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    Haven't participated here in a while but reading BusterBoy's post above made me feel like writing an update on one of my past blog posts.

    Just tried to look it up and I might have written but never actually posted it haha!

    Anyway, I went through 2017 and 2018 without invoicing one single job. Was going through hell with a bad rep (film) in 2016 despite huge opportunities, producing mediocre work leading me to nothing good to show to step things up.
    Ended up moving back to my parents, lost a huge deal of confidence in my abilities, started borrowing from gracious friends to try and get anything started, was seriously considering either a radical change of professional path or suicide due to the absolute lack of accomplishment and gratification I was finding myself in.

    It eventually got so bad that it became sort of funny to me, how desperately stuck I was. Then it didn't matter anymore to send a 10th email to past (satisfied) clients who had either not answered the previous 9 or had politely declined, I was actually curious to see how many things I could do without result.

    Anyway, at some point I stopped counting on others and started counting on myself, then put together a few ideas to help a friend out with no money in sight to make them happen, but writing that stuff felt pretty good, good enough to reach out to some more people.
    Eventually you hit the right person at the right time with not much to show but enough that they connect and hit you back, then things get rolling a bit, and before you know it here comes the domino effect.

    I'm very aware of how short that domino effect might turn out to be, but getting things started really is a matter of endurance and keeping the faith through thick and thin. Putting pride aside, and taking a step back to look at things from a more neutral place rather than emotionally or through what others might think.

    And even though it's a big cliché, things can go from very shitty to pretty damn good anytime so don't give up.

    • +1fadein11
    • thats great advice dude, and i feel better having read it :)exador1
    • solid post.inteliboy
    • Things really did a 180 over a month. Reach out to new people, help friends, tell whoever's work you like that you do, find likeminded peeps, they're out there!spl33nidoru
    • Persistence, not perfection. Nice post.aslip
    • Awesome! I'm a huge proponent of "Thoughts are things!"robotron3k
    • thanks for postingFax_Benson
    • i think the 'helping friends' thing can often be underappreciated...exador1
    • sometimes we get (rightly so) so wound up in our own troubles and issues we overlook that we could help someone out...exador1
    • and often, when helping others, we can find solutions to our own troubles, or learn new ways to improve our own situations...exador1
    • +++pr2
    • i like the text very much. but who can remove this mouse....api
    • No it isn't a big cliché, it is your life :)
      It's a great thing that you have the courage to share this with us.
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    Signs your getting old?

    I jumped a fence to save roughly 2 minutes of walking.

    Did NOT "nail" the landing.

    Bruised/cracked rib.

    No running or cycling for a few weeks.


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    • Margin-right, surely?Nairn
    • Or, margin-left but with a negative z-index?Nairn
    • maybe hotel-room.css is for the next roomdrgs
    • Ah, true! Then there'd be another, to the corner of left frame here. Genius!Nairn
    • mini split heat pumpbezoar
    • so that's why it's called split air conditioner!
      aahah :D
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    • Beyond awesome!robotron3k
    • i used to watch his show with my father when i was a kidBennn
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    Got bored, hooked up a mouse to my mobile phone through usb-c (if you have an Android it works straight away, cursor is tiny though) + Chromecast screen to my TV. Only thing missing is a keyboard


    • Yes, you're bored ;)OBBTKN
    • Have you managed to find a keyboard yet? See it through to it's natural conclusion. Alexa, play Queen.
      Don't. Stop. Me. Now.
    • Can it play Crysis?Nairn
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    Vid of the Day

    really good, and fucked lol

    • i like watching the Joe Rogan show, watching clips everydayBennn
    • yea, same here. the 2-3hr long episodes really fly by when you are focused on a project toofuturefood
    • we learn lots of things listening to it and i like the casual tone of itBennn
    • He's a good at interviews but there are lots of times when he just pussy's out because he doesn't want to ask hard questionsrobotron3k
    • somehow he does interview really interesting people from totally different fields. kudos for that.renderedred
    • Robo... give us some examples. This one's a really great interview with Chuck. Such an eccentricIanbolton
    • robo, not his job to ask hard-hitting questions, he's not there to crucify anyone, it's more a casual conversation between friends, thats why he gets his guests_niko
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    300.000 people plan to storm Area 51

