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  • shellie0

    How many of you guys are secret, adult thumb suckers?

    I quit thumb sucking in elementary/primary school which I think was a little late. Mom wasn't having it and rode me hard to quit. She weened me off pretty much everything before I was naturally ready to give it up. Sometimes bad habits never break. But, if I'm stressed my nails don't stand a chance.

    • Omg.detritus
    • Drgs for sure.detritus
    • ...scarabin
    • Arent we alldrgs
    • Can't remember when i stopped sucking my thumb or if i ever did.pango
    • try a sweet wood stickpablo28
    • Tbh if you're still nursing your thumb, your teeth have to be fucked. http://smiledesignin…shellie
    • Pablo I keep forgetting about those but a perfect sub for nail biting.shellie
    • wtf!? seriously?dbloc
    • is this Rihanna?chukkaphob
    • Yes that's Rihanna. Any Winehouse was another famous adult thumbsucker. It's a random internet black hole.shellie
    • fingers/fingernails have an extremely high number of bacteria, but so does the mouth. so i guess its ok then. maybe even helps strengthen the imune system. ?d_gitale

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