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  • jaylarson1

    Anyone have an idea why my posts aren't showing up? I can see them when I log out.

  • NBQ000

    There used to be a fad in the early or mid 90's with morphing effects. It seems it has pretty much died out completely and when done it's mostly done more sophisticated in CG.

    But I'm still surprised there's no real dedicated software or plug ins (?) that can do high-end morphing or am I wrong? It used to be 'Elastic Reality' but that software was discontinued like over a decade ago...

    • There is a plugin for AE called RE:Flex that does it. But I'm not sure how easy it is to use.…PhanLo
    • combination of fading and liquifying... premiere has a built in tool called morph cut, that makes the liquifying part of it automaticallyuan
    • There used to be dedicated software back then I played with all the time! Can’t believe it died. Wish I remember what it was called because it was fun.monospaced
    • Was it a Kai power tool?monospaced
    • I only know Elastic Reality which was the top morphing tool back then. You could draw splines to define specific partsNBQ00
    • I wrote my college dissertation on this. It all stemmed from ILM’s work on T2. I phone interviewed the ewok leader himself...MrT
    • http://www.fantamorp…imbecile
    • Nowadays you would likely distort a 3d plane with some bones, cross-fade two texture images. I suspect thats what elastic reality was doing back in the day.monNom
  • monospaced0

    Want to put together an online portfolio, but have no skills in web development, so I'm considering one of those super simple web templates, like a squarespace or wix. Are these my best options for creating and maintaining a simple portfolio for a non web designer? Can I use them with my own domain? Are these really that frowned upon for designers who just want to show work without the fuss of building a custom site from scratch?

    • I once used Apple's free WYSIWYG website builder, and then Adobe Muse, but both were discontinued, so DIY feels out of reach.monospaced
    • portfolio site is fine on squarespace. or I have a great wordpress theme. I would happily help if we could all share personal deets on herefadein11
    • and yes you can use your own domain whatever path you choose.fadein11
    • if you have your own adobe CC account (as opposed to an employe one) they have a portfolio site included with the subscription-- it can also have custom domainGnash
    • indeed but when I tried typing it I realized it’s banned here ;)monospaced
    • Not that one... :) This:…
    • has nice minimal templates, ability to add password and very easy to maintain.robotron3k
    • square space is your best option mono.utopian
    • the adobe one is freeGnash
    • Thanks all.monospaced
    • Thanks too, I have the very same questineMrT
    • you best share once your site is up, mono :)PonyBoy
    • try cargo collective.. I used it a while back it was pretty good specifically for portfoliosBoz
    • I would share but there are some creeeps on QBN that have forced me to become anonymous. When someone emails you and knows your address that’s it.monospaced
    • I regularly want to post work here but am afraid of adding the company logo because of the ridicule.monospaced
    • The reason I need a site is because I want to look for more work and I need one to present. Even if temporary.monospaced
    • I would love to see your work, but I would not post the link, there are a few creepy stalking trolls here. You never know what they might do to you.utopian
    • Thanks. I don’t even know if you’re joking or not, but I have a family and the kind of creepy shit I’ve received is not cool.monospaced
    • Not joking, that's why I don't post my work up here anymore. The troll farm would love to do personal damage.utopian
    • update later on. curious to hear what your experience was with whatever you end up usingGnash
    • SquarespaceHayoth
    • I use squarespace. It was pretty easy to set up, and looks pretty good.Frosty_spl
    • has anybody used adobe's portfolio site?Gnash
    • squarespace.hotroddy
    • yes, adobe portfolio is the fastest way to do a presentable can map your url to it, password protect areas, use images, videos, every kind of media.uan
    • I'll admit I'm that creep. I will send dickbutt to your phone and email.pango
    • css grid, bit of javascript, pinch of php and job is done, if you do your self, you can add HTML, CSS, JS, Php to your CV.shapesalad
    • oh pango, it’s the guys who say they’ll drive 300 miles to see me after pointing out my address and the names of my wife and child that freak me outmonospaced
    • I’ll look into both squarespace and adobes offering. And maybe I’ll get the balls to post some real work here soon. Be nice.monospaced
    • I know exactly who you're talking about.pango
    • 15 E 15th St, New York, NY 10003utopian
    • Semplice template will take you very far.noRGB
    • how do we share contact info?canoe
    • Adobe Portfolio or Squarespace good yep. Wordpress and a theme is super simple too. Very easy to get that up and running.pedromendez
  • freedom0

    Someone I'm friendly with is starting a new community weekly event thing and I was excited and sort of volunteered to design some materials for them. I offered some logos but he was kind of just like "I got it under control" so I stopped.

