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  • theonlyengineerhere28

    Signs your getting old?

    My mom died yesterday.
    She was 100 years, 2 months and 8 days
    I'll be 60 next month (assuming.....)
    This post is not for sympathy or condolences -
    it is simply life....

    • Sorry to hear that :-/
      But yes, signs we're getting old is definitely seeing our parents getting very old and its not easy
    • Still, sorry for your loss. I hope she had a blessed life.NBQ00
    • Sorry Engineer, for your loss :(Wordsworth
    • RIP, hopefully she had a good run and that you're doing well.garbage
    • At least she had a long life to live.milfhunter
    • Sorry for your loss. May you have her longevity_niko
    • Sorry man :( It's simply life, yes, but not easy, hugs.OBBTKN
    • That's rough. I know that a long life ending doesn't mean it's less sad. I lost both my aunts last year, 97 and almost 99.CyBrainX
    • Sorry for you loss.Salarrue
    • Sorry for your loss brother. I hope you and your family are doing well during this time. What a great age your mother lived to!HijoDMaite
    • Sorry for you loss.Krassy
  • Milan-1
    • oh look it's the west's number 1 traitorous cuck_niko
    • Comrade Carlson goes to Moscowutopian
    • Tucker is such a weird guy, a rich kid that pretends to be an everyman.PhanLo
    • this idiot needs to travel 50 miles outside of Moscow and report on what he sees there.scruffics
    • Probably getting a good pay to promote Russiamilfhunter
    • I do agree that Moscow has no such thing as ghettos.milfhunter
    • "Just a gas station masquerading as a country" - John McCaineKhurram
    • moscow is a ghettoneverscared
    • lol.
      people who try to live on the street get sent to a labor camp, that's the law.if you can't afford rent, social services suggest you to move a cheaper area.
    • these two cities aren't comparative, New York isn't the capital of the United States?+%= ehsted
    • If you've only been to Moscow and St. Petersburg, you haven't been to Russia yet.sted
    • tuckerdouchebags trip…neverscared
  • pango4

    Life is short

    do what everyone with mid life crisis do. start to indulge.
    hookers and blows bruh!

