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  • NBQ000

    • Just wanted to post the first bit but didn’t realize this wasn’t a news channel but some GOP channel.NBQ00
  • utopian1

    Apple has a huge problem with its supplier’s iPhone factory in China

    A violent workers’ revolt at the world’s largest iPhone factory this week in central China is further scrambling Apple’s strained supply and highlighting how the country’s stringent zero-Covid policy is hurting global technology firms.

    Security forces clash with workers during a protest outside Apple supplier Foxconn's factory in Zhengzhou, China…

    • not to worry, Apple fuckbois like you will always be there to buy the next new thing, lined up like lemmings to pay the apple tax every fucking yearmonospaced
    • @monospaced So what iPhone version do you use then?

      I'm on X
    • Also China being a democracy would boost Apple's shares tremendously...grafician
    • But Apple also did this:…grafician
    • @graf I have an XRmonospaced
  • AQUTE0

    How do you close all apps at once on the iphone 14 pro?
    How do you set the power button "double click or triple click to take a picture or video?

    Thanks in advance

    • *cryingAQUTE
    • Here let me DuckDuckGo that for younb
    • same way you participate in group messages..slappy
    • You don’t need to quit all apps at once. They aren’t really using resources when inactive.monospaced
    • You don’t need a double or triple click yo take photos. Stop trying to make it like androidmonospaced
    • i should be able to do itAQUTE
    • so you just buy a new phone when you cant open any more apps? that makes no sense that you cant close allAQUTE
    • you shoot at it to close all apps.pango
    • @mono - what's this double/triple nonsense? You open camera, take picture. To close all apps, you click "close all", simple.formed
    • I have no idea. I didn’t bring it up.monospaced
    • You don’t have to close any apps. There’s no limit to how many you can have open.monospaced
    • but what if they want to? On their phone?Nairn
    • Why am I responding to such an old post?Nairn
    • Shit. this was only 2 month ago? Felt like years...pango
  • grafician0

    "Sony to supply Apple with advanced image sensor for next iPhone"

    "Sony's new image sensor roughly doubles the saturation signal level in each pixel compared with conventional sensors. In other words, the sensors can capture more light and reduce overexposure or underexposure in certain settings, enabling a smartphone camera to clearly photograph a person's face even if the subject is standing against a strong backlight."…

    • I KNEW IT, I just knew the next iPhone will be the best iPhone ever!grafician
  • utopian0

    iOS 16.1 Settings You Need To Turn Off Now!!!

    And WTF is with the GIGANTIC, EXTRA BOLD, CLOCK on the launch screen. Apple took "make the logo bigger" to another level.

    • What if switching off those things... is just a UI graphics thing, perhaps it keeps the code running, how can we ever know?shapesalad
  • Chimp1

    Apple are interested in buying Manchester United in £5.8BILLION deal…

    • whoaNBQ00
    • iManUshapesalad
    • That's got to be the biggest load of nonsense ever. It's almost a Daily Star non-news storyIanbolton
    • Yeah, that's completely absurd.formed
    • You mean to say a story in the Daily Mail might not be true?Chimp
    • Imagine if it’s true, who would Microsoft buy? Wolves?Chimp
  • grafician0

    • More than the GDP of Italy!Chimp
    • They should buy Elon musk and then shut him down.monospaced
    • So you are saying my 10 shares in Apple have made me rich?!Hayzilla
    • That's wrong, but not too far off.formed
  • mg331

    Does anyone know how to determine the charging power of a USB-A to Lightning cable when plugged into a Mac mini?

    I've never paid much attention when my phone is on the charging dock, but it seems to charge absurdly slowly.

    I honestly think it's slower than even the small square charging plugs. By comparison, I got a new wall charger with 2 USB-C plugs and one USB-A, and it's 65 watts. Last week I timed it and it charged from 22% to 78% in 30 minutes flat.

    • And I think I answered my own question.
      4.5 watts. Good grief. No wonder it takes forever.
    • Go to about this Mac and click system report. The power section will give you a real time answer.monospaced
  • NBQ003

  • Continuity1

    So, uh, yeah.

