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  • NBQ003

    • someone should tell him about shopify.hotroddy
    • shopify lol, their platform barely works. my dev team loves building with shopify.utopian
    • I'd almost forgot about Pocahontas, ever since Dems and eher home state rejected her, She pining for VP? Biden will choose either a ratchet or an underage girl.BustySaintClaire
    • Get yourself a different dev team. Shopify is going to own ecommercehotroddy
    • shopify barely works? sorry but you clearly haven't used it then.fadein11
    • Clearlyhotroddy
  • utopian1

    Nothing like good oldé American Covid Profiteering.

    Let's charge them dumb American's only $1 buck for the product, but charge $9 bucks for delivery for a 1oz package.


    • add more to your cart for free shipping, Mike... & try and remember your single lil purchase will go thru 10+ hands (shipping) and cost $x.xx in gas/packing etcPonyBoy
    • For many products on Amazon it does not work that way, even if you're a Prime member. These companies find creative ways to get around the free delivery.utopian
  • utopian6

    America's billonaires got $484billion RICHER during the pandemic - with the top five seeing a combined $76billion added to their personal wealth.

    New report shows the country's billionaires have grown richer during pandemic

    Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg are among those who made financial gains

    Between March 18 and May 19, the total net worth of the 600-plus U.S. billionaires rose from $2.948 trillion to $3.382 trillion, the report found

    It is estimated over 38.6 million Americans have lost their jobs during the crisis…

    • Isn't that mostly based on stock value? But astonishing none the less...grafician
    • Stock and who's buying with what fundsdeathboy
    • The fed picking up Corp debt creates opportunitiesdeathboy
    • Again not capitalism and better politicsdeathboy
  • utopian4

    'Heads we win, tails you lose': how America's rich have turned pandemic into profit.

    As 26 million+ Americans lose their jobs, the billionaire class has added $308 Billion to its wealth.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste: as the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world, America’s 1% have taken profitable advantage of the old saying.

    Some of the richest people in the US have been at the front of the queue as the government has handed out trillions of dollars to prop up an economy it shuttered amid the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, the billionaire class has added $308bn to its wealth in four weeks - even as a record 26 million people lost their jobs.…

    • Yup, there will be a revolution, eventually, at least until there is a guaranteed minimum incomeformed
    • (which the billionaires will happily fund to keep from getting lynched)formed
    • Gov handouts more aligned with socialism. U should really focus your anger on the enemy than be a puppet of what u dislikedeathboy
    • why? why not lynch the political class for enabling this in the first place?grafician
    • Takedown the socialist gov!deathboy
    • Of course doing that requires quite a bigger loss of real free markets... Can u stomach the fake growth through money policydeathboy
    • Giving money to corporations is not socialism you donkey.i_monk
    • It's gonna start trickling down anytime now...lolMilan
    • haha imonk actually it is exactly socialism. just not your prefered varity or end gamedeathboy
    • It's the exact opposite of socialism and you'd know this if you took even a moment to look up what socialism is (you clearly have no idea) or for the first timei_monk
    • in your life were honest about your deeply entrenched biases.i_monk
    • Bailing out corporations with public money is crony capitalism and has nothing to do with distributing wealth, agency or ownership to the public.i_monk
    • Your ignorant bluster might take you far on twitter or in your circle of ignorance, but you are factually wrong.i_monk
    • Now go drink some bleach.i_monk
    • haha hey you said crony capitalism. Does that share more similarities with free market capitalism or trend more towards socialismdeathboy
    • id say socialism. and if you don't like that word facsim,communism,soc... all the same. we can say collectivism.deathboy
    • were the few decide for the majority by rule. how to distribute capital for the greater good. in this case and historically all cases will benefit the rich.deathboy
    • and connected. wether lenin or any dictator. historically the small majority who "decide" for others on capital and business never help those they promised toodeathboy
    • help. so yes call it crony capitalism if it makes you feel better but just a twin sister of socialism or any other collectivism and totally opposite of capitalideathboy
    • crony capitalism is like bizarro capitalism in they share the same name but absolutely oppositesdeathboy
    • and so you dont get confused. i dont like it as much as you. im just not a muppet of the system. blaming failures of political systems gaming markets for biggerdeathboy
    • and bucks while minimizing competition. neverunderestimate a successfuls company desire for protectionary measures form competitiondeathboy
    • Shhh, the adults are talking.i_monk
    • adults can talk and they can still be very very wrong. perhaps by adult u mean smart enough to dodge a response? just answer is crony capitalismdeathboy
    • just a term that has nothing to do with capitalism but political leaders and power that is far more collectivism in functiondeathboy
    • u said "Bailing out corporations with public money is crony capitalism and has nothing to do with distributing wealth, agency or ownership to the public."deathboy
    • As most collectivism philosophy it usually denies defining the public. For sure corp shareholders are public. more so considering gov pensions. and as much isdeathboy
    • distributing wealth. what public did you wish your collectivism would work for and how? run for office with a plan. Every cunt does itdeathboy
    • Bailing out owners is not socialism. Period.i_monk
  • deathboy-8

