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    Midjourney AI

    I made a brand mark years back that was well-received, but the underpinnings were made from a bit of a stroke of luck, with a bit of painful modification to wrangle it into a finished state.

    The client's often wanted variants on it, but because i 'cheated' and got lucky and because I'm not actually an artist or illustrator, subsequent stabs were 'a bit' lacklustre. Said client then got a Well-Known Illustrator to do a variant for a sub-brand a few years back, which was much better than what I could come up with, but still missed the mark, I felt. It was nearly there.. but not quite. And this guy is GOOD. You probably know of him.

    I started taking this shit seriously a few weeks back when I played with some more marks in an AI Generator, using my original logo as a reference, and then throwing random variants at it. Frankly, what it then came back to me with stunned me. It's opened up a bit of a debate with my client, who had up until then derided AI generated works as 'shite'.

    I don't for one claim to own anything that comes out of these things, nor that I had the smarts to 'create' them per se - but I do know how much input, consideration and iteration I put into them to get something at least pretty-much what I wanted back out again. I also know enough about this to know that I cannot understand how it works, and I also cannot deride it as simply regurgitating artist's works. If you iterate enough, you see that deep in the bowels of that black box, it 'understands' the components enough to generate entirely new forms that - whilst based on existing artworks - are NOT those artworks. Yes, sometimes it does regurgitate things that look like they might be straight rips - but that's only (in my experience) from clumsy prompts, and then not iterations from those clumsy prompts.

    Remember - this is still very early days. Frankly, how far this shit has come in the last year alone astounds me.

    I spend most of my time tinkering with it, trying to get it to do things I think it can't, and after a while, it invariably gets there. The three images I posted at the top of this page aren't of themselves ground-breaking, but they were three examples that came about from my showing my partner this stuff, with me iterating something random like "skull of a penguin in a snowdrift under looming clouds" and then she wanted "black and white photo of young woman in 1950s Milan, with a hula hoop" - I mean, that's basically what it came back with (ok the penguin skull's borked, but I couldn't be bothered to use an image of a real one as an input), and I can't understand someone who isn't at least slightly floored by that.

    This shit is amazing, and we've barely even begun.

    • oops, sorry, long.Nairn
    • Yeah, this is it.robthelad
    • What I find most interesting about AI is it's ability to listen and understand, as you put it, more than the outcome itself.palimpsest
    • It can produce amazing stuff which is based on what's already been made in the past but it's the same case with what we make "on our own".palimpsest
    • What impresses me is not the jpg but the ability to listen, read, process and compile in a way that speaks to us.palimpsest
    • That was essentially what was going around my head when I was playing with this one last week.. :)…
    • exactly, you design with your eyes, make music with your ears etc.kingsteven
    • Mmmm soylent green is delicious.... I mean it's amazing how tasty this stuff is. Hoe come no one else likes this as much as me?jonny_quest_lives
    • https://images.squar…Nairn
    • Evolve or die.

