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  • pango0

    still fucking weird seeing your dead friend on TV commercial...

    • Vaguebooking, on qbn?i_monk
    • would you like to know more?
      a friend passed away 3 yrs ago and I still see that person on commercial.
    • Skittles commercial?utopian
    • how does it make you feel pango?oey_oey
    • National commercial?doggydoggdog
    • It was a car commercial. Not sure if national. It's just weird being reminded outta nowhere this person has passed away.pango
    • What happened to him?zaq
    • To see pictures of passed friends is already strange and sad. But commercials? Must be even weirder...Longcopylover
  • Nairn1

    I've finally come around to watching docs and shit on YouTube in 1.5x speed. I've read of people doing it for years now and thought it a bit ridiculous, but having done it on quite a few docs over the last few weeks, I've come around to its value.


    What if I raised my child on 1.5x speed YouTube videos?

    Would it make her brain quicker?

    • The weird thing is that you really notice the differing speeds that people speak at. People who speak quickly anyway are comically incoherent.Nairn
    • Life is better at normal speed, mateOBBTKN
    • Don't you think that we already live quite fast?OBBTKN
    • I don't watch everything at 1.5x - just certain types of docs. Right now I'm drinking cider and watching a video at 0.5x and laughing my ass off.Nairn
    • makes everyone drunk. It's fucking hilarious.Nairn
    • if you take speed or cocaine you can watch at 3x speed. not recommended for children.oey_oey
    • I do this a lot. Just wished youtube adjusted the pitch betterscarabin
    • I use 1.5 for skillshareHayoth
    • @Hayoth: yes, some are really too zen...oey_oey
    • I like to read. It's is different than video and develops more important parts of the braindeathboy
    • i do this too. sometimes even 1.75 speedmicrokorg
    • i've watched 1.5 for years. this year bumped it up to 1.75. watching videos at 1x seems so slow but normal interaction doesn't seem affectedimbecile
    • I use 1.25 for anything longer than 15–20 minutes.i_monk
  • oey_oey0

    I rarely check the Picture Association thread now.
    It went downhill for me, just like that rock.

    • but when i do check I enjoy the good ones.oey_oey
  • BusterBoy3

    Back on my yoyo diet again. Got down to 82kg about 18 months ago and then went on a 16 months food up to 99.6kg. 5'11 fat bastard. So I'm back on the low carb diet...not the greatest way to do it, but I need to get rid of a shit load. Want to get to around 85kg.

    Down to 92.3kg. Not easy but I have a method for weight loss that works every time for me. Just need to learn how to moderate when I go off it.

  • Nairn2

    I've just been butt-dialled by a number I don't recognise so have left it on speaker and am listening to a bunch of drunk people.

    • Their chat's shite, but I'm curious to see how much I can cost him.Nairn
    • 12 minutes now. Quality's terrible, sadly. They've discussed none wine-based alcohols and Star Trek.Nairn
    • are they local? what's the accent?Fax_Benson
    • Ooh, it's getting bitchy now - Indian-sounding girl is laying into English-sounding guy about "an inability to self-analyse".Nairn
    • Would be funny if it was somehow someone on QBN, who's sat in the corner quietly, reading this going "What in the Lord's fuck?"Nairn
    • Ooh, something 'is better on Ketamine'.Nairn
    • @fax- it'll be an LDN-based number, likely a client. Ooh, I think I'm getting cut off. Or.. no, haha, this is so weird. I think they've gone for a walk.Nairn
    • My man's singing to himself, flolNairn
    • What if he got murdered whilst I'm listening to him?

      20 minutes now.
    • 32 mins.Nairn
    • Noooo. 38 mins. Off.Nairn
    • record it and post it all on hereKrassy
    • Too late. I had been thinking about installing some call-recording software as it happens. Regret.Nairn
    • call them back, see what happened.Fax_Benson
    • ask them what's better on ketamine? they'll think they're on ketamine.Fax_Benson
    • Next time someone booty-calls you, record it!futurefood
  • imbecile5

    QBN Sticker Exchange attempt #2?

