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  • whatthefunk6
    • Silicon valley 2025PhanLo
    • Those were the daysMondoMorphic
    • That’s a classic beauty with the brunette short hair. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.NBQ00
    • So many memories....gonzalle
    • i look so young in that pic.neverscared
    • Sitting girl and standing guy have the same haircutscarabin
    • bikini fridays is proven to increase work productivity by 37.2%Beeswax
    • @neverscared, oh you're the one in the stripes? That's a pretty stellar pair you had, back in the day.Continuity
    • @neverscared nice tits
      why are they wearing shoes?
    • Whitehouse security briefing? (Circa 2018)utopian
    • The future we deserved!Gnash
    • Is it from an ad? What was it for?SimonFFM
    • i still have the pair, wearing in right now..neverscared
    • @SimonFFM yes.
      Airflow Company, 1982,1983 Computer Decissions magazine…
    • @sted Thanks! Now, this makes sense. Would love to shoot ads like this. But the clients have changed. Born 30 years too late.SimonFFM
    • @Sim Well, not so much the clients, but the general public's attitudes have changed ... ;)Continuity
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    • Psalms 37:29 The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forevergrafician
    • 28: For the LORD loves justice and will not forsake His saints. They are preserved forever, but the offspring of the wicked will be cut off.grafician
    • יהי זכרה ברוךrenderedred
    • With all due respect, this is the biggest piece of bullshit I've ever heard. Am I supposed to be relieved that the US is one more giant step closer to fascism?CyBrainX
  • grafician0

    News of the day...

    "Tom Hardy Cast As 007th James Bond

    September 18, 2020 By Emre Kaya
    Daniel Craig’s successor has been found: Tom Hardy will be taking over the role of James Bond. Now there’s a name to die for.

    As already known, No Time to Die (currently set for this November) will be Daniel Craig’s fifth and final outing as the fictional MI6 agent. Naturally, fans have been speculating for years about who they think will be taking over from Craig after No Time to Die. Today I’ve learned that this successor is none other than Mad Max and Venom actor Tom Hardy."…


    To be confirmed in November, but my money was on Idris Elba...

    • Meh, should've been a pansexual ethnic transsexual midget.Nairn
    • It's the charisma, Tom is very good, but Idris would have taken 007 to whole new levelsgrafician
    • I'm not convinced, weird choice, but so was Daniel Craig and he pulled it off impeccably.spl33nidoru
    • Henry Cavill would have been a great choice for the 007 role toografician
    • Btw I knew Tom Hardy would go for the next 007 since his role in Inception, he was impeccablegrafician
    • ^ good call on Cavill, very enjoyable actor and he was born to play it, but maybe not rough enough for the current guidelinesspl33nidoru
    • I think back to Layer Cake when both of them were pretty much nobodies. They've come a long way..SteveJobs
    • ^Layer Cake was phenomenal +1grafician
    • Fucking lame-o imo. Shoulda been Idris. Maybe he didn't even go for the part though.inteliboy
    • hope they don't do another origin story over multiple films - but just more bond spy mission as the established 007.inteliboy
    • @inteliboy the part with the origin story in Skyfall was pretty interesting to me growing up with 007 and not knowing his back storygrafician
    • but you're def right, I just want to see next level plots even way past what Ian Fleming imagined in his stories!grafician
    • BUT Tom being younger than Daniel Craig, I guess we could see some sort of younger Bond backstory, think his 20-30sgrafician
    • I <3 tomscarabin
  • mg336

    The Healthy Thread

    A month into Slow Carb, I've lost about four pounds, but more importantly, when cheat day rolls around, my impulse to just gorge on garbage actually decrease. All week long I think "can't wait to eat ice cream... a burger... candy..." and then Saturday rolls around and I'm like "yeah, uh... but I feel so good without that crap in me..."

    • Dude it took me almost 5 years to put on 5kg, I can drop your "four pounds" in one night pissing 5 beers, go to a nutritionist if you want to lose weightgrafician
    • Or try to keep a balance with everything you eat...grafician
    • But sure, I'm upvoting your effort. Pussy!grafician
    • Also try to imagine our ancestors between hunts "oh uh ugh, need to cheat, uh to day, no mammoth for me ugh ugh this season"grafician
    • Fucking hell, graf, what is up with you this weekend? Not content with pissing all over a PotD post, now you're pissing on people's fat loss progress.Continuity
    • Grafician: Master Street Photographer and Fat Loss Hero.

