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  • GeorgesII9

    sorry apple but microsoft apparently still wants to allow me to make money

    • looks really good to be fair.fadein11
    • and microsoft now do Apple ads better than Apple.fadein11
    • I'd be in the market for this.fadein11
    • this is what the imac should have beensince1979
    • Bravo. Motherfucking bravo.sofakingback
    • Maybe its credit to the great ad. Although they really didn't have to do that stupid paint explode that been done to death. Perfect song dohsofakingback
    • WAKE UP SHEEAAPPLEsince1979
    • Pretty neato. That puck thing looks the absolute tits. Makes the iMac look like a fucking donkey.face_melter
    • I'm a mac guy and this is outstanding. It jumps in price quite a bit for 16gb ram. I would love it but my children would destroy it in seconds.kona
    • I've been waiting for apple to do this for so long, I give up, 3k sounds pretty fuckn goodGeorgesII
    • Is Windows usable yet?i_monk
    • Im a life long apple user. I had to use windows to design at a job for 2 years. it wasn't bad at all. I didn't do anything else on the computer though.sofakingback
    • ^ yep and has been for donkeys aside from the odd mishap along the way :)fadein11
    • why isn't apple suing them?pinkfloyd
    • I created a thread for this, it deserves it lolernexbcn
    • looks cool but that peripheral puck thing is stupid as fuck._niko
    • +1 @i_monk.ideaist
    • Windows is fine. I've been running W10 for almost a year and have yet to have any problems - with any of my design programs - CC, C4D, Vray, Arnold.face_melter
    • I rarely get a chance to use Win, but the last few times it's felt clunky and unintuitive.i_monk
    • Looks amazing. Hopefully the OS is good and I'd be down. I think they could have made the video equally as nice while maintaining brand originality.set
    • amazing, can I run osx on it?
      If so, I'm on board
    • That puck seems unnecessarydesmo
    • mono jumps out windowutopian
    • Windows File Explorer is still Fugly and is as bloated as MS WORDerr
    • if apple had that puck thing you'd all be hating on it.inteliboy
    • still no palm detectionHayoth
    • The puck looks silly. And hey look, the keyboard Apple has been phasing out.raf
    • I have been using windows for design at my work and I hate it with all of my heartscruffics
    • Great tool for drawing rainbows!SimonFFM
    • lol at hating an operating system in 2016. It's not like it breaks into your house, fucks your dog and shits in the fridge.face_melter
    • @Hayot oh yes it does have Palm rejectionmekk
    • as a mac user for almost 20 years, this would probably be enough to make me get one.. but i am not sure i could handle the OSautoflavour
    • @utopian, at least try not to look like a trollmonospaced
    • I like the idea of the puck, but it remains to be seen how useful it really is.i_monk
  • utopian13

    • Jizz.PhanLo
    • <dyspl
    • oooofinteliboy
    • FFSMrT
    • that the newest robot?pango
    • Art is dead.pablo28
    • Apple's Witnessespablo28
    • Where were you when Apple died?
      I was there man!
    • the emperor´s new clothes.neverscared
    • This is funny! Ironic (because not staged).SimonFFM
    • lol @ pangocolin_s
    • 'Quick! I need to post that on all my social media. People will think I'm special'Bennn
    • they are special for surefadein11
    • Industrial design fanboys are okay by me.ideaist
    • Well...
      Apple does want $1,000.00 for it.
    • The people at this event are hungry for content as they are mostly all journos, bloggers, influencers. Of course they are going to take photos!Hayzilla
    • kill it with fireMilan
    • lol witness pangoVandal7
    • are there no girls allowed?neverscared
    • @neverscared did you just assume their gender?Krassy
  • _niko18

    This is a game changer:

    Apple is announcing plans to launch a renewable and sustained energy technology by harnessing the power of Steve jobs rolling in his grave.

    • lolpinkfloyd
    • LOLnbq
    • He's rolling 3x faster nowdopepope
    • aahah +1sted
    • hahahah!sofakingback
    • hehePonyBoy
    • lolmoldero
    • That much power should get us to Mars... and in style.ETM
    • lol, well done.dorf
    • lol wtf!sureshot
    • Just move to Dubai. You can't even say the word weed here.Raybandana
    • Choicegarbage
    • What makes you think their moves wouldn't satisfy the guy who did his best to kill Flash in 2010.CyBrainX
    • Only person who killed flash was the moron at Adobe who didn't bother to make a version that worked well on phones.monospaced
    • Could have easily said, well fuck Apple then. Let's make flash work on all the hundreds of superior devices that aren't just that ONE. they didn't.monospaced
  • GeorgesII19