    • I had my mid-life at 20, I'm lusting for those pearly gates.garbage
    • Don’t forget about that rad red top down CorvetteRamanisky2
    • I'll just cut the roof off of my Fit, buy some spraypaint.garbage
  • PhanLo8
    • nice try faggot, but X is more popular than ever beforeMilan
    • Nice pic of milantank02
    • Not only popular, but extremely useful. Only big platform with free speech now. Change my mind.stewart
    • Stewart, The half-life of uranium-238 is 4.5 billion years. It decays into radium-226, which in turn decays into radon-222. Radon-222 decays into free speech.misterhow
    • Get lost milanjagara
    • Milan is on fiiiiiiire!PhanLo
    • @stewart literally buying blue checks so your "free speech" rises to the top via promotion. what part of "free" is complicated for you?cotton
    • the boots!kaiyohtee
    • Not to mention the only 'free speech' that Elmo approves of is allowed to be free.mathinc
  • Gardener24
  • PhanLo5
    • lol christians against science using computers and technology. it's of the devil!futurefood
    • What is the exact point to argue with them any longer. For last 1000 years they have decided to throw logic and reasoning out the window.futurefood
    • Longer than that, after you present evidence to contradict what they believe, suddenly they will understand?
      Please, let them eat dirt.
    • Best we can do is think of ways to take their money with little crosses and chocolate bibles.futurefood
    • Make the institutions pay taxes, and hold them accountable for all crimes.monospaced
    • (that they commit)monospaced
    • Religion = Idiotic Moronsutopian
    • The proper response to anybody that thinks this?…garbage
    • The loud-mouthed ignorance of the uneducated should not be our burden. I don't care if you need faith to get you through the day..garbage
    • ..but don't be dumb. We have tools that date back 40,000 BCE, and fossils exponentially older than that.garbage
    • When I was a teen, an adult once tried to argue that the universe looks old because god “antiqued” it to look as old as it is. He was convinced of this.futurefood
    • This is the level of stupidity that we are still dealing with. How are we of the same species as a lot of these wackos?futurefood
    • not any mind there to change...neverscared
    • Oh my.. that's a special type of stupid. Are you absolutely sure he wasn't fucking with you?garbage
    • Good grief. It's one big QBN circle jerk here. Look at you all in your echo chamber of condescension. Predictable and boring. Not one of you commented on the ..Morning_star
    • ...on Nathans logically inept response.Morning_star
    • @garbage He wasn’t kidding at all. Even after I laughed at the ridiculous idea that an all powerful god needed to fake the scenery....futurefood
    • They simply make up whatever nonsense to fit what makes sense to them. Foolish way of thinking.futurefood
    • @Morning_star Not sure if you are being flippant here. Nathan provided a great example (one of thousands) of a natural process....futurefood
    • That disproves the young earth theoryfuturefood
    • Another example I like to use is Entropy, or the second law of thermodynamics to disprove that a god existsfuturefood
    • The natural process from order to disorder and the direction of time.
      Since this process seems to be outside of a god’s ability to control...
    • It should beg the question why would a god start a process like this to begin with? What purpose would it serve him as a creator who needs to be worshipped?futurefood
    • Simple, because there was no god there to do it.futurefood
    • Nathan’s example also refers to entropyfuturefood
    • Thanks for the reply Futurefood. You’ll get no disagreement from me that there are thousands of examples that prove young earthers...Morning_star
    • ..are foolish to expect anything productive when challenging science. However, Nathan’s example doesn’t provide a reason for them to change their mind...Morning_star
    • Whilst his example would be appropriate if he claimed that the universe is 4000 years old. However the Lead he talks about could have come to earth via a...Morning_star
    • ..collision with a lead rich asteroid. A better example would be the seasonal ice layers iwhich you can physically measure that go back 800,000 years.Morning_star
    • The lead in the asteroid is also old AF though. Also, asteroids.monospaced
    • Whatever mono. The point is that the question referenced EARTH and the answer didn’t. Be accurate or be wrong.Morning_star
    • Well, when asteroids become meteors, as in they hit earth, they are relevant. Off the top of my head, the Barringer Crater in Arizona is about 50,000 years oldgarbage
    • The Yarrabubba impact site in Australia is estimated to be at least two million years old, and that's a conservative estimate.garbage
    • I'm still confused as to why anybody is defending YEC. It's not elitist to call a moron a moron. It's called having a brain.garbage
    • Not defending YEC, criticising Nathans answer because it doesn’t make sense. And, pointing out the smug backslapping the QBN ‘enlightened’ seem to enjoy.Morning_star
    • Being right and saying so isn't "smug backslapping". It's being educated. I also have no idea who Nathan is.garbage
    • But point in the right direction. We pat bottoms here - we're no slackjawed slapbacks.garbage
    • Nathan is the chap who replied to the original ‘change my mind’ question.Morning_star
    • I think the earth is only two days older than the universe and two days younger than the bible. Take that satanists!_niko
    • I'm not sure someone from "Christians Against Science" was ever really open to having their mind changed.MrT
    • If you fancy the experiencing the knots these YEC types tie themselves up in have a look at this...Ken Ham & Bill Nye touring the Ark Encounter...Morning_star
    • Religion is not logical. Don't try to disprove religion with logic. It's not possible.jagara
    • Oh, that's some negative points for Nye at even entertaining a conversation with someone so irrevocably stupid as Ken Ham.garbage
  • neverscared15

    RIP of the day

    Russian activist and Putin critic Alexei Navalny dies in prison
    Opposition leader, 47, was being held in jail about 40 miles north of Arctic Circle

