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  • utopian0

    Where is the iPhone 12?

    Consumers who tuned in to Apple's signature early September event hoping to hear tantalizing details about the forthcoming iPhone 12 were treated instead to an hour-long infomercial detailing the company's latest Apple Watch models and a refreshed line of mid-range and low-cost iPads.…

    • OctoberNBQ00
    • tomorrow. its a 2 day eventtrooperbill
    • What, tomorrow? Where does it say that? Never seen Apple have 2 Keynotes only a day apart.NBQ00
    • It's always an infomercialakiersky
    • They really never skipped a year so there’s that.monospaced
  • Krassy2

    Biggest year ever for Apple ! So Exciting! It's all SO exciting! So many exciting new iThings! Incredibly proud with the NEW iApple $-mmaking products! Buy! Buy! BUY now!

    • ...and that's not all!Krassy
    • LMAO - I said "Buy! Buy! Buy!" out loud like a used car salesman who needs to move units might say.mg33
    • Innovation at Apple fell asleep...their cheap plastic Chinese watch forgot how to tell time, they overslept...please forgive your God Apple fanboys!utopian
    • ^ https://vignette.wik…inteliboy
    • This offer will expire in 14:59moldero
    • "Our BEST one yet!" no shit. one would hope your latest release is the best one yet.Krassy
  • ernexbcn0

  • shapesalad-2

    "UK-based computer chip designer ARM Holdings is being sold to the American graphics chip specialist Nvidia."

    How will that play out for the ARM based chips Apple were due to switch over to? Seeing as Apple shunned Nvidia GPU's recently (and most annoyingly for those wanting to use Octane etc).

    • Think Apple already have long term contracts in place, but we'll see...grafician
    • Apple has a permanent license to the ARM ISAernexbcn
    • No effect on Apple at allNBQ00
  • section_0140

    Apple event thingy today. Wondering if they'll drop an ARM Mac.

    • I think Apple Watch "Pro", Apple Watch "SC", iPad Air (bezel-less - like ipad pro), maybe Airpods update as well as Apple Tile competitor...ideaist
    • ...Would love to see an ARM MacBook Pro; albeit i know they'll release small (13"-ish)m first. Want me a 16" ARM that never heats up.

      : )
    • 1st ARM mac is this year but I don't think on this eventernexbcn
    • UK-based computer chip designer ARM Holdings is being sold to the American graphics chip specialist Nvidia.shapesalad
  • Krassy1

    Apple Design Teams ( the same groups that work on devices such as the iPhone and iPad) Develop Special Face Masks for Employees…

    • iCovid iMaskKrassy
    • anything just get the name into the news%sted
    • ^Krassy
    • iNovation Never SleepsKrassy
    • Nah, I thik it's cool that Apple would do this.
      If only they'd do it a fuckload more with their bakillions of dollars. How about sorting Nuclear Fusion, huh?
    • masks prob manufactured in WuhanKrassy
    • Innovation Never Coughsutopian
    • lol you think this is just so they can get in the news? why are we pretending Apple is desperate for exposure?monospaced
    • it would be great if you could just climb down from that high horse you're riding again.
    • You think that was significant? Lol how naivemonospaced
  • nb0

    Wait so Apple TV+ is $4.99/month and includes about 25 tv shows of one season each, and.... checks Wikipedia .... THREE movies?

    Who is paying for this?

    • i've got a free year so not mehans_glib
    • Most people got a free year. They also have way more than 3 movies.monospaced
    • I got the freebie too, if there is no upturn in quality I’ll be cancelling a few days before I have to pay.Wolfboy
    • Good news is you can pay $5 to watch the entire catalog in a month if you want. Pmonospaced
    • I got a year free with my new computer, and didn't even sign up after seeing the lineup.section_014
    • I was given a free year. Didn't even bother looking at it.Hayzilla
    • Someone gave us their AmazonPrime login and I was surprised to see similar - half-uploaded series and all the interesting stuff to pay extra for. So.. why?Nairn
    • ugh those cunts suddenly started charging for a series we had been watching for. so i cancelled prime. fuck 'emhans_glib
    • Prime includes Free Expedited Shipping and a bunch of other services, though. Apple is just TV. I consider Prime Video a free bonus to Amazon Primenb
    • Actually, two people have given us their Amazon Prime logins. I don't know what that suggests about the value of the service.
      Fuck Amazon.
    • Can’t filter by free on Apple TV iOS app. So weird?! I see three movies.nb
    • I subscribed to a lot of channels on amazon before realizing i should just download them. Everything is on torrents nowadays... I canceled it all and filled 9TBscarabin
  • craigatkinson2

    Apple Care just called re my Mac. 2018 15" MBP etc...Which has already had the batter replaced due to it swelling.

