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  • eryx3


    Just a question.

    Can we start on the premis that most cops are not racist ass hats?

    Or is the premise that most cops are racist pricks and they stop the good cops from doing good?

    I think they're are more good cops then bad but I am not black and don't live in America.

    • IMO is about a 50/50 mixutopian
    • lol 50/50 mix. #science?deathboy
    • the left wants to see USA turn into a crime ridden 3rd world country. as a result cops will be too afraid to go into american gettoshotroddy
    • and let gangs control streets. We're right behind Brazil, Venezuela, Jamaicahotroddy
    • great job america!pango
    • When I was young and dressed funny I got stopped by cops a lot. So I figured they were all bad.Gnash
    • you know what you said about the left is as extreme and as ridiculous as saying all police are racist right?monospaced
    • nobody wants to create a worse world with more hate and violence. Cmon.monospaced
    • Just start with the assumption that racism has no place (anywhere but especially) in policing. It’s a problem that’s causing a lot of issues, so worth adressingben_
    • I'm sure cops are good, bad and mediocre just like the rest of us. The part that is troubling to me is to see them walking around with military style weaponsyuekit
    • like an invading army.yuekit
    • @hotroddy "the left wants to see..." :/maquito
    • there are directives like in new York where the number of citations is a baseline of good work. that kind of structure makes good copsshellie
    • pray on people of color to hit their quota.shellie
    • after a while, even if you're good, it has to charge the way you think in general. scanning a crowd like "who can I get to fill my quota and nobody will care"shellie
    • if they did this to the well to do or whites, they'd be up in arms. but hey once you ticket, and then warrant kids for hanging out and then they get arrestedshellie
    • for the ticket later, now you're in the c system. upw also learning early on that you could just be standing on the corner.shellie
    • *sorry typos. swype text is a bitch. anyway, I feel like in many ways its like being accused of cheating...shellie
    • of someone is going to accuse you of cheating over and over and it's just as raw as if you did, you might as well have done it.shellie
    • that's how teachers, cops, and people of authority treat black people after they're not a cute as a button baby.shellie
    • then people assume things about you that aren't even true, holding tough back from opportunity and growth. and so the cycle continues. this hits home for me.shellie
    • shellie i got a ticket by a cop once. passed a dumb shit CA tourist who cant drive mountain roads in a straight away. he understood but was working on a grantdeathboy
    • to give out more citations. sucks for me. but wrong place wrong time and i should have jsut let him speed up on the straight away and he would have got it. mydeathboy
    • bad. but u learn. sucks too because as i hit 85 i said watch there's a cop hiding in those trees.. sigh... at the end of the day its tax revenue. paying my tolldeathboy
    • usually i'd just go to court plead not guilty than discuss with the DA i have no problem with the fine its the insurance, and we accept non moving violationdeathboy
    • they get theirs, i get taxed a little. this one however was small court jurisdition where the da was present in the whole court room at the same wtf?deathboy
    • just had to take the hit on this one and wasted time actually showing up in court. to your story i dont think there is any preying. could be just locationaldeathboy
    • sterotyping that pays off like a fishing hole. sometimes cops just need to hit quotas. and again personal responsibility. i fucked up. i took the riskdeathboy
    • got busted couldnt even plead it out. its not the cops or anyone else's problem but mine.deathboy
    • I make choices, sometimes bad ones, sometimes ones that give me more grief than its worth (any rational talk on qbn). In example of qbn. I know fully well.deathboy
    • Who do i blame for it? Well one myself because i am inconsiderate of other peoples feeling and more focused on truth and reality.deathboy
    • the rest could be culture which is a huge tapestry. like you thought im white so you call me racist or whatever for acknowledging the logical fallcydeathboy
    • in a meme. is it a race thing? naw. i actually don't think u hate whites at all. your not racist. but i think you acting with emotion, mostly fear of some sortdeathboy
    • scared of what people think. such fears are typical amongst any "difference". young old fat slim. rep or dem. Some people might act on such things or combos.deathboy
    • nothing you can do. and a blessing you didnt want to work with any small minded people as such. but dont think its all because you are black.deathboy
    • its the same all over. im white and ive had plenty of my own shares of irrational discrimination. but its their right to have such feelings.deathboy
    • as in if i asked to work for you and you said fuck off. well that is your right. its not racist its merely a personal value judgement.deathboy
    • hell if you punched me and broke my nose id say an emotional assault. I expect you to pay my bill and move on.deathboy
    • you know no one's gonna read that right? i stopped at "shellie i got a ticket by a cop once"pango
    • i cant control how people will read it. the thought i should be concerned and dumb it down like responsive web design to the lowest common denominator or riskdeathboy
    • flames of hate over social media.well im not on social media. actually not very social. so i have no issues saying what i think.deathboy
    • but youre more than right ppl wont read it. who wants to read reasons for being wrong. does a bible kid want to here science vs creationism. very human todeathboy
    • chase what you want to believe. and if you think i do the same, i can tell you i have no desires to believe anything. no preconceptionsdeathboy
    • just a very curious observant mind unattached cycnical. really would like to drink with diogenesdeathboy
    • and also remember no one refuted what she said...deathboy
    • you know no one's gonna read that right?pango
  • yuekit1