    • up vote to the right!pango
    • dicks out for georgerambeernexbcn
    • I want speed right now. Do you know a guy.. errr... oh this is about computers...sofakingback
    • Face it. You're not apple's target audience anymore.set
    • LOL @ sofa, don't do it man, it'll rot your mind
      @set, yep seems like I'll have to go back to windows :(
    • Man I wish we could get just a few more apps on Linux then all these problems would go away...mugwart
    • Buy a custom PC on and put as much power as you need. Pay less than Apple too. Voilà.Bennn
    • ^ at first glance that lenovo site made no fucking sense whatsoever.CyBrainX
    • Lenovo site is shocking even when you know what u wantmicrokorg
    • Grab a Dell XPS15 from their outlet discount site. 7i 1tbSSD 32gbRAM about £1600! its the size of a 14" laptop.microkorg
    • ^ they are rare to find. mostly its the 512SSD and 16gb ram. Be quick before the bots. Different stock every day.microkorg
    • Apple Innovation!utopian
    • fuckn lol niko, was expecting "potato"GeorgesII
    • Why can I only upvote once?Miguex
  • ideaist18

    I've become a bitter old man at 36. This shit is very cool, but i just can't get into it.

    Kids. Wife. Job. Introspection and deep thoughts on mortality, etc.

    It's just a phone.


    • seems most people are this way these days. phones are just phones. unless go on internet threads, android users obsessed with how apple sucks and vice versa.inteliboy
    • Same. I'm still using my iPhone SE. It's fine... or at least good enough. I actually like the small size.nocomply
    • Yeah very few adults care about this shit. The few who do are a fucking embarrassment. It's just something to talk about like the weather or TV.nb
    • SE for lifescruffics
    • Nothing wrong with being interested in tech. Nothing wrong with not either. Do what you want.NBQ00
    • I wait for the Pro Max Extra. Oh dear. Wasn't Apple supposed to stand for simplicity?SimonFFM
    • iPhone Pro Max, iPhone Max Max Pro, iPhone X Pro XMas, iPhone Xmas Pro-XDR, iPhone XDR Super-Pro Max X, etc.NBQ00
    • Don't worry, expensive phones have become a regular thing. Nobody is excited about a phone release anymore.mekk
    • I'm happy that i've been alive to see the arriving of all this in the 2000's, it was a great timeBennn
    • ^
      it's not bitter, it's just more of the same. If these came with some crazy AR/VR implementation or whatever, I'm sure you'd be as erect as a young gun again
    • I've not given a shit about phones in years - last time I was excited was when I finally got on the smartphone bandwagon and bought the then-new Nexus 5.Nairn
    • Their strategy is incremental updates. They know most of their customers upgrade every 2-3 years so they want to have a brand new model available at all times,yuekit
    • even if it's only a minor change from the previous year.yuekit
    • The upgrades used to be a lot more impressive and a lot less expensive.CyBrainX
  • autoflavour14

  • noneck14

    Apple engineer talks about the 2016 MacBook Pro.

  • Bennn5

    I'm officially Apple-less.

    The last Apple product I was using is now out of my life.

    I switched from Mac to Windows a few years ago.
    I switched from iPhone to Android last year.

    Well I just dumped iTunes for Music Bee this week.

    I was using iSync and iTunes to put music on my new xperia phone and I was struggling with lots of fuckups. Then i discovered that i can sync my phone directly in Music Bee! Like an iPhone in iTunes! And it works perfectly!

    Music Bee is an open source software. Way much better than iTunes! Fully customisable, you can changed everything in it as you wish. You can also add lyrics, upcoming shows, access wikipedia of an artist, see the upcoming albums...

    Bye Apple.