    If you use a Wacom tablet, don't install Ventura. It breaks the drivers, and renders the tablet useless.

    And — Wacom being Wacom — there aren't any new drivers for Ventura yet.

    Ask me how I know.

    • My old Graphire one finally stopped on the latest update. :-( Nearly 20 years it lastedPhanLo
    • I wouldn't care *so* much if I owned a mouse to use in the interim ...Continuity
    • Cos using the MBP trackpad when it's on a lift next to a full-size monitor is a real pain.Continuity
    • Wacoms still work well on Big Sur?

      Since the iPad pro arrived my wacom gathers dust...
    • Problem solved-ish. Was a security thing in Mac OS, but still ...Continuity
    • await for whoever is behind this to update:…shapesalad
    • I still use my Wacom on Big Sur. That0s why I refuse to install Maverick. That and because of Rane SL2 Serato Boxoey_oey
    • Wacom vs iPad...well, I prefer Wacom because it's not just the same display in small, I can use it with two displays and to work with vectors it's far betteroey_oey
    • ^
      And, it's generally a much more comfortable way of interfacing with the device, if you're not using it casually.
    • How to left click with wacom without it moving off a few pixels from where you intended to click?shapesalad
    • How do you knowdrgs
    • Because I did it!Continuity
    • The whole OS or app update breaks Wacom driver, update comes six months later thing happened back in the Mac OS Classic days!evilpeacock
    • Wacom just seem to abandon things now, rather than bother to update.PhanLo
    • My tablet quit too! I thought it was just mescarabin
  • grafician-3

    Apple is raising the price for the Apple Music subscription...

  • nb2

    Amazon has new M1 MacBook Pros for about $400+ off the price. It’s cheaper than the same spec refurb from

    • url now.sted
    • 16GB / 512GB…nb
    • Makes me think a new one is being released soon... ???nb
    • yeah weird timing for such large discountsted
    • I absolutely HATE buying anything big from Amazon though. Is it going to come in a beat up old box from a DVD player, taped up but not all the waynb
    • Solid deal. M2 MBPs are rumored for end of Q1 2023. Tim Cook also said the "product lineup is set" ahead of the holidays.aliastime
    • I love my M1 that I have been using since they released it. I tested my wife's M2 air and I still prefer minezaq
    • Kinda shady deal but okaygrafician
    • It’s really common for Amazon to have deals on apple stuff before new product launches. But I don’t know anyone who ever bought a Mac from Amazonnb
  • Longcopylover0

    Since last week both my macbooks pro (2015 private and 2019 company's) are having issues with youtube: Using firefox or safari the cpu usage is so high that the fan starts blowing so loud I stop watching YT-videos because it annoys me. Other cpu intensive sites aren't that bad.
    Anyone else experienced this? The web is full of old tipps and tricks, but nothing new that.

    And yes, I did turn it off and on agains as IT also suggested.

    • Probably YouTube shipped some new shitcode. Might be a new codec or some ad tracker. nothing you can do but hope they fix it. Report a bug, if you carenb
    • Yes, I guess so. But I just wonder why it's only me.Longcopylover
    • does it do it when its set to 480p?rootlock
    • Probably the 'ambient' mode effect…...shapesalad
    • that puts a glow around the video - but obviously is cpu/gpu intensive for a web browser to calculate and update.shapesalad
    • click the 'cog' in the player to turn off the mode.shapesalad
    • JULY 2018: youtube supports vertical video on all platforms, SEP 2020 vertical video is now shorts, cant be played on tv
      NOV 2022 shorts can now be played on tv
    • Longcopylover's MBP: "hold my drink"kingsteven
    • Wow, Shape, that really was it. What a waste of energy, I didn't even notice that glow before.
      Thank you very much.
    • @kingsteven: Nah, these vertical videos I have turned off/hidden. Who would watch that on a desktop PC?Longcopylover
    • more a comment on how retarded the YT is. adding 'glow' to bring back a feature that worked better 4 years agokingsteven
    • Welcome. I noticed the glow after the shitty ui update. Turned that right off. it’s like a shitty css effect you do as a junior designer thinking it’s cool...shapesalad
    • Hahahaha omgnb
    • likely an inside job to slow down computers.rootlock
  • grafician0

