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    The Coronavirus completely disappeared in America because of the protests and riots.

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    • You'll do fine! Just breathe. You can do this!Akagiyama
    • LOLrenderedred
    • do your fingernails before making an appearance. our multiple generations of judgemental assholes will torn you apart on social media really quick.sted
    • And the invasion will be over before you could meet with the leader of humanity, who is of course the president of the united states.sted
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    Protests started in Toronto today, I understand the solidarity with our American brethren but this behaviour has no place in Canada:…

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    • LOLzarkonite
    • FACTS NOT FEARgrafician
    • ... people do wear masks when they protest ;)zarkonite
    • nonsense = insanityKrassy
    • Lol. The world is retardedGnash
    • Lol this is dumb, can't argue thatnb
    • Also totally ignores what a prtoest isnb
    • Also, you can go into a bookstore but not a library! Is it political? Nope, just dumb.nb
    • No sir. This is not a party. It's a protest. Thanks for asking.dbloc
    • make sure protesters dont talk to eachother! this is not a social gathering!pango
    • it‘s not that hard. it preserves the right to protest in times of biral danger.uan
    • viral*uan
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    America is Fucked…

    11 JULY 2016
    "All of my realizations came to this conclusion. Black Lives do not matter to most black people. Only the lives that make the national news matter to them. Only the lives that are taken at the hands of cops or white people, matter. The other thousands of lives lost, the other black souls that I along with every cop, have seen taken at the hands of other blacks, do not matter. Their deaths are unnoticed, accepted as the “norm”, and swept underneath the rug by the very people who claim and post “black lives matter”. I realized that this country is full of ignorance, where an educated individual will watch the ratings-driven news media, and watch a couple YouTube video clips, and then come to the conclusion that they have all the knowledge they need to have in order to know what it feels like to have a bullet proof vest as part of your office equipment, “Stay Alive” as part of your daily to do list, and having insurance for your health insurance because of the high rate of death in your profession. They watch a couple videos and then they magically know in 2 minutes 35 seconds, how you are supposed to handle a violent encounter, which took you 6 months of Academy training, 2 – 3 months of field training, and countless years of blood, sweat, tears and broken bones experiencing violent encounters and fine tuning your execution of the Use of Force Continuum."

    • Being a cop is tough, being a black cop is insane. No respect from anyone._niko
    • well you gotta change it from the top some how.pango
    • wow, a whole 9 months of training.fooler
    • shhh... this would only help display the true shallowness of humans and actual selfish greediness ... no one wants that. they want to think of themselves anddeathboy
    • selfish acts as righteousdeathboy
    • as if blm was only an issue of police violence. it‘s clearly more than that.uan
    • what is it exactly uan?deathboy
    • how much money raised and put forth into what efforts? are these efforts merely PR and encouraging continuing dialogue to remember or serve a real purpose?deathboy
    • because besides a slogan that encompass any emotional trigger there is nothing. its vaporware.deathboy
    • it's about freedom.uan
    • ...oh ok.. can u explain further, because freedom is just a word. free to do what? what freedoms in comparison to existing freedoms?deathboy
    • is there a freedom blacks don't have that white people have? I actually believe they have more legal freedom considering civil rights movementdeathboy
    • personally me im all about freedom. i always support freedom. for anyone. nothing about this is about freedom except from personal responsibility and consequencdeathboy
    • but explain the freedomdeathboy
    • growing up and living in fear of repression (or in this case fear of death by authority) is opposed to freedom.uan
    • can i grow up in fear of oppression and strongly hate the bernie sanders socialist types? Historically death among the types is the greatest.deathboy
    • i can have that fear as equal as anyone elses fear. so again exactly what do you mean?deathboy
    • what freedom is it about? because if u base it on "Fear" that is quite universal.deathboy
    • FUCK OFF DEATHBOYmonospaced
    • The fact anything has to be explained and you fail or choose not to understand is exactly the problem. You are a helpless hopeless piece of human garbage.monospaced
    • This guy is framing it as cops doing their best and I'm sure many are...but what about over-militarization of the police??yuekit
    • Police bringing military weapons and tactics to the streets, what outcome did people expect? Unless you can look critically at the overall situation not much isyuekit
    • going to be solved.yuekit
    • military weapons and tactics... exactly what are those? and what would u replace them with?deathboy
    • and let uan answer if he can. he clearly is missing shit in his storydeathboy
    • here's how to deescalate protests. but last few days we saw overwhelmingly the opposites.pango
    • https://opentextbc.c…pango
    • i think that actually escalates it. because the idea of protest in law is static. the protests are faced are evolved manifestations.deathboy
    • thinks protestors are protestors and what not. the idea a pamphlet solves and shows the way is ludicrious. if the case and opportunists have he same pamphletdeathboy
    • decide to game it. what then?deathboy
    • Can you read your own sentence? Would you like to rewrite them?pango
    • LOLpango
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    • I still wouldn't flyTurboslacker
    • Covid will never make it around that divider!nb
    • seats now cost 50% more to make up for lost seatsmoldero
    • Great amount of space when there’s no plane or other seats.MrT
    • not safer... everybody needs to go pee and will touch everything.nbq
    • it‘s marketing...a way to justify higher prices.uan
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    BLM street painting from above…