    "capitalism. the thing that sells everything but itself."

    Is it a good thing it doesn't have a pitch? Should it have one or just be crucified by everyone exploiting it?

    • Lol @ sells itself.nb
    • its like gravity needing a pr firmdeathboy
  • shapesalad1

    • I followed his story in the past years. Quite amazing how he made over $30M and didn’t even care about it, kept living with his parents and told nobody.NBQ00
  • utopian0

    Almost none of the $500 billion in a coronavirus relief fund for businesses has been spent…

  • PhanLo2

  • shapesalad1

    When are the Gov going to try to flatten this curve:

  • utopian2

    The Origin Of 'The World's Dumbest Idea': Milton Friedman

    No popular idea ever has a single origin. But the idea that the sole purpose of a firm is to make money for its shareholders got going in a major way with an article by Milton Friedman in the New York Times on September 13, 1970.…

    • haha agile management leadership consultant is the writerdeathboy
    • fuck that is a terrible piece of adjective inducing vomit. I think if i understood correctly through the shit it can be summed up is firms can do whatever theydeathboy
    • want with money... lose it, bankrupt company at social experiments, spend willy nilly, anything is right but increase shareholder value.garbage piece and woulddeathboy
    • not hire that cat with someone else's money... hmm wonder hows hes doing since 2013deathboy
    • what did you think utopian he brought to milton friedmans argument that he missed on based merely on incentive? it never touched thatdeathboy
    • Do u think he gave rational strate forward reasoning on the inaccuracy of Friedman? If so share where u think he nailed itdeathboy
    • And utopian has no thought besides slinging his product. U'd be more believable if u could back any any of itdeathboy
    • or just seo seed post... i think thats itdeathboy
  • zaq3

  • i_monk1


    • America is really fucked...except for the banks and corporate America. I would've never guessed the outcome.utopian
    • wait utopian you never saw mass layoffs if gov restricts most modes of commerce?deathboy
    • loldeathboy
    • curious what you think would happen in such a scenario? not that you think since you are a copy pasta trolldeathboy
    • he's being sarcastic you moron.inteliboy
    • no hes not. hes being consistent. gov is doing what he has said is awesome. only it creates what he hatesdeathboy
    • you should let him speak for himself. good way to see how much a trolldeathboy
    • Quit while you're behindi_monk
    • Deathboy scoring home goals againscruffics
    • What a fuckwit.monospaced
  • NBQ000

    Jeff Bezos net worth: 145 Billion $

    Enjoy your weekend

    • There is substantial evidence that the rich are equally as happy as we are. Enjoy your weekend!nb
  • robotron3k-6

    • Where have you been? At least 35 million Americans have already been laid off?
      #MAGA2020 For Life
    • No, real layoff are starting, not furloughs...robotron3k
    • don't worry @robo that will go away like a miracle toorenderedred
    • 30+ million people were laid off at the end of April, today is May 11th. This isn't Fox News, Breitbart or OAN...facts matter.utopian
    • laid off due to gov quarantine restrictions right utopian? mandate central planning that is opposite of capitalism right?deathboy
    • tippy top!inteliboy
  • NBQ001

