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    RIP of the day

    RIP Rip Torn

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    Signs your getting old?

    Apparently I like jazz now...

    • ha, I found myself listening to an apparently very well-known Jazz tune a few weeks back and uncomfortably realising I thought it was excellent... :\Nairn
    • .. I still think most jazz is arsehole music.Nairn
    • You shut your mouth, young man! And get off my lawn!!scruffics
  • jagara3


    Just had a discussion with an American about the mandatory five to six weeks vacation we get in Denmark. He thought it was "ridiculous" and we could learn something from Americans who "kick a lot of ass" (meaning who have to work constantly, which is the meaning of life, obvi).

    Lol. Jealousy in disguise. You'd love to 2,5X your vacation.

    • they/we've been trained to think working long hour and contently busy = path to success in life.pango
    • in Denmark, the quality of the free education and health care is substandard: They are way down on the PISA [Programme for International Student Assessment]...imbecile
    • educational rankings, have the lowest life expectancy in the region, and the highest rates of death from cancer.imbecile
    • And there is broad consensus that the economic model of a public sector and welfare state on this scale is unsustainable.imbecile
    • https://www.independ…imbecile
    • vacations is lifeBennn
    • I don't need my Gov telling me when it's time to take a break or how long a break for that matter - but if you require that much hand-holding then so be it :)PonyBoy
    • My vacation is 5 weeks and that is standard in the professional world. We aren’t required to take it, but it isn’t as low as you’re assuming it is.monospaced
    • @ponyboy Danes don't have to take vacations either, it's just mandatory for the employer to offer them.jagara
    • Was recently in Denmark, they seemed a lot happier than folk in Britain, their society is just better I suppose.PhanLo
    • Denmark has got that invisible hand of facism, inventory of all citizens, control of immigrants, but it's a tiny ass place, you do need long vacations to escaperobotron3k
    • I am confused robo. You say it like those are all bad things but then salivate over them as long as it’s trump pushing for itscruffics
    • America is fucked. In my first year of working full time after uni I was give 5 holidays that was including paid sick leave. I also didn’t get...scruffics
    • Health insurance until I finished my first 6 monthsscruffics
    • US and A = 2nd world country on par with China and Russia, only slightly better. The sooner mexicans take over, the better for alldrgs
    • People can live or work however they want.Hayoth
    • I love idiots like drgs that beg for 3 world conditions while raising their commi flag.Hayoth
    • The irony about commies is that they broke free from their ideology, while the Americans are stuck in a position where they need to continuedrgs
    • pushing their own ideology with a proud face, keep pretending its the best. The happiest countries are those which do not need to prove anything to anyone.drgs
    • The Nordics are very utilitarian in this respect, they pick some parts here and there which work, and disregard the labelsdrgs
    • But for an American it is the worst sin in the world to admit that he would rather have 5 weeks of vacation, because "socialism"drgs
    • The good news is US and A is 10 years behind Europe in everything, and eventually all the goods which we have will eventually be adopted in USdrgs
    • They just need to accept it their own way, by slowly eating shit for years and "kicking ass", for some made-up reasons which make them Americandrgs
    • Yes, U.S. sucks, everywhere is better. Total shithole. lol BYE.HijoDMaite
    • I have 30 working days of holidays per year, not including city/country holidaysernexbcn
    • regarding mandatory or not, some countries do enforce, precisely to avoid employers to force employees to not take holidays based on work load or delivery...ernexbcn
    • ...excuses, so if there's an inspection and they find employees that have not taken their holidays the company can be finedernexbcn
    • Lol. DOKAY this story happened.cannonball1978
    • I just checked their PISA ranking. They are 17th among 70 countries. Not "Way down on the PISA" article is full of fake info.Beeswax
    • Lolz hijo!!PonyBoy
    • Work yourselves to death neglect your health and your family you’ll die with the most toys but you’ll still die having lived an empty and pointless life._niko
    • Even your idiot president takes 15 weeks vacation a year while the rest of you slave away lol_niko
    • Jeez. Didn't expect this post to be considered this polemic...jagara
    • 4.5 work hours a day, 3 months holiday is the near futureneverscared
    • Canuck here. 6 weeks vacation...exador1
    • @exador1 Hi five :Djagara
    • @jagara you implied that America isn't absolute #1 at everything so of course you're going to get a big reaction.zarkonite
    • @jagara, you implied that 5 weeks of vacation is 2.5x what Americans receive. It's simply not true, which is why you're getting reactions like this.monospaced
    • My company offers more vacation as standard to all employees, and has for decades, without any qualifications. In the United States.monospaced
    • 6 weeks plus trailing or preceding days on long weekends, plus a 2 week shutdown over the holidays, ask how much I usually take...ben_
    • We shut down 2 weeks for xmas—and I get 6 weeks paid on top of that—plus I work from home most of the time stoned off my balls—I'm always on vacation—'MERICA!!PonyBoy
    • We shut down for two weeks at Christmas and also a full week for 4th of July. Every three day weekend is extended. We can flex hours any way we like.monospaced
    • Unlimited sick days. 4 floating holidays. Work from anywhere I want. Not Denmark.monospaced
    • its typically better to pay higher wages with less benefits and let employees decide what they value. wether it be unpaid time off or or earning more.deathboy
    • mandatory time off restricts peoples pay who may not take advantage of that benrfit, or have no means to take advantage of it.deathboy
    • and sad thing is its averaged out and hedged in companies best interest being mandatory that they find a formula that benefits their bottom linedeathboy
    • packaged and sold as a "great benefit" when the truth is a higher wage and letting you decide is far better.deathboy
    • have to track back to why benefits is offered vs higher pay. its not like benefits isn't calculated into employee cost.deathboy
    • its a easy sell when business learn they can keep more money get more tax deductions and pay employees lessdeathboy
    • Higher wages will NEVER make up for time off. Time off is not some bottom line perk to maintain bottom line. I sometimes wonder if yuh ever had a job dB.monospaced
    • neither view is 100% valid... bottom line is an employee and their boss should determine their value and agree upon compensation w/OUT the Gov's help.PonyBoy
    • Mono makes a good point, lots of American companies have great HR policies. It's an open market and you gotta seek out the conditions you want.zarkonite
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  • ok_not_ok2
    • heh - said that to my missus when we watching it last week...._me_
    • you mean better than battle of Coke vs Pepsiprophetone
    • Ethan Hawk's kid... first time I've seen her work... thought she was great—plays a good smartassPonyBoy
    • To be fair... she's also Uma Thurman's kid. And just to make you feel old as fuck - the little shit was born AFTER Gattaca came out.PonyBoy
  • dasohr10

