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  • PhanLo2
    • The sexual assault stuff is extra fucked.PhanLo
    • jeez, the US is really tumbling down the human rights/decency stepsNutter
    • ^ When haven't they?Maaku
  • ben_3

    Just skip Deathboy notes

    You gave him his own thread, great.

    • Not going to lie - didn't think this throughNairn
    • Well you still have a chance to redeem yourself with a 240 note word melange. Think it through in real-time!ben_
    • Philosophically you’re right, and wrong though. He’s a waste of energy responding too, but shit he garbles out shouldn’t go unnoticed.ben_
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  • Continuity1

    Just skip Deathboy notes

    With all due respect, Nairn, skipping deathboy's notes is a wrong-headed approach.

    He posted notes that crossed the line from plain stupid and incoherent, to parroting the worst of the worst right-wing douchery with his 'all lives matter' number. Shellie rightly called him on it for what it is: racism.

    This isn't about 'difference of opinion', or whatever other disingenuous right-wing word vomit du jour is being used to deflect the obvious.

    This is the difference between right and wrong.

    The kind of casual 'all lives matter' racism that gets shat out is wrong. It marginalises. It leads to precisely the situation we see unfolding in the US.

    Which leads me to this, for QBN mods and owners:

    You see what's happening in the media. You know the reasons why things are where they are now, on this topic. You understand that staying silent in the face overt or casual or concealed racism shouldn't be an option anymore for anyone, yet comments like deathboy's — which really offended an African-American member of this community, and rightly so — apparently pass muster around here on a regular basis.

    Do you really think this is OK, QBN Mods? If you do, tell us now, so that I can fuck off from here and not come back; because I personally won't tolerate the sort of degenerate racist shit like DB's any longer.

    • i´am pro skippin - its always the same anti - humanistic and dumbshit anyway.neverscared
    • Thank you continuity. Bang on.fadein11
    • yeah...though saying, writing racist stuff is just dumb and stupid. it's an attitude that shows how fucked they are.uan
    • racists weren't that lucky when they were born, they ended up in a fucked up environment. missed parental love, got abused, don't know better.uan
    • you can't just ban them from need to integrate them in some way.

      the real evil is the ones that use them to concentrate power on themselfs.
    • Moot point. This isn't the 19th fucking century, where access to information is limited, and those kinds of tolerated.Continuity
    • Skip, you are being intolerant.i_was
    • *those kinds of attitudes are toleratedContinuity
    • germany did a lot of work after wwII in that regard and the ppl know what they need to do. look at the 18K demonstrators today in germany in solidarity with blmuan
    • you should call them 'Arschloch' but talk to them:…uan
    • this parallel only exists in your brain.sted
    • See, I didn't even know that he went on an "All lives matter" rant, because I see his name and keep scrolling. Don't give fuel to his desperate ego.garbage
    • He's inflicting violence to his proper self.i_was
    • Fyi “right wing” is not the same thing as racist.cannonball1978
    • @cannonball Right wing and racism are beyond the "kissing cousins" phase.garbage
  • cannonball19781

    Just skip Deathboy notes

    Perhaps he is racist. But if you get to qualify whether he gets to be excluded because you don’t like it, then I get to qualify whether you get excluded for whatever reason.

    There are no explicit rules here so the social contract is that you have to cope with being offended. This is not a “safe space” (thank god).

    Post explicit rules and then enforce them or learn to cope with the fact that your morals are not everyone’s and adapt to a politically heterogeneous forum. Yes, racism counts as part of a heterogeneous spectrum. No, you cannot make a special case for it without making some actual rules.

    • And for the record, banning racism does not remove racism from this place.cannonball1978
    • He can always join Reddit, MAGA or his local chapter of the KKK. He will be welcomed there with open arms.utopian
    • Well you don't get make the rules either. There are no rules. THIS ARE THE RULES.Fax_Benson
    • thanks for your actual equality response cannon. get a lot of hate in this day and age for actual equalitydeathboy
    • and if my opinion makes u feel better. not that it matters and hope u make your opinion. im not racist. color of ones skin means absolutely nothing to me.deathboy
    • just a target of disagreeing with the flavor of the monthdeathboy
  • neverscared5
    • perfectnudes
    • Police are dealing with conflict and violence not operating a machine.Raybandana
    • /\ Right now they are dealing with conflict and violence they have created.ben_
  • dorf4

    Just skip Deathboy notes

    you guys should know better than to try to reason with the village idiot

  • garbage1

    Just skip Deathboy notes

    Going to disagree with Stevejobs here.