    • Fuck PutinNBQ00
    • Fuck Putincrazyprick
    • Fuck PutinCyBrainX
    • Fuck PutinYakuZoku
    • Was it a natural poisoning or several suicidal taps to the back of the head?garbage
    • or were open windows and great heights involved?Bluejam
    • It's Russia, we'll never know.crazyprick
    • he was walking in a larger cell than his own, (that was his daily walk for 1.5 hours) just collapsed and diedsted
    • natural causes thenGardener
    • hahaha, rest in piss. that nazi faggot probably overdosed in prisonMilan
    • ya overdosed on actual poison. or too much ground to the face too fast.pango
    • @milan lol, this is the most concentrated version of telling our small world that you're an absolute moron.garbage
    • Standing ovation.garbage
    • yeah Rest In Piss you Muslim hating Islamophobic scumbagKhurram
    • BTW Anyone know what's happening with that Australian fellow? Assange something? Been a political prisoner for about 5 years?Khurram
    • Had a stroke in captivity a couple of year ago? Getting ready to be extradited for his show trial?Khurram
    • Revealed American war crimes for which nobody has ever or will ever be held accountable for etc.,.Khurram
    • Whatabout... *furiously Googles another thing to avoid criticizing Putinyuekit
    • Eh, you just ignore Khurram when it's his time of the month. These are just his usual PMS rants.garbage
    • we need a punctuation mark for whataboutismNairn
    • We need a punctuation mark for supposed adults that express themselves like racist bigot children that should not be taken seriously.garbage
    • Yes, how dare I provide context and hold a mirror up to your own hypocrisy. We must allow you to frame the contours of the narrative at all times.Khurram
    • Even if it's a refugee hating, Islamophobic proto-Nazi we are commemorating.Khurram
    • Here's a wild fucking thought: Maybe I'm not a racist and you're actually the hateful one. Most of my childhood friends that I played soccer with..garbage
    • ..had family dinners with were illegal immigrants that fled Norte cartels and ended up in the deep south.garbage
    • One of my best friends was a roommate that had to flee Sudan because her uncle was going to sell her.garbage
    • So fuck off and maybe get a bigger mirror for yourself. Or if you prefer: cierra la puta boca y tehlhas teeze. Pick a flavor you absolutely miserable man.garbage
    • Bro, relaxe. I never accused you of such things. I think you're a cool guy. Where's this coming from?Khurram
    • Except, you did once say on here you were an anarcho-leftist, but your support for the American hegemony, you reveal yourself to be anything but,Khurram
    • So I'm a little disappointed with that. But minors mate, wtf, I never accused you of that. Where is this coming from?Khurram
    • Is this about pango and the pepper thing? That was more aimed at Continuity, and even then, not anybody really, just "the white man" in general,Khurram
    • Only racist round here is hotroddy and that other one who called me a goat fucker lol. So relax XXKhurram
    • Oh and that comment in this thread was also aimed at that Hong Kong separatist, didn't even read what you said about ignoring me.Khurram
    • Oh and it's not you I'm accusing of commemorating an Islamophobe, as such.
      It's your entire "free" media that have elevated this racist twat to a martyr
    • The same media that were outraged a stray bomb hit a Ukrainian maternity ward that one time yet engage in the most heinous victim blamingKhurram
    • when whole bloodlines of another type of people who wear those scarves on their heads are wiped out.Khurram
    • The ones they were drowning in the mediterranean after having their nations bombed and decimated by Amerikuh. Little fucking children.Khurram
    • Excuse my intense hatred for Euro-America. It's really hard to keep your cool in the face of such atrocitiesKhurram
    • That have been going on for the last two decades of my life.Khurram
    • But Ukraine! But Putin! But Navalny!Khurram
    • Well FUCK UKRAINE. How 'bout dat?Khurram
    • What about it?pango
    • Whatabout Putin Khurram, isn't he also supporting the far right on a much larger scale than Navalny ever did?yuekit
    • And didn't you also say you want Trump to win the election? I have some bad news for you about that guy...yuekit
    • I think I even remember you saying at some point that you want to support the far right, because it helps Putin?yuekit
    • So this doesn't seem like an actual excuse for Putin murdering a political opponent. I think you gotta come up with something else.yuekit
    • Khurram = goat fuckercrazyprick
    • Fuck Putin and all of his sympathizers!utopian
    • your wife did that already, utopian!Milan
    • Omg everybody, let's just take a beat! Schismogenesis! It's a real thing! Look it up!Khurram
    • This is Navalny https://www.theguard…Khurram
    • Yeah? He actually celebrated the conquest of Crimea before the CIA recruited him for his operationsKhurram
    • He ain't no Nelson Mandela or fucking GhandiKhurram
  • nb3

    Vision Pro

    How can they stop people from making immersive videos of the adult variety, available for download?

