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  • NBQ001

    • Now that they've finally succumb to logic and are copying the Surface 90%, how long before it actually becomes a PC?formed
  • NBQ000

    Nice try, Craig. But nobody has cash for new gadgets right now.

  • NBQ000

    • They need a COVID-19 testing app on there. Then they'll sell shitloadsIanbolton
  • NBQ000

    Pretty crazy. This is one of the biggest if not the biggest stock market crash (if continues like this) and Apple is still a 1 Trillion $$ company.

    • They have 200-250 billions in cash at hand - they will be fine.grafician
  • zarkonite0

    Looks like Apple also released a new macbook air:…

    "Apple’s new MacBook Air brings the price down and the specs up—plus a new keyboard.

    Configuration options include Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 CPUs and double the old storage."

    • apple's like bmw, fuckin new 3 series every six fuckin monthshelloeatbreathedrive
    • Six months is ages in tech world.NBQ00
    • It's not 6 months, but okay.monospaced
    • I thought the general complaint is that apple don't upgrade their shit enough except for their phones.inteliboy
    • MacPadinstrmntl
  • section_0140

    Can't believe I'm saying this, but I might actually pick up a Mac Mini (with i7) as my next music production computer. Currently running a hackintosh from 2013 that's starting to show it's age.

    Even though the i7 in this thing is "mobile", it's nearly identical to the desktop version in terms of performance. Which was kinda surprising. External thunderbolt 3 drives are nearly as fast the standard drives, so storage shouldn't be an issue.

    My only concern is the onboard graphics. I still have a 1080 monitor, but 4k was an issue when these first launched, apparently.

    • Built my i9 9900k hack with TB3 and Vega 64 - worked out at around £1800 about 6 months ago. Love it, but it is about 20 times the size :Dkingsteven
    • Do you use the app store? I have a license for Logic, but the app store is the only way to download now. A little worried as it won't let me on my current hack.section_014
    • ^ I've been able to download Logic on one machine and then copy the app to a second machine via thumbdrive.e-wo
    • Also, I'd love to know what makes a mini a better production computer than an MBPe-wo
    • just seeing this. yeah all my software is legal. logic, fcp and a load of other software from appstore. running mojave atm from m2 drive and win 10 dual boot onkingsteven
    • SSD, going to get another M2 drive for the second slot on my board and do a clean install Catalina at some point but in no hurry.kingsteven
    • @e-wo, that's what I did with this machine, but my macbook got too slow, and I put Ubuntu on it. So I don't have a proper mac anymore.section_014
    • Gonna see if I can get logged into the app store on this one somehow.section_014
  • NBQ001

    New iPad Pro's announced:

    • That's a really nice site to be fairIanbolton
    • I like that keyboard, I hope it works as advertised.zarkonite
  • utopian0

    All the startups threatened by iOS 14’s new features

    Fitness, wallpaper, and lost item-finding startups could have a big new competitor baked into everyone’s iPhones. Leaks of the code from iOS 14 that Apple is expected to reveal in June signal several new features and devices are on the way. Startups could be at risk due to Apple’s ability to integrate these additions at the iOS level, instantly gain an enormous install base and offer them for free or cheap, as long as they boost sales of its main money maker, the iPhone.…

    • Yes, this is standard Apple practice. This isn't new or news.zarkonite
    • Apps that aren't just a frontend for another service are risky endeavors.section_014
  • utopian3

    Apple will pay up to $500 million to settle lawsuit over slowing down older iPhones…

    • Devoted Apple apologists can downvote on the left and post their dumb comments below.utopian
    • They were doing everyone a favor. The phones were too fast for most people’s brainsGnash
    • Where is it paid to, as in class action to the costumers?helloeatbreathedrive
    • The settlement is for up to $25 per person.zarkonite
    • Since the US has 325 million people in it, that would be equivelent to giving everyone in the country 1 million dollarsGuyFawkes
    • ^ The lawyerS get their 499 million firstGnash
  • utopian0

    • I've seen folks with "trash cans" in forums comment that they're not selling theirs anytime soon, even if replacing. So his comment on that is kinda weak.evilpeacock
    • That dude should get rid of his stupid ear rings, not the Mac Pro.NBQ00
    • Ugh, again with that non-existent apple tax bullshit. I'm not sure I want to listen past the intro.zarkonite
    • aka "I'm doing another apple clickbait video"inteliboy
  • zarkonite4

    Finally got the new box delivered today:

    This is going to take my powerpoints to the next level.