    • Did you get the Z5 Compact?dmay
    • yes :)Bennn
    • So ugly, though.nb
    • I think it looks great, are you happy with it, Benn?dmay
    • good for you.pango
    • http://s2.quickmeme.…ok_not_ok
    • You want your apple-less apps to act like apples apps, just not be apple?dopepope
    • nb, whats ugly? the xperia or Music Bee?Bennn
    • dopepope, no. i dont want this.Bennn
    • good on you bensureshot
    • oh noooo!…chukkaphob
    • So many jumped up little Apple fanboys hahaset
    • Music Bee looks ugly.nb
    • Android and iOS are both great, but Android is definitely a little better.nb
    • I replaced iTunes with Spotify and YouTube/soundcloudernexbcn
    • Tree apps to replace one?nb
    • Three apps to replace one?nb
    • welcome to the real worldfeel
    • I still use iTunes, but only for the store - sometimes albums/tracks don't show up on 7digital, which along with Bandcamp are my first options.face_melter
    • I play my library through foobar. Streaming is for suckers.face_melter
    • paging monospaced....1...2...utopian
    • what?monospaced
    • nb, there's dozens of 'skins' for Music Bee, you can change everything, the fonts, the colors, the panels, etc. its infinite. The base model looks ugly, yes.Bennn
    • Skins? This Music Bee thing sounds like Winamp. Or Sonic.Continuity
    • Neat. Why don't they just make the good skin the default, then?nb
    • fuck apple and the bed of money it shit itself insrhadden
    • "skin" isnt the right word. Just try it i dont know how to explain it. Just know you can customize everything. Seriously much better than iTunes.Bennn
    • Why is this something to be proud of?
      Why are people congratulating this?
    • i was being sarcastic....pango
    • the never ending blood thirst of apple's doom. circe 1984inteliboy
    • i've never said i was proudBennn
    • Ben the never proud.pango
  • yurimon17

  • PhanLo0

    James Jean got one.

    • is it see or does the logo feel slightly too big?_niko
    • James Jean who?NBQ00
    • this guy: https://acclaimmag.c…_niko
    • Mac Pro Pro.shapesalad
    • Should have called it the "Mac Pro 2Advanced"shapesalad
    • @NBQ00 Just one of the best living artists, no big deal.
    • Ah yes I know his stuff. Just didn't remember the name. But why does he have a new Mac Pro already?NBQ00
    • @NBQ00 He did a bit of work promoting the iPad in the past, I wonder if they gave him one to try out? Lucky guy. :-)…
    • Those handles are total spaz.Nairn
    • I wonder how long until knockoffs use the identical handle and foot design.monospaced
    • Got those jandles from a handicap shower stall...robotron3k
    • lol @ "one of the best living artists" #forgettableimbecile
    • iGrater™Turboslacker
    • you can buy those legs at ikeafuturefood
    • @Imbecile, he's no Jony Ive, but I rate his painting.PhanLo
    • is it just me but it doesn't look that good?Bennn
    • This looks like it’s augmented?thumb_screws
    • 1999 just called...they want their cluster fuck of cheese grater back.

    • LOOOOL @ Niko, I was like Wait, that's Janes DEAN..........elahon
    • @Bennn - not just you.monNom
    • you guys know that this is an AR filter right? you can point your iphone to your desk and place it…feel
    • God that thing is ugly!formed
    • Is this real?Hayoth
    • @feel comin in with the real deal.robthelad
    • @imbecile LOL
      I had to look him up. And to think he's up there with Johns, Ruscha, Richter, Nauman, Stella, Baselitz...
    • lol deadspermfadein11
    • It used to be that you needed a retrospective at a major museum to earn that title, all you need now is to get featured on Hypebeast.
    • Amusingly, Jean's possibly on more walls of the young'uns than all those fogeys combined, with their inaccessible, navel- gazing twaddleNairn
    • Live your truth!deadsperm
    • Well, maybe not walls - mobiles and desktops though? I'd wage money on it.Nairn
    • It don't really matter what matter what surface it's on. If we are to have a conversation we have to accept the common definitions of things.deadsperm
    • In this case the institutional concept of art.
      I might have a desktop wallpaper of a rad scooter kid that I think is the bomb...
    • ... but I would never place that kid among the greatest living athletes like Jordan, Mays, Gretzky, Bolt, Williams.deadsperm
  • utopian10







    • have you tried restarting?Gnash
    • you're obsessed. do you wear an "innovation never sleeps" t-shirt?inteliboy
    • lolmonospaced
    • Gnash ahaha :D
      @inteliboy he has a tattoo
    • Relax. It's just a watch.chukkaphob
    • That's a feature and you're holding it wrong.Peter
    • *crowd goes nuts*face_melter
    • I trashed all my Apple stuff away. I'm really happy with Android and Windows.Bennn
    • full of rage and frustration.sureshot
    • It's a well-constructed and concise argument and a message I can't help but endorse.face_melter
    • welcomefeel
    • lower your expectations.since1979
    • Just more headaches from a second rate US company that outsources all their slave labor jobs to children and China.utopian
    • Just 6 hours to install and uninstall and reinstall Sierra.utopian
    • Adobe apps would not work had to find a Java patch.utopian
    • Apple sleeping at the wheel...nothing new from them.utopian
    • Innovation Never Sleeps!utopian
  • noneck9

    Feeling like Apple has abandoned you? You're not alone.…

    "Interviews with people familiar with Apple's inner workings reveal that the Mac is getting far less attention than it once did. They say the Mac team has lost clout with the famed industrial design group led by Jony Ive and the company's software team. They also describe a lack of clear direction from senior management, departures of key people working on Mac hardware and technical challenges that have delayed the roll-out of new computers."