    • App store content policy?grafician
    • Sure. It can record immersive video too, and Apple can’t stop that from being shared.monospaced
    • iPhone 15 Pro can record immersive vids toonb
    • I've seen people on FB talking about how to get around the way it prevents 360 video on websites in Safari, which is keeping all the VR porn sites from workingmg33
    • They already have squirting instructional XXX videos...sooooformed
    • Wasn't VHS more successful over Betamax because porn primarily used the VHS format?YakuZoku
  • PhanLo0
    • 'I think that everyone who is against Russia is guilty, even if they are right.'PhanLo
    • soon we will watch videos exactly like this one and they will be made with AI and we wont knowHAL9001
    • Sometimes I wonder how these videos get out.PhanLo
    • Bwahaha, Radio Free Europe. The CIA's own news network. That' "how".Khurram
    • Right. Everyone’s a cia stooge or a Russian agent or AI or a bot. What’s the point of anything anymore? Unplug and enjoy what we have of this “life”_niko
    • "The organization has been repeatedly viewed by scholars as a means of disseminating American propaganda and US interests as a whole.[11][12]"Khurram
    • https://en.wikipedia…Khurram
    • xKhurram
    • Navalny has been canonized by "Western" interests. He has little to no support among Russians, most of whom HATE the "West" for what you have done to themKhurram
    • Much like the Iranian people who you falsely believe are dying to be liberated by you.Khurram
    • The true opposition to Putin are the Communists on the far left and the nationalist on the far right.Khurram
    • None of whom serve "western" interests, so you pretend they don't even exist.Khurram
    • Except, Gary Kasparov, he fucking loves you. I wonder if Bellingcat gonna do a documentary about him? Play it round the clock on the BeeBeeSee >_<Khurram
    • lol…
    • it must have been the covid vaccine that killed him..... right ? heheheneverscared
  • Ramanisky28

    Artificial Intelligence

    Archeologists discover a generic plastic chair in the desert, excavating and dusting it with great care.…

  • neverscared9
  • doggydoggdog1


    What do you do for fun??

    Most of the time I work or make art or just lounge around.
    I need to have real fun.

    • Lately? Cut wood for the fireplace and eat tangerines... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯OBBTKN
    • lol OBNairn
    • What I wouldn’t do for the time to just lounge around.monospaced
    • sleepPhanLo
    • ^ thisrobotinc
    • What mono saidduckseason
    • I ride motorcycles or cars in the canyons east of San Diego. I go at least once a weekend, sometimes twice. And personal work, movies, gym, walks with wife.dyspl
    • I just beach now.YakuZoku
    • Paint, walk around with a camera. Occasionally a miserable loss session of RL with a bastard that roams these woods.garbage
    • when it rains i walk the hard-shoulder of the dual carriageway naked singing eternal flame by the bangles in falseto crying happy tears.kingsteven
    • wank, sleep, doomscrollcrazyprick
    • lol crazyprickNairn
    • @kingsteven - lol, to this day I know all the lyrics to that song. Oh, Amanda, where are you now?Nairn
    • it can pop in to my head fully formed with every inflection of susanna hoffs' vocal and string arrangements. it's a shame the production on the actual track iskingsteven
    • so clunky and dates it so much as it truly is one of the songskingsteven
    • i don't think i've ever intentionally listened to it either. but it's just living there...kingsteven
    • I battle the constant flow of ill-health brought home from childcare, ride when I can, gardening, kettlebell workouts, and I play PC games badly sometimes.BuddhaHat
    • @kingsteven - christ, i asumed you were being all pretentous music wonk but having listened, the production's fucking awful, isn't it? lol. Oh well. xxNairn
  • Ramanisky27

    Artificial Intelligence

    SORA vid I saw on Twitter.

