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    Even under Steve's watch, Apple's innovation rate was 3-7 years between big products. And, it only lasted a little while in the scheme of things. Tim Cook has been at the helm for 2 years. So if you're claiming Apple has lost it's innovation, you're crying wolf too early. He's already promised big things next year, and that's right on target.

    It's crucial to not get investor concerns and analyst jerkoff comments/assumptions confused with what Apple is actually doing. Saying they're not innovative because Samsung made a watch is ludicrous. And expecting them to disrupt a major market every year is also.

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    You are saying that, I haven't heard anyone claim that Samsung's watch is innovative.

    BUT when you look at the 4, then the 4S, then the 5, 5S (or is it s?), you see little difference. There is nothing new, just incremental performance increases (again, look at my Porsche analysis).

    Maybe that's enough. The competition is just moving so fast, trying new things, sizes, price points, etc. Do I like those options? No, I like quality, but that's me, not the masses.

    So, it is just a question of "do you like the stock because you like the product?" or "do you like the stock because you think they will innovate or expand markets?"

    I love the products, overall, but can't see how they can continue to innovate and they are reluctant to expand markets. Their stock price reflects that.

    This kinda says it all:

    • The article utopian posted on the previous page stated that. That's what I was responding to.monospaced
    • Boom goes the dynamiteutopian
    • I like the stock because I don't think Apple has ever stopped innovatingmonospaced
    • But like I stated before, 2 years is not that long. I think they have a lot up their sleeves.monospaced
    • "I like quality".i_monk
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    Sure, Apple is on their own schedule. BUT if you are a share holder, your concerns should be stock performance, not what their schedule is.

    They are publicly owned, for better or worse, they have to answer to the shareholders.

    Again, maybe it all works out, I just see the game changing and they aren't adapting. But what do I know?

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    Here's the thing, formed. Shareholders got used to a quick ride with the iPhone and iPad. Before that it was the iPod. There were huge gaps. Now investors are spoiled. They don't want the ride to end, but they need to be realistic. Yes, they SEEM to not be innovating, but I pretty much guarantee they're working on a lot behind the scenes. It's what Apple does, it's their DNA. I don't think they're just sitting there doing nothing, but some investors/analysts want you to.

    The stock tumbling has just as much to do with those interested in shorting the company, as it does with actual concern. But since people are spoiled and afraid, the stock seems volatile. It's still silly to see that trend and equate it to ACTUAL lack of innovation, though. And like I have said repeatedly, it's only been two years, people need to be realistic about innovation timelines.

    • I'm joyous that I dumped my Apple stocks at killer profit!!!utopian
    • from a shareholder perspective there has been very little change in the stock. What they lack in growth they are making up for with buybacks and dividends.zarkonite
    • up for with buybacks and dividends.zarkonite
    • It's pretty standard stuff for public companies that want to transition out of their growth period.zarkonite
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    Now, i'm not blown away by the new phones. I don't plan on getting one. I dont' think they're mind blowing, and the same goes for their iPad line. The new iOS is different, and people either love or hate it. Either way, Apple will sell millions this weekend alone and they will keep using their massive cash horde on R&D and the next big thing. From an investor standpoint, I see Apple like Icahn and that it's a great price. I also trust that their sales will stay healthy and their innovation will continue.

    • 3 years since last major innovative release.fadein11
    • yeah, that's the same pace Steve had, that's my pointmonospaced
    • Apple = lacks innovation, period!utopian
    • ... and look at Sony, they're still around.zarkonite
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    The point is that they are relying solely on innovations, vs. diversifying to make more profits.

    Stock price doesn't have to do with "innovation", it has to do with the profits that "innovation" brings to Apple. They have a gazillion dollars in cash, they have Fanboys, they'll do just fine for a long time, I have no doubt.

    But it comes down to whether you want to bet on them coming up with something new, whenever that be. Can they do it again is the question.

    I don't know the answer to that. I know that I have been disappointed in the 5 and 5s. My 4S seems pretty damn close.

    I don't buy a "that's what Apple does..." thinking, though. Management changes, people move on, others are hired. Companies go up and down and it takes years for any changes to really settle in.

    You can make an argument either way (I can see it both ways). I just feel like it is more and more a gamble based on your methodology - that Apple will just be Apple (the Apple of "innovation", not the one before that).
    If you "believe" in that, then buy the stock, it is cheap.

    For me, I am not convinced, but always looking.

    • Apple is what Sony was in the 60s, 70s and 80s.zarkonite
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    I think Apple can do it, and that they're planning on announcing something in the next year. All the interviews with their guys, from Tim to Jony, point to this. What I'm betting on is that it's something we haven't exactly conceived of yet. They are definitely implying this.

  • fadein110

    As long as they don't keep making such an arrogant song and dance about releasing the same product everything will be fine.
    I hope they do come up with something fresh soon.

    • you don't like things to be faster & better?doesnotexist
    • I think it's the public making more of a song and dance about it than Apple.monospaced
    • No way. Apple carefully orchestrates all this hoopla. It is good pr/marketingformed
    • Something that none of their competitors are capable of doing, regardless of effort.monospaced
    • If it were so easy to manufacture the hype, Apple wouldn't be the only one getting it.monospaced
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    Fuck. I just typed up a long post and some weird sideswipe gesture when the keyboard is open will take you back to the previous page you were on. You can sort of grab the left edge and side scroll, and if you do it to quickly in just the right spot the keyboard goes away and you're on the previous page. Weird.

