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  • mathinc17

    Proud dads...

    And ode to my girls:

    I'm going to be coaching my 4 year old twin girls in flag football in a few weeks. I can't wait. These two little monsters have been sharpening their knives (so to speak) against each other since birth. I can't wait to turn them loose on those unsuspecting other kids. When we found out we were having twin girls I pictured them being softer than my son. Turns out that they're the most wild, stubborn, strong and intelligent kids I've ever met. If you tell them they're beautiful they scoff at it and insist that they're strong. They give no fucks about what you want, unless you take away all their stuffed animals, and even then it's 50/50. They wake up at 4:30a every morning and do whatever they want -- we gave up taking turns to watch them in the mornings. The other day I woke to a slice of bread covered in hot sauce and an almost opened bottle of beer -- they made me breakfast. When I come home from work instead of just hugging my leg as I try to get through the door, they hug my legs and try to lift me off the ground (I'm 200+ lbs, they're 35). They won't let you do anything for them unless they've struggled at it for a good while. One broke her leg a year and a half ago after getting hit by a bike their cousin was riding and didn't even wince when they put the IV in her arm. They fart on each other, and they've shit in the yard whilst pretending to be dogs. I never thought having girls would be like this, and it's amazing.

    As challenging as they can be, I just can't wait to see what they become.

    • +1
      When I was in college me and a buddy took a part time job coaching flag football at an elementary school. Super fun, enjoy!
    • I love coaching flag football. I've been coaching my son's teams since he was 3.5yo. Such a blast. I think it's one of the best sports for kids.mathinc
    • Glad you did that though. It's amazing how many dads don't offer to coach.mathinc
    • I grew up as a twin (fraternal), I know you have your hands full.BonSeff
    • Having twins is a really special experience. It's tough, but it's also really interesting. We try to treat them individually, but it's easy to see them as amathinc
    • unit. Are you and your twin close?mathinc
    • I am also a fraternal twin. Not super close but unconditionally attached for life by a special twin bond.monospaced
    • Totally understand that. These two fight like crazy, but the minute one of them gets fucked with.. they come together like Voltron. Pretty rad.mathinc
    • My sister and I drifted apart during our 20's into our 30's but came back together once we married and started families.BonSeff
    • didn't had to get into all the details, that picture tells everything :) i'm sure about that you don't have to tell them how to
      kick bad boys into the balls :)
    • Super close during grade school tho. She had the brains and I had the social skills. we helped each other learn and connect with others.BonSeff
    • That's really awesome Bon. Interesting how you both used your natural skills to help each other.mathinc
    • Sted, when we found out we were having girls, I thought I had to protect them from boys. Now I worry more for the boys who come into their orbit.mathinc
    • you're doing it right, holmesBonSeff
    • did you guys do a photoshoot in kabul?
    • Incredibly happy looking kids man - well done :)pedromendez
    • haha. awesome :) you're truly blessed. your family sounds wonderful.Gnash
    • Lovely post! I’m not heading to fatherhood, and you would almost make me regret it :)dyspl
    • haha thanks!mathinc
    • Yep, girls are fierce and often misrepresented or misunderstood. Glad to hear you're not suppressing them from becoming themselves. :)sea_sea
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    Vid of the Day

    Amazing work

  • BonSeff17

    Great motorcycles

    Put in some more work this week on the '89. Just need to clean and rebuild the brakes and design the graphic kit.

  • Maaku9


    About to light up a spliff and clean up the house

  • Gardener1

    eBay of the Day

    this seems a thing now - auctioning USB sticks with
    bands entire back catalogue on, is that even legal?…

    • illegalpockets
    • thought so, dunno how they get away with it tbhGardener
    • there's a small chance this person holds music rights for all these bands, and is just doing the eBay thing as a side gigprophetone
    • LAME encoded onlyimbecile
    • Reminds me of the short-lived VCD trend on Ebay from the early aughts.DRIFTMONKEY
    • What if it's just the midi version of those songs. Like NES music XDMaaku
    • the music industry is reinventing itselfKrassy
  • maquito0


    Fuck it, I’m pretty pissed off with a new CD we hired. We’re looking for a senior Designer, and this asshole invited the CEO CD to an interview with an asshole designer that I happen to know (who’s portfolio sucks), whithout asking me, not even putting me in cc. He just went and made his fucking interview for a designer, not giving a fuck about the Art Director (me). He’s been working with us for 2 months.

    I don’t even know what to do. Shall I speak to him, to the CEO CD, tell him to go fuck himself..?

    I find it really hard to cope with fuckheads who don’t hive a fuck about cooperating, networking, and are just about crawling towards CEO’s cocks.

