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  • nb3

    Going on the internet tod post arguments about capitalism vs socialism might be the best example of mental masturbation.

    Epic wankers

    • Not that there's anything wrong with thatnb
    • I love your cake and eat it too style.deathboy
    • That’s not the quote. You’d know if you actually went to school.monospaced
  • utopian1

    The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes than You

    Almost a decade ago, Warren Buffett made a claim that would become famous. He said that he paid a lower tax rate than his secretary, thanks to the many loopholes and deductions that benefit the wealthy.

    His claim sparked a debate about the fairness of the tax system. In the end, the expert consensus was that, whatever Buffett’s specific situation, most wealthy Americans did not actually pay a lower tax rate than the middle class. “Is it the norm?” fact-checking outfit PolitiFact asked. “No.”

    Time for an update: It’s the norm now.

    For the first time on record, the 400 wealthiest Americans last year paid a lower total tax rate — spanning federal, state and local taxes — than any other income group, according to newly released data.…

    • That's the tramps fault for not being fucking legends.PhanLo
    • whining & crying cuz the % is lower than yours is a bit disingenuous given the top 1 percent of taxpayers accounted for more income taxes paid than...PonyBoy
    • ... the bottom 90 percent combined. We may pay 'good money' when we see how much of our cash is taken but we're not even a drop in the bucket...PonyBoy
    • ... when it comes to covering the overall nut.PonyBoy
    • before you take the NYT at face value you need to realize they haven't even released there methods. It will be released in a book.deathboy
    • a counter point that smells a little BS…deathboy
    • really i'm curious what percentage top 400 people pay to total tax revenue, but this article seems to have buried search results on that..deathboy
  • PhanLo1

    Lol, keep working tramps.

    • I wonder how much water one could save by reducing the tears wasted crying over the fact some folks are far better than you at making money, Jerry.PonyBoy
    • Lol. It's just some tramp chat Pony.PhanLo
    • I was just bitch-talking Jerry... not you, phan. :P I barely make enough scratch to justify wasting time on QBN so I shouldn't be taken too seriously.PonyBoy
    • haha right. or at least learning how to cheaply desalinate them to use them for there home garden.deathboy
    • Can't take anything too serious on here, it's all sort of a joke.PhanLo
    • but more importantly i think phanlo addition says plenty. "keep working tramps" displays a disdain for work. not like a pat on the back towards work to getdeathboy
    • to a position that you are so valuable to so many people. just a disdain for wealth and work.deathboy
    • What's the point here?formed
    • no real point formed. a person displaying their jelly and adults saying grow up and stop looking at what others have :)deathboy
    • Work smarter, not harder and just stop being poor.PhanLo
    • eh sometimes working harder is smarter right? all relative. Sometimes i work hard over the weekend on non-paid that i know will turn out as paid.deathboy
    • I feel like I've been graphic designing every day since Columbus sailed to America.nb
    • ^OBBTKN
    • good job nb for workin hard. i hope you are talented enough to pull the cheddar with the effortdeathboy
    • if not bartending is a easy gig that can pay far better in right spot with a little charismadeathboy
    • Following this math, you wouldn’t be a billionaire. That’s correct. You’d be a trillionaire. Just saying.monospaced
    • And no way any good bartender can be as successful as a good designer. Derp.monospaced
    • mono you have no clue. A good bartender can easily pull 6 figs. Designers a dime a dozen and average waht nationally maybe 55k?deathboy
    • i know a few gals who fuckin slay it. when i think about it i should be jelly as all hell but than again id hate to be them in that jobdeathboy
    • and it makes sense simple service easier to qualify and value than design which is aesetics and purely un objectivedeathboy
    • at the end of the day i probably think a bartender provides more valuedeathboy
    • A good bartender pulls in 6 figures??? LOL! A good designer pulls that in EASY you retard. And it’s a real career.monospaced
    • depends on city and only a small level of GDs could possibly pull that. avg of GD is 32-63k by a source. others probably differ. but not by muchdeathboy
    • than if you take in wages abroad. eastern block or even africa and you see the GD is a bit of easy field to get in being absolutely subjective for the msot partdeathboy
    • relying on simplistic software tool skills. and you have to question wether the labor of one serving beer may be more in demand from an oversaturated market ofdeathboy
    • designer, and what people respect as value in such a field. im pretty sure a bartender career is superior to grpahic designdeathboy
    • in demand payment and valuedeathboy
  • deathboy-4

    sums it up pretty well

    • this a Hayoth postutopian
    • naw this is a childish education post. like stick your kid on an ipad for basic learning through musicdeathboy
  • utopian0

