2. ok
      3. ok
      4. ok
      5. ok
    • I don't have multiple accounts u little cunt hiding behind the everybody does bs. Nobody cares who your friends are, and never fucking tell me what should I do.sted
    • 1 account here.fadein11
    • everyone has multiple accounts? lolkona
    • ^ You two go find a cheap hotel...robotron3k
    • how many you got robo?fadein11
    • May I ask what one of your original NT-era accounts was, renderererered? So curious newly-realising that someone's been around since year dot.detritus
    • 'belatedly-realising... perhaps.detritus
    • @detritus, i was a girl for a few years here, also 2-3 other usernames over the years and i got banned for horsing around like most.renderedred
    • as a girl my name was maya ;)renderedred
    • LOL @sted multiple personalities much?renderedred
    • yeah, that sounds totally normalkona
    • Fuck, I think I remember 'Maya'.

      You total arse. haha
    • lol. did maya get any dik piks from here?Gnash
    • yes! i didn't save them, no worries everyone ;)renderedred
    • i grew up on bbs forums and spent my time at my uni computer center in the late 80s, this kind of behavior was totally normal back then.renderedred
    • aren't you near retirement?monospaced
    • i am already retired ;) i finished my "regular" career in 2003-4. now i do only what i want to do.renderedred
    • you've spread yourself a little thin.Fax_Benson
    • @fax i still work, just not in an office and not 9-9 :)renderedred
    • @fax just this year i published a book in january, music album in march and now i am working on my watercolors exhibition for july.renderedred
    • I have 2 and not shy about it.pango
    • "aren't you near retirement?"—Mo
      Dude, I loveloathe you, but you realise shit like that's just going to come and bite you on the ass? How long you've been here?
    • ^LOLrenderedred
    • Don't lol, I still haven't forgiven you for maya, you shit!detritus
    • Glad to know she's still around, I spose.detritus
    • Been here longer than most of you and this is my only account. 'Everyone does it' is what dickheads say to justify being dickheads.i_monk
    • Holy shit you all are so fuckin sensitive. He mentioned being in university in the 80s. Calm the fuck down. Nothing I said can possible “bite me in the ass”monospaced
    • Bunch of geriatric snowflakes can’t take jokes in their old age apparently.monospaced
    • That's it, I'm going to retire SLIDINGORANGUTANDRIFTMONKEY
    • i only have 1 account and i barely have time to post shit with this one.futurefood
    • 1 account 4 lifesection_014
    • Totally normal behaviour.face_melter
    • watercolorist/ troll - jaysus fuck what a combo. 1 account here, and it's my fucking name.kingsteven
    • #yawnpostgarbage
  • Bennn4
    • Smart kid knew it'd take him forever to save the remaining monies, so took advantage of the internet's overly gushing bullshit.detritus
    • I think the kid vandalized that mosque, so he could donate 20 bucks and get an iPad in return.

      The cops should be investigating his ass!
    • Timmy!! :DBennn
    • jokes on him, it's a generation 1sarahfailin
    • /r/humansbeingbrosjaylarson
    • Fox News and Robo claims that this fake.utopian
    • This smells fischymilfhunter
    • so much cringe. what kind of parent would post this online.Gnash
  • d_gitale11


    In Memory of the Official QBN Photoshop Battle.

    so let's have our QBNPSB here.

    No iPads Just LOLs

    post a source image here, image with the most upvotes by July 1st starts the battle. Winner can pick next image the following month.

    QBN is for the people

  • Bennn5

    Pic of the Day

    Someone Turned 22 Marvel Actors Into Women

  • whatthefunk0

    Client of the Day

    New client keeps talking about Ayn Rand & Objectivism and how everyone in the company is heavily inspired by The Fountainhead as their north star. It's been brought up in 75% of the conversations so far.

    What's up with that - cultish or just a powerful guiding principle people adhere to?

    • odd. not very woke of them.Gnash
    • Run. Although they might be loaded. Do the job and run.Fax_Benson
    • Why though? Politically speaking are most Rand followers Libertarian? I just don't get it - I read that book in high school and meh tbh...whatthefunk
    • Tech libertarians are kind of a silicon valley thing, right? Maybe they're just channeling startup mantras... have they mentioned how lean and agile they are?monNom
    • Rand was a better writer than philosopher. Her stories were appealing to my teen self, but once I got into her essays and she lost me.Gnash
    • what industry are they?Gnash
    • I'm not going to overshare but I can't get a clear read on the core characteristics of an Objectivistwhatthefunk
    • But this is more than a mantra, this goes way deep. If anything it's fascinating even if I don't subscribewhatthefunk
    • objectivism; don't design on whim or personal expression. use strategy and deliver work that directly solves their concerns.doesnotexist
    • runmonospaced
    • ^why though?!?whatthefunk
    • ^ many people erroneously conflate Rand's philosophy, and the principles of Objectivism, with authoritarian politics.Gnash
    • so the knee-jerk reactions is, NAZIS!!Gnash
    • if they're getting tiresome, ask them how Rand lived out her final years, and how much she actually believed her supposed philosophy.detritus
    • ^ :) good for she she died 'cause she'd never hear the end of thatGnash
    • her*Gnash
    • Well, it's true. I flit between hyper liberalism and hyper fascism through each moment of my day —it's all just theoretical bullshit 'til truth shits on conceitdetritus
    • I think the highest of ideals must be those that are beyond my own and generally-shared. The older I get, the more obvious this becomes.detritus
    • Know very little about her but just looking into it briefly objectivism lines up with a lot of my beliefs._niko

    Russia World Cup 2018

    Old, but wholesome.