    They have no replaced, the battery again, the Touch Bar, antenna cable, keyboard, logic board, top case...

    Our MacBook Air has also just returned from a faulty logic board replacement.

    All 'free' and within Apple Care. Excellent service, although it took a while and a full day on the phone.

    But...Why the hell do I even need to experience the apple care service? Why can't these things just be built to last rather than built to be fixed?

    • battery, not batter. It's not deep fried, just a but fuckedcraigatkinson
    • These are engineering feats. There are bound to be issues over time, especially with fab and assembly being work outsourced to offshore companies.SteveJobs
    • Same with software. Guys with 20+ yrs experience will still write software with bugs. It's inevitable. Always have to factor human error in all aspects of life.SteveJobs
    • every Mac I've had (7 of them) since 1999 has had a major fault.craigatkinson
    • we've had a shit windows laptop that's perfect after 6 years, but slow.craigatkinson
    • my sentiments exactly @craig - Apple - Not Even Once.helloeatbreathedrive
    • Having said all that, I do agree. Should be more effort on iteratively making their machines and mobile devices better. Remember battery gate with the iphone 6?SteveJobs
    • I always assumed macbooks had batter inside.dbloc
    • the "top case" is now ONE fucking part, and it includes the battery, keyboard, logic, touch bar, etc. They had to replace that when my E key broke!monospaced
    • It's quality stuff, but when one piece fails, it becomes a major repair. It's really not cool, and it actually costs them a lot.monospaced
    • Should cut down on your vowels monocraigatkinson
    • lolmonospaced
  • Continuity0

    So I've been noticing some strange behaviour lately with Mac OS (I'm on 10.15.6): I have my speakers connected via Bluetooth, music and audio from video pipes through, no problem.

    System sounds — incoming mail notification, the Bin emptying sound, and all the rest — are now coming through on the MBP's speakers. Up until a few weeks ago, all those sounds would also pipe through my BT speakers.

    What gives? Any way to change this?

    • Ah, never mind. I found a setting in the Sounds section of the System Preferences.

      That's just way too granular.
    • sounds convenientmonospaced
    • better that having a 150db mail ping interrupting your Brahmscraigatkinson
    • exactly, craig ... so many times I'm listening to loud music just to have some system sound blast my ears out over the loudspeakers. Now I can turn that off.monospaced
  • sted2

    Apple is continuing its efforts to force meal planner app Prepear to change its logo by expanding the fight beyond the United States, with the iPhone maker now going after the company's trademark filing in Canada.…

    • Madness.PhanLo
    • Leaf is the same shape. If they made the leaf a little more organic they'd get away with it.hotroddy
    • the negative space in the leaf to be precise.hotroddy
    • FUCK YOU APPLE!utopian
    • pear is not an apple thoKrassy
    • No fruit logos!instrmntl
    • no fruit logos with 'apple' leafhotroddy
  • sted0

    Remember this?
    Apple finally gets its patent on a rectangle with rounded corners…

    Now they want to patent VR space.…

    • Does prior art mean nothing now?i_monk
    • They are just patenting their own chaperone system, the Vive throws up a transparent wall if you go beyond the Roomscale perimeter.face_melter
    • if this is your conclusion, then you are just admitting your misunderstanding of the patent system in generalmonospaced
    • @mono please explainsted
    • I did. They aren't trying to patent VR space. Even the article and patent you posted directly contradicts you in its title.monospaced
    • hah, that article is full of assumptions
      Read the patent abstract, and you will understand.
    • oh, the article is full of assumptions, not you :)monospaced
  • kingsteven3

    Just got made work from home permanently (I had heard it through the grapevine a few days back but I was sure that was code for getting fired). Bonus: they've also offered me a new top spec Mac Book Pro so I can still work in the office if/when required...