    America is Fucked

    Someone just drove into a crowd of protesters in downtown Seattle and shot a black protester from his car window. It looked like a mass shooting might happen but he walked off into the crowd.…

    • damn.neverscared
    • https://players.brig…OBBTKN
    • Thank goodness for 2A. It saved this fellows' life.Doris_McSquirter
    •… He came prepared to kill.ben_
    • What happens in this case? If the shooter was white all hell would have broken loose, since he was black, nobody knows what to do?_niko
    • ...they let him go ffs? If he’s white its systemic racism, maga, etc but since he’s black, nobody bats an eye? Nothing’s gonna change unless this changes._niko
    • What do you mean, I'm pretty sure he's going to be arrested and charged regardless of race?yuekit
    • i think he might have read it somewhere some black dude open fire on protesters.
      somewhere that no one else read.
    • Yeah just saw that he surrendered to the police, it’s not the charged by police but his actions not being judged by the media as harshly._niko
    • Everybody needs to be held accountable no matter what colour your skin is. Judge a man by the content of his character..._niko
    • Also “he shot a black protester” loaded it up_niko
    • Honestly this story was barely a footnote in the news given everything that is going on lol. I posted it mainly because it happened in my old neighborhood.yuekit
    • About the shooter, I'm not totally sure he is black. Could be latino or some other ethnicity based on the pic. But of course black people can be assholes too.yuekit
    • Story would not have been just a footnote if shooter was whiteGnash
    • was shooter white?pango
    • I don’t knowGnash
    • oh okpango
    • He's a KK leadder

    • ^i don't think that's him, it's a truck in the article and no shootingrenderedred
    • lol you're right, this was another incident, looked so similar I mixed them upgrafician
    • this is the one in seattle #Seattle suspect is Nikolas Fernandez & he is Latino. According to witness, driver Fernandez was chased by mob.grafician
    • The name might be real but the idea that he was chased by the crowd? He pretty clearly drove into the crowd and had gun with spare magazine ready.yuekit
    • A known, Latino white supremacist ?Gnash
    • There are people on twitter defending this guy as some kind of hero because he didn't run anyone over and only shot one person.nb
    • Some people are arguing that the driver/shooter's actions are self-defense. Then they're reminding complete strangers how much smarter they are than everyone.nb
    • The internet has given a platform to the absolute dumbest of our society.nb
    • Yeah some real psychos out there. I think they just hate the protesters so therefore this guy must be good in their ‘logic’.yuekit

    Suggest a good movie…

    A film by my friend Telmo Esnal, now available online under the We Are One Film Festival platform. An for a plus point; I made a star appearance at 1:04:55 on it, LOL!

  • fisheye13

    America is Fucked

    I just want to put things in my perspective as a European citizen who in person felt how American politics democratized the shit out of “shithole countries”.

    How about UNSC to impose sanctions and embargo against this shithole country government in response to Trump’s unacceptable use of force against his own people and crimes against humanity and freeze Donald’s and his family members bank accounts, companies and real estate abroad? Or maybe it is the right moment for Russia to threaten USA with military intervention in order to force US government to stop the killing of civilians?

    If you are an American reading this than what you feel now is exactly how people in the rest of the world felt for decades against USA.

    It's just a thought.