    Stunning detail emerges in massive data breach case

    Equifax used 'admin' as username and password for sensitive data.…

    • Is a lack of good judgement in private enterprise a real black mark against capitalism... you going all "russian" now?deathboy
    • Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.utopian
    • that doesnt answer the question utopian.deathboy
    • a lack of good judgement in private enterprise isn't a black market, it just happens. It's all part of capitalism, which is private enterprise by definition.monospaced
    • a black mark mono. not black market.challenging the fallacy of composition i believe its called.deathboy
    • the whole point to one fault and it must be inherent in the rest. but for bonus points we can discuss equifax nature and wether its necessary or if its systemdeathboy
    • is fucked up and perverted. the idea of credit checkers make almost no sense. credit changes based on looking at it? its a middleman market i dot think needs todeathboy
    • exist. and may be a decent crutch for insustries, but really its metric are shitdeathboy
  • utopian0

    Johnson & Johnson is recalling one lot of its Johnson’s Baby Powder after tiny amounts of asbestos contamination were found in samples from a single bottle purchased online.

    • another one with no source link... from your info it seems a proactive cause on a single instance would highlight a company super focused on good productsdeathboy
    • but you seem to only post negative material. or hey maybe coming around to the reality where " profitable companies" are not evil with any original sindeathboy
    • So let's get this straight, DB, you are "ok" with asbestos being in the powder? Just want to be clear on that.formed
    • No link is needed, if you watch any business news you'd have seen that and the stock plunge as a result. You'd also come across a ton of other law suits.formed
    • I am a JNJ shareholder and have done quite well with it, but I am not going to make excuses.formed
    • Anyone that says "a company super focused on good products" clearly has zero comprehension of how capitalism works.formed
    • just rub your sweet innocent christian white baby down with some of that baby asbestos powder.utopian
    • well disinformation can be quite profitable threse days. a small lot containing 0.00002% percent...deathboy
    • now this is a voluntary recall of a private enterprise. what would u say of flint Mi water? hell even nv fallon water run publiclydeathboy
    • private and public make mistakes, difference is ppl like formed hope their etfs algos beenfit them in such casesdeathboy
    • which us to say there is or should be pressure for better results but formed stcok cares little to do with results... a downside to "real" markets...deathboy
    • but an action on day to day basis vs years of public service. which is truely and more democratic to vote on any issue?deathboy
    • Yet again, no idea what you are talking about. You seem to be confused as to what capitalism is. It's not for "years of public service", it's money, period.formed
    • You are saying "oh, it's ok if people die as long as some benefit", right? All I am reading is forgiveness for health/death because they make breast implants.formed
    • When there are thousands of lawsuits, it's hardly "voluntary".formed
    • "People like formed..." care about people more than a stock, "they" care more about the country than making excuses for companies or presidents.formed
    • I was talking to some doctors. The powder used talcum, which MIGHT have asbestos. The cases were all related to women who used tons of it for decades.monospaced
    • Not making excuses, but I have a feeling it's not as bad as its being made out to be. The connection between the product and the supposed cause isn't strong.monospaced
    • mono siding with db......formed
    • haha formed you sure like to put a lot of words in my mouth i never said and totally off the topic from what im talking about. more focused on the real infodeathboy
    • and question wether something like this is blown out of proportion to influence algo trading related to your personal concerns.deathboy
    • at the same time identifying the difference in nature of a public shareholder as yourself or a gov municipality when they make mistakes. difference in actions.deathboy
  • utopian2

    • goes to show central planning fails. and how pumping loans and low interet rates for investment workout.deathboy
    • funy his solution is double down on policy that creatwd his issuesdeathboy
  • i_monk7

    Slave labor camps are supplying American fashion brands…

    The New York Times says that more than a million Uyghurs have been forcibly held in camps and subject to political indoctrination. A United Nations human rights panel said that Uyghurs were being detained in a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy.” The Chinese government refers to these camps as “vocational training centers.” New evidence has emerged that some of these Uyghurs being coerced to work in factories that make apparel and clothing—and may supply American retailers.