    Just checked out the buyers guide and it's not a good time and, actually even difficult to get excited when the specs of the £5k model are shite compared to my hackintosh and even my current falling apart MBP is an early 2015 and has a better single-core speed.

    All the talk is about the new apple silicon models in 2021, but they're now saying Q3 for a 16" MBP so that's not really an option (and not sure I want one of the early ones anyway) so I cant decide...

    Are price reductions on intel models all we're going to see until the new processors arrive and I should bit the bullet and get the current top end model?


    Potentially hold out for a faster Intel MBP later this year/ or better graphics than an 8 gig Radeon Pro 5600M?


    Something else...

    Plz advise.

    • Get the new iMac in October. If they want you to work in the office occasionally. Take it in its box. IMHOHayzilla
    • iMac looks great but I have a 32" 4k monitor on my hack so don't have the room for another 27"kingsteven

      Grab a refurbished, mid-line 16" for now.
    • Got my 2 y/o iMac just gathering dust on my desk in work ATM too. Trying to offload it to coworkers, I've had two in the current form and both had issues tbh.kingsteven
    • To be clear, the new 16" MBP will run circles around your 2015 model. CPU single core speeds are all 4GHz + on the new models despite what you read.monospaced
    • mono is correct, that MBP is a beastutopian
    • For the price of a decent MBP you could get 50x Raspberry Pis.

      Not sure if that helps here.
    • hah, i'm all about the teensy boards these days nairn pi's are far too practical. checked out the CPU benchmarks properly and it is quite a jump!kingsteven
    • 2256 passmark single core score for my 2.8ghz i7 quad, 2739 for the new 2.4ghz i9 8-core, higher boost speed too. actually not too far off my hackintosh!kingsteven
    • i'm only concerned about single core speeds because im a lazy AF coder and planning on using it for the new logic pro :D keep the hack on win10 :)kingsteven
    • Bow to your master and accept the mac They give u a lime a prom datedeathboy
    • Just remember u work for the man of the capitalist system and are dependant upon itdeathboy
    • But greeter than depending on govdeathboy
    • Freerer*deathboy
    • once again, i work for a PRIVATE university deathboy, my team of 3 brings in 1m + a year in fees and we're the only dept with enrolments up next semester.kingsteven
    • and im an anarchist, not a socialist - but i'll take it any day over any left or right free-market ideology based on capitalism as invisible hand of the market.kingsteven
    • the single core speeds all turbo boost in to 4GHz or more with much better bandwidth and data handling than a 5 year old generation you're comparing tomonospaced
    • fucking idiot deathboy, we're talking about Intel chips you moron, Apple doesn't make thosemonospaced
    • ^ yeah i'm surprised as the geekbench score for the top end i9-9980HK as it has similar performance to the desktop version (i9-9900K) thats in my hack.kingsteven
    • because my CPU fan is bigger than a macbook pro :Dkingsteven
    • Dell XPS 17". It's gorgeous. Get a large screen with the money you save.formed
    • ^ my dad has one, it's incredible. getting the macbook will allow me to keep my PC booted in windows, just need a mac for FCP and Logic :|kingsteven
  • shapesalad2

    • Poppin’ double collar, bro!Gnash
    • Tucked in too. That's so... over-insulated.Nairn
    • When Steve Jobs was kicked out, the branched into wind surf and clothing line. Must be worth $$$$$$'s if found in a vintage shop.shapesalad
  • NBQ00-2

  • BaskerviIle0

    Apple becomes Wall Street's first $2tn company…

    • they're talking about banning anything built with the unreal engine from their app store i'm thinking their ego is going to get the best of themmoldero
    • 2 trillion is the GDP of Italy! I think they'll have a decent cushion before their ego gets the best of themBaskerviIle
  • NBQ001