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    we are here:

  • Milan3

    America is Fucked

    WTF, does putting on a fucking uniform strip you of all humanity or does the job attract lowlives?

    • Bunch of fucking moronsyuekit
    • That is horrific.thumb_screws
    • Fuckers just keep walking.BusterBoy
    • not breaking the formation is more important than human lifes.pango
    • >…sted
    • why does it feel like…deathboy
    • did a good ol soccer flopdeathboy
    • You are so funny deathboy.pango
    • must be deathboys father in that uniform...neverscared
    • what a scumbag deathboy is ha, gettin an errection when someones bleeding out of ihis head.neverscared
    • @deathboy haha my first thoughts.milfhunter
    • hmm erections and fathers... seriously dude considering not an issue and you went there makes me think you have dad dick on the braindeathboy
    • #daddickissues can be the new flavor of the month for you. but in all fairness ill wait for objective sources on this one before believing everything i seedeathboy
    • because the push was like b level movie bad acting. totally probable with old man and no coordination, but i also dont need to feel triggered by itdeathboy
    • Ya totally. The paramedic and the doctors were all in on this.pango
    • He is a stupid cunt.monospaced
    • thats the problem of your hate infested brain, u are not triggered by violence against innocent people.neverscared
    • objective sources lol.. if this is not objective enough.. hey qbn can this guy be banned? he cleary seems to enjoy violence with his soccer floop comment & uneverscared
    • tolerate this hate rhetoric.neverscared
    • u know suspend him like that violent cop New York police officers suspended for pushing 75-year-old to ground during protestsneverscared
    • https://www.theguard…neverscared
    • Re: that awful video. Buffalo PD officially said that the man tripped & fell. If we didn’t have video there would have been no accountability. Why? Because oneneverscared
    • bad apple” pushed him down but 20 “good apples” would have let him get away with it. It’s systemic.neverscared
    • One cop kneels instinctively to help. The other cops stop him from helping. All should be fired.nb
    • was it a hard push? he fell because he tripped. however sad the situation, if you're 75 yo, maybe avoid arguments with the police in the middle of a riotdrgs
    • fuck himdrgs
    • Until police stands up to those 'bad apples' nothing will change. So far, I've yet to see any evidence anything will change.formed
    • Deathboy, you are a vile person man.tank02
    • gandhi was a pretty good protester when in old age..and he saw a lot riot, or is this
      protesting thing very exclusive? i didn´t know..
    • @drgs you're a bad personnb
    • He tripped, so fuck him? let his head bleed in the street as you walk by??? Most people would treat dog with more respect than these cops showed thisnb
    • Honestly, drgs, if your response is "he's old in a riot fuck him", you need to really look in the mirror man. Your statement is sociopathic.nb
    • I hope the old man dies!