    • swipe left is "back" in the browsermonospaced
    • but it should not do it when the keyboard is engaged.mg33
    • I hear yamonospaced
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    Awhile back, Apple trademarked the name "iWatch" causing the industry analysts to assume they were making a wristwatch. That's a logical conclusion, for sure. But what if the iWatch wasn't a watch at all? What if it were the name for a new interface for television?

    I heard a rumour awhile back that they were considering a possible "ring" device. Yeah, on your finger. Perhaps that's a wearable remote that allows you to interact with a television by pointing (gesturing) and/or accepting voice commands. It could actually be Apple's vision for the TV.

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    Or what if it is some Orwellian 1984 device... Boom!!! Heade Exploadededededededed

    • well, it's just that people are focused on iOS devices as if that's all that Apple is doing...monospaced
    • I happen to believe, strongly, that they're thinking forward, not stuck in the presentmonospaced
    • AgreedKnuckleberry
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    I also see a possibility of Apple making moves into more automation. They've already integrated Siri into some high-end vehicles, so it's a logical jump to the home. Siri-style interaction in the home would be interesting and innovative. Many companies are invested in home automation, but not many have done it in an elegant way. I know Siri isn't the definition of elegant, but I think there's a way to make it more useful by taking it out of the phone and into our homes.

    • If I interacted with my home via Siri I'd prob burn it down. Sorry to say it but thats another thing Android does betterfadein11
    • good for you/themmonospaced
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    Another reason I think they have more up their sleeve is for a few reasons.

    Apple has one of the most disciplined R&D groups of any tech company, which is apparent from what they accomplished in the last 10 years. People give Steve too much credit; his team is responsible for much of the innovation he approved and refined.

    Apple has tens of billions in cash. That's good for R&D and it's good for their future.

    And finally, when Ive responds to a question about future products with, "I would love, love, love to show you what we are working on now, but I'd lose my job," I kinda have to believe him.

    • they are working on the iwatchdbloc
    • i'm sure they're working on a lot of things, that's what companies with their history and cash domonospaced
    • They spent a solid 5+ years on touch interfaces before even announcing the original iPhonemonospaced
    • basically they watch other companies - steak their ideas and then package them v.nicely.fadein11
    • stealfadein11
    • They seem to take ideas and make them well enough that people actually want to use themmonospaced
    • they made the first GOOD touch phone, tablet, mp3 player, music store ... but they didn't invent the conceptsmonospaced
    • ironically, after Apple finally does them right, it's the other companies that steal the design and interfacesmonospaced
    • just not true. there were other good mp3 players - but just not packaged/branded right - thats their genius.fadein11
    • if you think the only reason they are successful is packaging, then we are done discussing seriouslymonospaced
    • it's not like good branding/packaging would have saved the "originals"monospaced
    • eh? packaging was not in reference to the box... i meant the whole package - the brand.fadein11
    • stillmonospaced
  • formed0

    Apple's got $145 billion in cash. God I hope they are doing at least a billion things!

    Of course it is all top secret. Apple's not going anywhere anytime soon. But as evidenced by the stock last year, it doesn't take an a real error to drop the value by 40%. Imagine if they actually came out with a flop, which they've done more than once in the past (part of why, I presume, they keep on the "safe" route to load up on cash).

    I am routing for Apple, always have been (though my 3D software won't run on one). I wish their tech support was decent, i would have switched long ago (I like to support good design and don't mind paying a permium for it). They've started to change their support, but it is so absurdly priced for a small business, no way to justify the premium. That's a different issue, though.

    Stock drops down into the 300's and I'll buy. :-)

    • You can be sure they're working on a lot of great things. I hope they take their time too.monospaced
    • Spoken like a good Soldier!utopian
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    Even if Apple released a revolutionary product, or created some kind of paradigm shift in a certain market..... the internet will continue to bitch and whine, spewing forth rants about how this new product is a terrible idea, how ugly it is, how they are doomed and how Steve Jobs will be turning in his grave.

    No matter what Apple do, haters hate and everyone else complains. It's been this way since the 80's and forever will be.

    Don't forget, the majority here on QBN laughed and mocked the iPad when it was announced. Sadly, from what should have been designers with a view of where the future of tech & design is heading, especially when many here design UI, web, apps etc for a living.

    • Some of us are just trying to evaluate the prospects of a tech company that makes money on designformed
    • I don't recall anyone hating the iPad. I enjoyed the first of both iPad and iPhoneformed
    • This is probably the first time i've genuinely hated an apple product... (ios7)iCanHazQBN
  • fadein110

    ^ seriously read the thread properly - its not hate for the sake of it. I would say most of us love Apple. But there have been a few recent shambolic releases which wouldn't have happened pre loss of Jobs.
    I am v.interested in seeing how Apple evolves without him and so far it hasn't looked great. Hope I am wrong.

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    Apple's brand now more valuable than Coca-Cola as tech consumes pop culture.

    Cupertino and Mountain View end Coca-Cola's 13-year reign at the top.…

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    Apple has overtaken Coca-Cola as the Best Global Brand for 2013, with a brand value of just over $98,000 million USD. The soft drink giant had topped the list for the previous 13 years making Apple’s victory even more momentous. Google also overtook Coca-Cola, coming in at second place with a 34% growth and just over $93,000 million USD in value. That these two tech giants have overtaken a brand as iconic as Coca-Cola signals a big shift in consumerism, and only points towards the rapidly growing digital age we live in today. The recent record-breaking launch of the iPhone 5c/5s only confirms how hungry for technology we are. Unsurprisingly, more than half of the top ten are technology brands, while many fashion brands made the list as well.

  • utopian0

    Icahn Pushes Apple CEO for $150 Billion Share Buyback…