    Now he has a bad logo and a lousy wix site that I think he just threw together himself and I'm kind of turned off from the whole project.

    • google 'community', might give you some hints on what's going wrong in that relationship.uan
    • a) you can move on to next cool project in that communityuan
    • b) you can take the content and put it in your version of the design and then confront your idea/execution in the groupuan
    • c) work on what's available and help improve ituan
    • d) leave the ‘community’imbecile
    • Let it go. If the person who made it is happy, why you sad?robthelad
  • notype2

    Who here has a generator for the apocalypse?

    • I have one. but it's mostly just for ice storms powering tools offsiteGnash
    • something that will generate the apocalypse? Twitter?Fax_Benson
    • ^ zing!Gnash
    • Over population. Already happening.Krassy
    • lolnotype

    Woah!! What to do when you're really tired of everything?? You job, family, wife, kids, friends.... ? What to do when you are this lost?

    Give me a pair of advices guys... I feel this day is near

    • read camusGnash
    • exercisemoldero
    • Thanks, and yes, need to exercise, too much work lately and little time for me...OBBTKN
    • Use alcohol as a cheap escape of reality? :)NBQ00
    • Also don't get married and have kids = life is easier and when you have enough of everything you can go wherever you want.NBQ00
    • Fix your sleep. I've had great improvement since taking l-tryptophan, some people are low in this natural amino, it's helped my sleep greatly also kinda calmingrobotron3k
    • just wait till spring startsuan
    • Gnash, thanks for the Camus suggestion, totally in-line with my personal philosophy, he’s fascinating._niko
    • Though I’m not yet sure why he rejects nihilism so much when there are obvious commonalities between it and absurdism._niko
    • because nihilism is... well, nihilistic!Gnash
    • "...all that matter is – is the will to happiness, a kind of enormous, ever-present consciousness. The rest; women, art, success – is nothing but excuses...."Gnash
    • Realize that a lot people have it much worse than you. Be thankful for what you have.Hayoth
    • Get outside, hike, run, exert yourself physically, spend more time in the natural world. This helped me so much.thumb_screws
    • Watch a man restoring a vice:…Wolfboy
    • Wolfboy, thanks for that video.notype
    • You buy a Harley.pango
    • Your not going to like it but you just have to suck it up. If you find something that helps all the power to you but just don't give up.eryx
    • Be the man your dog thinks you are.eryx
    • volunteerok_not_ok
    • get a hobby and power through - you have responsibilities now dude.trooperbill
    • do you, buddy. just you. workout, do shit you always wanted to do but postpoined or shy-ed away from that puts smile on face. It will make you feel amazing andBoz
    • make people around you happier too. Do shit that you were too chicken to do, go learn to dance or rock climbing or whatever you thought you couldn't.Boz
    • Happiness & satisfaction comes from within and nobody can provide it. Find challenges and overcome them. I did that, and it took a long time to realize it trulyBoz
    • Thanks all, not in this situation yet... But I feel I'm on the way.OBBTKN
    • Ah! And you guys rock!!OBBTKN
    • Sounds like a midlife crisis to me. Buy a new car or find a new hobby that you wanted todo all your lifemilfhunter
    • You're not gonna like what I have to say; Sit on the end of your bed, and pray, just let it out, speak all your truths into the open, ask for help. It will comerobthelad
    • Do the whole30 diet and clean yourself out, body and mind! You can't drink alcohol but you can smoke the devil's lettuce!davey_g
    • you buy a convertible.pango
    • walking, nature, hikes, working out, less time on social media, carve out the time to take care of yourself. Also, special activities with the wife and kids...exador1
    • take the time to have 'me time' but also make time for family fun... nature hikes with the kids, date nights with your wife.exador1
    • I'm turning 47 this year, and celebrating my 20th anniversary. my kids are now both in highschool.exador1
    • burnout is a real thing, but you can recharge those batteries man. and remember, YOU made these choices. your kids depend on you to be the super dadexador1
    • you're supposed to be. You want them to look back on their childhood with joy and happiness...not misery.exador1
    • and your wife chose you as a partner for the journey. Time to man up and BE the husband and father you know you can be.exador1
    • invest in yourself. and invest in your family. at the end of the day, it's all you have. No one is going to remember that 'awesome' design you did. but yourexador1
    • kids and your wife will remember all the special times and moments. so recharge, re-invest, and spread the love, dude.exador1
    • I get it Exador, nothing new in all this... We're in our 19th aniversary this year, and I'm 47 too in may. Allways been the good guy, husband, father, son...OBBTKN
    • Simply, I'm getting tired, too much weight sometimes... Meh! I'll manage, but it's been a good read guys. Srly. Thank you allOBBTKN
  • Gnash0

    and buddhaHat?