    • I think about this often. The US has behaved so baldy that I don't think many will need much encouragement to dump dollars in favour of a new global currency.monoboy
    • The US will are the architects of their own downfall. Dumping manufacturing for cheaper labour and high profit margins.monoboy
    • The banking default of 2008 and the subsequent Chinese bailout.monoboy
    • All China has to do is wait for the current GOP administration to go for broke by defaulting and then destabilise the dollar.monoboy
    • America's shareholder owned economy will be left with worthless dollars whilst the ROW switches to Renminbi and Euros.monoboy
    • The US went bankrupt in 2008, and its zombie economy is totally reliant on dept and growth.monoboy
    • Europe is in the same pickle.monoboy
    • It's going to take some pretty skilled negotiations to fix this.monoboy
    • Ironically, its free-market economy will only speed up its decline.monoboy
    • In my unqualified opinion of course.monoboy
    • (Apologies for the typos).monoboy
    • I think dropping the dollar would be a bigger fight than dropping assault weapons.monospaced
    • china banking system and even the EU is all fake as fuck. its merely a confidence game and book cookingdeathboy
    • our labor "not commie" business did rely on china who depressed costs to push profits since 2000s. it will be interesting to see how it shakes out.deathboy
    • You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about deathboy and those posts prove it.monoboy
    • I think a full on currency war would lead to conflict so it's probably unlikely.monoboy
    • But it'll just be interesting to see how American 'wealth funds' and business react to losing value rapidly. My guess is they'll ditch. And fast.monoboy
    • If the USA default on the dept they owe for a second time, it'll change the game.monoboy
    • hmm i dont know what im talking about... perhaps.. but can you tell me when us has defaulted on debt. u say it like its happened before..deathboy
    • it shit statements like that which make feel a little more confident about what i know vs what you know. in the end its a confidence gamedeathboy
  • maquito1

    Capitalism in 2020:

    • He can never be forgiven for this gif.
  • NBQ001

    "Holy God. We're About To Lose Everything" - Pandemic Crushes Overleveraged Airbnb Superhosts:…

    • Good. Those speculators Are making it tough to find affordable apartments.Gnash
    • As someone who actually rents their apartment to make ends meet and have lost a bunch of $$ due to Covid, i approve of thishardhat
  • Ramanisky25

    • i guess he's better off in government subsidized low income housing. Stand in line fo' yo' cheque yo!hotroddy
    • Seems to be working out well so farGnash
    • yeah at least here he can fuck his sister in the privacy of his own whatever the fuck his is._niko
    • isnt there parents basements windows with bernie stickers... its funny but doesnt mean anything. hell probably 3 acres of subleasingdeathboy
    • when u get your degree at trump university.neverscared
    • lol deathboy you can’t even write a coherent sentence. seriously, what the FUCK are you saying? I literally cannot figure out your nonsensemonospaced
    • Bernie stickers? 3 acres? This is a poor as fuck trump fuckass in the middle of trump country. Obviously.monospaced
    • The only way to live and deserved by fucktards.helloeatbreathedrive
    • Ah. The splendour that is Casa Hayoth.Continuity
    • It's interesting there was a farmer in Scotland who lived in a slightly nicer, but similar house. Trump tried his hardest to have it demolished.PhanLo
    • There are basement bedrooms of 18 + kids livin with parents. And the photo could be owner of 3 acted of sublets on land with no need for anything elsedeathboy
    • Did u understand how a photo and no context mostly means nothing as well?deathboy
    • Deathboy, you talk madness mate.PhanLo
    • Madness is what they call rationality in the emo online be trigger shit these days?deathboy
    • Simply put not realizing no context but applying your feelings makes for poor choicesdeathboy
  • utopian4

    Wealthiest Americans raking in billions from coronavirus pandemic

    As 30 million Americans have lost their jobs over the last six weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic, America’s billionaires are becoming even richer.

    According to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies, a left-leaning think tank, over the past 6 weeks, American billionaires have seen their wealth increase by $406 billion — a boost of just under 14% to their net worth.…

    • I assume they're just saving up all the cash so they can re-introduce all that money back into society trickle down style.PhanLo
    • Trickle up economicsChimp
    • Pretty bad economics looking at Central gov fundingdeathboy
    • Bad.. basicdeathboy
    • It's called inflation and the lowering of rates hurts proper investment while driving assets higher knowing fed can't let themower without political paindeathboy
  • zaq-1
    • Fucking obscene, gross and disgusting on many levels.utopian
    • His lackluster philanthropic attitude really makes him look like a greedy fucker. I would give a billion here and there and he would never notice.formed
    • But all this is mostly virtual moneyz, he'd need A LOT of Amazon wear houses to hold all of his wealthgrafician