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    i'm pretty sure most people on this board remember "the good internet" - the newstoday days when everything online seemed wonderful - instead of the drag it is now. what happened? capitalism.

    i was thinking about this while listening to the radio yesterday (yes i do this) and the DJ ended their on-air segment trying to sell something or other, and my brain just cringed. every single communication in America seems transactional at this point.

    the internet, back in those early years, though shopping was an aspect of it, it was largely everything BUT capitalism. it was creative, free-for-all, experimental, engaging ... now it's been driven to the dirt by monetizing everything from clicks to forums to podcasts to user pages etc.

    the internet sucks and that should be all the examples we need that capitalism has overstayed its welcome: in a single generation this marvelous opportunity for democracy and humanity in general has been turned into a shopping mall where humans themselves are as much a resource as anything else. and for what? memes?

    • Even worse when you add in cellular data and geo targeting. Only going to get worse.
      *shakes fist, IT AINT NATURAL
    • it's an evolution. at the start someone needed to invent how to make money with it, once proved it could be made, the investors pumped money in ituan
    • then they protected their interests with corporatism. now society is seeing the negative effects and are testing different strategies to make it work better.uan
    • it's in development still, has always been, next 10 years will show if we get better at using it and might even feel like the first humanist vibe it can has.uan
    • USA does seem to be super selling all the time society.shapesalad
    • I think the problem here may be more of a question of getting rid of the bad Internets and keeping the good Internets.sted
    • that sentence has all the meme u need.sted
    • agreed, but it is quite a cynical view. the internet is still amazing.inteliboy
    • I'd also say the death of the internet we loved was because of narcissism.inteliboy
    • I'm still recoiling from the idea that people take duckface selfies, post them to show the world how great they are, and call themselves 'influencers'inteliboy
    • It's far more repulsive and destructive than websites and content creators figuring out how to make ad revenue.inteliboy
    • Nostalgic nonsense.hotroddy
    • @colin_s what should catalyze the evolution: war or consumption?sted
    • i'm fine with consumption:access to content whatever it is, jokes, products, friends, qbn, access to work and sale on global scale isn't a bad thing.sted
    • all of this made possible by generations of engineers and developers on a network what has underground, ground and near-earth level infrastructure.sted
    • @inteliboy in the past decade how many people got connected and addicted in the same way when you first opened the internet we loved? :Dsted
    • not sure capitalism is at fault in anyway. trading value for value vs what alternative? Being told and given only what you can have. Has the freedom of capitalideathboy
    • sm or that it provides been abused and let to rampant consumerism. Like blaming alcohol sales for alcoholism.deathboy
    • and i think advertising and media reinforce a cultural value system of where shit floats to the top and trends.... so much more than blame capitalism meme...deathboy
    • why cringe if someone is trying to sell you something? are people not allowed to earn a living? or should they wait on a government check instead?hotroddy
    • as far as death to the internet goes. 1) iphone and movement to make mobile replacement for desktop. 2) business capitalizing on new niche and selling the ideadeathboy
    • 3) ppl adopting mobile first platform 4) while this all happened social networks reinforced mobile and hooked users with dopamine filled thumbs upsdeathboy
    • 5) everyone under the same platform and human laziness of following and being spoonfed what pleases them decreases exploration and desire to produce outsidedeathboy
    • the social networks, instead forcing to integrate and conform for the same dopamine rewards and values of said networks.deathboy
    • 6) soon develop a boring closed loop system of conformity and control, where everything is derivative and fake. where everyone is scared to develop outside masdeathboy
    • s appeal or standards and you get this watered down lowest common denominator stuff. that you can hardly be excited about or dislike. its just enough likedeathboy
    • to be like ok like the marvel film formula, and by being the only thing creates its own inflated ok lets feel good about this feedback loop.deathboy
    • you see it in gold addys wordpress themes, like well something needs to win. Judges not knowing how to choose one from the next. Accept believing their owndeathboy
    • authority in such things push it all forward and helps reinforce the systemsdeathboy
    • accessibility... its like forcing everyone to have a wheel chair ramp to everything. of course it will look like all the same shit. the more freedom youdeathboy
    • can expect better stuff, more range and expression. hard for web to grow in a cage.deathboy
    • that´s to dramatic - it became commercial more useful, but also the creative outflow is magnified, when i think of tutorials -communities - communications.neverscared
    • Just like this place, nothing better to talk to someone IRLi_was
    • 6) soon develop a boring closed loop system of conformity and control