      Or, rather - evolve and die later, or just die.
    • Agency life of an Art Director 2027: The Client hated the last round here are your new prompts don't fuck up."jonny_quest_lives
    • "Evolve or die"as if the prompt "Ornate, 50mm photography, portrait photo and flowers. In the style of... " was a skilljonny_quest_lives
    • I too can sign up for the midjourney discord and rub my nipples at the majesty of what the algorithm spews forth.jonny_quest_lives
    • 'Evolve or die" that shits funny. I mean if we were all writing the code and taking and active part in creating a tools etc for the future I could get behind itjonny_quest_lives
    • A lot of this is open source - why not? Heck, give it 5 years and your code can generate itself on your behalf. It's coming for everyone who's not looking aheadNairn
    • This doesn't really affect me - I keep changing my craeer every decade or so anyway, 'cos I get bored innit?Nairn
    • Also. re: skills - how many jobs are there today that are truly 'skilled'?
      Shit's an argument decades out of date.
    • "Shits amazing" "https://www.tiktok...jonny_quest_lives
    • https://www.tiktok.c…jonny_quest_lives
    • Define "looking ahead" I mentioned it earlier Lensa AI set the floor price 50 renders $4 genie is out of the bottlejonny_quest_lives
    • There is no market for the outputs given you sit someone in front of the ui and paste in prompts and when the ai starts to out prompt the prompters"jonny_quest_lives
    • Machine can feed itself in a month or two and then it will just be an automated feed that the discord channel helped train.jonny_quest_lives
    • Huh, 'cos I'm working on selling stuff generated by it literally right now. I might fail utterly of course, but I see a market there.Nairn
    • If AI can do your job you should thank AI.palimpsest
    • The ai art market probably has a quick burn... probably like Ed Hardy shirts... everywhere all at once then regrets when looking through the closet.jonny_quest_lives
    • Lensa AI has 22.9 million users worldwide...jonny_quest_lives
    • Current pricing model: $3.99 – 50 unique avatars (5 variations of 10 styles)
      $5.99 – 100 unique avatars (10 variations of 10 styles)
      $7.99 – 200 unique avatars
    • I've been at the front of a few phase shifts. One I missed out on was eCigs, thinking the market was saturated about 15 years ago. That was.. short-sighted.Nairn
    • I have three Discord accounts for Midjourney alone, so I'm not really sure what use a quantification of user numbers is.Nairn
    • https://midjourney.g…jonny_quest_lives
    • Three paid-for accounts, one with privacy.Nairn
    • (probably going to stop paying for my 'personal' one, mind)Nairn
    • I find it interesting that the corporate license section interesting it probably unlocks copyright protections they don't give their training user base.jonny_quest_lives
    • The lack of copyright protection for the plebiscite is pretty boilerplate especially since they are just fodder to train the ai.jonny_quest_lives
    • Just be interesting to see the midjourney sales team pitch to a company like Msoft or Disney...jonny_quest_lives
    • ***Plebes is damn mobilejonny_quest_lives
    • Nairn, sorry if I don’t follow you but are you saying you uploaded a rough draft or sketch and were able to get a good refined final version? Is that the flow?_niko
    • I’d love to see a video or a tutorial of you doing your thing :) this shit’s so fascinating_niko
    • No, I took an existing old logo that has a distinct [hard for me to replicate] style, and used it as a reference input to generate other things in that style.Nairn
    • @niko it has all the wonderous creativity of going to shutterstock and picking stock photos for a project. Enter prompts make selects request AI variationjonny_quest_lives
    • Or request larger res of a variation the Ai shit out for you. There's curattion/editing on your part but largely the Ai just shits our selects on promptsjonny_quest_lives
    • See below: "Ornate, 50mm photography, portrait photo and flowers. In the style of.."jonny_quest_lives
    • Ornate, 50mm photography, portrait photo and flowers.victoran, gothic, In the style of..jonny_quest_lives
    • @niko Less skill needed than doing a photoshop tutorial...https://y...jonny_quest_lives
    • Aye, and you can't do anything with Photoshop once you've mastered outer glow and drop shadow, amirite?Nairn
    • "tell me you've not looked much into this much without telling me you've looked into this much". But anyway, enjoy your bile, it's clearly nutritious to you.Nairn
    • @nairn the AI results are impressive but it's the model and algorithm you as a user aren't bringing anything other than helping refine the database results.jonny_quest_lives
    • @nairn What element of the Ai render do you claim as yours? You selected one of 6 outputs then hit refine?jonny_quest_lives
    • If we look at it from a stock asset pov change is coming as the results are too good it will be commonplace in the Industryjonny_quest_lives