    Cat of the Day

    • Also, that woman’s arm ... lolRamanisky2
    • the more i watch it
      the more I notice fuck ups lol
    • It’s very dream like. it’s glitchy but works_niko
    • How close is something like this to the original source material I wonderdd?yuekit
    • sure, why not, just throw in extra arms and legs for the fuck of it.

      what absolute fucking trash.
    • Must I remind everyone that a few years ago we were marvelling at the wonders of shitty content aware fill?_niko
    • I, too, want one of these mythical five-legged cats.Continuity
    • some people have an extremely low bar for what 'works'.face_melter
    • i wanna live in this Ai worldmilfhunter
    • some people have an extremely low bar for what 'works'.palimpsest
    • If this doesn't work for you, you need to raise the bar on yoself.palimpsest
    • the question is not if it works or not, the thing is how crazy fast this is evolving... 1 years ago we had Will Smith spaggettiHAL9001
    • The way the extra left paw just appears from the right one is so slick.monospaced
    • I for once, am impressed. But OK, when Terminator2 was released I thought the FX were awesome too...maikel
    • ^^haha I just saw that monocherub
    • ^like a subtle “slight of paw” trickRamanisky2
  • Krassy15
  • Krassy5
  • jagara3
    • I wanna see an update of Will Smith eating spaghettiIanbolton
    • @1:40–
      And this is the scary thing with this tech, and it's only going to get scarier as the % of people able to discern shrinks
  • face_melter11

    Show some recent work

    W E A R E T H E F A L L

    • Mark E. Smith!CyBrainX
    • nice! Acrylic?HAL9001
    • ah no its Procreate, just zoomed in ;) Good work man!HAL9001
    • pffft. Clip Studio on iPad Pro with a canvas texture on top. honestly cannot stand ProCreate's interface.face_melter
    • coolHAL9001
  • HAL900111

    Elon Musk

    That person is followed by millions of people and is seen as a genius by many.

    • post truth punk rock dadPhanLo
    • guess he did something stupid again thats about to be revealedNutter
    • ok boomer ... i will remember that ... esp. when the news is his decadent rockets landed on mars.neverscared
    • the president of the united states once said the samemilfhunter
    • didn’t he spend billions buying “the news”prophetone
    • MAGAtardutopian
    • well that's news to me_niko
    • Never mistook him for a genius. He's the most spoiled trust fund bitch that has ever existed, and we have to acknowledge him because the media does.garbage
    • His ratio of weath / worthless will never be matched. He's also too stupid to understand that, so it makes it worse.garbage
    • From Earthdbloc
    • You were lied about covid and yet QBN'ers still let their mental disease (just like nazis) influence their judgementHayoth
    • Shut the fuck up, faggotcrazyprick
    • it's amazing how the 'climate boiling' crew turned on Elon overnight when he made a stand for freedom of expression.spot13
    • @spot13... he didn't make a stand for anything. He got control of a media company for the ability to push a narrative.exador1
    • Says the main with a fake face and fake hairline.MrT
    • man. FFS.MrT
    • hey, it's that fuckin' nutbag!face_melter
    • the grift that all our institutions are all corrupt and lying to us is a disgraceinteliboy
    • @spot onhotroddy
    • I love QBN for the free thought and options we can express here.everyangle
    • Amazing that some people still think pop tarts are real.dbloc
    • he took control of twitter because it he hated how his daughter went trans and disowned him, which he blamed on the woke social media platforminteliboy
    • but sure, it's about "freedom of expression", not a narcissist billionaire being an assholeinteliboy
    • Village idiot in full-effectutopian
    • remember, that 'narcissist' backed out of buying Twitter. I think he's thrilled now that the courts forced him to buy it.hotroddy
    • Is Musk trying to "interpose" the news with Twitter?utopian
    • Yo ma man, you need to shut the fuck up.Wordsworth
  • HAL90012

    Artificial Intelligence

    Future is going to be ... mmmm interesting

    Sooner than later we're going to listen to bands that dont exists and watch movies entirely made by computers without any real persons in em.