      That's clearly QBN
    • it's all 'cause Jobs killed Flashformed
    • All good things come to a trend.Bluejam
    • Welcome to QBN AOC. Another brilliant argument you are making. Please stop unleashing your mind bendingHayoth
    • Brilliance on us. It's hard to keep up with your top level genius skills.Hayoth
    • @hayoth I blame fascicommusocialismfadein11
    • @intelliboy influencers and that lot are all products of capitalism - doing anything to acquire power / profit from the consumer lifestylecolin_s
    • still a huge amount of stuff in the old spirit, it's just slightly harder to find. This is a the natural progression of any media unfort.fadein11
    • Let's go back to BBS!robotron3k
    • w/out capitalism we wouldn't have nearly the advancement in technology we've had these last 100+ years—but yeah—shit all over it cuz your bored of the web :-/PonyBoy
    • *you'rePonyBoy
    • without the version of capitalism we now have, all that technological advancement would likely be much more technologically advanced.MrT
    • Prove that MrT.PonyBoy
    • Not sure I would agree that the internet as it exists today is 100% capitalism. Most of the big sites like Reddit or YouTube are free to use and and basedyuekit
    • around either user-generated content or reposting commercial content without regard to copyright. Sure they try to monetize using ads but neither ofyuekit
    • those sites are profitable yet. It's a weird mix of capitalism and free sharing/open source, maybe evolving towards something else in the future.yuekit
    • its just free because you pay with all your data like what you see what you do on youtube or facebook... sites would not be profitable without it.api
    • ukit of course internet isnt 100% capitalistic, but your examples paint 100% its trading value for value nature. you just might overlook values as monetary gaindeathboy
    • the argument want for your view with internet is based on the infrastructure, ma bell, same as utilities. as far as companies go that operate on the webdeathboy
    • that is more about rules and regulations of investments, and ability to acquire capital at losses in loose monetary policy or through passive investments ofdeathboy
    • of fools. You should read Huxleys Island. All value isnt about money, however its hard to develop a free society that trades in value outside something as moneydeathboy
    • money has liquidity. and all value needs liquidity in ability to trade value for value in dynamic rangedeathboy
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    fucking slow clap yourself NSW.. you reelected one of the most damaging, self serving and corrupt governments we have ever had.

    you had one job.. and you fucking proved how vapid, self absorbed and narrow minded you really are.

    enjoy the warrantless police searches of your homes you fucktards.

    • how did Shooters, Fishers and Farmers do?Gnash
    • +1000. FFS. In a few years Sydney will be the most tolled city on the planet. A giant housing estate with a pretty harbour and not much else. Nice one.MrT
    • and fucking one nation.. seriously, less than a week after a muslim hating skip goes blows away 50 people in New Zealand, we vote ONE NATION members in..autoflavour
    • I weep for my cityautoflavour
    • you guys should start a 2-year long, 5+billion dollar investigation based on bullshit to show everyone how angry you are... you know—make some shit up! :)PonyBoy
    • and now we have One Nation sucking on the NRA's muzzle for funds and ideas. Nothing is a surprise any more.MrT
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    I’m in this whatsapp group with many old acquaintances. Musicians, showbiz peeple mainly. Some days ago, this WA group came alive after months of silence. One of them was inviting to his house to watch The Dirt, Motley Crew’s film premiere. Me, as a parent of an 8 mo. old, thought: it’s ridiculous. The wife, also a mom of the 8 mo. old, tells me “Go. You’ll have fun. You havn’t seen those guys for ages!”. I think: “It would be awesome to knock on their door without even responding one single line of their long conversation/ planning, where they might have assumed I was out of order. So I show up, with a six pack, and some snacks. After a big hug and some laughs with the host, I enter a room with 5 guys speaking at the same time in an incredibly high volume, around a round table with like 5 lines of coke next to a credit card, close to a HUGE rock of coke. I now get why they are “talking”, (it was in fact 5 monologues at a time), at the same time. It was sssooo weird. I listened to 50 stories in around 6 minutes, while I anxiously chugged a pint of lager. I ended up snorting 2 lines, never watched the Motley Crue movie, and came home (it’s 3am) and got to bed to start typing this. It was a very decent chunk of coke. I even ate some guacamole and I’m starting to evaluate ab expedition to the kitchen to steal some chips or something. Bye!