    • But this prevalent I had a hand in creation cuz I photo edited machine outputs is the height of misplaced ego/id.jonny_quest_lives
    • Sounds a lot like the arguments against photography in the beginning. "The machine is doing all the work".palimpsest
    • At the end of the day a human types in prompts and is presented image options incredibly beautiful options at times.jonny_quest_lives
    • User selects option and posts it to their feed or this thread. It is not that far off from searching for shutterstock optionsjonny_quest_lives
    • If that analogy/comparison is seen as bile my apologies but illuminate as to what the differences are as I am not seeing it we distill itjonny_quest_lives
    • And you think there is no work behind searching for Shutterstock options and choosing them? I can't claim that work as my own?palimpsest
    • If I tell AI to draw a circle I will claim the whole output as my own, all 360° of it. AI didn't make the circle on it's own.palimpsest
    • The circle it makes is based on our collective concept of a circle which is the same concept I would use to draw it by hand.palimpsest
    • It could also be my workflow overview's just going to be another component in the sausage factory of advertising. We really can't touch it or implementjonny_quest_lives
    • Until our clients legal/pr have ok'd it as there could be pr concerns that arise from artists if say Disney/Marvel have an AI generated element that was trainedjonny_quest_lives
    • Using imagery without artist consent. So until the training models are vetted and or built from the ground up using internal client images it's a bit too earlyjonny_quest_lives
    • to even discuss at the agency level. Is change coming? Of course but what that change is won't be a workflow streamline revolution people envisionjonny_quest_lives
    • Clients have a funny way of requesting oddball revisions... legal departments have last minute legal requests... nothing I have seen AI do will change any of thjonny_quest_lives
    • The singular most profitable aspect of Advertising is client indecision. Does AI solve fix that? Nope.jonny_quest_lives
    • wat?!palimpsest
    • @palimpset "And you think there is no work behind searching for Shutterstock options" u curated and edited selectionsjonny_quest_lives
    • based on taste/mood u did not create your selections so yes going back to the analogy of being a photo editor no more no less....jonny_quest_lives
    • @palimpset did you light, photograph, cast the model for the shutterstock you selected? choose wardrobe?jonny_quest_lives
    • are good photo editors up to date on tastes and trends? yes. is it a skill yes. but that does not make the ai output yours other than you curated it.jonny_quest_lives
    • "The circle it makes is based on our collective concept of a circle which is the same concept I would use to draw it by hand."jonny_quest_lives
    • That's some chicken an egg shit right there shrodinger's cat... so the circle wouldn't exist without your input. not quite understanding your logic on thisjonny_quest_lives
    • "If I tell AI to draw a circle I will claim the whole output as my own, all 360° of it. AI didn't make the circle on it's own."jonny_quest_lives
    • "If I tell an artist to draw a circle I will claim the whole output as my own, all 360° of it. the Artist didn't create the circle on their own"jonny_quest_lives
    • @palimpset please read the midjourney terms of servicejonny_quest_lives
    • By using the Services, you grant to Midjourney, its successors, and assigns a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, sublicensable no-charge,"jonny_quest_lives
    • royalty-free, irrevocable copyright license to reproduce, prepare Derivative Works of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute text, andjonny_quest_lives
    • and distribute text, and image prompts you input into the Services or Assets produced by the service at your direction.jonny_quest_lives
    • This license survives termination of this Agreement by any party, for any reason.jonny_quest_lives
    • what you own is the asset you selected based on your prompt inputsjonny_quest_lives
    • however:jonny_quest_lives
    • Please note: Midjourney is an open community which allows others to use and remix your images and prompts whenever they are posted in a public setting.jonny_quest_lives
    • OK, chief.palimpsest
    • by default, your images are publically viewable and remixable. As described above, you grant Midjourney a license to allow this.jonny_quest_lives
    • U got it champ!jonny_quest_lives
    • Not too late to start the Fuck Midjourney thread when they pull the rug on the user base that skipped the TOS... just sayin'jonny_quest_lives
    • So your overall complaint is that its not legally watertight for usage in advertising. in its current guise? Ok. I mean, that's a valid problem. I don't care.Nairn
    • fair enough i also don't really view it as personal artistic creation unless you loaded your own self curated AI Dataset with images you created yourselfjonny_quest_lives