    I tried one a couple years ago, only 9 people signed up so it went nowhere. Any interest? This form is set to capture 25 recipients then cut off.…

    • done!maquito
    • Me tooOBBTKN
    • i have stickers ready to go, might make moreimbecile
    • I’m in.ben_
    • Signed.PhanLo
    • I’m in. Got some sweet new holo stickersscarabin
    • Hmm I have some qbn stickers left..sea_sea
    • Oh, sea! I can haz?Continuity
    • sea_sea, I left you on the list as you had signed up and remain active here.imbecile
    • Definitely done!D4W33D
    • we need 2 more to get to 20 (18 actually, there are 2 dupes), maybe we should just do that?imbecile
    • I still have some original QBN logo stickers, I'd be happy to part with someBaskerviIle
    • We oughta do another run of QBN ones. is cheapscarabin
    • My response has been recordedbezoar
    • thanks imbecile, cool cool, anytime there's stickies i'm in. @Cont did I never send you any? I got u.sea_sea
    • @sea, not that I know of ... I'll check with you on FB messenger and send you my addyContinuity
    • So how’s it work?ben_
    • once full, i will email entrants to verify participation. after i get a response, i'll share addresses.imbecile
    • That part I get. Do I have to make my own qbn stickers and send them out?ben_
    • you can send out whatever you want. i think people just enjoy trading the old qbn stickers. I'll be sending non qbn stuffimbecile
    • Ah okay got it. So many old stickers here.ben_
    • I signed up. I've got a shoebox full of old stickers from 1995-2005 era somewhere. I'll see if I can find it and share some good ones.nocomply
    • sea_sea - I still owe you and Shellie stickers, I think? I just found 'em the other day, alongside a load of The New Cows (which is now on my laptop, hans)Nairn
    • nairn, join.imbecile
    • I don't have enough, unless y'all want 'fragile' stickers.…
    • i'll take itimbecile
  • pango3

    btw i'm all moved into my new condo.
    and while I was reading the previous strata meeting minutes, this came up. LOL

    welp, there are idiots in my building.

    "...There have been incidentS* of residents accidentally locking themselves on their balcony and becoming
    trapped. In all incidents, the building manager did not have a key on file to access the unit. A locksmith
    was contacted at a cost to the owner...."

    • Have a one-way balcony door, so I keep a hammer on the balcony in case the wind decides to shut the door and trap me outside...grafician
    • all that blaa blaa and still no date for the party, cmoon'sted
    • we have sliding doors to the balcony. and you can only manually lock it from the inside. no idea how he locked himself out lol.pango
    • COVID PARTY! THIS SATURDAY! i'll get pizza and nachos.pango
    • Sweet! I'll bring beer and COVID!!PonyBoy
    • there will also be a cheese fountain.pango
    • Cheese fountain?? I'm in! I'll bring a squid paellaOBBTKN
    • Don't get too much drunki_was
    • pony will personally chew up all the food and feed you all like a bird.pango
  • doggydoggdog-3

    When you're sending attachments and say so in an email, how do you write .pdf or .gif or .jpg?

    1. See attached for a pdf.
    2. See attached for a .pdf.
    3. See attached for a PDF.

    • 3Continuity
    • 4. Here's your file, fuck off and leave me alone.face_melter
    • but normally 1 because Swedish sometimes runs like 'jpg-filen' rather than 'jpg' on its own as a thing.face_melter
    • 3OBBTKN
    • 0. sht isin acrobat.
      srryz 400mb mail.
    • to a friend: 1
      everyone else: 3
    • 1 cause i’m lazyscarabin
    • Here is your PDF. link PDF to Google drive.shellie
    • .PDF as it's easier to notice and then add wetransfer link for files over 2MBgrafician
    • 3Gnash
    • pedoFnb
    • see attached ...

      thx, la-la
  • doggydoggdog0

    1. See attached for a gif.
    2. See attached for a .gif.
    3. See attached for a GIF.

  • Continuity-1

    Room temperature black coffee really does smell like cat piss.

  • Nairn3

    A client's delivery tracking resulted in "Your item was delivered to your requested Safeplace", which was worrying because I'd specified an address and I'm not, if the tabloids are to be believed, an active 20 year old proto man-lesbian leftist art student in our universities railing against opinions other than mine.

    • You offended at least one man-lesbianGnash
    • haha, i saw :)

      As a proto man-lesbian, i am slightly less beta cuck though, so *holds cards*
    • lol, there's such a bilge spurge of new terms these days - it's hard to keep up. Coronoidalism's shat out so many ne memes in itself.Nairn
    • man-lesbian is just shorthand for a male feminist. We have a few of those on QBNcherub
  • Continuity5

    Today — whilst filling in yet another online CV for a headhunting firm — I realised that I made a grave mistake on my CV. I'd listed two different roles as having the same start date.

