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  • Akagiyama6

    • cupīdōsted
    • wowmonospaced
    • Predatorepic_rim
    • How many feet above the ground and how much time does he spend there?Maaku
    • Dear Military,
      Paint the gun, too!
    • #UXBonSeff
    • That’s a bow...pango
    • "You're all stupid. See, they'll be looking for army guys."DRIFTMONKEY
    • Was trying to work out wtf the bow was for ages, didn't even see the cunt holding it!set
    • Bow, or how to make animals suffer just for your own stupid pleasure of killing living being.Bennn
    • is there a cat or not?imbecile
    • bennn, fuck off. food is food dipshitimbecile
    • most (99% of) hunters believe in humane kills and actually eat the meat, so unless you've never eaten chicken, beef, or any animal, fuck offimbecile
    • @bennn, you think people only kill animals for fun and that they enjoy watching them suffer? jesus fucking christ, dudemonospaced
    • I spent 5 minutes thinking it was a spider.robthelad
    • I saw a walking stick.aslip
    • Benn aren't you from Canada? I thought hunters were a common thing over there.Maaku
    • not just Canada, Quebec, so doubly so! lol
      also if it weren't for hunters the wild deer population would be a fraction of what it is.
    • might seem counter intuitive but conservation efforts are spearheaded by hunters._niko
    • @imbecile Would you like me to kill you with a bow and arrows or with a rifle? Yeah dont answerBennn
    • @mono (hi) Most hunters in North America hunts for the pleasure of hunting, they call that a Sport.Bennn
    • @Maaku Yeah there's a lot of hunters in Canada. That doesnt make me a Hunting lover :)Bennn
    • How many of those do you think you'd need to die Humanely? https://www.dhresour…Bennn
    • https://www.google.c…Bennn
    • Ask this deer, he could help you decide: http://hunting.outdo…Bennn
    • Benn, I don't know of a single hunter that kills and throws away the meat. 100% of the time they eat it, share it amongst friends or donate it to the butcher._niko
    • Just sayin':
    • @_niko this is not the point at all here. The point is killing and making the animal suffer a lot with barbaric methods like using arrows or traps.Bennn
    • @Continuity Exactly, some may hunt for the meat, a lot hunt for the fun of killing and for trophees, the meat is just gravy on top of that. ..Bennn
    • hunting connects you with nature. forces you to go outside and appreciate wildlife and live the way we were meant to live.hotroddy
    • At least he bought a license. instead of illegal route. https://www.youtube.…pango
    • @hotroddy If for you connecting with nature and appreciating wildlife is hurting and killing wild animals, man I pity you.Bennn
    • "fuck off" "Jesus fucking christ" what's with the balls to the wall insanity in responses these days? chill out.inteliboy
    • @benn hunters know way more about nature (can name species of birds, trees, etc) than people who stay in doors and play video gameshotroddy
    • I wont say anything more on the topic. Lets get back to the QBN.Bennn
    • +1 intelliboyMrT
    • QBN DRAMAernexbcn
    • butbutbut i started it with love :((sted
    • If Bennn isn’t vegan, oh the ironyLMFAO
    • Hunters are assholes. If you defend hunters, you're an asshole, too.PublicVoice
    • is it not more humane to eat what you catch than to eat factory raised meat? are fisherman assholes too?hotroddy
    • publicvoice should read "The Old Man and the Boy" before making suck ignorant statementshotroddy

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