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    Apple's got $145 billion in cash. God I hope they are doing at least a billion things!

    Of course it is all top secret. Apple's not going anywhere anytime soon. But as evidenced by the stock last year, it doesn't take an a real error to drop the value by 40%. Imagine if they actually came out with a flop, which they've done more than once in the past (part of why, I presume, they keep on the "safe" route to load up on cash).

    I am routing for Apple, always have been (though my 3D software won't run on one). I wish their tech support was decent, i would have switched long ago (I like to support good design and don't mind paying a permium for it). They've started to change their support, but it is so absurdly priced for a small business, no way to justify the premium. That's a different issue, though.

    Stock drops down into the 300's and I'll buy. :-)

    • You can be sure they're working on a lot of great things. I hope they take their time too.monospaced
    • Spoken like a good Soldier!utopian

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