    • https://www.theregis…ApeRobot
    • Thousands of flat earthers fly AROUND the globe daily.Ianbolton
    • More like 100 idiots, and 299,900 people who just think it's funny to RSVP.monospaced
    • what mono saidBennn
    • I love how they plan to meet at the alien tourist attraction, and THEN decide on how to enter.monospaced
    • An alien escapee is going to help them to get indrgs
    • Have they forgotten how radioactive a lot of that area still is? last guy to get in died 2 years later (cancer).fadein11
    • ^all the more reason they should go!futurefood
    • You need 50k moms with a 7-seater minivan to get them theremekk
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    In a super major funk at the moment. Worst I've ever been. Work going horribly...hardly bringing anything in. Would look for a job, but been doing this "jack of all trades...master of none" shit for so long, doubt anyone would employ me. In a huge hole financially. Wife working hard...stressed out and unhappy. I feel so worthless, have hardly spoken to anyone outside my family and one friend for months. Have to go to a birthday party tomorrow...everyone there will be super well off. I'll be envious. I'll feel like shit. Will have NOTHING to talk about as I've done nothing for months and months. Just random surfing the web shit almost all day. Doubt my kids are proud of me. They like me I guess...but not proud of anything I've actually done. I can't actually remember anything I've done. Can't even afford to seek help. Have no retirement savings. All just getting too hard.

    Not expecting anyone to read or comment. Just wanted to vent in public. Don't know what to do anymore. God this sounds pathetic.