    • *Google toomonospaced
    • Interesting to see how this will play out; @mantrakid would have some insider knowledge...ideaist
    • The $100 apple developer fee is enough. Maybe 2-5% for the cost of running the platform and processing cc fees, but that's all they're doing.SteveJobs
    • It's like a webhost trying taking 30% of your website's revenue.SteveJobs
    • They do a lot more than host, though. Perhaps 30% is a bit much but Apple doesn’t a great job of keeping junk apps outGnash
    • IMO they should have a lower rate by default and a higher rate for games they actually support through marketing, featuring etc.mantrakid
    • So when they actually DO SOMETHING to help an app grow, they take more $, otherwise, if all they are doing is listing it, give us a break!mantrakid
    • Yeah, I think those in favor of Apple on this subject clearly haven't labored over an app for months or years hahaSteveJobs
    • I thought tencent pretty much owns epic. The analogy in the pic doesn't work...pango
    • Apple isn't doing anything to earn a cut of in-app purchases; the app is already paid for at that stage, any benefit of being on their platform accounted for.i_monk
    • the 'prob' (to apple) is free to play apps that make 100% of their revenue from IAP, subscriptions or ads. Apple makes $0 from a game's in-app ad revenue...mantrakid
    • So they take a cut of the IAP, sure... but you'll notice MANY premium apps that used to be $3 or whatever have since switched to subscriptions...mantrakid
    • So now those same apps (that you may have already paid for 5 years ago and thought you had unlimited use of) now charge $3-5 a MONTH just to use them...mantrakid
    • Apple has actively encouraged this to developers "MAKE MORE MONEY" they tout, but the bottom line is it makes more money for THEM without having to do fuck all.mantrakid
    • Were talking about a massive part of the industry that ANTICIPATES people forgetting about subscription fees or obfuscating the actual cost with free trials...mantrakid
    • That eventually lapse into a paid subscription that becomes a hassle to refund / revert so some people without technical expertise or awareness can be exploitedmantrakid
    • And all the while they get their 30% cut for doing nothing other than making it possible for these fucking apps to exist and fucking thrive.mantrakid
    • but im jaded.mantrakid
    • sorry if anyone from apple is reading this. i guess i just fucked myself there.mantrakid
    • ditch crapple.pango
    • i signed up to play Fortnite just to stick it to applesarahfailin
    • https://memegenerato…pango
    • 30% for giving the best hardware+software platform for anything these days...myeah it costs money to do quality stuffgrafician
    • Best hardware??? Mehhhhh
      Decent and premium, yes.
  • tap0

    Opinions Please....

    Worth making an upgrade now or should I wait? I don't do much heavy work anymore but still use Photoshop and Illustrator quite a bit.

    Yes I know... OLD... Currently on OSX EL Capitan 10.11.6 so that I could still run Adobe CS suite without the subscription.

    MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010)
    2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
    8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB

    Looking to upgrade to:
    Apple MacBook Pro 16" with Touch Bar - Intel Core i9 - 16GB Memory - 1TB SSD

    9th Gen 8-Core Intel® Core™ i9 Processor 2.3GHz
    16" LED-Backlit (3072 x 1920) Retina Display with True Tone
    Integrated Touch ID Sensor
    Integrated 720p FaceTime HD Camera
    Model # MVVK2LL/A


    • I wouldn't get any new computer with less than 32gb of ram (personally 64gb is as low as I'll go these days)formed
    • Don't wait. The current 16" is one of the best Macs Apple's made. Anything coming up won't be a massive improvement I don't thinkmonospaced
    • But, go for the faster processor and more RAM now if you can.monospaced
    • Thanks for the tips... Been so long with this slow laptop almost anything will be better.tap
    • I still run on 8GB everything lolgrafician
    • I had a 64GB machine, no difference for design stuffgrafician
    • will get a Retina 15" 2015 and get 32GB RAM for like $600, fuck your $4-5k new mackbook prosgrafician
    • but get more RAM not SSD, you can do with a 256GB SSD and external RAID if you wantgrafician
    • also latest i9 @ 2Ghz is lesser than an old i7 @3GHzgrafician
    • so tap, get a Retina 15" 2015 SH, up the RAM to 32GB and a 256-512SSD for like $600-700 and call it a day mategrafician
    • Thx Grafician... I appreciate looking at it from the other side. This new purchase should last me at least 5-7 years minimum so I want to make it count.tap
    • IF you have the cheese to spend on the latest 16" MBPro, then yeah go ahead, some of my designer friends have it and it works very wellgrafician
    • To be clear, the 2GHz i9 will run laps around the old 3GHz i7. Totally different species of CPU.monospaced
    • Hey Monospaced... I read up on it yesterday, pretty crazy how it works... Thankstap
  • Krassy1