    • deathboy is going to have an aneurysmutopian
    • < This is what communism delivers.Morning_star
    • @morning_star no it's what power and corruption deliver.colin_s
    • @colin_s. It's funny how this thread confuses power and corruption for Capitalism yet the same uncharitable definition isn't appropriate for Communism. Oh....Morning_star
    • ...well, is it warm and comforting in that echo chamber of yours.Morning_star
    • Slave labour is the apotheosis of capitalism. China practices State Capitalism and has since the late 70s or 80s.i_monk
    • Every country practices State Capitalism to some extent or another. I wonder if those folk who perished in the Gulags realised they were victims of capitalism.Morning_star
    • china used state capitalism to move 1 billion into middle class and the gov't is composed of oligarchs.hotroddy
    • and you can look to cuba as another instance of state slavery.hotroddy
    • What's the link between capitalism and this? Slave labour pre-dates even agriculture... this is more like colonialism if anything.zarkonite
    • Interesting note: There are about 10M Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Estimates say 1.5M or 1 in 6 adults interned, mostly males, so 1/3rd of adult males are interned.monNom
    • Which sounds like the majority of the young men have been removed from society, from working, from starting families... it's all a bit genocidey IMOmonNom
    • You can't reason with the qbn communists morning.Hayoth
    • They do this shit in the USA, no?ben_
    • lol utopiandeathboy
    • They call it prison labour in the USA. Protesting/refusing to work is met with indefinite solitary confinement.i_monk
  • i_monk1

    The rich are getting free money and capitalism is broken, says US billionaire…

    ‘Trickle-down’ economics doesn’t work

    At the end of the day, the haves will have more and the have-nots will continue to have less, said the hedge fund founder.

    “At the same time as money is essentially free for those who have money and creditworthiness, it is essentially unavailable to those who don’t have money and creditworthiness, which contributes to the rising wealth, opportunity, and political gaps,” Dalio said.

    Making things worse is the fact that workers will become displaced by robots, AI and automation, he added.

    “Because the ‘trickle-down’ process of having money at the top trickle down to workers and others by improving their earnings and creditworthiness is not working, the system of making capitalism work well for most people is broken,” Dalio concluded.

    • oh, trickle down not working? how can that be? :)renderedred
    • Almost like it never really did that anyway, certainly not by design.i_monk
    • true but not a fault of capitalism at all. the trickle down approach is gov central planning thinkingdeathboy
  • i_monk0

    • Wow..way to minimize the power and shortage crisis in venezuela. Last time I check 30 million californians didn't live 30 days without power.hotroddy
    • nor waterhotroddy
    • capitalism laid the power lines in both countries.hotroddy
    • You're missing the forest for the trees. Capitalism fucks up royally all the time, but never gets the same level of baby-and-bathwater scrutiny.i_monk
    • having a 'capitalism' thread with over 1000 negative posts isn't enough scrutiny.hotroddy
    • Exactly the same as the 8 decades of exported HUAC propaganda, you're right.i_monk
    • Millions of Californians went without power for days.monospaced
    • mono you don’t have a very clear picture of what’s going on in Venezuela. you're misrepresenting whats happening to venezuela for political gain.hotroddy
    • San Fransisco would be a ghost town (like Maracaibo currently is) if it suffered similar power and water outages.hotroddy
    • what you just wrote about me is a big fat stinking pile of BULLSHIT. Political gain? STFU you tool. That's like deathboy stupid. Don't be deathboy stupid.monospaced
    • I can't respond to a comment with no arguments. don't take it personally.hotroddy
    • it's either political gain or ignorance. Here is an article that came out today in case it's the latter: https://www.elnuevoh…hotroddy
    • use google to translate to ingleshotroddy
    • https://www.elnuevoh…hotroddy
    • how is ca power capitalist? PG&E is a pseudo gov run monopoly. If they wanted to reinforce infrastructure can they raise prices as needed?deathboy
    • or are is their economy and price controls for at the whim of gov? also ca forest management which despises controlled burnsdeathboy
    • could also be a problem. another non capitalist problem. just gov looking for scapegoatdeathboy
  • deadsperm10