      Man, come on.
    • Yes it's crap, too much salt too much sugar, that's why this society is fucked up, sugar is evil, only real and good sugar comes from fruits.i_was
    • And McDonald Sundays.i_was
    • Sundae, never ate this crap so can't even spell it righti_was
    • @Continuity You're absolutely right, I apologise to mg33 for my bad jokes, weight loss is no jokegrafician
    • Seriously, though, what is it? Did a girl dump you? Someone shat on your Mititei? You're on the fucking warpath this weekend.Continuity
    • If you're referring to me posting my oponions in Pic of the day on that street photo post yes, it was my pov and I stand by it.grafician
    • But here I was totally out of line with my comments, hope mg33 could forgive my outburst, I'm usually decent as you know, but here I messed up!grafician
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  • Ramanisky25
  • scarabin11


    I’d be down for a quantum leap reboot

    • Well there's the theme tune in my head for the few next hours. Thanks, scarabin.Nairn
    • I was thinking the same a couple of weeks back. I would love that!scruffics
    • I think I'd be more for something epic, like an adaptation of Moorecock's Eternal Champion stories.Continuity
    • haha pockets, I was about to look for that .gifmoldero
    • Scott Bakula has a daughter, she could be the new Samscarabin
    • I loved that show. Would love to see a rebootGnash
  • kingsteven4

    America is Fucked

    Maybe America is so fucked, the fucks have become load bearing?

    • If they succeed in replacing her before the election America is truly fucked for the rest of my lifetime.formed
    • I cant believe I spent so much time and money trying to move here. shit's getting so nasty in the US. some serious gangrene in the body of this nationhardhat
    • I'd rather staple my bag to my leg before moving to the US, frankly.Continuity
    • Read another book, for fuck's sake.face_melter
  • kingsteven2


    Stop reading that shite... Here's two good articles about what we understand about pandemic waves and how they apply to Covid from a virologist and a couple of Oxford professors in evidence-based medicine.……

    • Intuition says this pandemic will be a slow burn, going well into 2024 when we can really produce enough vaccine for everybody worldwidegrafician
    • More concerned about the growing trend of not trusting the science and ppl being stupid and reckless, the next global pandemic will be really really bad...grafician
    • ...and with growing climate change, it could come from anywhere and very hard to stop with waves of migration due to climate changegrafician
    • Thanks, I was going to ask for some good sources in the other comments thread. But after reading these, seems like they are both just saying we don't know?yuekit
    • First one gives some credence to the idea that the virus might spread better in colder climates. From what I've read elsewhere these viruses have a coating thatyuekit
    • solidifies in cold, dry climates, allowing it to survive longer outside the human body. And you saw significant outbreaks in China, Korea, Iran, Northern Italyyuekit
    • and New York when there was colder weather in those places. But none of that happened in isolation, there's no way to separate out all the other factorsyuekit
    • yuekit have a look at excess mortality rate by age for the spanish flu, during the main peak the RR (ratio of deaths to normal rate) peaks for 25 y/o with verykingsteven
    • little excess for the elderly, there are some comparisons to be made to covid (the effect of social distancing city-to-city for example)kingsteven
    • but for this to happen:…
      covid would need to become a completely different virus
    • bear in mind this also just as troops returned from WW1 and we didn't have anything like the medical infrastructure and medicines we have today...kingsteven
    • * SARS-CoV-2 would need to become a completely different viruskingsteven
    • but i guess what i'm getting at and why i post most of the time on here is to counteract the treatment of 'worst case' models (used by WHO, CDC etc.)kingsteven
    • as synonymous with 'the science' - they exist for a reason and most folks with a brain understand that it's to make us comply with distancing measures...kingsteven
    • the rest either comply without questioning or validate their conspiracies based on a feeling of 'something isn't right'... i think the amplification of govt.kingsteven
    • statistics by the media and a denial of alternative scientific hypothesis in the US is essentially Fauci and Trump as good cop/bad cop played out nationally.kingsteven
    • after 6 months, society should have done a better job of educating the public in to an understanding of virology rather than treat them as an axis of idiots.kingsteven
    • Yeah I think one of the most poorly communicated aspects by the media is the difference in death rate by age. I checked to see how many people in myyuekit
    • age group died from the virus, and it's literally just a few thousand people in the entire USA. So if you want to take a skeptical view I think you couldyuekit
    • legitimately argue that old people/boomers, who are mostly the ones in charge of society, are shutting down the entire society over a virus that is a threat toyuekit
    • them personally, while screwing over everyone else in the process.yuekit
    • Of course you hear a lot of stories about younger people who spent weeks in the hospital, or who are still suffering the effects. So clearly it is dangerousyuekit
    • But I think a lot of people would still be surprised to see the actual breakdown by age.yuekit
    • yep, i remember months ago crunching the numbers it would be around 3000 <65 deaths to achieve the 69% theoretical herd immunity in the UK based on NYC figureskingsteven
    • given only 20% of folks are >65... i'd say now those numbers are too high. of course most elderly who died required care and for most thats how they got it.kingsteven
    • it is scary how it infects all organs, in many ways the lasting legacy of spanish flu was that it reduced life expectancy by something terrifying like 12 years.kingsteven
    • but i think largely we've failed to contain covid worldwide and there's no question that we could have failed quicker :D "Life can only be understood backwards,kingsteven
    • but it must be lived forwards." We have some serious lessons to learn from how this pandemic was handled...kingsteven
    • ^the really scary part is IF we do learn...grafician
  • shellie3