  • NBQ006

    Look if you're happily married and happy to have kids then great for you.

    But I'm perfectly happy never being married and no intentions to. And never want kids either.

    I love my freedom and if I'm happy to die alone then so be it. It's usually other people who want to see you married and have kids. Be it family or society expectations.

    Nowadays it's not as strange anymore to not be married and have no kids like it used to in the past though.

    But when I see how high the divorce rate is and so many single moms on Tinder I get the creeps. lol

    • My kids are just so awesome and having them changed my life. If someone is saying you should have kids it might be because it makes them so happy...eryx
    • and they want you to be as happy as they are.eryx
    • Kids are pure happiness.monospaced
    • Agree. Kids are fantastic. And I suspect having a family when you're in your 60+ years beats the hell out of being a bachelor at that age.monNom
    • Looking forward to kids in my future (40 and still hoping) I'll be back with photos in proud dad thread in 3 years.notype
    • kids are devil spawns!!! came straight from hell!!!pango
    • I bet you were a fun, happy kid, pango, straight from hell :)monospaced
    • You're scared of love? Or just too self involved?canoe
    • provide love?canoe
    • It's true. I was lolpango
    • @NBQ00 it's totally strange not to have kids today! but it's totally ok ;)api
  • shellie0

    During a long, 5 hour layover in Boston, I was surprised to discover that the airport was infested with mice. They made a cute mouse hotel in the Duncan Donuts kiosk. That morning, i wanted to slap everyone's coffee out if their hands. I saw at least 5 different mice while I was there so there must be hundreds bc those little fuckers are fast and slippery.…

    • *Dunkin Doughnutsshellie
    • *Dunkin' Donutsutopian
    • Dunkin'Gnash
    • duhshellie
    • Are you still on iPhone 3?freedom
    • DNKN' *sarahfailin
    • I did a quick google search and there are articles about mice in Boston airport going back to at least 2012sarahfailin
    • Ugh are you serious @Sarah? I've driven to Boston a handful of times but never been in the airport until now.shellie
  • thumb_screws1

    Moldero, are you back from Alaska? How was it?

    • Yes, no news in months... don't want to be nosy, but, how was?OBBTKN
    • pretty sure he came back months ago and then moved to europe?sarahfailin
    • He's still online. Just not qbn.pango
  • i_monk1

    Phone interview in the morning.

  • imbecile0

    For the past week; no alcohol, no girlfriend, less food, more hobbies, more awake time, more stimulation / motivation. Relationship may be over.

    • Not sure whether to upvote?Nairn
    • Downvote like the others, would be the suggestion. It is after all, net bad news.imbecile
    • I decided to vote neither way, instead encouraging this back to no votes, by sheer will.
      Be well, be good.
  • i_monk7

    That was a great interview! *holds breath for a week*

  • drgs0

    Bennn was right, neon green is everywhere. Even I myself bought a pair of joggers with neon green lampasses

    • I'm presenting a client with a new color palette for their brand...Yes electric yellow-green is one of the colors.utopian
    • I love neon flouro colours. Reminds me of 80s wind surfing.inteliboy
    • +1 and it makes printers lose their mindMrT
    • Keith Haring did a great one for Montreux Jazz Festival in 1983
    • i <3 spacehopper pinktrooperbill
  • Nairn0

    Thoughts on hamburger menu icons... on desktop?


    I'm thinking working on a small 'sub-site' for my [shitty] business, focusing on a strand of work I do. I want to make a simple, punchy - almost brutalist - site, text-led with supporting images (hold on, aren't they all?) and am wondering about having a hamburger three-line menu in the top that opens out to display a load of pages.

    Main index will have a tranche of text with underlined elements all leading to the sections under the hamburger, so users can discover the hamburger'd sections without having to make that cognitive leap.

    But because of the overall forced simplicity, I don't want an overwhelming nav bar.

    Ordinarily I'm fairly against absolutely hamburger menus on desktop, but here I'm wanting to develop a useful narrative-led exploration. Hamburger would essentially become a quick list of hot links.

    Product is fairly singular in nature, but there's ground to cover in the hows and wherefores.

    My thanks to you for any input you may have.


