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    • the Portuguese sounded funny-
    • Was kind of looking for Tyrone English.notype
    • Yes, it's pretty accuratedmay
    • "You're a fucken idiot mate" by Russell the Australian is about right.BusterBoy
  • notype0

    qoob... what's the chess website that is gray and white
    (super simple UI but nice UI... and you can play on your phone, or desktop)

    I want to play with a few friends or folks here.
    I know a few of you are on there.

    get at me!

  • BusterBoy6

    A woman at my wife’s work has quit because she refuses to work in the same office as an openly gay man. She even had the gall to ask the boss to have the guy reassigned.

    • Great. Her loss and one less cunt at the office.set
    • Is he annoyingly camp though? I don't care about sexuality, but overly mincy fuckers are intolerable. The women too.detritus
    • How do people with these pathetic prejudices actually operate on a daily basis? The logical conclusion is that she never leaves her house for fear of The Gay™.face_melter
    • Isn't The Gay contagious?Gnash
    • It is, Gnash, and I would know!

      And I agree with detritus.
    • Fabulously contagious.face_melter
    • get him to stand up and slow clap as she walks out with a cupboard box!mugwart
    • The Gay should get a raise from her salaryMaaku
    • ^^^ totallysection_014
    • Maybe she cant fucking stand him and it has nothing to do with him being gay. Fucking scandalstokercannonball1978
    • can't stop loling at i_monk :Dimbecile
    • She's a cunt. </thread>shellie
    • This is blog. No end thread here, ever!detritus
    • ooooh check you out Det!
      [said in the campest way possible with words on QBN]
    • State?
      Type of work?
    • Won't give any more details...other than to say the woman made her decision due to her religion.BusterBoy
    • She's a Cuntian?detritus
  • Fax_Benson5

    Has Quincy Jones' interview been posted?

    It's amazing.…

    • Be a Pisces. Jam.detritus
    • heard some bits. He dated Ivanka Trump 15 years ago, (70 and 24) and Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor would hook up. O_OHijoDMaite
    • Good interview.section_014
    • thought he came across as both hilarious, and kind of an asshole... there's a fine line between unappologetic and just kinda mean.exador1
    • he's 85. Sharper and funnier badder than most 85 year olds.Fax_Benson
    • Great interview, came across a little blinkered to good stuff happening now but i guess he doesn't hear it in his circles. But fuck that it's Quincy.fadein11
    • arrogant and ungrateful and shows little to no class.chukkaphob
    • not really arrogant, well a little but rightly so. He knows his shit and he's v.old so give him a pass.fadein11
    • I'm separating the person from the art. May I? His art was/is amazing. No doubt about that.chukkaphob
    • Also not impressed by him unnecessarily out-of -context spilling the beans on others. Sounds like a gossip-y douchebag.chukkaphob
    • Dated Ivanka? Uhm. OK. So? And did he "date her?" or just hool up with her once? Who cares anyway, but he mentions it like it means something important. Douche.chukkaphob
    • It's great because he spills the beans and tells outrageous stories and does all the things you'd hope Quincy Jones would do in an interviewFax_Benson
    • you call that "great?" meh. Outrageous? none of it is outrageous. Also, the way he speaks sounds very dumb.chukkaphob
    • nothing in the interview is worth discussing, really. I would expect a lot more insight and inspiration from someone of his stature. Really disappointing.chukkaphob
    • A bit more highbrow? Like chick of the day?Fax_Benson
    • cool.notype
    • @Fax we're talking about Quincy Jones. Yawn. This best you got? dullness.chukkaphob
  • shapesalad0

    How can I setup a twitter account entirely anonymously (I'm presuming also need an anonymous untraceable email address), and post images/message on it without it even in the slightest bit being traceable back to me? non isp traceable, location traceable, country traceable etc.

    It's to help my gf with quite a serious whistle blowing type situation ...