    the shit keeps coming. The family dog that was totally imprinted on my late father and has some of his traits will probably need to be put down on Monday. He had a siezure yesterday, ruptured an eye, and stopped eating. Everything is shutting down.

    He is my favorite, grump, old, bastard. I'm gutted.

    • Sorry to hear that Shellie :/ this year is so brutal, hang in there girlgrafician
    • sorry, shellie :(PonyBoy
    • After deep suffering comes deep joy, never give up that faith girl!grafician
  • sted3
    • What the ...Continuity
    • lol ok, I want to know morefuturefood
    • In my head, when I look at this GIF, I just hear this unholy long, sustained honking sound from the ... duck? Goose?Continuity
    • Ugh. Dat ass.jagara
  • nb0

    Ask Europe a Question...

    For a Canadian citizen, which is the easiest country to immigrate to, and why?

    • USA, it's right next to Canada. You can even walk there.ESKEMA
    • if you are a wealthy Canadian any country is easy. Maybe France, if you know some french yet.uan
    • Already live in the states. Thinking about Europe. Know a bit of French. Lots of good design jobs?nb
    • Better design jobs in the North - Sweden, Norway...grafician
    • UK lets anyone in. Arrive by dingy along the south coast. Sorted.Phrenological
    • ^ when you see other people talking in the notes, that's your cue to shut the fuck up and say nothing.face_melter
  • Wolfboy6

    Tour de France 2020

    Wow, just wow. What a finish and what a performance.

    I was 10 in 1989 when Lemond beat Fignon and the memories of that one are still strong. This was maybe just as special.

    The best result too, it’s always nice to see a machine of a team not quite manage to do what they set out to do; being stopped by essentially a single swashbuckling rider.

    Chapeau Pogacar! Chapeau!

    • Pogacar holds the yellow jersey, KOM jersey, and best young rider. Merckx was the only one to have done this before as the winner.mg33
    • I need a bike !i_was
  • Ramanisky24

    Suggest a good sci-fi movie...

    Really enjoyed this one

    • this is a straight modern space age b-movie and i love every second of itcolin_s
    • Very well done with some really intense scenes.Ramanisky2
    • Yep.helloeatbreathedrive
    • This one is nothing new in terms of story, but executes really well. Big plus: alien life form is convincingly threatening/smart, like in the original Alien.evilpeacock
    • The ending was very wow...grafician
    • That Calvin was a smart mothafuckaRamanisky2
  • nb4


    I completely respect her decision to ignore Obama’s pressure to step down. Even though it didn’t work out in the end, politically speaking, she did get four more years as a judge. That’s a lot.