    • Yeah, I'm hearing their leader Trump has access to drone killing machines and various kinds of WMD!shapesalad
    • +1renderedred
    • I'm an American and would support our violent overthrow.allthethings
    • Time for a "regime change"!
      Take your pick of methods from the list here
    • instead of all this talk... why aren't you guys out there gettin' bloody? :PPonyBoy
    • The EU is an old wrecki_was
    • European "citizen". funny.Doris_McSquirter
    • @Doris Slovene to be precise.fisheye
    • I agree with all of this because it is 100% true.cherub
    • Yet at the same time, how does europe justify playing follow the leader right now and importing American #BlackLivesMatter propaganda?cherub
    • One would think it wouldn't be wise to follow such a country's lead. I see europeans making some really cringy statements in their protests.cherub
    • To put it simply: a wrong done in America to a black person doesn't mean black ppl in other countries are suddenly victims. They're not.cherub
  • Bennn-1


    Anyone in here is doing car camping? Like in sleeping in your car instead of a tent.

    Me and my gf are doing a lot of read trip every year and we would like a car with enough room so we can sleep in it.

    I dont want a big van, i was thinking of a Toyota RAV-4 or something like that.

    Any experience in here?

    • five of us once spent the night in my old renault 5 on beachy head. i don't recommend it. get a vanhans_glib
    • Sleeping in cars sucks. Fine if it’s an emergency but I wouldn’t plan a trip around itGnash
    • yep, every single experience of sleeping in a car has been horrendous for me.fadein11
    • The term ‘car camping’ usually just means you are bringing all your gear to a campsite in a car, instead of on your back or in a canoeGnash
    • Anyway, don’t do it. Bring a tent and air mattressGnash
    • https://10ts-tents.c…nb
    • maybe you're right, i am just starting thinking about it, i haven't make any decisions yetBennn
    • There actually was a crossover / hatchback car with a built in tent some years ago. Can't remember the name. Probably cheap as hell these days.nb
    • https://www.thrillis…nb
    • ^ Boom. Ahead of its time!!!!nb
    • I’ve done it a bit. In hot weather it’s the pits though. Forester with the back seat folded down and an inflatable mattress.thumb_screws
    • It’s ok for 1 or 2 nights but if you have a bit of kit with you, you end up sleeping wedged between all your stuff.thumb_screws
    • i moved the discussion there:…Bennn
  • neverscared-2
  • neverscared6
  • PhanLo2

    America is Fucked

    Brandon Saenz, 26, was shot in the left eye by
    Dallas PD Saturday night by a rubber bullet.
    He lost the eye, several teeth & had facial fractures that required several surgeries.

    • So fucked up. I was reading 8 people were blinded by cops in these protests.yuekit
    • context of the protest? the people jsut standing and chanting slogans in a safe space and cops came up and shot? seems to lack motivedeathboy
    • Poor guy. Horrific. Life changing. Hope it doesn't lead to depression, unemployment, a life wasted. I know I'd have a hard time moving forward if I lost an eyeshapesalad
    • someone's hit him with an ugly stick. lol.Doris_McSquirter
    • Check police in France, they have done this to lots of peoplei_was
    • doris is quite some sadistic lady .neverscared
    • lol at the cunt demanding context, as if he deserved thismonospaced
    • its like receiving a hit with a hammerBennn
    • In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.Doris_McSquirter
  • milfhunter3
    • Shit like this reminds me I'm living in .. well, at least - 'a' future. Thanks.Nairn
    • getting paid a shit tonne of money to kill people... uh huh..autoflavour
    • well that was fucking bleakautoflavour
  • utopian5


    How many more sleeper cells has drgs released?…

    • lol, was watching this a bit earlieri_was
    • Stop trying to micromanage the site, mook.Doris_McSquirter
    • Let's see how long your username lasts drgs.utopian
    • oooh, that stung. mook.Doris_McSquirter
    • Are you suggesting than I am Doris?drgs
    • I still dont know what's the difference between certified and uncertified users, other than the green color. Useless idea, has always beendrgs
    • Doris McSquirter is BustyStClairemonospaced
    • at the end of the day it's all JazX lol_niko
    • at the end of the day its all russia i thought was the popular conspiracy theorydeathboy
    • only after trump is in jail then its really popular. give it 2 years.neverscared
    • Hard to miss from the posting 'style' who that one is. Did he actually get removed then?webazoot
    • what _niko said :PPonyBoy
    • Oh no, I am not Doris. Vanessa doesn't respond to desperately angry comments from little boys hurt by my posts, just giggle & ignoreBustySaintClaire
  • mort_7


    The names of those killed by racism and police brutality are written along Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis. George Floyd was killed on this street in front of Cup Foods after being accused of using a counterfeit $20 bill. The site of his death has been converted into a large shrine.