    • too much workpockets
    • oh hi, Jaredmonospaced
    • Is there some reason she can't contact the press on the condition of anonymity, or the police/whoever?i_monk
    • Use Tor to mask all your location and ISP details. Or if this is as serious as you claim, most major newspapers have a secure drop address.face_melter
    • NYT, Guardian etc. all have anonymous, restricted, secure, adresses you can drop files into.face_melter
    • Make sure she's read the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 before going public, because from a quick glance at it, posting something on Twitter/to the publici_monk
    • at large is not protected. She has to approach someone on the prescribed person list:i_monk
    • yikes. good luck.notype
    • wikileakssofas
    • ^ lolface_melter
    • Well, not sure it's gonna help, but one idea was to spook the very guilty guy via twitter... but probably best to live and forget...shapesalad
    • If it's whistleblower material why settle for spooking?i_monk
    • You married to Stormy Daniels?BusterBoy
    • Don't want to sound like an 90 year old cunt but why not write a letter?Hayzilla
    • She knows who OMG is?Hayzilla
  • shellie6

    Scored last minute list spots to Dead Prez tonight. Fuck yeah!

    • not envious, just jealousoey
    • loved these guys_niko
    • Huh, I always remembered it being slower than this but then I checked my library and it's correct. Still a Grade A track.face_melter
    • Modern trap makes all the old tracks feel like drum and bass.Hayzilla
  • freedom-1

    I'm white. Have a white coworker I don't really know calling me brother now.

  • freedom0
  • fadein113

    Another nice few hours on a Friday eve working on the remix for my v.talented QBN friend. Really looking forward to sharing this.

  • freedom-2

    People's comments on famous people's and brands' IG accounts are weird. Do they really think they're going to get a response?

    • Sometimes they do reply. But most likely not.pango
  • jagara1

    Protein shakes with buttermilk instead of milk are surprisingly palatable and refreshing. Strawberry flavor works well...

    • soy or coconut milk hereimbecile
    • rice or oat milk heredrgs
    • Almond here. I can't have milk and soy makes me bloated...pango
    • hulled hemp seed milk is the best. Dont leave it in to soak for more than 6 hours thoughmugwart
    • Yak or goats milk or nothing. Preferably still warm from the animal. Anything else is just too processed.monospaced
    • Badger milk!pango
    • whole milk and 2 sticks of butter herePonyBoy
    • Cold water.cannonball1978
  • notype9

    heading back to the animal shelter today. picking up a little one.

    • congrats! :)PonyBoy
    • Are you the guy I suggested getting a pigeon to? Awesome. Good luck with the pigeonset
    • Nice move! Save a life.Bennn
  • detritus1

    I just received a spam from fat_melter.

    • Oh, my evil twin escaped again. I pay a surprisingly large amount to keep him restrained in a secure facility. But sometimes the staff get lazy and he bolts.face_melter
    • George Foreman?fadein11
    • I’d rather have my fat melted than my face. MrsT not so sure...MrT

    I plan to go down to Cádiz this year, by car, with my wife, daugthers and my road bike... I miss the sun and the long summer days.

    Long and very cold winter it's being yo...

    Carnival for 3 days from tomorrow now, enjoy the weekend locos!

    • there's a photo i need to take for you - i've seen a couple recenltly: Stickers promoting Andalucian Independence. Marxist. Here in London. Odd.detritus
    • Yes, we're living strange times now mate, a mix of laugh (listening to some politicians is a comedy, in the best case...) and fear...OBBTKN
    • Andalucian independence, C'mon... Looks like a Monty Python's gagOBBTKN
  • PonyBoy-3

    is it too much to ask the Trivago guy to wear a belt?

    • Unclassy cheap actor, meh!OBBTKN
    • The girl who does those ads in Aus looks like she’s been dressed form the bin they use in school when you forget your kit.MrT
    • fucking helmet breathutopian
    • the idea is to focus on the product/service and not the personality, so bland be itBustySaintClaire
    • sure, I can feel that message in the pantless version so hard that it smells.sted
    • MrT. I still think she's superhot tho._me_
    • Lol, the Trivago guy has long been known as the homeless sales pitch guy. I love that he finally made it here.garbage
    • Also for the record: I love the Trivago Homeless Guy.garbage
    • Even homeless people wear belts... sometimes 2 or 3... even 4 at the same time.PonyBoy
    • It started with his 5 o'clock shadow and unbuttoned shirt, and now they've just panned down.garbage
    • I always imagined his backstory as suburban spendthrift cheating on his wifeBrokenHD
    • Looks like a dude that's five pints down at lunchtime in a Wetherspoons. Loud as a motorbike, gets thrown out at 7pm for harassing a table of fat lasses.monoboy
    • LOL @ monoboy. That comment almost made me spit out my drink.Gucci
    • _me_ Oh damn yes she is...MrT
  • shellie5