    • LOL. Must be true, Canadians also live longer. Although I'd like to test living in the south of France for a while, for science.zarkonite
    • Adolescent communist twit. Euros have been more physically active and ate better. The solution is not to get obese & ill and throw money at trying to reverse itBustySaintClaire
    • The Mediterranean diet & lifestyle is not 'bullshit.' The Arkansas diet is.BustySaintClaire
    • to be honest here, people from the US really eat like they have free healthcareernexbcn
    • If we here in Denmark didn't have free healthcare we/I would be completely broke, as my other half has been in and out of hospitals the past couple of years.Nutter
  • Morning_star3

    What puzzles and amuses me about this thread is the constant bleating-on of the left leaning QBN brethren who, for some inexplicable reason, lay ALL the ills of the modern world at the feet of one political and economic system.
    The amount of virtue signalling, posturing, oh-so-trendy horse shit that is posted here with claims that - even with the most charitable and simplistic interpretation - blame a system that can't possibly be responsible.
    The imperfections in the capitalist system, as well as the communist system are the humans - the fucking stupid, selfish, greedy, fucked-up, idiot, power hungry humans.
    Polarising the argument is retarded and self defeating because in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years there will be trend loving, virtue signalling, shallow humans arguing the exact opposite.
    The ridiculous thing is, is that capitalist/communist systems are not incompatible and a society that identifies the good things about each and nurtures them within its political and economic systems tend to blossom and bloom.