    • nice cheese graterutopian
    • Can I borrow it?grafician
    • Phenomenal computing power... but what’s with the monitor? That’s next right?brandonp
    • Looks good! Shame they don't make normal priced apple displays with glass panels anymore.mekk
    • whats that small toilet brush near the mousedrgs
    • ^ Looks like a tablet pen in a holder.Hayzilla
    • Very nice. You aren't going to keep it on TOP of the desk though right?Hayzilla
    • Nicei_was
    • lolz at small toilet brush holder :)pedromendez
    • it's not a toilet brush, it's a hemispherical wiper to get dust out of the cheese grater's holesNairn
    • Hides his pens because Brenda always steals themmisterhow
    • No money in the budget for pens for the rest of the year after buying that thing.Nairn
    • The only thing the IT guy said to me was do not put that thing on the floor LOL.zarkonite
    • ... and yes, that's the iBrush for the grater holes. We went for that instead of their monitor, figured it was more useful.zarkonite
    • Why not put it on the floor?CyBrainX
    • I think he's afraid of static, doesn't make sense to me. I'll get a piece of mylar or something to rest it on.zarkonite
    • I think mylar would just make static worse, eh?Nairn
    • LOL, I don't actually know what mylar is! I ended up cutting a presentation board and putting it on the ground.zarkonite
    • I just googled it and mylar is what they use for static proof bags, I guess it attracts the static and prevents it from travelling into the electronics?zarkonite
    • It's a great insulator, but you want to ground something you don't want building static up :)Nairn
    • This computer seems above your pay grade ;-)Hayzilla
    • Where is that bloke that calls other people's wives cunts when ya need him? =)zarkonite
    • Are macs fast enough to run VR yet?GuyFawkes
  • NBQ000

    It seems the Mac Pro isn’t really good (Just yet). Adobe software still not optimized and I agree with them the XDR monitor has weird vignetting effect which I noticed at the Apple store myself too.

    • I’d be more excited about the iMac (pro) redesign later this year.NBQ00
    • They need to create a smaller version of this. Maybe 3 pci slots vs 8. A bit smaller.

      Call it simply: Macintosh
    • You mean the Mac mini except they should add more pro features like dedicated gpu cardNBQ00
    • Not really. Like this but smaller.monospaced
    • I strongly believe the market is ripe for a regular Mac. They haven’t even had a regular Mac line in a decade at least. Not mini. Not i. Not Pro. Not Pro mini.monospaced
    • Not mini Pro Max. Just Macintosh. And yes with a dedicated GPU slotted into a standard slot. With a case that breathes. And I/o that is adequate.monospaced
    • This reflects my experience as well. It's easy, Intel CPUs are better at single core operations because they have higher clock speeds, AMD is better atzarkonite
    • everything else. I just hope Adobe gets their shit together soon.zarkonite
  • i_monk0

    This is the problem I was having with Catalina unable to reset or shutdown; had to reset the System Management Controller:…

    • That’s not too bad. An SMC restart. That’s what you do first since it addresses some hardware issues (as noted)monospaced
    • Nm, it didn't fix anything.i_monk
    • Damnmonospaced
    • https://support.appl…
      May as well try this one, too
    • zap the PRAM!ok_not_ok
    • Tried that already.i_monk
    • I'll be trying the Apple Hardware Test when I get a chance.i_monk
    • DiskUtil also found problems with disk image snapshots, not sure if that's related to this.i_monk
    • Is this still the time-machine issue?Gnash
    • I'm not sure if there are two problems or if they're connected somehow.i_monk
    • Apple Hardware Test failed to run. This just gets better and better. But on the plus side, I've managed to get Time Machine to do a backup. Somehow.i_monk
    • Try running disk utility and AHT while in safe mode, if you haven’t alreadyGnash
    • Then I’d look at the extensions folder, As well as rebuilding the finder.
      Check out #2 and #9…
    • TM has been stuck Preparing since 3AM, but did backup twice yesterday. How random.i_monk
    • I'm going to finish this freelance job before digging any deeper into this (full reinstall).i_monk
  • Hayzilla-1

    I'd loooove a 17" Macbook Air.

    • Nothing wrong with a 15'' but as thin as the previous MacBooks that got discontinued. And with Apple A14 ARM Cpu's.NBQ00
    • I just want a laptop that will allow all applications to run 1/2 screen horizontally. iTunes / Music is one that extends and their is no way around it. :(ideaist
    • They JUST released a 16" which is basically their best laptop at the moment.monospaced
    • ^ Had it occurred to you that I didn't want to pay for an 8‑core i9 machine? But would rather save nearly TWO THOUSAND POUNDS on a lower spec version?Hayzilla
    • Calm down. I thought it was about size.monospaced
    • I think I was rather calm dude. It was about size. But want it as an Air so I'm not paying for processing power and disk space I'm not going to need.Hayzilla
    • The all caps and insisting I should read your mind made you seem anything but calm. Seriously. relax.monospaced
    • All the stuff it’s REALLY about you didn’t mention in your post.monospaced
    • They being said I 100% understand and would never have suggested that computer had I known what you were thinking. Cheers!monospaced
    • lol you twofuturefood
  • i_monk-1

    Apple Bans Bad Guys From Using iPhones in Movies, Says Knives Out Director…

    • I watched that last night. Enjoyed it.Gnash
    • Arrogant Fucktards Appleutopian
    • Arrogant to preserve brand appearances?monospaced
    • M&M’s fucked up with ET
      Big booboo