    This doesn't happen often but I met someone through a friend that I'm extremely attracted to and I suspect he felt the same. I'm in a relationship, something I did not hide and happy to share with anyone I meet right away. I'm pretty comfortable with plain old vanilla monogamy and have no problem staying true to my commitments. He wants to be friends but I suspect that's a very bad idea -- why tempt myself? He wanted to buy some of my art and reminded me a handful of times before I left. I think I'm going to have to ignore that request. I think it's just a ploy to see me again, possibly alone without our mutual friend. I'm sad that we can never be friends which sucks because we have so much in common, including archery (something my bf never does with me) and I know we could have a lot of fun together as just friends. I just don't think that's the kind of "friend" he's looking for. I do love my current boyfriend immensely. I also believe it's completely normal to find others attractive outside of a relationship. We are only human. But, the last time this happened I just ghosted, blocked, and avoided common hangouts until the other guy completely disappeared. I was kinda young then. There might be a better way to deal with this (like talking it out with dude and my bf separately), but it seems too complicated for everyone for me to bother, could be jealously inducing and I don't like playing games with people's emotions. What would you do?

    All The Feelings

    • Hi Shellie, I feel you and have had different kind of relationships.oey
    • But I miserably sort of failed in many ways. Still I have an advice for you if I may:oey
    • Check first which are you're needs and wishes. Check what's inside you that makes you react to things...oey
    • a certain way, where does it come from. And communication. So you are on the right path.oey
    • Talk about those things with your boyfriend as it seems to me that you're okay with it.oey
    • Talk with the other guy but not about everything, just about what's to do with him.oey
    • But yes, do it honestly and clear without leaving any sort of doubts if there's no doubts.oey
    • Wish you the best and success with this.oey
    • Someone once told me that people are not like different sorts of chocolate that you want to try.oey
    • Though I love chocolate I can not eat them all!oey
    • I think we are all adult to do what you're suggesting oey. But knowing my partner and the fact that he hasnt dealt with this in our 11 yrs...shellie
    • Nice picture by the way, you are very handsome.oey
    • And, I wouldn't buy your art but would trade if I had anything as good.oey
    • I feel somehow guilty already for potentially stoking insecurity in my partner. He'll try to hide it, but it'll eat him alive I know it.shellie
    • Yes, insecurity it's a fuck up, I know. I have had that problem too.oey
    • Some people say if it's not important don't mention it. But I don't know.oey
    • But if you feel attracted that makes you think about your feelings and that's sort of important already cause it makes you question things.oey
    • So I understand if your boyfriend feels insecure but he should also feel that you are an open and honest person that...oey
    • ...loves him and cares. Now what he will use and what he will feed I can not tell.oey
    • I'm not the secret keeping type. I'd want to know if my bf had a new female bestie especially if I wasn't a big part of that. It's happened beforeshellie
    • I was cool about it but also low key jealous. Come to find out later one chick tried her best (and failed) to steal him away. She was later cut off.shellie
    • So I can understand what it's like with the shoe on the other foot bc I've been there.shellie
    • Adults hah:D you need to talk with those guys, both of them.. 1st is somebody is saying that he can't be your friend because of his dick, say good bye.sted
    • Nah he didn't say that he couldn't be friends. I just don't want to be an insufferable tease, something I've always been sensitive about around men in general.shellie
    • 2nd if you're saying this, it's obvious that you know your self enough. say good bye.sted
    • stupid character limit :Dsted
    • He tried to flirt strait away. I shut him down. He was a perfect gentlemen the rest of the night. Can't tell if he's going for the long game tho. Men are men.shellie
    • and you're thinking along preconceptions :D nothing in the world is wrong with an innocent flirting,sted
    • Is flirting innocent though? I hate when people (especially females) act like they don't know their power to move ppl.shellie
    • I think Homer has my answer. https://media.giphy.…shellie
    • flirting is exciting, harmless aand filthy :D I believe it's innocent as long as it's not leading to anything physical.sted
    • or someone gets an erection as the used to say. I think if you really love your bf he should be the first one who knows about this regardless of the sequel :)sted
    • I mean if you can talk about it as an adult, and there would be a place in your life for that guy...sted
    • the rest is up to him, your intentions are clear, you can't lose anything :)sted
    • Sounds like you have a very rational way of looking at these types of things, which sadly a lot of women don't, so respect for that.set
    • Sadly monogamy is a completely unnatural thing bestowed upon us by religion. It's sad that we have to miss out on potentially wonderful new...set
    • ... relationships because we're all still so brainwashed by religious dogma. It seems like your course of action, however unfortunate, would be..set
    • .. the best and easiest way to keep your boyfriend. Unless of course he's super cool and secure and you talk with him openly. Tough though...set
    • sort of respectfully disagree above. I think there is something immensely spiritual about sticking and growing with someone.mugwart
    • authority/religion warped this to their needs IMHO and now we cant distinguish between. Which is sadmugwart
    • Things happen Shellie, things come in to test (not being Christian here). If your tempted it might mean there is something off keel in your current relationshipmugwart
    • find out what it is and work on this. You never now this might be a nail in a coffin. It might be a nail out as well. Try & reinvigorate and strengthen.mugwart
    • my advice is to keep this man out your life till you can work this out.
      Men are Men in the fact we are secretly devilish romantics and not very pratical!
    • I agree mugwart, everyone is different. For some people monogamy works wonderfully, obviously.set
    • ^ agree with this!
      As long as we respect other's emotions everything is fine in my books
    • monogamy doesn't work for me.oey
    • You have to be very careful shellie, as what is happening is "triangulation" and it can be toxic, avoid the dude. Keep him out of your life, IMO.robotron3k
    • I'm with robo on thisOBBTKN
    • interesting, i have a similar situation. and also wondering how to deal with it. dump the new friend and potentially lose a great friend?hans_glib
    • or not and potentially ruin a great relationship.hans_glib
    • Hans, Dump the friend. I gather it's not worth it. Over a decade for me vs a new friend, it sucks but nota hard decision. Writing through it helped my clarity.shellie
  • shellie0