    iPhones camera review from Halide…

    • inNOutopian
    • Wowmonospaced
    • still not the best phone camera, tho..they are all so good, but still nothing like a 'real' camera (not sure if they ever will be)formed
    • More like a “real camera” than ever before, but weird dis considering it’s not one and that’s missing the point 100%monospaced
    • Apple’s computational photography has a long way to go. Very ugly photographsnb
  • NBQ000

    • that's some limp dick action right there_niko
    • They should have made an AR iPad Flag Waving App for him.... easily for him to wave an iPad around.shapesalad
    • wow!oey_oey
  • shapesalad0

  • nb0

    1, 2, or 3?

    Usage: photo editing and music production.

    Will keep this computer at least 5 years, using it less than once per week.

    1. MacBook Air Refurb M1 (previous gen) with 256GB and 8GB ram for $849

    2. Same refurb as above but 512GB and 16GB ram for $1189

    3. New MacBook Air M2 (current gen) with 256GB and 8GB ram for $1199

    The question comes down to: is a new M2 more valuable than the extra ram and storage?

    Which would you buy and why?

    • 2 for your needsspl33nidoru
    • if anything you need an external screen more than you need a M2spl33nidoru
    • Agree. I already have a very nice screennb
    • M2monospaced
    • This is interesting!! https://www.reddit.c…nb
    • 2grafician
    • 2 btwkingsteven
    • 2. I'd go for more RAM over the M2. You'll likely appreciate the extra HD space too.nocomply
    • I feel like the performance increase of the M2 is worth the less RAM and HD ...monospaced
    • Air has like zero ports though. Are using MIDI controllers? I have 8 USB ports used w/ my Mac mini (via thunderbolt adapters).section_014
    • Yeah ports are a concern. How many dongles or hubs will I neednb
    • I have 1 cable in my MBP charging over USB3 running a 4k monitor, 24in audio interface, 8 port Belkin hub with synths, iPad, drives and all sortskingsteven
    • i find the real problem is that if i don't have a hub with me i can't plug in any USB-A devices. so 3 USB-C ports doesn't solve muchkingsteven
    • Yeah 99% of the time I can keep it plugged into external display via usb-c thunderbolt which has plenty of ports on itnb
  • kingsteven0

    @nb my 64GB M1 idling is using ~28GB. These processors are great at memory management so with 8GB i wouldn't see much difference in speed over a 16GB if only doing basic stuff and using one application at a time...

    What's worth keeping in mind that code that's written specifically for dedicated graphics hardware on PC and ported to mac will assume 8GB min. Current AI recommends 11GB+ graphics memory, the memory usage by the OS means you'll struggle to run that without some speed penalisation even on a 16GB M1, for games and realtime graphics this would mean a substantial drop in FPS.

    The problem with using the above argument to say 'more memory is always better' is that dedicated graphics hardware is so much quicker than the M1 you're already at a massive disadvantage (the same stable diffusion image will take 45 seconds on my M1 vs 5 seconds vs a 3090, or 60FPS vs >200FPS on games) so the speed penalisation due to memory management is the least of your worries.

    Rule of thumb is that one generation in processor will never equal doubling memory...

    M1 16GB / 256 = maybe 25% increase in speed for graphics processing, AI, music over the M1 8GB

    M2 8GB / 256 = maybe 25% increase in speed for browsing and word processing (particularly non-memory intensive applications) over M1 8GB, but slower than the M1 16GB for for graphics processing, music

    M1 8GB / 512 = 256GB is going to be a pain in the ass - I have over 400GB of sound libraries on my M1 :s on that basis alone I would go for the one with 512GB!

    Apple's base models are really just for show, it's always gonna be a compromise.