    Signs your getting old?

    I am going to one up idealist here.
    Three weeks ago, I spontaneously decided to see a show. There’s a mosh pit, of course. It’s that kind of show. I figure why not hang out by the pit, seems fun, done it for 25 years now. Get pushed into the pit, god forbid. Get pushed and very u.n. gracefully try to remain by balance, bending my right foot so far, the fibula snaps.
    The story continues, but I’ll leave it at this:
    Countless trips to doctors, dozens of Oxis, an MRI, 6 casts and a steel implant later, here I am feeling old af, regretting my youthful spontaneity.

    • Best pit experience was around 1996 I took about two or three steps walking above the pit. I think it was Filter.HijoDMaite
    • I've been thinking about the logistics of your experience, Hijo. Please do tell, did you launch from stage onto the pit or were you suspended above the pit?dasohr
    • Also Filter was highly underrated. Still is.dasohr
    • lesson learned. hope you will be better soon!api
    • haha i believe it was regular floating on my back and then found the opportunity to stand.HijoDMaite
    • Damn. I’m listening to the short bus album right now. It aged well, so heavy.HijoDMaite
    • Filter was great until that Take a Picture songfooler
  • Gardener0


    Northampton has ridiculously strict laws on dropping
    cigarette ends in the street,I would have thought getting
    fined £375 for it would stop it happening but it doesn't!

    • easy money for the local councilGardener
    • Wait, your paper prints out named details of local misdemenours?Nairn
    • public shaming isn't that uncommon. I just found a public listing of a ticket I received in 2015imbecile
    • I redacted it to protect the guiltyGardener
    • Increase the fine to £1000. Fuck selfish idiots who drop litter. Their brains are too small to think beyond 1 chess move. Check mate.shapesalad
    • https://www.verywell…shapesalad
    • lol Check mate!pango
    • they have their 15 minutes of fame by appearing in a newspaper (and the newspaper has some news). odd world.SimonFFM
    • The fines are too high but the law is fantastic. Smokers continually shit on everyone around them and then wonder why laws are passed against them.CyBrainX
    • The one that bugs me most is people stubbing fags out on the top of bins.. then just leaving them there. 'You made half the effort right .. what went wrong?'Nairn
    • Peg the fine to their income.i_monk
    • or just peg them.Nairn
    • and name them Peg.CyBrainX
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    Vid of the Day

    I found this here but I forget who posted it. I've been going through serious mental health issues which led to medication, and theropary, and reaching out to friends and then new medication and then exercise and a breakup and so on and yadda yadda yadda... this YT channel was the most effective treatment.

    • Love it, can see myself spending hours watching thisdee-dubs
    • This makes me so satisfied.noRGB
  • ok_not_ok2
    • Who is the cure?_niko
    • You mean there is finally a question on Jeopardy that I know the answer to?lemmy_k
    • What is "The Blackhouse?"zarb0z
    • @_niko lolKrassy
  • robotron3k0

    Vid of the Day

    Coast Guard drug bust on semi-submersable, the guy is yelling in brutally bad Spanish, "Open the door now!"

