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  • NBQ006

    Look if you're happily married and happy to have kids then great for you.

    But I'm perfectly happy never being married and no intentions to. And never want kids either.

    I love my freedom and if I'm happy to die alone then so be it. It's usually other people who want to see you married and have kids. Be it family or society expectations.

    Nowadays it's not as strange anymore to not be married and have no kids like it used to in the past though.

    But when I see how high the divorce rate is and so many single moms on Tinder I get the creeps. lol

    • My kids are just so awesome and having them changed my life. If someone is saying you should have kids it might be because it makes them so happy...eryx
    • and they want you to be as happy as they are.eryx
    • Kids are pure happiness.monospaced
    • Agree. Kids are fantastic. And I suspect having a family when you're in your 60+ years beats the hell out of being a bachelor at that age.monNom
    • Looking forward to kids in my future (40 and still hoping) I'll be back with photos in proud dad thread in 3 years.notype
    • kids are devil spawns!!! came straight from hell!!!pango
    • I bet you were a fun, happy kid, pango, straight from hell :)monospaced
    • You're scared of love? Or just too self involved?canoe
    • provide love?canoe
    • It's true. I was lolpango
    • @NBQ00 it's totally strange not to have kids today! but it's totally ok ;)api

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