    Sorry qbn, it’s not been an easy friday.

    • the CEO is the CD? Might be fucked if that's the case. You won't win that fight unless you want to quit.shellie
    • If there's someone above him, you could go to that person but then you might be looked at as a whiney bitch. The person above him hired him.shellie
    • If I were you I'd plot strategic digs at him and his work to soothe my anger quietly. None of this is recommended.shellie
    • Yep. We have a “CD” CEO. Your last comment is what I feel and fear the most :’(maquito
    • why can't you just simply ask?sted
    • Say to him calmly "Slight oversight on your behalf, you forgot to include me in the recent recruitment drive. I'll be disappointed if it happens again."shapesalad
    • leave it at that. Be calm, be firm, be unemotional, do what's right by your ethics, sleep well at night.shapesalad
    • Sounds like the CD is shit starter. Disrespectful to any below, debasing you by alienation. Do your job while you look for another job he has more power than u.robotron3k
    • @shapesalad you're fired.
      never say stuff like "oversight on your", "you forgot to include me", "I'll be disappointed" in this position.
    • ask if they were not satisfied last time when you were there, and let them know that you're interested in the new guy since you have to work with him.sted
    • don't be the asshole who works there for too long and loses its shit because of the new people. that's the point where you lost.sted
    • my best guess is that your mofo CD is just trying to strain your limits. Is is possible that the fucker they invited said bad things about you?sted
    • sorry to hear. same situation here. SUCKS. good luck maq.umbee54
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  • shellie0


    Mattress suggestions -
    It's time for a new one. I want a king size but at a reasonable price. Any reviews on your door to door foam mattress?

    • Never go cheap on a mattress. If there’s one thing to splurge on, it’s a mattress. Life’s to short to not sleep well.monospaced
    • ^ Agreed. We've got a Comforpedic but I sometimes wish we had something else; so many new ones have come out since we bought it years ago.mg33
    • Proper things to splurge on: mattress, home office chair.mg33
    • People at work have bought Casper mattresses and love themHayoth
    • Casper all the way shellie, never thought I'd buy a mattress without trying first but they are great.robotron3k
    • Rule of thumb: divide the price by $100 and that's how many years it should last you. Cheap mattresses are cheap for a reason.i_monk
    • The Saatva mattress I got last year is still amazing. Sustainable, nice on my back, and breathingBrokenHD
    • We have pretty old, but good, mattresses so we bought a 5" natural latex comfort layer. It's the most expensive peace of "furniture" we've got but it's so good!lnu
    • ^ or is it called pillow top? Topper?
      Like this one but thicker:…
  • Nairn1

    Proud dads...

    Took the bairn outside for the first time today - in my infinite wisdom, I'd bought a hippy wraparound sling thing rather than a typical and tech baby carrier. Once I'd got over how basic it is I'm actually happier with the choice - when I first pulled it out of the box though, I spent a good two minutes swearing at myself, thinking "this is just a fucking piece of fabric! I should've bought the fucking tech carrier".


    I wish I'd paid more attention to the TV tropes of "man carrying baby" when I was younger - fucking thing's a pussy magnet. I've never had so many women gaze in my direction so adoringly - the hormones were practically visibly weeping from every pore as they gazed at what I can only assume they imagined as some perfect trinity of Providing Caring-Male Father figure.

    Any of you lot still single and are reading this (why are you in this thread? Weirdo) - go out and borrow a baby. Start babysitting, whatever. Go for a walk in some middle class neighbourhood and watch them flock towards you.

    It's fucking magic.

    • True that. Plus the "secret" head node fathers give to one another.pr2
    • They're looking at the babyJaline
    • I used to joke to my wife about when I carried my son around nyc that I was passing up blowjobs left and right. Kids are major pussy magnets.monospaced
    • Nobody tells you either that your arms and back get super ripped being a dad. You have to carry so much crap.monospaced
    • Yes they are looking at baby, but the gazing eye contact is unmistakable. It’s not even as sexual as it is just admiration for the father figure guy maybe.monospaced
    • lols you fucking self-obsessed saddoes. they're looking at the baby not you.hans_glib
    • lol hans!BonSeff
    • ughft. I forget how fucking literal people are on the internet. why do i post this shit?Nairn
    • @hans, my wife noticed it most of the time, it’s nothing to do with ego. Plus it’s also just a fun joke. Relax.monospaced
  • freedom0

    Punches For:

    When a tiny studio posts on Insta or their blog that the "studio partner" or "founder" is doing something, when it's most likely just that person posting. Or their one intern doing it for them.