    • This should have been in the confessions post.maquito
    • Just in case, dont even bother to bring out the “child services” speech. I’m a functional working fsther, I work my ass off, and I’ve never been late to work.maquito
    • Sounds like a shit night.PhanLo
    • Good job buddy, good to let off steam one in a while.eryx
    • thank you for sharing your night on earth. enjoyed it.api
    • It was a “meh” night, flashback. “I’m getting old but still can do silly stuff once in a while, I guess”.maquito
    • human after all…api
    • This is like proper Newstoday™ content. More of this. Less cunts bitching. Good job Maquito, enjoy the coke.pedromendez
    • Coke heads are hard work, but I suppose by doing coke you got on their level.PhanLo
    • https://media1.tenor…pockets
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    Student loan paid off in full today.

    • congrats!capn_ron
    • “First world” problemsBenDover
    • Level -1 completedsted
    • how much? how long?pedromendez
    • too much, like 15 yearseryx
    • I feel your pain, well done,
      a new chapter in life!
    • FU Sallie Mae! Nicely done, hope to join you in the ranks soon.notype
    • I think I can pay mine off in 3 mos, not sure why I'm dragging it on.notype
    • The year before my daughter is able to go to college I will have paid mine off. Insanity.misterhow
  • drgs3
    • Nice shovel at the top right corner at 3:22, next time you should hide it... (in the user comments)api
    • ^haha. supposedly built with nothing but sticks pounding the ground.sarahfailin
    • also, they have a gopro but no metal tools?sarahfailin
    • the dugout is sedimentary rock and waterfall is granite. suspicioushotroddy
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    News of the day...

    Marijuana grow house bust nets $35 million in drugs, 16 arrests

    Since then, detectives identified the five grow houses, each of which averaged 340 to 1,500 plants in each home, and linked the alleged traffickers “to a larger international organization serving not only Gwinnett County and the metro Atlanta area, but also the southeast United States,” Pihera said.

    • https://www.gwinnett…pockets
    • sadly, this wouldn't even be criminal in some statesmonospaced
    • Wow, the crime of growing plants. Get them!yuekit
    • 340 - 1500 is ALOT of plants. We get 4 a household in Canada.ideaist
    • @fooler good one!Krassy
    • Lol horrible math, they only netted between $5.5-$22.5 million, and the higher number if they were selling to dispensary...robotron3k
    • highly doubt they were selling to a dispensarymonospaced
    • Lets say the 5 houses had 340 plants each. Each plant giving away about 3 ounces, at a low price of $200 an ounce. That's a little over $1M every 3-4 months.Maaku
    • 1 plant = $3k in profitrobotron3k
    • ^ a year?Maaku
    • Just some honest hard working urban farmers that’s all. Guy top right-best_niko
    • Guy top right-stonedfooler
    • I thought Asians were supposed to be smart, according to the stereotype...shapesalad
    • These guys are Vietnamese, more clever than smart, also ballsy as hell and a little crazy. Love them. Even the yanks couldn’t fuck with them_niko
    • reminds me of the grow house busts in europe a decade ago. reporst always ended with asian or vietnamese owners or growers :Dsted
    • Sted, they'd always find some poor guy in a cupboard in his pants burning porn dvds that hadn't seen daylight in months.PhanLo
    • Our country sucksBenDover
    • i would have like to smoke their bud.
      they probably had it down to a science.
    • roboeconomicsfadein11
  • mantrakid0

    Jokes in poor taste...

    What's white on top and black on the bottom?