    • whether they were your own drawings or photograohy... as long as the AI is bot crawling the image sets from the web that you had no part in creatingjonny_quest_lives
    • call it what you will but but don't be oblivious to every other user clicking rejecting/approving machine generated renders like youjonny_quest_lives
    • call it what you will but but don't be oblivious to every other user clicking rejecting/approving machine generated renders like youjonny_quest_lives
    • the machine doesn't artjonny_quest_lives
    • the results are too good to ignore and people will integrate this into their creative workflows it's inevitable but we have to face the reality of how we gotjonny_quest_lives
    • here AI programmers trawled the WEB and violated copyrights as well as IP to train their AI... and lawyers will eventually get involvedjonny_quest_lives
    • because Celebrities have Right of Publicity, Companies have IP rights as well as Copyrights for published imagery and any Text to Image AI generator that allowsjonny_quest_lives
    • users to render out imagery of Scarlett Johansson or any other celebrity likeness or Disney Characters on the fly will be sued to stop rendering those promptsjonny_quest_lives
    • we are in the oh shit this AI was much easier to train than we thought...jonny_quest_lives
    • it's a bit different if i pencil sketch Iron Man... Marvel won't legally destroy me.jonny_quest_lives
    • create and train an AI that can do it consistently for a global user base that delivers consistent results that dilute and or threatens your IP...jonny_quest_lives
    • are the happy accidents intriguing of course... are the renders below beautiful of course... but how much of the renders below can the midjourney AI user claimjonny_quest_lives
    • as theirs?jonny_quest_lives
    • what's the sweat equity breakdown of creation stage? was it 8 months of laborious coding and training to get the results below?jonny_quest_lives
    • you dismissed the video i posted earlier with the folowing ""tell me you've not looked much into this much without telling me you've looked into this much"."jonny_quest_lives
    • yet we've had people in this thread believe they retain copyrights... and i posted the earlier video as i was indicitave of the current midjourney user basejonny_quest_lives
    • and it was posted within the last 2 weeks so i felt it would show the tool in it's most current iterationjonny_quest_lives
    • if the user is over simplifying the process please point out where…jonny_quest_lives
    • using haga's examples below as reference/basepoint. as they are stunning if this was a visual artist who trained the AI on his own codex of work of say 8 years.jonny_quest_lives
    • and created texture libraries on their own as well and loaded pose references and was running the AI all local with no cloud based open source inputsjonny_quest_lives
    • this would be a different conversation because we could then at least acknowledge that their was an artists hand involvedjonny_quest_lives
    • now let's say haga got a shitty render and 90% of what i see below is retouching /manual overpainting then that is a different conversation as welljonny_quest_lives
    • Claiming ownership? Did you even read my post? As for ownership within usage, well, I for one would be surprised if what I might sell could be back-tracked.Nairn
    • Besides, I'm not thinking some campaign using clumsy prompts that will be seen by millions. Almost the exact opposite.Nairn
    • I get it - it's not good for your industry in its current form, but you're just going around in circles in your own pond's perspective, but that is far from AllNairn
    • @Nairn u did nor claim ownership... palimpset suggested he would retain the copyright as he entered the prompts... the weird circle would not exist statementjonny_quest_lives
    • I don't think we are going in circles. I see potential just not how we got to the current state. I think to be commercially viable the training models have tojonny_quest_lives
    • Be rebuilt... midjourney needs to toss whatever is currently used to train the ai and purge anything not in the creative commons or public domain...jonny_quest_lives
    • Ethically sourced training models is the current phraseology being tossed around.jonny_quest_lives
    • Also it fair criticism if user 455 renders out a Batman in the style of Jim Lee to call it out as kinda shitty plagiarism.jonny_quest_lives
    • This guy summarizes it better than I https://www.techdirt…jonny_quest_lives
    • I mean the solution is elegant simple... the shit is jus software at the end of the day... remove the in the style of prompting without artist consentjonny_quest_lives
    • I.E. prompt Batman riding a rocket midjourney can simply not output it and give the followingjonny_quest_lives
    • Response "Batman is currently the IP of DC comics or just render out grotesque Bat man hybrids and not render shit that looks like DC's batmanjonny_quest_lives
    • Or...jonny_quest_lives
    • "In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed the ability to render for the requested promptjonny_quest_lives
  • Continuity4