    Fortnite Creator Sues Apple After Game Is Banned From App Store…

    • and managed to get banned from iOS AND Google Play Store in the process...grafician
    • What part of "fuck you, pay us" and "follow the rules of our app stores" didn't Epic get...grafician
    • big ego, too successful, too fast - think they can break the rules. is good that apple and google don't make exceptions.inteliboy
    • Pretty shit they want a 30% cut for in-app purchases that have nothing to do with the store platform.i_monk
    • it's the same with any app in the store i_monk, build your business around itgrafician
    • did they make their case weaker by being banned from Google Play?dorf
    • yeah surprised app stores haven't figured out a better plan for that situation - it aint 2010 anymore.inteliboy
    • Why do you think Apple is about 2T $$ company?NBQ00
    • Doesn't Spotify do this too? Also, I'm with Fortnite on this.SteveJobs
    • The fees Apple charge for apps is exorbitant. Apple just providing a platform isn't guaranteed success for a good app/game and doesn't justify the cost.SteveJobs
    • Apple doesn't set prices for any apps though. Being on the App Store is the key to success for many good games/apps.monospaced
    • Fortnite gets most of its users — and revenue — through Apple's store than any other.monospaced
    • Not anymore. And good on them for doing this for all developers who can't afford to go up against a behemoth like Apple.SteveJobs
    • Apple says it doesn't make exceptions and yet there are leaked emails of them giving better rates and deals to other companies. It's not an even playing field.mantrakid
    • https://techcrunch.c…mantrakid
    • https://www.engadget…mantrakid
    • this shits been brewing for a whilemantrakid
  • ideaist2

    macOS Big Sur

    11.0 - 12.3 GB

    Who's jumping in with me?!

    *thumbsup* / *thumbsdown*

    • Public Beta 1.ideaist
    • Can’t even find the time to upgrade from Tiger tbhprophetone
    • unfortunately Catalina breaks a shit tonne of audio plugins and software i use so i could never make the jump.mantrakid
    • I'm not upvoting if you run into problems and post again in a few days
      Beta is beta
    • The public beta is actually quite stable. I've only run into an issue with RightFont 5 (crashes on load); switched to Suitcase Fusion until the full release.ideaist
  • zaq0

    no one has mentioned new iMac…

    many people in US debating between paying the rent or getting new iMacs

    • 10 cores and 128GB ram damngrafician
    • iMac Pro now comes standard with a 10-core Intel Xeon processor. Designed for pro users who require workstation-class performance, iMac Pro features Xeon procesgrafician
    • Xeon processors up to 18 cores, graphics performance up to 22 teraflops, up to 256GB quad-channel ECC memory, and a brilliant 27-inch Retina 5K display.grafician
    • all at $5k damngrafician
    • Damn! I've got a 2017 iMac 3.8 i5, and I could get $870 for it towards a trade-in on one of these.mg33
    • Think it's time for an upgrade this year, these new iMacs look suitable price/performance againgrafician
    • A max config for $5k and you can keep it for at least 5 years, very affordablegrafician
    • I use mine mainly for recording with Logic Pro and most of my photo work in Lightroom. It still works perfectly fine, no complaints.mg33
    • Wish the RAM was compatible. 2400 Mhz DDR4 on the 2017s, and 2666 Mhz on these new ones.mg33
    • It's tempting... I just paid off my Apple Barclay card a few months ago. Deferred interest financing is nice. ;)mg33
    • I've got the 2TB Fusion drive in mine, but I added an 8TB NAS to my home over a year ago; storage on the computer isn't critical.mg33
    • Is it me or is this comparable to the iMac Pros released in 2017?mg33
    • ^comparable performance for way less money?grafician
    • Word is hard drives are soldered in on these now; fyi.ideaist