    • If they even tried to make a competitive Mac Pro trash can I wouldn't be switching to Windows.CyBrainX
    • just keep the mac mini going and bolster the pro and call it a day.since1979
    • and refresh the imac of coursesince1979
    • go figure.utopian
    • mac pro trashcan = hard-2-upgrade, dongle-rific, wire clustered dust collecting fucking nightmare.moldero
    • My problem is that I don't feel like there's a ton of good options laptop when matching specs etc. ...sure dongle life might suck, price is not that different.smatras
    • maybe the top peeps that leave go and setup an independent crowdfunded mac pro alternative. we can dream...fruitsalad
    • in other news, water is wet.. ehehehGeorgesII
    • I just don't get it, they have thousands of employees.... in theory a small team could keep the Macs up to date.inteliboy
    • Sounds like some unhappy people at Apple...they don't usually have leaks to the press like that.yuekit
    • Bought a 2015 iMac after seeing what they did to the MacBook Pro. I don't trust them to not fuck it up even more.noneck
    • The first iPod profits marks their shift in attitude.instrmntl
    • ^yup, all about money, the iphone sent expectations skyrocketingformed
    • for awhile after the iPod the Macs were rad, but then they went all weird and closedmonospaced
  • ideaist3

    Thoughts on:

    Allegedly NOT fake ->…

    • if it's real, I think it's quite cool - certainly, a small dynamic feedback interface would be.. my concern is how it would evolve, staying backwards compatibledetritus
    • meh, why notsince1979
    • Looks cool but I have to use it before I say anything else. Seems to be a 13 inch laptop in the picture, are those new or did the 13' had those speakers?Maaku
    • mehpinkfloyd
    • I'm too old for this shit.ideaist
    • will it have essential ports for us to connect to things? will it be considerably faster?
      everything else its irrelevant at this point
    • what when having no handssureshot
    • If I can get used to not feeling the esc key, I'm down with the toolbar. It's the only key in the function row that I use a lot.section_014
    • I use esc too much for it to just become a non-key. Maybe I'm also too old for this shit.monospaced
    • Most keys I use in that row are the volume ones.Continuity
    • I use most of them regularly, except for the keyboard brightness keys. Media keys work with spotify, and the others are good for swapping workspaces & windows.monospaced
    • ^ yup. I'll miss them for sureGnash
    • so is this a hand of a person who works as a "hand model?"Krassy
    • costanzasince1979
    • @krassy, it's a freakin' macrumors mockup graphic ... it's probably clipartmonospaced
    • A macrumors mock-up embedded inside the latest OS?face_melter
    • ah... I didn't realize those were from OS X ... it looks like the same hand they have had in the Settings for yearsmonospaced
    • if it's customisable it's going to be great. otherwise it will be frustrating. also i wonder how long until all other laptops copy this...inteliboy
    • I just want the new cinema display with the built in GPU.nthkl
    • INNOVATION!utopian
    • meh, especially since my MBP is connected to the TB display 90% of the dayfourth
    • What problem does it solve?robthelad
    • @rob: it solves the marketing department's apple pay requestsince1979
    • i reckon it solves the problem that i never use the function keys except Apples actual play/pause/volume buttons.inteliboy
    • be nice to have app shortcut icons up there depending on what app you're ininteliboy
    • Exactly inteliboy, the F keys are horribly underutilised by most peopledetritus
    • led toolbar will probably have force touch toomekk
  • pablo284

    • Jesus fucking christ. Kill us all.
      Kill us all now.
    • this is so lamedesmo
    • Boss: Ok guys! We will do a little dance today! Yahy!
      Me: Fuck that shit, i'm out.
    • For the prices they charge I would want a dance number, dinner, and a gobble.face_melter
    • They should deliver it on your desk at work, with a dinner.Bennn
    • There is nothing more bile inducing that witnessing 1st hand the poor staff of an Apple store humiliating themselves like thisfadein11
    • than*fadein11
    • I imagine Steve Jobs' arse cheeks would curl up inside his anus too if he saw thisset
    • Nuke entire Asia as punishmentOBBTKN
    • Is this old? do they seriously still do that shit? I thought lines for apple products were a thing of the past...zarkonite
    • isn't this from many years ago, when the iPhone launched in china for the first time?monospaced
    • ^ looks like two different size, very modern looking iphones on the table in the background. Definite not original iphone launchset
    • Did apple even have stores like that before the iphone?set
    • This is super old, but still just as cringe worthy.instrmntl
    • ^ 2016pablo28
    • Apple had their own stores like that for years before the iPhone. We had one in SF I think in 2002.monospaced
    •… 1:05pablo28
    • so many geniusesKrassy
    • lol krassyset
    • Apple staff are wankers. Always unhelpful and usually creepy smug fuckers too.PhanLo
    • I didn't know Kim Jong Un once worked at the Genius Bar...dedlaast
    • F%% imbeciles, is this in China ?i_was
    • they do still do this.fadein11
  • ideaist12