    I don't think it's an issue of having safe bubbles or insular columns of thought. It's more that I don't think he's all there. The dude isn't capable of critical thought. He can't string a sentence together, much less process an argument and respond to it rationally.

    Having a conversation with him is akin to throwing a cat in a pool and telling it to swim. Plus he sounds like he's one bad day away from shooting up a Walgreen's, so I just skip.

    I don't think he should be banned, because the morons on this site are no skin off my nose. Let their dumb flags fly, I guess.

    • So you're suggesting he suffers from mental health issues? Even more of a reason to be compassionate to those who are struggling and maybe need a friend?SteveJobs
    • Maybe calling them morons and their values dumb is the provocation that's fueling the fire? Maybe I'm wrong but it seems incendiary to me.SteveJobs
    • @Steve you might not be wrong about thisgrafician
    • All I said is that I skip his drivel, but I don't think he needs to be banned. Same with robo.garbage
    • Am I the only one who noticed...robotron3k seems to have self-banned after the thread calling him outyuekit
    • i speculate robo is in law enforcement and has too work a lot on the streets now.neverscared
    • I think he just finally got had enough humiliation. He'll be back with alts.garbage
    • And just to be clear, I think the deathboy and bobo types are toxic, but a handful of runts aren't going to ruin my day.garbage
    • "finally got had enough". Nice one, me.garbage
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  • PhanLo3

    Conspiracy of the day

    Meme madness.

  • neverscared4
    • Ver el mar por última vez?OBBTKN
    • powerful.utopian
    • Source? Patient's dying wish?Akagiyama
    • Patient Isidre Correa is taken to the seaside by intensive heath care staff outside the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona.neverscared
    • not more info around.neverscared
    • it's from a campaign for humanizing intensive care. https://proyectohuci…uan
    • the pic is real, they advocate for the importance of the human aspect in intensive care treatment.uan
  • renderedred4
    • 'Zactly, stir the pot!
      Make the lives of the proles hellish!