    Just spent the morning reading through old campaign ideas I've had over the years that never made it in front of clients, and then remembering the circumstances around many of them:

    • account managers who wouldn't know a good idea if it fucked them in the ass whilst screaming, 'I'M A GREAT IDEA, BITCH!' in their ear;
    • work done directly from labyrinthine client briefs that had never seen the inbox of a strategic planner, let alone been massaged, refined, or reverse-briefed by one;
    • work intercepted and shot down by egomaniac CDs/ECDs with fragile self-esteems, who wanted to put their own weak ideas in front of the client instead;
    • work no-one else believed in because of their own agendas.

    And I think back on all of that, and I get angry all over again, because I know that some of these ideas are actually killer, and would have done the business. If any creative I've managed since becoming a CD had come to me with some of these, I'd have been over the moon.

    I may re-package them into a big PDF sans various agency brandings, and post them on LinkedIn, telling people to nick them, use them verbatim, adapt them to their needs, take a nugget of one for their own ideas, anything. No need to even credit me.

    I'd be happy if even just one saw the light of a gaffer's set-up one day.

    • I'm with you on this, it's hard to let go of ideas we're still excited about, especially considering the mediocrity of the content being produced these days.spl33nidoru
    • Got ideas I've been trying to shoot for more than 10y, often considering shooting them on my own, but can't help to think they would shine the most as campaignsspl33nidoru
    • It's so shitty, though, that our work — and whether it lives or dies — is subject to either the incompetence or egos of others.
      Ugh, this fucking business.
    • Yeah. It's especially hard for non-creative people to be open to a great idea, as it usually doesn't resemble what they know and feel comforted by.spl33nidoru
    • Even when I manage to push a (imho) strong concept, most of my work then consists in preventing others to normalise it. Their instinct is always to "fix it".spl33nidoru
    • ^ And that's often the result of you working from either an un-clear or non-existent brief. And when you manage to get a handle on the assignment, that'sContinuity
    • ... exactly the moment when the other decide to try and 'fix it' with new info not previously available to you.Continuity
    • Anyway I'm sure there are other avenues for you to make some of these happen. Don't just give them away, at least make them presentable as dev work for yourselfspl33nidoru
    • bleeding heck, get over yourselves. this is an industry, not an art form. if it pisses you off then become an artist.hans_glib
    • I disagree hans, it's an industry relying heavily on artists, many of which need for the work to be commissioned to express themselves (or allow themselves to).spl33nidoru
    • ^Continuity
    • Me work in crypto agency - no CD/Art directors, complete trust in me, my ideas welcomed, clients all love it. The one good thing about crypto...shapesalad
    • designs which were rejected -- are you not allowed to use them somewhere else?drgs
    • LOL ofc not, the ideas generated in an agency belong to the agency
      People barely can create a folio if the work was under NDAs
    • recycle that shit over and over until it's used :)monospaced
    • You can “recycle” them as mono suggested and put them in your folio. Out of interest how many of your killer ideas won?Chimp
  • Nairn3

    Car of The Day

    First vehicle made in Scotland in decades, the all-electric Munro MK1. It's perhaps a wee bit *too* brutal, but given the concessions the INEOS Grenadier had to make to Land Rover's legal department (boo), it's still quite cool, I think.