    • outdated joke. blacks in USA have a better income than in most multi cultural countries.hotroddy
    • plenty of white people on bottomhotroddy
    • ^ oh okay. Well I guess this joke doesn't work any more then. Let's move on, peopleProjectile
    • We did it QBN! We solved racism!noneck
    • Sorry I didn’t mean any actual thought/discourse it was just a dumb joke I heard. It was tasteless so I wanted to post here.mantrakid
    • *laughs in Alabamian"Maaku
  • Gardener7
    • Officer this is my therapy animal. He's certified.sarahfailin
    • thank you madam, i see you got him on the lead.api
    • Looks like Queen Street Train Station in Glasgow.Melanie
    • dudes like "I'm paying her by the hour, hurry the fuck up"autoflavour
    • stylish handbag.neverscared
    • Europeans are a fucked up people.utopian
    • Haha autoflavour, good one.sandpipe
    • how many vinyls does the bag hold?PeterPancake
    • arf!Gardener
    • @Utopian its the UK not Europe!valentim
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  • dbloc7
    • Oscar worthy.PhanLo
    • robosexualityutopian
    • YouTube comment: "a real gay demon would have never let him walk out the house dressed like that." haha!Krassy
    • ^LolPhanLo
    • Another Comment: Homosexual demons broke into my house while I was out the other night. They rearranged my furniture and left a quiche in the oven.dbloc
    • I'm amazed he can keep a straight face..autoflavour
    • Did he ever get his watch back?rattail
    • Omg religion thread. What a mockerysarahfailin
    • the priest looks like bill burrfeel
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  • sarahfailin12
  • Gnash5
    • punches too good for this cunthans_glib
    • lol at still asking $450.sarahfailin
    • wow what a cunt.shellie
    • Laterally, I am highly impressed with the ad placement algorithm that matched the Audi banner up with that cunty a seller.Nairn
    • I'd pay the $450 just to go to his house and punch this cockwomble in the dickProjectile
    • haha, nairnGnash
    • lol @ nairnwordssssss
    • "Don't need her anymore"....wtfdbloc
    • could be a womannbq
    • Cuntpango
    • Don't people sell their old cars when they get a new one? 450 seems steep for a used dog but if you can buy it you can resell it.deadsperm
    • Unless you think dog buying and selling should be abolished.deadsperm
    • tradebabies.comNairn
    • i want her :(sea_sea
    • i hope its fakeBennn
    • @deadsperm, way to miss the point :/monospaced
    • pup pup :(PonyBoy
    • im thinking more joke. venting on being frustrated with a dog, attention. Come on who the fucks wants ANOTHER puppy after finally getting to ~2.deathboy
    • hell today i was telling an old lady in the park admiring my pup you can have him for an in and out burgerdeathboy
    • looks like the guy sold his brain & heart long time ago, if he had one in the first place.neverscared
    • cunt.. we have a black lab looks just like this, less staff .. she is so nuts.. but would never sell her (although have often threatened it)autoflavour
  • mg3312

    Proud dads...

    My 4 year old daughter Hannah was just in her second play last night, playing the part of Michael in Mary Poppins. The whole thing was 20 minutes but these kids spent two months working together, practicing, learning lines, gaining confidence, and having a lot of fun. She actually had lines this time around (she did Peter Pan in the fall and only had group lines the teacher fed to them on stage).

    Her teacher is really encouraging us to get headshots for her and see if she's interested in taking this a bit further. She's got a great mix of vocabulary, timing, delivery, great attitude and a ridiculous sense of playfulness and whimsy. It's so fun to watch her enjoy it.

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    Vid of the Day

    20 years old today



    I Truly Dislike Bagels

    • Bru I'm right there with you, bagels are gross and it's motherfuckin' 2019 and I can't find a fuckin breakfast taco in NY to save my life..!robotron3k
    • robo, sounds like a business opportunity to me! breakfast taco stand right next to Halal Guys.capn_ron
    • You know what I'm talking about capn!!robotron3k
    • Take a stand.DRIFTMONKEY
    • you would need mexicans for that, robomonospaced
    • What’s a breakfast taco?HijoDMaite
    • come to montrealGnash
    • what did bagels ever do to you..pfft, ill take mine toasted with massive amounts of cream cheese plzpockets
    • What gnash said. Those dense inedible pucks are not bagels._niko
  • prophetone4
    • fuck, that looks great_niko
    • it doesMrT
    • not watching a movie with danny glover racist motherfuckahotroddy
  • utopian3