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  • utopian82

    • upvoted, looking forward to this.shapesalad
    • It didnt worklemmy_k
    • give it 48 hours, always worked for meBennn
    • Thank you, Fat Money Cat, I look forward to receiving my many monies in the next 48 hours.Continuity
    • Seems legit this timeantonyjwhite
    • the snake didnt work, the cat work. its been documented many timeBennn
    • SEE! SEE! Just received an email from someone who wants to send me 1 million dollars!!! IT WORS! GUYS! Just sent all my bank info, the money should arrive soon!Bennn
    • I may buy an Adobe CC account now! Thanks Fat Money Cat! :DBennn
    • I'm good; still loaded from the last time we did this.Krassy
    • Sorry, Bennn, I was at work. It just FELT like 48hrs.lemmy_k
    • pockets is posting a new tip?drgs
    • I downvoted this last night when you posted it (I always downvotes these - they're as lame as tipping your poker dealer)... got 2 new jobs this morningPonyBoy
    • ^What a rebel!pango
    • *still waiting for news from the mysterious man who wants to give me 1millionsBennn
    • omg some dude from the International Commercial Bank of Lagos Nigeria needs my assistance in a funds transfer deal involving US$ 3.5Mpockets
    • thank you Fat Money Catpockets
    • holy shit there are 70 users on qbn???inteliboy
    • ^all the lurkers like the cash cat :)renderedred
    • aaaand, officially bypassed the money snake to become the most popular Pic of the Day:
    • Soaking up QBN karma like a boss.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Got 6k!!!Salarrue
    • Why am I not surprised PB downvoted this...formed
    • There isn't even 60 QBN member left on here, 79 upvotes? I do NOT believe it, how many burner accounts do all of you have?utopian
    • Seriously found a hidden stash of cash that I totally forgot about! MONEY CAT RULES!

      ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)
    • Any lucky gifs to upvote to have your shit neighbor move on?notype
    • 81!sea_sea
    • 82jaylarson
    • 83pockets

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