    Knew someone who ran a two person studio and had business cards that called himself the "executive vice president" and his partner was the "founder".

    • I have a good rule: “if you constantly have to tell people what you are, you’re probably not.”mg33
    • I know a guy as well that calls himself the creative director of two of his bands, because he used Android apps to make album artwork from templates.mg33
    • He’s a CPA by day and desperate, middle age clinging-to-a-teenag... adult without the slightest clue as to anything in the design field.mg33
    • hey, you gotta fake it till you make it.dopepope
    • yeah but what he makes sucks; he's not faking it to anyone that will take him seriously.mg33
    • He might just enjoy doing it.. simple pleasures. If he’s a dick just ignore.RumperChunk
    • I know one of these, a toothless gypsy that plays WoW all day and redirects the odd support call. "Head of OH&S, Oceania" says the card.MrT
    • Principal Chief Design Thinker UX DirectorBonSeff
    • don't stop dreaming! no one can remove you from the board of directors in your one person real life business, right?api
  • Projectile2

    best on Netflix streaming?

    So much awesome!!!

    Episode 1 is based on my favourite short story ever! Can't remember the name/author, but pretty sure it was written by Peter F Hamilton.

    • Absolutely LOVED this.dopepope
    • binge watched it last night (only last 3 episodes to watch), yeah - some really fucking good episodes...Bluejam
    • ...Suits, Good Hunting, Fish Night and Zima Blue were my favourites ... reminiscent of Heavy Metal / 2000ad Future Shock comic strips imoBluejam
    • Marathoned the entire thing overnight as I worked.i_monk
  • allthethings3
    • Dear Senator Feinstein, there are nuisance birds constantly loitering in my trees and bushes. I have reported this several times to the police. Please ban birdssarahfailin
    • Citizens of Pawneeepic_rim
    • They've got precedent; in the 12thC, the Vatican taxed the wind used by windmills making flourBustySaintClaire
  • Projectile2
  • neverscared1
    • like no other, etchans_glib
    • god damn this water is cooooold!sarahfailin
    • An animal stepping on a Lego again?NBQ00
    • it's 'Like no one'
      Everyone saying 'like no other' are added to The List. Sorry hans_glib, you've been added to The List.
  • utopian5
  • whatthefunk8
    • No need for a switch statement here. There's only one condition.section_014
    • it is setup for scaleabilityBabySnakes
    • What BabySnakes said. Best practices.Krassy
    • observation: display-public noneapi
  • autoflavour1


    so fucked. My wife works for local council here and a few months back one of the councillors got all upset at something at fully verbally abused her and was completely out of line.. there was a witness also.

    my wife makes a code of conduct complaint, the general manager sits on it for months.. she keeps asking, eventually she joins the union and then all of a sudden, oh yes, thats already been dealt with, the councillor will meet with you in person but not with a union representative present.
    and besides, the complaint was unfounded (even though a senior manager who witnessed it wrote a supporting letter) and so this fat piece of shit councillor, who fucking lords it over every person in there, and who everyone knows is a bully, will get away with it.. My wife was the first to actually stand up to her this fat cunt, and they fucking swept it under the carpet like it never happened.

    it makes me so furious.. I am doing everything in my power not to do something stupid.. but seriously, what the fuck... you get bullied in your workplace, there are witnesses, and the people who are supposed to be on your side, fucking throw you under the bus..

    seething with anger at this point..

    I would just tell her to quit, but fuck that, why should she quit.. its an ok job, close to home.. and its full time permanent.. granted she could be paid more, but apart from this fuckwit councillor, its ok there..

    sorry, needed to vent somewhere..

    • Take care of your wife. If she can manage this situation, she's strong af... Worked for some bullies in my career, and it's not easy to do your best with themOBBTKN
    • fuck man, so shitty.capn_ron
    • Wwe're a wobbly jelly like cluster of cells, given form by a skeleton, stuck to a giant rock by gravity, floating in a vast void of life universe....shapesalad
    • <^ that is something I think about daily to help me not give a shite about it all. Not sure it helps...shapesalad
    • Go public. Name and shame. Local news, social media, whatever it takes.i_monk
    • Start a campaign and run against the fuck. Vote him out.RumperChunk
  • hans_glib26

    QBN mugs 2019


    • Is that a ntc pendant? LMAOsea_sea
    • MC GlansNairn
    • ps. don't ever image search glans.Nairn
    • @sea_sea - *shameface* I have one of those packed up for you, not yet sent along to you, with a few stickers and bits, some from hansie here.Nairn
    • *sea_sea promptly moves house*hans_glib
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    Happy Pi Day