    Photo Leshon Lee

    • Fentanyl floyd died of the Rona most likely. But facts mean nowt.Doris_McSquirter
    • I liked you marginally better when you were drgs.mort_
    • 2 separate autopsies were done on george. and both autopsies called Floyd’s death a homicide.
      but what is fact anyway.
    • Doris is so stupid he thinks people drop dead of the virus randomly like that l. Let that level of stupid sink in.monospaced
    • at least we can laugh at one more idiot around here , little doris.neverscared
    • He should've tapped earlier.Doris_McSquirter
    • ohhhh? was there a referee around?pango
    • He did, you heartless cunt. That's the whole point. WTF.monospaced
  • deathboy-5


    surprised this hasnt been posted

    • it makes one wonder who exactly is pushing "hate". and remember hate is defined to feel strongly or pasionately for something you dislike. an irrational feelingdeathboy
    • i mainly think this is as politcal as it was 4 years ago. pot calling kettle black. the BLM antifa shit is no different than trumps worst comments trying todeathboy
    • exploit PC, shaming effects of social media. well more weaponized and targeted than trump stupid twitter shit fed constantly by MSM.deathboy
    • im thinking the movement as seen has no positivity or room for positive growth. Only separation and more emotional feelers of hate, while doing nothing todeathboy
    • educate on the irrationality of any such hate. jsut divide and conquer by people using it for own aims. plus there is no mission no call to actiondeathboy
    • which is th epoint. i think it started as a 15 min fame hashtag exploited by some one in CA and used donations and apparently has shady tax infodeathboy
    • and many other peopel piggybacking onto it for own political gains, or masking looting and crimes, and shit.. what is the end game besides chaos.deathboy
    • how does siupport for this guy and not ahmaud (which new footage may be why) treated as a martyr. none of this is rationale in any sensedeathboy
    • and i really hope the senate doenst vote becuase "anti-trump" to push unemployment benefits until h=january givign 5out of 6 people more money than theyed makedeathboy
    • workign in hopes to alter 40 million votes and incite chaos. and mor ehate filled driveldeathboy
    • lol and 2 downvotes in less time than it would take to view the video... think about that virtue signallingdeathboy
    • and what it really shows. do people want truth or easy to swallow bites that support there emotional based social systemsdeathboy
    • it was posted:…PonyBoy
    • "Piggybacking onto it for their own political gains" perfectly describes this video.yuekit
    • She's just another grifter/influencer who posts "controversial" stuff to get clicks.yuekit
    • All of this nonsense aside, deathboy, how long have you been here and you still dont understand what sidenotes are for. Blessscruffics
    • He also doesn’t understand or respect what this is all about. It’s pathetic.monospaced
    • that one person compare to…pango
    • oh my bad. i scrolled a few threads and didnt see it.deathboy
    • fuck no i dont have any respect for any of this shit. and what she says i have so much mroe respect for in takign time and pointing out the complexities ofdeathboy
    • the reality of everything and goign to sources you can check out. and weighing and balancing objectively what it is people react emo overdeathboy
    • she sdoes better in a 20 minute video tan i have patience for in the small character notesdeathboy
    • and scruffics i know i beleive far better than you what notes are for. i find it so much better than to comment on a specific post than promote a thread.deathboy
    • pushing notes doenst push thread and does nothign to progress the idea of new content. pushing the platform, while makign it harder for soemone to follow ordeathboy
    • keep up with. which helps people realize what it is they value to follow, applies a little personal responsibility to keep up with, in a way that doesnt alwaysdeathboy
    • with updates generating a sense of fomo. When you understadn the methods of control most follow you can do whatever you wantdeathboy
    • you know nobody's gonna read that right?pango
    • yup. read or watch it. its too long and doesnt support their narrative.deathboy
    • are u asking why i post non trendy shit for the social media game and likes vs posting shit i find far more truthful than a influencer in the movement?deathboy
    • be a better question. and better question on why you think that is important pangodeathboy
    • you know nobody's gonna read that right?pango
    • just you pango. just you. its all for youdeathboy
    • Oh how nice. Please continue.pango
    • she's not really black according to 'bowling ball' biden.Doris_McSquirter
    • lol she says whatever her paymasters tell her to say. she's thick as fucking shit, along with dopey cunts like Rubin and Dim Pool.face_melter
    • biden's an idiot too.pango
    • Just to be clear. She is speaking to her audience which is overwhelmingly white and purely conservative. She isn’t speaking to or for black Americans.monospaced
    • So when you say she makes the most sense, it’s totally irrelevant. Your minority point of view is considered deplorable by the world masses for a good reason.monospaced
    • And pango is right. Nobody is going to read a word of your nonsense side note rant. It’s just too stupid to deal with.monospaced