    • so says a commie rag ;)hans_glib
    • morning star of reason...renderedred
    • All marketing. It's easy to yell "socialist!", "communist!" than it is to explain that that same person that eats that up benefits from those programs.formed
    • I think when people attack capitalism they are just signaling their unhappiness with the way things work currently. I agree it's silly for them to pretend theyyuekit
    • all have the answers about what the best alternative is.yuekit
    • Craven capitalism benefits the few, hurts the majority. It's really that simple. Leftists aren't pining for a Neo-USSR.garbage
    • But the second bullshit is called on snowflake centrist argument, the conversation devolves into "virtue signaling", "posturing", or "SJW".garbage
    • Are you really confused as to the extent of capitalism's influence over the modern world? What else would you blame systemic problems on, if not the systemi_monk
    • that reaches into nearly every aspect of modern life, defines its values, directs its politics, and indoctrinates generations to prop it up for the benefit ofi_monk
    • a diminishing handful at the top?i_monk
    • A socialist country collapses (after decades of interference, embargoes, assassinations, etc) and it's somehow proof that socialism is poison to all it touches.i_monk
    • But I guess millions are plunged into generational debt because they're lazy, not because capitalism makes it profitable for someone to do that to them.i_monk
    • "It's not the system! Capitalism is perfect! It's the humans who are the problem!"i_monk
    • No; capitalism actively incentivizes the sort of sociopathic shit that's ruining the world in the name of short-lived profit, then tells its victims theiri_monk
    • poverty is a symptom of their own moral failings and character flaws.i_monk
    • Yeah of course the system matters, precisely because people are flawed. Most people will just mindlessly go along with whatever system they are born into.yuekit
    • However I agree with morning_star that a black and white capitalism vs. socialism divide is not necessarily the best way to think about it.yuekit
    • @yuekit And that's kind of an obvious point. Morning_star subscribes to the ideas of the IDW and the Sam Harris types. It's safe to say he's a dimbulb.garbage
    • @Garbage It would also be safe to say that your simplification of the 'Capitalist' problem is similarly dim. Props to you my dimbulb brother.Morning_star
    • @i_monk Life is not fair and neither should it be. Capitalism cannot be sociopathic, people are sociopathic. As i said, the problem is the humans.Morning_star
    • You're saying that our current incarnation of capitalism doesn't sow a greedy breeding ground for thieves that can buy their way out of punishment?garbage
    • Corporations have personhood and are more powerful than nations. The people take a back seat to the bottom line.garbage
    • If you can't understand that in such utterly simple terms, your bulb might be dimmer than mine.garbage
    • "Life is not fair and neither should it be" sums up the sociopathy capitalism thrives on.i_monk
    • communism ruined my country so I always find hilarious people from capitalist countries longing for communismernexbcn
    • @i_monk. Do you think that Malaria, Volcanos, Tsunami, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease etc is caused by capitalism? Do you think that communism ....Morning_star
    • ...brings utopia? Even though not one single successful example can be given. The political and economic polarity you seem to yearn is myth.Morning_star
    • Nobody is begging for communism, so I'm not really sure what you're getting at.garbage
    • What do you want? What replaces a free market economy? Sure, more social responsibility from huge corporations is needed. And here in the UK we have ..Morning_star
    • ..the monopoly commission and the financial services authority and all manner of regulatory bodies BUT business rise nd fall on their bottom line. What are...Morning_star
    • suggesting is the optimum solution?Morning_star
    • a rebootprophetone
    • A redistribution of wealth? Globally? Regionally? Who decides who gets what?Morning_star
    • You already pointed out that there are many different possible combinations of socialism and free market. It's not really such a mystery, most people on theyuekit
    • left just want to shift the balance towards greater social welfare and more empowerment of workers.yuekit
    • Left-wingers are hardly the only ones saying the current system isn't working. Look at how quickly conservatives in the U.S. lined up behind Trump and hisyuekit
    • skepticism of free trade. Or what's going on in your own country with Brexit.yuekit
    • I think the disillusionment in the UK is more to do with the incompetence of all politicians regardless of their affiliation. And I agree with you that there ..Morning_star
    • room for criticism everywhere. My point is, is that this thread is reflective of the current on-trend political position that is essentially useless and..Morning_star
    • ...decisive. The only real workable solution is, as I’ve said, a mixture of both left and right ideals.Morning_star
    • i love the 'it's not the system, its the people' arguments from the right. like their belief in capitalism and distrust of others aren't one and the same.kingsteven
    • i'm yet to identify one socialist on this site. at least 4 dumb as fuck extreme right anti-communists that get triggered at the thought of any social reform.kingsteven
    • I indentify as a communist.deadsperm
    • I don't see what's wrong with pointing out the excesses and absurdities of the current system. That's all most of the posts in this thread are doing.yuekit
    • And who decided that this was a choice between only late-stage capitalism or communism?MrT
    • cold-war era anti-communist propaganda equates freedom to laissez-faire capitalism and connects the dots with psychological egoism.kingsteven
    • "Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself." - friedman.kingsteven
    • ardent believers of capitalist doctrine are anti-communists... they see it as incompatible with their psyche.kingsteven