    • i love itnudes
    • Awesome...England fans take note. This is the way to have a laugh without making yourselves look like twats.see_thru
  • LMFAO7
  • soundofreason5
  • shapesalad0

    The Healthy Thread

    I used to snack on sugary based foods during the day. A biscuit for example. But Energy levels tended to spike and hunger feelings amplified.

    Recently been trying to cut out all processed sugars from my diet. Sweet food items are only fruits or dried fruits.

    Instead I've been eating lard - using it as filling for omelettes, adding it to cooked lentils/rice etc.

    Also switched to water biscuits or oat thins sandwiched with lard for work day snack. Result, even energy levels throughout the day, no hungry feelings.

    My grandmother's neighbour lived to be 97 and was in perfect health, used to eat a lard sandwiches everyday. I used to think lard was gross... maybe it's Portuguese lard, which has a slight BBQ smokey flavour, getting quite addicted to it. Everything tastes better with a good chunk of lard in it.

    • *Changes username to lardsalad ;)microkorg
    • Enjoy it whilst you can - decent lard's hard to come by back in Blighty. I really miss manteca colora - it's one of the few things I still bring back from Spaindetritus
    • something with how the word sounds -- "lard" -- which throws me offdrgs
    • I threw up a little when I read "lard sandwich".section_014
    • When I was a kid I found the idea absolutely disgusting - esp. watching old Spanish men in bars wolf that shit down.
      As an adult? nomnom nose2tail4eva
    • It's quite seasoned in Iberia - not just plain rendered fat. Think of it like 'essence of the most delicious thing ever cooked'.detritus
    • Lardo!
    • groog. i had some seasoned lard in köln once, utterly vile.hans_glib
    • manteca colora? bleargh, like a pure fat version of sobresadahans_glib
    • Yep, deeelish! My folks are in Mallorca now - I've asked them to bring back some sobrasada for me to collect from their place in a month or so. Can't wait.detritus
    • Mind you - I had some Polish lard a couple of years back and it made me feel sick as a dog all evening. Not so deeelish.detritus
    • Beef drippings and lard, chicken fat too. Best fats/oils for you. For 1000's of year humans have got fat in their diet from animals and fish.shapesalad
    • Then it was olive oil, good fresh, not so good heated up. Only in modern times are we having crap like margarine and veg oil. No thanks to that.shapesalad
    • I've started using rapeseed oil for high temp cooking this year. Watched a 'how it's made' on Canola Oil last night and... yeah. Really not sure about that shitdetritus
    • Lard best for high temp, really high smoke point.shapesalad
    • yeah. but it stinks the kitchen out. I'm banned from using dripping and lard for frying in my house.. flol.detritus
  • d_gitale5


    so the PSB thread has been deleted ? without a comment ? really ?

    • you totally won it, btw. iPad should be yoursGnash
    • Was going to bump the Qbn stickers thread, but after this... Better be quiet amigoOBBTKN
    • where did it go?utopian
    • Does someone want to explain to Utopian what deleting something means?set
    • It means the thread went to a farm upstate.pango
    • classichans_glib
    • Who won?microkorg
    • QBN won by photoshopping the whole thread out.
      #someta #stalindidnothingwro...
    • Why didn't just tell us that they were cancelling or postponing it?
      "For a better tomorrow" now back up again.
    • the people of qbn demand an explanation !d_gitale
    • all suggested pics suckeddrgs
    • hahaha, pango :)Gnash
    • Finally. Someone got my joke!pango
    • Pango's wrong, the thread returned to its home planet.garbage
  • whatthefunk3
    • I'm like 1:15:00 in, this version of Night In Tunisia is fucking wild!! Gonna have to leave the office soon, not even half way through! christ.kingsteven
    • no shit, and This Here @ 2:02:58 is crazy. Considering it's 2 hours in - wowwhatthefunk
    • heh, will resume tomorrow morning. great post, cheers.kingsteven
  • PhanLo2
    • lol @ removing his knighthood, it will be forgotten by tomorrow. He's a billionaire, he gets a free pass.fadein11
    • So wokerobthelad
    • and every other kingdom on the planet was formed my baking cookies and sharing stories.Gnash
  • mugwart1


    Just ordered "the" ring. Planning out a romantic trip next. Suddenly got very light headed!

    • Romantic, but in 2018 it's about time for man buys ring, woman buys motorbike. I think it's fair. They want gender equality. I'm all for this exchange.shapesalad
    • I know right. I think the diamond will really go with my welsh matted hair!mugwart
    • I've had that on DVD for years and still not watched it. The Japanese original, right?detritus
    • My ex wife was japanese and I probably would have loved to watch her get thrown down a well! ... low blow and spoilers!mugwart
    • http://www.reactiong…Bluejam
    • oh shit, sorry mugwart - I forgot about that connection.. what a terribly inappropriate (and, let's face it, shit) joke, hahaha! Good luck to you both xxdetritus
    • lol, wrong post - ignoreBluejam
    • My gf doesn't approve of my stance on diamonds - either lab-grown or raw and unpolished. OR we go dig the fucker out ourselves... .detritus
    • Diamonds are a scam.pango
    • haha don't worry detritus I laughed!
      I don't agree with them either, made sure they didn't have anything like that. Rings exist and are cheaper!
  • Fabricio15

    Show some recent work

    Playing with some patterns for a music video I am currently working on.