    • lolKrassy
    • 6k on amazonteh
    • Recycling old jokes and an old design. At least it’s a real computer this time.monospaced
    • only custom Radeon, still sucksfeel
    • LOLOLOL "this time"imbecile
    • I got the one with 32 threads, amazing machinei_was
    • Ah, my teenage face scrubberrobthelad
    • This grater looks better, IMOdavey_g
  • dasmeteor5

    • Pile of Poo gains a thicker, more 3D appearance in iOS 10dasmeteor
    • THIS is the kind of innovation I want to see from a global tech company. Increased AO on their fecal emojis.face_melter
    • http://blog.emojiped…dasmeteor
    • Healthier poo has shine®fyoucher1
    • it smiles moredrgs
    • top feature, well done applehans_glib
    • teeth are whiter also.yurimon
    • DIdnt they make emojis bigger? Make ios10's shit emoji bigger too!err
    • They're going in reverse now. More 3d, less flat.section_014
    • "But Tim, we have to work on the Mac lineup"..."Screw the Mac, we're gonna get this shit looking better, TODAY!!!"section_014
    • Back to the skeuomorphismdasmeteor
    • God I hope notformed
    • the iOS9 version is better. FAILBennn
    • that's it, Apple's fucked, time to sell your stocksmonospaced
    • Polishing a turd?yuekit
    • i wonder who the vector artist polishing these turds is?since1979
    • the person is paid 40h/week to be a graphic designer at Apple. He polish emoticons when he dont know what to do.Bennn
    • oh he/she knows what to do... polish emoticonssince1979
    • I used to know a guy who did icon design and left the UK to join Apple. Maybe this is his career nadir.face_melter
    • Turds Polisher.dasmeteor
    • Is there anything more wrong than a grown man sending an emoji?CyBrainX
    • sending emoticons is perectly ok at any ageBennn
    • Shit & Shitdbloc
    • 'Daddy, what do you do for a living? I need to present this in class tomorrow.' 'Well, honey, I've got just the thing ... 'Continuity
  • utopian11

  • teh12

  • pango7

    this is the lamest way to charge anything.

    • lolyuekit
    • Just watch as they make a specific charging cable (or dock) once the reports of snappage start appearing.face_melter
    • what happened to magsafe, Apple? Cmon you bloated , rich bitch.docpoz
    • It can double as a selfie stickyuekit
    • jupiter modegarbage
    • Physics, get out the window.set
    • That is hilarious.nb
    • what am i looking atdrgs
    • ipad penisset
    • Still, it's not like you'd want to carry an extra cable around...nb
    • Digital Chup-a-chup?Wolfboy
    • bit ridiculous... i think they mentioned 15sec charge = 60min though so it wont be in there long...kingsteven
    • that's what she saidset
    • Lol
      Do the magnetic charging style!! As what apple would say " the only logical thing to do."
    • they will offer a cord, and charge you another $30 for it!formed
    • needs a cup holder.docpoz
    • so awful.bklyndroobeki
    • The upside is, new badminton racketprophetone
  • zaq9

    How to save $998

    • lolNBQ00
    • I assure that aftermarket designers will design, build and sell stands for about $100 with the next three months. Then get sued by Apple,utopian
    • That's a lot of faith in a plastic hanger.Nairn
    • i like that bart canvas in the background :)helloeatbreathedrive
    • kind of swag to take your desktop monitor into a restaurant...SimonFFM
    • That’s an iMac, I believe. Not a monitormonospaced
    • He is looking into an iMac, not a monitor.deadsperm
    • why would Apple sue anyone for making a 3rd party peripheral?monospaced
    • @utopian When you buy the Apple Vesa mount you can already put the damn thing on any other vesa stand.. That's what we have standards for.. shrug.mekk
    • This stand looks much better!Krassy