      Wait. I am one of the proles.
    • classicsted
  • pango15
  • grafician18


    from above

    • Look different. Anyone know the actual font?…Douglas
    • This is fucking fantastic, I love it!elahon
    • Didn't picture it from those videos, that it was actually in front of the White House!grafician
    • @Dougles sorry mate, I did look for it since you posted, I thought it was something like GT America, but came up empty for nowgrafician
    • It's a monospaced font, the I and the M, but i cant find itDouglas
    • hell yehmoldero
    • that's not a font. that is handmade using math and the 5 lanes as guides.imbecile
    • good call. nice vid of it in progress..Douglas
    • https://www.nbcnews.…Douglas
    • much domination such winningrenderedred
    • lol at you nerds asking what font it is ✊sarahfailin
    • love it! this creativity at so many levels makes usa great again✊uan
    • hmm i wonder if people questioned wether it should be white paint or not.deathboy
    • ^that's why the choose yellow.uan
    • haha but thats the point. the idea to question something so preposterous. or did it come down to yellow is cheaper.deathboy
    • why do you care about costs, you are not even USAmerican citizen.uan
    • trolling is very cheaputopian
    • haha why do you not care about costs?deathboy
    • perhaps its because the cost doesnt effect you. but if it raised the cost raised your costs 1-2% maybe u'd have a little more skin in the gamedeathboy
    • and ask others what the cost. and by not thinking of costs you dont see the big picture.deathboy
    • yellow paint has higher visibility, you racist fuck.imbecile
    • dude, I'd love to give you more of my time, but either you are drunk or that little bit of art and creativity fucked you up big time.uan
    • well the white paint is a joke, but imbecile if you think you know the reason and can prove it as contrast levelsdeathboy
    • in decision making and how any questioning of it makes one racist i want to read that thesisdeathboy
    • If you don’t know why yellow has greater visibility, I suggest you look at light wavelengths, you racist fuckimbecile
    • oh.. you know they chose it on light wavelengths and not contrast levels.... cool cool. her ei have no idea or even knwo who chose what paid for what or whydeathboy
    • but ill keep that in mind what you know about it all and... how involved were you in the decisions?deathboy
    • again grow up or lighten up u turd and realize a comment id for fun and has no rational meaningdeathboy
    • clearly no one hear knows. that is obvious, but it does show certain instinctual desires to fling so called "hate"deathboy
    • but hey kisses, i dont mind your insults. i know none of them are true. but you should work on itdeathboy
    • look deathboy shitting on another postmonospaced
    • Black lives in white house.i_was
    • How exactly will it helpdrgs
    • As a symbol, it will get driven over, walked over, and will constantly get hit by hydrocarbon vehicle drippings, spit, chewing gum, bird & dog shit, skid marksBustySaintClaire
    • Oh busty you simple cunt. The road is NAMED a black Lives matters Plaza. It’s on street signs.monospaced
    • But good to know it’s triggered the racist in you to speak out against it. You are the problem.monospaced
    • KERNING!shapesalad
    • How will it help? It'll go towards beating Trump at the social media game that he no doubt thinks he's The Best at.Nairn
    • And, < That is fucking Art.Nairn
    • I'm not even particularly invested in the whole BLM thing, but I want that as a large-ass print on my wall. That shit's beautiful.Nairn
    • Ok, it seems this is not the real type, it's some sort of mockup over a google map, BUT the real type is there, with just a slightly different monospaced fontgrafician
    • @Douglas yes, the type in the video you posted it the real type or in this video:…grafician
    • Does any remember the Dallas shootings 4 years ago? I dont, I had to look it up, I think there was a wave of appreciation for the police officers who were killedrgs
    • Anyway, maybe we need a monument for each of these events. Or maybe no one remembers who George Floyd was in 4 years timedrgs
    • Wow. And you still don’t get it. Incredible.monospaced
    • Here is a spoiler -- nothing is going to change
      Do your duty and post the black square on your Instagram
    • @mono save your energy man, not worth itgrafician
    • Was this what the rioters were demanding? Let's not start sucking each other's cocks just yetdrgs
  • mort_2
    • Is it ammo on their chest ?i_was
    • Singing Priests of the order of latter day TamponsNairn
    • Traditionally those were gun powder cartridges, with a bullet inside wrapped in a clothdrgs
    • This was used in a kate bush song.monoboy
    • 'Style'.monoboy
    • Spent a week on a remote Croatian island years ago. With summer evenings spent in a bar overlooking a harbour.monoboy
    • Table service. Only went inside on the last night. To find the music was in fact regulars singing at the bar.monoboy
    • They sounded incredible.monoboy
    • LOL @ NairnMaaku
    • Are these the guys that dispense change?futurefood
    • Used in Nosferatu in 1979, which inspired Kate Bush to use on HoL in 1985.zarb0z
  • mort_2
  • grafician4

    America is Fucked

    "(CNN)Police in Maryland have arrested and charged the cyclist who was caught on video Monday accosting three people posting flyers in support of Black Lives Matter."…

  • pango6
  • autoflavour8
    • so black lives matter doesnt exclude other races. it really means the all lives matter. just its wording is wrong?deathboy
    • becuase her ei though save the whales was about the whales and not about all sea creaturesdeathboy
    • You really are a retard. Wow.monospaced
    • @deathboy - who actually are you?SlashPeckham
    • from an actual black person, fuck you death boy. you are the problem. As our people lay dying in the streets you still argue this? sick.shellie
    • Wow.maquito
    • Deathboy is an automatic response algorithm that starts off with the stupidest possible response and then uses machine learning to get even dumber.ben_
    • A lot of the alt-fact ghouls do it for the trigger lols but some of the note 'convos' I've had with him would indicate that he's a fanny.monoboy
    • Probably a basement-dwelling type. With low self-esteem and anger issues.monoboy
    • Loud as a motorbike but wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight.monoboy
    • He can kiss my whole asshole.monoboy
    • ;)monoboy
    • I bet he's good at playing Call of Duty.monoboy
    • I just don’t understand why there are people that have an issue with this statement.Gnash
    • How exactly are you "black" shellie?Khurram
    • uhm lots of people lie dying in the street shellie. The skin color doesnt alter the value of the person. im sorry if i break down the rationality of a dumbdeathboy
    • twitter post and it offends you. but really that shit is on you. I cant do anything to protect you from feeling offense.deathboy
    • well besides not sharing my thoughts, but than what kind of society wants that?deathboy
    • WOW!monospaced
    • @khurram, she’s black. That how. Exactly. WTF is going on here?monospaced
    • In my yard, that kind of 'black' is referred to as "coconut".Khurram
  • lowimpakt17