    Which means that I've been spending the last ten months sending an erronious CV dozens upon dozens of times like a fucking numpty, and asking myself why I haven't gotten any interviews, except for the one last week.

    It's moments like this I want to throw myself off my 4th floor balcony onto the pavement below, after slashing both wrists with my sharpest chef's knife. But, knowing my luck, I'd fuck that up, too.

    • I'll just downvote myself for being an absolutely stupid cunt.Continuity
    • upvoted bcs you're NOT a stupid cunt and don't be that hard on yourself. mistakes are ok as long as you learn something from them.renderedred
    • If you do, I hope you fuck up - not like "fuck up and smash your spine and be incapacitated for the rest of your life" fuck up, just "walk away" fuck up.Nairn
    • Which is to say, what renderererer erererd said, you daft bugger.Nairn
    • You're exaggerating. If not = good news you found the errordrgs
  • SimonFFM4

    Finally came up with a useful project during Corona times. I will improve my stretching. I am not so flexible and always wanted to change it, but then I was too lazy. Now, it's time. I will be doing splits in 2021 (jk).

    • Good luck on this... I made plans of exercising more, reduce my alcohol intake and let the smokes for ever...OBBTKN
    • You can imagine how it's going!! ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯OBBTKN
    • I'll let you know...SimonFFM
    • stretching in the morning + 1.5 hours exercise + long walk a day does great for me.renderedred
    • Sounds excellent! I never worked out longer than 1 hr, though.SimonFFM
    • Impress your models by being more nimble than they aredrgs
    • The Russians often had ballet class. One in my book was in the Czech national team (gymnastics). Really impressive what she can do with her legs.SimonFFM
    • if you want the real nimble deal, go for a belly dancer. they are something else. *speaking from experiencerenderedred
  • akiersky0

    Poorly explain what you do for a living.

    • I ask people why something is hard to do in an app, then make it not hard to do.akiersky
    • I wait around for people to get back to me, mostly.monNom
    • design.cut.patch.fol...
    • press buttons, cash cheques.imbecile
  • Nairn0

    I'm confused. I did a last minute ply-cutting job a couple of weeks ago - press letters that would be used to make prints that would be go in a book, including decorating its cover.

    I did the job the week before last. The job is on sale on Amazon and there are already used copies for sale.


  • Gardener1

    officially home now, got the keys to our house at the weekend and have started painting the front room already - looking forward to exploring the brown bits next summer!

    • I hope your relief will not be as exaggerated as this map's!
      I thought you'd already moved in to your new place? Weren't you organising the basement?
    • the basement was in the place I left, have been in rented digs for months but have finally got a house we both agree onGardener
  • scarabin0

    I was telling my mother about my hackintosh woes (i’m upgrading and it’s being a cunt, as they do) and she decided to buy me a new iMac. She sprang for this ethernet option, despite my telling her i don’t know anything about it:

    “The 10Gb Ethernet option supports Nbase-T industry-standard 1Gb, 2.5Gb, 5Gb, and 10Gb network speeds using an RJ-45 connector. With 10Gb Ethernet, iMac will provide higher connectivity bandwidth for sharing files between desktops, working with high-performance network storage, or handling large-capacity data loads.”

    I’ve never heard of this; i’m gonna need a special kind of ISP account to take advantage of it, right? Or will i just magically get better speeds? i’m already pulling torrents down at around 8-9 mb/s on other computers

    • Or is this for local networks?scarabin
    • Local network. If you have a local file server it means you can open big files faster.
      Will not make your internet faster.
    • Can I borrow your mum?Continuity
    • I'll give her back, I promise. Just that my MBP is from mid-2014, you see.Continuity
    • Ohh, okay. Will the other machines on my network need this feature to see file transfer speed improvements on the iMac?scarabin
    • You'll need a router that supports that kind of speed and, yes, your other computers would need to have the same tech. There's an off chance you'd have tozarkonite
    • upgrade your wiring. It has to be IEEE802.3ch compatible.zarkonite
    • Lol continuityscarabin
    • Okay, cool. Thanks guys!scarabin
    • When/if "internet" gets faster, the iMac would be able to support it. In theory.monospaced
    • dayum. scarabin's mom is loaded.
      she single?
    • She’s dating her boss. And some other dude. I guess it’s complicatedscarabin
    • Uggghhpango