    • that seems to be where the polarisation stems. marx knew capitalism contained the seeds for its own destruction but marxists are socially motivated so prop upkingsteven
    • the system with social reform rather than let it fail.kingsteven
    • not even the Germans could implement communism, they had to build a wall to prevent people from escaping their socialist paradiseernexbcn
    • 3 things ernexbcn, 1. polarisation of capitalism and communism is daft (see OP and all above), 2 that's a bit xenophobic, 3. they fucking started it :Dkingsteven
    • Did I say something to imply I think volcanoes are caused by capitalism? What a stupid question, part of a transparently stupid straw man construct.i_monk
    • No you didn't. You did, however, imply that my observation regarding life's unfairness was a symptom of the lies and selfishness of a capitalist system. I was..Morning_star
    • ...merely giving examples of things that make life very unfair that can't possibly be linked to the capitalist system. Your argument is flawed.Morning_star
    • Your reading is flawed. A system that doesn't account for human nature or the 'life *should* be unfair" mentality is a flawed system. Capitalism goes beyondi_monk
    • that, however, to disproportionately reward exploitation and unfairness and enshrine them as core principles.i_monk
    • I wouldn't go as far as 'core principles' but i catch your drift. My question (which was asked very clumsily) is why should the economic and politicai system...Morning_star
    • fair? I agree it shouldn't be exploitative or oppressive etc by why fair?Morning_star
    • Because either it exists to serve us or we exist to serve it. Either it is governed by our democratic equality, or democracy and equality are governed by it.i_monk
    • Democracy has very little to do with it. The 'markets' along with regulatory bodies govern the businesses in a capitalists system. Consumers have a large part..Morning_star
    • play in the success or failure of a capitalist venture. We have the option to 'vote' with our money. The black or white scenario, we govern it, it ...Morning_star
    • ...governs us, is myth.Morning_star
    • How naïve.i_monk
    • Just gonna leave that there are you i_monk.? No justification? no explanation? no link to inform my apparent naiveness? Unsurprising.Morning_star
    • @Morning_star I'm sorry, but i_monk completely explained it. If you really want it broken down for you, I can annoyingly oblige.garbage
    • Just a link will do.Morning_star
    • Nah, you're just going to have to read some notes.garbage
    • We are a representative democracy. Or a pshepocracy if you want to get fancy. That means that the people choose who represents us, our interests and well-being.garbage
    • Our system works if it weren't for corporate personhood, which means dollars mean more than the people.garbage
    • And if you want a link, here's one:…
    • That would be a list of millions of dollars that Russia has pumped into our political system.garbage
    • The system breaks down when we let money talk too loud. I'm not saying that there aren't corrupt Democrats, but holy shit.garbage
    • The GOP is craven, and they are destroying this country.garbage
    • Christ. You think i'm the naive one.Morning_star
    • Do you really need examples of exceptions made for business interests, laws crafted to suit lobbyists, closed-door trade deals with industry in the room, etc?i_monk
    • Gerrymandering and voter suppression of poorer neighbourhoods and demographics? Public funding of private schools? Catchment areas that exclude the poor?i_monk
    • How about tax loopholes designed to be exploited by the rich/corps and the lack of political will to make them pay their share?i_monk
    • How about the historical slashing of top marginal income taxes and switch to user-pays models of government service?i_monk
    • Yes, you're naïve if you think Johnny Citizen speaks as loudly as any given lobbyist or corporate donation to a candidate or their tight business connections.i_monk
    • I agree that everything you've just mention is true but you said it yourself, they are examples of exploitation, not the norm and not Capitalisms 'fault'. ...Morning_star
    • ... In exactly the same way that Communism on paper is a fine utopian concept, however in the real world people exploit the systems leading to...Morning_star
    • ...piles of very poor dead people. The examples you've given are down to the human flies in the ointment.Morning_star
    • I honestly don't get your argument. You're saying that "Communism would work if not for the human element"..garbage
    • ..and also saying "Look guys, the only reason Capitalism doesn't work is because we keep screwing it up, but it's better".garbage
    • But you also think that people want communism and that pointing out real-world problems is just "trendy" "SJW" "virtue signaling".garbage
    • As i said in the original post, i think the best solution is a mixture of both systems. To polarise the argument by claiming one is superior to the other is...Morning_star
    • ...ridiculous, as the real-world systems are ultimately corrupted by humans. And the 'trendy, 'virtue signalling' tribes are out there and on here. I'm...Morning_star
    • ...absolutely certain that those who were oppressed by a socialist system would be as enthusiastic about criticising it as this thread is enthusiastic about...Morning_star
    • ..criticising corrupted, real-world capitalism.Morning_star
    • Do you have reading problems, comprehension problems, or both? Don't answer, because I don't care.garbage
    • Arrogance diminishes wisdom.Morning_star
    • Faaaart.garbage
    • Let me know when you arrive to a consensus.deadsperm
    • Exploitation is at the heart of capitalism. It's the very core of the difference between capitalism and socialism: exploitation of labour via ownership.i_monk
    • This naturally extends to flexing that ownership in the otherwise public sphere, arranging society/democracy to cater to the profitability of the owners.i_monk
    • Hence lobbyists, public-private partnerships, privatization, deregulation, etc.i_monk
  • NBQ000