    I also don’t agree that presidents should try to influence judges to step down as part of political strategy. This is a dangerous precedent. I love Obama, and I get it, but I was disappointed when he did this.

    While a president may try to influence the court, all judges should be telling presidents and congressmen to mind their fucking business.

    • Something tells me RBG did tell Obama to mind his business in the end. I'm sure it was done with subtlety and class that this country has quickly lost.CyBrainX
    • ten bucks says she wanted to retire under clinton as a gesture towards women's progress and instead this happenscolin_s
    • Totally agree about presidents not attempting to influence justices.MondoMorphic
    • I dont agree, mostly because a life long seat at this level is not right. Everyone who works for gov must have a limited term for several reasons.Beeswax
    • I also didnt know that Obama asked her this, she should have accepted. What high principle made her to reject that? Youi have don your duty for years and nowBeeswax
    • let it go. Knowing that she didnt have ver many years ahead, she should have put her country first, instead of her seat.Beeswax
    • Anyways I'm not an American and doesnt know the details of their politics but my basic values tell me that she had done wrong with that decision.Beeswax
    • No one should be in a position for life. There's just too much pressure and negativity around that.formed
    • No doubt Trumpster will now try to push to be in power for life.formed
    • @beeswax I’m not sure you get the role of judges in America. They don’t “work for the government.” They absolutely sit outside the president’s influence.nb
    • @nb I get that. Still judiciary system should not have lifelong positions as well.Beeswax
    • Term limits would be good, sure. But judges should not be swayed by presidents or step down to help a party.nb
    • There’s a massive difference between term limits and the act stepping down to further a political goal.nb
    • Completely agree w/nb here... a "lifetime" appointment ends when you die (if you want). No preezy should be so bold as to ask you to step down...PonyBoy
    • ... 'for the party' when your entire existence requires you be impartial (especially politically). A classy woman to the end. RIP, RBG. <3PonyBoy
  • sted5
  • Ramanisky23
    • Man I love these lo-fi sci-fi flicks, story driven with tons of atmosphere and light on sfx_niko
    • ^same. Reminds of how I felt as a kid when I saw Spielbergs movies for the first time.Ramanisky2
    • ++MrT
  • fiver14
  • colin_s1


    lakers with lebron and anthony davis in playoff mode are fucking scary ... i was busy so i didn't watch game 1 vs denver in full, but every time i looked up anthony davis wasn't on the floor. i thought maybe he was hurt and i was out of the loop, then i just see that they basically didn't need him because he was so dominant.

    exhaustion i think is going to be a major factor from here on out - denver is wiped after two 7 game series and miami/boston will probably go to 6 or 7 unless the celtics mentally collapse.

    still though the NBA bubble has been one of the few spaces of relief over the past six months

    • Agreed on the bubble. My previous prediction of Lakers in 6 is knocked down to 5. DEN got rattled early on, started missing easy buckets.garbage
    • Didn't help that going into the second half Jokic, Murray and Milsap all had 3 fouls. Also Dwight didn't play at all in the Houston series, so he came out hot.garbage
    • considering this an actual nba season? lol this season is a joke. and they gonna start another in November? okjaylarson
    • @jay i bet they delay the next season, maybe open w/new yearscolin_s
    • They barely having the new Draft by Xmas, so the next season is def pushed to 2021grafician
    • @jay There's gonna be an asterisk by this season, but it's been great bball. Plus Jimmy is selling coffee from his room, and somebody in the bubble is startinggarbage
    • a rival coffee shop. BIG FACE COFFEE all day.…garbage
    • I see 0-3 tonight for Celtics and Lakers are starting Dwight, so imagine the damage to the Nuggets not getting in the paint...grafician
  • BabaVanga8
    • disimbecile
    • DIS, with a bucket of popcorn, a 5th of Jack, and a front row seat.Akagiyama
    • datutopian
    • Dismaquito
    • Dis.
      Seems a more instantaneous finish.
    • Dis. But.... asteroid into the Yellowstone caldera or Antartica just make sure we’re gone for good.thumb_screws
    • DAT! Dis we all die. Dat new continents are made and life continues.inteliboy
    • Dat: only preprers survive, then you have to fight them for suppliesmoldero