    • Nice. it does look exceptionally long thoughIanbolton
    • How exactly is this going to work thru those highlands without breaking in half or getting stuck?grafician
    • i'm really not too sure about the point of ev 4x4s. given that they're designed to operate in the middle of nowhere how are you supposed to recharge them?hans_glib
    • and try parking that fugly box in a willy low's recharge pointhans_glib
    • Mmm, good point - I'd write them a letter - they might want to be warned about that before they go into production.Nairn
    • I think the gains in efficiency and pure torque power vastly outweigh re-fueling in the field concerns. They've pre-sold 3k+ of these to US industrial companiesNairn
    • dear munro,
      your fugly ev-box is ill conceived, so you might want to rethink. also i get the s1 landy is iconic, but ffs get your own look, y'ken?
      love hans
    • does that read ok?hans_glib
    • lol, actually I wrote that to graf before you posted, but it applies to you too :)Nairn
    • If these are sold to the US, then yeah, ofc, that explains a LOTgrafician
    • Canyonero!_niko
  • zaq5
    • Ill guess there is 30-50 surveillance cams in that store.. XDDanish
    • I'm guessing his friends outside knew exactly what was going to happen, set him up, and are now laughing their asses off at him.Nairn
  • palimpsest2

    Where The Fun IS

    Sophia Urista urinates on fan’s face during festival set.

    • Roll up, roll upContinuity
    • again?!oey_oey
    • I was at Rockville that year and saw it live. Friend use to work there, had the super high def footage of it since it was going out live.hydro74
  • hydro7416

    Show some recent work

    Been in NDA hell, but made this..

    • The worst NDAs are the ones you sign where you know that it wouldn't matter who you told, they wouldn't be able to work anything out anyway. So dumb.Nairn
    • These are great!mathinc
    • I always tell my friends that still have faith in our nonexistent democracy that the Constitution can't stand up and enforce itself.CyBrainX
  • PhanLo2
  • haga5

    Midjourney AI

    Let's try again

    • Same mouth on the first and fourth image, Made hours apart.haga
    • pretty. prompts?NBQ00
    • Basically - Ornate, 50mm photography, portrait photo and flowers. And then I've tried various promots for lighting.haga
    • There are a few more that reference artists, but these are the ones I remember.haga
    • Now shit out 50 more for $4 lensa ai has set the floor price.jonny_quest_lives
    • "The circle it makes is based on our collective concept of a circle which is the same concept I would use to draw it by hand."jonny_quest_lives
    • It's kind of fun to play around with but I still don't see a use for me professionally.haga
    • Maybe if it would be possible to have Midjourney interpret rough sketches as image promts but I haven't tried that out yet.haga
  • PhanLo2
    • you really need an education on the free market. It's communist gov'ts that can historically get away with this when it controls the means of production.hotroddy
    • Keep eating your sawdustPhanLo
    • A little insight on how food distribution works in socialist countries:…hotroddy
    • in a free market, I can easily choose another brand/company. On the other hand, you'd rather eat dog food if it's handed it out for free.hotroddy
    • and while you're eating beetle larva, gov't officials are making money buying overpriced slop to feed a starving nationhotroddy
    • There are no 'free markets', as you surely know. If the gov't didn't require labeling at all, you would never know what you ate.formed
    • Combine that with the 'free market' lobbying and the entire system is manipulated to benefit corps/$$, not give "choice".formed
    • Hotrods only eats shoe leather.PhanLo
    • @formed, I agree with that. The gov't should be able to audit.hotroddy
    • Basically the issue is that people are assholes. Give all the power to corporations and they will put sawdust in your rice crispies. Give the power toyuekit
    • Marxist bureaucrats and you'll never know what a rice crispy is.yuekit
    • if 'company' has a monopoly on rice crispies I'm sure someone will make and sell their own. In other words, the free market will correct itselfhotroddy
    • However, if you can get away with feeding your population cheap-slop it's because gov't has an iron grip on your country and you're FUCKED.hotroddy
    • Yuekit is the voice of reason unlike phanlo who literally can't produce a sentence on the subject. The most dangerous population is resentful & uneducated.hotroddy
    • they're plenty of private and gov't agencies to make sure phanlo is not eating saw dust for breakfast. Even though he sounds like he's on a steady diethotroddy
  • Projectile2

    UK is Fucked…

    Tory peer Michelle Mone takes leave of absence from the Lords; follows report that at least £65m profits paid to her husband from PPE Medpro contracts, £29m to trust benefitting Mone and children, leaked documents indicate.