    • 'thinking working'? ffs that's a good start.
      I need to edit better!
    • nnngh.. 'fairly absolutely against'
      Je suis un spastic.
    • try to think about what people need are are looking for, put it where they want it, don't hide stuff in a hamburger.shapesalad
    • it's easier to scroll down a page, and click a menu option above a footer if you've got options that are not oft used.shapesalad
    • I hate them and I get agitated when people suggest them for consumer sites we're building.mg33
    • That's my intent - the hamburger is a 'backup' absolute link menu. The 'narrative' of the front and subsequent pages should encourage link exploration.Nairn
    • +1 footer. That's an additional navigation layer duplication I hadn't yet considered. I'm still at the sketching phase.Nairn
    • @mg33. I hate them too. I guess an alternate question would be "what do you think about sites that don't have a specific navigation strata?". ie. narrative-ledNairn
    • I guess I'm thinking a 'one page site, but with additional pages'. Or something.Nairn
    • No bloody clue but I like your use of ‘tranche’MrT
    • If it's for a small site where the users are likely to be familiar with the interface then yeah all good. E.g designer portfolio / eshop etcmicrokorg
    • But not for something like a bank or business website where people need to get to info fast and not search for navigation.microkorg
    • check neilson - they say it affects conversion and engagementtrooperbill
    • Not 100% relevant to burger icon but still worth a read -https://mattwilcox...set
    • https://mattwilcox.n…set
    • Great article, set. I shared it with my team. And I hate hamburger menus. They're only good for hiding areas of the site most people would never visit.monospaced
    • Not against hamb-menu myself and think it cleans thing up visually, for the right sitch. Yet so many blast it as that "Extra" unnecessary click...DarkCover
  • shellie0

    putting together a "love me, come back, fuck you" playlist. what would you want to hear?

  • freedom0

    Does anyone here have a "smart speaker"?

    Is it helpful?

    • nope. love gadgets. though seems like something the tech industry is trying to convince us we need?inteliboy
    • Made risotto and played Gregory Porter at the same time. Pretty-fuckin-smart if you ask me.canoe
    • My speakers only need to be smart enough to listen when I tell them to make sound or stop making soundset
    • I had an echo dot. did not use.imbecile
  • canoe2

    I saw Usability... in a shallow grave... next to Flash... next to a shallower grave... Lingo.

    I feel bad for anyone who graduated with a UX degree and goes to any number of media sites.

    Who ever thought we'd be nearly back to AOL on experience?

  • imbecile1

    Coming here, I typed newt before smiling and typing
    I might be living in the past today.

  • imbecile1

    in yet another bout of insomnia, i put on the matrix (via amazon prime) as background noise as i muddle about the house.

    I saw this movie in theatres, it was directed by the wachowski brothers, laurence and andrew, yet referred to collectively as the "wachowski brothers".

    having ended, the title card came up displaying the directors as lana & lilly wachowski.

    now, i'm all for progressive treatment of those with different beliefs and wants. expecting / demanding others to leave me alone to do what i prefer is kind of a driving force within myself, so i'm all for it...

    now here's the but

    lana & lilly didn't direct it, did they? wasn't it the "brothers"? why rewrite history along a clearly visible timeline? one transitioned in 2012, the other a few years later, more than a decade after work on that project.

    attribution man, what does it mean?

    anyway, there's my sign I'm getting old for the day.

    • I dunno. They changed their names, and updated their film to reflect the change. Fair game, in my opinion. I wouldn't call this changing history. Same people.monospaced
    • I hear you, but they might very well have to adjust credits to their legal identity for copyright reasonsspl33nidoru
    • do they go by the "wachowski sisters" now?monospaced
    • Remember when Caitlyn Jenner won the Men's Decathalon?i_monk
    • But I'd guess this has more to do with DGA rules than copyright.i_monk
    • thank you i_monk!imbecile
    • @mono "wachowski siblings" is the term i believerenderedred
    • The sisters that movie, hur hur hurMaaku
    • I got myself to sleep a while back by replaying old 3D shooter computer game levels. Try it. It's amazing how much you'll remember, and how tedious it izzzzz*Nairn
    • *re-playing in my head, I mean. Not actually staying awake and playing the actual gameNairn
    • worth a shotimbecile
    • You’re dead on imbicioe, very weird, and Right on monk I was thinking the same thing._niko
    • It's the same people... What's the problem?pango
    • I heard that the Funk Soul Brother has recently transitioned and FatBoySlim is having to update his back catalogue.microkorg