      (when the comments get too unanimous I like to break up with an opposite opinion, because herd mentality is never good)
    • Seriously, he was told to back off, was he expecting they would gather around to hear his lecture. These people are shoveling human manure 24 hours a daydrgs
    • "he was told to back off" ?!? You think he deserved to die at the hands of police because he didn't listen to their command. Fucked up.nb
    • He broke no law. Talking back is not a crime. Americans are NOT required to follow police orders, unless under arrest.nb
    • And even then they have human rights. This was assault. The cops involved are criminals, no matter what you tell yourself, drgs.nb
    • drgs is so edgy
    • "He was told to back off?" Well I hope the fucking riots go on for another month.Maaku
    • you have to be a real piece of garbage to push an old man down like. An even bigger piece of garbage to defend it.fooler
    • hugs not drgs!nb
    • Only ex-cops can criticize other cops. Its a borderline suicide profession. A rioter is coming at you while reaching down into his backpack or whateverdrgs
    • Don't think drgs is justifying their actions, but is perhaps questioning the old man's thought process at that point.Nairn
    • He's either senile or he is trying to kill you. What do you do?drgs
    • That said, it's fucking evil what these bipedal shit stains did to an old man; also all those that didn't stop to help him out, given his clear distress.Nairn
    • Bipedal cos they're inhumanNairn
    • Two things have totally triggered me today - police and this guy; and cyclist grapesmuggler practicalyl assaulting that wee girl.Nairn
    • Those 50+ cops are scared of that frail old man hobbling toward them? They're in fucking riot gear!nb
    • Only cops can criticize other cops? Oh my bad. I'm sorry. I apologize and take it back. :|Maaku
    • I can't even begin to imagine the absolutely blinding-to-sense red mist that I'd suffer were I there. I'd go fucking apoplectic, and probably not help much.Nairn
    • Thank god for the proud bedroom eagles and their handlotioned webdesigner friends who post their analysis on the internetdrgs
    • "Suicide profession" are you fucking kidding me? An average of 85 cops die in the line of duty each year. Fishing for a living is more dangerous.nb
    • This false narrative where we grant cops "automatic hero" status is ridiculous.nb
    • "An average of 85 cops die in the line of duty each year" -- exactly because they follow the instructionsdrgs
    • Look, I'm not saluting the police officers, I'm just saying the old man should have been better aware of the situationdrgs
    • And we're just saying you're a fucked up piece of shit for pointing that out.nb
    • What else is newdrgs
    • Here are the clients btw…
      You can say both sides share a common denominator
    • “He is still in serious but stable condition at the Erie County Medical Center and, as was relayed to me by an ECMC official, he is "alert and oriented.",”grafician
    • google Stanford_prison_expe... It explains muchTurboslacker
    • 'Its a borderline suicide profession'
      more pigs die from being shot by other pigs or accidents than from suspects or accused. The fucking brains on this cunt.
    • What about those pigs who died in 9/11drgs
    • How easy and readily we accustom to have a new group of people to stigmatize
      Fucking lemmings
    • Lol drgs you're the lemming here. Arguing that riot cops can assault a very very scary 75 year old man with a fanny pack and he is partly to blame. Yeeshnb
    • "cops are above criticism"
      - drgs
    • so edgypango
    • soulless deathboy is soullessutopian
    • why give the police the benefit of the doubt and not the old guy? They're trained, armed, experienced. He's not, is old and maybe confusedFax_Benson
    • drgs' argument would hold more weight if it were a group of 20-something professional window smashers. Have to say it's a pretty horrible take.Fax_Benson
    • taking the 'contrarian' view is only useful if there's some merit to itFax_Benson
    • because the video. people being told to back up and you approach with phone, get in for the gram fame. get pushed. and trip/flop. darwin awarddeathboy
    • personal responsibility is absolutely paramount if you want to change culturedeathboy
    • but i will admit i guess it wasn't johnny knoxville. just an old man activist looking for signifigancedeathboy
    • but the rest of the team stepping down in solidarity for the two officers, makes me wonder if the cops and unions might start to realize there powerdeathboy
    • stand down and let it burn and see who asks for protection from whomdeathboy
    • if that were to happen were cops say fuck this shit. and walk. lol im thinking those pro gun "nuts" be fine where as others not so much...except the "nuts"deathboy
    • more than likely help as usualdeathboy
    • if u can´t handle it don´t do the job. flippin losers .. can´t even handle a senior in a proper way.neverscared
    • what way should mob mentality handle a senior citizen getting in the front lines?... everyone one stop. get a wheelchair and push him into it to sit, shackledeathboy
    • and roll him off. have to consider the context. not what is an everyday situation. and im still thinking he was pumped with his flop on the 15 minutes of famedeathboy
    • you see that police helmet the old man was holding? some say he was just trying to return the helmet.pango
    • so you think the doctor faked it too?
      oh wait sorry my bad. i forgot you think you are more qualified to be a doctor than doctors. LOL
  • Nairn3