    How many of you guys are secret, adult thumb suckers?

    I quit thumb sucking in elementary/primary school which I think was a little late. Mom wasn't having it and rode me hard to quit. She weened me off pretty much everything before I was naturally ready to give it up. Sometimes bad habits never break. But, if I'm stressed my nails don't stand a chance.

    • Omg.detritus
    • Drgs for sure.detritus
    • ...scarabin
    • Arent we alldrgs
    • Can't remember when i stopped sucking my thumb or if i ever did.pango
    • try a sweet wood stickpablo28
    • Tbh if you're still nursing your thumb, your teeth have to be fucked. http://smiledesignin…shellie
    • Pablo I keep forgetting about those but a perfect sub for nail biting.shellie
    • wtf!? seriously?dbloc
    • is this Rihanna?chukkaphob
    • Yes that's Rihanna. Any Winehouse was another famous adult thumbsucker. It's a random internet black hole.shellie
    • fingers/fingernails have an extremely high number of bacteria, but so does the mouth. so i guess its ok then. maybe even helps strengthen the imune system. ?d_gitale
  • detritus0

    I'm getting old.

    Web People - how big should a webpage be these days?

    I've just checked a client's site and it weighs over 6Mb.. on mobile.

    It's based on Squarespace and I can't get my head around the fact that the class definitions for the body tag ALONE weighs 7Kb. That's just the contents of the Body's Class tag. Not exactly well-built... .

    I'm currently re-doing my own website and have been going through a side project's site recently, shaving off hundreds of KB of cruft from here and there.

    At what pageweight do things start getting ridiculous these days?

    (When I first started doing this shit, if you started poking over 100Kb, for the entire site, things were getting weighty.. this was the [late] days of dial-up, mind).

  • scarabin_net3

    baby bald eagle live cam, y'all

    • Its just sitting there... Is there a button you can press to poke it?pango
    • what happened to the chicken?drgs
    • Just yawned!OBBTKN
    • Ey... She is moving, you can see the baby..OBBTKN
    • Awww, covering from strong windOBBTKN
    • Ok, i'm going to sleep...OBBTKN
    • so cute... there was another eagle that showed up earlier, and two babies!scarabin
    • is there an helicopter watching from above?Bennn
    • there's a fish leftover... that will smell tomorrowBennn