    • Cousin Larry?i_monk
    • did he steal or just take what idiots gave? dont see him hamburgerlerian into homes and cracking safes. perhaps the idea of all blind investment is gooddeathboy
    • and perhaps those with personal responsibility and knowledge are better off. but lets punish anyone taking easy money unless its pension fundsdeathboy
  • i_monk1

    • ..."the only reason Bolivia has been able to thrive in recent years is that it has incorporated elements of a free market economy."...Morning_star
    • "...the IMF, that champion of the free market, concedes that Bolivia’s socialists have been more effective in combating extreme poverty..."i_monk
    • ↑ battle of one liners makes noone smart.pr2
    • LOL at socialism vs capitalism. it's about thugs, gangs, they don't care about ideologies, except they need them to influence and fool the public opinionuan
    • I can't pretend to know what's going on but I read this, which may or may not be accurate
    • yep, no need for the side show... the relevance to capitalism:…kingsteven
    • @pr2: Exactly. Any unsourced quote can be countered by another.i_monk
    • @kingsteven Domise was a promising candidate for city council a few years ago, but was #metoo'd (all charges withdrawn after).i_monk
    • @i_monk: Exactly. "...the first post in the sidebar on QBN is alway the most accurate and insightful..." - Karl MarxMorning_star
    • a coworker's wife is currently in Bolivia, she says exactly the opposite of these tweets, Evo thugs are the ones burning buses and creating chaosernexbcn
    • Evo wanted to introduce indefinite reelection, he lost a referendum to enable it, then the supreme court allowed him to be a candidate for reelection...ernexbcn
    • ...then he stole the election, same script as Chavez in Venezuela, once these thugs reach power they won't let it goernexbcn
    • I'm not sure 'socialist president' is even that relevant in relation to Morales the MAS are a mixed bag. The other lot seem like a christo-fascist nightmare...kingsteven
    • Holy shit. You mean that this is a complex situation and placing the problem squarely at capitalisms feet is a bit daft. Who'd have thought.Morning_star
    • Expropriating lands and nationalizing companies isn't socialist to you? Stealing elections and Arming civilians with guns to kill dissidents doesn't concern youhotroddy
    • no, i'm saying the OP touches on the part of the story that relates to capitalism and the sidenotes are daft.kingsteven
    • Bullshit, Bolivia's GDP has been shrinking lately... their lithium mining operations are in shambles. They're playing the numbers game like most socialistzarkonite
    • governments by giving free money to poor people and pretending like that's a solution to poverty. As soon as the economy tumbles the cash faucets get turned offzarkonite
    • for the poor and the illusion of progress is gone. The solution is job creation, not re-distributing wealth.zarkonite
    • Oh and let's not ignore the fact that almost all of the gains in wealth for Bolivia come from natural gas, you know, that thing that's killing the planet.zarkonite
    • hotroddy i'd say hes an anti-capitalist who's party is propped up by socialists and anarchists. nationalisation is not inherently socialist...kingsteven
    • that would be socialisation... he was acting to stop the exploitation of reserves by multinationals but perused and obtained better deals with them...kingsteven
    • by giving mining rights to russian and chinese companies instead?hotroddy
    • there are two world views: i. authoritarian and ii. democratic. By siding with Evo you are siding with authoritarian (ie. China, Russia, Cuba,Turkey etchotroddy
    • hah, who is siding with Evo? i'm saying it's a shitshow. im saying your wrong and clutching for a political link to communism. remember when russia offloaded itkingsteven
    • its US debt and near crashed the economy, or looked at the trillions of US debt owned by China?kingsteven
    • i'm not sure what your point is. The only truly communist country left is Cuba. And they live like dogs.hotroddy
    • US debt owned by china is a result of Globalization and if you don't agree w it then you must be a trump supporter.hotroddy
    • i'm not taking sides in a shit sandwich.kingsteven
  • utopian1