    • Yeah, pretty arrogant. Makes the hero look like an entitled punk if he's the only one using one.formed
    • This only applies to media that Apple supports - if you want to cast FuturePaedoHitler using an iPhone, you're going to have to buy it yourselfNairn
    • Which, y'know, seems fair enough. It's like car manufacturers sponsoring movies and not wanting their vehicles getting smashed to shitNairn
    • Exactly. And any company that values a product's brand does exactly the same thing. Want to license a phone for a movie? Gotta make a deal for it.monospaced
    • Apple can do what they want, BUT, this is going to spoil so many endings. Now we know who the bad guy will be (or won’t be, in this case).Gnash
    • This is like black hats / white hats in old westernsGnash
  • NBQ000

    • it's because you chose server grade 4TB SSD and 1.5TB of server grade RAM ... prices for those are insane anywhere you look.monospaced
    • I know that all of this is expensive. Didn’t complain. Just expensive anyway.NBQ00
    • and the exclusive 64GB GPUs are more powerful than almost anything you can buy at the moment that already costs thousands.monospaced
    • Some SGI machines cost up to $250K+ in the 90’s and had like max 16GB Ram?NBQ00
    • MB actuallymonospaced
    • I bet the people at Pixar use 2015 iMacs.Hayzilla
    • They switched to Mac Pros in 2014, and yeah, probably got some iMac Pros soon after.monospaced
    • ^ I did actually Google it after I wrote that. I couldn't find any info of what the day to day animators use. The final render is probs done by a supercomputer.Hayzilla
    • You could have got it up to $64k for effect if you added the software bits!Hayzilla
    • All that power just to watch pornhubautoflavour
    • The people at Pixar are not using Macs. They use third party renderers that depend on Nvidia graphics cards.CyBrainX
  • i_monk-3…

    Who sits this close to their screen? And think of the ergonomics—monitor stands were created for a reason.

    • only if the keyboard is detachable. That's way too close to the monitor.dbloc
    • * just saw what you wrote under it : )dbloc
    • Thank god this isn’t an Apple design. It’s just shit fan art based on a purposefully ugly patent application. It’s not Apple design ffs.monospaced
    • Someone at Apple thought this was an idea worth patenting.i_monk
    • 'Purposefully ugly' is a fanboy interpretation of their intent.i_monk
    • People use laptops with keyboards that close though right?Hayzilla
    • People with 27” laptops?deadsperm
    • Purposefully ugly is a way to submit a patent without giving away any real design hints, actually.monospaced
    • https://cdn.vox-cdn.…monospaced
    • The ONLY thing that's a fanboy interpretation is this horribly weird rendering you posted.monospaced
    • https://pdfaiw.uspto…i_monk
    • Don't just look at the diagram, read the description above it.i_monk
    • Oh please. The language is intentionally vague. They speak of "portions" and use words like "may." The patent is for the integratoin, not the final form factormonospaced
    • IF you really believe apple is that out of touch with design, then sure, go ahead and believe (falsely) that this is a design patent. It's not.monospaced
    • Apple has never, in their history, revealed an actual design before intended. They NEVer would in a public patent. These aren't product pipeline docs ffsmonospaced
    • "IF you really believe apple is that out of touch with design"—the puck mouse, Magic Mouse 2, multipart headphone adapters, those early iMac clunky keyboards,i_monk
    • Apple Pencil, the iPhone 4's antenna locations, and I'm sure more I haven't even heard of.i_monk
    • Now try drawing what this patent describes, at iMac/desktop proportions, in a way that looks nothing like the render above.i_monk
    • Because unlike other patents, this one isn't for the technology but the form itself: a continuous curving glass housing.i_monk
    • does it come with a cheese grater?utopian
    • One advantage of this is you could more easily fit a Wacom in front of your setup.CyBrainX
  • hans_glib4

    new upcoming apple product

  • i_monk-1

    Oh, and if I go to Restart through the menu it never gets past ~5% on the loading screen and I have to do a hard reset.

    • You might have a legit hardware issue.monospaced
    • Hardware hasn't changed, just Catalina.i_monk
    • I understand, but what you're describing sounds more than just software. Have you considered a clean install vs upgrade?monospaced
    • Need Time Machine to work reliably before I consider that.i_monk
    • no, you don'tmonospaced
    • In a perfect world where nothing could go wrong, I wouldn't.i_monk
    • just back up your files and do a clean install. Then retrieve files. You don’t need time machine unless you want to guarantee the problem persists.monospaced
    • Time machine even backs up glitches and system settings. That’s it’s fault. So when you have issues like this it makes sense to try a clean install.monospaced
    • Obv I wouldn't restore system settings unless the install was a total failure, but I can't even get it to back up my other files atm.i_monk
    • When I get some time I'll just wipe that drive and backup manually and hope for the best.i_monk
  • utopian0

    Macs now twice as likely to get infected by adware than PCs, according to research…