    • If you haven’t noticed you are the number one most hated person on this site. At this point everything you do here is despised. Go awaymonospaced
    • CO is a bandwagoner, before Trump was elected she was staunchly anti-republican & anti trump. Her writing and rants were solipsistic then, and even worse now...ben_
    • that she's apparently a conservative. She's a wannabe pundit and her opinions have been exposed multiple times as fraudulent.ben_
    •… yes, this is a left leaning news source, but every single claim in this article is backed up withben_
    • multiple sources and citations from elsewhere. Acting like this person's single opinion overrides what millions are saying to the contrary is fucking stupid.ben_
    • I find her wildly patronising towards the whole #BLM movement. Like, if you were rich like me you could be accepted by white people. It's fucked upIanbolton
    • Also, thanks for your input Deathboy. Always love what you have to say. Don't let the bastard drag you down. But you're totally off the mark on this one - againIanbolton
    • am I "the bastard" dragging him down? LOLmonospaced
    • Haha, obviously joking mate. ;-)Ianbolton
    • :) I LOL'dmonospaced
    • and everything all you said was pure opinion and didn't even touch a thing she said. all character asassination. even mono said black people to stupid to acceptdeathboy
    • reason when its considered deplorable. not merit popularity. Because im a minority and also should be shunned because im the minority... the logic and irrationdeathboy
    • al value people associate these days. crazy. Shes patronizing because she is pretty spot on. Like i figured it out. u do the same.deathboy
    • and ben u are going double standard judging what she said against her past. as she stated with floyds past crimes. without a doubt it is all worth considerationdeathboy
    • and if she is playing people doesnt mean she didnt hit this nail on the head. again the hate and insults and all that, but not a rebuttal of the content at all?deathboy
    • the fact there was 17 comments and not one regarding the content of the message. really have to wonder what tail is wagging the dog here.deathboy
    • I'm not insulting her whatsoever. I typed some facts. Every time this person is fact checked her rants become less and less believable, but, sure...ben_
    • She has an 18 minute segment citing all the "crimes" of GF, but like you complain about so often, cites NO sources. So about that "double standard"...ben_
    • This isn't complicated, even if he committed crimes in the past he didn't deserve to die from someone standing on his neck.yuekit
    • /\ well I thought that much was a given.ben_
    • Yeah that wasn't addressed at you :)yuekit
    • oh, I know.ben_
    • i actually have no idea if cause of death was knee. It looked like he wasnt pressing down much at all. if you only see the neck video and not the crying anddeathboy
    • pleading and everything before the context changes a bit.deathboy
    • Oh you have no idea? How about asking experts what caused it? And apparently 2 autopsies said he was chocked to death.pango
    • And it's not the first time I told you that. Are you a gold fish? Or are you dumb? What is it?pango
    • Lol there is really no point having serious discussion with you.pango
    • 2 autopsies actually had different results pango. The one by the family also the same person who does autopsies for all black victims. makes u question legiticadeathboy
    • https://www.latimes.…deathboy
    • family one same as eric garner.and you have to think of the millions it got his brother and how to pay for it.deathboy
    • as a free market guy i know things are hardly clear cut. a web a self interests. its being able to see itdeathboy
    • and yea me personally i don't think the knee was an issue, i think first coroner was likely correct. a myriad of things. But i dont think it helped and as muchdeathboy
    • as i dont think it was being forcefully applied i also think it was unnecessary. but emphasize with dealign with a huge adult crying liek a child whodeathboy
    • wont get in a car all the while people try to shame you on phones. again dumb on dumb all the way around. the fact is it comes down to opinion of the jurorsdeathboy
    • you can disagree with me but you are in no better place to know. really its not our concern at all. better spending time elsewheredeathboy
    • you know no one's gonna read that right?pango
    • ive always known pango. you never read i my stuff i dont care. its a sound board to bounce my ideas. the crack is there to give great insightdeathboy
    • challenge and test. but hardly ever realzeddeathboy
    • im surprised you follow so much of my shit no one else does?deathboy
    • What was that?pango
    • i wouldn't say following your shit. more like you kept placing your shit where im looking. like those shitty pop up ads.pango
  • NBQ002
    • i hate everything about this video. the influencers and the comentater...pango
    • you hate everything, pango :)NBQ00
    • almost truepango
    • yeah this is an easy video to hate on all accounts.ben_
    • I really believe QBN just hates YouTubers in general, doesn’t matter who.NBQ00
    • i understand how it works. in order to claim fair use for those clips. he has to comment on them. but the way he did it was just so cringy...pango
    • would have been better to let the video to speak for them self....pango
    • I don't hate Youtubers, but he's annoying. Admittedly not as annoying as the people he's annoyed by though.ben_
  • grafician5


