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  • PhanLo1

    Lol, keep working tramps.

    • I wonder how much water one could save by reducing the tears wasted crying over the fact some folks are far better than you at making money, Jerry.PonyBoy
    • Lol. It's just some tramp chat Pony.PhanLo
    • I was just bitch-talking Jerry... not you, phan. :P I barely make enough scratch to justify wasting time on QBN so I shouldn't be taken too seriously.PonyBoy
    • haha right. or at least learning how to cheaply desalinate them to use them for there home garden.deathboy
    • Can't take anything too serious on here, it's all sort of a joke.PhanLo
    • but more importantly i think phanlo addition says plenty. "keep working tramps" displays a disdain for work. not like a pat on the back towards work to getdeathboy
    • to a position that you are so valuable to so many people. just a disdain for wealth and work.deathboy
    • What's the point here?formed
    • no real point formed. a person displaying their jelly and adults saying grow up and stop looking at what others have :)deathboy
    • Work smarter, not harder and just stop being poor.PhanLo
    • eh sometimes working harder is smarter right? all relative. Sometimes i work hard over the weekend on non-paid that i know will turn out as paid.deathboy
    • I feel like I've been graphic designing every day since Columbus sailed to America.nb
    • ^OBBTKN
    • good job nb for workin hard. i hope you are talented enough to pull the cheddar with the effortdeathboy
    • if not bartending is a easy gig that can pay far better in right spot with a little charismadeathboy
    • Following this math, you wouldn’t be a billionaire. That’s correct. You’d be a trillionaire. Just saying.monospaced
    • And no way any good bartender can be as successful as a good designer. Derp.monospaced
    • mono you have no clue. A good bartender can easily pull 6 figs. Designers a dime a dozen and average waht nationally maybe 55k?deathboy
    • i know a few gals who fuckin slay it. when i think about it i should be jelly as all hell but than again id hate to be them in that jobdeathboy
    • and it makes sense simple service easier to qualify and value than design which is aesetics and purely un objectivedeathboy
    • at the end of the day i probably think a bartender provides more valuedeathboy
    • A good bartender pulls in 6 figures??? LOL! A good designer pulls that in EASY you retard. And it’s a real career.monospaced
    • depends on city and only a small level of GDs could possibly pull that. avg of GD is 32-63k by a source. others probably differ. but not by muchdeathboy
    • than if you take in wages abroad. eastern block or even africa and you see the GD is a bit of easy field to get in being absolutely subjective for the msot partdeathboy
    • relying on simplistic software tool skills. and you have to question wether the labor of one serving beer may be more in demand from an oversaturated market ofdeathboy
    • designer, and what people respect as value in such a field. im pretty sure a bartender career is superior to grpahic designdeathboy
    • in demand payment and valuedeathboy

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