    • Apologies for this. Just reading back...fucken woe is me crap.BusterBoy
    • Dude. You got the weight of the world on your shoulders. Solve one little thing first. Happiness is a byproduct of usefulness. Get that confidence back.DRIFTMONKEY
    • focus on what you can do not what you can't 2:30:…_niko
    • is there anything else you'd rather be doing career wise? something you've always dreamt of? maybe not too late to try and make t happen._niko
    • and be thankful you have a wife and healthy kids who love you, you live better than 99% of the planet, don't put extra bullshit pressure on yourself._niko
    • Your rich bro you got love within arms reach. Recognize.robotron3k
    • financial problems come and go, the people around you are so much more valuable. spend time with your children. Let your mood change and money will find you.imbecile
    • Where are you from, what do you do?Hayoth
    • Sit down and put a plan in place. Set goals major ones and small ones. Talk them over with the wife and start working towards them.HijoDMaite
    • Very difficult to see the positives ATM. I appreciate the advice...I almost feel like my family would be better off without me here.BusterBoy
    • Adjust them as needed but always focus on the large picture. A man with a plan helps a woman and family feel more secure. Even you are not whereHijoDMaite
    • Wouldn't do anything drastic like that...but I've been stuck in this paralysis like depression for years and too fucken lay to help myself.BusterBoy
    • you want to be, you are working towards that. It will give you motivation and confidence as you start checking things off the goal list.HijoDMaite
    • Start small, such as go to bed at certain time and wake up super early no matter what.HijoDMaite
    • I think you took a HUGE step by opening up honest-wise about it. Keep that up and you'll pull through. I promise.zarb0z
    • you have a woman who loves you in good times and in bad, w/ beautiful children by her, what do you mean it's hard to see the positives? they're right there. :)imbecile
    • i agree, small goals. generate some serotonin in your brain and start feeding your reward center naturally. clean, clean everything if you have time.imbecile
    • Right ATM, I feel like I am dragging my beautiful family down a hole with me...and it makes me ill.BusterBoy
    • VERY hard to see any light...but thanks for the advice. Just needed to vent.BusterBoy
    • Not pathetic at all and been in the same a year or so. All so familiar. Jack of all, lost my 12 yr position and gig to gig now after 6fig life and expensesDarkCover
    • Others have seen it my notes about it but my 2-1/2 yr old diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at just under a year and started me down the sprial...DarkCover
    • Still haven't rebounded in any passion for the work I HAVE to take to pay the bills. Havent missed a single payment but damn hardDarkCover
    • Wife also panicking while working and us both dealing with 40+ DR appts a month for the kids and thats when not sick etc. Kid already put under 6 timesDarkCover
    • more than me in 40 years, and shes also had 4 surgeries with many more to come. DRINK way too much. Quit smoking to look for work but patience there eitherDarkCover
    • STAY tough and trying to do that same...very frankly without the kiddo Im not sure what id be living for and with all the shit she makes it worth it somehow.DarkCover
    • *no patience there either...
      *how id be living
      In the words of Joe Dirt...Keep on Keepin On homie!
    • +BusterBoy
    • Also tried talking about my shit to a couple of mates months and months ago. Not a peep from them since. They all talk the talk when it comes to mental health.BusterBoy
    • But when it came to the crunch, none wanted my negative energy upsetting their lives. Even things like that make me angry.BusterBoy
    • If I was in a good place, I'd just say 'fuck em' and move on. But it really cuts deep when so called friends just abandon you.BusterBoy
    • Been there too homie. So many of our circle went on on on about being for us with kids medical issues and 98% gone or barely reach out anymoreDarkCover
    • Real life dramas will sure prove who is legit, will be there no matter what and who is only there on the 'surface'DarkCover
    • Even my wife's brother who is stupid wealthy mansion, pool, Bentley and so on always says what ever we need but barely comes around...DarkCover
    • Wife mentions some special summer camp for handicap kids that we couldn't afford with me out of FT work and he blew it off like the wind blowing on a tuesday.DarkCover
    • whenever I feel like this, which is often, I read about melting permafrost and the out of control climate feedback loops and it makes it all seem insignificantautoflavour
    • REAL life shows REAL COLORS and the saying comes out TRUE in full force when dealing with major life changing events or issues.DarkCover
    • Let me dig it our but have a fake gmail ive used on here to connect out of my DarkCover user if you want to connect. No Worries if not.DarkCover
    • Have to reset the password cause I don't know it anymore but can hit me here and we can exchange real ones if you like: jobsfr33lance@gmailDarkCover
    • you sound like a sad emo drunk. however let it poor out. sometimes a good reset needs a good vent.deathboy
    • but not a psychologist however the things you most are concerned with are things you have no control over. well besides making money even if not in your "field"deathboy
    • simply breath and evaluate wether your current "profession" makes you happy. clearly its not and providing money makes you happy. seek alternatives. the shitdeathboy
    • coming out of colleges nowadays is all debt and no clues. can pretty much write your ticket with a jack of all trades sense.deathboy
    • that will be 250 dollars for 5 minutesdeathboy
    • sorry, didn't mean to be glum before.. I do feel you pain tho.. I am constantly just scraping by doing random jobs.. wasting WAY too much time on the webautoflavour
    • get a hobby, start a podcast, make some music, find a way to channel that energy into something positive, even just for your own sanity ..autoflavour
    • @BusterBoy It’s too easy to say “find a hobby, make some music” etc. I know it can be hard to find energy and creativity for that in your context.iGin
    • All I can advise is avoid games, TV and web junk. The following helped me a lot when I was in your situation: sort stuffs, fix furniture, walk in parc, etciGin
    • Think of the depression you go through as what it is - an illness that needs to be treated and that will pass - it will take time but you will recover from thisjamesbeat
    • Like the others said: stop sitting in front of screens all day and night, drinking, not sleeping enough or sleeping too much, set up some simple rules.jamesbeat
    • Get back in control, don't decide based on what you think is expected of you but on what matters to you and your family. You don't gave to go to that party.jamesbeat
    • Don't be mad at your freinds. They certainly struggle themselves and just dont find the time or the right words to cheer you up. Care about them and they will.jamesbeat
    • Posts like this one reminds me that I'm lucky to be part of this QBN thing. Its cool to have the possibilty to share stuff with people from so many placesBennn
    • and get feedback, help, support, advices.Bennn
    • ^ yeah, what they said - great conversation. Perhaps volunteer somewhere if you don't already. Good luck to you.bezoar
    • @buster: I don't want to get into my situation, but there are parallels with my own situation re: family & your self-estimation. Thanks. Be Good.Nairn
    • btw, re: "jack of all trades" concern - you're probably better- positioned than you realise. https://www.nytimes.…Nairn
    • agree with nairn, It's benefited me greatly being a jack of all trades, able to take on pretty much any work that comes my way._niko
    • It's brave of you to open up like this - and a good idea. Look at the folks coming out of the woodwork who've been in a similar place.Daithi
    • Like myself. A great friend of mine who went through worse shit himself once told me you have to love yourself, even the bad bits. Accept yourself.Daithi
    • Thank you everyone. I appreciate it more than you know.BusterBoy
    • Can also vouch to being grateful for being a jack of all trades. Have a stable job at a video game studio cuz im the guy you can call on to do pretty much w/emantrakid
    • I was in a place like that years ago, and just finding a project i was passionate about and pouring myself into it really helped me focus and shift gears.mantrakid
    • Led to a new career, renewed confidence, and the feeling that i was doing something i was meant to. Felt good. But it comes in cycles for me too.mantrakid
    • <3 hugs from vancouver island.mantrakid
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    Proud dads...

    Little guy is hauling ass at the track this year. No first place yet, but in the hunt.

  • microkorg5
    • I was throat singing to my wean a few weeks back - fuck does it tickle! My partner looked at me like I'd just dropped in from space.Nairn
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    Pic of the Day

    I never post in this thread, but I saw this on a table in Brooklyn and couldn't resist. Pretty sure this is numbers guy at work.

    • Gold.Nairn
    • ::sigh:: Sometimes I miss living in NYC.GM278
    • This is schizophrenia.i_monk
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    Signs your getting old?

    I've never used an emoji or facebook. Just had to do some social media graphics for a client using both. Didn't have a clue.

    Also ballsed up a potential gig by not knowing how to use the video conference app they set up the interview on.