    • wtf is 'Google Chrome Helper' and why is it eating nearly a Gb?Nairn
    • This is really helpful, thank you!!nb
    • I do only use one app at a time, and I don’t care about word processing or email. I have an iPad for that. It’s primarily Lightroom and Logic on this machinenb
    • @Nairn I got 64GB to avoid asking those questions :D check this out:…kingsteven
    • I think you'll be grand with whatever but 16GB would be more 'future-proof' - AI will definitely creep in to Logic and Lightroom in the coming yearskingsteven
    • Oh wow, I never thought a suped-up PC with a $1,000+ DEDICATED GPU could ever beat an entry level Mac costing 3-4x less. Mind fucking blown.monospaced
    • I mean, who would think that a PC that draws 10-30x the power consumption of a tiny, fanless laptop could possible be faster at gaming? Wow, Apple is FUCKED.monospaced
    • Seriously, since when are we comparing Apple's base model consumer laptops to 3D oriented workstations and then say it's a compromise? Weird.monospaced
    • Apple. Not even once.Wordsworth
    • If you want to compare, compare the Mac Pro to the PC, not the 8GB M1 laptops.monospaced
    • lol mono. wtf are you on about? you don't buy a Mac laptop for speed, you buy it because it does everything you need it to do.kingsteven
    • the comparison is to debunk the argument that more memory or more speed matters in a discussion about a base level macbook...kingsteven
    • the typical 'PC user' argument being that I could get a PC with two 3090s for the price of my MBP - entirely missing the advantages of the architecturekingsteven
    • an 8GB M1 or M2 is a good machine but it's comparable to an iPad. nb obviously needs enough memory and enough storage for pro apps + a bit of wigglekingsteven
    • if I don't buy a Mac laptop for speed, why are you talking about how it's trounced by a 3090 for gaming and stable diffusion?monospaced
    • you're the one talking about how it's compromise to buy an M2, not me dude, so wtf are you on about? :)monospaced
    • I mean, you literally said it's a disadvantage to have an M1, so that's really my questionmonospaced
    • I own zero Apply products (but thank everyone as I do own their stock), but I come here to enjoy Mono's comments. Good stuff! :-Dformed
    • Google Chrome Helper is the bloatware that google builds which destroys your battery life and is wildly inefficientnb
    • No one should ever use chrome on a Mac laptop but they do!nb
    • it's not a hog on the M1 at all, one of the many advantages of the architecture.kingsteven
    • mono, you seem to think i'm making a far less nuanced point than i am. memory intensive applications will take a performance hit due to swappingkingsteven
    • for example, Chrome is only using 500MB real memory and very little CPU. Stable Diffusion or any image processing or rendering uses as much as it cankingsteven
    • for as long as it needs... lol, i'm cooking dinner here ffs 1 sec.kingsteven
    • "if I don't buy a Mac laptop for speed, why are you talking about how it's trounced by a 3090 for gaming and stable diffusion"kingsteven
    • to make the point that you don't buy a mac for speed lol. it is smart to have enough physical memory to run things that have minimum memory requirementskingsteven
    • and a lot of things require > 8GB physical memory. not just games and SD.kingsteven
  • grafician-1



    • i honestly don't get this urge to upgrade anymore. the "improvements" are little more than gimmicks that really add nothing to the experiencehans_glib
    • Yes, you can just buy a new machine and keep the original OS on it forever. Just add the security updates - but no main OS upgradegrafician
    • 10.14.6 was the best, is the best.... refusing to upgrade.shapesalad
    • Untick that automatically keep my Mac up to date!!!! That just enables a world of pain.shapesalad
    • i'm still rocking snow leopard on one machine and high sierra on the other and laptop. don't see any reason to update further, they all do everything i need.hans_glib
    • They are designed to slow down your machine.Chimp
    • fuckupdatesMrT
  • _niko-3

    I think that new camera continuity feature is pretty cool, you can use your iPhone as a web cam on your desktop

    • That "solution" is in line with the mouse charging it upside down, the cringy touchbar, "you're holding it wrong" and other fiacos...grafician