    How are these cunts not in prison??!!

    • Pure scum. Prison isn't enough. Let's hope the Covid enquiry reveals all... justice will unlikely happen, sadly.fadein11
    • Doubt anything will happen to her, just some free market styles.PhanLo
    • rich cunts only go to prison if they fuck over other rich cunts.pango
    • I hate to think it, but she's probably a scapegoat for something bigger. And yeah, rich cunts gonna keep on rich cuntingIanbolton
  • Miesfan6
    • If women can't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.lemmy_k
  • hans_glib5
  • NBQ004

    Russia-Ukraine Invasion

    3 Russian airfields struck by Ukrainian drones deep inside Russia…

    • A nuclear capable bomber also destroyedNBQ00
    • Good for them but they're only going to escalate this.MondoMorphic
    • Escalate what, a war that Russia started?NBQ00
    • yeskingsteven
  • SimonFFM8


    You all warned me how dangerous it is to stand on a skateboard as an adult. Nevertheless, I put a model naked on a board.

    And it came as it had to come: She fell and tore one side open. I immediately drove with her to the pharmacy. It was in a small mountain village and the pharmacy was the only store that existed (next to an ATM in a wall).

    Inside, Corona rules were very strict. Access only with mask, barrier tape 1m from the counter. And as I waited for the pharmacist, I look to the right in this old village pharmacy and on the shelf next to the counter they displayed three modern vibrators.

    The pharmacist said the model should rather wear protection next time.

    The model is well now (this happened two weeks ago).

    • You get my attention with a person “tearing open” and then immediately switch to mundane stuff about ATMs and pharmacy shelves??scarabin
    • Iodine.shapesalad
    • Did stuff fall out? Did she get stitches? Is there a scar? What did she fall on? Is her career ruined? Did she do a sick trick on the way down?scarabin
    • ^ lolYakuZoku
    • Did yell to her "Do a kickflip"?dmay
    • Pics?drgs
    • Did you get the shot you wanted? Is she gonna sue? Did you shoot the wound? Can we see?scarabin
    • It's kind of beautiful, because she's both a poser and a poser.garbage
    • yes she should wear protection and nothing else with a caption that says "I always use protection wink wink"Beeswax
    • @SimonFFM please never change and please write a bookKrassy
    • I'd like to see one of your models on a pogo stick.shapesalad
    • the bottom line: "The pharmacist said the model should rather wear protection next time." :Dsted
    • lol garbage poser poser hahahamonospaced
    • They sell cheap 'skate trainers' that wrap over the wheel and stop it from rolling. Just one on a wheel out of frame will keep it from slippingkoma_
    • 'Poseur' you cultureless swine.i_monk
    • Falling is part of skating. It just hurts longer now that we’re old menmisterhow
    • If you want to get more shots of models you can get 'ollie helpers' which are rubber things that go around wheels to stop board skooting away from you.microkorg
    • you could have one on the wheel(s) that are out of shot. https://www.surferto…microkorg
    • i get the feeling Simon can't comment on this any further because the case is still ongoing.scruffics
    • ^ lolSimonFFM
    • I asked her if she can skateboard and she said yes. It was a longboard to be precise, but the road was a bit nasty. She switched feet, therefore fell.SimonFFM
    • I offered to take her to a doctor and also paid for all the pharmacy stuff. We bought "water to clean a wound" and a lot of unnecessary things.SimonFFM
    • Everything is good between the model and me. Shit happens.SimonFFM
  • utopian1
    • it takes two spiders to calm down a batsted
    • Need some Curb Your Enthusiasm musictank02
    • bruce insane_niko
    • The Marvel/DC crossover we didn't know we needed.ETM
    • Spidey's fanny pack is legit af.BK
  • hydro746