    • lol ~ "brutally bad Spanish"!Nairn
    • yeah that's some terrible spanish lmaoernexbcn
    • he shouts "alto su barco" which doesn't make any sense at all in spanish but it's a direct translation of "stop your boat"ernexbcn
    • “ALTO TU POURTO!”HijoDMaite
    • Yup, it should be “detenga su barco”, or “pare su barco”, but not “alto su barco”. Cool vid.maquito
    • that's racial profiling to assume the driver speaks spanish.hotroddy
    • Haha (jajaja)HijoDMaite
  • freedom1
    • this was gooood :)renderedred
    • Good grief... you could replace every utterance of the “left” with “right” and the entire dialog would still work.mg33
    • Fear-mongering is not a uniquely Democratic thing. It’s the f’ing core value of Fox News, a pro-Republican propaganda arm of the government.mg33
    • there is nothing written into he green new deal that explains how it works. it only makes demands on where it must end up.cannonball1978
    • ^ yet FOX tells people she's crazy and wants to take your car away and ditch airplanes.freedom
    • why are fox so obsessed with AOC? It's bizarre. Also what the fuck are they worried about? Reps are in power. The right is in power. You Won.inteliboy
  • Ramanisky24

    florida is whack

    Floriduuuuhhh strikes again.
    Around the 2:25 mark.

    I’m so sick of shitty racist ignorant people who just can’t seem to mind their own fucking business.

    Good on that manager, he told them what’s what.

    • Those old biddies will never change.shellie
    • ^ oh you’re absolutely right ... however shaming them in public is a beautiful thing.Ramanisky2
    • Large parts America speak German, do they get hassled for that?PhanLo
    • No because they’re white.monospaced
    • on an optimistic note, he took it lightly and the kids were cool. there just may be a better future...renderedred
    • Shellie is correct, these old biddies are seen into the fabric of USA, you know exactly where they shop and eat. Don't be surprised if you are in their space.robotron3k
    • He should have a little more respect for wives of civil war vets!_niko
    • #white privilege
    • ingorate?Nairn
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    Haven't participated here in a while but reading BusterBoy's post above made me feel like writing an update on one of my past blog posts.

    Just tried to look it up and I might have written but never actually posted it haha!

    Anyway, I went through 2017 and 2018 without invoicing one single job. Was going through hell with a bad rep (film) in 2016 despite huge opportunities, producing mediocre work leading me to nothing good to show to step things up.
    Ended up moving back to my parents, lost a huge deal of confidence in my abilities, started borrowing from gracious friends to try and get anything started, was seriously considering either a radical change of professional path or suicide due to the absolute lack of accomplishment and gratification I was finding myself in.

    It eventually got so bad that it became sort of funny to me, how desperately stuck I was. Then it didn't matter anymore to send a 10th email to past (satisfied) clients who had either not answered the previous 9 or had politely declined, I was actually curious to see how many things I could do without result.

    Anyway, at some point I stopped counting on others and started counting on myself, then put together a few ideas to help a friend out with no money in sight to make them happen, but writing that stuff felt pretty good, good enough to reach out to some more people.
    Eventually you hit the right person at the right time with not much to show but enough that they connect and hit you back, then things get rolling a bit, and before you know it here comes the domino effect.

    I'm very aware of how short that domino effect might turn out to be, but getting things started really is a matter of endurance and keeping the faith through thick and thin. Putting pride aside, and taking a step back to look at things from a more neutral place rather than emotionally or through what others might think.

    And even though it's a big cliché, things can go from very shitty to pretty damn good anytime so don't give up.

    • +1fadein11
    • thats great advice dude, and i feel better having read it :)exador1
    • solid post.inteliboy
    • Things really did a 180 over a month. Reach out to new people, help friends, tell whoever's work you like that you do, find likeminded peeps, they're out there!spl33nidoru
    • Persistence, not perfection. Nice post.aslip
    • Awesome! I'm a huge proponent of "Thoughts are things!"robotron3k
    • thanks for postingFax_Benson
    • i think the 'helping friends' thing can often be underappreciated...exador1
    • sometimes we get (rightly so) so wound up in our own troubles and issues we overlook that we could help someone out...exador1
    • and often, when helping others, we can find solutions to our own troubles, or learn new ways to improve our own situations...exador1
    • +++pr2
    • i like the text very much. but who can remove this mouse....api
    • No it isn't a big cliché, it is your life :)
      It's a great thing that you have the courage to share this with us.
  • ideaist7

    Signs your getting old?

    I jumped a fence to save roughly 2 minutes of walking.

    Did NOT "nail" the landing.

    Bruised/cracked rib.

    No running or cycling for a few weeks.


  • drgs4
    • Margin-right, surely?Nairn
    • Or, margin-left but with a negative z-index?Nairn
    • maybe hotel-room.css is for the next roomdrgs
    • Ah, true! Then there'd be another, to the corner of left frame here. Genius!Nairn
    • mini split heat pumpbezoar
    • so that's why it's called split air conditioner!
      aahah :D
  • Krassy5
  • uan9
    • Beyond awesome!robotron3k
    • i used to watch his show with my father when i was a kidBennn
  • NBQ002
    • ahahah
      Nathan Fillion.
    • Mike "American Picker" Wolf._me_
    • Tom CruiseAQUTE
    • took me a whiledrgs