    The great American tax haven: why the super-rich love South Dakota

    It’s known for being the home of Mount Rushmore – and not much else. But thanks to its relish for deregulation, the state is fast becoming the most profitable place for the mega-wealthy to park their billions.…

    • "Fast Becoming..." If you've looked at your credit card bill anytime in the last 20 years, you'll notice either a Rhode Island or South Dakota address.toemaas
    • i'm sure it benefits south dakota economy same way tax havens benefit carribean islands economies.hotroddy
    • Any journalists in South Dakota been blown up with car bombs, for looking into it?PhanLo
  • Gnash7

    highlights the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire

    1 million seconds = 12 days
    1 billion seconds = 32 years

    • ya'll can't visualize the difference between a 1 and a 1,000?Milan
    • Time...things we take for granted most daysutopian
    • what does this mean? millionaire worked for 12days and billionaire for 32 years to get there?uan
    • I got a serious question here. In South America I was taught 1 billion is equal to 1 million million: How is this in european countries / usa?maquito
    • Correction: it’s 12 zeros. 1 billion:
    • I believe in the usa, 1 billion equals 1 thousand million. It’s quite confusing imo.maquito
    • 1700 Millionaires are made everyday in the U.S.teh
    • 2136 Americans file for bankruptcy everyday in the U.S.utopian
    • we all start as multi-billionaires sad that we can't resist to exchange these seconds for money :(sted
    • Crazy. Maquito wiki says we all used to refer to a billion as one million millions but that it changed.HijoDMaite
    • maquito is right, million millions. that's the "old" way it seems.renderedred
    • "1,000,000,000 is the natural number following 999,999,999 and preceding 1,000,000,001." wikipediagrafician
    • always use the US billion to talk about money (1000 million) even though it is totally fucking wrong.kingsteven
    • It’s not wrong walker.monospaced
    • mono, it literally means 1 million million. the bi- prefix means it's the second power of one million. the US billion was only adopted in the UK in the 70'skingsteven
    • I like that comparison. Nice.Hayzilla
    • exactly, it's not "totally fucking wrong" and hasn't been for almost have a century, but OKAYmonospaced
    • I guess there are some old timers who still use the wrong (million million) version, but they're obscure in the UK only. :)monospaced
  • NBQ000

    • Valuation of wework is off the charts crazy. UK competitor that is super profitable today and it's valued at $4.5bill.BusterBoy
    • What a narcissist CEO (Neumann)NBQ00
  • utopian1

  • colin_s2

    seriously kill the six richest men in the world and redistribute their wealth equally and the world gets to be a much better place

    • (and while some may disagree with the guillotine, inequality is an exponential concept and if you can find a better mechanism than fear to keep it regulatedcolin_s
    • then i'd love to hear)colin_s
    • Said like a true communist.Hayoth
    • Or you could kill the poor, there'd be more heads to chop but the environmental benefit would be greater.deadsperm
    • could just take their money? Killing them as well seems a bit meanFax_Benson
    • sounds more like a true republican.uan
    • The poor are already being killed.i_monk
    • they'll all be giving away their money in an attempt to drop to no.7Fax_Benson
    • There is a third way.
      Set a wealth bracket, anybody under or over it gets the ax.
      Win, win.
    • trickle-down economy believers are downvoting.Milan
    • Hayoth. There are no true communists.monospaced
    • It's called fucking moron.utopian
    • Can't we just kill everybody?Nairn
    • Communists are a fabrication by Big Hardware that just want to sell us their hammers and sickles.
      Wake up sheeple!
    • lol if + are something to judge based on averages, this is quite disturbing. Up there with a fatalist approach similar to murdering the poordeathboy
    • and scary if people think such redistribution = happiness... if we will go there i suggest 6 million poor over 6 wealthy. it will also help climate changedeathboy
    • and overall better results. decrease low level labor supplies it should help increase wages (probably effect some costs) but ppl like higher wages.deathboy
    • "lol if people like higher wages"i_monk
    • who doesnt like higher wages imonk?...deathboy
  • utopian0