    it seems they also sat 8 minutes on the statue neck and then thrown it into the river nearby?

  • Bindegal9
  • shapesalad2


    What's the end goal for BLM protests? Is there a specific law they want changing or drafting?

    If these protests last for 1 month, 1 year... what is the objective goal?

    The horrific inhumane murder that sparked these protests has brought to view a USA problem. And that's a positive, that it's being spoken about, thought about, considered.

    A first the protests around the world and here in the UK were meaningful. A sign of solidarity and of bringing the issue to the forefront. Of saying it's not just a USA problem. Ok. Good.

    But as the protests are ongoing, become more aggressive/destructive... Statues destroy, Police horses hurt, Police themselves injured... what specific result are they looking to achieve? Is there a law or code of conducted drafted that they want to see enacted.

    • Protests will fizzle out when all the core catch Wuhan Flu. Natural selection innit.Doris_McSquirter
    • Here's a website they created with some pretty detailed policies
    • Not got a clue re their demands. Most likely an absurd, endless wish list. Ultimate aim is revenge on Whitey for years of oppression.Doris_McSquirter
    • Well...some white people tried to stop the slave trade, William Wilberforce in particular, so not all historic white people are bad.shapesalad
    • I'm all for these protests, to bring attention. Really sad to see Trumps response. Sad to see police being more violent. Sad to see protestors being violentshapesalad
    • Keep in mind we're talking about a lot of different people here. I don't think the people looting stores are BLM.yuekit
    • Last year I got to see the Hong Kong protests firsthand. 90% were peaceful, but there was a small group that did smash stores and destroy property.yuekit
    • But I don't think their actions discredit the entire movement or what they are fighting for. And the same applies here.yuekit
    • The fact you have no clue what this is about is quite possibly the saddest and most embarrassing thing (for you) I’ve seen or heard. Deathboy I understood.monospaced
    • Sorry but I think it’s obvious. They want change. Accountability. An end to this.monospaced
    • Defunding the police seems to be a key demand. Most folks wont want that. The movement is doomed.Doris_McSquirter
    • def. acountability, the movement is blossoming global now. not gonna go away as easy anymore.neverscared
    • Blossoming for now but that wont last. Their mission lacks coherence.Doris_McSquirter
    • ya that happens when its a grassroot movement. decentralized. no one in charge. its just bunch of every day people fed up.pango
    • yea almsot every change they want i find huge issues with in logistics or obecjtive reasoning. and funny not one thing would have saved that dudes life theydeathboy
    • advocate for which make sme think this is all about money and pwoer ad special interests as any lobbying or organiztion. might as well be the NRA.deathboy
    • except i support the NRA with support for second amendments rights ( which do greater good esecially with calls to abolish poilce) and an actual rational stancedeathboy
    • on single logically objective course of actiondeathboy
    • Likely outcome: "We should expand and militarize the police forces so this sort of thing won't happen in future!"monNom
    • uhm no because force of police has little to do with thisdeathboy
    • i actually dont know what would could help. Im not sure there is an answer beside do less crime and avoid copsdeathboy
    • Private militias will fill the vaccum. Nice.Doris_McSquirter
    • MEAL TEAM SIX!pango
  • mort_3
    • Intelligent Design. Praise the Lord.Doris_McSquirter
    • Is this a real sequence from a microscope or a 3d representation ?i_was
    • It’s an animation.mort_
    • ok, tyi_was
    • I didn’t know that before posting. I am disappoint.mort_
    • Real sequence from Cinema4Dmaquito
    • haters gonna hatepango
    • lol Pangomort_
    • lol it has shadows ffsmonospaced
    • Electron microscopes produce shadows and glaresi_was
    • lol shadowsVandal7
  • imbecile5
  • drgs0
  • pango4

    America is Fucked…

    "There were two of them, both plainclothes detectives over 6 feet tall and powerfully built, flashing their badges and asking questions. There was weed in the front cupholder, and soon the detectives ordered the three occupants out of the car. As Anna later recalled, the detectives handcuffed her and told her friends, both young men, they were free to go. Then, she said they led her — a slender woman just over 5 feet tall — into the back of the unmarked police van with tinted windows.