    Pic of the Day

    One for drgs. Taken near here..

    • I deciphered the side columns, but have trouble putting it all togetherdrgs
    • Another fine mess. I’m so happy. Very very happy.monospaced
    • BEN EINE. http://vantagepointr…autoflavour
    • I thought it was in German to start with.webazoot
    • Ben is good people. Met him in SF years ago when he exhibited with White Walls. Owner of that gallery stole a load of Ben monies and fucked off to france.dasohr
    • He is definitely a character.. that’s for sureautoflavour
    • Probably one of the drunkest guests we had, but he rolled in out of itautoflavour
    • A drunk who makes a career designing nonsense? Sounds like i have a new personal hero.Nairn
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    The ruling planet Mercury is present in Sagittarius which imparts a dual character and this is creating an auspicious time for you. Although a little confused at the beginning, you will be able to make concrete decisions. The presence of the Moon in the 9th house is going to give you all the luck you need to get things done. You will maintain good health and find success in all your ventures. However, the presence of Mars in your 6th house might give you a little stress every now and then but nothing more than that. The 7th house occupied by Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, and Ketu is going to give you a good share of ups and downs in your relationship. You will have moments of romantic bliss and moments of unwanted misunderstandings but the most dangerous and harmful of all this will be the ego clashes between you and your partner.

    Apart from this, Rahu will also impact your patience and calmness. The transit of Rahu into Taurus will create circumstances for you to travel abroad.

    • Needed a good laugh.monospaced
    • if you take out all the bullshit, you're left with 'concrete decisions' - which I'm assuming is in the Grand Designs, polished / quartz epoxy sense.Fax_Benson
    • totally hypothetical, unless I find find success in some of my venturesFax_Benson
  • i_monk2
    • oh ok.pango
    • I'm probably incorrect, but i just worked this out at being a quarter of a ton of CO2 emitted for this 330 mile journey.Nairn
    • And almost nobody will see it.pango
    • It made the national news.i_monk
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    • guess if you end up shoveling too much human manure 24 hours a day you end up a piece of shit as wellBluejam
    • Keeping this example to share with my son.R_Kercz
    • WTF! There's a whole group of people saying this was a crisis actor and false flag and he had fake blood pipped from his mask into his ear.fooler
    • American is indeed fucked.fooler
    • "39 min ago
      75-year-old pushed by police officers in Buffalo during protest "alert and oriented," official says" - CNN
    • "He is still in serious but stable condition at the Erie County Medical Center and, as was relayed to me by an ECMC official, he is "alert and oriented.",”grafician
    • At least the old man will know who to sue or something after thisgrafician
    • Is his name J.Low? LOLHayzilla
    • LOSImonospaced
    • @mono man I've seen you defending cops in comments a bit, that's ok, question: do you have cops in the family or something? Or just for law & order's sake?grafician
    • @mono honestly questioning, don't start shit pleasegrafician
    • @mono but if I'm mistaking, please correct megrafician
    • What the FUCK are you referring to?monospaced
    • The cops name is J. Losi. Not J. Low, which would have been funny if you had caught the reference. I said nothing even related to police.monospaced
    • You’re mistaken. Again.monospaced
    • Alright thengrafician
    • What did you think I said? Seriously. Not starting shit but what the FUCK?monospaced
    • @mono no, seriously my bad, it was nothing, we coolgrafician
    • lolpango