    America is Fucked

    Mayor of Washington DC has renamed the street leading to the white house "Black Lives Matter Plaza" and painted the street in huge letters

    Hopefully trump bursts a vessel

    • I posted this too, thanks for the context!grafician
    • Need to hack roombas to do this en masse in the dark of the night.Nairn
    • grafician, just seeing that post now. yea, it was the city working with "local muralists".lowimpakt
    • @imbecile thanks you too for the beautiful and much needed aerial view!grafician
    • That street sign is HOT (saying this as a designer)grafician
    • 1600 Black Lives Matter Plazanb
    • wow, this is cooli_was
    • Nice to see an elected official with some balls! Trump must be fuming! I really can't wait to see his reaction.formed
    • I can’t wait to see our very own shitposting bigots blow their fuses. Where you at bobo, hayobo, bustystbobo and deathbobo?monospaced
    • @mono lol, boboteam assemble!grafician
    • TeamBobo2020®utopian
    • LOL @teamboborenderedred
    • lol. more wasted tax payer money. road is going to have to be blasted for use. sign who cares a rose by any other name.deathboy
    • i just think the city costs hopefully are billed to whoever funded it. or the whole BLM non profit for vandalismdeathboy
    • no jail time, and they get a special privilege leeway vs typical kids getting caught with pockets full of fat caps while hitting spotsdeathboy
    • pretty sensibledeathboy
    • its only vandalism if you own it.
      you dont. city does. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • cool pango said i can go burn down "BLM" land all i want by lighting lizards on firedeathboy
    • unless you are saying the city commissioned and approved a tax payer grant for such a city art piece and budgeted for the clean up and removal as well...deathboy
    • well than id say that city needs to really look at electing better officials. and hope the reserves for the funds are not regressive or like illinois destructdeathboy
    • ...... lol
      yes you can. go do it.
    • no thanks. that does nothing good for anyone and im considerate of others. but also i think you didnt think it out or know how it works pango.deathboy
    • i get the emotional whoo hoo and scope. but for what and at what costs. 6 months down the road while debt is financed for clean up and you wont even recall itdeathboy
    • the city people wont like the bill when it comes. well if reported. if not trendy ppl dont give a shitdeathboy
    • no ballspango
    • think about that pango. this is ok. is it also ok for someone to right PANGO IS A FAG down a street. Or just FAGGOT. take balls too right?deathboy
    • and would you feel the same way as street is closed and crews cleaned up and that cost comes out of your local education budget. perhaps an entire teachersdeathboy
    • salary. but hey, balls rightdeathboy
    • and i get its a ballsy big fuck you to the administration. i just dont agree with it unless the cost is carried by the movement.deathboy
    • criminal offense can fly, but hardcosts shouldn't be carried by those with no interest whatsoever in this shit.deathboy
    • liek a kid doing donuts on the football field ruining the season and needing to create new funding for repairs... do you not agree its terrible selfish shitdeathboy
    • unless someone picks up the bill? someoen paid for the paint, why not the cleanupdeathboy
    • is that racist or wrong, childish. Or just a very stable rational adult response?deathboy
    • utopian use words and not stupid meme you couldnt create yourself to answer a very simple questiondeathboy
    • or just go on and do your troll shit. whoever has the account nowdeathboy
    • It's kind of sad that deathboy spends so much time hunting and pecking at his keyboard for comments that nobody bothers to read.garbage
    • Like, c'mon. Isn't computer time limited in the psych ward? Watch some porn. Don't spew some dribble that will haunt you at your next exit interview.garbage
    • all i see are excuses.
      no balls!
    • looks like no adults here. not an uncommon thing among disfunctionable municiplaties. but pango disappointed in your escape route. thought some sort of acknowdeathboy
    • lement to the issues, nut that blatant disregard for reality, well maybe u get in time or never at be itdeathboy
    • lol oh you're still at it.
      not sure if you noticed. i haven't read mumbles from you.
    • do it!
      no balls!
    • the moron just compared this to hate speech ... let that sink in.monospaced