    Inside, Anna said the detectives took turns raping her in the backseat as the van cruised the dark streets and as she sat handcuffed, crying and repeatedly telling them “No.” Between assaults, she said, the van pulled over so the cops could switch drivers. Less than an hour later, a few minutes’ drive from where it all began, the detectives dropped Anna off on the side of the road, a quarter-mile from a police station, surveillance footage shows. She stood on the sidewalk, her arms wrapped around her chest, looking up and down the dimly lit street and pacing slowly before borrowing a cell phone from a passerby to call a friend."

    • Disgusting. Imagine 'stirring a work colleagues porridge'. Yuk.Doris_McSquirter
    • that's the only thing disgusts you, and care enough to mention?pango
    • ^ robo is backinteliboy
    • why back when he was never banned?pango
    • Its' a bit gay, though. Still a pals' splooge.
      But stuff like this isnt' unique to the US unfortubately. Many cops see this as a job 'perk'. Its' vile.
    • If her story is true, that is.Doris_McSquirter
    • Yep, the return (er, another return) of Bobo. I thought you might be out photographing protests like you used to.ben_
    • ^ you read this story and only worry about double dipping huh?moldero
    • ahh, reg is open again, Yuri's back, welcome back buddy!moldero
    • double dipping, hehe. nice one.Doris_McSquirter
    • I think this is Bustymonospaced
    • She's not that busty. Hard to tell. Are there better pics of her?Doris_McSquirter
    • STFU troll scummonospaced
    • And busty is robo, no?ben_
    • if you the article, you know it doesn't matter if her story is real. In 35 states police officers can claim you've consented.pango
    • for you incels here who couldnt get lucky, here's your chance to legally rape someone.
      Doris, here's your chance!
    • Wow. Making light of rape. Plumbing new depths.thumb_screws
    • i know right. smhpango
    • not godeathboy
    • ing to get to into it, but "There were two of them, both plainclothes detectives over 6 feet tall and powerfully built, flashing their badges and asking questiodeathboy
    • jourmalism of such a thing where size doesnt matter is extra info to lead or coercedeathboy
    • displays an obvious bias. also locally a chick got out of arrest by offering sex. in this case no fight back, not threat. a simple verbal cue, details in thedeathboy
    • article dont add up. it could be true, but its all heresay and respinses seem questuiionabledeathboy
    • see how it plays out in court and what cards being helddeathboy
    • doesn't matter if her story is real. In 35 states police officers can claim you've consented.pango
    • @deathboy you are dumb as shit. I'm glad I don't know anybody like you.. sheeshSlashPeckham
    • Really you think she traded gang rape to avoid a minor possession charge? You really are the worst human garbage I have ever encountered deathboy. You sick fuckmonospaced
    • actually pango it matters EVERYTHING if her story is real. And not totally sure on consentual sex laws of police. but consentual sex is equal for everyone rightdeathboy
    • cops cant fuck someone who wants to fuck them. sure on duty dont get caught like sex in the work place. frowned but not illegal.deathboy
    • and mono maybe you havent been around to many women. there are all types. two hot chics give you freebie for a little fun and u jive?deathboy
    • im saying there are many details lacking of non consent. and it has strong bias in leading in way its written. not objectivedeathboy
    • iill be a sick fuck if that means having more knowledge of the world and people an experience and ability to not only identify what is said, but why and whatdeathboy
    • isnt said. little tip. what people don't say says more. like floyd MSM doesn't say much about pressing a gun against a preggars womans bellydeathboy
    • but if you had the capabilities we wouldnt have this conversation. just except i a bit more expert in these matters than you. i have degrees and everythingdeathboy
    • wait... didn't you once said certificated dont mean shit? and now you're bragging about it? LOL you're just flip flopping hard.pango
    • lets play a game. say her story is real and you are trying to defend her. do you think you have a case to charge them for sexual assault?pango
    • btw i read only the first and last notes you wrote.pango