    And we will all sound like old people when we will tell kids "back in my days, real actors were playing in movies and real musicians were writing music"

    • Actually every creative fields are going to take a hit... Writers, Musicians, Painters, Illustrator, Movie makers... anything artistic could be replaced.HAL9001
    • Maybe it will gives more value to the real creations... but how interesting the real creations will be compared to AI creations?HAL9001
    • We already are accustomed to movies that’re like this to a biggg degree, reason why I can’t get too excited about hero movies or the stale, 90% cgi festsprophetone
    • They said this when rock and roll arrived, then disco, then pop, then rap, then electronic... those aren’t real musicians playing the real musicprophetone
    • American pop music is engineered to a 90% degree with some outliers writing their own stuff... k-pop is 100% engineeredprophetone
    • The real test one day will be if an AI replicant human pop idol running on a battery and popularity algorithm can tour and sell out stadiums to humansprophetone
    • All of the whacks ass wanna-be creatives will lose their hoo.utopian
    • ohh yeah and dont forget the dead politicians who will rule a counrty with an a.i persona...neverscared
    • No one seemed to be bothered by cars made by machines, or bowls, or shoes...maikel
    • ... are you serious?HAL9001
    • dead serious man, OK PEOPLE REVOLTED for, like, a decade, and then off you go. Nothing to see there.maikel
    • i would not compare industrial building of transportation vehicles with Art, personallyHAL9001
  • GM2782

    RIP of the day

    William Post, Inventor of the Pop-Tart - 96

    Godspeed you titan of breakfast....and snacks in corporate breakrooms everywhere.

    • 80's-90's Memories too... "THAT IS NOT BREAKFAST!!" —MomPonyBoy
    • Fuck him with his chemical sugar infested poison with artifical flavoring for generations.Wordsworth
    • I'm with you @Words...
      Rot in hell, poison engineering cunt!
    • Nuclear mouth burnsPhanLo
    • Nobody ever forced anyone to eat them as far as I know. hahaGM278
    • sigh...kind of bums me out when a bunch of creatives find no joy in light hearted pastry. What have we become????GM278
    • it's capitalism and a was old white guy so safe to piss on.hotroddy
    • capitalism is making steaming shit and selling steaming shit to the poor masses but let's celebrate the douche at the top who made billions off of it_niko
    • but I do love that icing :)_niko
    • ffs, at least appreciate it from the ingenious simplicity and user experiencehotroddy
    • Yeah, I can dodge the corporate side of it. When I was kid I regularly got the shit beat of me, constantly in fights.garbage
    • The one thing I looked forward to at the end of that god-forsaken afternoon bus ride to an empty home?garbage
    • Mother fucking Chocolate Pop Tarts and milk. I'd eat 4 of them. I'm buying some tonight, RIPgarbage
    • I wonder how many brand designers, production artists, package designers, photographers, etc. were able to pay their bills on the ol pop-tart account. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯GM278
    • I do love you miserable cunts though. :PGM278
    • and that delicious icing! mmmmm sweet cancer causing speckled icing!GM278
    • without him we'd never have toaster strudelshotroddy
    • One assumes he'll be cremated so his internal temperature is that of the sun.MrT
    • that Jerry clip is gold. it's gold Jerry!hotroddy
    • cancer in a bagneverscared
    • lol @ Toaster Strudels. My brother and I would get into fights because we would steal the frosting packets. They never lasted to the end of the box.garbage
    • I don't think there is a Michelin-star restaurant that can compete against the toaster strudel.hotroddy
    • I'm glad we can agree on fucking something, lol.garbage
    • ^HAHAGM278